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Nightmare Fuel / DmC: Devil May Cry

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While there can be some cool and stylish moments, there are still nightmares to be found in Limbo City, touching heavily on Paranoia Fuel and Adult Fear in ways the original series didn’t.

  • The first trailer itself is much more grim than previous games and shows Dante chained up in a filthy prison room like something fresh from Silent Hill. Adult Fear is present for anyone who has been to prison before or who has had a loved one imprisoned and faced abuse in prison.
    • Speaking of Silent Hill, the Stgyian demons are considered to be some of the most ugly looking demons in the game. With cracked porcelain bodies and black ichor, their appearances look like the nurses from the town’s Brookhaven Hospital.
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  • The premise of the game is paranoia-inducing. A society brainwashed and conditioned by demons without them being aware of it is not something you wanna think about.
  • Mundus. Everything about the guy is pure Nightmare Fuel. While the original Mundus in the game was a major asshole as Dante would call him, the reboot version is even nastier. There is nothing even remotely redeeming about him, period. It becomes almost memetic to say that Vergil and Dante did nothing wrong with putting him down like a rabid dog.
    • Mundus basically can blackmail any politician and keep them on his payroll. What kind of blackmail? He can easily expose secrets of a politician’s career or life that somehow only he himself knows, effectively destroying a person’s career in a heartbeat. This can also settle in on Paranoia Fuel as well.
    • We get to see a pleasant scene of Mundus murdering Eva (Vergil and Dante’s mother). The scene is not only brutal, but downright horrifying: Mundus is shown ripping Eva’s heart out right in front of Dante (who managed to hide from the psychopath, thankfully). While the Devil May Cry games feature plenty of character death, violence, and hero killers, cruelty beyond this level is considered one of the most disturbing moments in the franchise.
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    • Adult Fear also plays in for anyone who has fallen into debt with a criminal or loan shark, something that Mundus himself greatly invokes.
    • Mundus’ sex scene with Lilith, while unseen by the player, the expression Mundus has during the scene looks like a very angry rapist and gives further insight into how Mundus cares very little about anyone, not even the person harboring his child. Granted, the sex is consensual, but most players find his expression unsettling.
    • After Dante taunts Mundus about his dead demon spawn (which Vergil killed), Mundus has a complete mental breakdown and comes dangerously close to killing him with the previously mentioned method. Thankfully, Vergil saves Dante from the tyrant’s wrath, but things could have been much worse had things gone differently.
    • There’s also the fact that in this version, Sparda and Mundus are blood brothers; this means that Mundus is not only harming his brother, Sparda, but he’s also hurting his own nephews.
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  • The graffiti artwork featured in the background when Vergil explains Sparda’s tragic backstory is unsettling at best, almost as if the artwork was painted like a warning for something worse. There is no explanation for who painted the portraits for that matter either...
  • When Dante is describing his troubled youth after Eva’s death, scenes of Dante fighting against riot squads, engaging in various orgies, and scratching what appears to be a wound on his skin. While at first glance, it may not seem like there’s anything wrong, but this can be unsettling for many older players with delinquent children.
  • Speaking of flashbacks, we get to see Sparda himself imprisoned by two demons. This by far makes it one of the most disturbing moments in the game.
  • You know you've done something right/wrong when the ingredient of a fucking soft drink can make you want to yak up. The ingredient? A giant slug-larvae thing constantly chained to a mixer.
    • While its played for Black Comedy, Virility has the affect of making those who consume it morbidly obese. The idea of a food being modified to corrupt a human’s body unless of course you’re a demon, angel, or a combination of the two, is no different from a food being modified to control or eliminate a race or sexual orientation.
    • Also, a small one, but if you closely during the Limbo version of the Virility factory, you can see several bloated demons being FORCE FED the previously mentioned Succubus fluids and they seem to be aware of the subject.
    • Although its Played for Laughs, during one of the trailers, a child was about to drink the previously mentioned Virility. Anyone who has had a child accidentally consuming a poisonous substance will realize how chilling this scene is. Thankfully Dante, being wise to the true nature of Virility, knocks the drink out of her hands before she can drink it.
  • When Limbo transforms, the landscape becomes horribly twisted and just about everything becomes colored, a jarring contrast to the greyed out palette of the real world. It gets worse when you start looking around the place, subliminal messages crawling around.
  • In Mission 14, you get to confront Mundus' child, and it is by far the most messed up looking thing in the game.
    • Whereas the Succubus and Bob Barbas provided the players with an awesome (and hilarious) fight, this child is anything but. Not because it was badly designed mind you, but because of how the whole thing plays out. For one, Dante stops trash-talking and instead sounds disturbed for most of the fight. Secondly, there's no indication whatsoever that the child itself is evil beyond being Mundus' unborn child, and possibly just interpret attacking Dante as "play time" as Lilith puts it.
  • Mission 15 gives us a nice view of Vergil shooting a pregnant Lilith in the stomach, killing the child and then blowing her head off. Granted, Lilith wasn't the most sympathetic character in the game, but damn.
  • Later, after Mundus completely loses it, he causes massive amounts of destruction to Limbo City. If one looks closely, the player can see human corpses scattered in different parts of the city. This leaves one question: What was the body count during Mundus’ meltdown?
    • Even worse, demons begin to appear out in the human world to the horror of several humans. Some humans have even been shown taking pictures of and posting those pictures on social media.
  • Vergil himself. While Vergil himself starts off as a Nice Guy... at first. There are some things that are very offputting about him.
    • The fact Vergil used his resources to build a large demon research and vigilante group is pretty much a Mook Horror Show in of itself.
    • And then Vergil reveals his true intentions: After Mundus is dealt with, Vergil reveals his plans to rule over humanity while Dante and Kat, are horrified by this.
  • The fight between Vergil and Dante is a combination of Tear Jerker and Adult Fear. As Dante gains the upperhand, Vergil proves just how dangerous he is. Gone is the well composed Jerk with a Heart of Gold, now replaced by an Ax-Crazy abusive sibling who taunts Dante during the fight.
  • After Vergil is dealt with, Dante comes DANGEROUSLY close to killing Vergil with his sword, Rebellion while Kat pleads with Dante to stop. Granted, Vergil did deserve it, but seeing the wisecracking Dante so full of rage and heartache is horrifying and the expression he gives indicates that Dante takes absolutely zero pleasure in doing this to his brother. Thankfully, Dante manages to stop before killing Vergil, but the scene is still unsettling.
  • The ending: Dante and Kat are left to fend for themselves in a world where demons are now common knowledge and are harassing humans. Bittersweet Ending indeed.
    • Also keep in mind that Vergil is still out there, though he doesn’t have plans for humanity... yet.
  • The DLC, Vergil’s Downfall finally has Vergil, letting loose in his own story after the game, adding more to the Nightmare Fuel.
    • The cutscenes have a touch of Demented Animation in contrast with the CGI cutscenes of the main game, making it look even more creepy.
    • Keeping up with the whole concept of “Dante is Guts from Berserk” theory, a dark voice tempts Vergil to cast aside his morals to regain his power. It sounds oddly similar to the Godhand tempting Griffith to give up his humanity during the Eclipse.
    • The way Vergil just callously cuts down the illusion of Dante and takes his amulet is unsettling for players who have siblings or have dealt with sibling rivalry at one point.
    • Thought the main game was a melting pot of Adult Fear? Well, one cutscene has Vergil coldly telling off his mother, Eva and telling her how he killed Dante. Eva, not realizing the actual Dante is alive and well, is left crying in horror upon hearing this. Parents who have dealt with children harming or abusing another sibling will relate to this...
    • The ending for Vergil’s Downfall: In a twisted version of Earn Your Happy Ending, Vergil becomes the new ruler of the demons. If Vergil wasn’t already a Fallen Hero before, then he has fallen MUCH farther than before. So yeah, Mundus was chump change compared to Vergil.
      • Also adds in a bit of Paranoia Fuel as well. If Dante and Vergil do cross paths again after this, its implied that things will get worse for Dante. Much worse.

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