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The pink puffball with the huge appetite has faced his fair share of awesome bosses over the years. After all, the games generally have harder bosses than levels.


  • Anytime you fight Meta Knight, especially when using a sword.

Kirby's Dream Land

  • Lololo and Lalala, for being an obvious Adventures of Lolo reference and the first two-in-one boss in the series.
  • Kabula. She was essentially doing Unexpected Gameplay Changes before the final bosses made them a standard.
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  • It really only counts because of the nostalgic value, but the final battle against King Dedede is incredibly awesome. It's what started the rivalry.

Kirby's Adventure

  • Paint Roller at least deserves some credit for being the first artist-based enemy in the series, and providing a unique way of beating him for the time.
  • Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright. Take the Angry Sun from Super Mario Bros. 3, introduce his cousin, and you get a pretty hectic fight. They form a tag team, with one fighting Kirby on foot and the other raining attacks from above, forcing you to stay on your toes at all times.
  • Kracko gets a pretty good change in how it's fought, with Kirby launching into Kracko Jr. with the Hi-Jump ability in the first phase before fighting Kracko for real.
  • Fighting Dedede is generally awesome all around, but perhaps the crowning one was in the Adventure remake, Nightmare in Dream Land, mostly because of how huge he is. It also helps to have the Fountain of Dreams music from Super Smash Bros. Melee playing in the background.
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  • Nightmare, especially considering the race against time for his first form, his demonic second form, and several strong attacks.

Kirby's Dream Land 2

  • Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright return from the prior game with all their old tricks and a couple new ones like the devastating Eclipse attack. And this time around, the duo is one of the later bosses rather than an early Wake-Up Call Boss, putting the player on a much more even playing field for the fight.
  • Dark Matter takes Nightmare from above and adds in a sword duel in low orbit around Pop Star before transforming into its iconic spherical form which would go on to become one of the most recognizable villains in the franchise. Said form is a race against time while the mass of darkness shows off a wide array of new tricks.

Kirby Super Star and Ultra

  • Computer Virus is probably one of the most hilarious bosses in the series. Sure, it ain't the hardest fight, but anyone who's got any experience playing RPGs will have a chuckle at it. Puffiness, Level Up!
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  • The battle against Marx in the final part of "Milky Way Wishes". It's even more fun if you try to defeat him without using any abilities whatsoever (it is possible), which ups the awesome factor even more.
  • Marx Soul from the True Arena. It's Marx, more powerful, more awesome, and most of all, more insane. His maniacal laugh, crazy rolling eyes, attacks that homage Drawcia Soul and final scream as he falls apart all make him both awesome and (relatively mild, but still) terrifying.
  • The Arena's Waddle Dee. Come on, everyone knows he's the hardest boss in any game ever! It gets replaced with Bandanna Dee in Ultra, who is also fought in "Revenge of the King".
  • Any of the bosses from "Revenge of the King" count, mostly due to them taking a level in badass, but special mention goes to Kabula. After going through Crush Clouds, you'd expect to go straight to Castle Dedede again. Nope. As Kirby's flying to Mt. Dedede on the warp star, he's shot down by Kabula. In a last-second save, the three stars you've collected from the bosses form the Starship from "Milky Way Wishes" to help you destroy Dedede's warship. In fact, this is one of the few bosses that gets special pause screen text, which means the game itself acknowledges the awesome!
  • Masked Dedede in Ultra, for being a really souped-up fight against original Dedede (he's got an awesome mechanical hammer and the fight takes place in an electric cage) and having an uber-awesome remix of Dedede's theme (which is already awesome in its own right).
  • Think the Wham Bam Rock (Great Cave Offensive final boss) isn't awesome enough? Meet Wham Bam Jewel (Helper to Hero final boss), its stronger counterpart made of gemstones. Aside from having Rock's normal attacks, he also brings out some new ones like flying flaming fists, dropping big bombs and shooting beams from his fingertips. Especially daunting against the harder-to-use helpers such as Wheelie or Rocky.
  • Galacta Knight, the final boss of "Meta Knightmare Ultra". Think Meta Knight as an angel... a really powerful angel. Oh yeah, we did mention that you fight him as both Meta Knight and Kirby, right?

Kirby's Dream Land 3

  • Cloudy Park's boss, Ado. It's a nice fight, or rather, five nice fights. Ado paints up four bosses from Dream Land 2 (Ice Dragon, Sweet Stuff, Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright, and Kracko) to fight Kirby for her, making it a great nostalgia trip for those who played that game, and it has a lot more depth than most bosses. Also, the fifth fight? Ado herself, attacking in a fit of rage after you defeat all her drawings. She dies with a single hit.
  • Zero's original incarnation is from this game, and it attacks by shooting its own blood at you. And this is a Kirby game we're talking about.

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

  • While most of the mid-bosses in the game are just larger enemies, every level in Pop Star ends with a fight against a possessed version of one of Kirby's to-be allies. They're all fun battles, taking inspiration from earlier games. Waddle Dee acts like a traditional Kirby mid-boss (it's one of the few fights in the game that uses the iconic "impact stars"), Adeleine is a simplified version of the Ado fight (drawing up normal enemies, the Ice Dragon, and Dark Matter), and Dedede is a simplified version of his Dream Land 3 fight. Unfortunately, they can only be fought once per save file and aren't in Boss Endurance.
  • HR-H, the boss of Shiver Star. It's a Humongous Mecha that fights from the background, firing missiles and sweeping lasers while swinging its arms around. And when it gets to half health, it Turns Red in a manner unlike any prior boss: it transforms into HR-E, a rocket ship with scissor arms that chases Kirby down the pathway. It really shows how the game's 2½D design can make for a unique boss.
  • Miracle Matter, a bizarre shapeshifting twenty-sided die who is capable of mimicking all of Kirby's abilities in some shape or form who can only be damaged by whatever ability he's mimicking at the time. (Good luck beating it if you haven't figured that out.) There's seven different forms he uses to attack you, some of which are honestly pretty hard to avoid, he switches forms at random, and he can only be hurt (and even then it's only a slight chip off the HP bar visible at the bottom) when he's in the middle of attacking you. Still one of the lengthiest, most interesting fights in the whole franchise. The music's pretty rad too. Unfortunately, it's not on the OST.
  • 02 is some serious Mood Dissonance with almost the entire rest of the game, considering the Awesome Music that served as the BGM, the Amazing Technicolor Battlefield (dark and drab unlike the backgrounds of pretty much every other level in the game), and the Unexpected Genre Change to a rail shooter. And the boss itself is a giant, winged eye with a halo and a sickeningly-green tail. The eye is also bleeding.

Kirby & the Amazing Mirror

  • Mega Titan — one of the few bosses in the franchise who cannot be damaged by the conventional "Pick any ability and attack relentlessly" method. Unless you enter the fight with the (rather underpowered) Spark or Beam abilities, the only way to beat Mega Titan is by smacking him into the electrified walls of his arena. These same walls also happen to instantly destroy any loose ability stars, should you have your ability knocked out of you by one of Mega Titan's difficult-to-dodge attacks.
  • The somewhat-easy but still insanely cool boss battle with Master Hand and Crazy Hand at the same time.
  • The battle with Dark Meta Knight before fighting the final boss is incredibly cool. Then again, anything involving Meta Knight is cool.
  • Dark Mind's star barrages nearly put Nightmare to shame, and it bouncing lasers off of its mirrors is an extremely chaotic and tough-to-dodge attack. For such a confusing game, beating the snot out of the final boss is a very satisfying way to cap it off. It culminates in a shoot-em-up, and once you bring its health bar to zero, the credits roll and you can still beat on it.

Kirby: Canvas Curse

  • Drawcia. Tough as nails when you first fight her, especially if you have no clue what you're doing. Once you've figured out how her attacks work, though, she's an absolute blast to fight against, and easily worth playing the game again and again just to repeatedly fight her.

Kirby: Squeak Squad

  • Mecha Kracko stands out for having two health bars (not even the final bosses have more than one), making the arena hazardous in its second phase, and having widespread attacks (that collaborate with the arena to send Kirby straight into pits). It's potentially the hardest boss in the game despite being the third one, but it's welcoming in what is otherwise an easy game with standard bosses.
  • Although the final boss, Dark Nebula, may be very underwhelming, it can make you appreciate the penultimate boss all the more. Dark Daroach uses upgraded attacks from his first encounter, acts much quicker, and warps around so fast that landing a hit is a challenge if you aren't using an overpowered ability. It's far more deserving of the title of final boss than Dark Nebula is, and while it's not on par with other climactic fights in the series, it's still very fun.

Kirby's Epic Yarn

  • Squashini is a very unique fight. Especially with the giant roulette (when it isn't completely aggravating).
  • Yin-Yarn's second form. First form isn't so bad either.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land

  • Goriath is an excellent boss battle, paying homage to several famous manga such as One Piece, Naruto, and Dragon Ball. His EX fight even has a Spirit Bomb attack!
  • Grand Doomer. Basically a King Mook for all the Sphere Doomers. He comes out of nowhere and uses attacks unlike any other enemy (other than Doomers), and the fight ends with Grand Doomer shielding itself so that Kirby has to use the Ultra Sword on him. It serves as a great final boss before moving to Halcandra.
  • Metal General is pretty good. He fights like Meta Knight, but uses his own, mechanical attacks, as well, including generating giant rockets that he uses to ram into you. In Extra Mode, after beating the Metal General EX, he summons HR-D3, the robot from the Kirby Quest minigame in Mass Attack, which he redesigned in his image. That's right; he managed to take Dedede's own Humongous Mecha. And, considering the first form, it's highly likely it was designed after Kirby 64's HR-E.
  • Landia, the boss of the seventh and final world. It's just as Magolor said, a fierce four-headed dragon who shows no mercy to any who disturbed it. Some of his attacks are taken from Red/Great Dragon (one of the Computer Virus' monsters), like the flame breath or the "gigantic wing flaps". It's even better in the second phase where it splits into four smaller dragons, with awesome, hard to avoid Combination Attacks.
  • Right before the final boss, you'll be fighting the Lor Starcutter in a SHMUP battle, riding the heads of the split Landia. Its attacks are based upon the missing parts that you spent your time collecting, like the oars flying at you or the mast shooting out tornadoes, and then some.
  • Kirby's finishing move against Magolor. So much Sword. And after you barrage him with that Ultra Sword, he goes even more One-Winged Angel and turns into a big, black sphere of darkness with big red eyes. His stomach is pure white with an eye that resembles Dark Matter. This is without going into the Extra Mode version. Quite a few of his attacks homage Marx's, too. Oh, and in the second phase, he pulls out Super Abilities against you. See for yourself...
  • Galacta Knight returns as a Bonus Boss, being fought in the True Arena as the third to last opponent. Unless you saw his picture in the end of the Extra Mode Credits, this fight is only foreshadowed by easily missed details in the appearances of Stone Kirby and Metal General. The fight itself is... mediocre at best, until, like many bosses in the game before him, he Turn Red. His theme music kicks in and he starts wiping the floor with you with upgraded versions of his previous attacks and throwing out new attacks.
  • Kirby's Dream Collection gives us Smash Combat Chamber EX, a Boss Rush with every miniboss from Return to Dream Land and Whispy Woods EX. Kirby fights them with the Smash Ability, which is basically his Super Smash Bros. moveset, making a return from Kirby And The Amazing Mirror. And the songs that can play include the True Arena boss theme from Kirby Super Star Ultra and Miracle Matter's boss theme from Kirby 64. Alone, they're great. Together, it's amazing.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe

  • The first boss fight pits you against Flowery Woods, a more colorful version of Whispy Woods. At first he's just like what you expect from Whispy, an easy Stationary Boss fight... until he Turns Red, where he suddenly jumps to the background and attacks from far away. His DX version is even stronger and trickier.
  • The second boss, Paintra, falls into this, especially for everyone who's played Canvas Curse or knows of earlier art-based bosses in the series. She has a lot of varied attacks that take advantage of her theme, such as painting obstacles on canvases (including copies of Landia and herself). Especially nice with 3D on, due to her paint splatters and streaks covering the screen.
  • Kracko's back in Old Odyssey, and he's not messing around this time. Once the second phase of his fight starts, he swaps his classic Super Star moveset for a much crazier one, using massive electrical attacks and sprouting drill-spikes. It's also the only fight in the game that uses the plane-switching mechanic— Kirby can hop in the cannons that Kracko drops to pursue him into the background and back. Kracko also appears in Kirby Fighters Deluxe, where he sticks to one plane but adds more drill-spike attacks.
  • The fourth boss, Coily Rattler, isn't derived from an earlier Kirby boss, making it a unique fight. It's a Segmented Serpent, and most of its attacks take advantage of this, such as curling into a wheel or separating itself into pieces. While Coily Rattler is hard to hit, it also attacks fiercely and quickly so the fight stays engaging.
  • Prior to the final battle, Masked Dedede makes a return... but after his hammer is broken after an average boss battle with the usual theme, he becomes Masked Dedede's Revenge. Think Masked King Dedede with a massive power boost and as a replacement to his hammer, is willing to use a battle axe three times his size. AND the remix of his very theme from Super Star Ultra plays as a Theme Music Power-Up! And just wait until you see his Mirror World counterpart, Shadow Dedede, who doesn't even need the mask to show how tough he is! To top it off, when he Turns Red he not only switches to the massive axe, but also combines the attacks from Super Star Ultra's Masked Dedede and Dream Land 3's Dark Matter possessed Dedede.
  • The final battle. Dreamstalk Queen Sectonia vs. Hypernova Kirby.
  • The fight with Queen Sectonia herself is very cool as well, as they possess a wide variety of attacks and different phases to the fight. The awesome music backing up the fight doesn't hurt either (Ominous Pipe Organ + Heavy Metal = AWESOME!) And of course, Soul of Sectonia shows just how determined she is - first, a barely-alive Sectonia eats 4 Miracle Fruits with her flower drones, which powers her up and upgrades her attacks to be more overwhelming. After you defeat her, it doesn't stop - she slowly but surely rips her head off the Dreamstalk and is left as a flying head with wings, just for the final fight. This time she's much faster and more hectic, with some attacks taken from Drawcia Soul too.
  • This game's answer to Galacta Knight is Dark Meta Knight from Amazing Mirror, and he's even better than before - at first he uses familiar attacks, but after he Turns Red, a Theme Music Power-Up starts to play and he uses unique attacks that have never been seen before, utilizing the power of the mirrors to the fullest.
  • In Kirby Fighters Deluxe, Dedede is once again the final boss... except that not only is he going with up to 63 smaller copies of himself, he also upgraded his hammer with the power of Star Rod, to the point of being able to pull off Shadow Dedede's attacks. All this while the tune of the title screen and, later, the medley of Dedede's boss themes from previous games are blaring.

Kirby: Planet Robobot

  • Clanky Woods, if only for spectacle. The game takes Whispy Woods, near-universally known as a complete wimp of a boss, and turns him into a mechanical force with drill feet and missiles. Despite being the first boss, it's a very dynamic fight, unlike any previous Whispy battle. And it has three phases. Special mention goes to the second phase, where Clanky makes the arena circular; a feature that hadn't been seen since Crystal Shards.
  • Holo Defense API, the second boss, is awesome for the same reason as Ado: it's five fights in one. It summons holographic Kracko and Ice Dragon like Ado, while also throwing out Sphere Doomers and Coily Rattler. Lastly, when all those four are beaten, it goes frenzy and flies around in the arena. Again, like Ado, you can beat it with one final hit... but good luck hitting something that moves that fast.
  • In the second Jet Mode stage, Kirby faces off against C.O.G.S. again. It goes exactly the same as before, with the catch that upon defeat, Kabula, the original Unexpected Shmup Boss of the series, emerges, now sporting a laser, flamethrower and second cannon along with its original weapons.
  • The fifth boss starts out against a clone of Dedede. It quickly becomes a fight against three of them. When they're beaten, they jump into a cannon, accompanied with another remix of Dedede's theme mixed with the ending to "Revenge of Meta Knight" (in a way to homage the ending of "Revenge of the King").
  • The beginning of the final boss gauntlet is an upgraded Mecha Knight, complete with a remix of Meta Knight's theme from Super Star. For his second phase, he unleashes a giant claw to attack with.
  • The supposed final boss of the game, President Haltmann. Take Susie's mecha and turn it up to eleven, and that sums the fight up. While the battle itself is very crazy and exhilarating (boasting four phases and some very stylish attacks), a lot of the appeal comes from Haltmann himself. His insane Evil Laugh and very... unique attacks (most clearly destroying his own minions with a laser dome, while screaming and laughing like a madman,) really shows what kind of character he is. Coupled with the music, it manages to be one of the most unsettling fights in the series, and since Haltmann is relatively tame in appearance compared to other Kirby villains, it's quite the accomplishment.
  • The entirety of the final boss is made of awesome. It starts out with Susie knocking the helmet off Haltmann's head, allowing Star Dream to overwrite Haltmann's memories, and Susie, not expecting things to have gone that way, leaves Robobot Armor for Kirby, and Meta Knight arrives with the Halberd, allowing the Robobot Armor to ABSORB it. The battle itself is a Star Fox-style shoot-em-up, with Star Dream having plenty of lasers, a meteor shower attack, and even shielding itself with a heart-shaped barrier. And after that, it fuses with the Access Ark, and becomes the largest thing Kirby's ever had to face, that fires off rings, the letters to spell out "HAL" in reverse, the Access Ark's legs, and spherical lasers that explode. And after that, the last little bit of the Access Ark's shell comes off, revealing a face similar to that of GALACTIC NOVA, and even begins attacking with parts of the original Nova to boot! Oh, and after that, Star Dream fires a laser at the Halberd, requiring Kirby and the Robobot Armor to be ejected, and ends in Kirby DRILLING straight through Star Dream as a last-ditch attack! And in the True Final Boss variant, Star Dream Soul OS, as Kirby prepares to drill through it again, Star Dream inhales Kirby for an on-foot version of the Galactic Nova fight. After three waves of pillars, the heart subverts being a Background Boss and attacks directly, using attacks inspired by other Soul bosses (primarily Marx Soul) as well as unique attacks. And finally, after depleting its health, it still uses a desperation attack before finally dying. Near the full depletion of its health bar in phase 1, Star Dream realizes nothing it can naturally do can compete with the epicness of a Robobot Halberd, causing it to cheat and finish phase 1 by opening a wormhole to a meteor shower. This is only made more badass in the True Arena variant of the fight; normally, Star Dream simply teleports around while the meteors fly at you. The True Arena variant keeps fighting as meteors are whizzing by the two machines, and uses a gigantic laser to cut multiple meteors in half so the debris will hit Robobot Halberd. Bear in mind that up until this, fighting Galactic Nova head on was a complete death sentence, with even the Sun and Moon's power combined barely being enough to halt it. Now, you're flat-out blasting a Nova to pieces with the Combo Cannon and a weapon so powerful, it's literally called the PLANET BUSTER. It's as awesome as it sounds.
  • The final gauntlet for Meta Knight. After fighting an upgraded Haltmann, Star Dream pits Meta Knight against clones of Dark Matter and Queen Sectonia. After they fall, Star Dream summons the real Galacta Knight, who promptly disables Star Dream and attacks Meta Knight. In addition to his attacks from Return to Dreamland, he can also summon a huge laser. All this comes in addition with a techno remix of his theme.
  • Kirby's Blowout Blast (the e-Shop expansion of Kirby 3D Rumble) has Kirby fighting Dedede on a 3D plane as the Final Boss. After he's defeated, he harnesses the power of the Sparkling Stars and then turns gigantic, with devastating attacks. And in the Secret Path, you're treated to a Giant Masked Dedede, and this time his mask gives him extra protection, forcing Kirby (and you) to step up the game to beat him.

Kirby Star Allies

  • While not a very impressive boss fight on its own, the fact that you can burn Whispy Woods to a crisp is pretty satisfying.
  • King Dedede is a very awesome boss fight due to having a whopping four phases, and the fact that he suddenly becomes muscular, which does a great job of changing up the pace of the fight.
  • Meta Knight's boss fight starts out like the one from Super Star, where he honorably gives a sword before the fight starts. Hilariously, if you refuse to pick up the sword, he gets angry and kicks it away. After a normal sword fight, Meta Knight splits into two, so you have to try to fight two Meta Knights at the same time. Bring 2 friends, however, and he splits into three - bring three and he splits into 4! And he's even more chaotic than the split Landia, as well.
  • Grand Mam is a particularly fun Puzzle Boss to fight, even if it's only in the Story Mode. Even riding the Friend Star, nothing damages her. So you have to cut the ropes on her bomb fists, then set off the bomb to destroy the armor.
  • Zan Partizanne's first boss fight is awesome mainly because she blows up the Jambastion after being defeated, forcing you to escape.
  • The Three Mage-Sisters in general, due to their elemental theme, unique weaponry and a whole slew of devastating attacks. The fight against all three at once at the end of "Heroes in Another Dimension" is a real challenge, but it's a fun test to overcome.
  • Hyness is one of the creepiest boss fights in the series. During the first phase, he's pretty slow, and his attacks are mostly easy to avoid. However, during the second phase, he goes completely ballistic! He moves much faster, his attacks hit harder, he uses Friend Abilities and worst of all, he sucks the life out of the Mage-Sisters and uses them as weapons!
  • The final boss is probably one of the best in the entire series. The fight with Void Termina starts with Kirby getting the super powerful Star Allies Sparkler, and they start to battle in a 3D arena shooter, kind of like Kid Icarus. After this first phase, Kirby gets sucked into Void Termina, and has to destroy its innards. Then, you have another shooting section as Void Termina transforms into a bird. Near the end of this phase, Void Termina even brings up the Master Crown from Kirby's Return To Dream Land. After defeating this bird form, Kirby gets sucked inside Void Termina again, and you have to fight a big blob that represents Void Termina that looks oddly like Kirby himself. While fighting this blob, his face starts morphing into that of Miracle Matter and O2, before turning into Dark Matter. This means that the Master Crown, Void Termina, and even Kirby himself all seem to be connected by Dark Matter. The fight ends with one final button-mashing segment, as Kirby calls all of his allies to destroy Void Termina.
    • The awe brought on by the fight is further amplified by his appearance in Soul Melter EX, becoming the absolute true final boss. The first three phases, while still awesome as hell, don't do much besides seriously ramping up the difficulty... and then the fourth phase kicks in. Inside of a multi-colored emptiness, the core of Void materializes as usual; but this time with a rainbow-veined color palette mimicking Zero himself, hammered in by the background of the Hyper Zone heralding him as the Astral Birth. From there, he goes all out, holding nothing back - spamming what may as well be Bullet Hell with lasers and cutters, as well as stronger variations of his other attacks. Then, after that, he spends the rest of the battle using attacks borrowed from Dark Mind, Drawcia Soul, and, once again, Zero. At that point, the music goes from energetic synth metal to a more somber orchestral tune, which makes it feel as though the past twenty-five years of Kirby's adventures have all led up to this grand finale, and that this is truly the End of an Age. And, then, to top it all off, when he is seemingly vanquished for good, the music slowly fades out... and Void dons Kirby's classic smile, fading away in a mist of lightbeams and stars, bringing everything to a close.
  • The secret boss, Morpho Knight is not only awesome in its design, but because of the bait and switch near the beginning of the fight. Morpho Knight him/her/itself is an enormous Easter egg for long time Kirby fans if they recognize his design. For those who don’t recognize him, he’s based off a scrapped version of Meta Knight from the cancelled Kirby GCN game. His epithet is the “reborn butterfly.” Fridge Brilliance at its finest. Extra Awesome points when facing him as the one of the Dream Friends, his theme changes to a remix of a theme from the game they originate from (The Animal Friends, Marx, and Gooey have remixes of "Real Dark Matter", Marx's theme and "Hyper Zone 1" respectively, while Daroach has a remix of "Here Come the Squeaks!", Dark Meta Knight has a mashup of Amazing Mirror's boss theme and "Dark Mind Phase 2", Adeleine has a medley of "02", "Miracle Matter" and "Ripple Star", Magolor has a medley of various music from Return to Dream Land, Taranza has a medley of "Sullied Grace", "The World to Win" and "Fatal Blooms in Moonlight" and Susie has a medley of "Vagrant Counting Song of Retrospection" and "Vs. Star Dream".
  • During the credits of "Heroes in Another Dimension", if you get the true ending, instead of Dedede, you get to fight Marx. It's not very hard, but seeing as a complaint with the dream friends in Star Allies was the fact you could only fight Meta Knight and King Dedede, it's still a fun mini fight.

Team Kirby Clash Deluxe and Super Kirby Clash

  • Getting to fight Taranza for the first time (as he didn't have a boss fight in Triple Deluxe) is as cool as the boss is unique, with several attacks taking advantage of the fact that he is designed around a four person fight. The same also applies to Dark Taranza.
  • There's also King D-Mind, which is essentially Shadow Dedede from Triple Deluxe being fully possessed by Dark Mind from Amazing Mirror. He combines both of their attacks with frightening proficiency, making it a huge challenge even with a fully upgraded party.
  • A version of Nightmare reappears for the first time since 1993's Kirby's Adventure with a host of new attacks, new themes, and his Japanese anime VA returning to do Parallel Nightmare's laughs. Between the hailfire star missiles, the various glowing orbs, and remixes of old attacks (such as his one where he flies offscreen then comes back down, only to do a fakeout and then come down on the opposite side of the screen), the boss has been entirely overhauled with a mass number of new attacks and variety of alterations to existing attacks. Couple that with three full remixes to his original boss theme, and then add in those haunting laughs and cackles he does during the boss fight, and it's not hard to be as excited to face the boss as the boss is to face you. To help add to it, he has six refights, and each builds on one another: three Story Quests, and three Party Quests, with the final Party Quest fight being designed for Level 85 characters. Even at Level 100, you'll still be unable to tank hits and keep getting slapped, as he still does outrageous damage. This means you can always have a whirlwind fight against a crazy powerful opponent.
  • The Aeon Hero trips up much of the standard Galacta Knight fare, with new attacks, new movement, and possible new lore implications when he starts raining down Heart Spears. The fight takes the standard Galacta Knight and turns it into something entirely new and interesting.

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