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This is a brainstorm page. So... expect changes.

Character Issues is the original spawn of a Mega Crossover fanfiction. The four started books currently border on six hundred pages together, and, God-willing, none will ever be published.

The entire thing starts out with two aspiring writers, Samantha Mercer and Eva Devon, who have recently graduated high school, blown off college, and purchased a rather run-down house. While going through the belongings of the previous owner, Eva discovers very detailed, beautiful stories with a wide array of characters, and quickly becomes obsessed with reading through them... Until, of course, the young writers wake up in a very strange world called The Landscape of Imagination. What they can only assume to be an elf tells them that they are "the Chosen Ones" when in actuality the prophecy he is referring to was actually intended for the house's previous owner, who died of old age before it could be carried out.


Unfortunately, Malachi announces that they cannot return to their world without fulfilling the ridiculously complicated/vague prophecy which they've been dropped in the middle of. They meet the characters Juin has been reading about... and discover that for a place with such a fluffy name, The Landscape of imagination is by no means a nice place. In fact, it's terrifying enough to make Mordor look like a beautiful park filled with unicorns and bunnies.


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