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"Believing in nothing, severing pinkie toes, and just generally giving off the impression that he's committed a couple of sex crimes lately."
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Born Rolf Peter Ingvar Storm in Sweden August 27, 1953, Peter Stormare began his acting career with the Swedish Royal Dramatic Theatre, before his apparent discovery by Ingmar Bergman. His first major American film role was as one of the kidnappers in Fargo. Since then, he's become a cult actor well known for his supporting roles in film, television and videogames.

A recent automotive ad campaign featured him as a German pseudo-hip hop artist/"engineer" answering to V-Dub, whose shtick was violently un-pimping ze autos by smashing them to scrap and giving their owners Volkswagens.

Allegedly, the reason for his name change was that he shared it with an older student. He wasn't even out of school and he made sure that people wouldn't go around and mistake them for him.


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