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Mattwo(or rather, Mattwo's storywriter, depending on if you're referring to the character, or his storywriter's internet handle) is a Gmodder, Source Filmmaker, and whatever you call users of MikuMikuDance.

Mattwo's storywriter's creations, past and present(which are all set in the same universe) include:

He also has a YouTube channel for his main content, as well a couple more YouTube channels after hearing some criticism about the lack of consistency on his channel including a non-content channel (for things with little to no editing like reactions, rants and simple audioswaps that aren't music videos) and a music video channel, as well as a deviantart page.a bit of backstory and other information about all of his works on his tumblr's sidebar.

Due to his disdain with how most major web 2.0 websites are run with policies that work against the users in some form, he he started uploading solely to Zippcast, however Zippcast proved to be an unsuitable replacement for YouTube and he has instead grown even more wary of websites that exist to replace YouTube. He still however posts some of his videos to the Internet Archive (not to be confused with the Wayback Machine feature on the same site, and yes, you CAN upload videos there).


Tropes in all of his work, more than one of his works, or his work only found on his Deviantart and other miscellaneous content include:

  • Aborted Arc: On his Deviantart page, there are two unfinished comic series, Stories of Garry Nexus and Trixie Goes to School.
  • All There in the Manual: AskMat2's sidebar has information that's either not found elsewhere, or is only found on one or two of his tumblr blogs.
  • Author Appeal: The works usually only include characters from things he likes. An exception was made for a joke involving Ugandan Knuckles however, though he was shot by The Mandalorian's disintegration rifle as soon as he appeared.
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  • Beat: Used in a potion of a reaction video, when Mattwo's storywriter tries to use Hayscartes' method (which teleports you inside of a book for easier reading) but winds up inside the first page of Homestuck instead, complete with matching character design.
    Twilight Sparkle(in the show): What if I taught you Hayscartes' method?
    Mattwo's Storywriter(reacting to Twilight's line): Oooh I know this one! Cogito ergo sum! (Gets teleported into the first page of Homestuck)
    Mattwo's Storywriter ...Thiiiis isn't a book...
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall / No Fourth Wall / Sliding Scale of Fourth Wall Hardness: There typically isn't a fourth wall, and while one was added in Mattwo's Random Reviews, it is no longer present due to a Plot Hole caused by a semi-Aborted Arc that was rushed to completion.
  • Catchphrase: After being rejected by Blip, Mattwo reluctantly adopted the Catchphrase of "Until next time, stay tooned!" which after his storywriter played the first couple of Neptunia remakes briefly became "Until next time, stay neptuned!" and after he played Undertale became "Until next time, stay determined!". There are also a few situational variants such as "Until next time, stay spooked!" and "Until next time, the fun has just begun so I'm swinging into action!"
  • Compilation Rerelease : Mattwo's storywriter would release compilations of shorter videos on his channel as 100 video milestones on youtube. While he was even criticized for doing so, they wound up coming in handy when he moved to Zippcast. They also wound up coming in handy when he returned to YouTube while he was growing wary of Zippcast's management.
    • These have since been replaced in 2017 with Mattwo's Random Rewind, which was done both as a Take That! to YouTube Rewind (with the 2018 and 2019 editions even having opening jokes satirizing the YouTube Rewinds for those years) and because of his side channels and video deletions, which made it harder to keep track of video count milestones.
  • Early-Installment Weirdness: Before establishing the canon of Mattwo's nexus universe, there was no core setting for AskMat2. One comic had Wing Ace joining "the Tumblrverse" while another was set in a location known as "Garry Nexus". Not to mention the fact that the addition of Lord God Libra effectively made the continuity of all examples of The Mats directly getting involved in mortal affairs dubious at best.
  • Follow the Leader / Reference Overdosed / Shout-Out / Troperiffic: Mattwo's storywriter is not exactly the most original person, and he openly admits that his writing style uses lots of references, memes, and tropes to compensate for this fact, though he tries his hardest to always do references the right way.
  • Funny Background Event: In an analysis video meant to remind people what a clown is supposed to be, Sans can be seen among a group of clowns (and a koopa clown car) in the background, expressing his disdain for apparently being considered literally a clown.
  • Going Through the Motions / Everybody Do the Endless Loop: Outside of Mattwo's random reviews, this trope is usually found in machinima made with other software, such as Halo Custom Edition and bannedstory. Some of the motion data used in the MikuMikuDance videos have varying degrees of this as well(though the ones mattwo's storywriter made on his own tend to fall directly into this trope). The non-review gmod videos tend to avoid this, in spite of the limited frame counts.
  • In and Out of Character: When not visually represented(such as in the descriptions) there's often no distinction if it's Mattwo or his storywriter. The confusion is further compounded by the fact that Mattwo(Or some variation thereof, such as Mattwo7) is also his storywriter's internet handle and as such, he is in fact the one that this page is about, not the character.
    • Invoked and lampshaded during an episode of his "Watch Me Suck" commentary-based gameplay videos while playing the genesis version of Columns that has long since been deleted when Zippcast shut down.
      Mattwo(?): When I was a kid I had this Sega 6-Pak like my storywriter put in the (inaudible) wait, no, I'M the storywriter. I'm the one saying I had this game when I was a kid. (Beat) Yea, it confuses even me.
  • Incoming Ham: The roll calls of the Ace Brigade and The Ace Wings, with Wing Ace's part often being used as a Catchphrase.
  • Medium Awareness: Ties into there not being a fourth wall.
  • New Powers as the Plot Demands: Technically Mattwo already had all of his powers, but wasn't allowed to use them against mortals or to meddle in mortal affairs, but when he was about to be killed by a Dalekbot, Libra lifted these restrictions, and now Mattwo can freely invoke this trope on his own terms.
  • The Not-So-Harmless Punishment: The one punishment thought of for someone stuck in an unaging body: A million year lecture in a time dilated pocket dimension is the punishment for Mattwo breaking Libra's laws. Libra itself has no physical body and is a Cosmic Entity who exists beyond the physical plane and as such, is perfectly capable of making this work.
  • Old Shame: While Mattwo was never really able to get past making his works mostly passable looking, he considers most of his earliest works absolute garbage. While his oldest posts to Deviantart and the AskMat2 Tumblr are still there most of his oldest videos on YouTube no longer exist
    • In spite of them being credited as inspirations for Mattwo's Random Reviews in the past, Mattwo's opinions of Bob Chipman (credited as GameOverthinker, who was also referenced his Vocational Death Cruise arc on AskMat2), ZeltraxMillenium, Jon Bailey of Honest Trailers fame (credited as Jon 3.0, the screen name he used when he was still making toy reviews as Optimus Prime), Doug Walker (who was also referenced multiple times in the show), Beatrice the Golden Witch (credited as Digibrony, as it was when she was still a brony) and JonTron shifted negatively over the years and he regrets ever mentioning them, though he still credits ZeltraxMillenium when he uses his MikuMikuDance rigs of tokusatsu characters because he believes in giving due credit.
    • The entire cold opening segment of the Pokemon Best Wishes: Island of Illusions review is this as not only does he regret putting it at all but also because above mentioned creators are also shouted out in it.
    • The short-lived That's My Deadpool screenshot comic made in Super Hero Squad Online and posted to Deviantart and Ask Mat 2 is this for multiple reasons in a series of events: Mattwo later realized That's My Sonic wasn't even that funny, he even later found its creator Bryon Beaubien was kind of an asshole and even later than that, Beaubien was accused of sexual abuse which was even later vindicated by his former close colleauge, Chris Niosi admitting to his own abuse after he, Beaubien and other colleauges of theirs were called out on it. Also on a far lesser note, even back then Mattwo found his own fart joke in the second comic cringeworthy.
  • Painting the Medium: After the switch to Photoshop on the askblogs, Mattwo's storywriter started occasionally using fonts and colors relevant to each character when not using Anime Ace. This is especially notable with Ask Equestria BLU Team as it primarily uses the "TF2 Build" font.
  • Physical God: Sort of, The Mats are high gods trapped in un-aging mortal bodies capable of using at least a certain degree of their powers.
  • Power Limiter: The Mats are not allowed to use their full strength against mortals and being on the physical plane makes the three "os" difficult and unwieldy.
  • Reed Richards Is Useless: The Mats are typically not allowed to meddle in mortal affairs, though Mattwo has broken this rule on a few occasions outside of the Early-Installment Weirdness, such as in the backstory for the Ace Wings.
  • World of Weirdness: Mattwo's universe has many things from Power Rangers, to Generation 4 My Little Ponies, to DC and Marvel characters to... Garfield?!
  • The 'Verse: Mattwo's Nexus universe is the setting for all of the works Mattwo's storywriter creates that have some form of writing involved, even if only retroactively. Some works, such as the Downfall parodies and other various random skits were never properly established to be as such, though the Downfall Parodies were at least established to be stuck in a time-space distortion, explaining why time seems to work very differently for them.