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A list of character, corporations and organization involved in Armored Core 4's storyline.

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Anatolia is one of the last few independent colonies that fell into financial crisis after it loses its position as the sole Kojima Technology specialist. It doesn't have its own military infrastructure, relying on their own LYNX for both protection and income.

    Anatolia's Mercenary 
Rank : 39 (Rank 9 in For Answer)

Your Player Character. The veteran Raven has served in National Dismantlement war before he was taken into Anatolia by Fiona Jarnefeldt. He helps support the colony by taking contracts in LYNX War that occurred during Armored Core 4.

  • A Hero to His Hometown
  • Doomed Hometown: In the final mission Seed the Barren Earth. Joshua O'Brien is blackmailed into destroying Anatolia no matter what you do, a rare case where the hero's hometown is doomed at the end of the story rather than the beginning. It happens again in For Answer, when Line Ark is forced to disband soon after the mercenary (now going by White Glint) falls in its defense.
  • Featureless Protagonist
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: From mercenary of nowhere to the ''Hero of LYNX War".
  • Taking Up the Mantle: In the sequel For Answer, the mercenary took the name "White Glint" after killing Joshua O' Brien.
  • Too Powerful to Live: Almost single-handedly ended LYNX War. He is so dangerous that Omer Science Technology tries to destroy him along with Anatolia after the war. It didn't work. In For Answer, none of the League's LYNXes are willing to fight him solo. He only falls when Otsdarva and either you or CUBE take him together, and even then, he usually takes Otsdarva down with him.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: The mercenary and Fiona Jarnefeldt leaves Anatolia after they are forced to kill their long time partner Joshua, who was blackmailed into destroying the colony. It is later revealed in For Answer that they ended up in Line Ark.
    Emil Gustav: I have no rights to stop them. No words to keep them here.
  • Wild Card: Comes with being a merc. Players can choose to be with any clients and switch sides as they wish.

    Fiona Jarnefeldt 
Daughter to renowned scientist Profressor Jarnefeldt. Fiona rescued a man who later become a mercenary for Anatolia while she works as his operator after her father's death. Naive and optimistic, she frequently question the need to kill or destroy targets and expresses regrets during mission endings.

  • Benevolent Boss: Gradually gets more and more concerned for the Mercenary's well-being. It's implied that she feels guilty for forcing the protagonist to sustain Anatolia.
  • Doomed Hometown: In the final mission Seed the Barren Earth.
  • Implied Love Interest: As the story goes on. Just before final mission, one of her voice clip (possibly unused) is about Fiona suggesting the Mercenary to rest in Anatolia with her after LYNX War ends.
  • Mission Control
  • Took a Level in Cynic: She later loses her naive personality in the sequel For Answer.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: The mercenary and Fiona Jarnefeldt leaves Anatolia after they are forced to kill their long time partner Joshua, who was blackmailed into destroying the colony. It is later revealed in For Answer that they ended up in Line Ark.

    Emil Gustav 
Anatolia's current 'manager'. Although he used to be a member of Prof. Jarnefeldt's NEXT development staff, his real talent lies in politics. Following the professor's death he assumes responsibility for colony's welfare, using Anatolia's Mercenary (and with him Fiona Jarnefeldt) as main source of income.

Emil Gustav serves as the narrator of the game.

  • Reasonable Authority Figure: He is obsessed with keeping the colony alive, but he does have moments of sympathy for the Mercenary from time to time.
    • Pet the Dog: When Anatolia is devastated beyond recovery, he lets the Mercenary and Fiona leave the colony.

    Professor Jarnefeldt 
A genius who invented technologies that made NEXTs possible. He single-handedly supplied the core of Anatolia's prosperity with the profits from his designs and creations. Some of these designs include the AMS NEXT control system, the 00-ARETHA, and the Prototype NEXTs.

After he died, Anatolia entered a state of economic crisis, leaving its welfare to Emil Gustav, a member of his development staff.



Both independent colony and NEXT research institution, Aspina is one of the first organization to employ AMS technology. Several of its NEXT test pilot was registered as official LYNX. It is heavily affiliated with Omer Science Technology.

    Joshua O' Brien (White Glint) 
Rank : 40
Craft : NEXT White Glint / 00-ARETHA

"This is White Glint. Hey Raven, I've heard good things. Let's get this done."

Your partner and rival depending on missions. Joshua is a LYNX with extremely high AMS aptitude. Like Anatolia's Mercenary, he struggled to protect his hometown Aspina from Pax Economica. He is known for laid-back and friendly personality. His NEXT White Glint mounted only assault rifle, a back laser cannon and a laser blade. But it is because of Joshua's ability and sheer speed did White Glint earns its name.

  • A Hero to His Hometown
  • Big Damn Heroes: Very often, both for the player or for the enemies.
  • Blackmail: It is implied Aspina is held hostage by Omer Science Technology, in order to force Joshua to annihilate Anatolia and it's Raven using 00-ARETHA, the massive mutant AC.
  • Friendly Rivalry: Especially when he is just 1 rank behind Anatolia's Mercenary.
  • Fighting Your Friend: This can happens depending on which side you take in some missions. He never seems to take it personally however.
    • No matter what you do, he is blackmailed into destroying Anatolia by Omer Science Technology in final mission.
    Joshua : Hey. I guess there's little need for words...
  • Lightning Bruiser: His reputation. In the end he get put into experimental 00-ATRETHA, a gigantic monster of a NEXT with insane quick-boost capability.
  • White Glint

Corporations and their employed LYNXs.


     Akva Vit 
Homebase : Northern Europe
Specialization : Kojima Technology; Energy defense and PA effectiveness
Affiliation: Rayleonard, GA Europe

Akvavit is a long-standing military electronics firm, providing cutting edge sensors, computing devices and electronics. They secretly assist GA Europe before subsequently follow Rayleonard in declaring war against GA America. Most notable in attacking Sing, the largest colony in Asia that is under GA's control using a squadron of Sol Dios mobile platform that were built in cooperation with GA Europe. Ends up failing due to intervention by Anatolia's Mercenary and Joshua O' Brien. The latter subsequently sacked Akvavit HQ at the same time the Mercenary attacks Exavil.

  • Glass Cannon: Provides many high PA parts and hard-hitting Kojima weapons such as LINSTANT and MADNESS series, but does badly in terms of durability.

    LYNX P.Dam 
Rank : 21 (Original)
Craft : NEXT Hilarios
Encountered: Marche Au Supplice, Data Arena

"So it goes on the battlefield."

This Akvavit femme Original operates a first-gen Kojima tech AC. Though known for her combat skills, emotional instability occasionally derails her ability to complete the mission.

    LYNX Tepes V 
Rank : 7 (Original)
Craft : NEXT Sliver Bullet
Encountered: Data Arena

A surviving first-gen Lynx, he is armed with NEXT-piloting experience from the earliest stages of their development. Rumor suggests his end is near from severe Kojima poisoning.


Albrecht Drais (Aldra)

Affiliation: Interior Union (former part of one, but later separated from the group)
Specialization: Solid heavy weapons

Aldra is a heavy military industries company known as the developer of complex actuators, as well as quality heavy weapons systems. Aldra is the originator of the Actuator Complexity System and remains a specialist in the field. They also hold the distinction of being one of the only members of the Interior still focused on bullets and explosives over energy-based weapons. They eventually separated from the Interior Union, but still maintain a good relation.

    LYNX Jan 
Rank : 38
Craft : NEXT Blind Bold
Encountered: Data Arena

The most recently-added Lynx among the Companies. Little is known beyond his history in the national army, and his crushing successes on the field thus far.

  • Energy Weapon: Seems to be a trend for Interior Union LYNXes.
    • Notably, NEXT Blind Bold in 4 carries HLR71-VEGA, a laser rifle with highest PA reduction capability but comes with only six shots.
  • Too Awesome to Use: His NEXT in both 4 and fA follows the theme of "high damage but low on ammo".
  • The Unfought: Only available to fight against in Arena.
    LYNX Sherring 
Rank : 14 (Original)
Craft : NEXT Critique
Encountered: Sea of Blood, Data Arena

An Original with Aldra, wielding high-output EN weaponry. A Raven during the National Dismantlement War, this veteran is unfazed by the bells and whistles of new technology.

  • Energy Weapon: Although described as a man in-attracted by new technologies he's far from being old-school. In fact, both his arm weapons are laser rifles. One of them being CANOPUS, a descendant of series' staple highly-damaging KARASAWA laser rifle.
  • Hit-and-Run Tactics: His primary tactic. To give you more trouble his NEXT is painted in navy camouflage during Sea of Blood.
  • The Stoic: Very calm and collected even in his defeat.
    Sherring (defeated in hard mode) : "Today I lose."
  • Old Soldier: Been active since National Dismantlement War.

Arisawa Heavy Industries

    Arisawa Heavy Industries 
Homebase : Pacific Rim
Affiliation: Global Armaments
Specialization : Explosive, military vehicles.

An explosive weapon and heavy armor manufacturer based in Pacific Rim. Majority of grenade weapons in the market came from Arisawa. They also provide a tank-leg variant of Global Armament's SUNSHINE NEXT model named KIRITUMI. Their NEXT parts are notable for slowness, poor EN defense and low PA rating. But are also praised for being heavily armored.

  • BFG: Every weapon they build is this trope.. But the crowner goes to YAMAGA back-mounted grenade launcher.
  • Mighty Glacier: KIRITUMI is this trope embodied.
  • Stuff Blowing Up

    LYNX Warcar 
Rank : 24 (Original)
Craft : NEXT Kurumagakari
Encountered: Data Arena

Former tank pilot now working as an Original for Arisawa. His craft's physical armor outclasses other NEXTs, and is paired with enough firepower to flatten an army.

Bernard and Felix Foundation

    Bernard and Felix Foundation 
Homebase : Europe
Speciality : Long Range Weapons, Targeting Electronics

A major power in Europe and a specialist in precise weaponry, BFF has already been prominent since the lead up to National Dismantlement War which they are heavily involved. The company has a deep hostility with Global Armaments even before the start of LYNX War.

Although BFF is best known for their precise long-range weapons and targeting electronics, they have also cornered the market as a naval manufacturer. They have been responsible for designing most warships and tankers aside from Omer's submarine class. This is most clearly represented by the 8th Fleet and their powerful BFF Battleships.

Despite not being a primary innovator in the field of Kojima technology, BFF is responsible for several major Kojima-related designs such as the Sphere Facilities, and a unique, specialized Normal capable of withstanding Kojima radiation intense enough to destroy a NEXT.

BFF and GA, along with their subsidiary companies, engaged in full warfare over the course of LYNX War. Finally culminating in GA hiring Anatolia's Mercenary (who has already been contracted by both side of the war) to destroy Queen's Lance, the mobile naval headquarter of BFF, effectively taking the company out of action.

  • Cool Ship: How about cool fleet? BFF sports a impressive amount of battleships, destroyers and aircraft carriers, even more than any other companies.
    • Queen's Lance, a gigantic cruising ship, serves as their headquarter.
  • Defiant to the End: Their Silent Avalanche group remains guarding the Sphere even after BFF collapsed.
  • Badass Normal: In a world where armies can be wiped out a dozen times over by a single NEXT, a group of sniping Normals Silent Avalance managed to guard BFF's Kojima energy facility The Sphere against all other corporations (including enemy NEXTs) long before Anatolia's Mercenary came by.
  • Let's You and Him Fight: Subject to one against Global Armaments, courtesy of Rayleonard.
  • Long-Range Fighter: The entire design philosophy of BFF revolves around this. (around a single LYNX, in fact) Their NEXT parts are usually considered essential if you're building a sniper AC.
  • Sniper Rifle: BFF sells a couple of accurate rifles, sniper rifles and back-mounted sniper cannons.

    LYNX Eugene 
Rank : 20 (Original)
Craft : NEXT Helix II
Encountered: Silent Avalance, Data Arena

"Ugh... This could be close. Sis, stay back! I'll take care of this. You just watch me."

A capable Lynx known for his balanced AMS compatibility. Most often deployed as a backup for his sister Francisca. His level head and decisiveness belie his young age.

    LYNX Francisca 
Rank : 19 (Original)
Craft : NEXT Helix I
Encountered: Silent Avalance, Data Arena

"I've got a fix on him. That's Anatolia's mercenary. It's time, Gene."

BFF Original and heiress of the Wolcott Legacy. Often deployed as a vanguard unit paired with her younger brother Eugene, her solo capabilities are limited.

    LYNX Iakchos 
Rank : 34
Craft : NEXT Anima
Encountered: Data Arena

Formerly a NEXT tech engineer, this unique LYNX now pilots a quadruped like his superior Wong Shao-Lung. Though a solid theoretician, his skills in battle is as of yet unknown.

  • Ascended Extra: In-universe; he was a NEXT engineer before decide to apply his knowledge in battle by himself.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Mounts 051ANEM that allows the user to plant ECM emitter into the ground as shoulder weapon.
  • Long-Range Fighter: His NEXT Anima carries long-range rifles and sniper cannons.
  • The Unfought: In mission mode.
    LYNX Mary Shelly 
Rank : 5 (Original)
Craft : NEXT Prometheus
Encountered: Empress, Data Arena

"Goodness... Come all this way to die, have you?"

The undisputed empress of BFF's military force whose long-range sniping tactics formed the basis of the Company's official style.

  • This Cannot Be!: When you defeat her.
  • Killed Off for Real: Presumably by you in Empress.
  • Long-Range Fighter: She is the one who BFF based their NEXT development on. In-game her NEXT Prometheus carries one long-range rifle, a sniper rifle and a radar.
  • Shout-Out: Mary Shelly is the name of the author of Frankenstein. In the book, Frankenstein is referred to as "the modern Prometheus".
  • Old Soldier: Been around since National Dismantlement War as with other Originals, but still young enough to have Wong Shao Lung as her caretaker.
    LYNX Unseel 
Rank : 15 (Original)
Craft : NEXT Red Cap
Encountered: Marche Au Supplice, Data Arena

"Feh. A fossil, just like I said! Die, and rot away!"

The infamous rogue Original from BFF who favors ECM and a sniper rifle. Despite his constant boasting, he'll stoop as low as he has to in order to win.

    LYNX Wong Shao Lung 
Rank : 8 (Original)
Craft : NEXT Strix Quadruped
Encountered: Data Arena

One of the very few elderly Lynx still active, this wise and unwavering professor of war is also Mary Shelley's caretaker and guardian at BFF.


Homebase : Southern Asia
Affiliation: Global Armaments (America)
Speciality : Generators

A military company that specializes in building rocket engines. They were once the leading company in the field, but recent years have fallen behind to companies specializing in Kojima rocket engines. Despite this, they are slowly closing the gap through strategic information and personnel planning. Like MSAC, they are also a complete subsidiary of GA.

Couger manufactures boosters for GA's SUNSHINE line of NEXTs. Due to the NEXTs massive weight and heavy load tolerances, Couger parts are correspondingly heavy. They do however, have very low boost drain, but Quickboost power is severely lacking.


Homebase : Southern Asia
Speciality : Mass products, close-range shotguns/rifles, laser blades

Integrated industrial conglomerate and de facto leader of the South Asian economic sphere, they are well-known for mass production fueled by almost limitless manpower, and for their unique and imaginative weaponry. The mix of quarreling regions under their control gives them ample opportunities to test their products, ensuring their effectiveness in real battle conditions.

Equal is also one of the six major corporations that started National Dismantlement War and participate in Pax Economica. Their product lines are focused on close-range combat, offering many rifles, shotguns and laser blades choices that fits their role. Their lightweight NEXT designs are notable for ease of maintenance, having poor armor but superb mobility both on the ground and in the air, making them preferred choices for experienced LYNXs.

  • Close-Range Combatant
  • Fragile Speedster: Their overall design theme is this. Their NEXT SOLUH and its aerial combat variant SAUBEES have poor protection, relying on superior maneuverability to survive. SOLUH also suffers from high EN consumption while SAUBEES has even lower load capacity and PA.
  • More Dakka: Eqbal offer AZAN quick-firing rifles and ZAKAT, a machine gun with great rate of fire.

    LYNX Anil Hassan 
Rank : 28
Craft : NEXT Carrion Crow
Encountered: Data Arena

Elite Lynx selected from Eqbal's Bharat Squadron. A born soldier with considerable battlefield experience and the skill to see his mission through.

    LYNX K.K. 
Rank : 17 (Original)
Craft : NEXT Liver Drive
Encountered: Data Arena

This Eqbal Original's mastery of the physical blade dates back to his Raven days. Though difficult to use, the weapon's overpowering force slides through even Primal Armor with ease.

  • Close-Range Combatant: One of the few LYNXs that have laser blade as part of his arsenal.
  • Old Soldier: Fought in National Dismantlement War.
  • Retired Badass: He is listed as the designer of NEXT Starka, a machine similar to Liver Drive itself, driven by LYNX Do Su in the sequel For answer. Implying that he quit being LYNX and become NEXT architect instead.
    LYNX Nadezhada Droit 
Rank :
Craft :
Encountered: Data Arena

This Eqbal Original fought in the last days of the National Dismantlement War, popularizing the development of weapon-type arm parts to compensate for his low AMS compatibility.

  • Arm Shotgun: He use INJIL-ARMS because of his low AMS aptitude.
    LYNX Sadhana 
Rank : 2 (Original)
Craft : NEXT Atman
Encountered: Ego Boost (Hard), Data Arena

"Don't overdo it... You're full of openings."

The Wizard of Eqbal who pilots a reverse-joint leg AC. Both mathematician and zealot, his fighting style defies all understanding at times, making it difficult to counter.

  • Genius Bruiser: Rather than fighting all-out like most other LYNX, Sadhana choose to be methodical in combat. He also criticize the Mercenary's fighting style during their fight. You'd expect no less from the rank 2 Original.
  • Face Death with Dignity: When defeated.
    Sadhana: "So my journey ends halfway..."
  • Meaningful Name: Both Sadhana and Atman are Hindu/Buddhist concepts. They refer to "Means to attain something" and "Self", respectively.
  • Old Soldier: Served in National Dismantlement War. It is also at this time that he most likely befriende Old King, the leader of Liliana, an armed rebel group. This suggests that at a younger age Sadhana had respected anti-establishment groups. After surviving the war, Sadhana's skills were recognized by Eqbal and he became its leading NEXT pilot and later chosen to lead the legendary Bharat Squadron.
  • Worthy Opponent: Has a bit of this trope.
    Sadhana: (during combat) "Is this possible? This is new... Intriguing."

Global Armaments

    Global Armaments (GA America) 
Homebase : America
Speciality : Heavy NEXT parts, generators, live ammunition weapons.
Subsidiaries: Cougar, MSAC International

Global Armaments is world's largest corporation centered around economic hubs of Pacific Rim. The weapon and equipment they produced tend to be heavy and standardized, yet powerful and durable. It is also one of Anatolia's Mercenary biggest client.

GA has a deep rivalry with Belix and Bernard Foundation who controls Europe, with both corporations engaged in increasing amount of skirmishes. However, LYNX War breaks loose when AkvaVit, one of Rayleonard's subsidiaries, managed to convince GA Europe to sever ties with main branch and switches sides. GA America hired the Mercenary to raid Heide Arsenal in retaliation. resulting in destruction of several advanced weapons platforms. (Including Sol Dios, a type of Kojima Particle cannon) In response, Rayleonard and GA declare war on each other. In the chaos that ensured, BFF take the opportunity and tries to interfere with GA's operations in their territory, locking both corporations into heavy combat during early part of LYNX War until the Mercenary successfully eliminate BFF's lead LYNX Mary Shelly and BFF sea-borne headquarter Queen's Lance. With BFF down, GA and its newly made allies Rosenthal and Omer turned their attention towards Rayleonard Group and finally brought it down with the destruction of Exavil, Rayleonard's home base in Canada, at the hands of Anatolia's Mercenary. Thus earning GA a victory and dominant position over entire planet.

GA America is a manufacturer of high AP, heavy parts. Their weapons are characteristically heavy, with high ammunition capacity. They fire live ammunition, and feature quite high Attack Power ratings. Their GAN 01-SUNSHINE line of products were developed to help average pilots develop top NEXT piloting capabilities.

Couger and MSAC International are complete subsidiaries of GA.

  • Boring, but Practical / Crutch Character: GA parts are nothing fancy with most equipment looked as if they've been brought over from 21st century (in fact, From Software's artists based the look on modern military vehicles such as M1 Abrams according to official artbook) and no energy weapons and extensive support modules in their line-up. It tends to be more favorable with players new to Armored Core due to high AP (Armor Points) their kits usually offer.
    • The reason why GAN01-SUNSHINE is considered a Crutch Character is because how faster lightweight NEXTs tend to dominate in Armored Core 4 and For Answer.
  • But Thou Must!: Whatever you sided with BFF or GA, you'll be tasked with destroying BFF's Queen's Lance in the end.
  • Eagle Land: Downplayed.
  • Mighty Glacier: GA's design theme. When it comes to heavyweights, GAN-01 SUNSHINE production NEXT model usually came to mind of most players. It's rather terrible in PA ratings and energy defense however.
  • More Dakka: GAN 01-SS-WG gattling gun.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: Global Armaments features a number of bazookas, both as arm weapons or Arm Cannon. More over GAN01-SUNSHINE's arm parts has been specially designed with recoil dampening system in mind to make the most out of GA's explosive lineup.
    • GA 03-SOLARWIND Normal you see in game is equipped with a bazooka and missile pod.

    LYNX Enrique Elkano 
Rank : 32
Craft : NEXT Triana
Encountered: Data Arena

The first Lynx found by GA's special committee, armed with an adaptable middleweight biped stocked with enough missiles to cover the battlefield.

    LYNX Menno Ruh 
Rank : 10 (Original)
Craft : NEXT Primitive Light
Encountered: Internal Purge (Hard), Data Arena

GA's strongest Original and ace in the hole. The heavyweight bipedal juggernaut she pilots mirrors her unwavering will and fundamentalist fervor.

  • BFG: You could say that Primitive Light is Global Armaments on legs.
  • Mighty Glacier: NEXT Primitive Light is a modified SUNSHINE model. Unfortunately in Internal Purge, you can lure her into a tunnel...
  • Rule of Symbolism: In the Japanese version, her emblem depicts what seems to be a nun cradling a baby, presumably an allusion to Virgin Mary and Jesus. This was replaced by a picture of a winged lion reminiscent of a Lion Rampant. Nevertheless, her choice of emblem reflects her so-described "fundamentalist fervor": a religious one.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Her presence in GA's mission is very odd considering she's the ace of Global Armaments. Her last word when you defeat her implies that either she was sent to GA Europe's Heide Arsenal under a false pretense, or she secretly defected away from GA America (for unknown reasons) and thus make herself a target in the process.
    Menno Ruh: "It's a lie..."
    LYNX Roadie 
Rank : 36
Craft : NEXT Feedback
Encountered: Internal Purge (Hard), Data Arena

Another rough-cut LYNX in the vein of Unite Mons. A match for only a small squadron of Normals, his style involves complete dependence on his AC's firepower and armor.

    LYNX Unite Mons 
Rank : 35
Craft : NEXT Tyrant
Encountered: The Womb (mentioned), Data Arena

A member of GA America who is described as being 'half-baked' and a symbol of GA's insecurities. Even in a NEXT using a weapon-type arm, he lacks the AMS aptitude to be a much of a force in battle.

  • Arm Cannon: Uses GAN 01-SS-AW due to low AMS aptitude.
  • Can't Catch Up
  • Macross Missile Massacre: Carries MUSSELSHELL missile launchers as shoulder and back weapons.
  • Mighty Glacier: Pilots a modified SUNSHINE-E, E model being a unit for LYNX with low AMS.
  • Post Mortem Character: In the mission The Womb, GA sends him to investigate Rayleonard's Levanteer Facility; however, he is ambushed and killed by the Prototype NEX Ts before completing his assignment. This prompts GA to send Anatolia's Mercenary to finish the job.
  • The Unfought: Due to the trope above. You can still fight his data in the Arena though.

    Global Armaments Europe 
Affiliation: Global Armaments America, Rayleonad, Akvavit

European branch of Global Armaments. Their involvement with Sol Dios project (a Kojima particle cannon capable of leveling a city) with Akvavit brought about their collapse at the hands of GA America as they tries to break away from parent company to Rayleonard.

The Europe branch on its own develops several distinct AC parts and weapons that were utilized in actual combat.

  • Ungrateful Bastard / Evil Former Friend: Their entire episode with GA America, really. It ends just as well as you'd expect.
  • Revolvers Are Just Better: GAEN01-SL-WH handgun.
  • Lightning Bruiser: GAE's experimental GAEN01-SL-L combines the advantages of quad leg parts with Global Armaments toughness, allowing the AC to rapidly moves along the ground and carry more weapons while retaining massive durability. It doesn't perform so well in aerial capability and EN drain however.

    LYNX Ms.Theresia 
Rank : 22
Craft : NEXT Krayon
Encountered: Data Arena

GA's dedicated Original, a quirky embodiment of GAE's unique NEXT battle ethic. Her experimental quadruped differs from most GA designs.


Homebase : Europe
Speciality : Acutators, energy-based AC platforms and radar.

Leonemecanicca is Europe's second largest military manufacturer made up from alliance of several companies, characterized by cutting edge high-performance and expensive arm parts. It also managed to be a dominant corporation in Africa. While powerful in their own right, Leonemecanicca is barely involved in LYNX War due to the region they are located.

  • Energy Weapon: Not the weapons themselves, but Leonemecanicca offers a sizeable range of AC parts that boost EN-related stats.
    • Magnetic Weapon: RG01-PITONE, a railgun that is also their only energy weapon.
  • Out of Focus

    LYNX Sara Angelic 
Rank : 31
Craft : NEXT The Blue NEXT
Encountered: Data Arena

Still just a young girl, this Lynx is a test case for Leone's unique military modus. Her record suggests the test was a success.

  • Energy Weapon: The reason Leonemeccanica sought her out is to find a pilot that best fit their design and engineering theme. Her TELLUS-based AC model is fine-tuned for this specific trope.
  • The Unfought: Can only be met in Arena.
    LYNX Sir Maurescu 
Rank : 9 (Original)
Craft : NEXT Lambda
Encountered: Line of Defense, Data Arena

"So you're Anatolia's mercenary. Let me remind you of your place."

The quintessential Original, defined by extreme self-consciousness. His skills are proven but his strong desire for power makes a handful for his handlers at Leone.


MSAC International

    MSAC International 
Specialization : Missile systems
Affiliation: Global Armaments

A complete subsidiary of Global Armaments. MSAC uphold a high standard in computerized equipment production, providing great corporate value in GA Group. The company covers almost all variants of missile system available in the market.

Omer Science Technology

    Omer Science Technology 
A West Asian military company that made a name developing Kojima Technology independently. They were able to gain support from Rosenthal since National Dismantlement War. The company harbor deep rivalry against Akva Vit, and joins General Armaments in LYNX War in battling Rayleonard Group. However they suffered heavy losses and forced into sideline, relying on raising their own LYNX to fight for them.

Omer Science Technology specializes in lightweight NEXT and board range of both energy and kinetic weapons.

  • Ungrateful Bastard: After LYNX War reaches its conclusion, Omer blackmailed their own pilot and your friend Joshua O'Brien into destroying Anatolia.


Homebase : Canada
Speciality : NEXT Generators

A rising energy corporation and major source of AC generators. Rayleonard was the first company to develop super high density hydrogen sterling alloy and utility fuel cells, and also played an important role in the development of first generation Kojima Technology. These advancements were equipped to all NEXTs, giving them the critical advantage needed to crush the sovereign nations in less than a month. Global Armaments, who dominated Central and Southern Pacific Rim, is their main adversary. Despite distributing parts for other companies, Rayleonard keep their industries tightly under wraps.

Rayleonard managed in stay in the background for the most of LYNX War, allowing Bernard and Felix Foundation to battle and be eliminated by Global Armaments. Rayleonard and GA America declare war on each other after GA America hired Anatolia's Mercenary to raid Heide Arsenal and destroy Sol Dios prototypes, secretly under development by GA Europe that was planning to sever ties with parent company and ally with Rayleonard. After BFF is done for however, GA America and its allies turned all their forces towards Rayleonard. Resulting battles heavily crippled Rayleonard and its subsidary, and the company itself soon cease to exist after the Mercenary destroys Exavil, Rayleonard's headquarter.

Rayleonard manufactured a variety of high-energy parts for NEXTs. Their impressive lineup of quick-firing guns and blades maximizes attack power with the shortest possible delay. Specializing in instantaneous movement, Rayleonard's NEXTs, such as the AALIYAH were designed with high-speed close-range combat in mind.

Akvavit is Rayleonard's closest working partner.

  • Fragile Speedster: Their production NEXT model 03-AALIYAH possesses great ground boost speed but suffers in physical armor department, which was compensated by high Primal Armor Rectification. But THAT combined with high-power boosters eat EN like nobody's business, so much that engineering team has to design a new generator just for AALIYAH.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Allowing BFF and GA to weaken one another before stepping into forefront, and coaxing GA Europe into breaking away from parent company.


Affiliation : Omer Science Technology
Speciality : All purpose weaponry

A benign corporation under the shadows of Omer Science. They specialized in weapons and equipment that are balanced and of great quality. During the course of LYNX War, Resenthal remains largely inactive.


Homebase : Former Russia
Speciality : Rocket weapons

An aging corporation based in what is formerly Russia's territory. Still clinging to old standards, Technocrat barely keeps up with it's current market. It's ties to Eqbal is the only thing keeping the company afloat.

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