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     Monkey D. Luffy 
Luffy will end up getting more than ten pirates in his crew.
  • At the very start of the manga, Luffy said that a crew of about ten would do. However, he never said anything about having more or having less. With this in mind, the possibilities of who could become part of the Strawhats goes up quite a bit. Plus, since we're only about halfway through the manga, I now predict that before the manga ends, the Strawhat Pirates will be a crew of at least sixteen. Luffy included.
  • Including Luffy, I'll put my guess at 12. That's the 9 already there plus Jimbei, Pudding, and one more character.

Luffy will never get One Piece
Just as he's about to reach Raftel, it's destroyed by a massive blast, one piece becoming... Lots of pieces all over the place. Que the sequel where Luffy attempts to retrive the shattered remains and piece it back together.

Luffy actually will deliberately destroy Fishman Island, and it will be the best thing that ever happened to the Fishmen
Going through this arc and the recent flashback, it's becoming apparent that one of the main reasons for all the inter-species discrimination is that neither race really knows a lot about the other. It's also been mentioned a few times that Fishman Island is only where it is because it's the only spot on the sea floor where sunlight reaches, thanks to the Eve tree. Luffy will put the pieces together, as he's occasionally known to do, destroy Fishman Island, and force the fishmen and mermen up to the surface. As both sides realize that they really aren't so different, relations will heal and prejudices will begin to disappear. Similar to how Whitebeard's conquering of the island seemed bad to the world but was gracious in reality, this will set the Strawhats on a new level of infamy to the world, but as savior's to those involved. Also sets up a possible antagonist in Big Mum.
  • Unless the biblicard Nami got from Lola post-Thriller Bark will play a role in averting that last point...

Luffy will destroy Fishman Island by leading the Fishmen to the surface.
Luffy will destroy Fishman Island by leaving it deserted, while the merpeople and fishpoeple who used to live there will immigrate to the land on the surface.

That is Luffy in Madame Shirley's vision.
However, all we saw were a ruined Fishman Island and a silhouette strongly resembling Luffy. The idea that Luffy will destroy Fishman Island was only what Shirley interpreted through connecting the dots. What really happens will be far more straightforward: Someone destroys Fishman Island (whether it be Vander Decken, Hordy Jones, Caribou, Big Mom, or someone else), and Luffy has arrived to defeat the villain.

Luffy will use Haki as a replacement for 'Gomu Gomu no' attacks
Sometime during a fight with Blackbeard, Luffy will be rendered unable to stretch, so to make up for the loss, he will just give attacks imbued with haki and call it out as Haki Haki no...(insert whatever attack he can use without stretching.

All the Strawhats will die at the end of the series
Sailing on the way to One Piece, all the Strawhats will achieve their dreams, leaving Luffy left to achieve his dream. In a final battle, they sacrifice themselves to let Luffy achieve his dream.

Luffy will be the one to avenge Ace and kill Akainu
Having Akainu get away with killing Ace won't sit well with people, not even the ones that think Akainu is awesome. He will likely meet his end by the time the story's finished, likely by Luffy's hand.

Luffy will avenge Hancock and her sisters by destroying the place where they were kept as slaves.
Basically, this connects to the theory that at some point the Straw Hats will go to Mariejoa for the revirie, which will lead to Luffy eventually discovering the place where Hancock and her sisters were kept when they were slaves.

Luffy is the reincarnation of Gol D. Roger
It would explain so much - why Shanks is so very fond of him and gave him the hat, why he's so confident that he will become the Pirate King, all the little similarities between them (including the execution platform bit and his extreme protectiveness towards Ace).

Luffy is the reincarnation of Gol D. Roger...but Roger himself was a horrible person.
We have plenty of good reasons to believe Luffy is Roger reincarnated, but there's nothing that indicates Roger himself wasn't anything but a typical pirate aside from all the wealth, fame, and power he accumulated. We found out recently that Roger killed a whole pirate crew, leaving a remaining member scarred and full of hate. Thinking in this line, Roger probably wasn't a particularly nice person until two important things happened. One, he got his mysterious illness, and the other, meeting his woman Rouge. He had a rather epic case of My God, What Have I Done? over time, and died determined to make up for everything he did during his next lifetime. He was born again as his son Ace's brother so he could be there for him, and all the Strawhats are reincarnations of the people he screwed over most royally in his previous life.
  • So Luffy is the Nameless One?
  • So far the few scenes we've seen of him depict him as less than monstrous. At most I imagine Roger was harsh on enemies, taking the view that if they threatened him or his crew that they deserved all they got.
  • Doubtful now, what with Brook roaming the earth before Roger was even born. You can't argue that Roger's crew might have been the unknown opponents to kill the Rumbars either, since the timeline doesn't match up.
    • Brook did briefly mention vaguely recalling "a rookie by the name of Roger". It's possible that that same rookie took out the Rumbar pirates, just look what Kid's been doing. Highly unlikely, but possible.
      • I would think that Brook would remember who the guy who killed off his entire crew was. And Brook himself.
    • It is Squard's crew that was brutally killed by Roger actually(according to Squard).
  • More evidence in chapter 603, Roger looks are almost identical to Luffy

Luffy will have a serious growth spurt sometime before the manga ends.
Considering how he's clearly not finished growing. This will also lend itself to a Funny Moment if a crew member speculates that at the rate he's going, he'll wind up being taller than all the other males.
  • More specifically, he'll be much taller by the time he meets his crew again. Being without them for so long will make his heart more mature, and his heart will make his body bigger. Hey, that's how things roll in this story.
    • only when you ask Oda a stupid question. but the story has stated again, and Luffy doesn't seem to have really grown. however, his lenght seems to vary wildly, even from panel to panel. maybe that is an effect of the gum gum fruit?

Luffy is mentally handicapped.
His brother pretty much says this to Luffy's crew during the Alabasta, commenting on how he is glad that his crew can help his "special" brother. It would explain how he can easily "push" himself and his high tolerance for pain, as well as his childlike mind despite his being 17-18 years old. This also makes this story more inspiring because the One Piece universe does not discriminate against anyone. It was stated that Luffy was based on Goku, but Goku lived alone until the age of 12. Luffy was in a town filled with people who practically loved him. Maybe his Training from Hell hit him harder then he thought.
  • What about those times when he gets serious and (usually) angry? He certainly seems his age then, especially when he argues with someone about 'dreams'. Like as not his seeming "childlike" mind is him simply relaxing, goofing off. Just because you're 18 doesn't mean your mature or you think things through. Another reason, he obivously has a short attention span. Lastly, he's an anime character! Most male lead characters don't seem to act their age. Plus, its funny.
  • If he existed in real life, he would have been diagnosticed with severe mental retardation long time ago, but so would some other One Piece characters, and as he is only a manga character, it's probably better not to think more about it. Fictional characters are generally mentally handicapped unless explicitly stated to be so. Yeah, it's obvious that Oda intends him to be one of the dumbest characters in the series, but there's nothing more to that.

Luffy is at least average level intellect, but plays dumb
His sudden flashes of "insight" are moments he lets his true personality slip through. Basically, Luffy is the Walky! of One Piece. He lived and grew up in a village till he was 18. Odds are he would have been forced to get a real job if he hadn't come across as "stupid" with bits of sentimentality. It is also a form of self-defense against the brutal world he is entering. He lets it drop when his life is in enough danger that it doesn't matter if his perception of the world is shattered.
  • There's supposedly a scene with Smoker where he calls Luffy out on this possibility. Luffy's response? A mysterious grin.
  • Also, I really don't see how someone as stupid as Luffy makes himself out to be would have figured out that using his rubber properties to hyper-pump his blood as a doping effect would have such a potent effect.

Luffy is actually really smart.
Think about it. He just knows things. I reacon he's hiding his brains behind an act of stupidity.
  • Hell yeah. He just acts that way because to him dumb is more interesting than the outward appearance of intelligence. This also gives his character more depth too.
  • I'd say it's more a case of instincts versus smarts. It's been hinted that most of the D's have an instinctual understanding of certain things like Blackbeard knowing what would happen when Bellamy entered the bar in Mocktown and Luffy knowing whom to trust despite his crews' protests. Perhaps it's a case of his child-like personality that can bluntly understand things that most people can't.
  • I've actually been going a step farther than just really smart. I like to believe that Luffy is actually a Magnificent Bastard and has had most of the adventure already planned out since he set sail. If you think about it, his small island clearly has huge connections to the outside world, what with his Grandfather being Garp and as powerful a pirate crew as Shanks' spending time there, so it's perfectly logical to believe that Luffy would already know most of the enemies he would face and the true companions he'd want to invite along. Also, in my theory, Luffy explained all the major points to Zoro when it was just the two of them, which explains the utter confidence Zoro has in his captain.

Luffy is Obfuscating Stupidity and is a secret Government Agent
He's the grandson of the Vice-Admiral Garp. He was trained to be. His gramps is so famous that Luffy's Crew gets pissed because they think it's their end, but they manage to escape. Luffy escaped the Marine several times. Ruffy escaped Garp at least two times. Luffy has had it all planned out because he's a SGA to capture his father; Garp KNOWS this and only lets it look like he is trying to capture him. You see, being a total ditz, leader of a pirate crew that consists almost completely out of non-adults? Absolutely NO danger. Son of the boss? Yeah, why not, come and meet him, if you want... maybe you'll even live. He's charismatic enough to play it off and because of the previously stated prerequisites he might even be able to get a meeting with Dragon. Chit-chat a bit, wrap him into conversation, and then lure him into a well-laid trap. Bam! Number 1 criminal out of the way. And no one saw it coming.
  • Ummm... Luffy has made the World Government look like complete idiots on numerous occasions, and was largely responsible for two of their three most important bases being wrecked to total hell. Granted, the WG's actions tend to be well below genius-level, but that would be a seriously sloppy and self-defeating gambit even for them.
  • Jossed. We've seen the Gorosei talk about Luffy in an antagonistic manner even in complete private. Also, Akainu tried to drive a magma fist through his brain. I don't think the Gorosei would authorize that if Luffy was their secret weapon to capture Dragon.

Luffy is neither stupid nor putting on a front. Rather, he has a severe case of ADHD, and is genuinely bright but unable to focus for very long.
Except for life-and-death situations. He literally has all the stereotypical symptoms of the disorder, if The Other Wiki is at all accurate. It would explain the brief flashes of insight in spite of appearing out of it a lot of the time. It also explains how his mind seems to wander even in the midst of important tasks and how he jumps into battles without thinking much.
  • The anime has a filler episode which supports this (and is also pretty much the only time we see inside luffy's brain)— when the man is explaining how the rain powder works, his explanation starts normal but is then fast-forwarded and jumbled as luffy completely loses the ability to concentrate (followed by luffy saying: Ah! so it's mystery powder, then!)
  • Or he damaged his prefrontal cortex by sticking a knife through the bottom of his eye socket. He went from average but extremely boisterous kid with no knowledge of cerebral anatomy to a mostly asympathetic, extremely aggressive vagabond who, instead of doing stupid things for honor, does things because they "seemed like a good idea at the time."
    • Probably not, basic knowlage of human anatomy would tell you that the prefrontal cortex is a bit up, and by 'a bit' I mean nearly three inchs, also he stabbed his Zygomatic bone, there is not a single bundel of brain tissue for another 2 inches or so.
    • er... and the personality change might have to do with, you know, Shanks giving up an arm for him

Luffy will get into real fights with every male member of his crew sooner or later.
He's already had a spat with Zoro at Whiskey Peak, and a serious falling out with Usopp at Water 7. I figure the trend will continue at some point in the future, with Sanji up next. It probably won't happen with Nami or Robin, because they've already tried to break ties with the crew in their own way.

Luffy is Gol D. Roger's Reincarnation
This explains why there are so many similarities between them without them being directly related. Most everyone who knew Roger remarks on how similar they are. Luffy has Roger's spirit, which explains his latent "King's Haki", and ambition, hence his will to become King of the Pirates. It also explains why he's so close to Ace, as he's unconsciously trying to make up for not being able to raise him. And they look almost exactly alike! Seriously: compare this image of Roger to this image of Luffy!

Luffy is Gol D. Roger
Luffy looks very much like a young Gol, and they have very similar personalities. At some point Luffy will travel back in time and start the Great Age of Pirates as a Gambit Roulette to bring down the World Government.
  • Terminator ?
  • This would completely change the relationship between Luffy and Ace.

Luffy will get a weapon of his own to use when things get really pear-shaped.
In addition to his fists and anything else he has currently, a metal baseball bat would be just the right fit for luffy's fighting style. It's powerful, it's something ANY IDIOT can use even if it's not for it's intended purpose, it requires zero training to use, and if anyone took it from him to use it against him, because he's rubber it wouldn't have any effect!

Luffy in most of the battles at the end of an Arc is using Haki to enhance his strength unknowingly.
Now, one of the few things we do know about Haki is it can be anger-activated. We also know it can enhance psychical strength like seen with Hancock at Maineford. And most of the villains Luffy fights at the end of an Arc, he's usually pissed at them for various reasons like Crocodile, Enel, Lucci, etc. When Luffy fought Crocodile in Round 2, he was notable less effective then in Round 3. When he and Lucci fought at Iceberg's mansion, he was a fly to him compare to the fight at Enies' Lobby where they suddenly fought equally, Super Mode and Voluntary Shapeshifting notwithstanding. Also, when confronting Blackbeard at Impel Down, Blackbeard, a man who has sailed around with Haki users for decades and may be one himself and someone Luffy is very angry with, notes Luffy's Haki has increased in strength.

So, even though Kizaru still would have been unbeatable, why he lost at Shabondy and ID, was because he wasn't really angry at them, thus not fighting with the strength he usually can muster. Also, a sign that he needs to harness the potential so he can use it at will in the New World and why people think he's so weak now is because he hasn't been able to use it usually because he wasn't really pissed at anybody (maybe Magellan, but that's hard to do when he's living poison)during Impel Down and Maineford.

  • Sounds perfectly plausible to me. Further evidence: Bellamy. I just cant imagine a calm and happy Luffy oneshotting a 50 Mil pirate.
    • Eh, bounties can be gained by being nasty as well as badassed. Luffy got his 30 mil bounty by stomping three multi-million dollar bounties (that the gov't knew about) and pissing off a corrupt marine while basically doing good deeds for everyone he came across. Bellamy seemed to be the type to get his bounty inflated by committing actual acts of piracy and general sociopathy.
      • Bellamy admitted to Doflamingo post-Skypeia that he and his crew had only been deliberately targeting pirates weaker than themselves in order to boost their "badass" status. Thus, his confrontation with Luffy was simply a case of Bellamy Mugging the Monster without realizing it.

Luffy will get facial hair
All important pirates have some kind of facial hair e.g. Rayleigh, Roger, Whitebeard, Shanks.
  • Bubblegumbeard!
    • In one of the Romance Dawn prototypes, Luffy in the end did have some hair on his chin that made him look almost exactly like Shanks, so maybe.

Luffy will never grow up
Both mentaly and physically. Just look at him in recent chapters,
  • He only went from 17 to 19 years old. A huge change in his over all appearance would be out of place considering most people are done with puberty by then.
  • Robin: "I always figured he would die young." Others: "STOP SAYING SUCH SCARY THINGS!" (Not an actual quote, but fits right in.)

Luffy's power's aren't simply physical...
This is more my brother's idea than mine but it deserves mention. Luffy's stretching ability isn't limited to his body. We know his body is made of rubber, what about his life? We've constantly seen him abusing his Gears, and it's said these could cut his lifespan. Admittedly this wouldn't show up until the long run where he dies naturally at like, 24, but still. It could also count for all the battles he's survived by a thread. Luffy can also stretch his lifespan, and/or his stamina as well. Considering that all the pain extracted from him fucked Zoro up so bad, maybe Luffy survived because he stretched his resistance and how he could survive it. Zoro survived only because he's so...GAR. Paramecia is known for some of the more weird powers, so why not even making his soul and life rubber?

Luffy defeated Crocodile, Eneru and Rob Lucci through an uncontrolled manifestation of Busōshoku Haki.
Think about it. Luffy was unable to touch Crocodile under normal circumstances in their first two battles. But suddenly, in their third, he could touch Crocodile with impunity. At the time, no explaination was given. But with the concept of Haki fully revealed, we now know that Luffy unwittingly used Haōshoku Haki in at least three different situations:
  1. Against Duval's bison when they rescued Hatchan.
  2. Against the Kuja Pirates at Marguerite's attempted execution.
  3. Against the Marines at the Whitebeard War/Ace's execution.
It is altogether possible that Luffy may have unwittingly used Busōshoku Haki against Crocodile and Eneru. It could've also helped him against Rob Lucci, as his unwitting Busōshoku could've overwhelmed Lucci's Tekkai.
  • It was explained that contact with liquid (usually water) solidifies Crocodile/compacts his sand which allowed Luffy to hurt him. In the third fight Luffy was using his blood.
    • Funny, his fists didn't look very bloody hitting Crocodile's La Spada blades. Plus, blood dries eventually.
  • Eneru was affected because Luffy is made of rubber and rubber insulates against electricity.
    • That only explains why he wasn't affected by Eneru's electricity. That wouldn't allow him to hit Eneru alone.
      • Actually, yes it would. That's how Logias have been shown to work; whatever element that Logia is weak against can be used to hurt them.
  • Rob Lucci was affected because his fruit is a Zoan and he can't become intangible.
    • Lucci also used Tekkai, which is effectively similar to Busōshoku Haki. It's already explained that if two people use that against each other, the winner is the one with greater will. Luffy just had a greater will to win.
      • However, Tekkai can also be worked around using attacks strong enough to damage steel, which Tekkai is roughly as hard as. Zoro's attacks would likely have cut Kaku if he had merely used Tekkai to defend against it, and Sanji's kicks were hurting Jyabura even before using Diable Jambe(just not very much). Luffy's as strong as Zoro, so it would follow that he could launch attacks that could break through Tekkai, Haki or no.
      • During the last bits of the Crocodile fight, Luffy was unaffected by the supposedly fast acting poison from Crocodile's hook, wouldn't him using Busoshoku Haki to negate the poison's effect be a decent explanation as to why?
      • Nope, that was just Luffy's iron will and all that. He survives through a lot.
      • He wasn't completely unaffected, it just wasn't quick-acting enough to stop him from kicking Crocodile's ass. He still needed the antidote afterward. He also survived longer against Magellan's poison than anticipated, but still needed Ivankov's miracle cure.

Luffy's most recent super move 'Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk' ( end of chapter 644, beggining of chapter 645 ) is not only a combination of haki and gear second, its also an adaptation of Rob Lucci's most powerfull Rokushiki attack, Rokuogan.
I simply see this as the image of the steaming air surrounding luffys fist passing through Hody Jones and coming out the other side of his body as an explosion seems to have worked in exactly the same way as Lucci's Rokugan. We have already seen luffy use Soru and Shigan, and Sanji use Geppo, so it would make sense for Luffy to assimilate the most powerfull Rokushiki technique.

Luffy has the power to switch sex at will.
During the Impel Down/Marineford arcs, Ivankov mentioned there was a nasty side-effect to using the Vigor Hormones. Correct me if I'm wrong, but we never got to see what it was. It could be his absolute exhaustion afterwards, but it was never identified as such and seems a bit predictable for Oda. So I theorise the side-effect was spontaneous gender changing, and much like his immunity from Magellan's poisons, Luffy's managed to control it. At some point, Luffyko may very well make an appearance.
  • The side effects were the fact that Vigor Hormones are Cast from Hit Points and that they deceive an injured body into being able to move around and such, causing further damage.

Luffy will be permanently injured
To the tone of say, perhaps, losing an eye and an arm? It would finally provide a worthy eyepatch-wearer, give him symmetry with Shanks, and provide Franky the chance to make CYBORG LUFFY. How awesome would that be?
  • "Gum Gum Steel Pistol!!"
    • It would have to be repaired more often then Ed's Automail though...and that would be expensive.
      • So the giant scar on his chest doesn't count?

Luffy will make it all the way to Raftel, beat whoever the final villain is, find the One Piece in whatever form it is, be declared King of the Pirates by his crew or anyone who's with him or by his own self...
And then he'll put it back, declare 'that was fun' (a'la an above guess), and sail off for more adventure, likely while all the crew makes that blank eyed fang face Oda uses for disbelief. Remember, Luffy said he wanted to be King of the Pirates, not that he wanted to STAY King of the Pirates. What's there to do if he stays? Hang around Raftel and await challengers to his throne? That's not Luffy. He seems the type to be happy he did it, not to keep it. Once he's done it, he'd let others give it a shot.
  • Roger didn't stay at Raftel, and he was still acknowledged as King of the Pirates after he left.

Luffy will not be the Pirate King for long.
He's shaving off his lifespan at high speeds. Finding One Piece will probably be one of the last things he does.
  • And if/when he does die, he'll spark a rebirth of the legend to find the One Piece (or Straw Hat) of Monkey D. Luffy, the Pirate King.
  • Not to mention this is someone who's life's ambition is to find the One Piece and become the Pirate King. Once that's done he'll have nothing left to live for anyway.
    • Luffy wants to become Pirate King because he thinks that the Pirate king is the person with the most freedom. So really becoming Pirate King is only part one to his dream. Part two is living out the rest of his life in freedom and adventure.
  • Or perhaps Luffy will get to Raftel, find One Piece and be globally acknowledged as the Pirate King, only to say something to the effect of "Well that was fun, let's go find another adventure." Cue massive shock from everyone with people like Shanks and Garp laughing their asses off. After all, does LUFFY really seem like someone who would/will reign over people?

Luffy will have his own Rescue Arc
The Tenryuubito will do good on their promise for vengeance and manage to capture Luffy. Of course, this will probably backfire as Luffy is probably too unconcerned for his own well-being to be effectively enslaved and tortured. Meanwhile, his crew will be joined by all of the friends they made on their journey to help rescue him, not to mention his badass father and older brother, and the epic battle that will follow will probably end in the destruction of the corrupt Tenryuubito and the freeing of the slaves.
  • Or, The Tenryuubito will capture Luffy because the adrenaline he was given will wear off and he'll be in a vegetative state. (This may also border into true Heroic BSoD if things don't go well for Ace.) Also, Smoker and the other marines will become involved with the rescue and bringing the Tenryuubito down.

Luffy won't die at the end of the series.
He's only seventeen, after all. Even with how many times he's used Gear Second and how much life it's cost him, human beings live for a long time, especially when they have access to decent medical care.
  • One of the shorts inspiring One Piece (Romance Dawn or another, I'm not sure) showed a picture of an older Luffy with a little bit of beard. Although this is hardly conclusive, it could support the eventuality of Luffy's saga not ending at the end of the series.
    • Here's something to think about. What's Chopper's dream? To be able to cure any sickness...

Luffy will become Pirate King through a Gondor Calls for Aid situation
What is the Pirate King? From all accounts of Roger's life, it is someone who has conquered the Grand Line. Let's look at what Luffy has done since arriving on the Grand Line:
  • Rescued and befriended two giant chieftans from Elbaph
  • Deposed Wapol, allowing Dalton to become the democratically-elected ruler of Drum
  • Rescued and befriended the monarchy of Alabasta
  • Deposed Eneru, allowing Gan Fall to reclaim his rightful throne in Skypia
  • Rescued and befriended the mayor of Water 7
  • Luffy will become Pirate King because, by the end of his journey, he will have established a string of allies across the Grand Line - thereby "conquering" it.
  • In addition, we've since had:
    • Earned respect from the Amazons not to mention the undying love of their empress
    • During the Battle of Marineford, Luffy was acknowledged as Ace's brother by the Whitebeard pirates, stood up to Whitebeard, revealed his Conqueror's Disposition, and was even acknowledged by name by Whitebeard. Whitebeard's respect for Luffy only grew throughout the battle, and by the end had commanded his troops to support him. With his death, his "children" are leaderless if Marco hasn't stepped up, and would certainly throw their support behind Luffy in a large conflict (even if Marco became the new leader).
    • More than likely will be the savior among the Fishmen
    • Befriended Lola, whose mother resides in the New World, and may in fact be the Youkou Big Mamma
    • Is slowly currying favor (unintentionally) garnering respect from marines who adhere to Moral Justice. If the "true history" were to expose the World Government for the corruption that the Tenryūbito exude, maybe they would begin to question their allegiances
Luffy also has some "natural allies":
  • Luffy's father is the leader of an organization that opposes the World Government, he could very well throw his support behind Luffy if it would benefit his goals (at least militarily). After all, Rayleighs hint to Robin seems to suggest that the final showdown will occur after the One Piece is found, as Luffy may wish to do something rash after learning the "true history"
  • Luffy's mentor and role model (Rayleigh and Shanks) were both members of Roger's crew, others may take this as a sign of approval
  • Shanks, who placed his faith in Luffy by giving him his straw hat, is one of the Youkou. He would never oppose Luffy as an enemy (though they may fight for the hell of it), and even were he to die, his men would likely support Luffy
  • As Mihawk pointed out, Luffy's most dangerous ability is to turn enemies into friends. There's no end to the allies Luffy can naturally draw
  • With an open spot among the Emperors, Luffy is the one most likely to fill it.
    • It's been two years, it's probably been filled.
  • Luffy may become Pirate King without all this, but once the title is his a war with the World Government would be inevitable.

Luffy will claim territories in the New World
When the Straw Hats finally make it to Fishman Island, they'll find it to be in a terrible, pirate-ravaged state, now that Whitebeard is no longer around to protect it. Luffy will beat up the guy who took over and claim the territory as his own. After the Enies Lobby incident, the Impel Down breakout (or at least as much of it that isn't covered up), and the Battle of Marineford (especially now that his connection to Dragon is known), Luffy's name is certainly big enough to ward off small-fry rogues.After that, Luffy might look into claiming other protection-lacking islands, particularly whatever island Brownbeard attacked. It's even possible that Oda killed off Whitebeard primarily because he wanted Luffy to have huge shoes to fill.
  • If Jimbei does not join the crew Luffy may oder him to protect the island if Jimbei decides his oath requires him to follow Luffy's orders.
  • Perhaps the former Whitebeard crew members and Shanks will guard territory under Luffy's flag so that he can continue on towards Raftel.
    • The above two entries seem to be missing the point entirely. The whole idea of claiming islands as Luffy's territory is that leaving people to guard it would be completely unnecessary, as the mere threat of a retaliation from Luffy would be enough to scare away any pirates that may want to attack them.
8do you think he will also try to protect the island of woman (forgot what its called)
  • We are really shaping up to Luffy owning New World islands: After the Straw Hats curbstomped the New Fishmen Pirates and Luffy ate all of Big Mom's remaining candy, Neptune chooses to fly the Straw Hats' Jolly Roger with Jimbei as the representative. None of this was deliberate on Luffy's part, and Luffy may not even be aware of it, but Fishman Island becoming his territory was the end result in practice.

Luffy will contract the same incurable illness that was killing Gol D. Roger...
... And the culmination of Chopper's dream will be successfully finding the cure.

Luffy will fight Dragon and kill him.
Because him taking the World Government down would cause the whole adventure to become much less fun without someone after you all the time.
  • Except that the world would still be full of fun places to explore and Jerkass pirates to beat the crap out of. Being chased by the Marines isn't the only source of fun the One Piece world has to offer to the likes of Luffy, you know. It certainly wouldn't be worth killing over, at any rate.
  • Why would Luffy kill his father

Luffy will end up with Robin.
Why? Just because. And because Nami is too violent, Alvida is psycho, Hancock has a mountainload of Ship Sinking subtext attached to her, and Vivi already has Kohza.
  • Or he'll just not end up with anyone, which I think a lot of the fans would prefer.
  • What part of No Hugging, No Kissing do you not comprehend?

Luffy won't defeat Akainu
Garp will. He'll do it in the name of his grandson, Portgas D. Ace, and it'll be bloody awesome.
  • I think it will be Sabo. Mera-mera vs Magu-magu, part 2?
  • Maybe, but the drama potential of Garp fighting Akainu is much greater. He decided to put his duty first, but we get a brief scene where it looks like he regrets it and then he quits the marines. However, it would be kind of sad if it just ends there with Garp's regret. We need closure, and closure for me would be that Garp decides to act instead of just placidly letting the injustices happen.

Luffy will befriend each of the Supernovas, one at a time.
Law was just the first. The rest will come along.

Luffy and Trafalgar are gonna become Sworn Brothers
Traffy and Luffy went through a harrowing, bromantic adventure. Its hard not to come away without being friends after that, at the very least.

Luffy will do a Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! to a Heroic BSoD Jimbe, making a Meaningful Echo of when Jimbe snapped Luffy out of his Heroic BSoD
  • If/when Jimbe joins, it will most likely tie in with Big Mam who the remainders of the Sun Pirates are under. Having relations with Luffy or maybe she finds out Fishmen Island wants to leave her protection, she might eat/kill the Sun Pirates in retialiation, causing Jimbe to then go into a Heroic BSoD. Then Luffy would pull a Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! on him and remind him that he hasn't lost everything yet because he still has the Straw Hats as his True Companions.

Luffy says he wants to beat all 4 yonko. He will get his chance with Big Mom, and Kaido but...
Blackbeard will beat him to the punch with Shanks. And then Luffy will beat Blackbeard. Not a very revolutionary wmg, I just I should say it.

Luffy will lose his battle against Big Mom
I mean, let's face it. Yes, we all know that Luffy's strong, but honestly if Luffy were to beat one of the Four Emperors Oda would pretty much be handing him the title of King of the Pirates straight away, and that would be no fun whatsoever. Unless it turns out that Big Mom is the weakest of the four, and she'd have to be a hell of a lot weaker to justify Luffy winning, Luffy is gonna lose the battle. However, as the deal was for Big Mom to direct her anger towards Luffy instead of Fishman Island, she will leave it unharmed.
  • There's no guarantee that the fight will happen right away, or any time in the near future, for that matter. Being one of the Four Emperors, Big Mom probably hangs out fairly far into the New World, so it'll take some time to actually get to her.
  • Alternativly like Eneru Big Mom could just have a power Luffy has a type advantage against though that would still leave her with an advantage in power

Luffy's end-series power-up has been foreshadowed and will utterly broken
In the Dressrosa Arc, Doflamingo shows us that Paramecia users are able to "Awaken" their Devil Fruit power, and use it to affect the surrounding environment. Luffy being able to confer a rubber-like nature on buildings, the ground, the Thousand Sunny all sound great, and no doubt Oda will get a lot of great scenes out of it. It is not however, in and of itself, a real story-breaker. In the Whole Cake Island Arc, we are introduced to Charlotte Katakuri, who has trained his Observation Haki to such a degree that he can see the future. And this will be Luffy's endgame: the realization that the Gum-Gum Fruit when Awakened allows him to bend not only matter, but spacetime. Cue Luffy without a well-defined position. Or momentum. Schrödinger's Pirate, spooky straw-hat at a distance, only understandable statistically.
  • Sounds like far too quantum-physics high-science stuff for an Idiot Hero such as Luffy to come up with.

Luffy will die at the end of the series.
The big twist is that he will ultimately do a Heroic Sacrifice in the Final Battle after he reaches Raftel to get the One Piece and become King of the Pirates. According to Oda, the series is still halfway through its mark, so it will be close to a thousand chapters in a few years. So, it's a possibility that Luffy's sacrifice might not only end the fight between the government and the pirates, but will bring a new era of peace and it will a source of inspiration for future pirates who want to follow their dreams.

Luffy will inherit Rocks's will.
The man will turn out to have been, at most, a Well-Intentioned Extremist - whatever he was trying to do will have made perfect sense from his own viewpoint. So Luffy will learn the full story of what he was doing, decides to pick up on that, to the point of pounding Rock's old lieutenants Kaido and Big Mom into submission and getting them to swear allegiance to him. And so he will have the greatest pirate crew of his time, just as Rocks had in his.


Zoro (with or without the rest of the Straw Hats) will go the the Wano Country and defeat the samurais there.

Zoro's gonna get a new sword soon.
As we know, Zoro's current swords are Wado Ichimonji (from the second strongest group of 21 swords), Shuushi (also from that group) and Sandai Kitetsu (from the third strongest group of 50 swords). One of his swords is weaker than the others, so it makes sense that he'll get a new sword to replace it. Sandai Kitetsu means 'Third Demon Splitter' and we were told when he got it that there's also a Second and First Demon Splitter. The Second Demon Splitter (I think it's 'Nidai Kitetsu') is of the same group as Zoro's other two swords, and due to its strength it would make sense that its owner is somewhere in the New World. So it's possible that Zoro could defeat him and take the sword. He may later obtain the First Demon Splitter (Shodai Kitetsu?) as it's of the strongest group of 12 swords that Mihawk's sword is also from (and therefore possibly his only hope against him). (Anyone with a better knowledge of Zoro's Japanese sword names that me, please correct me if I got any of the names wrong).
  • Keep in mind, though, that one of Zoro's swords is Kuina's. Chances are he won't willingly give it up, unless it's destroyed like pretty much every other sword he's owned.
  • The only one I'm saying he may give up is Sandai Kitetsu. He just went and bought it in a shop (it was the one he almost chopped his own arm off with), so he's probably not massively attached to it.

Zoro will become a villain by the end of the series.
The "whether a hero or villain, the whole world's gonna know my name" line isn't just referring to the difference between bounty hunter and pirate-it's referring to an eventual corruption and Face–Heel Turn.

Zoro's going to have to fight 'diamond' Jozu
Remember Mr. 1 asking if the next thing he'll try to cut is diamonds when defeated? Zoro said that'd be a waste and Jozu is generally on the Strawhats side, but maybe he'll have to cut him free because of a Life-or-Limb Decision moment. Alternatively Mr. 1 has understood the principle of how to cut everything and kills him when Crocodile makes a sudden second Face–Heel Turn.
  • I don't think Jozu's heading for the dark side, but it's good to remember that he lost an arm at Marineford. It would not be surprising if somebody decides that it would make a great weapon and Zoro is eventually going to have to face off with that.

Zoro is the Last of His Kind.
How many tanned, green-haired people do you see running around in this world?
  • And for good measure, it'll turn out Sanji's fond nickname for him, 'marimo', is a horribly offensive, derogatory racial slur. Sanji would probably drop it right away if he ever found out because, in spite of their fighting, he's still Zoro's friend.

Zoro is a Messianic Archetype, but got infected with demon's blood when he was a baby.
When he first appears, there's an obvious allusion to Jesus on the cross. Also, the Book of Revelations shows Jesus being able to talk with a sword in his mouth. However, the Hell spawn intervened when he was being incarnated into their world and gave him a dose of demon's blood to give him him certain qualities like being quick to anger and thirst for power.

Some minor WMG's involving Zoro's swords.
  • Wado Ichimonji will stay with Zoro until he defeats Mihawk. He'll use it to deal the final blow as a symbol of achieving his dream. It might also break with the final blow, as well.
  • At some point, Sandai Kitetsu will be broken, then replaced with Nidai Kitetsu. Nidai will also break later, and of course, be replaced by Shodai.
  • Alternatively, Wado Ichimonji will break somewhere along the way, and the crew will meet a master swordsmith in the New World who reforges it into the 13th legendary sword.
    • And then Zoro will use the reforged sword to lead an army of ghosts into battle against Sauron.

Zoro did not really lose his eye
He swapped it out for some 'super eye' or developed his original eye to the point that he has to keep it closed until he needs it for a fight.
  • Sorry, I think you have the wrong show here.
  • If it wasn't so derivative, I would bet Zoro has one of Mihawk's eyes. In any case, I'm confident that he will open the eye when it's time to get dangerous.
  • I had a similar theory: Mihawk's eyes are drawn a bit funny in close-ups (I'm not sure how else to describe it but they certainly did not look normal.) because he has undergone some sort of secret/forgotten super training to enhance his senses, reflected by the change in his eyes and keener eyesight than a normal human similar to how some hawks can see ultraviolet light. Mihawk put Zoro through this training, but Zoro ended up with only one affected eye for one of two possible reasons. First, Mihawk did not teach Zoro all of his secrets on purpose. After all, when Zoro asked Mihawk to train him, Mihawk's initial reply was "You're asking me to train with my own hand a swordsman who is after my head?!" Thus, Zoro ended up with only one eye that has enhanced vision. Or.... Second Mihawk held nothing back, but the training was so intense and difficult that two years was only enough time for Zoro to achieve enhanced vision in one eye. His training isn't fully complete and he still has a way to go. Regardless of which way he ended up with only one enhanced eye, Zoro still had one normal eye. His brain has difficulty comprehending the mixed images he sees by looking at anything with both eyes for too long, causing headaches/dizziness/other bad side effects. So he compensates by keeping his enhanced eye closed unless he really needs it, then he'll either close his other eye or use both. This would be similar to how some real life pirates were thought to use eye-patches to keep one eye night-vision ready so they could transition between bright sunny deck and dark below deck areas without having to wait for their eyes to adjust.
  • It looks like Zoro might have both eyes open in the bottom left panel of this page? It's hard to tell since part of his face is cut off, but it looks open to me....

Zoro damaged his own eye.
You remember how his first solution to various problems was to remove the offending body part? Imagine if the only other people there were Perona, who would probably freak out and run away, and Mihawk, who would either not care or would support the idea. We should be glad that one eye is all he appears to be missing, and he didn't return to his crew a self-induced blind double amputee.
  • Or maybe, just maybe, Zoro's not really missing the eye at all...maybe he just keeps it closed as a sort of limit on himself, and he'll open it when it comes time for a serious fight (like how he normally only puts on his bandana when he's going to get serious)...
    • Then why would he have the scar over it? The nearest comparison (Kakashi) actually had lost the eye, he'd just gotten another one transplanted.
      • Point to note: Silvers Rayleigh also has a scar over one eye, but that eye is still functional. This could lend some weight to the idea of Zoro merely keeping the eye closed when he's not being truly serious.

Zoro is part merman
Sanji mocks Zoro's green hair as if it is an oddity, just as Zoro mocks Sanji's eyebrow because it is an oddity. But isn't it kind of strange to point out green hair as an oddity in a world where pink, blue, and so forth are also prevalent hair colors and apparently considered normal? Who else has green hair? Kokoro, Camie, and Chimney. (The latter of which doesn't appear to express any merperson traits despite being 1/4th merperson.)

Conclusion: Zoro's green hair is an oddity, but only if you expect him to be completely human.

  • And his facial features are based off of those of a shark. Hmmm...
  • Den did say that Fishmen and Mermen can have "oooold memories" in their genes, specifically referencing a shark merman...
  • As of chapter 618, Zoro curb stomped a powerful fishman while underwater.
  • Didn't Zoro also take on a sky shark underwater? Hell who knows, the guy might even have a less lacking sense of direction when submerged.

Zoro knows how to use Haoshoku Haki.
And damn well too. Recall his battle with Daz Bonez AKA Mr. 1. Right before he used Lion's Song and defeated him, he had to not have any doubts. Coincidense? Possibly. Another thing to note about him not doubting himself is that, at the end, he said he was a little stronger. What this taught him, as a swordsman and as a person, is to not have doubts.If one kind of Haki can be infused in arrows, whose to say Zoro couldn't have (unkowingly) infused his Haki into Wado Ichimonji or his other swords? Considering Haki-infused arrows can cut through stone, a Haku-infused sword could easily slice through steel. Another theory on this page is that Haki might be able to form energy. If so, Zoro's 108 Pound Phoenix, Rashomon and Two Sword Style: Tower Climb or any move where he doesn't physically touch his enemy and creates blue energy would be this.As a bit more f you look at Chapter 602, you'll see Rayleigh, a canonical user of Haoshoku Haki, casually slicing the ground with his sword, without touching and with what appeared to be nothing more than a swing of his arm. Considering Rayleigh is the best-known user of Haki, I don't see why his sword couldn't have been Haki infused. I can't think of a reason why he wouldn't have Haki in his sword. Looking at the Manga's depiction of, say, the 108 Pound Phoenix, the depictions of the slash effects do look similar.

Zoro's closed eye is the One Piece version of an eyepatch.
In case you didn't know, pirates actually wore eyepatches so that if they ever had to fight below-decks, they could open that eye and see better in the dark. So maybe if Zoro is ever stuck in a place where it's so dark he can't see, he'll open his other eye and see perfectly/better than with his non-scarred eye. I'd be very surprised if Oda doesn't know about the eyepatch in the dark thing considering how much research into pirates he's done already.
  • The see-in-darkness thing isn't supported by any historical documents and is probably a myth, for the record. It technically does let you adjust more quickly to seeing in dim light, but you'd be so impaired the rest of the time that it would probably get you killed. And again, there is no real proof that pirates ever did it for that reason.
    • Mythbusters did test this one, and if I recall correctly, they did at least give a verdict of "plausible." Since One Piece runs on nonsensoleum anyway, lack of historical proof doesn't really prevent Oda from using this.

Zoro's past will be fleshed out once the Strawhats gets to the Samurai country Wano
  • After seeing how Luffy's past was fleshed out going from a child whose only sad past was causing his hero to lose an arm to a kid raised in an extremely discriminatory dump where he lost his first friend, Zoro will probably have one, making his reasons to partake in Kuina's dojo make more sense. They'll get to the country and it turns out the Big Bad and his/her Quirky Mini Boss Squad have strong connections to Zoro, and it'll involve a massive Tear Jerker. Hell, Zoro might not be his real name, and that it was taken from a famous pop culture pirate figure (like Zorro) and his real name is more Japanese.

...Adding to that, it will be revealed that Zoro is a direct descendant of The Samurai Ryuuma
  • Not much of a stretch, considering that when Ryuuma was alive, he looked nearly identical to Zoro. It's even possible that they both possess the demon spirit of Asura. It would be cool to finally get an explanation for how that works and maybe even see Zoro start honing the power to it's full extent. It could become a recurring powered-up state akin to Luffy's Gear Second.

Zoro's scar...
  • Just some assorted theories about Zoro's scar:
    • It was inflicted by Mihawk on their very first day of training, as a warning from Mihawk to take things seriously.
    • It was inflicted by Mihawk on their very last day of training/right before Zoro's departure for Sabaody, to show Zoro just how much further he has to go before he's even in Mihawk's ballpark.
    • It was inflicted by Mihawk some time during the middle of their training - one day, Zoro just happened to let his concentration wander, got a little too cocky for his own good, and/or let his resolve waver a bit.
    • It has nothing to do with Mihawk at all, and will be the set-up for a "Duval's true face"-type joke some 300 chapters into the future.

There´s a mention about Zoro´s scar, but not one about his eye.
  • Personally I think that Zoro is skilled enough to suffer such damage (even against Mihawk), but isn´t really smart to 'hide' something there. But it still bugs me.
  • Perhaps some kind of handicap (A Limited field of view like Sanji), or he sealed demons worst than Ashura in there...
  • Maybe a Mihawk-like eye? Although sure seems pretty difficulty to develop something like this just for traning hard...

Zoro was originally from Water 7.
These Tumblr posts would elaborate.

Zoro puts Wado in his mouth to ward off potential thieves
No, think about it. Would you want to hold a sword that probably has spit all over the handle? Especially with how consciousness Japanese culture is about stuff like this and how Zoro's hinted at not being the most hygienic guy? They'd take one look and think "OH, NASTY! THERE IS NO WAY I'M TOUCHING THAT!"

Zoro will develop feelings for Tashigi, and then the Stairs will get her too.
Because Zoro's been cursed to have everything and everything he loves taken away from him by THE STAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIRSSSS!!!1111

The marines will put Zoro`s scar on the wrong side of his face when they make his new wanted poster
and of course Sanji will make fun of it

Zoro was raised by a woman.
It would explain why he doesn't even think of the fact that a woman can't be as good of a sword fighter as a man. Maybe he was raised by a single badass like Belle-Mere, or by a lesbian couple.

Zoro will die.
The cover page for chapter 902 seems to suggest this, given how his gingerbread man is doing.

Kizaru will be Nami's final foe.
Just after Tiger's death, Arlong attempts to attack the humans who betrayed his captain, only to be stopped by none other than the weird light guy of doom. He then tells Arlong that he wanted to talk to him about something. If this lead to Arlong's rampage in East Blue, and if Kizaru was somehow, or for some reason, behind it, then that would be easily enough motivation for Nami to fight him. However, remember, Kizaru is made out of light, which the atmosphere does all kinds of fun stuff to. Nami may well, using her weather control attacks, be able to harm the guy.
  • That's assuming she'd be able to somehow get around his Super Speed...
    • Mirages are created by bending light around something. A well-shaped Mirage Tempo would render her basically invulnerable to any direct attack attempts he makes in Logia mode. Given that Usopp got Observation Haki recently, if Nami got that someday she'd be able to counter his Super Speed more or less perfectly. She's actually probably the best choice in the crew for fighting Kizaru in light of this.

Nami is Luffy's love interest
Her naked form affects him. She is the only person to hold onto the one thing he cherishes most: Shanks' hat. You don't give that to someone you don't care for or trust implicitly over anyone else. And just before being found by Marguerite (the Amazon girl), Nami's begging for his help was at the forefront of Luffy's thoughts when he agonized over how he couldn't save any of his true companions from getting poofed by Kuma. Even when she apparently had stolen the crew's ship (true) and killed Usopp (fortunately, not true), Luffy still believed she was a good person and only wanted her to be his navigator. We always see Nami sewing Luffy's hat for him, giving himoddly sweet, affectionate glances. The story treats them as if they werealready freakin' married. You know, Oda never said "No romance". Doesn't anyone notice that he was probably just dodging the question altogether when he said "They're in love with adventure"? If you ask someone if they wear pink shirts and they reply "I wear...pants!", that doesn't mean they've denied wearing pink shirts. So the "Because Oda said so" argument against romance in One Piece doesn't even follow basic logic. Luffy and Nami reaaallly like each other.
  • Somewhere along the line, Oda stated that romance will never bloom on the Going Merry. But they're not on the Merry anymore...
    • Sorry to rain on your parade (even if it is more like a slight drizzle), but Usopp held on to the hat when the Davy Back afro prevented Luffy from wearing it. Keep your theories by all means, but Nami isn't the only one to have been entrusted with the hat.
      • Usopp is Luffy's love interest. <grin>
      • Oi, oi, no need to say sorry about making counterarguments about retarded, fannish theories! ^_^; Save your apologies for stuff that really matters! (BTW, Nami and Luffy will someday share head lice due her wearing his hat again. Hilarity Will Ensue!)
  • The problem with the hat theory is that Luffy/Nami fans rarely put Luffy putting his hat on Nami's head in context with what's happening in the story and their dynamics. It's not a bad theory, but it falls flat when most try to describe it. So, let's try to dissect the theory:
    • Luffy putting his hat on Nami's head isn't quite about him trusting her to protect it; every time it happened, it was about comforting or calming her down during an especially upsetting or dangerous situation. Now, the crew as a whole love each other and would do anything to protect one another. But when he did it for the first time during the Arlong Arc, it established that Luffy did not just provide physical protection, but that he was also her rock, her emotional anchor. Another thing is that comics are a visual medium and rely on making a visual impact. There's a particular reason why icons with Nami wearing Luffy's hat are so popular (other than the obvious): it's a powerful image. It speaks volumes about their relationship. IMO, the intent behind it is to show that Nami is Luffy's most important person and vice-versa. (Something like that would be especially useful when the relationships derailing the story is undesirble, but the author wants them to have some presence.)
    • "You tricked him with that beautiful face of yours!" -Usopp to Nami about Luffy during the Arlong Arc....THAT'S NOT SUBTLE AT ALL.
      • Its just because Usopp is a clingy jeaous girlfriend. He thinks everyone is trying to get his man, just because he wants to make sure Luffy is all his.

Nami has Haki
When Oda was asked how Nami's slaps could injure Luffy, he answered "She strikes his spirit." With the revelation of actual spirit power that allows its user to harm the normally invulnerable, it's possible that she has had that power all along and didn't know it.
  • Also, in the Nami <3 Luffy theory examples above, Nami is shown poking Luffy with a needle because she knows (and LUFFY knows) she can't hurt him. She ends up being able to hurt him anyways. Coincidence? I think not.
    • Word of God says Nami being able to hurt Luffy is simply for comical effect and not to be taken seriously.
      • It is still likely to be the case that she has Haki, how else would she be able to predict the weather so accurately, if Usopp can get haki, she sure as hell can.
      • Nami being able to predict the weather doesn't mean jack, as lots of people have natural talent; not to mention she's 20 post-timeskip and has shown said talent even before the timeskip, so if it really did have something to do with Haki, it would have been revealed much earlier. While it is likely Nami will develop Haki over the course of the manga, she hasn't awakened it yet.

Nami's birth island and what happened there will become plot relevant.
Given that now even Sanji's family has come up, and Oda loves continuity, this is almost certain. Whatever happened there was so bad it caused Bellemere, a badass marine, to almost commit suicide until she found Nami and her sister. It may even be what made Fujitora blind himself. All the reader/viewer gets to see is the wreckage of a thoroughly ruined town and rain.

Nami will someday take the title of World's Most Beautiful Woman from Boa Hancock.
Because of the obvious Fanservice Pack that Nami has become due to a massive case of Author Appeal to his wife (who cosplaed as Nami in the past), it seems probable that Nami will eventually be called the world's most beautiful pirate just so Oda can compliment his wife.
  • After seeing Nami post-timeskip some fans would argue that the title's already hers.

Nami can instinctively use Haki.
This would explain all the Armor Piercing Slaps.
  • This troper assumed that most of the things done by the straw hats that weren't fruit users was due to them instinctively using haki. Sanji for example can set his legs on fire, just like one of the gorgon sisters. Usopp can shoot farther than should be physically possible with the things he uses and its been stated outright in the story that improving projectiles' effectiveness is something haki users can do. Zoro being able to "hear the breath of all things" sounds like an advanced form of observation haki. And then there is Nami's weather sensing abilities, which also seem like observation haki, and her aforementioned Armor Piercing Slaps.
    • Given that Luffy has stated that only he, Sanji, and Zoro can fight logias it seems unlikely that Usopp can. 'Course it could just be that he isn't trained to use it like the others are, and few of Nami's attacks tend to be physical anyway (lightning and wind) so there isn't much need as of yet for her to learn to control that power even if she is good at it.
    • Well, since Sanji used Kenbushoku Haki while in her body, but is typically a Busoshoku Haki user, I'd say that it's a reasonable assumption to say that Nami has the ability but has yet to master it.
    • Haki is actually connected to the spirit, it has nothing to do with the body. Sanji is confirmed to have both Hakis, and he would still be able to use the Kenbushoku Haki even if he were in, say, Kokoro's body (What's more noteworthy from that scene is that he was able to use Blue Walk in her body, which means she must have some deceptively strong leg muscles). Also, I wouldn't use the word "instinctively". If she could use it "instinctively", she would have discovered it by now at age 20 considering several people younger than her have already had it by then. But anyway, yes, it still stands as possible that Nami might have Haki on her own. Only time and more chapters will tell.

Nami is originally from Dressrosa and is somehow related to the Riku family
Bellemere found her in a war-torn hellscape, right? Her age when she was picked up by Bellemere would place around the Donquixote invasion and it's not like the Marines are limited in travel the same way everybody else was, Bellemere could've just crossed the Calm Belt back to the East Blue. And...this is the most convincing to me, Nami looks JUST like Scarlett and pretty damn similar to Rebecca, the Cast of Snowflakes isn't as pronounced as before, but that's a pretty strange coincidence.
  • Doflamingo only took the country 10 years ago, well after Bellemere had found Nami and Nojiko.
  • Not to mention the country Nami is from is COMPLETELY devastated, with Nami and Nojiko being the only survivors.

Nami will suffer from some muscle pain at some point
Remember when Sanji needed to use Blue Walk to escape the poisoned lake in punk hazard? Sanji even wondered if the move was safe to use in her body, so I'm betting that the fact that it worked at the time means that it will later take its toll on her. Upon realizing that he caused this harm, Sanji will have a My God, What Have I Done? moment as a result.

Nami will become an Expy of Sun Wukong.
It's quite interesting that Nami's recently gotten a cloud she can ride when her main weapon is also a magical extending staff. She also depends on trickery to compensate for her lack of raw power, though Wukong himself wasn't lacking in strength. Perhaps she will take on more characteristics of the Monkey King as time goes on, especially since Wukong had his own problems with authority.


The entire series is a story being told by Usopp.
Not a lie however. When the whole thing ends it's going to be revealed that everyone made it home safe and sound and Usopp is telling Kaya all about their adventures, the parts that are flattering and the parts that really, really aren't.

Ussopp will be the one to kill Blackbeard.
Between the Yami Yami no mi and the Gura Gura no mi, Blackbeard is nearly invulnerable. Getting close to him will be dangerous, and even if you get close, only people who can use haki will have a chance. And once you're close enough to hit him, you're close enough to get hit in the face with a quake punch.So Ussopp will snipe him from a distance using a gun that fires sea stone bullets.

Usopp has already visited the Island of Giants
He's more confident of himself plus he also wears an outfit similar to what the giants are wearing.

Usopp is Luffy's love interest
Word of God is that Usopp is the only reason Luffy ever has any ecchi thoughts. Futhermore, like Nami, he has given his hat to Usopp. Unlike her, he has given it to him numerous times. Also when Usopp was allowed back on the ship, Luffy gave him a hug while crying...something that hints to something more than "platonic" love in Japan. Discuss!
  • Hmm, Wasn't it the other way around? I can remember at least two times when he gave Nami his hat to look after and only one with Usopp

Whatever Usopp's "Lying Power" actually is, he got it from his mother.
The both of them have the same "Pinocchio" nose, which hints that Usopp's mother has a similar lying personality. However, she later suppressed this trait when one of her lies came true and caused serious problems and later grew deathly ill from the guilt. It is also a hidden reason for her to tell a young Usopp "not to dream"; she doesn't want her son to live with the pain of this power.
  • It's explicitly stated that Usopp started telling lies, specifically about Yasopp returning, to try and cheer his mother up and encourage her to get better. It's very likely that after she died, he continued lying in the same vein as a coping mechanism.

Usopp has Multiple Personality Disorder
Or at least Bi-polar in some standards. He can instantly go Zero To Hero, and happy to upset. He often has conflicts with himself deciding to run or fight. And is even shown talking to his alter-ego; Sogeking, in his head during Thriller Bark.
  • Considering that Usopp is a low end Badass Normal, it wouldn't be surprising to think he might have manifested all of the trauma into a split personality, hence him talking to Sogeking wasn't just a pep talk, but him actually talking to a second aspect of himself. I would imagine getting hit by a truck twice in succession would do something like that.

Usopp is a Tengu
Think about it; a long nose and he uses shuriken?

Usopp is psychic, but doesn't know it.
His stories coming true will be more than a continuity nod.

Usopp will use a Reject Dial in the future
  • He's the one that gets the most use out of dials, after all. He's also probably strong enough to handle it now. He could take a hell of a lot of punishment even BEFORE the timeskip.
  • Unlikely since he's never been shown to own a reject dial and the Straw Hats aren't likely ever going back to Skypiea. But, time will tell.

Usopp is related to Norland
He made their supposed relation up to fool the dwarves, but we all know how Usopp's lies have tendency to become the truth. Plus, the dwarves could finally give him an opportunity to control 8000 men!

Usopp will finally have his 8000 followers
  • Hasn't he already?
  • This may be confirmed in the recent arc, where Usopp is seen commanding an army of dwarves who believe he is "the descendent of Norland."
  • The dwarves know the truth about Usopp now and still consider him their hero. And he has the eternal gratitude of a great many pirates who he saved from being turned into toys as well. Does that add up to 8000 men yet?

Sogeking will be replaced with Usoland
When the crew's bounties get updated, the marines will hear the dwarves call Usopp "Usoland" and will interpret it as if that's his real name. His portrait will be based on some idealized sculpture, so that people at his village will still not recognize him.
  • While not an actual bounty, Doflamingo does give Usopp the highest bounty in his little "game" and refer to him as "God Usoland." The Marines going along with that seems pretty likely.
  • Maybe the marines will think that Usoland and Sogeking are different people which will cause them to believe the strawhats have more members than they actually have...
    • Jossed. His new wanted poster has his real name and face.

Usopp is the Straw Hat's Buggy
Like Iva said when she found out Buggy was on Gold Roger's ship, 'There's one on every crew'. Buggy is pretty much the weakest crew member of Gold Roger's crew. Roger is seen like Luffy, and both Buggy and Usopp is the weakest person on their crew.
  • While this would make sense, it's sorta ruined when you learn that Buggy was on a ship just because he wanted to be a pirate. He had no real goal. Usopp has many goals, from becoming a great warrior like his father, to becoming the greatest sniper, to finding the Warrior Paradise. Buggy was really more along for the ride.
    • Er - When they reached the Grand Line and did the foot-on-the-barrel oaths, Usopp's was "become a brave warrior of the sea." He wants to do the other things mostly for the purpose of being a great pirate. He certainly has more depth than that (perhaps by dint of being on Luffy's crew; we don't know much about the dynamic on Roger's), but if you were to give a one-sentence summary of his motivation...
  • Usopp is physically the weakest of the Straw Hats, but I'd definitely hesitate to rank him as the least effective combatant. His sharpshooting talent, technological advanced arsenal, and tactical ingenuity make him a good guy to have at your back in a fight. Buggy on the other hand seems to have been just a nobody on Roger's crew.
  • Buggy's love of treasure, willingness to rob his own crew, and possession of the Map that lead into the Grand Line suggest that he's something of a dark reprise on NAMI, of all people.
  • True but if you look at the Strawhats and say "There's an enemy fleet" who's the most likely to have a freak out?
    • Chopper, And Nami, as well as Ussop. The weakling Trio are the ones who freak out because they aren't the main fighters. That's all
  • also, Ussop is no longer afraid of enemies by the look of the Fishman Island Arc. He's scared of environmental things and forces of nature (angry yonkou must count as this) but he quite happily took on Hordy's forces, even when Hordy himself was on hand to back them up, as well as running back into an army to fight them some more. He's got better.
  • I'd count this as Jossed. Usopp has already and is continuing to go down a different path character wise than Buggy.
    • Also Usopp has Observation Haki, making him the 4th Straw Hat to have it

Usopp will end up dead by the end of the series

If any of the Straw Hats are getting offed, it simply has to be Usopp. The poor guy has too many factors counting against him.

  • He's considered by Oda to be "the weakest" member of the crew at every point of the story. Only Chopper dying instead would match the feeling of needless cruelty that Usopp dying would bring.
  • He's one of the original members of the crew from East Blue, at this point basically counts as a day one.
  • He's split from the crew once before and had to reestablish his loyalty, making his connection to the crew rather deep compared to the other members.
  • His bounty has surpassed Sanji's and has the title of "God" on his wanted poster. His reputation has been increasing constantly.
  • He's the ONLY Straw Hat that can die and still achieve his dream. Becoming a brave warrior of the sea doesn't require that he be alive to enjoy his new reputation, only that people remember him as such. Every single other Straw Hat requires them to live to accomplish their goals.
  • On top of that, he even says early on that even if he ends up dying on a distant island, he wants to die proud of how he lived. Hopefully, he'd go out with as much awesome as possible - sacrificing himself to save both Elbaph and his friends with 8000 giants under him.

Sanji will be the one to fight Kuma
In both of the Strawhats vs Kuma fights, Kuma seems to mock Sanji more than the others (Less in the first battle I admit, though Sanji did manage to avoid being pushed by Kuma when he attacked). In Shabody, he tells Sanji he can't protect anyone and then proceeds to take out every other Strawhat around Sanji before the cook as if to rub it in. To keep pushing his Berserk Button in such a mocking way, it makes sense to me that as if to prove that he can protect others, it'll be Sanji who steps up to take him out.

Sanji will be Killed Off for Real
Robin once remarked he was going to have an interesting death, and he was the fourth person to join the crew, and Four Is Death.
  • But that depends on whether or not you consider Nami to have joined the crew before or after the Arlong arc (she didn't consider herself a crewmember until after that, but Luffy did.) If you go by Nami's reckoning, then SHE'S number four.
  • Going by the chapter titles, Nami is still considered the second person to join the crew.
  • As much as I hate to admit it (being a huge Sanji fangirl), I would not be surprised if this happened. Sanji has almost an obsession with having a heroic death, attempting to sacrifice himself several times (Drum, Little Garden, and Thriller Bark being the big ones), and his general character theme seems to be self-sacrifice (just start at his reasons for staying at the Baratie and go forward), especially in attempts to atone for some sin or failing. If anyone in the crew has a chance of dying before the end, I think it's Sanji, most likely in a final sacrifice to save the others. He'll probably be smiling as he does it, too, the crazy goof...
    • Smiling as he does it? Hold on....... that makes him a D!!
    • Yes, he is San D.
      • One would think they would have mentioned his full name somewhere in the current arc if it really was Vinsmoke D. Sanji.

Mr. Prince is an alternate personality of Sanji.
Mr. Prince acts like Sanji Took a Level in Badass, which is completely different from his normal personality. He barely mentions the girls. He also wears glasses, creating a physical difference from Sanji. At one point, he takes these off and says "No, I'm just a sea cook," implying that the glasses make him different.

'Mr. Prince' is Sanji's real personality when he is not being distracted by a member of the fairer sex or Zoro.
Think of what he does when he is separated from the rest of the crew. He pretends to be Mr. 3 over the den-den-mushi in order to find out more about Crocodile. He stages a rescue operation under the persona of 'Mr. Prince'. He decides to follow Robin and her captors from Water 7. He's one of the few crew members capable of being sneaky, along with Nami, Usopp and Robin. Sanji is always a badass; he just gets distracted around the crew.
  • Well, I mean, pretty much confirmed for the past 17 years. It's obvious that Sanji acts like "Mr.Prince" whenever he's not snarking or loving.
    • Alternately, Mr. Prince is him relying on what little bit of hitman training he underwent during his childhood before being on the boat where he met Zeff. The current arc (circa May 5th 2016) reveals Sanji's family are notorious leaders of a mafia called Germa Double 6, his family specifically known for being hitmen.

During the Alabasta arc, he joked that Zoro had become an okama (Japanese equivalent of 'queer'), but he might have been projecting his own unconscious attraction to men. Plus, his Ironic Hell might be hinting at something he wishes not to think about. Bonus points if it turns out Zoro isn't his type.
  • On Zoro, though - some fans think the two are into each other, but in denial.
    • Disagreed: the way they fight is almost exactly like Sanji and his surrogate father Zeff's relationship, which implies a purely familial bond. The trash-talking is probably Sanji's way of expressing brotherly affection. As for Zoro...he's just irate. He's like that with Nami as well, only the beatings mostly come from her. (And no, it isn't Slap-Slap-Kiss. People who believe this are lying to themselves.) Then again, the possible inter-crew relationships period just feel incestuous.
      • If that's true, then it's possible Sanji actually considers Zoro his best friend. Awww...
      • well, that much is certain.
      • It's also possible that Sanji actually likes Zoro, but the latter is too clueless and irate to even notice The fact that Sanji likes to pick on him shows that he actually has an especially huge soft spot for the guy.
  • We just found out that people go to Okama island and come back as...well, okama. Things aren't looking too good for Sanji.
    • And now, the spoilers show Sanji turned into an Okama, and looking happier than ever. Holy crap, if this is for real...
    • His kicking Duval shows he apparently has exquisite taste in male beauty...
  • Theory: Sanji loves and admires women because deep down, he wants to be one himself, but had to disguise this as attraction to due to the strict upbringing Word of God once alluded to and repress his real feelings. .
  • Alternatively, Sanji will run into Ivankov and be turned into a woman.
  • The picture of him being an Okama shows him with a angry tic mark on his bare arm. There's an episode dealing with Sanji in Okamaland, can someone watch it for me? I can't bring myself to watch the damn thing.
    • The anime hasn't quite gotten there yet, but it does reveal the reason he's being chased. Basically, he goes to return "Elizabeth's" handkerchief, thinking that everyone on the island are indeed beautiful women. He goes to her home, talks to her through a closed door, where he puts his foot in his mouth big time ("Do you like dresses?" "Oh, of course I do!", "Floral patterns?" "Oh, uh, yeah, they're nice."), and upon going inside realizes the awful truth as "Elizabeth" tries to foist the aforementioned dress on him, thinking that he's one of them.
  • Hm, well if anything, the fact that he ultimately rejected the Okama Way would suggest he is, in fact, genuinely heterosexual. I think we can count this as Jossed.
  • This troper still consider Sanji being not entirely straight a possibility. He definetly isn't gay, because his affection for girls is genuine (and runs in family), but he still may be bisexual. Thing is that Sanji have a lot of gender-related issues:
    • In his early childhood he was abused by his father and brohers (men) and comforted by his sister and his mom (women).
    • Sanji himself posessed qualities that usually considered feminine: he was emotional, empathetic and kind child. He liked cooking. And he was weak.
    • Zeff's parenting probably reinforced an idea that manly means strong and girly means weak in Sanji's head. And remember that Sanji dosen't want to be weak.
    • Okama island made everything worse. First, it introdused Sanji an idea that this is what feminine men suppose to be (and this isn't a pretty image). Second, Sanji was pretty much sexually harrased by those men. So no, this experience didn't help Sanji became more comfortable with his own "feminine side" (and possible bisexuality), it made exactly the opposite.
    • In conclution: Sanji may be bisexual, but he can't accept it because of layers of traumatic experience. And even if that's the case, it will be never told explicitly, becuause One Piece is a shounen manga.

Sanji lost his suaveness after his initial appearance because he got brain-damaged at Arlong Park.
During his fight with Kuroobi, he was underwater for an awfully long time. Perhaps being oxygen-deprived for so long resulted in brain damage, and that's (at least part of) why his skills involving dealing with women kinda took a downward spiral from there? Maybe that was the only part that actually got affected by oxygen deprivation.

Sanji will weaponize his nosebleeds.
We've seen what happens when he gets one-flying incredibly far. Now what would happen if he was fighting a bad guy, and a bunch of sexy women showed up? Nosebleed rocket head butt, that's what.

Sanji's "strict upbringing" will become a major point in his back-story.
As he reveals to Nami in the Enies Lobby arc, he had a "strict upbringing" that forbids him to ever assault a woman (aside from the fact that he's a Chivalrous Pervert anyways). And now, with the recent revelation that Luffy had indeed lost an important person from his past (chronologically, Sabo and then Ace), Sanji remains the only Straw Hat who hasn't lost an important person by death in his back-story (his mentor Zeff lost a leg, but is otherwise still alive). At some point later on in the story, Sanji's life prior to his being on the ship that Zeff attacked will be made clearer—and it'll be shown that his important person that he lost back then was either a mother figure or a female relative, and she died in such a horrific manner that he developed a strong instinct to protect all females. (And the only reason it's never been brought up, aside from Oda concealing it to be The Reveal at the right time, is that Sanji simply doesn't like to talk about it.)
  • Correction about Sanji being the only Straw Hat who hasn't lost an important person to death—he actually has, if you count his fellow cooks on the ship attacked by Zeff, who lost their lives in the tidal wave that came up almost immediately after.
    • Zeff remarks that he hasn't seen any bodies wash up, implying that they might not actually be dead. Even if they ARE dead, coworkers from the same ship isn't on the same level as losing a family member (biological or not) or a friend as close as Kuina was (basically a sister).
  • Addition from the original poster: If Sanji does have such a person in his back-story, then very likely they're the ones he would've first heard about All Blue from. After all, he knew about it before he met Zeff; he had to have learned about it from someone, right? And then that person's death both gave him the desire to find All Blue and instilled in him the instinct to protect women from harm.
    • Possibly it was his Missing Mom. Recent chapters have revealed that she died when Sanji was very young, since his father Jajji scoffs at Sanji's demeanor as "the remnant of a person long dead" (indirect quote), and it's implied that Sanji got his kinder nature from his mother. So, perhaps she was the one who first told him about All Blue, and her death motivated him to seek out the legendary sea for her sake.
    • As it turns out, the "strict upbringing" was largely thanks to Zeff telling Sanji that "men must not hit women" is a rule that existed long before the age of the dinosaurs, and threatening to cut Sanji's balls off if he ever stepped out of line in that regard.
  • Confirmed. Did you expect any less?

Sanji can turn men into women
Here me out!! So Sanji has his Parage Shot which pre-time skip could make people pretty. After the time skip it to has become more effective, and Sanji can make peoples whole bodes pretty instead of just their faces. And if Sanji so chose to he could use it to re-arrange a mans body into a woman
  • I can actually see this. It's reasonably absurd enough for Oda to do, and since he did spend time training with Iva, he may learn what parts make what hormones and stuff. And I mean, having a sex change initiated via kicks is likely to KTFO anyone.Seriously, imagine the pre-asskicking one liner for that.
Sanji: Get ready...this is the last time I'm going to kick you...because I never strike a woman.
  • Dang I hope that to be true because that quote above is all levels of badass. One question on my mind though: is the Parage Shot's ability to make people pretty an actual side effect or is it just one of those Anime/Manga slapstick jokes that aren't meant to be taken seriously? (for example exaggerated nosebleeds, white eyes after fainting etc)
  • Oda has gone as far as taking an exaggerated nosebleed seriously in Sanji's case, so there is hope for this theory.

Much like Usopp and Sogeking, Sanji now has another "form" to help him fight against female opponents.
In this form, Sanji will not only be able to strike women without worry, but he will also be able to access the true strength of the Attack Cuisine he no doubt managed to learn and eat, but he will also be able to perform all of the secret and most powerful techniques from both Okama Kenpo and Newkama Kenpo. What kind of form would give him these abilities? The return of Okama Sanji.

Sanji can't hit women because as a young child, Doflamingo forced him to kill his own mother, and was so deeply traumatized that attacking a woman is very, very triggering
(oh yeah, also related to the WMG about Sanji fighting Doflamingo) No, really, wouldn't be such an Oda-like twist to reveal that a trait of Sanji's that's usually played for laughs has very dark, very sad origins? Plus, there's already speculation that Sanji's protectiveness towards women period stems from problems in his childhood that simply haven't been shown yet, and that he just doesn't want to talk about, and would explain why he was apparently without any parental figure for a time while a child. And Doflamingo is a crazy [illegitimate child], and would be a rather epic Moral Event Horizon. And in this arc, Oda took another thing of Sanji's that usually played for laughs (his nosebleeds) and played it seriously, which could be foreshadowing that seemingly funny things about him can have serious consequences and reasons for being there.
  • ...if this doesn't turn out to be canon, I'd be very surprised.
  • Comedic quirks have been put through Cerebus Retcon before. Baby 5 came from being regarded as useless by her family and Senor Pink came from his son dying and his wife becoming vegetative so he made her laugh by wearing his son's cloths.
The original premise involving Doflamingo's jossed. It's possibly related Sanji's family though.

Emasculating Sanji is going to be a running gag.
He's been sent to an island of transvestites, forced to join in, and has most recently been transfered to Nami's body. I doubt it's going to end any time soon.
  • I get the feeling that Sanji is either going to REALLY enjoy himself, or he's going to go out of his way to keep Nami's body safe due to his need to protect her.
  • Well, he's enjoying himself quite a bit at the moment. Now he just needs to stop staring down at his new body and protect Nami from herself.

Sanji is the son of a famous high class family and one of the Five Elderly Stars is his grandfather
  • Second part might be Jossed since they're a famous family of assassins.
  • First part, however, is confirmed. The Vinsmokes are not only high class Assassins, but the WG still considers them high ranking nobles even though they rule over no land. At the least, their patriarch has enough pull to get Sanji's bounty changed himself. And, again, they're rather famous in the New World.
  • Is this confirmed? Jossed? I'll wait on the confirmation of his grandfather.

Sanji will be forced to cook for Big Mom.
Having been captured by the Big Mom pirates, the next time we see the rest of the Straw Hats they'll be imprisoned and only being kept alive as long as Sanji keeps cooking sweets.
  • Highly likely as we enter the Whole Cake Island Arc.
  • Jossed. Her entire nation is stocked to the brim with chefs who are also likely world-class in skill, so there was really never any need to make Sanji cook for her. Besides, she only wanted him there so she could kill him and his family.

Sanji will awaken his latent genetic potential during/after the Totland Arc
The part where it's said that all of the Vinsmoke kids including Sanji are all genetically modified sounds quite alarming since Sanji apparently didn't (and probably now still doesn't) show any of the merits. Probably later when he's in a more climactic confrontation. With it he might also potentially surpass Zoro, if not Luffy.

Sanji in the end will take over the Germa 66 and add it to the Straw Hats' numbers
If Judge is defeated, who will be in the army's command? The only answer would be another member of the family still standing, which is likely Sanji.

Jajji killed Sanji's mother
Jajji dismisses Sanji's whole demeanor as being the remnant of a person long dead, and we learn that Sanji inherited his kinder nature from his mother, who died when he was very young. And given what we've seen revealed of Sanji's childhood with his family up to now, plus the absence of any mention of his mother prior to now, plus what we know about Jajji himself...
  • Jossed. While it was pretty much his fault, he didn't actually kill her himself; she killed herself by taking a drug in an attempt to undo the effects of the experiments he ordered on their unborn children.

Sanji will break his Would Not Hit a Girl rule with Pudding
Sanji has always held back on hitting a woman thus far, even if it meant nearly dying several times. So why would Pudding be any different? Because it's become personal. Yes, plenty of other females have been antagonistic to the Straw Hats, but they were usually just following the Big Bad. None have sunk quite as low as Pudding has. She strung all of them along, making them believe that everything would be all right if Sanji married her, and being a seemingly-perfect wife for Sanji; his one bit of happiness in having to give up his friends and his dreams. It's not just that she plans to kill Sanji, his sister, and his crew, but the sadistic glee she reveals in playing all of them to this point. The look on Sanji's face is one of utter heartbreak and betrayal. Pudding is almost as much a monster as Big Mom, and Sanji may very well have to give in & kick her across the island to save his crew now.
  • Jossed.

Sanji will be briefly Driven to Suicide
The devastating reveal that Pudding is evil has destroyed the only ray of hope Sanji felt to still have. Just recalling how he shooed Luffy and Nami away some chapters earlier must be terrible. It's almost certainly his Darkest Hour. He'll suffer an Heroic BSoD, not caring for anything or anyone anymore, and thinking it's better to surrender to his fate to be killed at the wedding along with his family. Of course, there will be some event that will make him recover at the right time - the WMG just above may still apply...


Chopper and Robin are not (yet) official Straw hats
I actually read this theory years ago somewhere on the internet and it just popped up in my head again.Think about it: The first straw hat to be introduced to the story (not counting Luffy) was Zoro who got a chapter called "the first". The next ones were Nami and Usopp. Then came Sanji who got a chapter called "the fourth". After that Nami (who was part of the story for quite some time, but did not consider herself a straw hat as long as she still had her, ahem, problems with Arlong) got her chapter which was called "the second".Next the crew met Chopper, Robin and Franky. Remember when Usopp had his falling out with the straw hats? After he apologized we got a chapter called "the third and the seventh", Usopp and Franky.During Thriller Bark we met Brook and got a chapter called "the eight".So what about Chopper and Robin? Are there any chapters called "the fifth" or "the sixth" that I don't know of?Usopp only became an official crew-mate by the time Franky joined in and knowing Oda it is very possible that he has planned something with the two of them (Chopper and Robin, obviously) as well.Will they quit and come back like Usopp did? Consider Robin and her mysterious past, it could very well be that she will leave again to protect her friends. But what about Chopper? I...have trouble coming up with something – wich makes me very courious about what Oda will do!

The Sixth / Chopper as official Strawhats
  • Following WMG above, Chopper's character development will involve him 'failing' in his dream.
  • Chopper is the most naive amongst Strawhats, and his dream 'to find Panacea' is something could be considered impossible; virus always mutates to be stronger from time to time. One Piece main theme is about dream. I think Chopper will found his dream crushed by failing to save someone, realized his dream was 'impossible' (in a sense) and compromise with reality.
  • A single cure-all, panacea, is impossible as there will always be more illness. However, he will always work to find more cure. Chopper will matured a bit.
Chopper's monster form is his awakened Zoan form
Now that One Piece has introduced the concept of awakened Zoan fruit users, it's not too hard to see the resemblance. The reason why Chopper is not in control of his awakened form is because he doesn't enter it naturally. The rumble balls mess up the fruit's power somehow.
  • Which makes sense...except for the part where Chopper ate the Human-Human fruit. How does reindeer plus human equal giant scary deer monster? Unless it's either a giant-giant or god-god fruit...
    • Zoan fruits have models, right? We've never learned what Chopper's Human-Human model is... And in fact, every other Zoan has much more accurate transformations; Lucci can legitimately turn into a leopard, and Kaku makes a pretty convincing giraffe. But Chopper is more of a yeti than a human in his "Human" form. If that's the case, maybe it's the Human-Human Fruit Model: Monster? Giant? God?
  • Maybe the rumble balls mix Chopper's external appearance. There are large non-giants so a large awakened human form isn't impossible. Chopper just has poor luck with tampering with his fruit.
  • Also, when you look at most of Chopper's Rumble forms, they all have less human characteristics compared to his natural "Heavy Point" human transformation. Chopper's Monster form doesn't look that different from the Awakened zoans that reside in Impel Down, except Chopper seems larger.
  • Chopper out right states that the rumble balls interfere with his Devil fruit which allows him some more freedom with his forms. The monster point (pre timeskip anyway) is basically him ODing on his drugs. In Enins lobbies when he takes two he starts losing control over which shape he will enter and then he goes into Monster point which is pretty much stated to destroy his body by Kuineda and later confirmed by chopper who can't even move after using his monster point
    • Um, Awakened Fruits work different.

Chopper eating the Hito Hito no Mi arrested his normal antler growth, requiring him to always wear the bolt keeping his left antler attached.
It was revealed that Chopper broke his left antler off looking for the mushroom for Dr. Hiriluk. To this day, he's had a bolt fastening his left antler to the remaining stub. The problem is, in normal nature, his antlers would fall off annually anyway and he would grow a new set. The only reason he would require that bolt is if the Human Human Fruit took away the ability for him to lose and grow antlers. This would mean he'd be stuck with the current set of antlers he had when he ate it.
  • Nope. They still grew after the Timeskip, as seen is his Walk Point.

Chopper re-grows his antlers annually, and keeps the bolt on the left antler for sentimental reasons.
Then again, when Chopper uses Antler Point, which grows his antlers, both antlers grow. If his left antler were still detached, that would normally retard any manipulation under Antler Point. So it is also possible that he does re-grow his antlers annually, and just keeps the bolt on his left antler for some reason, probably because it's a reminder to him of his father figure.

Chopper will temporarily leave and rejoin the Straw Hats in the Wano arc
Not my theory, but it was so intriguing I had to share it.


Robin's father will turn out to be important to the plot...
...even if he's already dead. Was I the only one bothered by Olvia's flashback in which one of the archeologists told her: "If you need to take care of your child, don't come! We'll take care of your husband's unfulfilled wish!"?Whoever Robin's father might be, he might play a vital role in Robin being able to find the Rio Poneglyph.

Robin is a clone (or some similar situation) of her mother
I haven't completely caught up (I've just spoiled myself a bit), so if there's something that irrevocably Josses this, my apologies.Anyway, if the Flower-Flower Fruit can result in the creation of entire doppelgangers, who's to say that Robin isn't actually such a duplicate of her mother with Fake Memories?
  • We've already seen Robin when she was two in a flashback, so it's very unlikely that she is a clone of her mother. Unless, for whatever reason, the clone was "born" and then aged naturally. Even then, it doesn't make much sense.

Franky's new body will have slots for Docking

Post-Timeskip Franky is more advanced than Kuma or any other Pacifista.
When designing the Pacifistas, Dr Vegapunk didn't put in every upgrade he had invented. Mass producing Pacifistas with the most advanced design possible would have been much to expensive. However, Franky didn't have this restraint, so he could upgrade himself with prototypes for every design he could find. Franky being the man who was able to make complex machinery run on cola, he could probably figure out problems that Vegapunk hasn't been able to solve. This combined with any tech he could have copied from the plans of Pluton, probably means Franky is decades ahead of the Pacifistas.

Franky designing the Gaon Cannon and the Coup de Burst cannon .
My guess is he based the two strongest weapons of his dreamship, one that could sail across the world, on those of the strongest ship he knew. Though since Iceburg wouldn't cooperate in building the Thousand Sunny if he knew, they are probably altered version of two of the weakest of Pluton's weapons.

Brook has Conqueror's Haki, but can only use it through music
His live concert at Shabaody showed people falling unconscous as he played. Brook might not even be aware he's doing it, and assume his playing is just that good, which, if it is done via his music, it is.

When he ate the Yomi Yomi no Mi, Brook opened several portals which lead to the afterlife.
In the first moments Brook was reborn, he had the mind and memories of a newborn.
Then he remembered everything and felt silly.

Brook's character was at least partially inspired by Baron Samedi.
Skeleton in a suit and top-hat? Check. Heavily associated with death and resurrection? Check. Filthy-minded? Oh, yeah.

Brook can possess people
So now we know Brook has the power to go out of his body, a logical expansion would be giving him powers similar to the Yamanaka clan of Naruto, that he can abandon his own body to infest others, with the obvious drawbacks and such. Plus it'd be a fun way to resolve the current problem that Pappag thinks Brook's soul is an evil spirit, Brook can just possess him to make him help, and freak Pappag out to no end.
  • To add to this: We know that Brook has already explored the Power Perversion Potential of this new ability. Assuming he can now possess people, he could probably take this to a new extreme by causing a woman to...ahem...have a play-date with herself.
  • Or he can possess items.

Brook's Devil Fruit is not actually the Yomi Yomi no Mi.
It is actually the Yomi Yomi no Mi. In Japanese, Yomi can refer to the word "revive" (yomigaeru), as many official translations have used. However, it can also mean "underworld" (yomi no kuni). So, Brook's devil fruit could have bestowed upon him the powers of the underworld (as has been shown in the latest chapters) instead of just reviving him once (which, in all honesty, was a pretty good example of Blessed with Suck). Also gives new meaning to his praise as "Satan-sama" on Namakura Island...
  • Confirmed! Well, sort of. The fruit IS called the "Yomi Yomi no Mi". I'm not sure what you meant by that, but the underworld powers part is spot on. Not only does it give him a second life, but it gives him the power to control the freezing cold of the underworld.

Brook will die at the end of the series.
Plenty of people speculate that Luffy will go out young in a blaze of glory, but Brook has the Unfinished Business trope already in effect. During his introduction in Thriller Bark he referred to his "second life" essentially being on a timer that will run out, but really it will last until he's at peace and can rest. (Oda does love to torture his characters, but making the loneliest character outlive all his loved ones again would surely be too cruel! So surely he's not immortal. Surely.)
  • Except it says Brook's existence in this world runs on the power of his soul. So his soul would have to be snuffed out to kill him.
    • Not necessarily. His soul could simply let go of his mortal remains and journey properly to the afterlife when his time is up. And since he feels pain when his bones are injured, and pain is a warning from your body that you're doing something stupid that could kill you, it's not unlikely that simply hurting him badly enough could kill him too. He was able to reattach his head, but his actual bones weren't damaged in that scene at all. They were simply pulled away from the rest of him, which didn't harm him since his "connective tissue" is soul instead of flesh.

Brook will lose his bounty
Just think about it. It makes no sense to take him "dead or alive"! They'll pay extra for a live pirate because they want to make examples of them, but what, are they going to decapacitate Brook? Yeah that'll sure be a show. And if you bring him in dead, do you have any proof it's really Brook and not just any skeleton with an afro?

Brook's hair's strong roots is the reason why he has that scar on his skull and the reason why he has great musical talent.
Someone pulled on his hair so hard it actually broke his head and exposed a little part of his brain: that exposure to the air increased his musical ability.
  • That scar came from around 50 years ago; when he's still "alive", he has a similar scar on his forehead. Perhaps he took damage that was so severe that it also damaged the skull beneath it?

Brook will create a Stable Time Loop by travelling back in time and making Yorki contract the disease he had.

Death is a female.
And she's totally a Soul King fangirl.

There's a genetic condition that makes hair grow directly from the skull.
Brook has it.

Brook's Devil Fruit is making him become a demon

Brook can "turn off" his senses when he needs to.

The Yomi Yomi no Mi is the Devil's Fruit.
Brook's powers are connected to the underworld, and the Devil lives in the underworld(this is an assumption).

Brook sometimes can see the readers.

Brook has Emotional Powers.

The "ice" that Brook summons doesn't come from the underworld.
It comes from his soul. It's the "ice" that encases all his negative emotions, like the "fire" of rage and the "slime" of despair.

Brook isn't just happy, he has to be happy if he doesn't want to lose himself and hurt his friends.
Since his soul isn't connected to his body, any negative or positive emotion can change it. And while positive emotions give him strength and musical powers, negative ones weaken him and could cause all sorts of damages to his soul.

The Yomi Yomi no Mi is self-aware and has magical powers that let it be attractive to chosen people and repulsive to unwanted ones.
Brook ate the fruit because the fruit wanted him to. Which means that, yes, the fruit commits suicide if it thinks the person who's going to eat it is worthy.

Brook will become a robot.

Oda put some Moe elements in Brook's design and characterization.
I mean, I can't possibly be the only one who wants to hug him and protect him, right?

As a side-effect of Brook's Devil's Fruit, people who have a strong emotional bond with Brook will become attracted to his skeletal body too.

The ice Brook summons comes from his soul and it's the physical manifestation of a lack of empathy.
Which means he can only summon and use it against against enemies.

Brook was going to be a female character.

Brook thinks the same insulting things about Sanji that Zoro says out loud.
He's just too polite to say anything and he also think he would be a hypocrite if he did.

Brook had an exceptionally functional liver when he was alive, which contributed to his skinniness.

Brook is trans.

Brook had to eat the bone marrow of his former crew in order to survive.

Brook's soul can possess bodies of water.
That's because he would die only if he was in the water and not if he was the water.

Brook's soul can be caught in a jar made of Kairoseki.
And if it happens, he will remain there forever, unconcious, until someone opens the jar.


All of the Straw Hats have some level of Haki
Luffy's power to befriend people could definitely be related to his Haki, possibly working better on other Haki users. Haki would be incredibly useful for all of them, especially Robin and Sanji. The Straw Hats being a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits would be explained, and if they could discover and harness their latent Haki,they could all take a level in badass just in time for the New World.
  • maybe Luffy could help them... no i take that back, Luffy might take them to rayleigh so he can teach them!
  • By Post-timeskip Haki has been fully explained that armament and observation are innate to everyone but hard to master. Of the Straw Hats Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji can use it. Its stated blankly they are the only three that can. This may change but for now the picture seems pretty clear.
    • Usopp also knows it now

There appears to be an elemental theme with the Straw Hats
Zoro is associated with air/wind attacks such as his Tatsumaki and Pound Hou techniques, and post-timeskip, he can create tornados with one attack. Sanji's Diable Jambe involves lighting his leg on fire and post-timeskip, he can ignite his entire body on fire and transfer that fire onto his opponent. Nami's frequently used weather attacks have to do with lightning and wind. Franky has to with metal/steel, with how his body is comprised of metal and also his use of technology and artillery. Usopp post-timeskip can now shoot plants. Brooke appears to be a mix of sound/music and post-timeskip he can manipulate his own soul to leave his body and possess others.

Nami and Usopp from after the timeskip could beat Luffy from before the timeskip
  • Interesting idea, but unlikely. Especially for Nami since 90% of her attack are thunder based and if Enel couldn't defeat pre-Time Skip Luffy, there is next to zero chance Nami could.
  • But on the other hand Usopp did remarkably well against Luffy at Water 7 so now he could probably dominate pre-timeskip Luffy.
  • You know there's a slim chance this theory can ever be proven, right? I guess we'll have to wait and see if Oda brings it up out of the blue.

The entire crew will eventually master various forms of Haki.
It's been foreshadowed in one case: Sanji used Kenbunshoku Haki in Nami's body, while he's primarily a Busoshoku Haki user, likely hinting that she's got the skill but lacks the training or knowledge of how to implement it. As for the others, it only seems like a logical thing to develop for the rest of the crew if Nami were to gain it.
  • I beg to differ; I think the haki is connected to one's soul and not body (while Devil Fruit powers do go to the body). Plus it's never been shown whether Sanji can do the Armament one or not anyway.

Luffy's new abilities?
Do you wonder if he can develop some freeze punch? He already has the Red Hawk series (fire) and the Thor series (electric) became canon against Don Chinjao. T Hat would make him a freaking pokémon but would be still pretty interesting
  • Oddly enough elemental attacks don´t seems like a privilege of someone with a devil logia since:
    • Zoro uses red and blue fire attacks at least once
    • Sanji too has the Diable Jamble series
    • Brook recently added ice
    • Franky has fire and light (laser beams)
    • Nami can manipulate lightning
    • And Usopp has a that lot of plants with him now...
  • Dio Brando had something about controlling his bloody temperature so he could use ice...

What will happen when the Straw Hats finally land on an inhabited island
There will be either mass panic or mass celebration.

The Straw Hat Pirates will eventually kill the Five Elder Stars, only for the entire World Government to swear vengeance againt them.

In the last battle, all of the Straw Hat's Allies will support them
Mihawk noted that Luffy has the ability to turn his foes into allies, so I think that during the final battle (with Blackbeard's crew) their allies will show up and help fight off Blackbeard's crew.

The Straw Hats are gonna start gaining allies fast!
I can see Momonosuke and Kinemon both joining at the end of Punk Hazard, which is two more swordsmen and another DF user, and that hasn't happened since East Blue! If you compare what we know about NW crews, which, admittedly we mostly know through Yonkou, we still see that the Strawhats are seriously lacking in manpower! What we have now, if we include the two samurai, could be the basis for the Straw Hat officers, with other pirates, and possibly entire crews being absorbed into their ranks in the near future. Look how many pirates were begging to join the fake Straw Hats in Sabondy! Whitebeard had 47 heavy hitters from the NW sworn to him, along with his own crew, which fulled four huge galleons. If Big Mam could match that, and Luffy is going to have to face her in the foreseeable future, he's gonna need allies. Mayhap this is the reason for all the talk of alliances in the recent past, the Supernovas are realising they can't stay afloat long on their own. Oda likes foreshadowing!

Thousand Sunny will get a bounty.

Luffy/Strawhat Crew will have their bounty/bounties raised after defeating Big Mom
Working off the assumption that the Yonko Law wants to take down is Charlotte LinLin, the Strawhats haven't had their bounties raised and updated in over two years, with the exception of Luffy, what would make the World Government consider Luffy a bigger threat than he already is, considering at this point they probably think nothing he can do at this point would surprise them more than what he has already done? : Defeating one of the four strongest pirates of the New World.
  • Might actually happen sooner, probably after The Dressrosa Arc, given the sheer amount of marine activity (Including a present Admiral) and the fact that Doflamingo is confirmed to be a former world noble.
    • By the end of the Dressrosa Arc, Luffy's bounty has reached 500 million, and it's not even that outrageous after the new Zou arc introduced and enemy with a bounty of one billion, so Luffy's can still rise up.

  • Confirmed. Luffy and the Straw Hats had their bounties increased after escaping Big Mom.

The Straw Hats' adventures after the Time Skip will resemble their past adventures, but in reverse.
In the first story arc after the time skip, the Straw Hats explore an island filled with bubble technology, and the major conflict was based on human-fishman racism/slavery. Very similar to what happened at Sabody.

In the second story arc, the Straw Hats explore a seemingly-abandoned island filled with impossible monsters who turn out to be manufactured (including one giant, "undefeatable" monster). Very similar to Thriller Bark.

If this trend continues, the third island will be a densely-populated metropolis, and there may be a government conspiracy going on.

  • We seem to be heading towards that with the confirmation of Dressrosa being a kingdom and Doflamingo having connections to near everything.
  • ...That...makes a lot of sense, if we consider the fact that Luffy's Gear 2 and 3 were introduced in the Enies Lobby arc, and Gear 4 was introduced in the Dressrosa arc.
  • Bonus if they were going to Wano country next, it was a secluded, isolated island which was similar to Skypiea. .

The Straw Hats will fight the other nine Supernovas
Think of it in terms of numbers. There are eleven supernovas, minus Luffy and Zoro makes nine; there are nine straw hat members now. An epic battle seems not too far off.
  • Luffy will fight Kid.
  • Zoro will fight Killer.
  • Nami will fight Jewelry Bonney.
    • due to Bonney's Devil Fruit I think Brook would be only one to fight since I think he age forever and make younger would be a bit harder to gaige since he has no physical chance so Bonney may think make him young doesn't work.
  • Robin will fight Bege.
    • I wager Franky would be the one to fight Bege after having his Big Father Form revealed which turns him in to a giant cable man would be a perfect for the iron Pirate Franky General in a giant mech fight.
  • Franky will fight Apoo.
    • No way. Brook vs Apoo, and we'll get to see more of the former's music-based powers in the process. Brook has also landed on an island associated with Apoo's people in the recent seperation arc.
  • Sanji will fight Law's true companions, Bepo the karate bear, even though he's not a Supernova but still badass.
    • Law is one their side for now, and his crew is no where to be seen, but Robin would make a better match to fight him, she is the only one that could counter his fruit, or maybe it will be Chopper since they are both doctors.

The Thousand Sunny will transform into a giant mecha sometime before the end of the series.
  • Given that Franky is the one who built it, it's not too far-fetched. It is canonly unlikely, though, given that Sunny's built with Adam Wood, the strongest known wood in the series.
  • I support this. Please make this happen. That other sentai inspired by One Piece had done it...

The Straw Hats are taking the same path as Roger
Island for island the Straw Hats are sailing the Grand Line on the same path as the Roger Pirates
  • This would have to be confirmed, at least as far as they've gone. It was explained when they arrived at Sabaody that there are a set number of routes through the first half of the Grand Line, the branches of which are chosen at Reverse Mountain. Given that we know for a fact that they both went to Skypiea, this would have to be the case so far.
    • And Water 7, too.
      • And Fishman Island.
    • The one break with this is that Kureha knew Rogers as Gol D. not Gold suggesting the Roger Pirates went to Drum too. The Strawhats' Log never pointed to Drum, they found it on their own.
      • Well, who's to say that Roger didn't just stray off path, too?

One of the Straw Hats' future adventures will involve saving the Kraken's family.
Luffy all but promised this after all.
  • Lets see. The Kraken hails from the North Blue. Who came from the North Blue and has never mentioned their biological family? Sanji. Maybe his parents were fishermen who then turned into Black Market Kraken hunters or something. Sanji didn't approve and then got a job in a kitchen on a cruise liner, then met Zeff. This is WMG people.

The Straw Hats will have a battle with the Red-Hair Pirates
Whether it will be a "you shall not pass unless you prove us that you are strong enough to survive" incident, a friendly (but still all out) battle for the pirate honor, or a brainwashed and crazy incident, I do not know.

Luffy, Zoro, Sanji might, or at least one of them will kick the bucket
Think about how taxing their techniques are, and the kind of battles they go through. Luffy basically wrecking his battle with every fight as well as the taxing his Gears do on his body, Zoro with his wounds, and Sanji literally SETTING HIS LEGS ON FIRE. This might beg the question that eventually, one or more of the crew will pass on, probably being replaced later on.

At one point or another, the Straw Hats will end up on Sniper Island
Their hearts will lead them there.


     Future Straw Hats 
The Straw Hats won't get any more crew members
Luffy said that he wanted ten. The Water 7 arc established the Going Merry/Thousand Sunny as true companions. Sunny has also showed quite a display of power. Therefore, the ten crew members are Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook, and Thousand Sunny.
  • Alternatively, Vivi counts as a crew member. After all, quite a big deal was made of her still being considered True Companions.
    • This is Jossed by the fact that Brook was called the Eighth Crewmember.
    • Even if the Sunny-go doesn't count, wouldn't he be the ninth? Unless you don't count Cap'n Luffy...
  • Despite not having much authority, Luffy is by himself and also others clearly considered the captain. Which means that Brook is his eight crew member. This would point to two more people joining.
  • In support of this theory, Luffy has always talked about getting a musician, since he first formed his crew (that is, when he recruited Zoro). It seems only fitting that Brook would be the final crew member. Of course, One Piece was originally intended to be finished in five years, so who knows?
  • I'm going to go ahead and disagree for a number of reasons. First the obvious bit about Luffy saying that he wanted ten people. Zoro's joining chapter was called "The First", while Brook's was "The Eighth", indicating that we still have two more to go. Plus, Oda mentioned in an interview a while back how he wanted the teamwork of the Straw Hats to be like that of a sports team. Take into account that Oda is a soccer fan (he played soccer in his youth and voiced a caricature of himself in the Movie 3 soccer short, after all), and that a soccer team has eleven players, which would work out to ten crew members plus Luffy.
    • I agree with the above contributor. The Going Merry was counted as a crew member, and Franky said that the Thousand Sunny will carry Merry's technically, Luffy now has nine crew members, not counting himself. Most likely, with the crew en route to Fishman Isle at this time, the final member will either be Jimbei (who had earlier promised Ace to protect Luffy and later told Luffy he'd wait for the Straw Hats at Fishman Isle) or, if not him, some other Fish-person. (I think it would be both cool and useful for the Straw Hats to have a Fishman crewmember, and Jimbei would be a good candidate for that, what with his abilities and all.)
    • I agree and would like to add that there are two “soccer teams” in One Piece: The Blackbeard Pirates and Straw Hat Pirates. Blackbeard’s team can be considered complete (depends whether you consider Doc Q’s horse Stronger as a separate member) as they have Blackbeard, Van Augur, Burgess, Doc Q, Laffitte, Stronger, Shiryu, Sanjuan Wolf, Vasco Shot, Catarina Devon and Avalo Pizarro. The Straw Hats have either 9 or 10 members (depends whether you consider Thousand Sunny as a crew member) therefore require one or two more members to get a complete team. I guess the final fight of the series could be a soccer match!

A Fishman will eventually join the Straw Hats.
Luffy and his crew have had a history of changing people's perceptions, like on Skypiea and, more recently, Amazon Lily. Seeing as how most Fishmen view all humans as bastards, it seems only logical that when they (eventually) reach Fishman Island, they will manage to convince a few otherwise. Maybe one idolizes Fisher Tiger and, after realizing that not all Humans Are Bastards, wishes to travel with the crew in hopes of becoming a similar inspirational figure, only of a less malevolent sort. Also, the Fishmen's famed oceanography skills would be a great complement to Nami's navigation abilities.
  • I like this theory, it would help to have a strong swimmer on a crew full of people who ate Devil Fruits, and the Fishman can also work to salvage things from wrecks.
    • Or, a half-human, half-fishman will join, who's tragic backstory is about how she/he was unwanted by both humans and fishmen like Chopper with reindeer and humans.
      • Consider for a moment that Luffy already has Jimbei, who is both a fishman and a Shichibukai, working with him to save Ace. Once all is said and done, whats to stop Jimbei joining Luffy's crew as both a sign of gratitude and to help them get through Fishman island.
      • Well, Jimbei doesn't appear to have joined, but there's always the shark that came out of the Kracken.
      • Jimbei promised he'd wait for Luffy to come to Fishman Isle, and he had also promised Ace that he'd take care of Luffy, so...
      • Given the unwritten rule that every Strawhat member should be a comedian of some kind, Jimbei does lose a few points.
      • If Jimbei is the only guy to lack a sense of humour, he works for some time... I think.
      • Jimbei DOES have comedic value, as Robin is the comically unfazed, Jimbei is he comically serious
      • Does seem possible since Chapter 830 had Jimbei speaking with his crew about leaving to join the Straw Hats. If he survives the events of the Totto Land arc, this may come to be.
      • Fully confirmed as of Chapter 863, where Jimbei leaves Big Mom and joins Luffy.

The Straw Hats will get another crew member.
It's been pretty well established that Blackbeard is Luffy's evil counterpart. Blackbeard recently reappeared with a vastly expanded crew, filling in the gaps with three legendary prisoners from Impel Down, plus one extra guy. While it's unclear who the new guys are meant to be evil twins for, the fact that now Blackbeard has one up on Luffy hints that someone, possibly one of the other Impel Down escapees, will be come Luffy's new true companions.
  • Since Blackbeard's crew has been completed (a captain, a ship, and 10 crewmembers), we probably have met at least one or two new Star Hat Pirates already, who have just yet to officially join, such as Perona or Bon Kurei.
  • Likely to happen with the upcoming Fishman Isle arc, plus Jimbei did tell Luffy that he'll be waiting for the Straw Hats there and had promised Ace that he would take care of Luffy, so...
  • Confirmed, with Jimbei

Tashigi will be the 10th crewmember
...and I only believe this because she's a near perfect complement to Nami and Robin in both looks and personality.
  • "A BEAUTIFUL LADY SWORDSMAN WITH A TON OF MEAT IS COMING THIS WAY!!!" -Usopp. Seriously man, how could you miss that?
  • There was also an early piece of art done by Oda depicting Nami hanging out with a flightless bird. If I recall correctly, a blue flightless bird. With a cap that says "MARINES" in big bold letters....Christ, what is this foreshadowing? THIS IS GONNA BUG ME ALL DAY.
...maybe she'll join after something happens to smoker? (it's the only way i can see her joining. at the same time, NOOO. :( if Oda kill Smoker we will need to have a chat.)
  • Jossed as far as the 10th member, but she could still join in the future.

Bon Kurei will join the Straw Hats
Although it could probably be temporary, like Vivi. He's clearly devoted to Luffy - anyone who'd follow you into three kinds of hell and trick its jailors is certainly qualified to be your crewmember. Plus, considering the definition of "okama" is neither a man or a woman and he's capable of appearing as both, he could easily be considered the third "girl" in the crew.

Buggy will be the tenth and final crew member
Just because. He's gotta be cropping up again for some reason, and this might as well be it. Provided he can be realistically redeemed...
  • Clowns with blue ponytails and already well-defined personalities who can split their bodies apart are ''SO MUCH COOLER'' than pretty but comparatively generic Amazons. And it has been hinted he's redeemable, since he felt guilty about tricking Luffy. And the poor guy's been abandoned by his crew, and so he's not obligated to stay with anyone right now. 'No one should be alone' is one of the most important themes in One Piece.
  • Failing that, he could be another "Vivi" - he'll travel with the crew for a period of time but will part ways with the rest of them before the series is over.
    • Buggy's back with his crew now.
    • Bon Kurei is also a serious contender, considering (1) Strawhats are designed to be a nakama/family of "weirdos" (rubber man, burglar, pirate hunter, pervert, reindeer man, cyborg, undead skeleton), and adding an "okama" would serve that purpose well. (2) Every strawhat member must be a comedian of some kind (Oda-sensei's unwritten rule), and Bon Kurei is good enough for that. Even the usually serious Zoro and Robin do indulge in some kind of comedy. (3) Every Strawhat member has some sort of Power of Friendship relationship with the captain, and what can I say about Bon Kurei? He has had that twice, and an entire arc was full of it.
  • Jossed as far as the 10th member.

Bon-chan will join the crew and Sanji will absolutely hate him, while Bon-chan will love him (interpret that however you want)
  • Think about it; Sanji and Bon-chan fought back in Alabasta, Sanji tells the crew that he doesn't like transvestites (in that Alabasta recap movie he won't even allow Bon-chan to touch him, though this could have more to do with his creepy powers), and he has just been on an island full with transvestites who all have a crush on him, which should probably leave him traumatized for life. And not so keen on transvestites. Bon-chan however will absolutely love Sanji especially, because Defeat Means Friendship. Because of Sanji's despise and rejections, he will be very hurt (this will of course be played for laughs). He will constantly seek Sanji's affection and approval, coming far too close to him which will result in humorous fights. Zoro will make fun of this. Hilarity ensues.

Both Hancock and Jimbei will join the Strawhats
Jimbei will join for the above reason, and Hancock will join to ensure marriage with Luffy.
  • Not likely in Hancock's case; she can't openly support Luffy due to her Warlord of the Sea position, which she needs to keep holding in order to protect Amazon Lily from being attacked and/or taken advantage of by outside forces.

Either Hancock or Tashigi will be one of the last two members, and the other will be Jimbei.
Look about five WMG's up for the second, and Hancock or Tashigi because they're the most likely to join for a woman member. My reasoning for two more is because Brook is called the eighth member, so that means not counting Luffy. Plus, Luffy said he wanted ten crew members... So we can guess there'll be two and the ones mentioned are most likely.

Coby will join the Straw Hats a military informant.
  • His experience in the War and maybe his first Buster Call make him quit the Marines? Would his bromantic companion Helmeppo come with him?
    • No, Helmeppo will stay in the marines and rise significantly in rank, and try to change the government from the inside so no one else will act like his father did. He will also be Coby's source of information.
  • Considering Coby's dream of being a Marine(and later, of becoming an Admiral) has been his driving force throughout the entire series, him abandoning it just like that would be a severe Jumping the Shark moment for One Piece. Really, if he really is that disillusioned after the war, his character would be more likely to want to become an Admiral even more so he can enact change straight from the top.

Luffy's attempt at drawing a Fishman back at the start of the Arlong Arc will be a Chekhov's Gun
It will turn out to be a poorly-rendered view of what the Straw Hat crew's next new member (i.e. whoever joins them during the current Fishman Arc) will look like. It'll be a Fishman who can provide the crew with extra muscle and a skill that'll turn out to be useful to their adventure in the New World (tactician, helmsman, quartermaster, or something along that line). So, if Jimbei or Vander Decken don't join the crew (see the earlier WMG above re Vander Decken joining), one of the Fishmen residents will...and, as stated before, he'll resemble Luffy's drawing from way back when. (Remember how, at the start of the Water 7 Arc, Luffy drew his idea of what their anticipated carpenter would look like, and it ended up looking like a badly-drawn rendition of Franky?)


If you zoom in, you will notice that the fish has four legs, not two arms and two legs, four legs.If you're right about Luffy's prophetic doodles, i think we have a winner...
  • From the original poster: After reading the updates for this WMG and the WMG two entries up, I've come back to being open about Decken being the next possible candidate for membership in the Straw Hats. Still, I'll admit that right now, my money's strongly on Jimbei due to the reasons that have been outlined elsewhere on this page.

A relative of Fisher Tiger's will join the Straw Hat crew.
Fisher Tiger is/was a noted figure among the Fishmen race...and a relative of his joining the crew would signal a bridging of the gap separating the Fishmen from humans. Additionally, Tiger's death would satisfy the new member's Dark and Troubled Past quota that the Straw Hats' individual members have fulfilled up to now.
  • He'd probably be related to Jimbei somehow, due to him succeding hm as Captian of the Sunny Pirates, and might know Fishman Karate as his pupil, maybe even the top one of the Fishman Dojo.
    • So let me make sure I'm understanding the above point, and please clarify if I'm wrong—Jimbei and Fisher Tiger would be somehow blood-related, and Jimbei would be the top pupil of Tiger's Fishman Karate skills?
      • I think the idea above is as we know, Jimbei succeded Tiger as Captain of the Fishman Pirates. And the WMG takes effect is where he took this supposed offspring of Tiger in, and taught said character Fishman Karate, and said son/daughter of Tiger knows it quite well.

A Stone Logia or Statue Paramecia user will join the Strawhats.
Luffy once stated in the past that he wanted three things: A shipwright(Franky), a musician(Brook), and a bronze statue(????). He'll get his statue just like he got the first two, but it'll be a crewmate who uses a Stone Logia or a paramecia like Jozu's to turn into one. If it's the former, then the trio of logia, paramecia, and zoan in the crew will be complete and much to Luffy's disappointment, the statue will be made of stone rather than bronze. If it's the latter then we can probably expect their main power to be "indestructible but immobile" while in statue mode with a possible secondary power of turning other things into statues.
  • Well, we got Sengoku.
    • Oh, Crap!, forgot about him. Oh well, a stone logia could join and it's not like there can't still be a paramecia specifically about statues.
  • Highly unlikely. The one stone paramecia fruit in the world belongs to Pica, one of Doflamingo's executives... Who Zoro just got done slicing up. Of course, there still could be a statue fruit user or the like out there. So, stay tuned.

Tenth and the last strawhat pirate crew is Klabautermann of Thousand Sunny
First of all it been foreshadowed that Luffy will only have 10 people in his crew (including Luffy) on Vol 1. now they already have 9. what they missing in their crew is Helmsman (ship driver). The only thing that know the ship more than anyone is the Ship itself. that way i think personification of Thousand Sunny (AKA Klabautermann) is the last crew that straw hat need. he can be an effective helmsman, cabin boy, and ship guard. i think at the point of story, bond between straw hat crew and the ship will go strong enough to the point Thousand Sunny will make "personification" of itself in front of them (NOT real human but straw hat will able to see it just like normal human)

for appearance, i expect to be person with butler suit and thousand sunny head. as for ability other than capable to control the ship at his will. It "personification" have body as strong as adam wood and capable to use gaoh cannon straight from his mouth. but the "personification" can only exist at certain distance from the ship (say 500M radius)

  • Jossed as the 10th member is Jimbei.

Eventually the Straw hats will get a cabin girl
She will be based on Pippie Longstocking.
  • This could tie into the Koala WMG above.
    • A recent hairstyle of Franky's is this Pippi Longstocking braided thing...if that counts towards this WMG any.

Future Crew Members.
Future Straw Hat Pirates will keep with the themes of the old ones. Though, since some are a stretch with even the original members, it would probably be better to say that they will be generally in keeping with these themes.
  • They will have lost someone important to them.
    • Luffy: Ace and Sabo | Zoro: Kuina | Nami: Bellamere | Usopp: Banchina (his mom) | Sanji: Zeff's leg and the cruise ship crew | Chopper: Dr. Hiluluk | Robin: Olivia and Ohara | Franky: Tom | Brook: the Rumbar Pirates
  • They will have an identifiable color scheme.
    • Luffy: Red | Zoro: Green | Nami: Orange | Usopp: Yellow | Sanji: Blue | Chopper: Pink | Robin: Purple | Franky: Light Blue | Brook: Black and White
  • They will have a look (or simply feel) similar to a nationality stereotype.
    • Luffy: Brazilian | Zoro: Japanese | Nami: Swedish | Usopp: African | Sanji: French | Chopper: Canadian | Robin: Russian | Franky: American | Brook: Austrian
  • They will have a talent aside from fighting (bonus: Luffy will be ignorant of it when he recruits them).
    • Luffy: Captain and Magnetic Hero | Zoro: Leadership and honor | Nami: Navigating | Usopp: Cannoneer and crack inventor | Sanji: Chef | Chopper: Doctor | Robin: Archeologist | Franky: Shipwright | Brook: Musician
  • They will have an unfulfilled dream that drives them.
    • Luffy: Become the Pirate King | Zoro: Become the greatest swordsman | Nami: Make a map of the world | Usopp: Become a brave warrior of the sea and then to visit Elbaf and become the true King of Snipers | Sanji: Find the All Blue (or the Suke Suke no Mi) | Chopper: Become a great doctor who can cure all disease | Robin: Find the Rio Poneglyph and know the True History | Franky: Build a ship that journeys to the end of the Grand Line, a Ship of Dreams | Brook: Be reunited with Laboon and play his crew's last song
  • They will have a two syllable given name.
    • Brook's name is pronounced "Broo-keh"
      • ...And Usopp is U-sop-pu.
(Usopp seems to be the biggest stretch... Yellow and African? Were it not for Sogeking...)
  • (Nope, not a stretch. Yellow, as in coward. African... think North Africa, not Sub-Saharan.)
  • Also, Usopp is pretty obviously black. Thick lips, brown skin, kinky hair... he combines some stereotypical black traits without being Mr. Popo.
  • They will have helped to oppose an enemy prior to joining.
    • Zoro (alongside Luffy, vs. Axe-hand Morgan and Helmeppo) | Nami (alongside Luffy, vs. Buggy) | Usopp (alongside Zoro, vs. Django during the Captain Kuro arc) | Sanji (vs. Pearl and Gin of the Don Krieg Armada at the Baratie) | Chopper (vs. Wapol's henchmen Chess and Kuromarimo at Drum Island) | Robin (by subtly aiding the crew during Alabasta, and later unsuccessfully attacking Crocodile) | Franky (vs. Nero and Fukuro of CP9 during Enies Lobby) | Brook (vs. Thriller Bark zombies and, unsuccessfully, Ryuuga)


  • Vivi
    • They will have lost someone important to them: Her mother? Though her father is bedridden now, that would make her joining even less likely.
    • They will have an identifiable color scheme: Teal
    • They will have a look (or simply feel) similar to a nationality stereotype: Egyptian
    • They will have a talent aside from fighting (bonus: Luffy will be ignorant of it when he recruits them): Princess power
    • They will have an unfulfilled dream that drives them: Saved Alabasta so... loving her country...?
    • They will have a two syllable given name: Check
    • They will have helped to oppose an enemy prior to joining: Check (Crocodile and Baroque Works)
    • Already an honorary member, Vivi seems unlikely to rejoin the crew. She has too many responsibilities in Alabasta.
  • Decken
    • They will have lost someone important to them: unknown.
    • They will have an identifiable color scheme: unknown.
    • They will have a look (or simply feel) similar to a nationality stereotype: Atlantian? Dick Tracy Land?
    • They will have a talent aside from fighting (bonus: Luffy will be ignorant of it when he recruits them): unknown.
    • They will have an unfulfilled dream that drives them: to murder Shirahoshi... not very nice really.
    • They will have a two syllable given name: Check
    • They will have helped to oppose an enemy prior to joining: Not fulfilled
    • Vander Decken seems unlikely to join given that he has shown no redeemable traits as yet.
  • Jimbe
    • They will have lost someone important to them: Fisher Tiger, Queen Otohime, Ace, and Whitebeard
    • They will have an identifiable color scheme: Red and Blue
    • They will have a look (or simply feel) similar to a nationality stereotype: Japanese
    • They will have a talent aside from fighting (bonus: Luffy will be ignorant of it when he recruits them): Helmsman, battle tactician and whale shark whisperer
    • They will have an unfulfilled dream that drives them: To protect Luffy and his people
    • They will have a two syllable given name: Check
    • They will have helped to oppose an enemy prior to joining: Check (Wadatsumi of Vander Decken's Flying Pirates, alongside Sanji)
    • While he seems like a good candidate, Jimbe has a good deal of overlap with Zoro and other characters that might make him a poor fit, thematically speaking. A dream apart from Luffy would help (as that's more of a promise and desire), as would elaboration that would help fit him into the crew (looking at the manga, this should be soon). If he is shown not to be about on par with Sanji or Zoro but not Luffy (unlikely), this would also help. One other strike against him is his current bounty, which is stated to be somewhere at or above 400 million Berries (which would make it higher than Luffy's); however, this could be rectified if the Straw Hats all got requisite bounty increases at the end of the Fishman Island arc, with Luffy getting a higher bounty than Jimbe.
      • The end of Chapter 648 has Luffy directly asking Jimbe to join the Straw Hat crew. Chapter 649 has Jimbei refusing to join just then, despite wanting to, because he has something he needs to do, but promising to join up in the future.
      • And he gives his word many chapters later towards the end of the Whole Cake Island arc, where he honorably leaves Big Mom to "join the crew of the future Pirate King" and will most definitely start sailing on the Thousand Sunny when all is said and done.
  • Shirahoshi
    • They will have lost someone important to them: Her mother, Queen Otohime
    • They will have an identifiable color scheme: Pink and Yellow
    • They will have a look (or simply feel) similar to a nationality stereotype: Korean?
    • They will have a talent aside from fighting (bonus: Luffy will be ignorant of it when he recruits them): Princess Power, mermaid, and Sea King beacon
    • They will have an unfulfilled dream that drives them: To see her mother's dreams fulfilled
    • They will have a two syllable given name: Nope
    • They will have helped to oppose an enemy prior to joining: Opposes Hodi Jones' ambition, but has not fought any specific opponent
    • Another strong contender with two grave strikes against her, she's as large as the Thousand Sunny and aside for her Sea King power (which she can't control anyway), seems to be rather defenseless. Furthermore, Luffy doesn't seem to be in a rush to have her join. If she becomes a crew member, she may be only temporary, like a New World Vivi.
      • I'm not so sure she's as defenseless as we originally thought. As of chapter 649, Robin reveals that Shirahoshi IS the Ancient Weapon Poseidon.
      • But Shirahoshi herself isn't even aware of that.
  • Caribou
    • They will have lost someone important to them: Coribou might well be dead
    • They will have an identifiable color scheme: unknown
    • They will have a look (or simply feel) similar to a nationality stereotype: Shanghai?
    • They will have a talent aside from fighting (bonus: Luffy will be ignorant of it when he recruits them): Bubble suits? Walking Bag of Holding?
    • They will have an unfulfilled dream that drives them: unknown
    • They will have a two syllable given name: Nope
    • They will have helped to oppose an enemy prior to joining: Not fulfilled
    • Caribou would seem to be the least likely candidate of the current arc. As an antagonist he has been more violent, greedy, and savage than Robin and Franky ever were.
      • And as of Chapter 650, he seems poised to use the knowledge about Shirahoshi being the ancient weapon Poseidon for his own purposes...
  • Surume (The Kraken)
    • They will have lost someone important to them: Unknown
    • They will have an identifiable color scheme: Orange
    • They will have a look (or simply feel) similar to a nationality stereotype: Norse
    • They will have a talent aside from fighting (bonus: Luffy will be ignorant of it when he recruits them): Unknown
    • They will have an unfulfilled dream that drives them: Reunite with his family at the North Pole
    • They will have a two syllable given name: No idea
    • They will have helped to oppose an enemy prior to joining: Opposed the Fishman Pirates, but was soon defeated by Wadatsumi
    • Luffy decided he wants it for a pet, and has tamed it.
  • Mr. 2 Bon Clay
    • They will have lost someone important to them: Unknown; likely former friends considering how desperately he tries to protect who he decides to call friends.
    • They will have an identifiable color scheme: Pink
    • They will have a look (or simply feel) similar to a nationality stereotype: Unknown what the Okama are meant to be nationaly
    • They will have a talent aside from fighting (bonus: Luffy will be ignorant of it when he recruits them): Disguise and Espionage
    • They will have an unfulfilled dream that drives them: Protecting the Flower of Friendship
    • They will have two syllable given name: Check
    • They will have helped to oppose an enemy prior to joining: Opposed Warden Magellan, stalling so that Luffy could escape.
    • Bon Clay and Luffy have become strong friends when trapped in Impel Down, and even in Alabasta Bon Clay was willing to make the sacrifice. Luffy would be more than happy to take him aboard to repay the kindness.

The Straw Hats' next crewmember will be a Logia.
Because duh. It's about time they got one of their own considering how preposterously broken Logias are when compared to other Devil Fruits. Now, Wet-Hair Coribou is obviously a Red Herring: my best guess so far is that it'll be either a new character with a stone/metal power, as has already been suggested on this page, or Aokiji, who may well have become a Defector from Decadence after leaving the Marines.
  • Maybe it'll be someone who's eaten a newly-grown Mera Mera no Mi, which was Ace's Devil Fruit before his death.
    • Unlikely, seeing as how Sanji's powers are developing fire-based attacks. Plus, if Luffy ever did find the newly-grown Mera Mera no Mi, he would probably keep it as a memento. There's no way he would let somebody eat it.
      • Luffy let Sabo take the fruit. Sabo is the Number Two of the Revolutionary.

All the Straw Hats have a two-syllable name, meaning the next crewmate(s) will have also a two-syllable name
  • Someone had pointed out before how all the Straw Hats have a two-syllable name (Lu-ffy, Zo-ro, Na-mi and etc). Even Brook's name has an emphasis on "-ok", making it into two syllables. Even the shortened names of their ships have two-syllables (Mer-ry and Sun-ny). Which leads into the WMG that their next crewmates will also have a two-syllable name. Previous crewmate Vivi and Carue fits into the theme and potential crewmate Jimbei also fits too.
    • The "ok" in "Brook" is not a separate syllable. The name IS two syllables as the Japanese VAs say it though: Bruk-ku.
    • Thanks for clarifying that.
    • If you're really going to use that argument for Brook, then what about U-so-ppu?

The next member to join the Straw Hat crew will be...
Vivi, Bon Clay, Hancock, or Jimbei. Vivi may be a bit of stretch due to her being all the way in Alabasta, and who knows if Bon Clay is still alive. As for Hancock and Jimbei, Hancock's love for luffy may make her preform a huge Heel–Face Turn and join his crew to forsake her Warlord title. Not to mention in Jimbei's case, once Luffy asks you to join his crew, 90 percent of the time, that person's joining.
  • Vivi, Bon Clay and Hancock are insanely unlikely, if not downright impossible. Vivi is still a princess, so her leaving her kingdom to join the Straw Hats would probably bring her country far more trouble than it's worth, no matter how much she'd like to sail with the crew again. Hancock has her own crew and subjects who need protection, and a position as Warlord. Why throw them away and make herself more enemies when she can help the Straw Hats secretly from the side, like she did at Marineford and Sabaody? As for Bon Clay, he's alive and OK but stuck in Impel Down's level 5.5, so unless another mass break-out somehow happens, I doubt he's gonna leave. Jimbei is the most likely choice, and Luffy even offered him a place with the crew, but he has unfinished business with Big Mom to take care of first.
    • And Jimbei is indeed confirmed.

Rather than ten Straw Hats plus Luffy...
There will be twelve. Main reason I think this is because Luffy got four crew members before heading into the Grand Line, and then another four in the first half of the Grand Line... which makes me suspect that he will get another four in the New World. I know there's evidence that there will be ten (Luffy himself saying he wanted ten crew members at the beginning of his journey), but given that it's Luffy I doubt he'd let such an arbitrary statement (if he even remembers it) stop him from recruiting someone if they want to join and he likes them (and plus, he said he wanted ten crew members before entering the Grand Line). Additionally... given what a fantastic Chessmaster Oda is, I wouldn't be surprised if he's realized how popular the idea of there being ten Straw Hats (not counting Luffy) is, and since he loves throwing curve balls to catch us off-guard...

Next Straw Hat will be a girl to balance out the girl to boy ratio
  • The Straw Hats will be separated again, this time by one of the agents of the Yonkou, and Luffy will land on a island with a Nia knockoff that will be sweet to balance Nami's Tsundere and Nico's Kuudere
  • Following the pattern, the next girl would be... Yandere

The tenth member of the Straw Hat Crew...
ate the tempo tempo fruit, allowing them to travel through time. This person takes the Strawhats back through time, to the point when Roger first appeared. While searching to meet Gol D. Roger, Luffy discovers he is Roger himself.
  • The tenth member is an immortal Object Loop, making death significant in their life (significant in its absence), as with all the other members (other than Sanji. Does almost dying count?).

The next crewmate could be a Maid/Sister
  • Seems like a joke but I have a hunch that they could give a try against some more religious themes. They messed with a eastern concept of God, why not the western concept?
  • But, if I remember well Miss Monday was a sister... Yeah, she was... Really would heart a more pretty one?
  • She would be really fancy with a useless devil fruit too...
  • Well Baby-5/Torpedo Girl seems a good try for now
  • Baby 5 already joined, in a sense; she's part of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet alongside Sai. But as far as the main crew is concerned, no maid/sister in sight, so the jury's still out on that one.

The entirety of Part Two is just one long Ship Tease.
... And by "ship", I mean the Thousand Sunny. First the crew got to Fishman Island. There, Jimbei was offered the chance to join the crew, and he didn't have an issue with it. Plus, Shirahoshi became friends with the Strawhats and promised to get stronger. Then on Punk Hazard, Kin'emon and Momonosuke joined them and Trafalgar Law formed an alliance with them. They came close to the Reverie, where Vivi would have been. And now on Dressrosa there's, among many [[HSQ others]], there's Koala and Sabo! Surume, Rebecca, Baby 5... Oda stated that the crew would end up with ten members, which means there's only one opening left. The entire second half of the series is teasing us with possibilities of who that final nakama will be, until, to everyone's surprise, it turns out to be Gin.
  • I disagree with the last guess. He's already had his crew last we've seen him. I'm pretty sure he's alive though, somehow. There's devil fruit ability like Ivankov or Law that could possibly cure him.

The next Straw Hat will be an old woman.
Oda has stated that the Straw Hats are like a family, with Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Nami, and Chopper being the children, Franky and Robin being the parents, and Brook being the grandfather.
  • In order to complete the "family" theme the crew has going they still need a grandmother. Plus it would be nice to have a female member of the crew who wasn't walking Fanservice.
  • Er, even if she's an old woman, she could still be a fanservice. Someone like Kureha, for example?
  • Nami's friend, Rolling Lola's mother is a famous old woman pirate, so she's a definite candidate, wherever or whoever she is.
  • I actually think Lola's mother might be Big Mom.
    • I was thinking the same thing even long before I ever saw what Big Mom looked like.

Aside from Jimbei, two more female will joined the crew
Though not necessarily in that order. If we look at the Straw Hats as a family they lack an uncle/aunt figure and grandmother. Jimbei might take the uncle figure, but they will still need two more female members.
  • Or an okama. Bon chan, anyone?
  • Or maybe Carrot.

Bonney will join SHP
Or at the very least, became an ally/honorary member like Law and Vivi. Why would Oda showed her being captured by Akainu if he wasn't going to expand the story later?

Jimbei will properly join SH after Luffy claimed FI as his territory
By the time, Luffy would have defeated Big Mam (and have his bounty above Jimbei). Jimbei is all about protecting FI. That's why he joined Shichibukai and later he agreed giving candy retribution to Big Mam as well. Once Luffy claimed FI, he will joined SH. His dream would be an equality between fishman and human.

Jimbei will join Luffy's 'crew' but not in the way everyone is thinking.
Partially in response to the above WMG, but also to theories about Jimbei in general.Jimbei told luffy to ask him agan in the future, as he has something to do first, this will be gathering the members of the sun pirates.Once Jimbei has done this, rather than join the core Strawhat crew, Jimbei will become Luffys First 'Division Commander'.Luffy has already claimed Fishman Island as under his protection, this was his first step towards being a Yonkou, but realistically he wont be able to turn around and protect it while halfway to Raftel.Of course as Luffy conquers more islands, he is going to have to recruit new 'Division Commanders' in the style of Whitebeard, these people will be left to oversee the protection of Luffy's 'Turf', Jimbei and the Sun pirates being left in charge of Fishman Island.The Gourosei mentioned that Marko the Pheonix and the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates were some of the people strong enough to take on Teach. It is likely that Luffy will meet Marko and co at some point in the new world, who will then decide to fly under the banner of the Straw Hat, adding any turf they have managed to retain control of to Luffy's.This will be done to avoid the possibly reptetative number of arcs involving Luffy conquering Islands.

Monet will join SHP
Because we haven't known who throws that notes to Chopper. I believe major characters aren't dead until confirmed.
  • Even though this is the world of One Piece, we're talking about a woman whose heart was pierced while it was vulnerable. Logia or not, there's no coming back from that. And even if she did survive, she's too heartless to join the crew.
    • We may talk about One Piece world, but this is not the first time someone survived a heart stab. Both Luffy and Robin survived it in their respectable fights with Crocodile. And most recently in anime both Law and Caesar survived it after Law's encounter with Doflamingo and him being shot into his heart 3 times, he also had a Caesar's heart concealed in his chest pocket the whole time), so it is not a hard stretch to suggest that Monet could have survived it as well, given that she was a logia and was stabbed by icicle (an irony). She also keeps being mentioned by different people, including dwarves. And there are a ton of mysteries behind her character that were never explained. What also supports a theory of Monet joining Strawhats is a telescope on a straw hat crew ship. So far, no one used it, and Monet is hinted to be an astronomer in manga (one of the mysteries behind her which were never explained), given that she read books with words "Astro" and "Clip" which may very vell go for "Astronomy" and "Eclipse". Which also supports this theory is a fact, that Enel is currently on a Moon, and Skypieans are hinted to be descended from a Moon. And in Robin's flashback, we could see a model of 6 moons in Ohara's people' possession, who studied the Voide Century, so this could be a basis for supposing, that there are Poneglyphs on a Moon, and Robin can have a need to visit it. The current arc Dressrosa also supports it by bringing back characters, which are relevant to Skypiea and Jaya arcs, namely Bellamy and Montblanc Norland. What speaks more about possibility of Monet being alive is the apperance of something which very close resembles her attack Yuki Rabi in an ocean, when Mugiwaras left Punk Hazard. The funny fact, is that a rabit in japanese culture is very often related to a moon rabbit from asian folclore. There are even some anime series who make a direct reference to it, for example Sailor Moon, the name of the main character of which is Tsukino Usagi, which basically translates from Japanese as Moon Rabbit.
    • Yeah, an evil and cruel woman who's been helping Caesar Clown keep kidnapped kids under his control to eventually die of their experiments, helped Doflamingo take over Dressrosa, who's been pierced through the heart and left for dead in a lab that was being taken over by a petrifying gas, and who has shown no redeeming qualities whatsoever nor has ever been mentioned aside from a brief flashback in the Dressrosa arc is SO likely to join the Straw Hats.

There won't be many more members of the crew added
Notice now, instead of focusing on individual ships and crews now, the series seems to be shifting more towards armadas. So, instead of Law joining Luffy's crew, Law will instead ally with Luffy permanently as a ship under his flag, similar with Whitebeard.

The Going Merry will return as a crew member
Its already established that there is a method to feed a devil fruit to inanimate objects, which at least for Zoans grants the object life and intelligence, at some point a model of the Human-Human fruit will be given to the Mini Merry, ironically making her a boat that can't swim.
  • Any particular model, since Chopper has the vanilla kind?
    • Perhaps one of the tribes? if there's models for mythical humans, cyborg or Frankenstein would both work, only appropriate the ship take after the shipwright or going away from humans any sentient species would work maybe fishmen, or a mermaid considering there often used as ship figureheads, if there a fruit for the skypians race it would be appropriate, as the fall from Skypiea is what ultimately led to the Marrys demise.

The next Straw Hat will be an ex-Marine with a Logia Devil Fruit power
Having an ex-Marine join the Straw Hat Pirates would create a lot of story potential and out of all the devil fruit powers they have, none of them are Logias. I think they're overdue for one.

Someone from a Sky Island will join the Straw Hats.
The Straw Hats already have members from five seas - Luffy, Zoro, Nami and Usopp are originally from East Blue, Robin and Brook from West Blue, Sanji from North Blue, Franky from South Blue, and Chopper from the Grand Line. Jimbei (because we know he's joining) is also from the Grand Line (specifically, its Sea Floor). They're only missing someone from Sky Ocean, and will eventually remedy this.
  • Wiper perhaps?

You, the reader, are a Straw Hat.
In the very last scene of the series, the Straw Hats will break the fourth wall, reveal that they've considered you part of the crew the entire time, and wave goodbye as the biggest Heartwarming Moment Oda can muster.

Carrot will become the next nakama
Following Jimbei, as she won't join immediately, but after spending all of Whole Cake Island and presumably Wano with the crew, she'll make her resolve to join the Straw Hat Pirates.
  • And she'll become either the lookout or be paired with Nami as a cartographer to her navigator.

A future Straw Hat will be a non-sophont Parrot.
Or some sort of brightly coloured bird of the tropics

Given some of the recent positioning, Vivi may return as the official 11th Straw Hat
Vivi has a roughly 6 minute spotlight in 2017 (episode 777) where they really seem to be going all out to establish her motives and abilities in a short time frame:
  • They established prior that her kingdom is the only one of the twenty founding kingdoms to not separate themselves from the common folk, suggesting that their kingdom is likely at odds with the other nineteen noble families that run the world.
  • Furthermore, King Nefertari seems intent on poking the hornet's nest with the poneglyphs.
  • They demonstrate her Charles Atlas Superpower level of training, able to jump off a high mast unharmed...and jump up there in the first place.
  • Kohza's line that her "pirate spirit is back" feels like a suggestion to the fans.
  • Finally, it's accompanied by reanimated flashbacks of Vivi relying on the straw hats in a time of need, as well as reminding everyone of their bond.

Overall, this seems to foreshadow future tragedy for the Nefertari dynasty and makes it likely that Vivi could join the Straw Hats in exile from the World Government.

  • Oda might be headed this way in Chapter 908 where Vivi's picture is the only one left undamaged by Im and the Gorosei ask which light they want to extinguish from history, which means the Buster Call could return......and target Alabasta.

Otama will join the Straw Hats


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