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  • Approval of God: In an interview by Devil May Cry 5 director Hideaki Itsuno, he calls Ninja Theory "style incarnate". Indeed, a lot of DMC5 borrows much from the art direction of DmC. Even back with Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition, the mainline series was already borrowing from the spinoff with Vergil gaining the option to teleport after a summoned sword, which was something DmC!Vergil could do. This seems starkly in contrast to how Ninja Theory treated Hideaki during the development of DmC, at least in its early days. Of course, with the Broken Base being what it is, people think Hideaki's praise is either token professionalism, Japanese Politenessnote , or at the very worst, "contractual shilling", even in the face of DMC5 implementing some of the better features of DmC. Some have even brought up the middle ground that he might have actually been referring to the Definitive Edition update, which the Japanese team had more of a hand in working on.
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  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: Controversy broke out over Dante reportedly killing an unborn child/pregnant mother in order to proceed during the game's plot — possibly forcing the hand of the player. Except that does not occur in the game at any point. The closest that Dante gets to anything that low is fighting a gigantic demonic "baby" beast ordered into battle by its equally-demonic mother, who can turn herself inside out to release it and is definitely evil; what's more, Dante makes a point of defeating them without killing them and taking them hostage. It's Vergil who kills them after they've already been disarmed, via sniper bullet, to Dante's obvious mixed horror and shock, in a cutscene that makes it clear that's what the audience is also supposed to be feeling.
  • Creator Breakdown: Director Tameem Antoniades did not take the fan reception of DmC well, accusing them among things that shall not be repeated of being blinded by their nostalgia. The game's art director, Alessandro Taini, during a GDC 2013 presentation went on a rant with a slideshow where Taini, someone who had no part in designing the original Devil May Cry, tried to explain to the crowd what Dante really is and isn't, presenting images of scenes from Brokeback Mountain and Batman & Robin with DMC4 Dante photoshopped in, while comparing the reboot Dante to Tyler Durden.
    • The game seemed to have caused this with Hideaki Itsuno. While the Approval of God above does show he at least liked aspects of the game, he was ready to leave Capcom entirely following its release. Thankfully, it got a happier ending than most cases, with the executives feeling he was too valuable to let go and asking what they could do to get him to stay. One of his requests was to be allowed to make Devil May Cry 5 the way he wanted, which the executives obliged.
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  • Dueling Games: Probably with Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - both games in long-running Japanese franchises about white-haired, pretty, superpowered, vengeful young men with troubled pasts, stronger dark sides and acrobatic slicey-choppy skills. Both are developed by a studio and a creative director different from the traditional ones, hazily canonical, and contain fairly significant aesthetic departures. Revengeance had better sales figures and fan reception, but DmC received a better critical reception.
  • Executive Meddling: According to Capcom, Dante's design was originally far closer to previous versions, before Capcom said the changes weren't extreme enough and told them to "go crazy with it."
    • On the inverse, there were times the Japanese team members had to rein in Ninja Theory, such as NT focusing a bit too much on "cool visuals first" instead of working to match the gameplay; and having to tone down the earlier concepts as the final product would've resulted in a Z-rating in Japan, the CERO equivalent of the ESRB's AO or 18+ only rating.
  • Fan Nickname: Many. A sampling can be found below.
  • Flip-Flop of God: Capcom originally announced DmC was a Continuity Reboot, then Ninja Theory said it was a Prequel, and then an Alternate Continuity, meaning basically a reboot that's still canon to the original series yet takes place in an alternate universe (like the condition of the J.J. Abrams Star Trek series). Capcom's current stance as of October 2017, as given in the store description for the DmC Dante skin for DMC Dante in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, is that it is a full-on Alternate Universe.
  • I Knew It!: Upon the reveal of Vergil, many fans theorized that he would also be a playable character. While Ninja Theory initially told everyone they had no plans to put such content on the disc, it was later announced a playable Vergil campaign would be DLC.
  • Refitted for Sequel: Vergil's DmC design was based on the Devil May Cry 1 concept art of Vergil that never made it into the final game.
  • Stillborn Franchise: Any attempts to get a DmC series of games going died when the game failed to break DMC4's sales in Japan or America. The DMC4: Special Edition still also outsold DmC: Definitive Edition when both were released in 2015. Then DMC5 had two million in purely shipments two weeks after its release, which is what DmC reached in both physical and digital sales in its lifetime, including when the game was given out for free with PS+. And with Capcom returning to the classic continuity with Devil May Cry 5, and Ninja Theory being purchased by Microsoft, it's safe to say that the DmC timeline is dead for good outside of DLC costume recolors for Dante in Marvel VS Capcom Infinite and DMC5.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Pages of concept art have been published revealing a couple of extra levels, unused enemies (including two, the Wisp and the Imprisoner, who wound up in Vergil's Downfall), cut content and alternative designs. The Order was initially going to play a bigger part as a very morally dubious organisation - capturing and vivisecting live demons, for instance - and Kat's first incarnations were a lot closer to the classic series female roles: adult, sexualised to a mildly absurd degree, and using weapons concealed in a violin case. Also, blue hair.
    • The narrative designer for Vergil's Downfall joined the Devil May Cry subreddit's Discord server and gave some ideas for where a sequel would have gone if it got greenlit: Vergil would have returned with his demon army and attacked Dante and Kat, savagely beating him and kidnapping Kat. Dante only survives because his angelic uncle saves him and brings him to the angel world, where Dante would have faced opposition from the angels due to his Nephilim background.


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