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Awesome Bosses / Jak and Daxter

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There is hardly a more epic way to conclude a trilogy than by fighting a giant Spider Tank.

As the Jak and Daxter series evolved, so did its boss fights. Therefore, there is a wide variety of fun bosses, ranging from Puzzle Bosses to chase bosses to rail shooters, so everyone is bound to find those that they like the most. However, be warned: with these games, that choice is really difficult.

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

  • The final boss fight against Gol and Maia in their giant Precursor robot is a great battle that has multiple phases with a variety of tricks, some great use of the game mechanics, and some solid atmosphere for a climax. The location is also worth mentioning, as you fight them on giant silo of Dark Eco with a great view of the country you just crossed to stop them. Gol and Maia also get increasingly desperate as they keep throwing stuff at you and failing to stop you, peaking with them throwing four time bombs at our protagonists once Light Eco appears. Also, the music is awesome and slightly changes as the battle advances.

Jak II: Renegade

  • Both battles with Baron Praxis are as awesome as they are difficult, helped by a healthy dose of It's Personal:
    • The first one takes place in the heights of the roof of Palace in rain, where he ambushes you with a flying squid-like mecha. Since this is the first encounter with the Baron since the intro, you want to take revenge for what he did to Jak. The battle marks the switch of tone between the games, from fantasy bombs and lasers to sci-fi guns and missiles, while you fight him with the gun on your own and the dark powers he gave you. While at the end he does escape, it's satisfying to defeat him and show him he is in more than he bargained for.
    • His second fight concludes the second act of the game as well as the awesome and fun, if difficult, Tomb of Mar. This time he comes to claim the Precursor Stone with his Spider Tank as you discover it, making the stakes higher than ever. What makes this boss fun is a tactical aspect, as he alternates between shooting robots at you, shooting bombs at you (which you can kick back at him), and shooting you directly. You can cover from his shots behind nearby pillars, but those get destroyed if they get damaged enough, so eventually you'll have to switch to the offensive. Once he gets the precursor stone, he starts to shoot a giant green laser that destroys the floor. As with his previous fight, if you charged Dark Eco meter before it you can knock the last section of his health bar with a single Dark Bomb, showing him that those dark experiments on Jak were really bad idea.
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  • The Final Boss. After cracking the Metal Head nest with Mar's Gun and a grueling fight against a hundred or so Metal Heads, you get to fight their boss. The entirety of the Nest comes at you as well, but even they won't be enough to stop you. In the end it is only you and the leader, which now starts to take things seriously; instead of hanging from the roof, he descends and starts chasing you. And it is still not enough to stop you.
  • The battle against Dark Eco ship. Despite being an Unexpected Shmup Level and the preceding part being probably the hardest section in the game, especially on Hero Mode, the fight with the ship is fast-paced and fun with many parts of the ship to target and cool background music, kindly reminding the times of N. Gin.

Jak 3: Wastelander

  • The Dark Eco Satellite. The build-up is amazing: you're sent on a rescue mission for four wastelanders that you need to transport into bunkers before the sandstorm hits. As you're nearing the end of the mission, the weather is getting worse with the timer slowly counting down, and eventually you set for rescuing the last wastelander, whom you find dead. Then you find what killed him. Payback time. The fight itself is fast-paced, challenging but not frustrating, and with great atmosphere and nasty weather reminding you that you don't have time to waste.
  • The Final Boss and the last boss of the trilogy. It has two parts, both equally challenging and fun. The first one is you chasing the giant Terraformer - that's the boss, basically an enormous Spider Tank piloted by Errol - with a dune buggy in a giant desert while a sandstorm rushes through the country. You must destroy energy nodes on its legs, which will immobilize it, while avoiding being stepped on as well as various mines and drones. Once that's done, you climb on its torso and fight the waves of Dark Makers and what have you before shooting and destroying the head. The fight also helpfully provides you with Dark and Light Eco vents, allowing you to abuse your Super Mode with impunity, though given the amount of ammo the enemies drop you can destroy everything with the Peacemaker if you wish.

Jak X Combat Racing

  • G.T.Blitz. You've just won the Grand Championship, getting the antidotes, but then this scumbag shows up, reveals he is in fact Mizo, steals your antidotes, and you have to chase after him - not to win, but to kill him. Yes, after proving you're the fastest, it is time to test your combat skills as well, which provides nice closure for the game based around combat racing. But don't get too comfortable, because if Mizo gets at the end of Kras City, he escapes.

Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier

  • The battle in Sector Zero, a multi-staged battle against ACS Behemoth. What makes this fight memorable is the switching of gameplay styles - while at the beginning you'll be fighting mainly with your airship, later you'll get to shoot auxiliary and even main guns of the Phantom Blade in order to damage the Behemoth in rail-shooter sequences, and good old platforming combat is served as well. The background of an immense graveyard of derelict airships only makes this fight even harder to forget.


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