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Nils Allen "Booboo" Stewart Jr. (born January 21, 1994 in Beverly Hills, California) is an American actor from Los Angeles. He has East Asian, European, and Blackfoot ancestry. He started out doing stunt work and minor roles, in addition to being a recording artist for Disney. His first major role was as Seth Clearwater in the Twilight series, which he followed up with the main roles in White Frog and Running Deer. He has Marvel cred from playing the role of Warpath in X-Men: Days of Future Past, and played Jay in the Disney Descendants franchise.

His sister is Fivel Stewart.



  • Band of Relatives: Used to be in a dance group with his siblings.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: Has long hair and is often cast in roles that highlight this e.g. Julie and the Phantoms, Descendants.
  • Plays Great Ethnics: Stewart is ethnically ambiguous due to mixed ancestrynote , and as such, he has played Continental Native American (the Quileute Seth in Twilight, the Apache Warpath in Days of Future Past, the Inuk Kyle in The Grizzlies among other roles), Native Hawaiian (Tommy in an episode of Hawaii Five-O), East Asian (Nick in White Frog), and Middle Eastern (Jay, the son of Jafar, in Descendants) characters.