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Hey, this page is outdated as hell. It's not gonna get updated anymore so uh...yeah. I'm only putting this update here cause I don't know how to actually delete it.

The Chaos is a story created by Masterofchaos (Me). Originally, eighteen chapters were completed, when suddenly, the author's computer crashed. The series is now getting yet another retool, hopefully for the better.

Here is the summary:

Nine years ago, Nick's father, Thomas Riverson, had vanished under mysterious circumstances. Now sixteen years old, Nick's life had not been the same ever since. His mother is now an extremely stressful (and often paranoid) school teacher, his uncle and aunt, who he only saw once in his life, no longer visit him, and he now has a baby sister named Jasmine, who he's sworn to protect at all cost.


One day, he nearly gets killed by an unknown assassin, who claims to be looking for his father. It turns out that Nick's father is being hunted, and this chase has been going on for nine years. Now desperate to know the truth, Nick tries to uncover his dad's secrets, all while trying not to be killed.

The first chapter can be seen here

The first book is complete, but unpublished. The sequel, The Improvement, (working title) is currently in progress.


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