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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • Kat's expression when she sees Dante open the door to his place.
  • In the first mission, when Dante enters the haunted house, an animatronic doll jumps out at Dante, and he just runs past it and says...
    Dante: Get lost.
    • And then only seconds after? The Hunter's arm breaks through one of the walls and tries to grab him.
      Dante: OH SHIT!
  • Dante's response to a white wig falling on his head that looks just like original Dante's hair.
    • By the end of the story, his hair's gone completely white.
    • And then they're offering a Classic Dante skin based on Dante's Devil May Cry 3 appearance as DLC, then following that, a DMC1 skin bundled with the Definitive Edition.
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    • From a certain point of view, it could probably mean that his problem was the long hair being combined with Peek-a-Bangs, not just white hair.
    • In the end, even though Dante didn't dig the look, the game still constantly gives him outfits with white hair. Suddenly, "Not in a million years" sounds less like a Take That, Audience! and more like a massive case of Tempting Fate. Kind of beautiful, in an ironic way.
  • Dante is trapped in Limbo inside a church, and has to make it to the window at the end of the aisle in order to escape. As soon as Dante is about to reach said window, Limbo stretches out the aisle, and this happens multiple times. After Dante eventually escapes, he treats us to this pun:
    Dante: That seemed to drag on forever...Church.
  • Vergil explaining what the demons are doing in the human world early in the game:
    Vergil: The way they keep us docile is a... a little more insidious.
    Dante: What is it? (sips drink from can)
    Vergil: It's in your hand. Planet Earth's most popular soft drink, Virility. The demons have spiked it.
    [Dante slowly turns and spits the drink out]
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  • In the intro to Mission 4, Dante is dragged into Limbo again.
    Dante (in the most exasperated voice): Oh, c'mon.
  • During the mission to break into the Virility Factory to find the Succubus, Dante questions Kat on how she met Vergil and she tells him that they met in Limbo. Dante then asks why she was there, and she responds that she was escaping the nightmares. Dante's cutest WTF face ever.
    Dante: You came to Limbo to get away from the nightmares?
    Kat: Yes.
    [Dante silently mouths "fuck me" when Kat walks away]
  • The insult-slinging between Dante and the Succubus, which eventually just degrades to an F-Bombing match.
    Succubus: Fuck you.
    Dante: Fuck you!
    Succubus: FUCK YOOOOUUUUUBLAAARRRRRRGGG (fight starts)
  • Prior to Bob Barbas's boss fight, Dante gives him the middle finger and challenges him to "put a spin on this". And he does.
    • Dante's one-liner against Bob counts as well, "Segue into THIS!"
    • During the boss fight with Bob, you can see a bit on the newsticker.
      Newsticker: Bob Barbas voted the world's sexiest news reader.
    • Just about everything in this boss fight is bound to make you laugh or chuckle:
      Bob: You think you're cool? How about I kill you and piss on your corpse for cool points?
    • This gem inside the fake news segment:
      Bob: ...spreading sexual diseases of the unholy kind.
      Dante: Ain't that the best kind, Bob?
    • The fake news reports are amazingly daft that one can't help but laugh at how obviously false they are.
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    • Even better, he does Bill O'Reilly's "We'll do it live!"
  • A nice Oh, Crap! moment for the player when the protagonists are invading Mundus's building. As Dante heads up, he tries to remember which floor to stop on, thinking it's 105. We then hear Kat going over the plan telling him to stop on 106 and not 105, which is infested with demons.
    Dante: Oh shit.
  • On another elevator trip ride, Dante is stuck listening to elevator music.
    Dante: [Kat] was right. This is Hell. (Stepping out of the elevator onto a demon-infested floor) Ah, much better.
  • When Dante reaches the second laser bridge:
    Vergil: (turns off the lasers) Bingo.
    Dante: Bingo.
    Vergil: (anti-tampering system activates) Not Bingo.
    Dante: (stops just as he was about to run across) Ahhh, that's ... bullshit.
  • A conversation between Vergil and Dante before Dante enters Mundus' lair, showing some growing friendly animosity.
    Vergil: You made it. We make quite the team.
    Dante: I'm stronger.
    Vergil: I'm smarter.
    Dante: I'm better looking.
    Vergil: Mundus is behind the vault door. Let's not keep him waiting... And I've got a bigger dick.
  • Just before the battle with Mundus, while he's stomping around making a speech that Vergil and Dante are totally ignoring:
    Mundus: I AM MUNDUS.
    Dante: (pointing at Mundus) You're an asshole!
    • Followed by a quick shot of the transformed Mundus just reeling his head back and scrunching his face up, absolutely pissed before he flips his shit.
  • Dante tries to get into a club but gets told he's not on the guest list.
    Dante: [punches bouncer unconscious then signs something on the clipboard before dropping it] I am now.
    [zoom in on the clipboard which has the words "FUCK YOU" in red]
  • The context and plot behind the Vergil's Downfall DLC aren't funny at all. The construct of Dante formed by Vergil's subconscious and insecurities is a spiteful, cruel individual who always looked down on his brother. What is funny? The only thing it has in common with the actual Dante is that it still cracks horrible puns.
    Hollow Dante: (after Vergil flings a bus at him) Ahh, I hate public transport!
  • After beating Vergil in the Definitive Edition, the same ending plays out, but with one major difference. As the camera pans towards Dante, instead of his eyes glowing with power, Dante escorts Kat out of the area, and attempts to grab her ass on the way out. Way to kill the drama, man.
  • El mod mexicano de "Donté" es un nuevo nivel de divertido.