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Ask Mattwo's Mane 6, the CMC, Background 6, Colgate, Berry, and Pinchy, the rest of the Hooves family and Rose, and I feel like I'm forgetting somepony...
Oh right, Spike and his pink spike wisp buddy.
— Sidebar Blurb.

Formerly known as Ask Twolight Sparkle, Ask Mattwo's Mane 6 is a general My Little Pony Character blog set in Mattwo's nexus universe. The blog can be found here.

As of August 21st 2016, the blog has been on indefinite haitus due to Mattwo's storywriter boycotting Tumblr and moving to Zippcast followed by him returning to Tumblr and deciding to focus solely on Ask Mat 2 again instead of having side blogs. The blog still remains for archival reasons.


Ask Mattwo's Mane 6 provides examples of:


Alternative Title(s): Ask Mat 2 Mane 6


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