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Character sheet for The Crocodile God's first draft.


The Filipino-American protagonist, who finds Haik on the beach.



The sea-god of the ancient Tagalog tribe and the titular Crocodile God, with strong ties to Polynesia as a memory of Paikea the whale-rider. Later on, he reveals his aspect as one of the Tagalog counterparts to Maui. The centuries of the Philippines' colonization have not been kind to him, and he currently masquerades as a Filipino-Australian.

Haik and Mirasol's children

Haik and Mirasol have three children: The unnamed whale-goddess, their first daughter who was shot in the womb and stillborn, and Itak and Banog, who are demigods.

Lumawig and the Four Winds

Haik's cousins and the sons of Langa-an, who mainly appear in flashbacks. And in Mirasol's vision of the gods coming back to find Haik. The Four Winds are Lumawig's older brothers; the North is the oldest, the East and West Winds are the middle twins, and the South Wind is the youngest.

Lola/Ina the dragon

A dragon who finds Haik and Mirasol soon after they're arrested and held in ICE's corvette. She was friends with Haik's volcano-god grandfather.

The volcano-god

Haik's grandfather, who lived in Mount Pulag. He gave humans the secret of fire, but took it back several generations later, because he felt that they didn't respect him anymore. As such, he features in a flashback/myth where a younger Haik and Lumawig have to steal fire-making back.


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