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You actually get to fight this.

Sora and his comrades have fought against awesome bosses from many corners of the multiverse.

  • Alongside Chernabog, there's also Maleficent, Monstro the Whale, and every other hellish spawn of Disney's sinister mind that robbed you of sleep for nights on end as a child. Regardless of how good or boring the boss fight is, you cannot deny that getting vengeance on just about every last one of those bastards was sweet. For example, kicking the godly ass of Hades in Kingdom Hearts II is freaking awesome - mostly because Hades explodes before the fight.
  • Most of the bosses in the series are some form of awesome. Nostalgic awesome for the Disney villains, "holy crap I feel like a badass" for Those Several Bosses, and just plain cool battles like Dark Thorn and Groundshaker... Every player's going to love at least one.

Kingdom Hearts I

  • Captain Hook is a fun boss fight where you must sword fight him. However, what makes this stand out more is the Video Game Cruelty Potential - hitting him with Fira spells will light his pants on fire, and if he goes over the ship edge towards the water, he'll shout "You'll not get me other hand!" and jump back onto the ship. Bonus points if you successfully get a finisher on him and send him flying off the ship.
  • The first one had Dragon Maleficent and Rikunort.
    • Especially enhanced due to the circumstances. You've been chasing down Maleficent throughout the entire game and finally defeat her in her most powerful form, and then finally come face to face with Riku, only to realize that he is possessed by Ansem! Cue That One Wham Boss... and it is AWESOME.
    • What makes Riku awesome is the fact that he is a fairly well designed Rival boss, as you must actually apply some real sword-fighting tactics (Blocking, dodging, parrying, etc.) to even stand a chance. But the true awesomeness kicks in with Forze Del Male as it rams in just how much of a critical and emotional boss battle it is, along with the fact that Riku is more of a genuine challenge instead of an SNK Boss. Just awesome.
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  • The sequential Final Boss battle with Ansem, particularly the World of Chaos, a gigantic Heartless airship that you have to shut down piece by piece, all while rescuing your comrades, and then facing down Ansem himself one last time. The epic music playing during this battle really sells it.
  • Chernabog. Disney's Night on Bald Mountain, crap-your-pants scary Chernabog. Set to the original piece by Mussorgsky.
  • Darkside's first appearance as the first boss of the game. The dramatic music kicks in as Sora turns around to see his shadow rise up- and up, becoming an enormous, tentacle-haired colossus intent on kicking your clown-shod arse. Though it turns out to be an easy boss almost every time you fight it (Chain of Memories excepted), its entrance says very clearly that things are about to get serious. Sadly, the same can't be said for Roxas's own boss, the Twilight Thorn.
  • An awesome Ascended Fanboy moment goes to one Kurt Zisa of New York, for winning a Square contest "Name-in-Game", and having the Bonus Boss in Agrabah (Kurt Zisa) named after him. And the fight with the actual Kurt Zisa boss is incredible; On one side, Sora and his friends. On the other is Zisa, a giant snake-headed six-armed sword-wielding whirling dervish of a Heartless that can disable your magic, create a shield, chop you up like a blender, and jump on your head in an attempt to squish you. Truly, this is the hardest non-Sephiroth boss in the game.
  • Sephiroth's fights, especially the one in the colosseum in Kingdom Hearts, where there's no weird, Filler plotline between him and Cloud to present it with; he just appears and awesomeness ensues.
  • Xemnas from the first game's Final Mix. With the insanely creepy cutscene prior to the battle, and the awesome music, this battle was absolutely perfect.
  • Oogie Boogie was kind of an easy fight, so I guess it's time to—wait, no, he's not done yet. He just got done merging with his entire manor and is now throwing fireballs and Gargoyle Heartless to attack you! You have to do a Colossus Climb and take out the darkness orbs on his body to take him out, and every second just screams "badass!"
  • The Ice Titan may not be as perfect of a fight as Sephiroth, but it's still one heck of an epic struggle. If you're disappointed by the Rock Titan being an Anti-Climax Boss, then look no further! Fighting this thing is interesting in its own right, in that you have to block its icicle attacks to even get it stunned. As the fight goes on, it becomes harder and harder to block as the Titan throws a plethora of ice-based attacks at you while you dodge the onslaught. And after beating it, you're treated to one of the funniest cutscenes in the game, and an extra Keyblade in the 1.5 version. All in all, more than worthy of being the first Disney Bonus Boss.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

  • Captain Hook takes the cake, for those who don't find him to be That One Boss. He uses cards, like you, but by that point in the game you'll be used to fighting against card-users. You really have to think strategically, especially during the part where you have to play your cards later or he'll counter yours.
  • Far better than Hook is the final boss, Marluxia, especially in the PS2 remake, in which he has three stages instead of just two. The first and third stages are particularly awesome.
  • Riku's battle with Zexion. Riku finally comes out of his Heroic BSoD, accepts the darkness as a part of himself without letting it control him, and he gets infinite Super Mode. Zexion is also one of the more creatively destructive bosses in the game, slowly winnowing your card set down and using your own attacks against you.
  • Any time you fight an Organization member the second time, especially Larxene and Vexen.

Kingdom Hearts II

  • Xaldin's boss battle, especially seeing as you have Beast as an ally. Sweet revenge...
  • 1st Xemnas, although they're all awesome. Then again, he is the Nobody of one of the greatest bosses ever, Ansem (who has the added bonus of awesome music).
  • Just as good as the World Of Chaos, the battle between Xemnas and his fortress is epic, taking place inside Kingdom Hearts itself and being the last time you can use Donald and Goofy in the game, thus giving them a chance to go out with a bang.
  • Both Armored Xemnas bosses. The first battle with Armored Xemnas has you fighting against him while he uses the weapons of every organization member defeated in this game. And the second takes it up a notch by having you battle in what seems to be basically space! You get to use the glide growth ability even if you haven't unlocked it yet, and you get to use aerial dodge as much as you want, making this battle one of the coolest fights in the game!
  • The final Xemnas fight in Kingdom Hearts II, when he finally faces off with you in person in the void after a long Sequential Boss fight. It culminates with two Keyblade wielders fighting off literally thousands of laser beams!
  • Once Final Mix+ came out, we got Roxas. Oh. My. God. ROXAS! Also gets points for having quite possibly one of the best/most heartbreaking battle themes ever, "The Other Promise".
  • Really, all the Organization XIII Data battles count. They may be hard, but they are awesome.
  • Despite being an easy boss, the battle against Dark Thorn is strangely awesome. Especially the music.
    • Same goes for the battle against Groundshaker. You're a tiny (and adorable) lion cub, it's a Heartless so massive it has a freaking tree growing on its back. The only bigger Heartless (so far) is the World of Chaos. Of course you feel like Superman after defeating it. The boss is the size of a freaking mountain. (Shadow of the Colossus, anyone?) And you're fighting this thing with Simba, who has one of the most badass combo attack with Sora in the whole game.
      Sora & Simba: TOGETHER!!
      (Sora & Simba proceed to rip everything in the immediate area to shreds)
    • Another sweet part of the Groundshaker fight is that one of the reaction commands is to get stomped on by his huge-ass foot and, as a tiny lion cub, block the stomp, throw off his foot, then vault into the air to smack it around and knock it out for a bit.
  • While lacking the presence Darkside had, Twilight Thorn is pretty cool too though, especially when he knocks Roxas off the battle platform and into the air, throwing a huge ball of energy at him as he falls.
  • While not technically a boss fight, it may qualify as the most epic battle for II, if not the entirety of the franchise. On one side: Sora. Alone. On the other: 1,000 Heartless. ONE. THOUSAND. HEARTLESS. And your task? Wipe the floor with them.
    • Plus, Leon has shown you them at the beginning of the game and at that point, 20 of them could cream you. Now, you fake right, pick up Guardian and give it a keyblade suppository until it vomits a shoop-da-whoop lazor capable of putting you from 0 to 110. Awesome.
    • The only down point of the 1000 Heartless Battle is that the trailer showed a larger variety of Heartless, including several Behemoth Heartless. If only that had remained...
  • The Lingering Will is certainly That One Boss, but that doesn't stop him from being insanely awesome. His relentless attacks are all the most unique and powerful attacks in the entire game, and ridiculous amount of health and defense makes it even better when you finally bring him down. And the song, "Rage Awakened", makes the battle even more epic than it already was.
  • Luxord. He begins the battle by turning you into a die. A die that can't attack, save for a weak body blow, and can't move without using that same move. After you wait that transformation out, your main method of attacking Luxord is accepting his games of chance, Pressing Triangle To Not Turn Into A Card, and using the Action Command that gives you. And even after you've used the games to whittle down his health (or rather, "time." It's a Timed Mission for both you and him, and attacks speed the time up.), he spreads cards all over the floor, turns into one himself, and hides among the pile. For a gimmicky battle, it is kind of fun and exhilarating.
  • In the second game against Sephiroth, you start by pushing X to not die. Then the fight just gets faster from there. It isn't nearly as hard as the fight against Sephiroth in the first game, but for many gamers, it's much more enjoyable.
  • Master Control Program and Commander Sark. Such an awesome Shout-Out to the movie, and the MCP's constant taunting you during the fight ("IS THAT THE BEST THE USER CAN DO?")
  • Beating Scar in the Pride Lands, kicking the crap out of the guy for killing Mufasa! Lying to Simba! And lying to the whole pride! WHOO!
    • Bonus points for taking place into the highest point of the Pride Lands with that epic scenery and The Encounter made it even more epic.
    • Hades. When you finally fight him, he's lost his temper and goes absolutely stark raving mad - and with the awesomeness that is James Woods doing that voice it sounds so awesome! Auron is no longer his puppet, Hercules is over his Heroic BSoD, and now everyone wants to give Hades a piece of their minds. On top of that, their battle is also set to The Encounter. Heck, any Disney boss with this music could qualify for the nostalgia value.
  • Though he is That One Boss to some, Demyx's attacks, especially the guitar/sitar one-on-one quicktime reflex event, make him one of the most awesome bosses. Especially compared to his earlier appearances.
  • Barbossa, the first Live-Action Disney villain to appear in the series.
  • Saïx. This complete bastard arranged your girlfriend's kidnapping, has you Kneel Before Him, and then tells you to keep slaughtering Heartless for the Organization's Evil Plan. Taking him on as one of the last surviving Organization members and on the verge of a Villainous Breakdown, fighting this arrogant bastard tooth and nail and then triumphantly finishing him off is extremely satisfying.
  • The Final Mix version gives us Zexion's Absent Silhouette battle, which starts on the same battlefield where Riku fights him in Re: Chain of Memories. After you wail on him for a bit, he pulls you into a Pocket Dimension inside his book and hides among the other books in said dimension. Like Luxord, he makes a game of his battle. His main gimmick is changing your commands into a book that can only be removed by selecting the right command. Along the way, there are options to restore your HP, MP and Drive Gauge as well as erase all of the other books briefly. Once his health gets low, he'll set up three spotlights and teleport his book between them at random. You need to get into the spotlight he ends with, which gives you the opportunity to get his book's health down, or get hit by meteors. Is it difficult? Yes. Are some of his attacks really cheap? Definitely. Annoying? At times. Is it fun? Hell yes!
  • Another Final Mix exclusive boss is Lexaeus, a true spectacle of a boss who is constantly powering his Battle Aura up to make himself invincible and using some really hard-hitting earth attacks, with the method of defeating him being to counter his powerful uppercut slash and attack back with a more powerful swipe! It's basically the closest thing Kingdom Hearts will get to a full-out Dragon Ball Z fight.

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

  • The bosses in 358/2 Days are all awesome, with the one absolutely stealing the show being the Infernal Engine. You rush through Beast's Castle, trying to find the unidentified Heartless, when all of a sudden, Beast is freakin' launched over the gates of his castle, landing in the courtyard all battered. This makes you start wondering, 'What the hell could take out the Beast? So, you rush out the gates, and then, Vim and Vigor kicks in, as a gigantic battering ram/siege tower rolls towards the main gates, and from that point on, you're basically reenacting the scene from Return of the King with Grond, if the heroes began viciously attacking it before it could reach the gates. It may be That One Boss to some, but to others, it cemented the game as truly magnificent.
  • Fighting Saïx in the third-to-last-mission, particularly due to the Catharsis Factor.
  • Xion. Pure awesome and the music in final stage is just so indescribable.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

  • In Birth by Sleep you fight Hades and the Ice Titan at the same time. It bears repeating: Hades and one of the first game's Bonus Bosses. At the same time. Although you discover after the fight that it's not the Ice Titan but the Ice Colossus, which Hades admits to effectively being a cheap knock-off of the original. It's still an Oh, Crap! moment for the player before this is revealed.
  • Ven's final battle with Vanitas. Not only are you fighting one on one with an evil version of Sora but it also has one the most epic tracks in the entire series. Watch it in full here.
    • All Vanitas battles are awesome, though the final one does take the cake. Coming in close second is Vanitas possessing Ven, in which you fight him as Aqua with King Mickey himself on your side.
    • The Ventus-Vanitas battle becomes truly awesome when Ventus-Vanitas uses his ultimate attack, which will destroy you if you don't use Mickey's help. "None of this can be changed" indeed.
  • Terra's Final Boss fight. You play the fricking Lingering Will against a Grand Theft Me'd Xehanort in Terra's body! All the while, Rage Awakened is playing in the background. For those who suffered through the Bonus Boss in Final Mix, this is sweet, sweet vindication. Also, all of his attacks and combos are things that the Lingering Will itself can use (including Curaga) if the player hunts for the commands.
  • Trinity Armor. Out of the Unversed boss fights, that one was the best; unlike the similar Guard Armor from the first game, its Unversed counterpart is an actual Mech! Composed of three different Unversed, no less! And a kickass Transformation Sequence! Not to mention it's one of the few boss battles in the game where you get allies; in this case, the OTHER two playable characters(so it's Terra, Ven and Aqua vs. Trinity Armor)! Easily one of the best boss fights in BBS.
  • The secret bosses. Vanitas Remnant, while only having one HP bar, is fast and strong; and if you use Cure spells, he does too. Annoying as heck, but an interesting challenge. The Mysterious Figure, first shown in the NA version of BBS, has a bevy of tricks which make him hard as heck, but beating him is sweet indeed. The Final Mix bosses keep up the pace: Armor of the Master (Eraqus' Armor) uses a spell which whips up energy chains to do all kinds of crap, from tying you up, acting as projectiles, and more, has lightning fast combos, and other painful crap. The other new FM boss, No Heart (Xehanort's Keyblade armor, which happens to look a HECK OF a lot like Xemnas' armor, and even has a mix of the Ansem fight music and the final Xemnas fight music as his theme); first he creates a barrier, sitting pretty on his throne while you bash it. After that, he gets off his rear, and kicks your ass with Keyblade combos, hand to hand attacks, dark energy blasts, impaling you with Keyblades....Holy badass.
  • Either of the encounters with Braig. If nothing else for the awesome music, it shows just how powerful Xigbar was before he was even Xigbar.
  • The Magic Mirror, fought by both Terra and Aqua. So, how were they going to put a boss fight in the Snow White world? Why... have you fight the freaking magic mirror of course! It sucks you into an Eldritch Location where it confuses you (literally, inflicts the status) with duplicates of itself and a real perception-screw.
  • Aqua has some very good boss fights - one of them is Maleficent. Sure, Ven fought Maleficent before... but Aqua fights the dragon form of Maleficent. With Prince Phillip. It feels quite epic knowing that you get a special team-up attack where he throws Aqua on Maleficent's back to get some help.
  • General Gantu, if only because of the pure size. Despite being an Anti-Climax Boss, he doesn't stagger, which gives the player a nice feeling of fighting something much bigger than they are, big enough that eating keyblades or even fire doesn't slow him down.
  • The Dark Hide in Final Mix. Perhaps the most badass Pureblood Heartless ever created. Helps that its theme is epic as well.
  • The True Final Boss fight, i.e. Aqua vs. Terra-Xehanort, a.k.a Terranort. One of the most epic boss fights of the series. Why? Xehanort has completely ruined the heroes' lives and has plagued the universe with the Unversed. As Aqua, you have lost your master, your home, AND your two best friends because of him. Now it's payback time.
  • While it's not as dramatic or important as these other battles, Ventus vs. Captain Hook is just plain fun. You get to beat him up, light him on fire and watch him jump around like an idiot, and hit him into the water surrounding the arena so the crocodile attacks him. This may make Captain Hook seem like an easy fight, but he's not. He'll block your attacks, throw his trademark exploding presents, and deliver painful sword combos. If you're not careful, you'll end up as food for the crocodile instead!

Kingdom Hearts: re:coded

  • Sora's Heartless in coded. Reasons:
    • It's an awesomer version of the Darkside.
    • Its second/third forms are a Heartless Sora clone... thing.
    • "Guardando nel Buio", Ansem's theme not heard since KH1.
    • He launches flying Keyblades at you from friggin' everywhere.
    • The Drag 'n' Drop command, which transforms him into a Shadow, letting you mercilessly beat the crap outta him.
    • You get to deliver the final final blow, wiping him off the face of the datascape permanently.
  • The Final Boss. This guy in a Black Coat's been screwing with you all throughout Castle Oblivion, and if you've played Chain of Memories, you're probably expecting Marluxia. You're dead wrong. Cue Moment of Awesome as the man in the black cloak summons Oblivion. And then Oathkeeper. Enter Roxas, ready for a rematch with Sora after Kingdom Hearts II.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

  • Bonus Boss Julius. Not only is he hard, not only is he a Disney Bonus Boss, not only does The Encounter play during this fight for the first time on a Nintendo handheld, but he's also one of the fairer secret bosses to recent date in the KH series, being hard because he is legitimately hard, not unfair hard. Quite a refreshing sight after the unfairness that is Vanitas Remnant and Mysterious Figure AKA Young Xehanort, especially the latter.
  • Young Xehanort, aka The Mysterious Figure from Birth By Sleep. He's fought at the climax as the game's penultimate boss, and as the younger form of the Big Bad, he's a truly vile human being who's effectively responsible for what happened to the heroes in BBS, as well as Sora's fate in this game. He's fought in an incredibly fierce and agile battle against Riku, the series' resident badass. Also, Master Xehanort is possessing his younger self, which is why he's able to move during Mickey's Stopza attack. So you, as Riku, are fighting the overall antagonist of the game at his physical prime - and Xehanort still loses.
  • Chill Clawbster! You've just seen Monstro swallow Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket and as you're preparing for a fight, it comes out from nowhere and freezes Monstro alive! What follows is a battle around the frozen Monstro as it flies away from you, smashes down the ice platforms, fires lasers, and is an all-around dick! When you've whittled down its HP, it decides to tuck its tail and flee... except Sora's having none of that: he deliberately cracks the ice around the frozen Monstro's head, allowing him to use Reality Shift. The result is at the end of the boss fight, you are chasing down Chill Clawbster using - yes, you guessed it - Monstro the whale! Who then proceeds to eat the giant Dream Eater whole as payback.
  • Xemnas. He is the last boss in Sora's story and you fight him after one hell of a Wham Episode! From the awesome line he spouts at you before the battle starts, to throwing buildings at you (again), to teleporting and floating all around the place, he is one satisfying bastard to beat! At one point, he'll throw a building at the platform you're on, and you have to use Reality Shift to cleave another in two, which allows you time to go completely nuts on him.
  • Chernabog may fit this, despite his easiness. While you will be diving, he sends out projectiles and pillars of flame at you, and can also send out spirits of the deceased to slowly drain your HP. Additionally, the fight is set up so that you get to hear one whole go of Night on Bald Mountain, whose 3D piece is even more epic than the original KH one, making the fight 10 times more epic than it should be.
  • Rinzler. Unlike the other bosses up until this point, he has a much more sinister sounding theme playing, and it's much like fighting Tron. Other enemies you fought before have been Dream Eaters (essentially this game's stand-in for the heartless). Rinzler is neither. Oh, and what's more, he pulls an Interface Screw on you... literally turning the battle upside down.
  • Spellican is also awesome. After you pursue the bastard from worlds to worlds, you finally manage to catch its cowardly ass and give it proper beating. During the boss fight, not only you get to listen to "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", but also you fight it in a field of stars. Not to mention getting payback for that lousy bird summoning all those Dream Eaters in Traverse Town.
  • Wargoyle, Riku mode. You're approaching the outskirts of town, when this enormous gargoyle comes up and starts shooting at you. It chases you out of town, then heads back to the tower, where you get to fight it. The music, "Majestic Wings", is great, and as much as it's a pain in the ass, escaping the Wargoyle is just plain awesome. Then there's the part where the whole city is lit on fire and you get to ride the heat given off by the flames to attack a giant flying gargoyle with cannons for hands.
  • The Anti Black Coat. You fight it after a particularly cool Badass Boast from Riku. It's certainly tough and can easily defeat you if you get careless or lack the proper abilities, but the fight is made awesome by the epic and nightmarish music, the shadowy arena, and the bright attacks. You have constantly dash about to prevent the Nightmare's attacks, especially the one that drains Riku to 1HP, from hitting you. Combined with the eager anticipation of what the story's gonna throw at you next, it's a pretty exhilarating boss fight.
  • The final boss of the game is Sora wearing Ven's armor! While definitely easier than the fight before him, the music and inky black abyss of a stage really set the atmosphere and make you determined to save the day. He also uses several Birth by Sleep skills, including a Shotlock, and it climaxes in a Call-Back to the final Ven vs Vanitas fight with him and Riku charging at each other repeatedly.

Kingdom Hearts 0.2: A fragmentary passage

  • The Demon Tide. Remember that gigantic horde of Heartless in the trailer for Kingdom Hearts III? Well, now you get to fight it: an immense swarm of Shadows that attacks quickly and relentlessly, and no matter how many individuals you destroy, there always seem to be hundreds more behind them. There is a brief scripted sequence as well, where Aqua and Mickey team up to shackle the dark orb at the heart of the swarm to unleash a combination attack. But it's in the second phase that things get truly amazing: the sky darkens, the swarm reorganizes itself into a massive tornado of Heartless, and the music switches to a full orchestra and choral arrangement of the boss music. The whole fight is extremely fast-paced and serves to underscore a simple fact: unlike most fights against the Heartless in the franchise, this time you are in the Realm of Darkness, and this is their world.
  • The Zodiac Boss Rush, but especially the Final Boss: a harder version of Phantom Aqua. She can keep you on your toes due to her guard-breaking moves and leaving very little openings, but she forces you to react, counter, and punish her moves in order to win. And the best part: she feels more like a Kingdom Hearts II boss, having a consistent stagger and predictable counter! Makes you hopeful for what Kingdom Hearts III would be like.

Kingdom Hearts III

  • The end bosses of Olympus. No, they're not Hades... they're the TITANS - only one of which (the Ice Titan's copy) was required to fight in a previous game. The Rock Titan is a multi-phase fight in which you have to Attack Its Weak Point after knocking it over (just like in the first game). Then, the Ice and Fire Titans are fought at once, culminating with the Wind Titan who alternates between stances and keeps the player on their feet as they retreat. What's more, this is still technically the PROLOGUE.
  • The boss of the Kingdom of Corona, the Grim Guardianess, manages to have plenty of fans in its own right. You fight it in the area surrounding Rapunzel's tower, fitting as she's Mother Gothel's Heartless, meaning that the entire large portion of land is your battlefield. It has a great deal of attacks, such as flowers to hold you in place, really powerful attacks with its own body, and at several points in the fight, it will climb up the tower, forcing you to race toward it and avoid exploding seeds and vine walls. Once you make it up there, you get to knock it clear off the tower and potentially get a dive attack in for even greater damage. Oh yeah, and this wonderful piece of music plays during, highlighting how personal this boss feels to the characters at this point and adding to the sense of scope this fight has.
  • The King of Toys boss of the Toy Box is an interesting candidate if only for the nice visual effects on the stage. The King of Toys is fought on top of a giant playmat, surrounded by blocks and toy buildings... and sure enough, they all get knocked around, and at one point the boss even whips up a tornado that sends all the objects flying. This then requires Sora to use the floating blocks to jump up and deal damage to the boss. It has an awesome boss theme as well.
  • Sköll, the final boss of Arendelle, is one of the highest regarded bosses in the game, and it's not hard to see why: it's a Big, Badass Wolf Heartless that strikes a balance of being fun to fight while also being challenging thanks to its aggressive fighting style and pack of smaller wolf Heartless backing it up, and at one point will try to crush the party by dropping the sky on them. But what makes the fight especially fun and memorable is the atmosphere: Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Marshmallow fight it in a frosty, shadowy wasteland set to the same music as the Grim Guardianess. It helps that you're technically fighting Prince Hans, of whom Sköll is the Heartless.
  • The final battles of The Caribbean are some of the most climactic and cinematic in the series. It starts off with you fighting both the Kraken and the Flying Dutchman in a ship battle in the middle of a maelstrom, with you having to save the Black Pearl from being destroyed. After this it moves onto the Dutchman itself and features a sword fight against Davy Jones with him warping around the ship and even summoning the Kraken to attack you several times during the fight! An awesome conclusion to one of the game's unexpected highlight worlds.
  • The climactic boss fight in San Fransokyo. While it was spoiled in the previews for the game, that did not make it have any less of an impact. This is the original Baymax... the one that was left behind in hyperspace to save Hiro. Now, it has turned evil and you must save it from being used as a heartless to terrorise San Fransokyo. On top of that, it's a vehicle fight - where you have full control over Baymax and Sora, and can heal, allowing you to be more on the offensive. In all it is a pretty epic fight, and for those who identified with Big hero six, it was quite emotional.
  • Anti-Aqua. Set to some very beautiful music, you are bringing Aqua back to reality. She uses just about all of the things you expected Aqua to have. She warps around, hits you from a distance, uses all her magic, and makes for an overall nice Duel Boss.
  • The Demon Tide returns, and while it's largely the same as the fight in 0.2, this time you fight it as Sora with the expanded arsenal you've been building throughout the game. To say nothing of the end of the fight, where the tide gathers up every Heartless, Nobody and Unversed into itself to become a massive storm of darkness, and to counter this the Keyblades of past Keyblade wielders all show up to fight the Tide, and Sora rides a wave of them straight into the Tide's core to fire them all at it.
  • For those that didn't find it to be Ending Fatigue, the final Boss Rush against Real Organization XIII. Unlike previous games in the series, you mostly get to fight either groups of two or three this time, making things even crazier than they were before, and new party members join you for each battle. As an added bonus, each member has a farewell cutscene when you defeat each boss! These fights bring out some of the most satisfying moments in the series thus far—including Roxas pulling a Big Damn Heroes moment against Saïx, and Terra finally freeing himself from Xehanort's influence and regaining his body. Special mention has to go to the penultimate fight of the game—Sora, Riku and Mickey vs. Ansem, Xemnas and Young Xehanort. The most prominent Xehanorts outside of the Master himself, and you get to take on all three of them at the same time! And the medley proves to be a real sendoff to those three! It's also technically the first time that Sora has faced Young Xehanort directly in combat. Considering the extremely monstrous actions that he put Sora through in Dream Drop Distance, it comes across as a long overdue and highly cathartic act of payback.
  • The final battle.
    • In some ways, the first phase is a rehash of the previous Boss Rush... except you will face multiple of them at once, unlike the previous boss fights. It's not uncommon to, if you roam enough, find as many as five to seven at once. Fortunately they only share one health bar - meaning you can just push one away or even run if you start getting overwhelmed. And that's not getting into the music.
    • Since Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep came out in 2010, players have seen the true depth of Xehanort's monstrosity and cruelty, and he managed to get even worse in 2012's Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, when he came Back from the Dead and proved to be a Karma Houdini. For the better part of a decade many players have fantasized about making this bastard pay for the horrors he perpetrated by smashing a giant key in his face, and now you finally can.
  • The Data rematches for the Real Organization XIII in the DLC's Limit Cut are not only incredibly challenging but also some of the most impressive boss fights in the entire series, all being intense 1-on-1 duels against the XIII Seekers of Darkness fighting at their full canonical strength according to Word of God, being not merely stronger and more aggressive like the Data rematches in Final Mix II but using altered and expanded movesets too, including some very climactic Desperation Attacks that often call back to the more famous/infamous attacks and tactics used by the Organization members previously. Further enhanced by each member having their own unique boss remix of a theme that previously played when fighting them, ranging from elegant and beautiful to outright rocking and heart-pumping.

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