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For Wild Mass Guessing about the rest of the franchise, see Power Rangers.

Trini is actually transgender and pre-op.
She hides everything well when in civilian identity, but obviously there's no time to do so when morphing under threat.

  • This explains the inconsistency between MMPR and Zyuranger stock footage easily enough.
  • I actually always thought that the suits were made to be as comfortable as possible for the user. I believed that the reason there was no skirt was because the user subconsciously chose no skirt.
  • Aisha doesn't need an explanation, as she was introduced after the Zyuranger/Zyu2 footage ran out.
  • The rest of the Zordon Era doesn't involve She's a Man in Japan.
    • The Dairangers never appeared in MMPR.
    • Ninja Yellow's counterpart in the Alien Rangers was male.
    • Zeo, Turbo, and In Space all had female Yellow Rangers in their Sentai counterparts.

Rita did end up gaining the Green Ranger powers
The spell that Rita used said that once Tommy's powers ran out they'd be transferred to her. Tommy stopped the transfer by giving his coin to Jason before they ran out completely, while this appeared to break the spell it merely stalled it, Rita couldn't take the powers from Jason but the spell was still in effect. When Jason gave the coin back to Tommy in Return of an Old Friend the spell was reactivated and was just waiting for Zordon's power boosts to wear off. When Zedd finally made Tommy use up the last of his power the spell was finally completed and Rita gained his powers. Notice how, despite Zedd having removed her powers as punishment Rita manages to return twice? The second time explicitly shown that she was piloting her dumpster under her own power, despite not having her powers anymore? The Green Ranger powers were enough for her to control the dumpster but not enough to actually break Zedd's shrinking spell. Then once she gives Zedd the love potion he restores her old powers and Rita is now a lot closer to Zedd's power level than before.
  • Also note that the first episode after "The Wedding" is "Return of the Green Ranger." In it, Rita has to get outside help to create a clone of Tommy, but the clone is able to receive the "legitimate" Green Ranger powers without explanation. Rita must have decided to put the now-superfluous Green Ranger powers to use at that point.

Rita created the Green Ranger Coin herself
We were never given an explanation of where Rita got the Green Ranger power coin, even though we're told Zordon found the other ones. We're also told that Zordon has created teams of Power Rangers before the team we knew so, after Rita past encounters with Zordn's teams she decided to make a ranger of her own. Rita's had possession of the power coins repeatedly throughout MMPR so it's not much of a stretch to think she's had them before, long enough to figure out how to copy the design. Also note that all the Rangers we know for sure that Ninjor created did not involve a green ranger but a white one instead.
  • It's a damn yummy coincidence that the Dragonzord just so HAPPENED to configured with 3 of the Dinozords and was a key component in forming the Ultrazord alongside DinoMegazord and Titanus
  • Firstly, it's said that Ninjor made the Dino coins (which would include the Dragon Coin); Rita has never been implicated to have this power. Furthermore, it is stated that the Nasty Knight, one of Rita's Monsters, won her the Sword of Darkness in a fight against Zordon, so I don't think it's much of a stretch to assume that she won the Dragon Coin in a similar manner either.
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  • When Tommy was brainwashed and entered the Command Center, Zordon calmly says "So, Rita found somebody to give the Sixth Ranger Coin to" - he knew it existed and Rita had it and never shared this with the main 5 Rangers! The fact that the Command Center could at first only be entered by somebody with a power coin ANY power coin despite the fact he knew a evil Green Ranger would be made, and could get in and wreck havoc. That was either massively stupid, or some type of Gambit about being confident Tommy could be turned good. Considering the Dragonzord can perfectly combine with the other Zords makes it likely the latter was the plan.

Rita's Green Candle is the reason the Rangers needed new powers in S3
This is a bit long, and might it better in Fridge, but I promise its worth it.

Apparently the reason the rangers got the ninja coins is because their old powers were too weak to keep fighting Zedd with...why? I can't remember any real explainantion for this but I just thought: when Tommy gets his Dragonzord coin back in Return of an Old Friend (ROAOF), it almost immediately loses power and is then refueled by Zordon so Tommy can fight Goldar/get the dinocoins back, who (Zordon, that is) then needs to be refueled by the Rangers' power coins, which then accidentally spill all over Tommy, not only recharging his power coin but also providing enough power to heal him too. So, the coins end up doing 3 things at the expense of their own power: refueling Zordon, recharging the Dragonzord coin & healing Tommy. Now, since there was enough energy left over to heal Tommy I'm going to assume that the Dragonzord coin got fully charged, however, Tommy only fought half as well as usual so I'm also going to assume that the amount of "brain power" that Zordon was able to expend is equivalent here to half a power coin (hence Tommy's half-assed fighting against Goldar in ROAOF, by no fault of his own) and the amount to heal Tommy was equivaent to that (blatant guesstimate there).


Now, lets do the sums, that's a whole 2 power coins worth of power minimum that the other five power coins picked up the slack for, half for Tommy, half for Zordon and 1 for the Dragonzord coin itself. So, that's 2 powers coins accounted for by 5 meaning that's each of the original five rangers' coins contributed at least two fifths of their power, leaving each original dinocoin with only 3/5 (i.e. 0.6 times) their original power leftover (and the Dragonzord fully charged but rapidly diminishing with each use).

In summation, no wonder the rangers had trouble keping up with the Big Bad, five of the rangers had effectively been depowered ~1.6x and the most powerful ranger (Green, since he had the fully charged coin) was rapidly becoming the weakest due to the lingering effects of the Green Candle!

There are also tell-tale signs in the show that the rangers were weaker post-ROAOF:

  • They succumb to monsters, including putties more easily than before, constantly calling out either the dragonzord, Megadragonzord or Ultrazord (that is, when they don't call on a combination of those three in the same battle). However, Rita's forced showed no indication of having strengthened in any way that would warrant such force and in the past the Megazord could probably have easily taken those Monsters of the Week out, so why the overkill? In fact, isn't such overkill against the ranger code [specifically, "don't escalate a battle"]? The only logical explanation (that I can see, at least) is that overkill was the only choice for their depowered forms.
  • Correct me if I'm mistaken on this one, but the transitions between ground force and the megazord control room became much less smoother post-ROAOF. Indeed, there were some shots of the rangers appearing in the Megazord cockpit as if they'd just fallen into it rather than them just being there as was previously the norm, a sign of them losing control slightly due to weakness?
  • Post-ROAOF the rangers can barely go one fight without Tommy and when he does show up he fights noticeably better and can take more hits than the others. This fits with the ideas that his power coin is charged more than the others. After all, doesn't it follow that if its more charged, he'll have a better quality of ranger powers, no?

Now, this is just wild mass guessing here, but I definitely think this is on to something.

  • You seem to have put a lot of work into I'm legitimately sorry to mention that the reason they got the Ninja powers was not because their old coins were "too weak." It was because Rito attacked the Command Center and did damage to it that indirectly damaged the coins.
    • You're confusing Rito with Ivan. Rito destroyed their zords in battle which indirectly damaged the coins. Furthermore, it's made clear that the zords weren't in peak condition during the battle which could be due to the rangers' powers being weakened.
      • I'm not confusing the two, but I am probably just misinformed. Nevertheless, like the above poster said, Rito indirectly damaged the coins. Maybe the Green Candle had something to do with how they could be damaged so easily, but there was still a canon reason why the old coins wouldn't cut it.
      • The coins power the zords. Obvious? When the zords are loosing the battle, they need more energy, and the command centre has to send more energy through. This has been seen time and time again, especially when the original Megazord and Red Dragon Thunderzord were against strong opponents. But in the battle against Rito and his legions of monsters, the Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord were ambushed and outnumbered ridiculously by the monsters. They tried to infuse more energy from the command centre into the zords, so that they could gain the strength and power to rival the attacks against them, but it overloaded, causing the zords to basically destroy themselves. This energy is powered by the coins, the coins are the direct source of the zords. The more powerful the energy in the coin is, the more powerful the zord will be (ergo why Dragonzord was a bitch to take down early on, and then sorta decayed towards the end). When the zords overloaded, the coins overloaded too. There have been alot of situations where the rangers have infused their zords with more power, but purposely stopped before the zords overloaded, because their coins would have too, they knew this... but the battle against Rito left them no choice, because they were going to be destroyed anyway. The ninja coins and zords weren't more powerful, they were more agile and flexible to avoid the outnumbering slaughter, to the point where they don't need to infuse themselves with more strength, because they don't need it anymore. It didn't have anything to do with the green candle, not sure but it's possible that they had this issue even before they met the green ranger.

At one point, the Dairanger suits did exist in PR.
At one point, Zordon had another set of Rangers—let's go with the Thunder Rangers for the purpose of this WMG. They lost their powers... but not their Zords and weapons. The Thunder powers were left half-broken, and so Zordon moved on to the MMPR. As a result, he had an extra set of Zords, an extra Sixth Ranger and a Power Cannon lying around for when the Dinozords were wrecked. During "White Light", Alpha and Zordon weren't building the suit—they were adapting it for use with the mashed-up powers.
  • Alternate theory: Zordon plans to create a brand new Ranger team. He created the Zords, the power, and had five (or six) other teenagers in mind. However, Zordon give the Power Rangers a choice in "Doomsday, Part 2". If they chose to be normal teenagers again, then he'll create the Thunder Rangers to take their place. But after the Rangers chose to remain Power Rangers, he stashed away the Thunderzords and the power just in case. Which proved a good move when Lord Zedd showed up.
  • The Megaforce Rangers morphed into the Dairangers in Super Megaforce episode "Earth Fights Back", complete with their powers.
  • Interestingly, there have been rumors that the unused Dairanger suits would have been used for a team of "Ancient Rangers" for Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. And in Super Megaforce, they're known as the "Legendary Squadron".

They didn't change their costumes in season three because they kept the old powers as well.
They may have gained new ninja powers which, (judging by their Tenga fights) were far more useful than their old forms but the original ninja power coins had aged for thousands of years by the time they got to the temple. Thus, they needed more power to call the zords. It is conceivable that Ninjor built or summoned the same model of morphers or Billy or Alpha probably had some laying around. So Ninjor recovered the suits as a means to summon the zords but made the ninja powers so they could fight better. This would also explain inconsistencies like why Saba is still around, why their suits look the same, how they don't need a morpher for their ninja forms, and why they can apparently summon their belt-morphers now.

Finster didn't just put any handful of Egyptian sand on the mold for King Sphinx...
He got it right near the tomb where Queen Bansheera's minions were imprisoned.

Rita and Rito's mother is still out there somewhere, sealed away.
We know she exists thanks to Rito mentioning her, but we've never seen her and it's not explained why. This is a pretty good explanation.
  • Likely she's still around, and still evil. If she was sealed and eventually released, she might get her revenge on all the Rangers for destroying her family or turning them good.
  • She'll be the PR counterpart of Queen Hedrian from Denshi Sentai Denziman.
  • According to BOOM! comics, Rita and Rito each have a different mother but share the same dad. While the identity of Rito’s is unknown, Rita’s was good.

The Orb of Doom didn't really turn back time.
This might be a stretch, but the Orb of Doom had some type of magic effect that's not actually literally turning back time. If that's what happened why were the Aquitar Rangers able borrow the Shogun Megazord. If time had been reversed, shouldn't that Megazord have never been found? And they also used the Falcon zord which presumably didn't exist until Ninjor created it for the rangers when they first visited about twenty years after the Aquitars fight the bad guys.

Madame Woe had previous encounters with the predecessors to various Earth-bound Ranger teams and their allies.
It's implied that Madame Woe has been on Earth for some time. She most likely encountered Princess Shayla, the secret ninja academies, the denizens of the Mystic Realm, the Pai Zhua, the Ancient Samurai Rangers, Keeper, and Koda during the 10,000-year gap.
  • Jossed with Keeper and Koda, since Dino Charge takes place in an alternate universe.

Serpentera can change size
We've seen zords change size before, and it would explain why it's so small in "Forever Red."
  • Why didn't it grow larger when Cole was wiping the floor with it?
    • Because it was being piloted by one 'bot instead of its usual army, and that one bot had never been in its cockpit before, whereas before it was piloted by people who had experience. In other words, the "grow really really big" button wasn't labeled, and General Venjix didn't know it was there.
    • Or Venjix installed the Grow/Shrink feature. Shrinking it allowed it to operate at a lower power requirement removing it's one weakness when Zedd used it, and he didn't make it grow during the fight because it simply didn't have enough power to operate that way at the time.
    • Or maybe Venjix simply didn't know that it could grow larger.

Something EPIC went down at the Peace Conference.
While Trini, Zack, and Jason were at the Peace Conference in Switzerland, some weird evil crap went down. Trini died; thus, we never see her again.
  • We never see Zack again. Maybe he died, too? Though Jason should have probably mentioned something like this...
    • Who says he didn't? We just didn't get to see it, much like we never saw Tommy getting back in touch with Jason or Jason's return to Angel Grove. Notice how even with the return of Jason nobody mentioned Trini or Zack? Might be a subject that's too painful for the other Rangers to discuss. Also, note that Zedd was a far more efficient villain than Rita and it would be in character for him to eliminate potential threats. Plus Rita was always a very petty villain and Trini, Zack and Jason had majorly ticked her off before Zedd took over.

After leaving the Rangers, Zack and Trini joined The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
After the League fell apart back in the late 60s, the American government spent the 80s and 90s trying to put together the best replacement they could find. They'd probably been studying the Rangers long before then, and jumped at the opportunity to recruit some former members when they showed up at the peace conference in Switzerland note . Their martial arts skills and experience with supernatural and/or extraterrestrial threats made them invaluable additions to the team (even without their Ranger powers), and they defended Earth alongside many other famous badasses such as Cordell Walker, Marty McFly, Dr. Daisuke Serizawa, and a suitably leashed Jason Voorhees.
  • Jason then had to temporarily leave the League to become the Gold Ranger. He may have been on a secret mission for them during Turbo: A Power Rangers, and brought Kimberly along with her.

Adam, Aisha, and Rocky were graduates of the Wind Ninja Academy or Thunder Ninja Academy
They were mentioned in their first appearance to be ninjas. What are the chances of there being a third ninja academy in Southern California?
  • They weren't really ninjas. It was just some sort of martial arts tournament that, for some reason, referred to its participants as ninjas. There was a similar competition in an earlier episode which Tommy and Jason competed in as a team.
    • Ninjas are masters of disguise. What better disguise than a false ninja?
  • Dude! The Power of Thunder!

Ninjor was so isolated when the Rangers found him because he lost faith in humanity after Lothor's betrayal.
He saw that his pupils were capable of misusing his teachings, and so he took his stuff and went home. He was persuaded to have faith in humanity again by the pureness of heart of Zordon's pupils. He didn't help them fight Lothor because he figured it was their own damn fault.

Ninjor created seven Power Coins per set
When the ranger switched to the Ninja Power Coins, they retained their old costumes because they were still using their old morphers. But this doesn't explain why Tommy's ninja ranger form was white.

However, the only Dino Zord that wasn't shown to have a corresponding ranger and Power Coin happens to be white. If we assume Titanus was linked to a "White" Dino Power Coin, we can also assume that Ninjor created a White Ninja Power Coin and gave that coin to Tommy. This would also mean that Ninjor created a Green Ninja Power Coin.

In the same way, Tor the Shuttlezord didn't have a matching ranger and was green. Tor was meant to be linked to the Green Power Coin.

And thus the creation and power source for the White Ranger can be explained. Zordon and Alpha simply adapted the previously-unused White Dino Coin.

The Dragonzord was cannibalised to modify Titanus for usage with the Ninja and Shogun Zords.
This is why Titanus was seen wearing bits of the Dragonzord's armour whenever it formed the Ultrazord in season 3.
  • Except that it wore said armor in season one as well, and the bay is clearly unchanged.

Grimlord was of the same species of alien as either Zedd or Rita
This is why Thrax had bits of his face.
  • Grimlord was actually a virtual reality avatar of Karl Ziktor, presumably created from his own imagination, for his evil purposes. But it is possible that there had been evil aliens inhabiting Earth long before Rita was awakened and Zedd arrived. So he probably saw one of the aliens from a distance and decided to design his avatar after the horrifying creatures to be more intimidating to his virtual subjects.

Zordon didn't actually know jack about the phylogeny of prehistoric creatures in-universe.
This would explain the fact that four of the seven dinozords aren't actually dinosaurs. The guy's an alien, not an earth paleontologist. And he probably never saw a Tyrannosaurus outside of certain inaccurate depictions, explaining why it's body is off.
  • While it is implied that all seven 'zords date back to the Battle 10,000 years ago, that just means that either the similarity to prehistoric earth creatures is entirely coincidental, or that he based them on fossils without any paleontologist to help him. He's a Morphing Master, after all, not a paleontologist himself.
    • He can't exactly consult one in the current age either, secrecy being what it is, so the decision to call them "dinozords" in English was likely based off of popular depictions on TV broadcasts Alpha picked up.
    • It could just be that dinozords rolls off the tongue easier than, multiple prehistoric creatures zords.
  • And triceratops didn't exist!
    • Technically they did—they were just young Ceratopsians—and it even belonged to the Blue Ranger, sort of like the Justin before Justin.
    • And given that Triceratops was named before Torosaurus, none of this matters anyway and it's still Triceratops.
    • The jury is decidedly out on the question of whether Triceratops and Torosaurus were the same species. There are mature specimens with solid frills and juvenile specimens with fenestrated frills - it's NOT as simple as "triceratops juvenile - Toro mature."
  • Also, calling the Triceratops "wise" and giving it to the smartest person in the group shows a lack of knowledge. Triceratops was arguably the dumbest of the five animals used. The smartest would have been the Mastodon.
    • Incidentally, Zyuranger gets it right: the black Zyuranger is the smart one.

Lord Zedd is from Silent Hill.
Or at least the outer-space equivalent of it. It explains why he looks considerably freakier than most Power Rangers villains and can transport to a place called the 'Other World'. Plus, he has a knack for basing his monsters on the issues of the Rangers, especially when he makes them out of prized possessions.

Jason was a closeted homosexual who was secretly in love with Tommy
Think about it out of the four original guys (Jason, Tommy, Billy, Zack) Jason was the only one not to show any interest in the female persuasion. Before Tommy showed up, Zack was Jason's best friend but then he ditches Zack for Tommy (because he's in love with Tommy but only sees Zack as a friend). Beats himself over letting Tommy lose his green ranger powers. Has no qualms with being replaced as leader by Tommy while he's still on the team and even smiles about it.
  • Or perhaps Jason was never closeted. Think about it, none of the rangers would have been bothered by it and everyone else wouldn't have been familiar with him to figure it out or just afraid to bring it up, Jason was pretty bad as seven from the beginning not the kind of person to spout homophobia at. Why else would the others have never tried to set him up with anyone?
    • Well in Zeo he begins a relationship with Emily so that puts a damper on that.
      • Didn't they start up their relationship because she was hanging out with a bad crowd and he wanted to help her? Maybe he's putting aside his desires to make sure she gets a better situation? Jason always was the 'take one for the team' kind of guy.
      • Tbf, doesn't the Emily thing die pretty quickly, considering that he supposedly resolves to make a serious effort with their relationship at the end of Zeo, and then she's completely out of the picture by the next episode (Turbo).
    • If Jason's gay, he's at least closeted in early Season One: Zack kisses him in "No Clowning Around" and Jason makes a show of "yuck, get off me" there.
    • There was also some definite homoerotic tension in that S2 or S3 episode with the shark that burrowed underground (can't remember the name)

Pythor, the rumored lost Zyu2 monster, is the most powerful being in the universe.
Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

Rita and Zedd were sexually involved before actually falling in love.
They still hated each other, but at one point succumbed to good ol' Foe Yay. The result was Thrax, who is somehow old enough to have a rivalry with Sentinel Knight.
  • Interesting but wouldn't it have come up when Zedd suggested they have a baby and Rita freaked?
    • Bad experiences with Thrax, maybe? Or the thought of a legitimate child that she would be forced to take care of?
    • Well, beyond the fact that Thrax hadn't been thought up at the time, at the time Zedd brings it up, Rita still has plans of kicking Zedd out of the center seat. Having a kid means not only that Zedd sees himself sticking around but that she would have a permanent tie to him, which, when you're planning a coup, an heir is not a handy thing to have around. Rita's focus at the time is purely on her plans for power, not on bringing up the LAST time they tried the reproduction game.
      • Jossed, when Zedd suggest that they have a baby in season 2 Rita is disgusted, if they already had a bastard child surely she would have mentioned it (besides you know Thrax hadn't been thought of by the show).
    • Maybe they, um, had their memories of him wiped at some point? By, say Sentinel Knight after he imprisoned Thrax, to prevent them from releasing him.
    • Well, it's been 10,000 since Lord Zedd has seen them, and Goldar had to remind of himself to Zedd.

Zordon was behind Rita's release in the beginning of the series.
As we know, one rule of the Morphing Grid is that users of the Ranger powers can't escalate a battle unless forced to. Given Kimberly's involvement in the past in Wild West Rangers, Zordon knew that the Power Rangers would be needed within a couple hundred years. From Power Rangers Turbo and Power Rangers in Space, we know that Zordon at least had some correspondence with NASADA and had more zords (corresponding to the original 5 colors) hidden on Jupiter's moons. Justin was able to get the correct shuttle for the Astro Megazord just by mentioning Eltar. So one would think that Zordon might have intervened to stop the astronauts from unearthing Rita's dumpster...unless he was behind it. In order to prepare the Earth against the tougher opponents on the way like the Machine Empire, Master Vile and Maligore Dark Specter, Zordon freed Rita from the dumpster to have an excuse to escalate the battle.

The earthquake in the first episode actually killed all the rangers
When Rita caused the earthquake in Angel Grove it was in fact a natural earthquake and the building the rangers were in collapsed on them. The rest of the series is inside Billy's head as he dies. This is why he's on the show for so long after he quit being a ranger.

Billy is a Super Human or alien
Creating teleporters? Being able to turn older? Come on! That is NOT human. Even Einstein could not do that, even if it was the year 3000 and he teamed up with Bill Nye! Simple. Billy is an alien, or a Super Human.
  • Billy didn't create teleporters he simply figured out a way to activate to Command Center's teleportation capabilities remotely.
    • Still, that's not bad for a 16 year old!
  • You also seem to forget that Billy didn't turn older through his own abilities.

Kim broke up with Tommy because of the Fridge Horror she realized after she went back in time.
In "Wild West Rangers", Kim is aided by the White Stranger, who is Tommy's ancestor. At the very end, when Kim goes back to her time, her ancestor shows up, and she starts making eyes at the White Stranger. Kim may have looked into her relatives afterwards and realized that she and Tommy could be related.
  • Wouldn't their be relationship be distant enough for it not to matter, making this a case of Artistic License – Biology on Kim's part.
    • Unless their is a big important part of the episode missing I would have to say, Yes Kim fails biology forever.
    • Well, even if she knew that the relation would be distant enough, it could still evoke feelings of Squick regardless.

Alpha rebelled against Zordon in "Day of the Dumpster"
When Rita escapes her space dumpster, Zordon asked for "Overbearing and overemotional humans" to which Alpha replied "Not teenagers" which Zordon agreed with or more colloquially "teenagers with attitude", so who does Alpha bring? 5 of the most goody goody teens ever, teens who would of fit right in if they lived in Stepford instead of Angel Grove. So obviously Alpha didn't bring Zordon what he asked for, thus he rebelled.
  • Zordon specified he wanted "teenagers with attitude". He didn't specify what kind of attitude they had to have.
    • No, in the intro it's "Teenagers with attitude", but in the episode Day Of The Dumpster when giving his requirements it's "Overbearing and overemotional humans. "

Everything that happened between the fortieth episode of the first season and the beginning of the second season was all just a dream.
The ending of the fortieth episode doesn't appear to make sense in the context of the series: Zordon gives the Rangers the option of retiring after they undid one of Rita Repulsa's better schemes, which forced her back to the Moon. That looks like it's just the old status quo reestablished. Why would Zordon even consider disbanding the group then? Wasn't Rita Repulsa still a threat?

The answer lies within the two-part episode itself. Zordon and Alpha reveal to the audience that Rita's decision to land on Earth has backfired for her in the worst possible way. Because she landed on Earth, she inadvertently allowed Zordon access to her collection of spells. This would allow the creation of counter spells, and the Rangers wouldn't be needed after those were developed. Thanks to her own arrogance, Rita Repulsa has been neutralized.

  • This is why witches have spell books - you can't hack into a musty old tome. It's her own fault for trying to be so clever with computers.

That's also why Zed throws Rita out in the second season. Her entire arsenal has been rendered useless; she can no longer make a valid contribution to the war against Zordon.

But if Rita has been weakened so much that Zordon would consider retiring the Rangers, then how do we explain her efforts later in the season? Simple: all twenty of those episodes either took place before the fortieth episode — that is, are flashbacks — or were simply dreams. All Just a Dream was used in an earlier episode, so there is precedent. The difference with these is that we never see the bookends of the dreams; we don't even know who is dreaming. This may seem far fetched, but this is WMG, and the retirement offer does not make sense in context otherwise.

  • This doesn't account for why the Green Ranger has his powers at the start of season two.
    • *Speaking of the Green Ranger, I might be wrong but after the Rangers were given the option to leave, and with the Green Ranger returning about ten or so episodes later in season one, wasn't Rita's new mission to be to weaken the Green Ranger?
      • You are wrong, it was Zedd's plan to weaken and finish off the Green Ranger. Rita never her sights on Tommy specifically after Green Candle.

The Dino and Ninja Power Coins are equally powerful.
The Power Coins simply work better when used by someone who has a matching animal spirit. When Zordon had to make do with what he had on hand. Ninjor on the other hand was able to give them coins that matched their animal spirits.

Ninjor is dead
Rita and Zedd killed him when they destroyed the Ninja Power Coins. There's strong evidence that Ninjor either uses the same power as the coins himself or is actually tied directly to the ninja powers (he can enter the Command Center without a power coin or any advanced notice, he could be used as a power source to power the Shogun zords, etc.) so when the ninja coins were destroyed Ninjor was destroyed by the backlash. This explains why he's never seen or heard from again after the Rangers get turned into kids. He was supposed to be in tune with their hearts and come to help whenever they were in trouble and yet he never does so afterward. Nor does he help during the massive battle of Good versus Evil two years later.
  • Or maybe the destruction of the coins left him powerless, and unable to leave the desert.
    • Word of God is that Ninjor's counterpart, Ninjaman, was destroyed along with most of the mecha during Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger's backstory, the Legend War. So if Ninjor's not dead already, it seems he'll be dead in 2013.
      • This turned out to be false. Ninjaman was merely sealed away during the Legend War, and showed up later in Gokaiger. Assuming that story arc gets adapted, we'll be seeing the return of Ninjor in a few years.
    • He could have still participated offscreen in "Countdown to Destruction" and "Legendary Battle".

The warriors who sealed the Face Stealer were members of the Wind Ninja Academy or Thunder Ninja Academy, or at least were trained there.

Zordon had help from the Thunder Ninja Academy in building the Thunder Zords and the White Ranger
Thunder Zords Thunder Academy makes sense to me. Furthermore the way Ninja Storm portrayed it, it seems both ninja academys knew how to make Power Rangers for a while.

In addition to the above WMG the Dairanger suits were an unneeded set of Ranger powers kept by the Thunder Academy
  • And the Wind Academy had the Jetman suits

Zordon wanted to deplete the Green Ranger powers.
This is an combination of several WMGs about the Green Ranger powers. Before Zedd left Rita on her own, he created the Green Ranger powers and gave them to her as a trump card. This also included the Dragonzord, remember the big "Zs" on its feet, which was not originally meant to combine with the Megazord. While Rita was sealed away, Zordon spent that time tracking down the Dragonzord and altering it to combine with his Zords, reverse engineering not only Titanus from it but the Thunderzord tech as well. Once Tommy joined the team, Zordon stated that a prophecy had been fulfilled. For whatever reason, Zordon assumed all those years ago that this ranger wouldn't be using powers that Zedd made, supported by the fact that the Sword of Light didn't have a green spot and Ninjor never once asked what happened to the Green Coin. So after hearing this prophecy, Zordon waited until the White Ranger appeared.

So when Tommy joined, Zordon was truly grateful for the help but wasn't too thrilled that the sixth ranger wasn't matching his expectations. So when the Green Candle incident happened, Zordon saw this as a sign that the White Ranger would appear, and had Tommy give his powers to Jason to keep them from Rita at the last moment to make sure the power coin was too weak to enable a morph. He was content to wait until Rita forced the Rangers to re-empower Tommy. While he was glad to have the extra help again, he was getting impatient and decided that the White Ranger wouldn't appear until the Green Ranger was truly gone for good. To that extent, Zordon arranged things so that Tommy would slowly deplete his powers. This also explains why Zordon never tried to use the Zeo crystal, or even the other five coins, to restore Tommy's powers.

An above WMG suggest that the main five Rangers as a whole were weakened after they restored Zordon. Another explanation for why the main five fought worse following Tommy's return wasn't that they were weakened, but that Rita started adding small amounts of the clay for the Super Putties into the clay used to create the monsters, making them stronger than originally designed. The Rangers could've defeated these monsters using the Thunder Slingers they used on the Super Putties, but Zordon chose not to in order to make Tommy morph. When Tommy was tricked into getting the Sword of Power Zordon realized his mistake, but it was too late, as the Green Ranger powers were now too damaged to even hand back to Jason. So Zordon decided to have Tommy end his tenure as Green Ranger with dignity while he set to create the White Ranger he always envisioned. He chose to make Tommy the White Ranger not only because he had truly proven himself, but to make amends with the Ranger team for deceiving them.

Thanks to the alterations in the timeline, season three never happened.
When Master Vile changed time, Aisha was with the Rangers, who had their ninja coins. By the time the world was restored, neither of these were the case, and now there was a record of a Ranger team on earth that predated the original one. All of these changes added up, culminating in a restored timeline where the Rangers went straight from the original Dino Coins to the Zeo powers following a major battle with Zedd's forces, with only the Rangers and related characters (Zedd, Zordon, etc.) aware of the change. One of the big differences is that in this timeline, the Thunder Megazord wasn't destroyed, but was driven back and ultimately rendered useless when the Command Center blew up, leaving them stuck in Dinozord form. Not only does this explain why the Super Megaforce Rangers never use the Ninja Powers, but it also explains how the original Megazord can appear in the Power Rangers version of the crossover involving the Dinosaur themed Super Sentai teams.

About Trini...
So considering Thuy Trang, Trini's actress, died in a car accident in 2001, would the character still be alive or not? If not, was it Aisha who showed up in the Legendary Battle?
  • Definitely Aisha even though Audri DuBois was the original Trini Kwan before Thuy Trang took the role. Aisha was 11 years old (presumably based on Sicily Sewell's real life age back then in 1996 when Alien Rangers aired and the MMPR 3 team were turned into kids) and became 29 years old when Super Megaforce took the spotlight in 2014. That is if something happened to Trini along the way. If not, then it is still Trini but in suit only.

If Billy had gone on a Zeo quest, it would have taken place in Scotland.
Every Ranger’s quest for a piece of the Zeo Crystal brought them to the place of their ethnic/national origin (Rocky: Mexico, Adam: Korea, Tommy: a Native American village, Kat: Australia, Aisha: Africa). We don’t know much about Billy’s ancestry, but Cranston is a Scottish last name.

When the Power Coins were first created, the Green Ranger was meant to be the leader.
The Green Ranger had noticeable differences from the other five. He has the gold shield and he is based on a mythological creature opposed to an actual ancient animal. Just as generals of the past tended to have more ornate uniforms than their soldiers, so did the ancient Green Ranger have a more ornate costume as befitting his position.

Zordon changed his rules sometime after Tommy joined the team.
Notice that, while Tommy was given the same three-rules speech that the original rangers got, Rocky, Adam, and Aisha didn't get the same speech. It could be that Zordon decided to change the rules.

The White Stranger in Wild West Rangers is the great grandson of clone!Tommy.
Return of the Green Ranger ends with the now-good Tommy clone staying behind in colonial Angel Grove. Approximately a hundred years later, the White Stranger, a mysterious cowboy who looks just like Tommy, is patrolling the area. And he wears green as well as white. He appears to be Tommy's ancestor, but what if he's also (the clone of) Tommy's descendant, thus making Tommy's ancestry a Stable Time Loop of sorts?

Scorpina is a member of the same species as Scorpius and Trakeena, possibly even related to them.
Humanoid form with arthropod features with a more powerful, monstrous form losing any resemblance to humanity? Check (while Scorpius is never shown in human form, he implies he once had one). As for why she's able to go back and forth unlike them, keep in mind she only goes monster when she grows with Rita or Zedd's help: she's too vain like Trakeena was and refused to enter her cocoon and shed her human form, thus she relied on them to go back and forth between her forms.

Fox considered moving the show to prime time.
You would think that that one prime time showing (the second season premiere in 1994) was just a special event, which it was, but considering all the complaints about the show from parents and Moral Guardians, it's possible that Fox considered addressing those concerns by moving the show (along with Batman: The Animated Series) to prime time, with this special event as a way of test marketing the idea. They did this at least one more time, but ultimately decided to keep airing it on weekday afternoons when they determined that this idea wasn't popular with viewers.

Goo Fish was an unused Gosei Sentai Dairanger monster whose costume was re-purposed for Zyu 2 footage
This came to this troper after realizing that Goo Fish, like most of the Season 2 MMPR/Dairanger monsters, is cyclopean in nature. Perhaps Goo Fish's Japanese counterpart was meant to be a Gorma monster but for whatever reasons the show decided not to use it for the show (perhaps the costume wasn't finished in time?) When Toei got commissioned by Saban to make new Zyuranger material for Power Rangers, they remembered they had an unused costume that had been meant for their recently-completed sentai and decided to use it as one of the monsters.

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