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Trivia / The Crocodile God

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  • Fake Nationality: Haik is masquerading as a Filipino-Australian.
  • Reality Subtext: Haik is an undocumented immigrant, and this story was written a year into Donald Trump's infamous 2016 election with all the racial/cultural tensions blowing up across the United States.
    • The author couldn't find any information about Haik the sea-god in real life, so he's "undocumented" on an even BIGGER scale than just "living in a country illegally." Moreover, with every chunk of Mythopoeia that Haik tells Mirasol, half a dozen more questions spring up in her head as an in-story form of Fan Fic Fuel.
    • When Haik and Mirasol try to save their unborn whale-goddess daughter, a shaman regretfully tells them that "the whales will not come back." No doubt this means Catholicism's tightening grip on the Philippines.
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  • Values Dissonance: The historical Culture Clash between Spain and the Philippines is an ever-present theme.
  • Values Resonance: Between Filipinos and Polynesians/Pacific Islanders, who share the Austronesian heritage of tattooing traditions and a seafaring culture.

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