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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

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Devil May Cry 2

  • Even if the game has minimal characterizations or backstories for its boss encounters other than Arius, the skeletal demon Bolverk could still perform a badass pose by stabbing the ground with his sword as he dies.
  • There are at least two great Dante moments in the cutscenes.
    • Sickened by Arius' delusions of grandeur, Dante "crowns" him by riddling his body with bullets. Beware of the Big Bad's squeaky voice though. The scene is also made awesome by the fact that the game's "glass-shattering" transition to the Mission Results screen is well-timed with Arius' body being blown out to the window behind him.
      Arius: Oohh... No...! My dream... my life...! I was going to be the king of this world!
      Dante: King? Yeah, here's your crown!
    • The dramatic manner of how he kills The Despair Embodied. As he strikes back against an attack of the demon, his Rebellion gets flung up in the air, Dante seemingly disappears, shoots The Despair Embodied without looking at it, then the camera focuses on the Rebellion after it just stabbed the ground on its way down.
  • Dante's more powerful Devil Trigger form that can only be activated when his health is low enough, better known to fans as the "Majin Form". Thanks to its high-damage fireball projectiles and two Secret Arts, it can quickly kill anything in the game, including the Final Boss, with minimal effort. To top it off, Dante is invincible in this form until the Devil Trigger gauge runs out.
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  • Trish plays just like how Dante did in DMC1, from having identical attack animations based on that game, to blasting enemies with lightning rays in mid-air (similar to how Dante's Devil Trigger works with Alastor). Wielding the Sparda, her Stinger is faster and has a longer reach than DMC2 Dante's, and her Round Trip is easily the best non-Devil Trigger move in the entire game. Her Luce & Ombra also fire faster than Dante's Ebony & Ivory. Unlocking her is going to be worth the effort.
  • Considering its reputation among the fans, you wouldn't think Devil May Cry 2 could get anywhere near as stylish as the others, right? Well, you'd be wrong. This video shows some crazy cool combos from a game you wouldn't expect. Maybe not as elaborate or varied as some of the later games, but for only the second entry in the series and a very hated sequel, it's a remarkable step up in style if you care to try.

The franchise in general:

  • Ok, let's just be honest here. This series is made almost entirely of Crowning Moments Of Awesome mingled with a healthy dose of So Bad, It's Good Camp.
  • Vergil throws his Summoned Swords around without any motion involved. It's already Simple, yet Awesome in gameplay (as his ranged attacks can be used even while performing melee combos), but this also means that he can kill demons while standing completely still. This is made more obvious in "Heaven or Hell" mode where enemies die in one hit, but the cinematic Hit Stop effect added in DmC and DMC5 makes it more awesome; Vergil can retain his stoic expression and kill enemies even without lifting a finger.
  • Pretty much any time Dante shows up to destroy the warning screen is awesome. Special mention to the moment in the 3rd game, where Dante kicks the camera.
  • Though it's just a cameo, one of the endings in Capcom Fighting Evolution shows Jedah conquering the world and laughing evilly... and then, it proceeds to show Dante ready to challenge him.