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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • In the sword section tutorial battle after Sanctus's assassination, Nero revs his Order sword and asks Dante why he's packing a huge sword if he's not going to use it. Dante's response? Silently pulling out Rebellion, stabbing it in the ground, and fake revving the hilt like Nero just did.
    • How Dante just messes with Nero the entire fight and can No-Sell everything, even getting his own sword though his chest again.
    • Some have pointed out that, since The Order worships Sparda and Dante is Sparda's half-human son, that the entire intro is effectively the equivalent of Jesus dropping into a Catholic mass and shooting the Pope in the head.
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    • When Nero has Dante on the ground and is repeatedly punching him in the face it's obvious, if it wasn't already, that Dante has been holding back immensely. That said he does seem to be getting a bit annoyed as his devil trigger flickers on a couple times before he decides to not just annihilate the poor kid with it. This choice leads to the Devil May Cry tradition of Dante being impaled by Rebellion at least once a game.
  • Gloria defeating a small horde of demons by herself and sees a demon jumping toward her from behind, only for Nero to shoot it out of the air instead. While they are talking, Nero looks away embarrassed when he accidentally sees up Gloria's skirt.
  • Nero meeting Agnus for the first time in his laboratory after calling it a hellhole. Agnus yells at him to watch his words and the following dialogue ensues. Nero can be just as smartassed as Dante when he wants to be.
    Agnus: Just as foul-mouthed as I had heard. The rumors prove true. As will the new ones concerning your d-d-d-demise.
    Nero: Don't you think that's a little harsh? Killing me because of the way I t-t-t-t-talk?
  • So Nero's walking through the forest one day, when suddenly...
    • And then later, when Dante is taking on the Echidna... She shoots her seed pods at him, and he kicks them right back at her. After they bounce off her head...
      Echidna: What the... [the last pod hits her, which leads to her saying in a supremely pissed off tone] Who the HELL are you?!
  • Dante meets Gloria, and what does he do? Burst out laughing and saying that "that regal look suits [her]." This is because he knows she is Trish.
  • The Savior is revealed, and it's a gigantic creature that would normally herald a Mass "Oh, Crap!" from the cast of any other game. Dante's only reaction is an unimpressed "Check it out. It's got wings!"
    • Trish agrees. "The design shows a terrible taste."
  • Dante acquires Pandora. After it turns into a few different ranged weapons, it turns into... Dante closes the lid hastily, breathes a sigh of relief, and the floor just breaks.
    • Speaking of which, before acquiring it, Dante faces Dagon. Unlike how Nero meets Bael's "lures" for the first time (since they're the same kind), Dante is VERY happy to see Daegon's "lures" and even tries to flirt with them. But he manages to avoid Daegon's attack, thus leading to this conversation:
      Daegon: What? How did you know?
      Dante: You can hide your body, but that smell... Hoo! There's no covering that up.
      Daegon: Insult me one more time and I'll make you suffer more than you thought possible.
      • The comment about the smell is made even funnier if you notice that, just before the battle, Dante plugs his nose.
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  • To be frank, ANY battle that involves Dante fighting with the previous bosses that Nero didn't kill are epic.
  • Dante trying out the newly acquired Lucifer... "FIRST, I WHIP IT OUT!"
  • Agnus and Dante wax Shakespearean in truly hammy style before their fight.
  • At one point, Nero is faced with a life-sized board game where he has to knock around an oversized dice to move a figure shaped like him across the board. Nero doesn't exactly react too strongly to that, but he surprisingly goes along with it without batting an eyelash. When Dante reaches the very same room, he casually and nonchalantly walks as the board game prepares itself to do the same thing for him, full with a Dante figure. Dante shows his utter lack of patience for that gimmicky bullshit and cuts down the dice, triggering a battle gauntlet instead.
  • In general, Heaven Or Hell mode. Aside from the catharsis factor of defeating every enemy with a single hit, it makes the entire story into a joke. Every single boss starts off with a big introductory cutscene, claiming that they'll kill Dante/Nero... and then they go down in one shot. Depending upon their death animation — Agnus', for example, has him flying across the room and screaming that he's an angel whilst struggling to pull himself up — it can make it look like each boss has a bad case of Minor Injury Overreaction.
  • The additional costumes introduced in Special Edition carry over to (most of) the cutscenes, which, depending on the scene, adds to the hilarity. Seeing Dante ham it up against Agnus or do a Double Entendre-laden dance routine is funny enough by itself, but seeing him in the Sparda outfit as he does makes it downright sidesplitting
  • The PC version's music tracks are all Ogg Vorbis files, meaning you can change the music to whatever you want (though you have to fiddle with the extensions a bit). Have fun completely ruining any seriousness the game might have had.
  • There’s something darkly humorous about the fact that while Nero is having his entire world being turned upside down, unveiling the corruption of the islands corrupt and his adoptive brothers involvement, questioning his own humanity and generally having an awful time, Dante is just goofing around with the whole thing being compared to a holiday for him by the likes of the Gaming Brit.

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