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Hide is a Horror Comic Book by Vernon Smith.

Kevin is just an average boy celebrating his birthday with his family. He seems to have it made.

Until he wakes up the next day, anyway.

For some reason, seemingly overnight, everyone over the age of 18 will now immediately try to murder anyone UNDER the age of 18. Now, with his whole family turned against him, Kevin, and any other kid he manages to find, needs to band together to try and survive in this crazy new world.

The comic was funded on Kickstarter on November 17th, 2012, and released in 2014.


Hide contains examples of:

  • The Hero's Birthday: The series begins with Kevin celebrating his birthday with his family.
  • Offing the Offspring: The day after Kevin's birthday, his own family tries to kill him.
  • One-Word Title: With a title like "Hide", this trope is a given.
  • Super Window Jump: Kevin jumps out of a window to get out of his house and escape his family.
  • Would Hurt a Child: The adults in this comic have seemingly gone overnight from loving their children unconditionally, to killing them on sight.