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Headscratchers / Devil May Cry 4

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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

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    About Vergil's ending in the Special Edition... 
The only thing his ending showed us is him walking out of Fortuna, while he casts the shadow of Nelo Angelo/Nero's Devil Trigger. What is that supposed to imply? Is Capcom just trolling us? Are they confirming that Vergil really is related to Nero? I need more answers!
  • The fact Nero quotes Vergil's "need more power" speech when first activating his Devil Trigger and uses Yamato to do it already makes it pretty clear there's some connection between the two. We just don't know what it is yet.

    Credo's Weakness 
He is supposedly the best swordsman in the Order; who taught Nero everything he knows. So why is it the one fight they have in human form shows him being about as weak as a kitten? Even when he turns into Angelo Credo he still isn't all that hard; when he should be slaughtering Nero and being well matched with Dante. Seriously, he's by far my favorite character in the series; and it just drives me nuts at how pathetic he is. (When playing through the game I always switch to DMD just to fight him and it still isn't good enough)
  • Got a point there. Considering what's said about him, you'd expect Credo to be as good with the sword as Lady with guns, yet he never shows that much ability. Sad things, since Credo was a fairly likable character in this trooper's opinion.
    • I'm guessing this weakening was because of two factors: As a human, he has human strength. While Lady gets a bit of a pass because her arm strength doesn't affect how hard her bullets hit, the same's not true for how hard Credo can swing a sword. The other reason is that the Credo fight is hard enough as it stands (beat it on Hell or Hell if you want to do it for the challenge), so making it much harder would have turned Credo into That One Boss, even moreso than he is now.
      • Credo's strength wouldn't have had anything to do with his sword abilities in demon form. Credo's sword had the exact same fuel-injection system as the Red Queen(all Order knights have that kind of sword. Nero's is unique in that it can actually build up the amounts of fuel in it to unleash in a single blast) so that would compensate for his human-level strength.
  • Most likely, he didn't put as much effort into powering up his demon form as the others did. Actually, Agnus was in charge of giving people their devil transfromations, so he doubtlessly tricked himself out to the best of his ability, and if I remember correctly, Sanctus was just an old guy in a bubble without Sparda. Also, Agnus had to summon other monsters to put up a decent fight, so Credo seems to be the toughest of Order on pure combat ability. What really annoyed me was that he died like a bitch. Couldn't the one redeemable member of the Order of the Sword survive? Or at least get an impressive death scene?
    • You do have a point in that Credo is the only member of the Order who at least tries melee attacks, since Sanctus and Agnus seem content to mostly just throw fireballs/Cutlasses and occasionaly make half hearted swipes with Sparda/a Gladius.

    Nero's Transformation 
Yeah, this is more general curiosity than something that bugs me, but something I'd kinda like to know nonetheless:
  • How much of Nero's arm is taken up by the Devil Bringer?
    • According to the art book, it seems like it goes up to his shoulder.
  • Is the "demonization" going to spread throughout his body? (the cutscene where he unlocks his Devil Trigger for the first time seems to imply that it will, or at least, that he thinks it will)
    • That's up to interpretation. If his arm turned like that after getting bitten by a demon, Nero has a reason to suspect it might spread. Hence his line: "And if I become a demon... so be it!"
    • Alternately, if the general thought is that his arm got possessed after the demon attack and the result ends up being the Devil Bringer, then seeing as how the voice inside it clamors for more power, presumably, it may spread to his body if he feeds it more demonic energy. The concept art depicts Nero in a full-form Devil Trigger rather than a specter, so that juuuust might happen in an upcoming game if the idea is kept.

So in an interview for 4 Special Edition, the creators imply that there aren't any actual angels in the game's world. So then why is there so much angelic symbolism? Are angels really demons?
  • Same reason angel imagery and mythology exists in our world.

    Are you my dad? 
If Nero encounters Dante, a white-haired middle-aged human-demon hybrid demon hunter with a Cool Sword, demonic powers including regeneration like his own, and a somewhat similar fashion sense, wouldn't one of the first things to come to mind for him be, "Holy cow, is this guy my dad? Or at least a relative or something?" Especially when that second one is actually right?
  • Nero probably assumes that if Dante was his dad he'd have brought it up once they were on speaking terms. He might have assumed a distant relationship, that he was descended from a previous child of Sparda while Dante was a more recent one, which would make them distant family but not the kind he was looking for. Dante not telling him he was his uncle is a bit of a dick move, but maybe talking about Vergil was too painful for Dante? And he wouldn't have any of the answers Nero would have wanted about his parents.