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Nightmare Fuel / Power Rangers (2017)

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"I will destroy everything..."

  • When the van the Rangers are in gets hit by the train during their escape from the mine, we briefly see them all screaming in terror while the van flips though the air. Even though you know that they'll be fine, the focus on the smashed windshield and that there's no other obvious sign that they survived is jarring.
  • To get the Rangers to believe him, Zordon gives them all a vision of what Rita will do if she gets the Zeo Crystal. Each imagines themselves in a nearly empty Angel Grove when a blast of darkness comes out. Each sees themselves surrounded by people who have been turned into ash statues in poses of agony and terror. Rita then comes forward and we see each Ranger screaming in agony as she touches them with their own faces going grey and covered with veins.
    Jason: Why would you show us that nightmare?
    Zordon: It's not a nightmare. It's the future.
  • When Rita "wakes up" in the hold of Jason's father's ship, it looks like a scene out of an actual horror movie before mercifully cutting to black.
    • Beforehand when they discover her emaciated, almost mummfied-like corpse.
  • Rita entering Trini's room from out of nowhere to torment her, even leaving her with some nasty-looking scars afterwards.
    • Among the Blu-ray and digital version's special features, there's an extended moment during this scene that makes it even creepier when Rita actually licks Trini's chin. She also talks to herself about not killing Trini right away, since she wants to "play" a little longer, while holding Trini up by her neck against the wall.
  • The Putty Patrol, while still basically a bunch of Mooks for the Rangers to beat their way through, are much more imposing and resilient this time around, and are actually pretty horrifying.
  • The Megazord forms on accident as the Zords are forced into a burning pit, seemingly crushing the Rangers inside of them.
  • Rita pulling out people's gold teeth to help make Goldar. The head of her wand even contains a human jawbone.
  • But for sheer brutality, the most terrifying scene comes after she incapacitates the Rangers. She ties them to the side of a boat and tortures Zack to get Billy to reveal the location of the Zeo Crystal. Then, after he reveals where it is... she drops him into the water, drowning him. He was eventually revived as we knew he would be, but in that one moment, we knew this Rita was more brutal then we were used to.
    • What makes it worse is that Rita only does it to keep up appearances, almost as an afterthought. The way she walks away as the Rangers scream in terror shows you just how far she's fallen from what she used to be.
    Rita: Zordon would lose all respect for me if I don't... kill you! At least one of you.
  • All of the above is horrible.... but then most Ranger fans realize this is just Rita. The first Big Bad who mostly complained about having a headache and was soon dethroned by the more evil and powerful Lord Zedd..... just what kind of evil is the Emperor going to bring?
    • And what about some of the other Big Bads from the TV show? Dark Specter? Queen Bansheera? Octomus? Just trying to imagine what these horrors might be like this time around is enough to cause problems sleeping at night.
  • Rita is sent flying into space, where she is frozen solid...but as she is being frozen, she smiles, and the smile is sinister in nature. She just knows that she will be back...and most likely not alone.
  • The way the Rangers start to panic as they're being pushed into pit holding the Zeo Crystal, having their faces exposed allows them and the audience to see how terrified they are.
    • At one point, Kim's Zord gets set on fire and as she tries to take off to put herself out, Goldar forces her back to the ground and crushes her wings, stopping her from getting airborne again. Made even worse by the fact that the feedback loop that their Zords give them, mean Kim is freaking out as if she is on fire, and as if her arms are being crushed.
    • Once they're pushed into the pit, several of the rangers start outright screaming. It is absolutely gut-wrenching, especially since they were just putting on a brave face for each other.
  • Rita's attack on the jewelry store. She comes in the store looking like a hag straight out of the ''The Evil Dead," then takes a shotgun blast from a police officer that has arrived on the scene without getting harmed. She then raises the putties for the first time and sics them on the officer who goes down screaming. It then cuts to a shot of Rita walking away from the store that is now covered in flames.
    • Before that, there's a blink and you miss it shot of Rita blocking one of the officer's shots, and the ammo ricochets and hits one of the customers in the background.