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This is Page One of Wild Mass Guesses for the series One Piece that are still uncategorized. Just for Fun and silly guesses go on the silly page. If a WMG is Jossed, please move it to the Jossed page, if it is Confirmed, please move it to the Confirmed page.

Please add new entries to the bottom of the page.

There will be fruit...
... growing from the Jewel Tree Adam. And a Devil Fruit user will die there. Do the math.

There will be a Tree of Life
So far we have seen Adam Tree (almost indestructible and main material of both Oro Jackson and Thousand Sunny), Eve Tree (source of light on Fishman Island) and Tree of Knowledge (Ohara). To complete the Garden of Eden parallel, some kind of Tree of Life is necessary.

Souls are created by the biological activity of the brain.
Many species of animals have souls too.

The Yonkou are not the biggest threats in the New World
Despite their reputation as essentially the most powerful/influential characters in the series, we're learning about them fairly quickly. Law quickly establishes that it's either "join an Emperor or rebel against them" to survive in the New World, but considering no one is Pirate King yet there are still islands that haven't been explored and likely characters that may surpass them.
  • In terms of becoming Pirate King via reaching Raftel, the information from the Zou arc reveals that to do so, a person will need information from each of the four Road Poneglyphs, either through reading and translating them (which only Robin is known to be capable of doing at this point) or through understanding them via the Voice of All Things (as Roger did, and as Linlin wants to do, using her daughter Pudding's ability, once awakened, to hear the Voice). So far, Roger is the only one who's been able to read all four; just finding all of them is a challenge in and of itself.
  • As for the main guess, signs are pointing to yes - Oda made a statement at the Jump Festa 2018 event that he plans to introduce a "lurking legend" in the One Piece world in 2018, who will be "Luffy and his crew's greatest enemy." Oda teased that this enemy "might be related to Whitebeard." Oda also teased that the Paramount War storyline in the series will "look cute" compared to "that."

Treasure tree Adam is dead
However, the Straw Hats will find a single almost withered tree and be asked to take its pollen (which is also knowns as bink's sake) and bring it to a sunlight tree Eve where they'll make beautiful posthumous tree love and have lots of seedlings.

All of the Straw Hats were sent to places that suited their specialties. Luffy however... Was sent to the isle of women. Clearly, he's hoping Luffy will make lots of little heirs for the revolution. And who knows, maybe Dragon is in on it.

Blackbeard's atypical body is the result of an Op-Op operation
  • Facts :
    • A single person cannot eat more than one devil fruit.
    • Blackbeard ate more than one devil fruit
If the first rule is absolute and the second one is true, then the only conclusion is that Blackbeard is more than one person. There are many theories about this, though there is one simpler explanation.
  • Let's look at Fusion Dance in Dragon Ball, the Shonen series that inspired so many others. It combined two people into a stronger one. In One Piece world, such a thing could be easily achieved by the devil fruit. There are many weirder abilities out there. In fact, we know one devil fruit capable of doing such.
  • The Op-Op fruit is shown to be capable of combining people's bodies and switching their souls. It isn't too much of a stretch to think that it could be used to transplant a human's soul into another body.
    • But there is a certain drawback: A devil fruit effect could only be active as long as the user's alive, or in a certain case, conscious. This is the case with Sugar, Van Der Decken, Shiki and Moria. Once the user knocked off, the effect is gone. For Luffy's case though, it's likely he's still a rubber even though he is knocked off.
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    • So is there a way of permanently transplanting another person's soul into someone? That is, even if the Op-Op user died, the effect would still there? Actually, if there's such a thing, it would cost the user greatly. We know from Law that Op-Op ability required a lot of stamina; it cannot be used too often. Imagine what would happen if someone tried to give a permanent effect. It would probably cost them their life.
    • That's right. It was the immortality thing that Doflamingo wanted. While transplanting someone's soul into someone else isn't going to make them immortal, this procedure could be repeated again and again as so many times. It's close enough to immortality. Alternatively, the soul could be transplanted into something nonhuman. Maybe a machine like Pacifista.
  • tl, dr;
Once in the past, an Op-Op user performed surgery on Blackbeard and transplanted another soul(s) into his body, permanently. Note that there is no difference whether it's just one soul or many, the only thing that cost the user's life is in making it permanent. This is supported as in Jaya, Luffy and Zoro refer to Blackbeard as 'them' instead of him. This also explained why BB can eat more than one devil fruit (and possibly many).
  • Considering the first time Blackbeard was mentioned was him invading drum island, maybe Wapol with his ability to literally fuse people together was responsible for Blackbeard becoming the monster he is.

Law is going to swap the hearts of the other Straw Hats.
Speaks for itself. I'm personally hoping for Luffy to become Brook, Brook to become Usopp, Usopp to become Zoro, Zoro to become Robin and Robin to become Luffy.
  • Personally I'd like to see Brook become Zoro, purely to see Zoro act like Brook does and have Zoro get pissed at Brook for using his swords the "wrong way".
    • Fair enough. My reasoning is Luffy freaking out with happiness at the fact he's now the "awesome singing afro skeleton," Brook regaining his lost youth through Usopp, Usopp gets to feel real strength for once, Zoro being put in a woman's body and the fights it results in with Nami!Sanji and Robin gets the only body left.
    • The hilarity of Robin -> Luffy would be Luffy acting smart.
      • Good point, also Luffy being incredibly calm and full of morbid comments.
  • Well he swapped Smoker and Tashigi? as of chapter 663. He had an opportunity to swap the other straw hats, but for whatever reason he hasn't done so. ...Yet, at least.

Pluton, Posideon, and Uranus are actually parts of an ancient crew of pirates.
We will Actually hear about more ancient weapons, and the final Straw Hat crew will be a Generation Xerox of that ancient pirate crew.Thousand Sunny is Pluton. Franky built the ship with Pluton's designs in mind. Luffy is Posideon. He has been hinted at the ability to hear sea kings.
  • Um, dude, Shirahoshi is Poseidon. Luffy may be able to hear sea kings, but Shirahoshi can control them.
    • Of course, the first Poseidon might have been a pirate, but we know little about her.

The "Secret Plan" that Law mentioned...
... actually went off without a hitch. Law and Luffy had an idea of what they were going to do. Luffy charging at Law with an attack was part of the plan.

Kuma really was a tyrant, thus his nickname "Kuma the tyrant," and actually underwent two personality modifications
The process of the first personality modification went like this: Kuma was once human, and an extremely vicious pirate, but he was defeated by an enemy pirate (Perhaps one of the Emperors, just like Moria was defeated by Kaidou), and he was going to die. He reflected upon his past and wished to be reborn as a better man. The revolutionary army found him, but his body was damaged and he became a cyborg, and his wish to be reborn was answered as well. Kuma, being thankful for his second chance, was more than willing to join the revolutionary army: even if it meant being a spy in the marines as a warlord. The Marines, not knowing what had happened and that he wasn't the same man (So to speak) sent him a request for him to join the Seven Warlords.

The Five Elder Stars are immortal
They were kept in the shadows during Robin's flashback, but we can still see that they looked more or less identical twenty years ago than in the present day. It looks like they age either very slowly or not at all, and could well have been around for a very long time - perhaps even for the entire history of the World Government.
  • Probably not, since they are apparently looking for successors as of the Reverie arc.

Mihawk and Shanks are stronger than the other in their own way.
Mihawk, as the Worlds Strongest Swordsman, is stronger than Shanks in pure swordsmanship, while Shanks, as a Yonko, is overall stronger than Mihawk in general.
  • Alternatively, Shanks was the strongest swordsman before the whole thing with Luffy.
    • This does sound plausible. I could completely see it.

Gol D. Rodger had Borderline Personality Disorder
Borderline Personality disorder can make you a normal person sometimes, and not one at others. It's what Anakin Skywalker is said to have had that allowed him to go from hero to...Episode 3. Perhaps that's why there are so many conflicting tales of Gol D. Rodger.
  • Or he just could be like Luffy. Luffy usually acted like a moron, but he does have a moment where he acted wise and smart.

Sanji will die near the end of One Piece
He has a habit of coming in out of nowhere to save Nami (and other females) from danger in Big Damn Hero moments, and I think if any Straw Hat were to die before the series is over, it's Sanji. He's been there since near the beginning and he's widely beloved, consistently getting third place in popularity polls. He's their third-strongest fighter and would be one of the worst to lose in the middle of a war arc. He's embraced death for his friends more than any other SH already (being beaten by Pearl in his intro arc for Zeff, taking Enel's shocks for Nami twice, trying to stand in for Zoro against Kuma, and many other examples). He'd most likely come in and save Nami one more time from Blackbeard or Akainu, die in the process, and give Luffy a reason to really really hate one of them. Also, Robin once had a throwaway line mentioning that she foresaw an "interesting death in Sanji's future"; knowing Oda's Chekhov's Gun and Foreshadowing tendencies, that's not something to take lightly.

Kunoichi will join in Wano or somewhere after it
Because ninjas are just that awesome.
  • Join the crew on join the story?
    • Join the crew. After Kinemon mistaking Violet for Kunoichi, I am pretty sure that there are kunoichi in One Piece world, moreover, they seem to live in Wano or somewhere near it, because Kinemon (and samurais in general) are said to be lacking common knowledge about everything other than their island and what is located near it. So I am sure that Kinemon is interacting with them or at least knows about them, to the point of mistaking someone for them, because they live somewhere near Wano or in Wano itself. And it was said by Oda that the next saga is exactly about Wano =D

I hope they're more badass than a certain pink-haired kunoichi

  • Well, as of Wano, the kunoichi Shinobu has joined the story, but not the Straw Hat crew.
ALL of the Eleven Supernovas carry the Will of D
Either they have the D in their names, or they have inherited the will from someone in their backstories. Zoro currently has neither but will inherit it by the time the pasts of all remaining eight will have been revealed.
  • Trafalgar D. Water Law

Pluton, to some extent, will be made of Seastone.
It's the hardest substance in the One Piece world. If you made a weapon out of that, you couldn't put a scratch on it, hence it would be nigh-invincible AND immune to Devil Fruit powers. This would be why the world is so afraid of it.

When we learn Monet backstory, it'll be obvious that at the time of Punk Hazard events she was close to insanity
First, we will learn it - there still are way too many questions unanswered about her. Why she got wings? Even if she lost her limbs in an accident (which is not easy for logia user), getting normal hands and legs wouldn't be impossible. What is her connection to Doflamingo? Why she served king Riku (once again, snow logia would easily open castle gates from outside)?Second, her behavior during Punk Hazard events is weird. She comes from calm to furious in a blink of an eye. She seems rational but didn't destroy those of the Straw Hats she easily could (for example, creating snow walls left and right, under those circumstances, would be a game over for everyone but "monster trio"). Did she care for the children? She cared for them, she was angered at an attempt to take them, she fed them candy with full knowledge of what it meant. Did she care for Doflamingo? She was ready to sacrifice herself at his order, she explained that Doflamingo will kill her if she fails. She doesn't make sense.Now, for the third, Ceasar is a psychopath. Carefully pictured fits this medical diagnosis wonderfully. Did you notice his attitude towards Smiley (specifically, no anger at disobedience)? His behavior can be explained (yes, Oda seems to have read some books). But the only rational psychological explanation for Monet's behavior seems to be that she's half-insane (or maybe without half- part).
  • Guy, it is like you took the words right from my mouth! I completely agree with everything what you've said. Want to also add that she had a mysterious tatoo on her hand in a flashback, which was never explained.
  • Not confirmed yet, but Monet indeed had some kind of sad backstory, according to the last SBS, because of which Doflamingo took her into his Family. So it may very well be true.

Either new Warlord or "green" admiral will be someone we already know
For meta-story reason: a mask is put to hide a known face.For Warlord I suppose it's Kuro. He is smart, he has motives to be a Warlord (with his previous plan of retirement failed that badly) and he has a chance, by finding good fruit.For admiral, it has to be someone with no previous ties to Navy (and not a known pirate)... Nothing good comes to mind, though.
  • I'm going to bet the new warlord is Lucci. If the warlord is a new person, then Oda wouldn't purposefully hide him from us, he'd use the chance to at least reveal the name or something. My reason as follows :
    • Lucci is strong and had an animal theme.
    • After the MF war, WG would need any help they can get.
    • Enies Lobby's destruction is Spandam's fault, not CP9.
    • It is difficult to imagine CP9 as pirates, they were trained since childhood (if Lucci's story is any indication) to be the government's agent. Therefore, if they had no choice but to become pirates, they might as well become shichibukai.
  • The warlord part of this WMG is Jossed. He's a new character.

There is an immortal in One Piece world
Once again, the gun of Ope-ope no mi user making people immortal is too god to just throw it out because Law said he's not interested. So, either someone still will become immortal in the current time-frame (unlikely, considering the cost), or there's already at least one.Elder Stars seem like an obvious choice; Monet could be a good candidate were her color scheme (and snow theme) any different than that of a certain well-known character.
  • This is more likely with Kaidou's appearance

Moriah will return to prominence in the story...
But he'll be working under somebody stronger, he'll be quieter and more sinister, and his first action will be to steal Ace's corpse and reanimate it.
  • Well, he's resurfaced but he seems to be operating alone as of chapter 925. He's definitely not any quieter.

Raftel is actually damaged terraformer.
World Government is descendants of the Luddite uprising that damaged the terraformer and thus created Grand line anomalies to destroy much more advanced civilization.
  • The idea that Grand Line was created (as we see it now) 800 years ago is nice but contradicts explanation given for the existence of "prehistoric" islands (such as Little Garden). Also, Alabasta existed 800 years ago, seemed to be a country of hot deserts then and is located somewhere around the middle of Paradise (that is, at latitude ~40 degrees, like New York or Rome in our world).

Chopper's monster point is his awakened Zoan form.
Nice idea. Ironic, considering that his fruit is Human-Human.
  • Not exactly ironic. Consider it like a titan or something.

The One Piece is knowledge
The one piece is a poneglyph on Raftel that contains the information about the "Void Century". That's all that is there. This is the reason White Beard or Shanks never got One Piece despite being the strongest pirates for nearly 20 years. What could possibly have stopped them from going? The only reason they didn't get it was because they can't read it and there's no point in even going there. Whitebeard said that one piece is real, meaning that he knows where it is, but never got it because it is useless without someone who can read it like Nico Robin or Roger.
  • This reasoning has several flaws (though guess itself can still be valid, in a sense):
    • Robin figured that "Rio Poneglyph" is not a poneglyph per se, but rather something you get by combining information on other poneglyphs ("tablets of truth"). It's hard to imagine that Roger actually took several poneglyphs to Raftel (they're way too heavy, among other things).
    • Whitebeard remembered Roger saying him "want me to tell you the way to Raftel?" which implies it's not as easy as following log pose.
    • Also, Whitebeard stated that "when somebody finally finds that treasure, the world will be turned upside down". Something as obscure (and easy to lie about) as poneglyph hardly qualifies. And he said that he won't go to Raftel because he "has no interest in the place".
    • And (take it as my wild guess) I suppose that all four emperors (at the start of the story, i.e. without Teach) have reasons not to search for One Piece, though specific reasoning may differ from person to person.
  • To defend my idea:
    • Obviously all the poneglyphs arent at Raftel. But the Roger pirates knew the history of the Void Century and easily could have left it there with some form of evidence.
    • No idea why Whitebeard would need a way to get to Raftel, as it should be fairly easy for him.
      • Should it be? If all it takes to get to Raftel were to follow the log, World Government should've ordered Aokiji ride there long ago. But it seems that there is no known route, so that characters with powers to fly over the sea (Laffitte, Marco, Monet, Buffalo) or cross it in some other manner didn't get to Raftel in last 20 years (or in several centuries before, for that matter).
      • Not what i meant. I just meant i dont know why he hasnt got there. My thoughts are that he knows how to get there and doesnt because he cant interpret the knowledge, but thats just a wild guess
    • The world will be turned upside down by one piece. The knowledge of the events during the void will tip the scales in favor of the revolution and lead to an overthrow of the WG. The government is clearly afraid of this knowledge becoming know, hence the destruction of Ohara, who obviously guessed the purpose of the poneglyfs correctly. Thats why they were killed.
      • I don't see much power in truth that only one person knows, calling that person a liar is way too easy. Then again, we don't know what actually happened... maybe even announcing these past deeds will be enough. This troper thinks that in the world where everyone is OK with hunting down pregnant women for as much as a chance of them spending a night with wrong person - no revelation can be "too much". But maybe it's just pessimism.
      • The WG had a reason for killing Ohara for knowing the truth, and if i had to guess, the following things will happen:
  • The Strawhats find out the real truth about the Void Century and then help the rebels overthrow the WG.
  • Those with the Will of D are the descendants of the civilization that the current WG destroyed prior to the Void Century. The void covers up the atrocities committed by the WG during that time, which are detailed in the Rio Poneglyph. Why? It's obvious that those with D are enemies of "God", according to the latest chapters. Who would be considered gods? The people in the "Holy Land", aka the celestial dragons, who are descendants of the ruling class who wiped out the civilization who left the poneglyphs.

Luffy is a Magnificent Bastard.
The supposed idiocy? All a ruse to lure off his enemies. His goal of being a pirate king? He aims to be at the top, as do many Magnificent Bastards. His stupid actions? He's probably looking outside of the box, trying to veer away from the whole common standards of thinking. It helps that he's charismatic, amazing in battle, and also wants to take down the World Government. And lets not forget Haki, or more specifically, Observational Haki. Previously seen on very intelligent characters, if Luffy has Observational Haki, then what would that imply? Also, considering that he has a Paramecia Devil Fruit and a seemingly useless one at that, how does he have the most named attacks in the series. Better yet, how did he make Gears 2, 3, and recently, 4? Finally, consider Enies Lobby. When Robin was captured by the World Government, it initially seems like he ordered the flag to be burnt out of empathy, but considering his past (he saw Sabo's ship blow up), it's safe to assume that he hated the World Government to begin with, so hearing Robin's story was all the motivation he needed to go through with waging war against said government.

Devil Fruits are not naturally occurring.
One of the biggest themes of the Punk Hazard and Dressrosa arcs is Artificial Devil Fruits, meaning that there is a way to create them. This begs the question: are Devil Fruits a natural occurring treasure, or were they created a long time ago and only recently has the method to create them resurfaced?
  • This is what I've been wondering too. If we went from Devil Fruits being mythical in the East Blue to having an Emperor lead a crew of 500 users, there's only one possible explanation, and that is that these things are created, and don't just appear naturally. I mean, every other person in the New World seems to have eaten a Devil Fruit, and considering how rare they're supposed to be, this would be a PERFECT explanation for why so many people have Devil Fruits now.

Monet conspired with Law
Law was the one who forced Monet to write a letter to Chopper and to toss it while no one was watching. He asked her doing that during their little chat, which he started with the phrase "I need your ability". Law most likely blackmailed her with her heart, which was in his possession. Even though Monet didn't want to help him, she was forced to do that, because if she wouldn't, he could easily crush her heart any time he wanted.
  • Doubt it. We have seen how much Monet treasures her life. Also, that would mean Law already knew he will get caught.
    • Her being killed meant failing the mission which was given to her by Joker, and it was simply unacceptable. If she was killed by Law, it would have left both base and Caesar unprotected and being in danger of being destroyed by Law and anyone else (Straw Hats in that certain day). And while Law didn't know that Vergo arrived, he could predict that something would go wrong, he is constantly portrayed as Chessmaster through this saga, who always plans one step forward or even two. Besides if it was not Law telling Monet to do this, every other way it doesn't make sense either, because Law couldn't do it by himself without being prepared, and even with being prepared, having everyone watching him and him being chained would have stopped him from doing it by himself. Not only that, but the manga panel implied that it was Monet, and Monet herself was undoubtedly loyal to Joker and couldn't assist Straw Hats by her own will, even if she wanted to help them or children. Plus I just don't see what could be the request of Law, if not that. What another ability could Monet lend to him?

Moria will help Luffy take down Kaido
He has a definite beef with Kaido, and would probably bear teaming up with Luffy to get revenge.He then uses his powers to take all of the Straw Hats' Shadows and then puts them in Luffy.Obviously, due to the power of the crew's shadows, he'll go Nightmare Luffy, but with Sanji's kicking skills, Brook's badass fencing, etc.

Kaido will be interested in Chopper
To date, no other Zoan Devil Fruit user has shown the ability to wield multiple forms the way Chopper does. The closest we've seen is Lucci via Life Return with his bulky and skinny leopard forms. Kaido, with his obvious preference for Zoans, would take an immediate interest in Chopper if he sees the little reindeer in action. The end result would be Kaido trying to learn Chopper's secret and/or obtain Rumble Balls for himself. Doing so will, for us, finally answer the question of whether the Rumble Balls' effects are exclusive to Chopper or if they're usable by other Zoans (either with or without nasty side effects).
  • Or maybe the principle behind rumble balls is not limited to zoans, seeing how recent spoiler states something about "awakening" for paramecia.

All devil fruits are actually the same type
  • There are no Logia, Zoan or Paramecia class. Once they reached awakening, they are all the same.
    • Logia users by default are the closest to awakening. But this very rarely happens since they already felt powerful enough and don't actively seek it.
    • Most devil fruits users who managed to reach the awakening state are zoans.
    • Paramecia users would find it most difficult to awaken their powers.
  • It is possible there would be hybrid devil fruit - for example, a zoan with paramecia ability. Of course, the weakness would be doubled, too.
    • Considering the Tama Tama no Mi (Egg-Egg Fruit) is categorized as "Unclassified" and possesses aspects of both Paramecia (allows the user to regenerate their body) and Zoan (allows the user to take the form of an animal), this is essentially confirmed.

Brook's "Awakening" would allow him to bring back the spirits of the dead.
Just imagine it: Brook finally reunites with Laboon, the last survivor of the Rhumbar Pirates. He begins playing Binks' Brew for the whale and, as he does so, the souls of the rest of the Rhumbar appear around him and play their song altogether for their friend, reuniting with him as they promised all those years ago.
  • If this doesn't happen, I'm gonna hurt someome.

Gear Fifth will involve Luffy awakening his fruit and using it to turn everything in the surroundings into rubber
How would this help him, though? Beats me, but Gum-Gum Fruit is already Heart Is an Awesome Power made manifest, so I'm sure it'll somehow benefit him greatly.
  • In a naval battle? That would make the Thousand Sunny even more awesome of a ship than it already is. It's got a cannon that can blow a fortress apart, is made of nearly indestructible wood, and suddenly it gains the ability to reflect cannon fire back on its attackers? Talk about your dangerous ship. Granted, that depends on how transformed objects interact with water since they're not technically part of the Devil Fruit user's body, but...
  • Maybe it can be used in conjunction with Luffy's other Gears and Haki for devastating combos.

More crews will join the two Pirate Alliances.
Group one: The Straw Hats/Heart Pirates (Law's crew), which will gain nine more crews (eleven in all, representing the number of people Luffy originally wanted for his crew, including himself). These crews will include the Barto Club (Bartolomeo's crew), Beautiful Pirates (Cavendish's crew), Sun Pirates (Jinbe/Jimbei's crew), Kuja Pirates (Boa Hancock's crew), Moriah's new crew (including Perona), and Crocodile's new crew (including Daz Bones).

Group two: The Kid Pirates (Eustass Kid's crew)/Hawkins Pirates (Basil Hawkin's crew)/On Air Pirates (Scratchman Apoo's crew) alliance, which will gain more allies including the Fallen Monk Pirates (Urouge's crew) and Firetank Pirates (Capone Beige's crew).

The Drake Pirates (X Drake's crew) and Bonney Pirates (Jewelry Bonney's crew) will also become part of one or the other of these alliances.

  • Somewhat confirmed for 5600 Colosseum pirates.

Shanks is actually evil.
This idea relies on the assumption that getting to Raftel doesn't mean getting the One Piece. Shanks is shown to be an ambitious pirate just by him being ranked among the four warlords. So far there have been no signs of him possessing the Will of D. So, if he realized that getting the One Piece means that you have to have the Will of D, how convenient that he knows about a kid with the Will. So he sets him off to go on an adventure and become the Pirate King, knowing that means he will go after One Piece and when Luffy finally reaches it, Shanks will stab him in the back. Then he will take his hat back.

Burgess is carrying a bunch of regular fruit
The trick of stealing a Devil Fruit just involves killing their user, at which point their power will transfer to a fresh piece of regular fruit, turning it into a Devil Fruit. This is the way Blackbeard took Whitebeard's power - by carrying some fruit on his person when Whitebeard died (this won't answer the question of how he can hold two powers at once, though). It's also how Doflamingo could acquire Ace's Fruit: he had of course prepared for the execution in advance and knew what was coming. Finally, Burgess is carrying some of his own so that every time he manages to kill a Fruit user, he'll have a new one in his sack right away.
  • This would mean marines are total morons, Vegapunk included (not that it's impossible). This idea is rather easy to guess and to apply when executing pirates. Also, given Shiryu habits Impel Down staff should have been Devil Fruit users down to last janitor. I think the trick is more complex than that. The only time we have actually seen fruit reborn it was a specific fruit which Ceasar already had in his hands before, and it happened on island without any vegetation.

The reason for Doflamingo not using Parasite against Luffy is because of his will
It may seem a bit far-fetched, but what if the reason why Doflamingo never used Parasite against Luffy is because of Parasite not being able to affect those with Conqueror's Haki or Will of D? Luffy has both, and Doflamingo knows it fairly well, so it may be that he can't affect Luffy's will because of it, so that's why he doesn't even try to use parasite against him. It is worth noting that Doflamingo didn't use it against Law either, while he could force Law to fight with Luffy, just like he did with Bellamy. And as we know, Law also carries a Will of D, with his real name being Trafalgar D. Water Law.
  • Parasa-ito seems to be a flashy move not intended for actual battle with a difficult opponent. Fujitora just caught the string (may be anime-only scene), any logia can just disperse, Law probably can teleport away ("parasite" doesn't hinder mental activity or speech)... It seems unlikely that Luffy, resident hypnosis victim, has any special resistance - more probable that Doflamingo just doesn't think this move can be useful against non-fodder.
  • It probably just doesn't work to anyone with sufficiently high Armament Haki. That seems to be the usual type of Haki to resist Fruit powers.

Trafalgar D.Water Law will developed X-ray vision
When Luffy defeats Doflamingo,Law will look over Doffys body and notice he's seeing the warlords skeleton, he realizes that he is beginning to awake his devil fruit powers.He grabs his gamma knife and cuts off all the strings that are sewed to the tyrants organs, ending him for goodThen Kaido appears.
  • The original premise is jossed, still possible in the future though.

The old Straw Hat recruitment method will be used to gain ally crews.
This is building off the previous "More crews will join the two Pirate Alliances" guess.

The original method:

  • Someone new is needed and they find someone who fits that requirement.
  • Luffy battles a "boss character" while the would-be crew member battles an underling.
  • Their backstory (usually involving someone important to them dying) and dreams are revealed.
  • The rest of the current crew battle various underlings, who usually match their own abilities and strength.

Sans the first step, the same means will be used to build up a large alliance like the Whitebeard Pirates and Blackbeard Pirates have. Crews recruited this way will include:

  • Jimbei and the Sun Pirates. Jimbei's flashback revealed his past with Fisher Tiger and Queen Otohime, and his dream is for friendship between humans and Fishmen. He was actually asked to join the crew, but turned down the offer until he was done taking care of some unfinished business involving Big Mom/Charlotte Linlin, whom Luffy has sworn to defeat.
  • Trafalgar D. Water Law and the Heart Pirates. Law's flashback revealed his past with Donquixote Rosinante, who was killed by his brother Doflamingo. His only known dream is to find One Piece. During the Punk Hazard arc, he made a formal alliance between the Straw Hat and Heart Pirates with the goal of defeating Doflamingo (and he claims he wants to dethrone Kaido of the Yonko as well, with the Straw Hats' help; Luffy subsequently swore to take down all four Yonko).

Other expected ally crews:

  • Bartolomeo and the Barto Club, since Bartolomeo idolizes Luffy.
  • Cavendish and the Beautiful Pirates, since Cavendish has given up his hatred of the other pirate.
  • Crocodile and his new crew. Crocodile doesn't bear a grudge against Luffy for his past defeat, allying with him during the Whitebeard War. He seems to have some respect for him now, and is currently somewhere in the New World with Daz Bones.
  • Gekko Moriah and his new crew. While less likely, he still bears a grudge against Kaido and would most likely ally himself with Luffy and Law, who want to bring the Yonko down. In addition, his old crewmate Perona helped Zoro during the timeskip and when the crew was leading Sabaody for Fishman Island. She has since found the abandoned Thriller Bark, which Moriah would probably want back. Moriah, like Crocodile, is confirmed to be hiding somewhere in the New World.
  • Boa Hancock and the Kuja Pirates - while she loves Luffy, Luffy himself doesn't have any romantic feelings for Hancock. However, before leaving for Fishman Island, he said he wanted to see Hancock and her crew again.

    • Barto Club and Beautiful pirates confirmed along with 5 other groups

The World Government is hoarding Poneglyphs.
As was shown in the Jimbei cover story, Poneglyphs can be moved around and transported, providing you have the means to move something that big and heavy. Poneglyphs are indestructible, so the World Government, if they're smart, will do the next best thing to prevent anyone from reading them: They'll take all of the Poneglyphs they can find and bring them all to Mariejois to hide them in a hidden room. Huge, huge revelations will happen should the Straw Hats find themselves in Mariejois and Robin finds this room...
  • Unlikely. They're huge and heavy as fuck, with Nekomammushi mentioning that no one in their right mind would bother carrying one. And even if they could, Mariejois isn't an impenetrable fortress (Fisher Tiger is the once-living proof of that), so why move the Poneglyphs to a room where you run the risk of your enemies finding them when you could just chuck them to the bottom of the sea?
  • Well, two of the "Road Ponyglyphs" are in possesion of the Yonko Kaido and Big Mom. If they can lift, move, and posses them, who says Marines can't do the same.

There's something about Doflamingo's eyes.
With the sunglasses gone, we're going to see them soon - for the first time in the entire manga. The way this was done, his cracked shades at the very final panel of chapter 790, surely means something: there's a revelation about to come.
  • His eyes even hidden in the cover page. Is his eyes One Piece or something?
  • It's getting more ridiculous. He had sunglasses even in the prison!
  • We have seen two glimpses of one of his eyes, but there has to be something about the other one.

The reason that Kidd's alliance choose Shanks as their target
They wanted to avoid the same target as Luffy and Law. Hawkins made a prediction and it turned out Shanks was the safest bet. He would be Luffy's last target and Luffy already made enemies of three other yonkou.
  • Or maybe they thought they would find a way to Raftel if they defeated Shanks. He was a member of Roger pirates after all.
  • I was thinking that maybe they thought Shanks was the weakest Emperor and thus the easiest target. After all, he's the only one of them who's normal sized and also not very threatening looking. Hawkins being so obsessed with playing the odds in his favor would also fit if he thought they had the best chance of beating Shanks.

Kaido has the strongest of all Zoan Fruit and Big Mom has the strongest Logia.
Whitebeard had the most powerful Fruit in his class. Shanks doesn't have a devil fruit, but is most likely the strongest non-devil fruit owner, or one of them. It would make a great deal of sense if the other two Emperors had the strongest fruits in their respective classes.
  • Following from this...
  • Partly Jossed so far, Big Mom ate a Paramecia fruit.
    • But partially confirmed, as Kaido seems to have eaten an Eastern Dragon devil fruit.

Kanjuro's creations assume his same state of mind, depending of the kind of things they are.
If they are inanimate objects, they don't feel anything at all. If they are animals, they feel his emotions without a rational filter. If they are people, they are basically an extension of Kanjuro but they can express themselves only as well as he/she was drawn.

Doctor Vegapunk is immortal via the Ope Ope no mi
If it's known that the Op Op Fruit can grant eternal life, then there's likely somebody in the world who's already been gifted it in the past. If that's true, I figured it might be Vegapunk. He's known to be way ahead of modern sciences; maybe it's because he's had a really long time to study things.
  • Alternatively, it's Kaidou. He seems rather difficult to kill.

"Red Leg" Zeff was part of his generation's Four Emperors
Think about it. "Whitebeard", "Blackbeard", and "Red-Haired", perhaps "Red Leg" Zeff used to be one of the Four Emperors before abdicating his position.
  • If Roger shared even half of Luffy's attitude regarding what pirate king means, there would have been no Four Emperors at all while he was around. If Zeff ever was an Emperor, he would've been able to hold to the title for a little more than a decade, assuming he grabbed on to it soon after Roger's capture and death, and lost it shortly before coming to East Blue and meeting with Sanji. Plausible enough so far, but going by the show of strength the Emperors and other power-players have given since, Zeff doesn't seem to have been quite powerful enough - if he had retired from the position of one of the most powerful pirates in the world so recently, surely he could have simply taken a swim off that rock with Sanji? By comparison, Silvers Rayleigh spent two decades laying low and letting his skills deteoriate and was still more than capable of swimming through the far more dangerous sea of Grand Line! Overall Zeff appears to have been reasonably powerful in his time, and likely made it far in Grand Line - perhaps even all the way to the New World - but he probably was never quite so high up.

Kaido is connected with Oars' race
He looks similar to both of them. And he also has similar horns. It may also explain why Moria was so obsessed with Oars and later Oars Jr in Marineford.

Alternatively, Kaido is related to Avalo Pizzaro
They look very similar, have similar horns and mustache.

Luffy's not completely apathetic about Dragon leaving him.
We all know Luffy has never been so hot on people abandoning their friends/family, and we've seen now that he had some surprisingly strong feelings about Rebecca not being able to see Kyros again- enough to make him run across half the country just to bring her to him and compromise his escape. So this got me thinking that, despite his usual nonchalant reaction to Garp telling him about Dragon, he may actually have some choice words or questions for him. I doubt he'll be angry with Dragon the way Ace was about Roger, but I don't think he'll just be like "oh, hey, what's up?" should he ever meet him; although that would normally totally be in character for Luffy, I do think he'll make an exception for meeting his father the first time.
  • I personally thought he had abandonement/loneliness issues. That's the reason why he kept sticking to Ace anyway, and also the reason why he never let his nakama's go, Nami and Robin's 'betrayal' for example.

Brook may have had a Dark and Troubled Past before meeting the Rumbar Pirates.
  • As of chapter 813 and following, it's starting to look as it may be the case - see his reaction to the Vinsmoke name and the very scant details about himself before becoming a pirate.

Law's late mother is a Chekhov's Gunman
Law mentions that both his D. initial and his middle name, "Water," came from her side of the family. A D. is significant in and of itself, but in a series about the sea, "Water" actually being someone's name is likely even more so. She may be connected to Rouge, Roger, or even the Ancient Kingdom, Final Fantasy VII style.

The Riku clan is a family of D's.
When Rebecca's mother died in the flower fields, she was wearing a smile. Scarlet is the only member of that family we've seen die, she's all the "proof" we have. She didn't hear Kyros vowing to protect Rebecca, and died before that point, or she'd say goodbye to her daughter. She had no way of knowing what would happen to her family, but still died with a smile. A defining characteristic of a true D. She wouldn't be able to smile after the point of death. The entire family are all stubborn, mentally strong, and set in their ways, much like Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar D. Water Law, except they are staunch pacifists. Their name simply degraded over the years, or they kept it secret, which would explain why nobody knows/remembers. Which would make King Riku Dold III; King Riku D. Old III. Riku also has a scar on the left side of his face, most likely a reference to Garp, Dragon and Luffy himself.
  • I find this fairly implausible because another character trait of the D.s is their anti-authoritarianism and rebel nature. It feels odd that a whole family of them could have ruled over a kingdom for centuries. It's possible, but maybe not very likely.
    • Not necessarily. The D's live life like they want, freely, which is key, and the ones we have seen have had different goals and motivations, although they tend to be quite morally concious. Fits the Riku clan to a T. Blackbeard appears to be the exception. They can be marines, revolutionaries or pirates, it's not too far fetched some would be royalty. For example, It's probable Law would have been a regular doctor, like his father or mother, (depends on who was the D) if not for his Dark and Troubled Past. Besides, if they were at the top of the pile, very few could've ordered them around, because, you know, royalty and all that. And as for rebel nature, how about defecting from the common royal/noble norm and not declaring/fighting war or performing atrocities for 800 years?

Luffy will get an execution
Not to say he will be dead though, he could have escaped it like Ace did.Case in point : Ace gave vivre card to Luffy. Which was used to shown him dead.Later, Sabo created vivre card from Luffy, he even gave it to SH pirates. Hint that they'll need that to save him later?

Luffy will lose a limb fighting Kaido
...while in Gear Fourth to boot. Because what would be more shocking than that?
  • Hey, this is a bit more plausible now that we've seen Charlotte Cracker slice about halfway through Luffy's arm while he was in Gear Fourth. If that's what just an Emperor's Commander can do...

Luffy isn't asexual
  • He wanted to be pirate king, which he defined as the one with the most freedom in all ocean. He simply didn't want to be tied down with girlfriend/wife/romantic partner of some sort. Too uptight.
  • The last pirate king was romantically involved with someone, which resulted in Ace. And Luffy knew how Ace was unhappy with this. He might wanted to avoid the same mistake.
  • He could also figure that love is a whole different adventure, and he'd rather deal with one at a time. Perhaps, once he has concluded his current adventure by becoming a pirate king, he will find the time for romantic relations.
    • Well, the thing is, simply not wanting to be in a relationship is a totally different thing from not showing any sexual attraction at all. And really, that's what makes it likely that Luffy is genuinely asexual; seeing Hancock naked did absolutely nothing for him. Even if he doesn't want to be tied down, you'd think he'd have some sort of reaction (even an embarrassed one) if he had a sense of sexuality at all.
    • Also, the "Happiness Punch" thing from Alabasta (if anybody wants to bring that up) could probably be chalked up to Early Installment Weirdness or Rule of Funny at this point, based on the evidence.
    • It is possible be Nami was his Single-Target Sexuality, but definitely downplayed.

Blackbeard will be the Final Boss of the series
After all, while he didn't kill Ace directly, he was still responsible for his death, he's Luffy's Evil Counterpart in many ways, and Luffy is already amassing an army of his own, much like Blackbeard already has. Plus, Whitebeard did state that when the One Piece is discovered, a huge war will break out. It could refer to the clash between the two crews and their respective divisions, and the One Piece itself may or may not be involved directly, depending on what it is. Each member of the crew (whether main or extended) will fight his or her Evil Counterpart, and the final battle will be an epic clash between Luffy and Blackbeard.

The entire giant race is a long-forgotten eugenics project carried out by the ancient kingdom
Even the size of regular humans varies to such an extreme extent that the largest of mankind could easily qualify for some of the smaller giants, size-wise. This is what the ancient kingdom, centuries before the rise of the World Government, sought to exploit in wishing to create a whole army of super soldiers for them: they shipped the biggest of all humans to an island called Elbaf, where they could marry and interbreed with their children becoming even larger, and where they could be taught about warfare and killing. Their origins are forgotten even for the giants themselves, but they are still large and battle is still in their blood and culture.

Edward Weeble is a failed attempt at bringing back Whitebeard
Notice the stitches around his neck, on the left side of his face, and left arm? We know that Frankenstein-esque necromancy is possible in the One Piece universe, so it is entirely reasonable that someone would try to ressurrect Whitebeard to harness his much feared power and use the reputation. All that his 'mother' needed was Whitebeard's head/face in order to emulate the image and allow for there to be a reasonable claim. As for why their builds are so vastly different...Well, nobody is perfect in regards to the process. Unlike Frankenstein's Monster, however, Weeble is being guided by Bucking. He can't possibly have an entirely intact brain as he can't tell the difference between a photograph of Edward Newgate and a mirror image of himself, even though Newgate had no such stitches on his face.
  • Definitely looks like it could be Hogback's work...

Dragon was in the Alabasta at the same time as Luffy
  • Right before the final battle, Luffy tried to find out Crocodile, which at that point had went looking for Pluton. Luffy cannot find them, but then a mysterious wind pushed him. The same wind also somehow opened up a pathway underground, which was previously hidden.
    • Dragon was last seen in Logue town at the same time as Luffy. It's not a stretch to think he would have arrived at the same time in Alabasta, probably faster if he used devil fruit ability.
  • It also explained how the rain came in the end (which stopped the war). Maybe he had wind/weather ability?
  • Heck, it could also explained why Pell survived. Big Damn Heroes much?

Zoro's teacher comes from Wano
  • That also explained his belief that woman can't be as strong as man, which was shared by Kuina.
    • Wait till he meets Big Mom...
    • Possible. See the symbol on his yukata and coat? It's identical to a symbol on a samurai outfit of the Hakumi region in Wano who are loyal to Shimotsuki Yasuieof the Shimotsuki Family (Found on The Other Wiki). So maybe Zoro's master was a protector of Yasuie?

Kuina didn't REALLY want to live / Why nearly nobody die in One Piece
  • Willpower or Haki is integral to the One Piece world. It could explain the impossible feats - such as Rogue prolonging her pregnancy, Sanji and Zeff managing to survive without food, and the outdated meme "No one dies in One Piece" in general. (There is an exception to that, but we'll get to that later).
  • Notable characters' deaths in the past have almost always involved the necessity of death itself.
    • Roger wasn't killed by sickness. He willingly turned himself in to be executed in order to start the pirate age. He died because he needed to die.
    • Bellemere willingly died because if she hadn't, her daughter's would have. They didn't have money and couldn't win against Arlong at that point.
    • Hiluluk choosed to act because if he didn't, Chopper would be guilty for serving the poisoned mushroom.
    • It's unsure if Tom was dead, but he also did it to save his two apprentice. The same with Saul, because he willfully sacrificed himself to save Robin's life, Aokiji decided to honor his wish.
    • Whitebeard was already old and sick but his death was necessary, plotwise, to make sure the Piracy Age continued (after Ace's death). His final words made sure of it.
    • Ace died to save Luffy and moments before his death he already found his goal in life : The answer of whether he had right to live and family that loved him. He already live without regret. All that's left is death.
    • Corazon somehow managed to prolong his death in order to save Law.
    • Rouge managed to prolong the pregnancy in order to make sure Ace stayed alive.
  • Compared to some examples, Kuina's death 'by falling from the stairs' seemed ridiculous. Many people had survived worse... except if Kuina herself didn't REALLY want to live.
    • Right before the scene of the death, Kuina regretted being born as woman because she BELIEVED that women could not be as strong as men. She also expressed her fear of growing weaker as she grew up. Belief is really important in One Piece world.
    • This WMG proposes what happened : That fateful day, Kuina realized her body had showed signs of puberty and growing up. She fell from the stairs (probably by accident) but unlike many other characters, she didn't have a strong will to live (which might have saved her). Why? Because she's more afraid of being weak rather than dying. She probably thought it was better to die young, when she was 'strong' rather than grow up to be 'weak'.

The remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates will eventually join the Straw Hat Grand Fleet
As alluded to in other entries, the Straw Hat Grand Fleet is essentially now a plot device by which the characters Luffy and co. meet and befriend can be tabulated and kept relevant from a storyline perspective. With this in mind, the remainder of the Whitebeard Pirates are now under sustained attack by Weevil, who seems to be able to annihilate their allied captains with utter ease. Add that onto what is likely continuing predations from all of the Four Emperors on Whitebeard's former territory, especially from Blackbeard, who clearly has had success in this regard if he's now recognized as one of the four most powerful pirates in the world, and the Whitebeard Pirates are at a crossroads. If they're unable to stop Weevil's attacks on their territory, they'll ultimately have to make the choice to ally with someone in order to remain a cohesive unit. That could mean one of the Four Emperors, Shanks in particular, but seeing Ace's brother, who they respect due to his actions in Marineford but likely still view as a relative upstart, gain his own power base could make him a significantly more palatable option than anyone else. That they'll be able to retain a significant amount of autonomy since Luffy's utterly uninterested in holding power or exercising any sort of control over his nominal subordinates is the cherry on top. They get to keep the dignity of still being the Whitebeard Pirates and proudly hold as much of their boss' former territory as they can, and for storyline purposes, Luffy's ability to challenge the Four Emperors' massive power bases becomes much more plausible.

Kuma still has a backup plan
We know his ability can push nonphysical concepts like pain. What if he avoided final loss of his mind due to cyborgization by pushing his own mind out of his body and storing it elsewhere?

The Elephant itself is an Ancient Weapon
It's been alive for 1000 years= Ancient. It's about 50-100 times larger than Oars= If you could somehow control that thing and make it step on an island, it would be over. Lastly, we know the ancient weapon Poseidon (AKA Shirahoshi) controls giant sea monsters as it's gimmick, so it's plausible for the next weapon to also be some sort of animal too.

Robin is Luffy's stepmother
It seems that Robin is going more and more with Luffy's little harebrained schemes, this just may be her doing her duties as Luffy's stepmom. Pretty sure it's mentioned that she met Dragon while staying with the Revolutionary Army, after Tequila Wolf.

It is a lesson about treasuring the world.

Enel has a Freudian Excuse
Enel was a woobie who was bullied by his hometown (possibly for being a DF user). He eventually snapped and razed his hometown. To make up for his damaged self-confidence, he developed a God-Complex. Either this or he's just an asshole.

There will be a One Piece: Unlimited World Blue.
The title One Piece: Unlimited World Red seems like there'd be companion games, and the game itself feels incomplete and fragmented. Blue will have refinements to the combat system, a completely different story, and chapters set in series-important locations not covered or barely covered in Red (not necessarily in this order):
  • Cocoyasi Village and Arlong Park
  • Loguetown
  • Jaya
  • Thriller Bark
  • Sabaody Archipelago
  • Impel Down
  • Goa City and Gray Terminal
  • Dressrosa and Greenbit
  • Zou

Makino's baby is named Ace

The One Piece is actually the Devil Fruit tree.
Early on, we hear that all Devil Fruits in the world come from one tree. During his travels, Gold Roger found the tree and moved it to Raftel. The fruit snaps off the branches and drops into the sea, where it floats off to some other part of the world. Imagine if somebody found that, every Devil Fruit there is at the hands of one person. Alternatively...

Raftel is the Devil Fruit tree.
Planted centuries ago, the tree grew thousands of feet tall until the water levels rose, leaving only the branches, leaves and fruits untouched.

Marshall D. Teach... actually does genuinely have the Will of the D.
There's been some theories for a couple of years that Teach is lying about having the Will of D. because of how he cowered from Whitebeard during the war. But, looking back at how Luffy has been afraid in certain situations (like when he fell from the waterfall in Skypiea), I don't think Teach cowering from Whitebeard was a surefire sign he's lying. I think those with the Will only smile in the face of death when they themselves truly believe and accept that they're about to die. Regardless of what he said ("You won't really kill your son will you?!"), Teach was just cowering because he didn't want an earthquake punch to the face; he didn't truly believe that Whitebeard could kill him.

Strawhats and the Ninja-Mink-Samurai Alliance vs Kaido's army predictions.
Before the Strawhats,Minks, The Samurai trio, Raizou, Wano's Rebel Army , and the Heart Pirates can clash horns against Kaido of a Hundred Beasts, they first must square off against the Yonkou's division commanders as well has his five-hundred Artificial Zoan Army. And each Strawhat(and certain characters) will be paired minks/zoan user that represent their animal theme (or at least close to it).

Luffy and Blackback vs Sun Wukong Zoan.

Zoro, and Tiger Mink vs Sabretooth or Triceratops Zoan

Sanji and Goat Mink vs Thunderbird Zoan.

Franky and Roddy vs Rhino Zoan.

Brook and Zebra Mink vs Alicorn or Draugr Zoan.

Chopper and Tristan vs Tanuki or..CHUTHULU Zoan!!!!!!!!

Robin and Crane Zoan vs Peacock or Butterfly Zoan.

Nami and Nekomamushi vs Bakenneko or Black cat Zoan.

Usopp and Armadillo Mink vs Chameleon Zoan.

Law and Snow Leopard Mink vs Shinigami Zoan.

Mink Tribe vs The 500 Zoan Army.

Bepo and Pekoms vs Panda Zoan

Kinemon and Vixen Mink vs Kitsune Zoan.

Kanjuro vs Garuda Zoan.

Momonosuke and Monji, Inuarashi, and Pheasant Zoan vs Oni Zoan.

Wanda and Carrot vs Hellhound Zoan.

Raizou vs Captain Jack

Gecko Moriah vs Camazotz zoan

Akainu is secretly the son of a criminal.
No real evidence for this, but it'd be pretty messed up if the madman who wants to wipe out every minute trace of the world's lawbreakers is himself the offspring of a pirate or revolutionary. Plus, it'd set up some interesting parallels between him, Luffy, and Ace. Maybe he's even prepared to eliminate himself once his job is done...that is, if he knows who his parents are.
  • Akainu's pretty old though, so just from a narrative point of view, I think it's more likely Oda would make him the secret father of a criminal.

Devil fruit eaters are the way they are-
-because the fruit they ate enhances their traits. think about it. if you suddenly ate a fruit and became rubber,impervious to blunt physical harm, would you not be the slightest bit more reckless. And its not just Luffy, Absalom: most men in one piece are somewhat perverted, so being allowed to be invisible and peep without getting caught would kinda enhance his pervertedness, Buggy: he cant be cut, so he's completely fearless when against swordsmen, like Mihawk, Bartolomeo: he's a complete troll because his devil fruit makes sure no matter who he insults, they can't harm him. Now this doesn't apply to all devil fruit eaters, but it makes sense.
  • Ehh, I don't think the fruit's themselves cause them to act like that, they just do because they get used to their fruit's powers.

The D initial simply refers to a smile, as in literally the :D emoticon.
The will of D is the spirit that gives the initial's holders their long established ability to smile in the face of death.

The Mink Tribe's electrical shock attacks.
Possibly derived from static generated by their fur?

Law has brought some of Mansherry's essence from Dressrosa
And by studying it, he may have created some substance and use it to reattach or regenerate Inuarashi and Nekomamushi's missing limbs. In case something like that happens, however, one would have to hope it doesn't became a cheap device for drama in the future, since it's already happened with Law (the stakes are getting higher! But luckily we have two Tontattas with just the convenient powers to reattach his arm...)

A tribe of horned people will be formally introduced
In order of appearance, we've seen Avalo Pizarro, Caesar Clown, Kaidou and Jack. We're already used to people with very long arms or legs, so more humans with peculiar physical characteristics wouldn't be a surprise.

The Revolutionaries embody the original values of piracy
We know too well, at this point, how dyspotical and corrupt the World Government is, to the point of going to any length to hide some dark secret about its origins (see the Void Century). Especially in the turmoil that followed its formation 800 years prior - also remember that 19 royal families abandoned their kingdoms and were replaced by new ones, and I doubt the transition was peaceful everywhere - piracy was rather a rebellion, a way to manifest and reclaim the freedom that was taken away. Over the centuries, however, it became corrupted and the reason piracy was born has been forgotten; the Revolution is set to restore those values by dismantling the WG, also counting on those few pirates that, unwittingly, embody them - like the Stawhats.

Franky hasn't quite memorized Pluton's plans, but the full ones reside deep inside his memory
It's unlikely, with his curiosity and prowess as a carpenter and engineer, that he never gave at least a look to them, and the Thousand Sunny may be a nerfed versions of Pluton based on what he remenbers from the plans. He didn't memorize them willingly however, knowing the dangers. Still, the full images of the plans may be still imprinted in his memory, and could be brought out through hypnosis. Imagine if a future arc was centered on the Marine trying that, with Jango having an instrumental role...

will join the Heart Pirates.After what Capone callously did to him, it's too easy to think that, once he recovers, his allegiance will shift a lot, maybe with some push by Bepo.
  • So far unlikely. He's pissed off with Bege, not Big Mom, who he's still plenty loyal to (and who didn't even have anything to do with what happened).

The World Government may make some really nasty move at the announced next Reverie
What about arresting the Rikus and the Nefertaris for harboring the Strawhats, placing their respective kingdoms under the administration of Marine envoys? It's true such a move may make people like Fujitora and Smoker furios, however, and having more powerful Marines quit their posts wouldn't be wise.
  • Unlikely. Arresting two royal families and throwing their countries into disarray like that just because they met the Straw Hats, especially after the Dressrosa incident about which the truth was broadcasted to the world (Thank you Fujitora) would be a terrible idea that would do the World Government far more harm than good.

The last arcs will be not be about reaching Raftel and finding the One Piece
After those things are done, the Strawhats and their allies will rush back to the beginning of the New World because, while they were busy at the ends of it, enemies that had been defeated on the way but not completely neutralized were making their moves:
  • Kaidou will know of the Poseidon weapon from Caribou (who's been captured by Drake and brought to him) and will attack Fishman Island, also as simple revenge towards Luffy who decided to have it under his own protection; Sharley's prophecy will be fulfilled, although it's to be seen how exactly.
  • Blackbeard, his dream of being the Pirate King crushed, will try to take Mariejois over during the Reverie, a move that would plunge the world into an even bigger chaos.
The One Piece, whatever it is, will end up being a trump card in the hands of the Strawhats in these final battles.

Luffy's strongest attack will be a tribute to Ace.
Since both Luffy and Ace have punches as a signature technique, I could imagine Luffy using Gear Second (and possibly Gear Third), and using his Haki, somehow make flames coming from his fist, whether real or an illusion (Like Zoro's Asura). It would go something like "Gomu Gomu no Hiken". He'll probably use it in his final fight.
  • Maybe he could spin his arm("winding up") a la Sanji's Diable Jambe for that effect. I'd mark out for "Gum-Gum Fire Fist".
    • Confirmed. Red Hawk, anyone? Albeit he unveils it in a fight that's far from his last one.
    • This is close enough for me! I'm counting it as my first confirmed WMG ever!
      • Woah, not so fast. Remember Gear 4? Yeah... I'm calling this Jossed now.
      • Yep, sorry OP, but this is going to back to the guess folder for now. It would be confirmed if you had given a bit more of a limit on it, because Red Hawk is certainly his strongest single-shot Gear Second attack up to at least the Dressrosa Arc so far. But, the fight against Hody when it was introduced was definitely not his last, and Red Hawk was utterly eclipsed by the King Kong Gun in Gear Fourth as being Luffy's strongest attack for now. So, until his real final and strongest attack in One Piece turns out to be a Fire Fist homage, this WMG is for the guess section.

Jewelry Bonney and Urouge have pledged alliance to Shanks and Blackbeard, respectively
As was brought up by Trafalgar Law, the only ways to survive in the New World are to join with one of the Four Emperors, or to oppose them at any turn. A total of seven of the Supernovas (Luffy and Zoro, Law, in one group; Kid and Killer, Hawkins, Apoo, in another) have chosen the latter path, making alliances between each other to survive against a far greater foe. This conveniently leaves four Supernovas for four Emperors: we have now seen X Drake having joined up with Kaido and Capone Bege with Big Mom, leaving two and two. Further, Bonney has pretty adamantly refused to join up with Blackbeard, which will further clarify the issue and leave very little room for ambiguity.
  • The Urouge/Blackbeard part is probably Jossed. Remember that he and Kaidou were talking before the latter jumped from the cloud and attacked Kidd's group. Urouge didn't seem to know who he was though, though Kaidou for some reason was content to leave him be. Its still jossed even when assuming that the Mad Monk was acting coy the whole time.

Pudding will be a terrible person, to the point Sanji will even break his "never hit a woman" policy
Whether she is the three-eyed girl on Big Mom's ship or not, she will be quite beautiful and Sanji will be mesmerized by her... only for her to reveal a very nasty side; his inability to hit a woman no matter what (even a monstrosity like Big Mom) will sting really a lot. Following a flashback on Sanji's life before the fated encounter with Zeff, showing us what trauma led him to that, Sanji will finally snap out of it and kick Pudding to save one of his crewmates from being killed by her. And given how Sanji's increases in power have worked post-timeskip so far, the loss of that handicap will make him incredibly more powerful - Luffy will be having a hard time against Big Mom and it will be Sanji who effectively defeats her.
  • This is extremely doubtful. Remember, Sanji wouldn't hit Kalifa even if it meant risking not being able to save Robin and/or his own death. At this point I'd have to imagine he would rather pull an Ace and Take The Bullet if Pudding was going to kill a crewmember rather than hit her.
  • Considering the first look we got at her personality in chapter 826, it's pretty much Jossed. She's quite the opposite, a really Nice Girl who's even noted by Nami to be "far too forgiving".
    • Except NOT. She was pretending to be nice the whole time. I don't know if he'd hit her, but at least half of this is confirmed so far.

Crocodile's plans in Alabasta also stemmed from envy towards Doflamingo
Given his nasty and unpleasant nature, it would be no surprise if Doffy liked to brag about Dressrosa in front of some fellow Shichibukai, and no way Crocodile didn't know of all the underworld haven Doffy had made of that island. A further grudge Crocodile may have had against Doffy is because the latter mocked him for his weakness to liquids in general. So he set his sights on Alabasta with the intention of taking it over and, ultimately, make it the equivalent and rival to Dressrosa in the first half of the Grand Line.

Whitebeard was an orphan and sterile
He lost his parents or was abandoned by them at a tender age; his homeland was unknown, so he had no known relatives an no place to look for them. When he was young, he learned that he couldn't have offspring. Feeling no special connection to the place where he grew up, he left it for a life of piracy and for his dream - even if he couldn't have a family naturally, he'd still get one.Some people knowing of his condition may still be alive (say, a now 90-years-old doctor), and it may become an important point regarding Edward Weevil in the future: if he learned he can't be possibly be Newgate's son, he may turn against his mother - assuming she is his mother at all - and the World Government, which would witness the embarassment of an out-of-control Shichibukai once more in a few years.

Camie will meet and befriend the members of Sai's fleet
And will call Don Chinjao, "Chin-chin" (a common Japanese word for "penis"). Hilarity will ensue. Notice that in one SBS Corner, a reader effectively asked what would happen if Camie's suffixing was applied to a person called Chin, and one character with part of that in the name was later introduced. Knowing Oda, it may not be a coincidence.

The Thousand Sunny is also partially based on the Oro Jackson
During the years they spent with Tom working on the Sea Train, Franky and Iceburg were taught at least something about how their mentor built Roger's ship. Given it was the ship that reached Raftel, it was natural for them to employ the techniques used for its construction on the Strawhats' new ship.

D stands for dream

Usopp will accidentally become Pirate King.
By finding One Piece first.

Brook is connected to the Vinsmoke family
Or at the very least, is very hesitant about sharing information about them. Brook clearly reacted when he heard the name Vinsmoke, and when Robin wonders out loud where she could have heard it before, Brook is shown with a solo reaction panel.

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