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"Not bad. Not enough for me to spare this planet, but not bad..."

Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

The Trailers/Clips

  • Zack's first attempts at super jumping have him crash land into some trash.
  • Jason asks Billy how he ended up in detention, he answers with a rather casual: "I blew up my lunch box."
    • This is followed by a Gilligan Cut to (presumably) Billy's locker exploding off the wall.
  • In the third trailer, we see Alpha slam a miniature holographic putty into the ground before taunting it.

The Movie

  • Jason and a friend pull off a prank by dragging a bull into the locker room of an opposing high school team. When the friend mentions milking the cow, Jason points out that only female cows can be milked.
    Jason: Was there only one udder?
    Damo: Yeah, and it was kinda big, so I had to use both hands...
    Jason: We will never discuss this again.
    • The guy looks at the underside of the bull and groans.
    • Even better: Damo did it to calm the "cow" down, since they're mellower after that. No wonder the poor bull was freaking out.
  • When Jason's dad is chewing him out for being blamed for the whole stunt because Jason refused to rat out his friends, Jason snarks back that he acted alone and that he and Beefcake (the bull) had a real connection.
  • A Running Gag is that whenever someone brings up Kimberly punching out her ex-boyfriend's tooth, she immediately responds with "They put it back!"
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  • The first time we see Trini, she's doing yoga on top of a rock while listening to death metal.
  • As the others start investigating the place where they eventually find the power coins, Trini warns them that they're sneaking into a restricted area. When they later hear police sirens approaching:
    Zack: Security.
    Trini: Someone should've pointed that out. Wait, I did.
  • After Kim and Trini have been pulled into the van, Billy asks about Zack. The girls and Jason share a look before telling Billy to just drive.
  • As they approach the railroad crossing, everyone commenting on if Billy's going to make it.
    Jason/Zack: You got it!
    Trini: I hope he has it!
    Kim: He definitely doesn't have it.
    Billy: I got it! (breaks though crossing barrier) I got it! (train slams into them)
  • Upon waking up after getting their coins, we see the cast realizing their new powers. In particular, Kimberly crushes her phone in her hand. Naomi Scott's face sells the whole thing.
  • The day after Billy gets his powers, the bully tries to break Billy's wrist as revenge for Jason humiliating him during detention. When that doesn't work, he tries a headbutt, but Billy's now resilient enough that the bully knocks himself out, and Billy is the one panicking afterwards.
    Guy watching: [laughing] Billy Cranston just knocked Cole Wallace out cold!
    • As he walks away, he attracts the attention of a couple of girls and breaks into an Adorkable grin.
    • We then see Billy hanging with some kids at a table, bragging about how he "took the bully down." When Kimberly comes up to talk to him, the kids are in awe Billy knows her. Billy's pretty damn surprised she would talk to him, too.
    • On the other side, Kimberly sits down, says one thing to him, and then gets back up without waiting for a response like some twin-tailed ojou in an anime. That she can't be bothered to associate with what she obviously considers to be people beneath her notice is funny in itself.
  • Putting their coins together on the lunchroom counter, Kimberly, Jason, and Billy see how they emit enough heat to melt trays and cause the counter's contents to explode outward. A large stream of soda and food lands right on top of the cheerleaders who've been tormenting Kimberly, who can't help but give a smirk at the sight.
  • Jason, Kimberly, and Billy trying out their powers by jumping a ravine.
    Jason: I'm gonna jump across with her, and then you jump. Piece of cake.
    Kimberly: Let's go.
    Billy: Nonono! Don't jump! Jason!
    *they jump*
    Billy: That's not a piece of cake!!
    • When Jason calls over to Billy to jump over, saying that he's got this, Billy's voice cracks as he yells back that he doesn't.
  • Kimberly asking for some of Trini's water so she can yank her into the pit that the others have just jumped into. And she apologizes before doing so.
    • A deleted scene has Kim awkwardly trying to apologize to Trini for tricking her only to be coldly brushed off, prompting Kim to call it a "good talk".
  • Their complete fear that they inadvertently killed Billy by pressuring him to jump only for him to lose his balance on landing is made funnier by the fact that some of them don't even know his name.
    Zack: Did we just kill that dude?
    Kimberly: (in complete shock) What did we do?
  • The Mythology Gag when the rangers discover their colors.
    Zack: I'm black!
    Billy: What?
    Zack: I am.
    Billy: No, you're not!
  • The fact that everyone seems to call Trini "Deedee", including Zack, Billy's Mom, and even Rita.
  • Alpha's introduction involves him using his stretchy limbs to grab Trini by the leg and drag her across the floor of the Command Center all while she's screaming in sheer terror followed by a peppy and cheery remark.
    Alpha: *To Trini* You're real!
    • And right afterward, he casually flips Zack onto his back and forgets he's there, asking the others why there's only four of them. Then he goes "Oh, right." and drags Zack back to them across the floor.
    • This exchange when he states he's been waiting for the new Rangers.
      Billy: How long have you been waiting?
      Alpha: What's today, Monday? Hmm, 65 million years.
    • When the Rangers are stepping up to the footprints, Alpha asks "why do you keep looking at each other? Is that a human thing?"
    • His lampshading the diversity of the team and the franchise as a whole.
      Alpha: Different colors! Different kids! Different colored kids!
    • Slightly meta example: For a viewer who's hard of hearing, it can be fairly easy to mistakenly hear Alpha introduce himself as "Alpha Phi" instead of "Alpha Five." Alpha Phi is a national women's Greek Life organization. In other words, if you're not listening closely, you'd be forgiven for thinking this Alpha was named after a sorority. Unintentional? Of course. Funny af when you think about it? YES.
  • After Zordon tells the teens that they're Power Rangers now, he asks if they have any other questions.
    Billy: Yeah, are we more like Iron Man or Spider-Man?
    • It seems the filmmakers were expecting some fans' complaints about the new suits "looking like Iron Man" and Lampshaded this in advance.
    • It gets funnier when you remember how Power Rangers has some ties with Marvel through its base series Super Sentai, which adopted the giant mecha concept from the Japanese toku Spider-Man series (not only that, but Disney had sold PR back to Haim Saban once they acquired Marvel in 2009).
  • When Jason exits the Command Center, he sees the other Rangers and believes that they waited for him. After his dramatic speech and exit, it's revealed that they were actually trying to figure out how to leave and he accidentally solved it for them. Also the fact that whatever's suspending the water over their heads doesn't prevent it from splattering all over them whenever someone goes through.
    Billy: (spits out a mouthful of water) I don't know why we didn't think about that in the first place.
  • Trini telling her family where she was the night before.
    Trini: Me and four kids from Angel Grove found a spaceship buried underground.
    Her mom: What?
    Trini: I'm pretty sure I'm a super hero.
    Her little brothers: Cool.
    Her mom: *slams a container on the table* PEE IN THAT CUP!
    • Stealth Pun: she's the Yellow Ranger.
    • Even better? Some people theorized that Trini's mother was going to be possessed by Rita because she sounded like Elizabeth Banks and how the cup has a GREEN lid.
    • Of course, this becomes less funny on a second watch after the campfire scene and Trini all but admitting she's gay, or at the very least, some kind of LGBT. Her mother slammed that drug test cup on the table immediately and having a parent that neurotic and controlling while being in the closet can't have been pleasant for her. Little wonder Trini has such a big chip on her shoulder.
  • A Black Comedy Burst when the news report on Rita's serial murders goes "the sleepy little fishing village of Angel Grove is reeling."
  • The Rangers' first attempt at Morphing has Zordon give a grandiose speech about how Power Rangers were a legion of warriors as lights swirl around them and the music builds to a crescendo... only for both to fizzle out rather pathetically.
  • After thinking the training simulation is using holograms, Zack gets smacked into a wall.
    Billy: That's a strong ass hologram.
    Zack: (weakly) Not a videogame....
  • The training montage has quite a few packed into a short amount of time:
    • The Rangers all sport looks of This Is Going to Suck when they start their training.
    • Before they spar, Billy and Alpha both give each other a little bow. It is both adorable and hilarious.
    • Trini and Kimberly are relaxing at Krispy Kreme. Kimberly sees Trini stabbing her fork into the last piece of a doughnut. They soon engage in a high-speed grab for the piece, flashing forks at each other and flipping it around while wearing giant smiles.
      • The Blu-Ray contains a deleted scene showing an expanded version of this as the two spot a couple at a table staring at them...played by Jason David Frank and Amy Jo Johnson.
    • During one detention, Kim flings a folded note to Billy. After reading it, he crumples it up and tries to throw it back to her but ends up hitting his bully in the head and causes him to fall out of his chair.
    • At one point, Trini crawls between the legs of a Putty and kicks it right in the crotch, it even reacts as if it had vulnerable bits there.
      • According to Becky G (Trini's actress), the Putty's reaction wasn't in the script, but was the poor stunt guy's legitimate reaction to her kick accidentally hitting him for real, with the director choosing to use that take purely for his own amusement.
    • When they fail again to morph, the way Zordon says "Take them to the Pit!" makes him sound like a parent telling their kid to go to their room.
    • Towards the end, the battered, bruised, and exhausted Rangers are sitting down when Alpha sidles up to them and tells them it's time for more training. The look that all of them give in response just screams "You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me!".
  • Zack decides to take his Zord out for a joyride, but doesn't know how to fully control it. Cut to Alpha talking to the other Rangers about training and then wondering where Zack has gone to. Jason barely has enough time to get out an annoyed "Seriously?" before Zack crashes through the wall forcing all of them to run for their lives.
    • Zack almost takes out a car full of nuns, who are singing cheerfully and completely oblivious to the giant robot behind them.
  • The Rangers taking turns making fun of Zordon while gathered around the campfire.
  • Blink and you'll miss it, but right as Rita is destroying the jewelry store as she makes her Putties, the employee takes off her shoe and throws it at Rita.
  • Billy asking the others if he died. Trini says "yes", while Kim says "no" at the same time. The girls glare at each other for their answers while Zack chimes in with "a little bit".
  • Rita yelling at the fleeing Angel Grove citizens for the location of the Krispy Kreme while Goldar smashes up a random building behind her, prompting her to tell it in an annoyed tone "Not there".
  • The Rangers charging into battle in their Zords is badass but then we see the Triceratops running backwards alongside everyone else.
    Billy: I'm going the wrong way! I'm going the wrong way! Jason, I'm going backwards!
  • "How cute, the rangers found their costumes and their dino cars." Note, Rita says this after Kim tried to shoot the villainess with her Zord.
  • As Goldar stomps his way across the town, one of the Putties pushes another directly beneath Goldar's foot, who promptly gets stepped on. The first Putty then sniggers evilly.
  • In a Shout-Out / Take That!, Jason steps on a yellow and black Camaro with his Zord and proceeds to throw it at some Putties.
    Jason: Sorry, Bumblebee!
  • As Kimberly flies in her Zord, she accidentally knocks over some debris that happens to hit the vehicle of her ex-friends who'd bullied her earlier in the film, understandably freaking them out. And Kimberly can't help but enjoy some schaudenfreude.
  • The absurdity of this scene.
    • It's even better in the movie, with Destiny's Child's "Survivor" playing in the background.
      • When shooting this scene, no one knew what the director was going for until the roof was smashed in. After better explaining what was going to happen, everyone cracked up.
    • The fact that Krispy Kreme is plot relevant!
      Rita: Krispy Kreme. Is this a special place?
      Billy: Very special.
      Rita: It must be. The source of life is buried there.
    • When Billy reveals the location of The Zeo Crystal, you can see Zack look up with a bewildered look in the background and mouth the words "Krispy Kreme?", as if he's asking "Seriously?"
  • There's something absolutely hilarious in Rita's slack-jawed, wide-eyed reaction to seeing the Megazord rising up. For the first time, she's completely speechless and loses her smug smile to just stare in disbelief.
  • Billy, realizing their Zords have combined into one giant mech, eagerly refers to the combination as a Momma Zord, before realizing the name sounds awful and deciding to go with "Megazord" instead.
  • The Rangers, having just formed the Megazord, charge at Goldar... and fall flat on their face, as the Megazord uses a different control scheme, reminiscent of Shinji's first run in Eva 01 in Neon Genesis Evangelion. They also take a moment to shout at each other which part they're controlling, which seems to be a nod to a similar gag in Voltron: Legendary Defender.
  • Jason bitch-slapping the bully. Later, he does the same to Rita.
    • Rita exits the movie Team Rocket-style after being backhand slapped by Megazord through the goddamn exosphere!
    • After being flung into space with no means of return to Earth, one can only wonder if Rita eventually stopped thinking.
  • After defeating Goldar and Rita, the Rangers have a little fun with the Megazord by making it dance.
  • Amy Jo Johnson's and Jason David Frank's cameo right after Rita is defeated. They stare along with other bystanders (wearing their signature Mighty Morphin' colors no less) for a few seconds before they all simultaneously take out their phones to start taking pictures.
  • After Rita's defeat, people around Angel Grove are celebrating, including Trini's little brothers who are arguing about which Ranger they get to play as. Trini suggests the yellow ranger, and the brothers say he's pretty cool. Trini asks how they know it's a guy.
  • The mid-credits scene: a teacher calls out Tommy Oliver's name and he's not at his desk. The camera starts going down the hall... and a locker explodes. You can hear Billy then apologize "That might have been my fault. That might have been my fault. I'm so sorry!"
    • It's also a Mythology Gag since in the show the character in question had a tendency to be late or missing when they were needed.
    • The exasperation in the teacher's voice as he says "Cranston" makes it clear the poor guy doesn't get paid enough to deal with this stuff.

Deleted Scenes

  • One scene has Trini tear off Kimberly's graffiti-covered locker door. As they leave together, Trini tosses it aside; Kimberly's astonished face is priceless. Then, as it clangs to the floor offscreen (loudly), they look self-conscious, smile nervously at each other, and break into a run.

The Novelization

  • As the Rangers head to save the town in their Zords, they do so while Trini leads them in singing "Eye of the Tiger".
    • In contrast to how well she does later on, Kim's first try at flying her Zord has her take off straight up into the air screaming at the top of her lungs. Bonus Mythology Gag as summoning that Dinozord in the original series really showed it flying straight up every time.

In Universe

  • The Angel Grove High tie-in website has a story about new student Trini, telling other students to make her feel welcome. Trini writes in to say that she's been attending school there for the past year.


  • One of the first injuries on set came courtesy of Naomi Scott accidentally hitting a stunt guy in the face. Wonder if they put his tooth back.
  • Rita's Hostile Show Takeovers of the movie's Twitter are hilarious because she's able to pull off Deadpan Snarker in just text along with her annoyance and confusion at what the modern world is like.
  • This event is amusing as it is, but the cast occasionally gets distracted by making their avatars get into each other's faces, jump around, or the avatars contorting in weird ways causing them to crack up.
  • Bryan Cranston went on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote the movie and did the entire interview in a Red Ranger costume. He was even introduced as being one of the most distinguished and dignified actors, and the interview was mostly bringing out all his past roles.
  • The first time any of the Ranger actors met Elizabeth Banks was the day they filmed the nightmare vision sequence, Elizabeth was nice and friendly then had to pretend to drain the life out of them.
  • As revealed in an interview, to help him with his role as Zack, Ludi Lin visited his old high school to observe. Due to looking a lot younger than his real age, he managed to convince some kids to give him a tour by telling them he was a transfer student. The kicker? He blended in successfully until one of his old teachers walked up to him and said, "Ludi? You're still here?"
  • The Hilarious Outtakes are amusing enough, but Alpha 5 spending about 30 seconds asking the Rangers increasingly bizarre questions is a highlight.
  • The reason for the Product Placement being so blatant: the director and writer thought it would be funny for something so powerful to have ended up underneath something so mundane and their first pitch of this idea was that the crystal was under a McDonalds.