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A blog following King Sombra, represented here as flamboyant prettyboy and an incredibly Bad Liar — spending a thousand years frozen solid with no-one but his Superpowered Evil Side for company and being blown to pieces shortly after being freed didn't do his brainpower any favors. After being defeated by Shining Armor and Cadance, Sombra languishes in a narcissistic dreamworld, accompanied by a mare named Coffee Talk, whose soul was trapped along with Sombra's inside his falling horn.

Most of the events of the first quarter of the blog take place while the horn is still falling, but Sombra and Coffee Talk manage to eventually free themselves after a visit from Luna, albeit with Sombra's magic greatly weakened from the damage to his horn, and begin a trek towards civilization. Sombra's end goal is to be King again, but his depowered state forces him to hide his real identity and prevents him from heading straight to the Empire and taking over outright, forcing him to use subterfuge… now if he could just lie worth spit, or keep from getting sidetracked...

The story ended on July 31, 2016.

Tropes present on the blog: