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For Wild Mass Guessing about the rest of the franchise, see Power Rangers.

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If there are any sequels a lot of Betty and Veronica stories will happen
The most obvious of these could be Jason as Betty, Tommy as Veronica to Kimberly's Archie among others.

The Movie will exist in-universe
It will be an adaptation of the Angel Grove monster attacks and the first recorded appearance of the Power Rangers in-universe. After the credits of the film roll, we'll see past and present rangers walking out of the theatre and commenting on things such as the ages of the cast, discrepancies between the events of the film and the actual Mighty Morphin' years, and what they might do for the sequel.

Rita Repulsa was the original Green Ranger
But she went mad with power and Zordon had to forcefully remove her powers. However, she still retains some of the power - hence why it looks like parts of a ranger suit are fused into her body.
  • There is even a moment in the trailer where Rita explains that she has "killed Rangers before".
    • Confirmed: the very first sight we have of Rita has her in full Green Ranger armor.

Related to the above, Zordon and Zedd were also on a Ranger team with Rita
Rita's new appearance not only resembles the new Ranger suits, but also Lord Zedd's design to some degree. Whereas Rita was green, Zedd was red and Zordon was blue. In a battle between the two evil rangers and Zordon, Zordon stripped them of their powers (disfiguring them in the process), and Zordon himself was forced into his tube in order to keep himself alive.
  • Jossed. Zordon was the red ranger and Rita killed the rest of the team.

Alternately Rita killed the original Green Ranger and stole their coin
  • Jossed, Rita is the Green Ranger.

After the credits, we'll get a scene of Rita watching over a teenager in green clothes as she holds the Dragon coin
  • Jossed, Rita isn't shown after the credits, but, there is an allusion to Tommy. See the WMGs referring to Tommy.

After the credits, Rita will be in her lair recovering when Zedd approaches and reprimands her for falling to the Rangers

Rita will be depowered, but her power is transferred into the Dragon coin
  • The process will cut off her connection to the Morphin Grid, preventing her from using it herself and forcing her to pick someone else to use it.

A version of Kamen Rider exists in this universe
There's been talk of Saban planning another adaptation for years. Another possibility is Kamen Rider Amazons also belong to this universe, considering both Amazons and this Power Rangers are Darker and Edgier reboot of both franchise.

Bulk and Skull will appear
Just like the show itself they'll be the comedic relief. The originals' actors could have cameos as the fathers of this continuity's Bulk and Skull.
  • Jossed. The bullies here are generic.

Alpha will be different in some way
  • He could become a she.
    • Jossed with the casting of Bill Hader as Alpha 5.
  • He could become an AI that runs the command center, with drone sentries being the place's security force.
  • He could be a damaged battle machine, with the "Ay! Ay! Ay!" being a Verbal Tic representing damage to his brain.
  • His look definitely is, looking somewhat frog-like instead of humanoid.

The reveal suits aren't the standard armor.
The bulked design seems to be more akin to power-up mode rather than early combat.
  • Or they could be the final form of an evolving costume. Early reports claim that the suits "grow" on the Rangers over time. They may start out looking similar to the spandex suits of the original as a Mythology Gag.
  • Jossed, they're the only suits the team puts on.

Lord Zedd will be a Greater-Scope Villain much like he was in the first season of MMPR.
Even though his very existence wasn't mentioned in the first show's original season, Zedd was no doubt Rita's boss. He'll probably be mentioned at some point as being an extremely evil galactic dictator (since that's what he pretty much was), and constantly alluded to until he appears to give Rita a Breaking Speech about being beaten by five teenagers, and a version of the first parts of "The Mutiny" take place as Zedd takes control himself.

This movie takes place in the same universe as Super Sentai.

The rangers will start to lose the climactic final Megazord fight and the Go Go Power Rangers will start to play"
Self explanatory highly predictable and ridiculously awesome.
  • The theme tune plays when the Rangers charge into battle in their Zords, but them initially losing the battle does occur before they form the Megazord.

The Megazord won't be formed until the final battle
To the fans it's standard that the individual zords really only exist to combine into the Megazord, but newcomers might be baffled as to why they all have their own individual robots instead of just having the one right off the back. The initial giant fights will be between the monsters and the individual zords, and for the climax the zords will combine not only to power up but to symbolize the team truly working together.
  • Confirmed.

The film will have a similar tone to Power Rangers RPM
The creators have described it as being 'grounded yet playful'. This sounds very similar to RPM's mix of dark themes with a playful and fun tone.
  • Seems to holding true so far, trailers have shown that the film is fairly grounded or is less idealistic than the show is but is lighthearted at times.

Relating to a previous WMG, the Rangers that Rita has killed before were part of her own team.
  • Confirmed.

The guy bullying Billy is Skull
  • His name was revealed to be Colt Wallace instead of Eugene Skullovitch but since he tried to headbutt Billy, Skull could still end up being his nickname.

Alternatively, the girls bullying Kimberly will be Bulk and Skull.
At least, their nicknames will be Bulk and Skull.

The credits scenes will feature other recognizable characters for a potential sequel.
In the mid-credits scene, we see Rita sulking in her old throne after her final battle with the Rangers, when suddenly a familiar voice calls to her.
Lord Zedd: So you're finally been released only to be beaten by five teenagers with attitude, huh? Well I think it's time I take things into my own hands.
Rita: (smiles)

As for the post-credits scene, Zordon and Alpha-5 discuss what to do with the green crystal.

Zordon: I feel that if the Power Coin were to be in the wrong hands once more, history would repeat itself. Alpha, what do you think we should do with it?
Alpha-5: Easy, just destroy it! Then we wouldn't have to do everything all over again!
Zordon: Good idea, but I think we should hand it to someone who could use it for good. (brings up a hologram of a teenager) And I think this is the one.
Alpha-5: Ay ay ay, you've picked a good one! What's his name?

Or something that playfully makes fun of the franchise, like one of the teens joking that they're glad their suits aren't spandex or tights, or someone worrying about suddenly leaving in response to the attacks.

  • The scene turns out to be the teacher in detention calling for a Tommy Oliver as the camera pans to an empty desk with a green jacket draped on the back of the chair.

There will be a homage to the dance scene from The Breakfast Club
As a sort of allusion/homage to the film given people noticing the similar framing device.

A Ranger will lose a parent at some point
Recent reshoots in Vancouver appear to take place at a cemetery.
  • Jason could lose his father during a battle
    • A shot in Trailer #2 shows Jason reaching to take his father's hand as he lies trapped under debris and later on he's seen slighty hurt but alive.
  • Kimberly could lose a parent as part of her backstory
  • Or it could be to set Tommy up in a sequel giving him motivation to start against the team.
    • If it's Tommy, then his brother, David, was killed in the climactic battle.
  • Confirmed. Billy's father, though it occurred several years earlier.

Rita will spend most of the movie disabled by crippling migraines.
Thus forcing her to send monsters instead of fighting herself.
  • Jossed.
    • But if she returns in the sequel, she might get one after being thawed out/revived from being floated in space.

The reason why the Zords look so strange
The Zords are actually based off alien creatures but Zordon and Alpha changed the names for the new Rangers so they could morph easier. Or they could've taken the base look of the respective creatures and then modified the Zords to better fit what their roles would be. For example: the Triceratops and Mastodon look to be rather tank-like and the extra legs help distribute the weight of the armor needed for that role.

The car accident/"prank" that cost Jason his season was a DWI incident
Wrecked truck and an ankle monitor? Suspended from the football team for the rest of the season? Yeah.
  • Jossed, the incident was a prank being pulled on a rival team and he crashed his truck fleeing the scene.

Rita will be a sort of Wake-Up Call Boss to the Rangers
At first she'll send Putties to deal with them and they'll enjoy becoming superheroes, then sending monsters after them will get them to realize that things are pretty serious, and when Rita finally gets involved herself will they realize that this isn't a game and that they are now involved in something much more dangerous than they thought.
  • In a way, the team struggles to bond enough to be able to morph at first but when she kills Billy it pushes them to connect to each other and finally morph.

Rita's attack on Trini in the teaser wasn't real
By using their connection to the Morphin Grid, Rita was able to enter Trini's dreams to try and scare her into rejecting being a Power Ranger and give up her Coin.
  • Jossed, it was very real. Trini has the injuries and damaged bedroom walls and furniture to show for it.

Rita's staff will be broken during the final battle, causing her to lose the Green Power Coin...
... And in the post-credits scene, we'll get an over-the-shoulder view as it's picked up off the ground by a faceless stranger outside of Angel Grove, implied to be Tommy Oliver.
  • Bonus points if Rita depleted the coin of "green energy", turning it into the White Power Coin.

All Power Rangers series will get a movie based on them
I.E. after this one comes out we'll get movies based on the second with Tommy joining as the White Ranger and the main five upgrading to the Thunder Zords with movie 3 giving them all the Ninja Zords. movie four giving them the Zeo Zords, movie 5 the Turbo zords (if they don't skin it to due to it's poor reception) Movie 6 In Space, movie 7 Lost Galaxy, and so on.

When she gets into her Zord for the first time, Kimberly will ask "Where's the stereo?"
Because why not?
  • Sadly, jossed.

Goldar is somehow connected to the Megazord
Notice how Goldar looks very similar to the Megazord. Maybe it's Rita's attempt to even out the playing field by copying the megazord.
  • Possibly, when the Rangers form their Megazord Rita lets herself be absorbed into Goldar for the ensuing fight.

Alternately to the above, Goldar IS a Megazord.
He was built by Rita to combat the original team that she was part of in their Megazord, and when she was defeated she made him sentient so that he could locate the Zeo Crystal.

Rita is trying to re-power her own coin by draining power from the others
Based on several photos and in one scene from the second trailer, she starts the film in a much more brown, dirty, and ratty outfit. Of course by the time we get to the climax with Goldar, she's decked out in her green suit. There's also a scene where she's grabbing Trini and we see the gold in her face start to form and green crystals grow around her. So in addition to her general conquer Earth goals, she also wants to get her own power back by stealing it from the teens.

The post-credits scene will feature a fully-suited Green Ranger.
Rita is ranting over how she lost (and due to something happening she cannot use the green power coin herself) but then eventually stops and laughs and gloats over how she's already on her way to having her revenge on them because of a new friend. The camera pans over to Tommy Oliver in his suit silently standing there, getting a good shot of him before it ends.
  • Inverted, we get to see Rita wearing the full Green Ranger costume at the beginning.

The Rangers Rita killed in the past were a team of Ancient Japanese tribe leaders
Because what better Mythology Gag?
  • Jossed. Zordon's team of Rangers are shown to have fought during the infancy of the Cenozoic era (well before Japan existed), and the Yellow Ranger we see die in the opening scene is of Eltarian race like Zordon.

The teased form of Goldar isn't his final one
The form we currently see doesn't look complete. their are holes in his body during the second trailer and he generally looks melty like he's trying to hold himself together. His final version will look much better and/or closer to his original design

Jason wearing the tracking bracelet into the Command Center...
  • Either the Government follow him into the Command Center and set themselves up as the next Big Bad, or... they've secretly been keeping track of and covering up Ranger activity across the decades. It'll be the ultimate Mythology Gag if they've been doing it since 1975, with the first sighting happening in Japan.
    • Or they start off distrusting of the Rangers but when they see them defending humanity they warm up to them.
  • The security system in place blocks or temporarily disables the signal so when Jason gets back, he gets chewed out by his dad for "disappearing".
  • It's a nonissue because early in the film, Billy is able to trick it and allow Jason to go pretty much anywhere.

Trini's mom
Won't be possessed by Rita's spirit. Most likely the line in the movie will be something else and they just had Elizabeth Banks do the voice for the trailer so they could make a joke.
  • Likely jossed, as a later trailer shows her mom to be a completely different woman.

A list of potential Mythology Gags
  • One of the Rangers will wonder if they could get toys of themselves for their heroics.
  • After a brutal defeat, Rita will limp away and remark, "and on top of everything... I have a headache."
  • The teens will be referred to sarcastically as "teenagers with attitude".
  • Commenting that at least the suits aren't made of spandex.
  • Jason watching a football game between the home team and one from Stone Canyon.
  • Someone wonders if a chest plate could be added to their suit for more protection, even better if Zack's the one that says this.
  • At least one cell phone in movie will make the Communicator noise
  • At some point the teens meet up at a Juice Bar
  • The Radbug will appear in the background
  • The kids in school will talk about who the Rangers are and where they come from. Some say they're aliens, warriors from another dimension, or recruited by the government.

Monsters and villains for the Sequels

There will be a nod to the original series's overblown altruism
An older man will complain about how Angel Grove has fallen onto hard times and how it used to have charity drives and sporting events around every week. Said older man will be portrayed by an actor from the Mighty Morphin' era.

The Dragon Zord will be introduced in the sequel
The tail of the toy of the T. Rex is long and straight enough to serve as the bottom section of a combination's spear. The T. Rex also has exposed grooves at the shoulders, so the Dragon Zord could attach that way.

Zordon and Rita are from the same planet
A closer look at Zordon's face shows that he seems to have the same odd protrusions that Rita has and it's a trait that all of their kind have.
  • Confirmed, at the very least they both spoke the same alien language during the prologue.


The movie is canon to the TV shows, but takes place in an alternate universe
Alternate universes do exist in the Rangerverse, so it's possible this movie could be one of them. A crossover between TV rangers and movie rangers could happen in the future.

Trini Kwan is adopted
Perhaps her father was also adopted and wants his family, to be "normal" when she doesn't, contributing to her angst.
  • Zack Taylor may have a white stepfather and his interest in Trini may because he see they both have unorthodox families.

Rita was an outsider on the team because she was a Sixth Ranger
It's been pointed out that the bridge of the ship only has places for five rangers to morph. Five could've been the normal number for ranger teams for a long time, but at some point Zordon's team were faced with a threat so dire that the Morphing Grid created a sixth coin. This would be the first wedge between Rita and the others, as they may have doubted her validity as a ranger or believed that her creation meant that their powers weren't as great.

Zordon's team didn't understand The Power of Friendship, and never formed a Megazord
Obviously the key to the team being able to morph was them becoming Fire-Forged Friends. However, Zordon never tells the rangers this, and there's nothing to hint that this was due to any kind of test. It seems that Zordon never truly realized the importance of friendship until that moment. His team may've been training to become rangers their entire lives, and their sense of duty was enough to unite them - thus, when Rita joined them, their bonds weren't strong enough to extend to her and the team crumbled. With regards to the Megazord, again, Zordon and Alpha never mentioned the ability of the zords to combine, and even Rita didn't think it was possible. Zordon's team would never die for each other like the modern team would, and therefore they couldn't connect in any way close to our heroes.

Why the Zords aren't all based on actual dinosaurs
With the actual reptiles of the group, they may have based their forms on DNA of creatures existing or previously existing at the time.that suited their needs. But Yellow and Black could have been damaged extensively by the meteor strike, requiring Alpha to fix them over millions of years. When he finally finishes the repairs, their adaptive abilities could have chosen more contemporary creatures - a mastodon and sabre-tooth tiger.

Movie!Goldar is powered by the spirit of a more traditional-looking version
This Goldar still seemed to care for Rita in a manner similar to Classic!Goldar's devotion to his evil mistress, such as carrying her and healing her wounds unprompted. Rita may have once known a Goldar who served her until his demise, and she used his spirit to power the gold-formed creation.

Power Ranger Corps
Zordon calls the Power Rangers "a legion of warriors". But there's only five of them? What if the Power Rangers are actually a galaxy spanning organisation, with a team being developed and properly trained on each planet with a Zeo Crystal once society there reaches a high enough developmental level. Zordon's team were only on Earth because Rita wanted its Crystal, and as an undeveloped planet she knew Earth would have no Rangers of its own to defend it. Zordon's team were either the nearest to Earth, or they took responsibility/were made responsible for Rita as she used to be on their team.

The Dragon Zord will be a Motion Capture Mecha
It'd be a great nod to the source material.

Ernie is the manager of the Krispy Kreme
The Krispy Kreme is the basically the juice bar in this universe. So why not have Ernie as the manager.

If Thuy Trang was still alive, she would have played Zach's mother.

Zack's comment about only morphing in the shower isn't a dirty joke.
he literally morphed while thinking about his problems while in the shower. And this will happen again in the sequel as an excuse for a Shower Scene.

Rita couldn't kill more rangers.
Rita had all the rangers at her mercy yet killed only one of them. The reason she didn't kill everyone was because she was afraid her coin would deactivate if all the others did; after all, she came back to life at the exact same moment the rangers found the coins. So, like morphosis, the coins themselves are connected and only work if most of the team is active.

The writers watched Voltron: Legendary Defender before/while writing the movie.
Morphing and forming the Megazord are accomplished by The Power of Friendship, just like how the Lions can only be properly controlled that way, in particular forming Voltron. Both Super Mechs are also formed by accident the first time. Billy steals Hunk's "I'm a leg" line verbatim. The bad guy is a former member of the previous team who betrayed them and wants to use a powerful energy source that will kill all life if harvested from a planet. Zack bursting out of the side of a mountain is also reminiscent of Lance piloting the Blue Lion for the first time. Plus, Daizyuzin in Zyuranger seems to have been as much inspired by Beast King GoLion as previous mecha in Super Sentai, which were either combined from vehicles or stand-alone robots rather than an all animal team turning into a humanoid robot. Having started watching Voltron right around the same time as seeing this movie, the similarities just keep adding up.

They only have to use the Morphing Pad in the Command Center once
The morphing pad serves only to establish a permanent link with the Morphing Grid, since otherwise it would be extremely impractical to have to hike out to the mine every time they have to respond to an emergency. Afterwards, they can access the Grid through the Power Coins like in the show, which might be the case as Aftershock shows Jason and Kimberly preparing to morph and showing up on the scene without reference to needing to return to the ship.

Bulk and Skull are in movie
As Jason's friends at the beginning, Bulk jerked off the bull and Skull was lookout.

The movie's Rita is a Composite Character
Specifically, she's a mix of Rita and Scorpina. It would explain the sudden Evil Is Sexy and the fact that the one monster she summons is Goldar.

Zordon left Rita to die.
We never really find out the event that turned her evil, but this makes a disturbing amount of sense. Zordon's major flaw seemed to be that he never understood The Power of Friendship and thought that he alone could save the day. Abandoning a teammate to finish a mission seems like something he would do. Furthermore, at the end Rita is not simply mad about the idea of being judged, but about the idea of Zordon, specifically, judging her. This makes sense if she felt he was no better. All of her actions seem intended to prove that she's better than the other Rangers, thus proving that saving her would have been the better option, if only for pragmatic reasons.

Trini's last name is "Crystal".
This was the original last name for Trini in the Bioman adaptation pitch. Since Trini isn't Asian in the movie it'd make sense to revert her to that name in this version.

Someone in school will find out the Rangers' identities.
It's already been stated that the other students noticed five kids from different cliques hanging out. So someone will probably put two-and-two together.

    Sequel Guesses 

Saban will create a Cinematic Multiverse
By also rebooting Masked Rider, VR Troopers, and Big Bad Beetleborgs.
  • Beetleborgs will a little closer to its original series with younger heroes not yet learning the gravity of their responsibilities; VR Troopers will follow the Space Sheriff angle by having space police heroes coming down to address the Beetleborgs' antics; and Masked Rider will instead draw upon Kamen Rider Decade, with the colliding of the universes bringing a far greater threat.
    • For Masked Rider, why not give the protagonist a Hispanic Background without using the Hispanic stereotypes used in Western Media?
    • They could also bring in an equivalent of Shocker from Kamen Rider. Have the government try and make their own rangers, but villains inside the branch twist the project into something evil, leaving only one person with a stolen Transformation Trinket to stand against them.
    • Tying into this, Saban will create a new installment about a man who can grow to the size of a megazord with elements from AntMan which a man who can shrink as well, with said man being supported by a faction of the government that tries to create their own team of rangers. Said faction would come into conflict with the PR!Shocker, the former working with teams of Rangers, VR Troopers, and/or Beetleborgs to recover some of the stolen trinkets in crossover movies.
  • Some Power Rangers series could also get made TV shows as part instead of films in order to adapt several at once. Instead of getting a series of movies, some seasons will be serialized and expand on the original plots over three or four full seasons. This would also enable them to work on multiple series simultaenously.
    • Mystic Force could be turned into a Buffy-style show with a season for each Big Bad (Morticon, Imperius, Ten Terrors, The Master).
    • SPD and Time Force only need a fresh coat of paint to become fully-fledged Police Procedurals which could go on for a long time. And since it's a rebooted timeline, one could even set them in the same time period.
    • VR Troopers getting rebooted seems to be happening, as Saban has registered trademarks for it and Beetleborgs, although the latter could just as easily be a reboot in a film as it could be a TV reboot via an adaptation of Kamen Rider Kabuto in a TV series.

This film series will crossover with "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"
Power Rangers in Space had a crossover with Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation, so we can expect a crossover between this film series and the new "Ninja Turtles" movie series.

Sequels will not only be based on arcs from the show, but will bear their name as a subtitle
Therefore the sequel that will presumable introduce Tommy will be called "Green with Evil," The following one will be "Green No More," Etc.

Ivan Ooze will appear in the sequel

Mordant will appear in the sequel
He will take the role that Goldar had as a general in the original show, making him a Composite Character.
  • Unlikely considering he didn't exist in the show.

The next movie's Big Bad will offer Zordon a Deal with the Devil.
Said villain, hoping Zordon will regret sacrificing his one chance of resurrection for Billy, will offer Zordon another way back to life.

The next movie will feature a villain who once fought Rita.
Since she's a former Ranger in this verse, the possibility exists.
  • Since Zordon and Rita's team were supposed to be protecting Earth's Zeo Crystal, it could be the villain who was trying to get it before Rita went rogue.

Rita will get a more sympathetic backstory.
She mentioned that she started as an outsider on Zordon's team, but never extrapolated on that. It could be that she genuinely wanted to work with them and wanted to fight evil, but they may have brushed her off due to her joining them later. Rita would've tried to prove herself in any way possible, leading to her becoming jaded and wanting the Zeo Crystal for herself.

Government Agencies will descend on Angel Grove
Obviously they'd get involved after an alien attack and giant robot-vs-monster battle. The agencies could be as NASADA, or perhaps a military branch that includes Lieutenant Mitchell (sewing the seeds for a possible Lightspeed Rescue film).
  • Semi-confirmed. In the Official graphic novel sequel that takes place immediately after the battle between Goldar and the Power Rangers, a government agency known as the Apex, does in fact come to Angel Grove, however they are definitely not allies to the rangers seeing them as much a threat as Rita and thus put them under government oversight.

Most Turbo elements will be skipped
The season is generally considered a step-down in quality when compared to those before it, mainly due to the tone and the style of the powers. While some parts may make it over (the cast-change, which was both justifiable and actually helped save the ratings, and Divatox, who could help build up a Rogues Gallery), they'll appear while using Zeo-based powers.
  • Story wise this would make sense, considering the Zeo Crystal maintains all life on Earth, it's unlikely that the rangers would need stronger powers.
    • Tying into this, this would also somewhat justify them getting new powers when the films adapt In Space, since the Zeo Crystal leaving Earth would be a bad thing; it's also likely that Justin would not be included, but rather, either Rocky will be kept (and his Game-Breaking Injury will not be adapted), or someone else will be used in Justin's place if they choose to adapt Rocky's Game-Breaking Injury (either they'll bring back Jason or they'll use Tommy's brother if he's included).

Rocky, Adam, and Aisha will be introduced in the sequel(s) at some point
While whether they become rangers is debatable, Rocky, Adam, and Aisha will be introduced in one of the sequels. As a bonus,they can be set up to take the mantles in case any of the actors want out.

The sequel will open with the rangers doing charity work
Firstly because it's a callback to the show. Secondly, Angel Grove's going to need a lot of help rebuilding.
Unadapted Super Sentai series will be adapted but redesigned
Lord Zedd will star as the Big Bad of the sequel.
In keeping with the story arcs of the show (since Rita was only the Big Bad for Season 1, after which Zedd took control for Seasons 2 and 3), Zedd will arrive on Earth hoping to make a bid for the Zeo Crystal himself. It will also be revealed that he was the Greater-Scope Villain of the first movie and corrupted Rita and turned her against her teammates.
  • During the Final Battle against him he will use Serpentera powered by the Zeo Crystal(s) from other Planet(s). With the climax having to get it removed and Serpentera shut down.
  • Zedd will be called Ed by someone.

The sequel will feature a power struggle between Zedd and the Machine Empire.
The Zeo Crystal being a major plot point in the first movie makes it obvious that the next movie will be based on Power Rangers Zeo, which demoted Zedd to extra, but it's already confirmed that he's going to appear in the sequel. This would be a good way to spice things up as well as ensure his Villain Decay from the original series is averted.

The big rangers vs Tommy battle is resolved by Titanus.
Basically the final fight of the movie will skip over Dragonzord Battle Mode and Mega Dragonzord and hit the bad guys with the Ultrazord, allowing for a faster transition to the Thunderzords or whatever gimmick they want next.

Zack will become the White Ranger instead of Tommy
With Tommy being best known to the general public as the Green Ranger the studio may decide to have Zack's power coin and zord completely destroyed, forcing Zordon to create a new one for him. This would fit in nicely with Dairanger having a Green Ranger instead of Black.

Rita will still be the Big Bad of the next film.
With the lack of direct interaction between her and the rangers, the fact that she never fought them morphed, and with only small bits of her backstory revealed, she's ripe for further exploration. If the next film draws from 'Green With Evil' it will be her and the Green Ranger, possibly with some other minions for backup.
  • The Power Rangers will cause her to have a headache after her defeat.

Krispy Kreme will be replaced
The company will pull the chain after the disaster that happened just after opening. It'll be replaced with Ernie's Juice Bar.

Trini will get a girlfriend in the form of a future ranger
It could be Kat, thus immediately resolving the Tomberly and Tomkat triangle. Or it could be Aisha, making her possible takeover of the Yellow power more bittersweet. Or Aisha won't become a ranger, and Trini will be directly succeeded by Tanya.
  • Or She'll date Female!Tommy and Kimberly will take that shiptease with Jason

Kim's revenge porn and shaming of her friend will be retconned into part of a Cycle of Revenge
Plenty of people were rubbed the wrong way by the fact that Kim took some joy in her friends getting slimed in the cafeteria, or when their car got trashed by putties, even though as far as the movie indicated she was in the wrong the whole time. In the sequel it will be shown that she and her friends had been sniping at each other for a while, starting with petty put-downs and eventually escalating into something that, while still cruel, at least gives Kim justified reasons to spite her former friends despite realizing how horrible she was being herself.

There will be a Call-Forward to Operation Overdrive.
Zack will come across a young Xander, Tori, Kira, and Bridge playing together while he is morphed. They'll ask him if when they're all old enough to be rangers themselves, if they could form a ranger team with him as their leader.Mostly for the Heartwarming, and it would fit in nicely with Zack being a Composite Character with Adam.

The Rangers will deal with the fact that they can't leave Angel Grove.
Both Jason and Kim have expressed interest in leaving Angel Grove someday but being Power Rangers means they have to stay to protect the Zeo Crystal. They can never move away or go to college. This could be used to set up future Rangers like Rocky, Adam, and Aisha.

Queen Bansheera will be reimagined as an Expy of Ragyo Kiryuin.
They're both abusive mothers and want to wipe out humanity, so this would work perfectly. Bonus points she turns out to be Captain Mitchell's ex and the mother of both Dana and Ryan.

Goldar, Scorpina and Finster will all appear as hybrids of humans and Rita's magic.
The Aftershock tie-in comic established that anyone who comes into contact with the remnants of Goldar and the Putties is mutated into a hybrid being subservient to Rita's will, and introduced a brother-sister duo who end the comic in the custody of a secret government agency, and with further tweaking, could easily become the new Goldar and Scorpina. Finster (real name: Dr. Finn McAllister) will be a tech employee of the agency who is turned when an experiment on the siblings goes horribly wrong, and who later helps them escape.

The Morpher will be developed by Finster as a means for a mind-controlled Tommy to morph into Rita's Green Ranger.
The movie made it clear that the Rangers don't need Morphers to morph (since morphing works via emotional connection to one another) and that Rita doesn't have the knowledge to bypass this limitation. Since it's important to maintain the storyline point that the Rangers not know Tommy is the Green Ranger until near the end (thus precluding Tommy morph via emotional connection to the rest of the team), it then follows that Rita will need someone's assistance to get her Green Ranger. Finster, as depicted in the previous WMG, would be a logical fit for that (and a nice twist on Finster's traditional role as monster maker).

Mystic Mother will be Rita's (and Rito?) mother.

The Zords will be upgraded to the Thunder Zords
This will happen accidentally because, after being knocked into the crater made by Goldar, the Megazord was temporarily exposed to the Zeo Crystal's natural energy. Over time, the energy would bond with the zords and force a mutation, creating the Thunder Zords in the process.
  • Alternatively the Zords will become the Zeo Zords.
    • Alternatively, this will happen 3 times, with each exposure mutating the Zords into a new form - the first time will result in them becoming the Thunder Zords; the second time will cause them to wrap themselves in a crystal cocoon, resulting in Zordon having the team track down the movie version of Ninjor, who will be revealed to have created the zords, and he'll free the Zords, which have become the Ninja Zords; the third and final time will turn them into the Zeo Zords.

Jason's sentence will be reduced to community service
In the aftermath of the destruction, Jason's house arrest will be commuted to community service, which will be a callback to all of causes the original rangers participated in.

Future instalments will feature more composite characters.
  • Zordon and Ninjor: Alpha will build a robotic suit of armour and download Zordon's consciousness to it.
  • Lord Zedd and Dark Specter: Zedd's status as the Emperor of Evil was later implied to be self-proclaimed, this time around that won't be the case.
  • Trent and Justin: A child will become the White Ranger and be the Big Bad's son.
  • Lord Zedd and Mesogog: Lord Zedd with be the White Ranger's father.
  • Aisha and Tanya: Tanya was for all intents and purposes the same character as Aisha.
  • Ryan and Olympius: related to the above WMG about Queen Bansheera being Dana and Ryan's mother. When he inherits the Star Power his mother will brainwash him and rename him Olympius.
  • Octomus the Master and Master Xandred: They look similar, both have the same title, same goals, etc.
  • Divatox will get Karone's backstory of being a child who was kidnapped at a young age and raised to be evil, while Dimitria (reimagined as Divatox's sister) will get Andros's backstory of being an older sibling who's spent years looking for their lost sister.

Kat will either be Adapted Out or stay as a villain.
The fandom hated her for replacing Kimberly as both the Pink Ranger and Tommy's girlfriend, so it's unlikely that this will be repeated.

Bulk and Skull will either become a case of Adaptational Heroism or become bullies who never get caught.

Bulk and Skull will be reimagined as Agent Mulder and Agent Scully respectively.
Like in Season 2 of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, they will be trying to uncover the identities of the Power Rangers, but more series than comical: Bulk will be crazy, gullible and believe in almost anything, no matter how bizarre, and pursue it with abandon; Skull will insist that most of the strange events can be interpreted according to mundane explanations, never waver from this view, and be prone to Arbitrary Skepticism.
  • Example 1: Similar to "Zedd's Monster Mash", Bulk will get an idea that the Power Rangers can shrink, and decide to pursue several Ranger-disguised youngsters; Skull thinks this act will get them done for child harassment.
  • Example 2: Similar to "Blue Ranger Gone Bad", Bulk decides to have a town monument built in honour of the Rangers, hoping they will come to thank him; Skull doesn't believe the Rangers would fall for something so easily.

Skull will also think that mundane emergencies don't apply to the Rangers' criteria.

  • Example 1: Similar to "Where There's Smoke, There's Fire", Bulk thinks to join the fire department, believing the Power Rangers will respond to such emergencies; Skull will simply tell Bulk that this kind of job is for the fire department, and that the only fire the Rangers would come anywhere near are fire monsters under Rita's command.
  • Example 2: Similar to "A Reel Fish Story", Bulk gets an idea to pretend to be sharks in the lake to draw the Rangers out; Skull thinks that sharks in the water are too mundane for the Power Rangers.
  • Example 3: Similar to the "Ninja Encounter" three-parter, the duo will find a lost baby, and Bulk decides to look after him until the Rangers arrive; Skull doesn't believe that the Rangers are rescue workers.
    • Tying into this, there will be an Inside Joke foreshadowing Lightspeed Rescue, where Bulk says something along the lines of "well, there should be a team of Power Ranger rescue workers - I mean, cops are kind of superheroes, so why not just go all out?" For an added bonus, they'll somehow tie this into Bulk and Skull a), having that dream imagining themselves as heroes, and b), joining the police force.

Thuy Trang will receive a posthumous "cameo".
  • Similar the Harold Ramis bust in the Ghostbusters reboot.

Jason will get a battlizer

The sequel will be justified as a result of toy sales
At the end of the day, Power Rangers has always been Merchandise-Driven, and while the film was a Box Office Bomb, it did improve toy sales. The movies would easily be able to get people to buy new toys out of nostalgia, since a new movie would get people talking, even if it's only Legacy toys/movie tie-in toys as opposed to toys for the current series.

Bryce Papenbrook will voice Rito Revolto
Following in his late father's footsteps, he will take on his most notable role. His performance would be a huskier version of his Nagito Komaeda voice. Alternatively, he'll play Rito as a Soft-Spoken Sadist.

    Guesses for Tommy Oliver or future Green/White Ranger 

Tommy will be a Native American
This stems from the fact that Tommy was confirmed to be Native American in Zeo and that the group seems to be a true Five-Token Band due to the Race Lift most of them received. Just look at the ethnic background of their actors:
  • Jason is white
  • Trini seems to be Latina like her actress, Becky G
  • Kimberly's Actress, Naomi Scott is from British and Indian descent.
  • Zack is Asian, more specially Chinese.
  • Billy is obviously black.
  • Tommy will be Native American.
He could be Booboo Stewart for a few reasons that might be considered superficial: he is an up-and-coming actor who is young enough to convincingly play a teenager, he is Native American, he looks great with green and also white, and has long hair (which might not be included but is a Tommy staple), and he knows martial arts, already making him slightly better than most choices.

Tommy will be Gender Flipped.
In keeping with the possibility of Rita being the original green, the new green ranger will also be a girl.
  • If this ends up being true, Tommi/Toni (placeholder names) will be either the Veronica to Kimberly's Betty with Jason as their Archie or will be shipped with one of the other boys or possibly even Trini for flavor.
  • The cast of the movie is, per interviews, pushing for Tommy to be a girl, so that it is an even split.

To reflect the reboot nature of the film series, Tommy won't catch Kimberly's eyes; it's Trini who's got the hopeless crush.
Kimberly has no interest other than "Huh, he's cute." due to already dating Jason. Trini on the other hand is single and openly interested.
  • Jossed! Trini is a Lesbian!
    • Could possibly work if "Tommy" gets Gender Flipped
    • Trini could be bisexual. She's only been confirmed as LGBT; the B stands for Bisexual, after all.

They may use Lord Drakkon's timeline, with maybe some slight changes to it
Due to the darker tone of this new movie (and franchise), they may take a darker route to Tommy's story as well. After his defeat in the hands of the team, instead of joining them, Tommy goes back to Rita and continues working for her. Just when Zordon and Alpha are developing the power for the new ranger and trying to transfer the power to Jason, Tommy breaks in and kills Zordon, taking the power for himself. He then fuses the powers of both the green and white ranger into his body and gains an upgrade for his Dragonzord into the Black Dragonzord.

Alpha would have gone into hiding until the rangers return. The final battle would ensue with hand-to-hand combat, followed by a zord fight where the rangers would lose, only to have Alpha reveal a new zord in the making, the Tigerzord, which they would then fuse with the Megazord to fight the Black Dragonzord. The rangers would finally win this one and only then would Tommy finally be saved from Rita's control.

When Tommy/Tommi/Toni is revealed to be working for Rita in this continuity, whoever has the crush will be even more devastated than Kimberly in the original for reasons tied to their Dark and Troubled Past.

Tommy/Tommi/Toni/Tamara will be revealed to be The Dragon to Rita instead of Goldar.
While she was trapped she managed to contact a person, likely a child, and turn him/her into his/her loyal servant, maybe even using some sort of mind control or brainwashing. When she is freed she exposes him/her to the green gem and trains him/her using methods similar to Zordon, only with real Putties instead of holograms. That teenager in question would have some sort of relation with the Rangers, maybe one of the few that talks to Billy or the only one who cared to notice Trini during the year, just so Rita can use that to hurt them. The attack on the town and the unleashing of Goldar and likely other monsters? It's just to get time to all the power of the Green Gem to get inside the Green Ranger and to drain the batteries or damage the Zords so they can't use them for the next fight. After that, Rita would try to get teleported to where Lord Zed is to get reinforcements, but that would need time, so all the Rangers would fight her Green Ranger that has all his/her power at 100% while they are tired after the battle in Angel Grove. Rita escapes leaving him/her behind and not knowing what to do. If the Green Ranger was brainwashed or mind controlled Zordon would clean it and likely erase the memories. If not the memory erasing can still pass. However, deciding that having another Ranger makes their odds against Zedd greater, he would ask (or wouldn't, making it more Heartwarming when the Rangers do it anyway) to have an eye on him/her so when the time comes, she/he can join the other Rangers in the fight.

A future Green Ranger will be a set of fraternal twins
That way we can get both Tommy and a female ranger. While on Rita's side, they constantly tag out in fights with the other Rangers to wear them down or fight together while splitting the power between them but are still a match for all five.
  • If this is the case one twin will join the rangers to become the White Ranger while the other remains with Rita.
  • As an added Mythology Gag, one of them will be obsessed with cars while the other has an interest in paleontology.
    • Continuing said gag, the former would wear mainly red, whereas the latter would wear mainly black.
  • Worth noting is that in-show, Tommy did have an older brother by the name of David Trueheart - the most likely scenario is that Tommy gets gender-flipped, while the brother is the one that stays the same.

Tommy could be trans
In keeping with the diversity of the team and being offered the chance to obtain a body that suits them is what initially causes them to work for Rita.

Tommy/Tommi will be a bully/jerk character with a darker background.
Many know that Tommy Oliver has been known to switch sides over the course of the show. To update that theme, they could have this version be a bully or jerk type character who somehow becomes the Green ranger and joins the team. He/she begins to revel in the power given to hi/her and abuse it, which causes tension in the group. Everybody thinks Tommy/Tommi sucks and is a horrible person, but they'll eventually find out that he/he is being abused by their parents and acts like a jerk to have control over someone. Once Rita or some other villain appears, they tempt Tommy/Tommi to join their side. He/she will fight on the villain's side before going through a Heel–Face Turn and join the Rangers again. Alternatively...

Tommy/Tommi is a legitimately good person
Maybe he/she is a nice guy who, for some reason, people don't like because of some sort of bias, whether out of sexuality/gender/race/background etc. He/she finds the green Power coin and tries to join the Rangers but the other Rangers don't trust him/her because the green coin, which was originally owned by Rita of all people, chose him/her, Zordon especially biased against her/him. His/her life of prejudice from everyone, the rangers included, will lead to a Face–Heel Turn.

A female Green Ranger will be Tommy's sister with Tommy himself being introduced as the White Ranger
That way we can keep the theme of diversity and keep the fans pleased.

Tommy will have foster care/adoption angst
Assuming Tommy isn't any of the previous guesses, and even if he is, it's likely that a major source of his personal conflict will be coming from the foster system. Either he's been in several homes and is maladjusted, or in one especially terrible one, and it wears down on him. This coming from Tommy's adoption backstory in Power Rangers Zeo.

The Dragon Zord will be a military made weapon, and Tommy Oliver will be a Child Soldier trained to pilot and use the green Power Coin
It will be based on schematics and information salvaged from the some alien wreckage and data on the zords from military personal who are uncomfortable trusting some strangers with alien machines to defend Earth. The Final scene of the next movie will have The Dragon Zord and Megazord against the wall before the Power of Friendship breaks through and allows the Dragon Zord to combine with the Megazord and Defeat the Big Bad.

Tommy will initially be distrusted by the other Rangers.
They will distrust him because the last Green Ranger turned evil and they fear that the green power coin might be "tainted" somehow.

Tommy will be a teen parent.
We've hit every other teen drama trope. Why not this one?

Tommy will be in the school band and play the flute.
A reference to the Dragon Dagger.

Tommi will figure out the Rangers' identities

Tommy will replace Jason as AGHS's star quarterback.
This will sow the seeds of their rivalry and Tommy's eventual transformation into the White Ranger; the school mascot is a tiger after all...

Rita will pull Grand Theft Me on Tommy.
She's seen smiling when as she freezes and the Green Power Coin separates from her. This might suggest she transferred her soul into the Coin and plans to possess whoever finds in once it lands on Earth.

Tommy will become an independent Ranger.
The others won't know his identity and he'll not know theirs.

Tommy is Bulk and Skull's friend.
They'll become his Secret Keepers but won't learn the other Rangers' identities.

Tommy will take Jason's place in the football team.
There is a football episode in the original series about Tommy training with Ernie. Tommy and Bulk will compete against each other for the quarterback position.

Tommy will be joined by Rocky, Adam, Aisha/Tanya, & Kathrine as a whole team of evil rangers.
Not only is one ranger against five pretty lopsided, it's effectively already been done with Rita anyway. So the logical next step is a (possibly literal) Psycho Rangers to oppose Jason's team.

Tommy will replace Jason as the Red Ranger.
Jason has expressed interest in leaving Angel Grove, so after losing the Green Power Coin Tommy will inherit the red one. This would also work with him becoming the Red Zeo Ranger later on.

Any sequels will skip over the Dragonzord and Tommy will become the White Ranger from the start.
Whether or not this film and any potential sequels are as Merchandise-Driven as the television franchise, Saban will nonetheless be less motivated to bring back the Zords from the first movie rather than proceeding to the Thunderzords as quickly as possible. So naturally, the Dragonzord will be skipped over in favor of the White Tigerzord. This might be why they used the Green Ranger concept for Rita's backstory, so that they can say, "Been there, done that," and move on.

The sequel won't adapt the rest of Mighty Morphin'
It will adapt Zeo. There will be a short timeskip, where it's explained that Tommy joined the team, Zack will have died and get replaced by Adam, Trini, not wanting to die like Zack, will leave the team, getting replaced. The replacements will become composite characters, specifically; Jason will take on Rocky's spot as the Blue Ranger, but an inferiority complex will make him seek more power, specifically, Triforia's Gold Power. Kimberly will take on some developpement that Kat had, and, just like in Zeo, there will be no real difference between Aisha and Tanya. Logically, Tanya will be her name in the movie.

Who would play Tommy:


    Possible Super Sentai Mythology Gags or Tie-ins 

The Rangers are decedents of former Rangers
  • Similar to Dairanger and Kakuranger.

The White Ranger will be a child, and the Big Bad's son
Like his Dairanger counterpart (Kou), the White Ranger will the child of a human mother/father and the Big Bad (or one of the major villains).
  • Since Zedd is considered Shadam's (Kou's villainous father) American counterpart, he will become the White Ranger's father.
  • Akomaru (Kou's evil twin brother) will receive an American counterpart.

Lord Zedd will command the Terracotta Army
Mighty Morphin Season 2 was adapted from Dairanger, which was based on Chinese Mythology.

The sequel will feature Yokai
The monsters in Mighty Morphin Season 3 were adapted from the monsters of Kakuranger, which were based on real Japanese Yokai.


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