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This is a CLOSED page for Wild Mass Guesses for the series One Piece which have been confirmed by the series or by Word of God. This page includes theories that were Confirmed up to the end of the Dressrosa Arc and is for viewing purposes only. If a WMG on one of the pages is confirmed, please move it to Confirmed Theories, Part Two.

DO NOT add new entries in this page.

Luffy will faint from the invigorating hormone overdose after the war is over, allowing time for the other Straw Hats to have their stories fleshed out and for them to return to Sabaody.
By the time Luffy awakes, he'll be elated that his crew is safe and sound around him, and that the ship is ready to enter Fishman Island.
  • In the meantime, none of the crew are going to be sure whether or not he'll ever wake up, but because this is One Piece, they'll hold on to faith that he'll come back to them soon enough. The story at that point will be about the crew's efforts to take care of and protect him, with some deeper character studies on the way as a Breather Arc.
    • This came true.. Luffy's woken up on Amazon Lilly and is being taken back to the Saobody with Rayleigh, while the rest of the crew is making their way to meet up with him.
      • Not quite. Seems the other Straw Hats are going to be hanging around right where they are for awhile to Take A Level In Bad Ass.

Kuma sacrificed himself for Luffy and his crew.
His disobedience on Sabaody in saving the Straw Hat crew led to a full reprogramming by Vegapunk which essentially "killed" him. He was fully aware of this, but willingly saved Luffy and his crew. This explains why he told Luffy before sending him flying with his DF powers that this would be the last time they saw each other, despite Luffy coming to Marineford. This also explains why Doflamingo proclaimed that the Kuma that Ivankov knew is dead.
  • Its seems you were right on the money, at least where the reprogramming is concerned.
    • Almost. Kuma was going to be reprogrammed either way. He had a feeling that the Straw Hats were going to be a major force later and wanted to help them out while he still could.
      • Which would explain why he made a deal with Vegapunk to delay the cyber-fication until he could program an instruction in one of the Pacifistas to guard the Thousand Sunny till at least one of the Straw Hats returned.

Buggy's plan will fail spectacularly and he'll nearly get himself killed for it, but be rescued by his crew at the last minute after they decide to turn back and go get him.
Because, come on, Buggy's set himself up for a painful fall, and in OP, friendship is always shown to be more important than power and dreams in the grand scheme of things. An event such as this could finally nail the manga's absolute main friggin' point into Buggy's thick, blue-haired skull.
  • Well, they didn't save him when he got over his head, but they have indeed rejoined him.

Akainu will have a plant/earth Devil Fruit
Akainu has a rose on his suit, has what appears to be a flower tattoo, and has a flower pattern on his shirt. The red in "Red Dog" could be because he specializes in roses.
  • Sort of confirmed. Akainu does have an earth-based ability. He's a Magma Man.

Crocodile's hook is hiding something
It looks awfully bulky. A good place to hide something...
  • Confirmed - it was revealed in his final fight with Luffy. It turned out to be...another hook. This one was smaller and was filled with venom; Croc only used it as a last resort.
    • Yep, it goes from hook to poison hook to hidden blade.
  • Ah, but what if all those are to hide the fact that he has something else hidden even further under? Like maybe the fact that he isn't missing a hand at all? Maybe there's an embarressing/important tattoo or something on his left hand, and the easiest way to keep it hidden was to make it look like it doesn't exist.
    • Yeah - the base is large enough to hold his hand, that hidden blade and other secret goodies. Also, a hand in there would have prevented the whole thing from snapping off when Luffy stomped on it unless it's fused to Crocodile's wrist bone or something. I say he's hiding the mark of the Tenryuubito in there, that would go well with his trust issues and some of the WMG here.
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    • Dude is made of sand, and can turn his clothing, cigars and hook into sand as well. He could be holding pretty much anything in his anywhere, just in a sandy form.
      • Penis Blade?
    • He could have a slave tattoo 0_0
  • This could be Iva's secret.

Mr. 3 will join Buggy's crew
Hey, they seem to get along, and I won't be surprise Buggy gives him an invitation.
  • He did.

Shiryu Will Join Blackbeard
Currently, Blackbeard doesn't have a direct counterpart to Zoro. Shiryu seems to be a skilled swordsman and Blackbeard managed to get away from him completely unharmed. It's possible the two men may have came to a agreement.
  • And that's exactly what happened. Shiryu has joined the party! * 8-bit jingle*
    • Isn't it a great feeling when a WMG becomes true?
      • It's easy to become addicted to the high that produces and make billions of theories at once in hopes that at least one turns out to be accurate.

More Impel Down prisoners will join Blackbeard, and the remaining silver medalists join in the fight against Whitebeard
Luffy said he wanted 10 crewmates not counting himself. Blackbeard is Luffy's Evil Counterpart and has shown he's looking to increase his crew. Blackbeard and the rest of his crew were last seen heading down into ID, and as far as we know the only thing of interest down there would be the prisoners in Levels 5 and 6, such as Basco Shot. Also, said Level 6 contained prisoners who expressed a desire to kill WB.
  • The recruitment part of this theory has recently been proved true, as Blackbeard has recently reappeared from hiding at the Marineford Building with Shiryu and other new crew members in tow, including: Sanjuan Wolf (holy shit, he makes Oars look puny), Basco Shot, Catarina Devon & Avalo Pizaro.

Luffy's adrenaline will wear off, and he'll have a monster of an adrenaline crash at the WORST TIME POSSIBLE.
  • Confirmed, in a way: When Ace dies, Luffy has to be dragged off by Jinbe, and nearly dies by Akainu.

is screwed.The real purpose behind Ace's Vivre card is to be a more succinct version of the Really Dead Montage, to drive the point home that yes, he's dead, and he's not coming back.
  • Only problem is that NO ONE in One Piece, besides people in flashbacks and a beloved ship, have died. Oda specifically stated that he hates it when people die in stories just to get sympathy from the audience.
    • I think an exception can be made though if it's of world shattering, plot-shaking importance, rather than just killing characters to make the villain look more evil, which may be what Oda was referring to. Either way, it would be pretty silly if no named or significant character died in the upcoming battle, given how much it's been hyped up as a world shattering, plot-shaking event.
      • In chapter 573 it looks like this spec was right on. Ace gets a magma fist through his torso, after it's established, Akainu's magma nulls Ace's fire powers and lets Akainu hurt him, just like Luffy's rubber let him hit Eneru. Luffy looks down and sees the Vivre card burn into almost nothing. We have to wait til chapter 574 to see if that means he'll survive or if this is just a cliffhanger.
      • Bingo. The card burns away when Ace is Killed Off for Real in chapter 574.

is screwed.Am I the only one who thought "Ominous Foreshadowing" when Jinbe questioned what would happen if Whitebeard suddenly kicked the bucket?
  • In the most recent chapter, Crocodile stated his intentions to take the old man out himself, and Jimbei intends on preventing this. It would be perfect dramatic irony that neither of them get what they want if Whitebeard just dies from health problems.
  • I doubt that Oda will break from his convention and actually kill one of his characters. Instead, Whitebeard will be severely weakened and lose the bulk of his forces, thereby weakening the position of the Yonkous. This will leave room for the Rookies to muscle into his territory and still cause chaos without having Whitebeard die.
  • The most recent chapter all but confirms that Whitebeard's about done.
    • Confirmed.

The fate of an individual who consumes two devil fruits will be more important than it already is.
It so far exists to explain why nobody has two different powers, but the possibility exists that someone, like Kuma or Blackbeard because of their Game-Breaker powers, will be killed by being force-fed a second devil fruit. Although with Blackbeard, his devil fruit may negate the second one without harming him anyway.
  • The reason it hasn't been explained is because Vegapunk, according to a member of CP 9 (Lucci I think) discovered it to be something to do with how it changes your body, presumably DNA or the like, and a second attempted change results in over-stressing the eater's body, killing them.
    • Seeing how Blackbeard now has the ability to also use another's DF powers....

Crocodile keeps helping because of Defeat Equals Friendship.
  • Basically, Luffy convinced him he was WRONG. But, he knows that Luffy won't buy it so he isn't even trying to argue it. He volunteered to help save, he makes sure to rescue Daz Bones, he stopped attacking Whitebeard on command, he saved Ace from the executioners, he stopped Mihawk from attacking Luffy, he rejected Doflamingos offer of alliance (which might have let him back into the Shichibukai) and he stopped Akainu from pursuing Luffy any farther. He's been so consistently helpful and loyal even when it's not in his best interest that something HAS to be going on with him. He'll still keep acting like a jerk because he kicked way too many dogs in the Alabasta Arc for anyone to buy anything like a heel face turn.
    • Consider this: Crocodile is like the Shiki to Luffy's Roger. Just like Shiki, Crocodile sees in Luffy his ultimate rival. NO ONE gets the privilege of doing in Luffy before he does, and he's willing to go to ANY length to preserve that.
      • But why save Mr 1 and Ace? Mr 1 is a strong fighter, but doesn't really carry that much weight when compared to the other extremely powerful marines and pirates in the battle. Crocodile has no real reason to save Ace, either.
      • He may be doing all this because he sees what he once was in Luffy and what sentimentality remains with him is driving him to stop Luffy turning out like he did. Maybe Luffy relit a spark of who he once was and it makes him ashamed, whether subconsciously or not.
      • Considering that he's planning to go to the New World, with Mr. 1 tagging along as his Dragon, it's quite likely.

There are more models of the Hito Hito Fruits.
Outside of humans, what other sentient species are there? Giants, Skypians and among others. Fishman and Merfolk however...
  • There may be Zoan Fruits for the One Piece universe's own animals.
    • Confirmed via the SBS via Volume 60. There is at least the normal one and a Mythical Zoan-type of the Daibatsu.
  • The half form of the Giant model should be interesting, since that form seems to be as large as both of the others combined. Wouldn't really be much of a Giant half form if it's even larger. Or will it be like Chopper's half form and be smaller?

The straw hat once belonged to Rogers
It is not, however, One Piece. Rogers meets a young Shanks and gives him the hat, just like Shanks did with Luffy. The difference is that Shanks wouldn't let Luffy join his crew.
  • As good as confirmed in chapter 603, Roger is shown meeting Rayleigh wearing a strawhat

We're getting a time skip
Theories are that the 'message' Luffy left his crew is in his newly-gotten tattoo, visible in the newspaper picture. This tattoo supposedly says "SA 2 Y". Sabaody Archipelago, Two Years. This is why the rest of the crew suddenly change plans: their meeting is 2 years from now.
  • This would explain Oda saying this was Luffy's last adventure in as an 18-year-old. Or whichever age it was. Here's the picture if you're confused.
  • Spin off theory: Zoro won't get the message and will go straight to Sabaody Archipelago, and will proceed to wander around for two years until he finds the Going Merry.
    • That, or clueless Zoro will need Mihawk to explain the message, which conveniently lets Oda explain the message to the reader.
    • I thought that SA 2 Y meant Sabo Ace 2 Yujin (Japanese word for friend). Maybe it's a duel meaning.
    • The armband is just a Red Herring for us, and tribute to Ace for him. The true meaning is the ringing of the Ox Bell. Which, given Killer's explanation, seems more like a one year time skip.
    • There's the possibility that the Ox Bell is the Red Herring and the tattoo is the real hidden message
      • And ringing the Ox Bell sounds more like something Luffy would do out of a whim than getting a tattoo. Rayleigh said it himself, the message is in something Luffy would otherwise never do.
      • Unless the tattoo (which, whatever it says is very similar to ace's) is Luffy's way of memorializing his brother
    • All but confirmed, since everyone is preparing for staying a while on wherever they are.
    • And now it IS confirmed as of the latest chapter.
      • Awesome, my WMG was right. Though the reasoning was a bit off.

Mihawk will train Zoro
Every other Straw Hat is at an island perfectly convenient to help them get stronger. So who better than the world's greatest swordsman to train him? I know its not likely, but hey its a WMG.
  • Looks like you're right on the money with this one.
    • Holy Crap, this is the first time any of my WMG's has ever been right!

The character with an eye patch planned will be Zoro.
Look at the latest chapter title. His right eye is closed and has a great scar over it. It's possible he's just got the scar anyway and the eye escaped untouched, but it feels a bit weird closing that eye when he's just standing there.
  • That would be AWESOME
    • As of ch. 599, it looks like his loss of an eye has been confirmed. Any guesses on how he lost it?
      • Probably fell down the stairs.
      • Mihawk fell down the stairs carrying his sword, nicked Zoro in the process and then impaled himself at the bottom of the stairs. Zoro looks at him, then at the stairs, and decides he can brag that he lost his eye when he defeated the world's greatest swordsman. Then he empties his bar and leaves. That's why he was early to Sabaody - he started his journey before the others.

Fishman Island is the next destination.
Bear with me here, folks, but it's a high possibility given that they can finally go underwater. I know it sounds crazy, but it could happen!
  • As of Chapter 607, they've finally arrived there.

The reason there's been no water-element (ice yes, water no) Logia user yet is because they wouldn't have the normal weakness of Devil Fruit users
  • ...uh, yeah. That's not really a WMG, since its more-or-less obvious. Less of a guess nor is it wild.
    • Uhm, Chapter 603 is out,, great timing on this WMG. Still, it could turn out Caribou has something like slime or, more in character for Caribou, blood... I mean, the filler Logia's were both semi-liquid and still had the standard weaknesses. A slime Logia would most likely completely solidify. But then, we're underwater chapter should prove to be interesting.
  • Well, they would have one non-standard weakness: Crocodile would be able to neutralise their power by absoring their moisture. On the flipsode: They (in this case Caribou) would be able to neutralise Crocodile's sand defense and hurt him. So basically they both neutralise one-another abilities, which makes them pretty much natural enemies, like Luffy to Enel. Also, rooting for Crocodile Vs Caribou now. And then there's probably the fact the things get mixed in liquid easily - for example, if sea water got mixed in with his body, Caribou would probably need to take time to get the sea water out of his body in order to use his abilities. Also, Akoji could proabably one-shot him really quickly with his Ice powers, since Caribou is made of an unidentified liquid...
    • Caribou's power is more mud-based, as Franky reveals.

The 601st issue will be the start of a new voyage
The 600th issue being special was a Red Herring, the 601st issue start the voyage because it was 600 issues after Luffy's first journey started.
  • Well, all depends how quickly A. the Fakers and/or the Marines are taken down, and B. How fast Brook can get back.
  • Sorta confirmed. The chapter was titled "Romance Dawn of a New World," and when Luffy re-declared his ambition, though they didn't actually launch until the next chapter.

  • Isn't it inevitable? Absolute best-case scenario (unless it was All Just a Dream), with Oda's level of storytelling, he'll eventually have to deal with Luffy dealing with Ace's death, which will be just as depressing as the actual event. And that's excluding that currently, he's up against some of, if not the, the most powerful people in the OP-verse, and Whitebeard is likely still to die. Worst case scenario... can you say "killing spree"?
    • Sort of confirmed; Ace dies, Blackbeard shows up, Whitebeard dies, and now (chapter 577) Blackbeard has the earthquake power. Can you say FUCKED?
      • Then there's the hell the World Nobles have promised for the Strawhats when they return, Merman Island losing Whitebeard's protection and falling victim to pirates and slave traders and Luffy's body still being strained and losing his years of life.

Sengoku's fruit is actually a Zoan type.
He has a Buddha form and a half-Buddha form.
  • Confirmed as of SBS Volume 60. Mythical type, too.

When Zoro returns, he'll pull a Mihawk and utterly wreck whole ships.
The Straw Hats that'd gathered so far will be in a jam, surrounded by enemy ships... until Zoro makes his dynamic entrance.

Oda knows about the Luffyko April Fools joke and found it incredibly amusing.
Expect to see Luffy genderswapped for real some time coming up.
  • Confirmed via SBS, and the whole crew is with him.
    • That genderbent image of Robin is probably the funniest thing I have seen in a long time.

After the "Save Ace" arc there will be a Time Skip wherein the winner of the war will control the world and Luffy hides with the survivors
Luffy's True Companions have scattered around the world and seems to be finding niches of their own to fill (Franky finding Vegapunk's lab, Robin being saved by the Revolutionary Army, etc.) they would all take levels in badass to be competent enough whenever Luffy finds them again after the time skip.
  • Also, since Oda's favorite manga of all time is Dragon Ball and there were a few time skips there, it would seem that the Time Skip is inevitable.
  • Also the Marines would probably win. For plot's sake.

The straw hats separation is a Gambit Roulette by Kuma to make the straw hats stronger for some reason.
  • Luffy landed on an island with the one person (Hancock) who would sympathetic to his cause, have knowledge of Haki, and in an easy position to help him.
  • Clima-tact-using Nami landed on an island dedicated to the study of weather.
  • Cyborg Franky just found a lab or stockade of Vegapunk, the legendary cyborg doctor.
  • Sanji is on an island that perverts his greatest love. He'll come out stronger by being able to hit women, as stated above.
    • Alternatively, all that running will have increased Sanji's leg strength.
      • Confirmed to a degree as of Chapter 605 - it increased his running speed.
  • Chopper is on an island with birds. Many paralells have been drawn between Chopper and Rudolph, but one key difference? Chopper can't fly.
  • Robin, due to her revolutionary status, is probably the most dangerous member of the Straw Hats bar Luffy and Zoro. She's with Dragon's forces.
  • Zoro was sent to that island to train under the world´s strongest swordsman and the humandrills who are capable of perfectly mimic any kind of battle style, so the island he was sent to not only had the best swordsman in the world to train him, but also the perfect training partners he could get.
    • Alternatively, Zoro may discover a ridiculously powerful sword on that island.
    • Yet another theory: The island is Mihawk's birthplace. He sails around in a coffin surrounded by candles and generally gives a Dracula vibe, down to his name. Him coming from a spooky, gloomy island would fit with his theme. Partially confirmed. He lives there, but it isn't his birthplace.
    • Zoro can't do any physical training (not that he needs it), but his attitude, and general cockiness will probably take a hit from hanging around with all of the ghosts. In other words, he's going to be doing character training.
      • He winds up doing physical training under Mihawk during the time-skip.
  • Also, Usopp is training with a great (and possibly cyborg) warrior.
  • If the Longarm tribe are anything like Scratchman Apoo, music plays a big part in their lives. While Apoo's explosive power is most likely from his devil fruit, the music connection may be beneficial to Brook.
    • And in relation to this...
  • The heart of this is true, though some of the more specific guesses are false.

All their power-ups will go something like this...
  • Luffy: Boa will help him master Haki and it will allow him to hit Logia-users (such as how Rayleigh was able to stop kizaru's attacks).
    • Partially confirmed - it's Rayleigh who teaches him.
  • Zoro: Related to the 'spooky castle is Mihawks home' guess, Zoro will meet the person who trained Mihawk/find out how Mihawk got so strong, then after healing, will train.
    • He trains under Mihawk himself.
  • Nami: She will get the weather scientist to help her power up her clima-tact with more advanced weather abilities.
  • Usopp: On the dangerous island, with the warrior, he will become stealthier and faster, along with being more durable.
  • Chopper: The whole 'Chopper will learn to fly' guess seems to be the most effective for the bird island he is on, that or he will become more independent and brave.
  • Robin: She will get smarter then she already is and become a great tactician or.. something(sorry, not much I could think of, besides being with a group of clever revolutionaries).
  • Sanji: The other guesses (able to hit women, running will make his legs stronger) work.
    • Running makes him super-fast.
  • Franky: He will steal some of Vegapunks blueprints and equipment, hide somewhere, and power himself up.
    • Basically confirmed.
  • Brook: He will learn many different musical attacks (similar to his lullaby thing from the Flying Fish Riders fight).
  • Pretty much all confirmed.

Kuma and Garp are secretly allied with Dragon
  • Garp seems to still be in contact with Dragon and doesn't seem to be too terribly distressed about Luffy's actions in Impel Down. Since he's a higher up in the World Government, he'd make the perfect inside man to help Dragon take care of the Gorousei and staging an ultimate coup to bring down the World Government.
  • It also seems rather convenient that Kuma is such a trusted ally of the World Government, yet has constantly failed to eliminate the Straw Hats whenever ordered. It's also a little too convenient that he sent Luffy to Boa Hancock, a Shichibukai who had yet to answer the World Government's call and had the perfect opportunity to get to Impel Down before Ace's execution. The rest of the Straw Hats are also in places that seem either valuable resources or potential Power-Up stations.
  • Also, both of them are in on a great big, centuries long conspiracy that seeks something awesome but horrible and dangerous that could get some crap blown up by accident.
    • Never would of thought of any of this, but it makes so much sense it's scary.
  • Kuma seems pretty well confirmed as of the latest chapter. The thoughts of Dragon's lieutenant, Emporio Ivankov, imply that Kuma is infiltrating the Shichibukai on behalf of the Revolutionaries. Ivankov is somewhat upset at being blasted by his old friend's lasers, even though he knows Kuma has to maintain his Shichibukai position, but Kuma (no doubt deliberately) does no actual damage to Ivankov.
  • Third panel on this page. Now doesn't he look familiar?
    • That's Sabo, the boy who was a friend of Luffy and Ace when they were little kids. He died.
      • Maybe. Before Dragon's ship departs they mentioned picking someone very damaged up. Could be Sabo.
      • *Ahem* He means third panel when reading right to left. Sabo is only in the third panel if you're reading left to right.

The Impel Down Arc will culminate in a major case of Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!
Specifically, Luffy will accidentally cause Whitebeard's death, throwing all the islands he claimed into chaos and ruin while successfully rescuing Ace.

Whitebeard is eventually going to be a Supporting Leader for Luffy
Granted, Luffy and his allies would be unable to rescue Ace without their help, but all this set-up seems be to echoing previous battles such as Wyper and the Shandorians versus Enel. It's very likely that all these incredibly overpowered pirates are going to end up Worfed in Luffy's favor.
  • Maybe not Whitebeard due to current events, but his crew is still up in the air
    • Well, once could say they did in a fashion in helping Luffy to the execution platform.

The next time we see Usopp, he'll have become vastly more powerful.
Consider Oda's perspective on this: Why send the weakest protagonist off alone, with only an obvious BadassGrandpa/OldMaster type for company, and then make him absurdly fat?note To surprise the reader when the character comes back absurdly muscled and ass-whooping of course! Though, knowing Oda, he could well keep (some of?) the fat but still be ludicrously strong.
  • That could ruin Usopp's Badass Normal trait, considering Oda said he's suppouse to be as close to a normal human.
    • Nah, Sogeking didn't ruin it either. Why should this one?
    • Sogeking was just Usopp using different gadgets and a slightly more confident personality. Giving him an actual power like super strength would indeed wreck his Badass Normal status, and go against Word of God.
    • So then, does the ability to take a four ton baseball bat to count as a normal human trait? Admittedly, in this story, it ''is'' hard to tell.
    • Who says we want to give him super strength or anything stupid like that? No matter how you look at it, Sogeking was still a significant upgrade, as far as Badass Normals go. Give him another one like that, and he'll be a real powerhouse.
    • Here's an idea. Who else have we seen whos fat, but also increadibly fast and stealthy in One Piece? Lucky Roux. Somehow Ussop is going to increase his speed and stealth by training while bieng fat. And for a Sniper, that's a great upgrade.
    • After the time-skip, Usopp's become more lean and muscular, plus he now has a wide arsenal of weapons from the island where he was sent.
    • He also awakened Haki

Humans, fishmen, and mermaids are one species and can all interbreed
The possibility is touched on when it's shown that humans and mermaids can have children. Presumably, mermaids and fishmen can as well, if Caimie's attraction to Hatchi is any indication. Humans and fishmen seems the next logical step.
  • We know Fishmen and giants can interbreed, as we see with Big Pan of the Foxy Pirates; the half breeds are called wotans. Humans and Fishmen are the next logical step. Maybe a halfbreed will join the crew at Fishman island.
  • We also know that humans can interbreed with mermaids, having seen that Chimney is the 3/4 human granddaughter of mermaid Kokoro.
  • And Fishman/Merman mixed marriages are quite common on Fishman Island, and they can have children together.
  • The Blue Databook confirms that Sapi, a fisherman from Loguetown is a human-fishman hybrid, so all three species can indeed interbreed.
    • Jesus, he'd better stay away from the racists...

In the New World just as in the first half of the grand line each had it's own climate, the islands here will have different physics and related Raftel and Will of D WMG
As above, each island and it's surrounding ocean will have slightly different but progressively weirder physics and native wildlife. Stuff like icebergs melting upwards creating pillars of water going into the sky, the ocean curling over itself, volcanoes erupting continuously, bizarre skies, low hanging moons and insane gravity. This will get progressively weirder and weirder til you reach Raftel which has no set laws of physics. If anyone here has read Roger Zelazny's Nine Princes of Amber series, I'm thinking something like approaching the Courts of Chaos here. The Will of the D is needed to approach Raftel as otherwise it's formless chaos with the One Piece sitting in the centre of it completely untouchable, but someone with the D can shape Raftel to reflect themselves by force of will. When Roger went to Raftel it looks nice like in the flashbacks because that's what Roger wanted it to be. When Luffy and probably Blackbeard fight there it's going to considerably less pleasant. Basically Raftel is literally a place created by dreams and only the most determined are able to reach there. The series entire ongoing theme made manifest.
  • Almost certainly confirmed, at least partially—with the weird gravitational anomaly pulling Capone's ship out of the ocean, Urouge coming across an island with perpetual lightning where umbrellas are of utmost importance, and Scratchman Apoo discovering they're sailing in midair, we can safely say that the New World has Wackyland physics.

Hodi Jones was the main cause of Otohime's death
All right, this one's pretty easy to figue out, but seems funny some random pirate just happened to die when he was all alone with Jones, a guy who hates Otohime enough to comitt fumi-e on her in the present, isn't it? And how his little speech is lees "Oh my God, she's dead!" to "Oh my God, a human killed her!" in a attempt to get people away from her ideals and the intergration thing. Either he forced the guy to kill her, and then cut the loose end, or he did it, then killed some random guy that just happened to be there.
  • I have to dispute this one, considering that Otohime's death fell right in with Vander Decken's plan to get close to Shirahoshi to use his Devil Fruit ability on her. Plus, Hodi's anti-human stance didn't really crop up till after Otohime's death.
    • From a different troper to the original poster, while Hodi being respnsible for Otohime's death may be the obvious answer, i highly doubt Vander Decken was in any way responsible for her death, as he clearly has no interest in the Fishman politics, thus having absolutley no motivation for killing her, besides it was shown his entire goal is to wed Shirahoshi for her ability to control seakings, and was behind her when Otohime was shot, from the front.
And Hodi has shown have anti human tendancies before her death,there were several panels with him and his mates cheering on Tiger when they heard of his attacks and hero worshipping Arlong.
  • From the troper who supports Vander Decken being the one behind Otohime's death: one doesn't have to be interested in the local politics to assassinate an important political figure. Such an assassination can happen purely for one's own personal motives, which may have nothing to do with politics. It's not like Decken could just get Shirahoshi's power to control Sea Kings by just asking, after all.
  • While its true whoever assassinated Otohime didnt have to have done it for political reasons, they still would have had to have some motive.Vander Decken however has not shown any possible reason for wanting to kill Otohime. Yes he couldn't just ask the king and queen to hand her over, but weve already seen what his master plan for aquiring Shirahoshi was; propose, if rejected: threaten her life. Besides, that was the first time he had been in contact with the princess, his entire reason for being at the scene was to touch her with his power, then retreat, which he did. Why would he kill the Queen then send messages proposing marriage? In his warped mind he thought that asking the King and Queen for her hand would work right off the bat, so why on earth would he kill one of the royals then proceed to send the other one letters? And if he thought he would need to kill the Queen to get his hands on Shirahoshi, why has he not tryed to kill the king?
All this besides the fact that he was standing several metres behind Otohime, specifically standing directly behind Shirahoshi, when Otohime was clearly shot from the front.And before you suggest that Vander Decken had someone on his crew shoot the Queen while he touched the Princess. Besides my previous arguments, nothing leading up to or during the 'compulsory crewmate troubled past flashback' had any slightest suggestion or foreshadowing of Vander Decken and his crew conspiring to kill her, it even had Decken talking to his crew about the prophesy, and the Queen never came up. If, now that the flashback has finished, it was revealed that Decken or his crew shot her, that would be a complete and utter Ass Pull, and frankly a low point in Oda's otherwise excellent storytelling.
  • But Hodi's not shown to have any real reason to actually kill Otohime, whether he agreed with her campaign or not. Plus, nothing in the current-day events or in the flashbacks even remotely suggests that he or any of his crewmates had a hand in her death, either. On the other hand, it would be just like Decken to create a very convenient distraction (i.e. the burning of the signatures followed by Otohime's shooting) to pull away all attention so that he could use his Devil Fruit power on Shirahoshi. And it wouldn't be the first time such an underhanded tactic has been used in the series, either...Crocodile created the civil war in Alabasta to cover up his own search for the Pluton weapon; Spandam created the whole fiasco with Robin, and then tried to take advantage of the Straw Hats' Big Damn Heroes at Enies Lobby, in order to score points with the World Government; and Blackbeard used the Whitebeard War to his own advantage to recruit Impel Down's worst criminals into his crew and then to steal Whitebeard's Quake-Quake Fruit power for himself.
    • Actually, there is one. In Chapter 625, when the Tenryubito comes to Fishman Island, Jones makes a comment about him and his ilk being "the worst trash in the world". Given their slavery of Fishman, it's not hard to say Jones hates them among all other humans, and so when Otohime spared him, in his mind, it's not hard to say he thought of her as a Quisling type, and due to his extremly rascist views, also probably wasn't a fan of her wanting to bring the Fishmen in human lands.
Confirmed in the newest chapter

A variation of Tactics 15 will show up later in the series and important in a big fight.
Knowing Oda, it was intentionally never shown, so later on a full-sized version where all the Straw Hats participate will be revealed to be highly powerful and take down some big opponent.
  • Confirmed: Franky's new Giant Mecha "General Franky" is based on "Docking," as noted by Chopper and Usopp.

Luffy has learned how to vulcanize himself
When he used Gear 3rd against the Kraken, his hand turned black. While the Haki he imbued the attack with may have something to do with it, other people have used Haki without changing colour. Vulcanizing rubber makes it harder and tougher, so it would be an apt power-up for him.
  • The translators that do the first version of the weekly chapters were noted to say they messed up on that. It was supposed to be read Vulcanization instead of hardening.
    • Ah, but that just goes right around into Fridge Briliance - after all this IS Luffy we're talking about. Do you honestly think he'd use the term 'Vulcanizing'? Alternativly, it could be a way of Luffy's Body showing when he's using Haki... which, while it helps the reader with a visual clue (for those who miss the SHOUTING AT TOP OF LUNGS), also probably clues in Haki-savvy opponents of what he's doing.
  • Confirmed: He has used the ability subsequently.

Jones will...
Get back up, pop some steroids in his mouth, and return the favor to Zoro.
  • Sort of. He gets revenge on Zoro, but mostly because of air issues..
  • Might as well toss this in Confirmed, as what happened was close enough.

Scratchman Apoo is a member of the Longarm tribe.
Not only does he have unusually long arms, but they also seem to have an extra joint, exactly like the other longarms. Given that Brook fought the longarms after he was sent away by Kuma, this may hint at a future confrontation between the two music-themed pirates.
  • Given he also has the same type of old Chinese dress, I'd say this is a given.
    • He has two elbows, he's of the Longarm tribe. In fact, he was the first member of the Longarm tribe to be introduced.
  • This was stated the first time we saw him, it is hardly a theory.

Dadan is another Chekhov's Gunman
It seems rather suspicious that we have yet to see even a silhouette of Ace and later Luffy's trainer/guardian and don't even know his/her gender, age, or rank. He/she might even be an already-established character with which Luffy and Ace have yet to interact.
  • Dadan is The Pandman? ... Actually, that would probably be both hilarious and awesome.
  • Confirmed. She was the one that took care of Ace and Luffy when Garp was away.

Blackbeard will become one of the Four Emperors.
He killed Whitebeard, so that leaves a void for the forth place in the Emperors. So who better then the guy who killed the strongest man in the world among other reasons?
  • While he DID kill Whitebeard he did it when he was in a weakened state, and needed his entire crew to help him. Whitebeard was pwning Blackbeard's [bottom] until he called for backup. If it had been a fair fight Whitebeard would have whupped him in seconds. So Blackbeard doesn't immediately become Emperor level because Whitebeard was basically at [[One-Hit-Point Wonder: 1HP]] by that point.
    • Following that Video Game-related wording, one could say Blackbeard leveled up with the Gura Gura no Mi.
    • Seems likely; the Gorusei even point out that Blackbeard has a major advantage over the competition, having two Devil Fruit powers, a crew made up of some of the worst criminals ever, and an intimate knowledge of Whitebeard's former territories. His only real competition for the position is Marco and the remains of Whitebeard's crew, and with Whitebeard dead, they may very well not care anymore.
      • Confirmed. Jinbe tells the story in the aftermath of the battle with Hody.

Jinbe's reason for wanting to meet with Luffy is one of three reasons
Either he wants to join Luffy's crew (either because he respects him that much or he wants to look after Luffy for Ace's sake), he admits he wants to join but there is a reason he can't, or he wants to tell Luffy how to defeat Hodi, which is why he told Luffy not to fight him. Of course, if you can think of other possible reasons, please be my guest.
  • I'm inclined to agree with you, re Jimbei joining Luffy. Actually, I was going to put it in a separate WMG that Jimbei will in fact join Luffy, for these reasons: (1) he promised Ace he'd protect Luffy; (2) he and Luffy have both lost someone important Ace for both of them, and earlier Sabo for Luffy and Fisher Tiger for Jimbei; (3) he presumably has a tragic background in that he was (very likely) one of the slaves freed by Fisher Tiger; (4) he promised Luffy he'd wait for him at Fishman Island, and is currently waiting still in the Sea Forest area; (5) it would be both very cool and very useful for the Straw Hats to have a Fishman member. If there are any more reasons that I've forgotten, I'll remember and add them as necessary, but yes, Jimbei really should join the crew and would make a fine addition (perhaps as their quartermaster/tactician or helmsman).
  • Position is a non-issue, the Straw-Hats have an archaeologist for Bink's sake.
  • Partly confirmed, namely the bolded part of the original WMG

Akainu is the current fleet admiral.
Sengoku's recommendation that Aokiji should become the next fleet admiral was just a red herring. It's awfully suspicious that after the time skip, the new fleet admiral would be mentioned but not named. Akainu also has the credit for the kill on Ace and did a substantial amount of work towards Whitebeard's death.
  • Makes sense. He's probably the most fanatically loyal to the concept of Absolute Justice in the world, and has no mercy, when the Five Elders think is needed in the Rampaging Era. And since it's likely that the WG will fall apart by the end of the series, the worst choice because his soliders might not be so willing to be so cruel as he at the end, causing a rift of Justice.
    • If that is the case, then Akainu would be in the perfect position to become the entire series' Big Bad (assuming Blackbeard won't already have that slot by Oda's reckoning). Or, at the very least, Akainu will perhaps be The Dragon to whoever Sengoku's superiors are, whether the Five Elders or whoever else sits at the helm (assuming Doflamingo isn't already fulfilling the role of The Dragon for that entity).
    • Confirmed, he faced Aokiji in a duel and won. Aokiji left the marines.

After the Whitebeard War, Akainu will become the new Fleet Admiral. Smoker will be promoted to Vice Admiral.
  • Akainu just earned himself a truly infamous position, and proved himself a great planner in addition to being a General Ripper psycho. He could be the first Admiral in line for a promotion if anything happens to Sengoku. Meanwhile, Smoker will get a promotion to Vice Admiral to become a Generation Xerox of Garp.
    • He still has to go through the rank of Rear Admiral, though.
    • I can see this happening. Sengoku will confront the five old guys about their cover-up of the Level 6 incident, and they'll in turn have him removed from his position. Akainu rises to Fleet Admiral for reasons above. And with Akainu in charge, a lot of things can go wrong:
    # ) Garp, Helmeppo, and Coby get imprisoned for insubordination and their relationships with Luffy (and in Garp's case, Dragon and Ace as well). If any of them are slated for execution (probably Coby), this could also give Luffy a chance to redeem himself for failing to save Ace.
    # ) Sengoku is driven to exile. He blames the Strawhats and hunts them down personally.
    # ) Luffy now has a real reason to fight the marines: the guy who killed Ace is in charge.
  • It seems Aokiji may be Fleet Admiral via Sengoku's suggestion as he steps down. No clue on Smoker getting a promotion.
    • First part is confirmed; Akainu is now Fleet Admiral after the rivalry between him and Aokiji came to a head in a ten-day long battle. No word on Smoker, but considering Aokiji left the Marines, leaving a massive hole in their ranks, it's certainly possible he'll end up in that rank at some point.
    • Second Part Confirmed!! Vice-Admiral Smoker, head of G-5!

Aokiji and Akainu fought on Punk Hazard Island
Punk Hazard was an abandoned marine outpost where Aokiji and Akainu chose as the location of their big battle. The fight was so intense that it turned the island into a Hailfire Peaks-themed island.
  • Problem with that. Smoker and/or Tashigi state the island got closed off due to a disaster that happened four years ago. We've only had a two year time-skip.
    • They could have chosen it precisely because the disaster made it deserted and forbidden to step on. Also, whoever was on that distress call to the Straw Hats alternated between complaints of being hot and cold, supporting that the Admirals's battle happened there and had lasting effects.
    • Confirmed! As of chapter 658, We're told that Akainu and Aokiji did fight there two years ago. The result of which changed the weather of the island.
    • As for the accident four years ago, it's revealed that the place was a wasteland before the battle due to one of Vegapunk's experiments.

After the Time Skip Trafalgar Law became a Shichibukai.
Tying in with the above WMG. In chapter 656 the guy cut in half(who is probably a samurai) were asking Luffy and co. if they are the ally of 'that Shichibukai',and not in a friendly tone. This implies that it was 'that Shichibukai' who stuck the lower half of his body to the dragons neck,and we all know whose power is that.

  • If Law is the person responsible for the samurai's dismemberment as i suggested in the above WMG, and so is a shichibukai, it would support my argument that he has waited two years to enter the New World.
Had he already entered the new world, where the marines have little power, he would be heading for raftel and would be in no position to accept the role of shichibukai.It is my beleif that he has taken a leaf out of Blackbeard's book, rather spending the last two years hanging around the grand line making an even bigger name for himself as so to be offered the position of shichibukai to further his own goals.Which leads to my next theory that...

Buggy will become a Warlord of the Sea.
C'mon-given the loyalty and everything he's been getting, it's not a far stretch.
  • From this page, it seems to be very likely. And it will be hilarious.
    • Confirmed. According to an official museum exhibit, with bounties obtained from Eiichiro Oda himself, Buggy's bounty has been canceled with no other indicators, meaning he has been inducted into the Seven Warlords.

Trafalgar Law created the centaurs, satyrs, and harpies.
We know via the marked Den Den Mushi that the harpy and the centaurs are connected. As of 660, it's pretty safe to say that if Law knows about the children, he knows about the satyrs. If the satyrs are connected to the centaurs and harpy, then Law is connected to all of them. We know that Law has the ability to chop people up and put them back together with others' bodies. Since the mythological humanoids we've seen thus far are pretty much all-human in some parts and all-animal in others, they being the product of Law's LEGO Genetics doesn't seem so far-fetched. They are probably the new forms of his old crewmates. With this, there are two additional theories if this one holds true:
  • Jean Bart is not only a centaur, he is the centaur boss. Jean Bart is quite the large guy. So is the centaur boss. It hasn't yet been confirmed that the boss is indeed a centaur, but if it is one and it is Jean Bart, that would add a lot of credence to the main theory.
    • This part is mostly Jossed, since the boss is Brownbeard and not Jean Bart. Also, we never got a good look at Brownbeard's lower body before, so he could have always been a centaur. However, one of his current centaur followers looks a LOT like one of his crewmembers from chapters 581 and 594, who was fully human then. If they are the same guy, that proves that at least some of the centaurs were created.
  • The 100 hearts Law sent to the World Government to become a Shichibukai are the byproducts of the centaur/satyr/harpy/etc. creation. If each creature is the literal mashup of a human and an animal, then there would have been two bodies to work with. Now, there is only one body, which only needs one heart (same with the other organs). Assuming there are 100 of these creations of Law, he probably thought, "Hmm, I have 100 spare hearts from turning my pirate crew into mythological beings. Why don't I send them to the government to become a Shichibukai, which would protect myself and my crew from persecution?"
Doesn't explain what that living gas/liquid boss thing that moves and can talk is. Though I wouldn't be surprised if Law has some connection with it as well.
  • Confirmed, though Monet's story is currently unknown. Caeser Clown had a hand in it as well, by the way.

Oda is toying with us, and will bring the timeskip coverstory Up to Eleven for a big reveal
The last couple of chapter's covers have covered the Impel Down arc. Meaning that at any moment we are likely to get a reveal of what happened to Mr 2 Bon Kurei and Magellan. So Oda spends 3 chapters covering Hannyabal, Minochihuahua, and Sadi-chan with Saldeath. Surely the next chapter must cover at least one of the aforementioned two. Cue Chapter 664, and Oda has a colourspread instead of a cover. I think he's postponing the reveal as long as possible because the information will be important and will have a lot of impact.

My theory is that;

  • Mr 2 Bon Kurei is alive, and is possibly running New Kama Land for any new incoming prisoners, becoming the new equivalent of Ivankov.
    • Confirmed! Bon Kurei is alive and living in Level 5.5.
  • Magellan is out hunting Level 6 escapees, and may or may not have gained the rank of Admiral.
    • My assumption that he is an Admiral is based on the fact that he is likely that powerful, and that there are two unrevealed Admirals (assuming Kizaru hasn't resigned). The reason that he isn't at the prison anymore (obvious since Hannyabal is Warden) is either because he died of his injuries or because he is out there.
      • Jossed, Magellan has been demoted to Vice-Warden.
  • And now, One Piece is on break for a week. Dammit Oda, you Magnificent Bastard.
    • Nah, its just Golden Week.
  • Oda is the biggest f**king Troll in the buisness, it turns out Magellan is in fact the new Vice-warden below Hannyabal, having been demoted and has a massive scar on his face.

When the Strawhats next get into a fight in this arc, Nami!Sanji will still be able to fight normally.
Chopper, Franky and Nami will need to learn to make do without their Devil Fruit/weaponry, but Sanji uses an unarmed kicking style. In addition, in the SBS Oda confirmed that Sanji can use Diable Jambe because "his heart burns hotter," and the "Freaky Friday" Flip was initiated by swapping their hearts. Plus, he'll now be kicking with stilleto heels. Ouch.
  • the problem with that is that Nami's body is not trained to handle any of his moves. It would be like Mr. 2 who had to switch back to his normal form to attack.
    • Confirmed. Sanji was able to do his Moon Step and do some other pretty radical stuff in her body while trying to rescue the Samurai.
    • Considering how Sanji's a confirmed Haki user, that probably has something to do with it.

The Yonkou that Donquixote Doflamingo is selling SAD Smile Fruits to is Kaidou
  • Kaidou and Big Mam are the two most likely candidates to have a large army under their command. Given Kaidou's past actions and ruthlessness, the brute force advantage provided by hundreds of Zoan users seems more his style than Big Mam's. Big Mam's operation seems to work more like a business or a protection racket.
    • The idea that Doflamingo works for or deals with Kaidou has some possible precedent. When Doflamingo corners Gekko Moriah at the end of the Battle of Marineford, Moria asks him who ordered the execution, guessing Sengoku. Doflamingo cryptically mentions that it was someone higher up, the implication being that it was the Gorosei or Kong. However, he might consider Kaidou a greater authority (being a Yonkou and all), especially since he is a pirate himself. Plus, Kaidou has a past with Moriah and may want him dead for some reason, but is too busy to do it himself. Therefore, he gets Doflamingo to do it because he is above suspicion.

  • Confirmed. Trafalgar Law's plan is to sever ties between Doflamingo and Kaido by cutting off Kaido's Smile supply.

Momonosuke is going to become a (temporary) SH member
Why? Well, for one he has eaten an artificial Devil Fruit that is apparently faulty. Momo is also currently unable to turn back to a Human form. So what if the fault of this DF means that he not able to turn back by himself? He would need to find somebody to correct this, maybe even Vegapunk himself.

But why would that mean that he has to go with the SH? Remember when Kinemon helped slay the dragon? When he was more brutal that he had to be? He implied that he had a grudge against dragons. So maybe Wano, a country based on Asian culture, is plagued by natural dragons, which is why Kinemon can't stand them. So Momo would now look like the sworn enemy of his people and would thus be unable to go back home. Cue travelling with the SH until he finds a cure.

Also, he and Luffy already get along great AND Luffy is in the process of helping his friends out.

  • Confirmed. Momonosuke and Kinemon join Luffy and his crew to get to Dressrosa to retrieve a captured comrade.

Donquixote Doflamingo will be one of the biggest villains in the series.
He's the last of the original seven Shichibukai to directly fight either against or alongside the Straw Hats, and has been shown to have his fingers in many of the World Government's pies, such as the slave auctions on Sabaody. More tellingly, while Blackbeard's crew is setting itself as a direct Evil Counterpart to the Straw Hats, Doflamingo's "New Era" philosophy is antithetical to both of them.
  • Very likely. Very, VERY likely. Considering that his former subordinate Bellamy opposed Luffy prior to the Skypiea arc, and then with the revelation that Doflamingo is the former owner of the slave auction house in the Saobody Archipelago, it's quite possible that he'll be one of the major Big Bads to appear during the second half of the Grand Line.
    • Confirmed. Doflamingo plays a huge role in the Punk Hazard arc and the upcoming Dressrosa arc.

We will see the Mera Mera no Mi again
It's been stated that when people die, their devil fruits sprout again. Thus, it is possible we'll see the Mera Mera no Mi again.
  • My money's on Coby. If his ultimate goal is to become The Rival to Luffy then he'll need to bridge the huge power gap between them, and the only way I see that happening is to have Coby consume an extremely strong Logia-type fruit. The Mera Mera no Mi would be a perfect fit.
  • Confirmed. Donquixote Doflamingo has it. However, Coby has nothing to do with it.
  • Sabo has the fruit now

The Strawhats aren't going to get a new member at Fishman Island.
Crazy theory I know, but bear with me. The series is only slightly more than half over and there are only either two or one open slots left.
  • Still, if a character joins fairly late, that makes it hard to make a genuine connection. A problem Brook kind of suffered from until now.
  • Confirmed. The Thousand Sunny departed Fishman Island with no change to her crew.

Trafalgar Law
Is like Law has a plan involving the Mugiwara that will become an important plot when trying to reach Raftel ... after all, he's seen talking about keeping a low profile and steal a good seat (or something of that sort) I think Law will play an important asset in the New World that could even fuck Doflamingo's plans. I'm curious because everybody have in the list of "potential New World threats" half the cast of One Piece but almost nobody remembers Trafalgar. It's one of the most cryptic characters that have appeared so far, his intentions are too fuzzy to really say something about him besides he's creepy, and he's got all the looks of a villain or someone in that range, AND being one of the supernova who made a link of at least recognition with Luffy besides Kidd (who is obviously a Chaothic Evil - Neutral).

Talking about Doflamingo, maybe there's a kind of conection between him an Trafalgar, their Jolly Roger are really alike... Third option would be Law holding a grudge against Dofla and searchin a good spot to kill him. (Or been part of Donflamingo's plan)

There is also the possibility of him becoming one of the new age Yonkou while Luffy makes his way to become the pirate king, it seems possible, but... seriously, there's something definitely not right with this guy, Just because he saved Luffy I'm not forgetting the potential time bomb that he is and find Law more dangerous than many in the black list of fans, he seems the type that gives you a good stab in the back or pulls a Gambit Roullete of the not good kind.

• Confirmed, at least so far. Nice work matching the insignias of Law's and Doflamingo's—Law (forlerly) works for Doflamingo. And indeed, Law's plan seems to involve the Straw Hats, as he has chosen to ally with them to further his goals. Considering Law intends to take out Kaido, it's become likely that he intends to become one of the Emperors, or at least fill Kaido's seat. I'll keep this here for now, at least until Law's plans come to completion.

In the manga, there will never be any logias like the paper and candy ones that appeared in filler.
Logias are supposed to be about forces of nature, with "elements" just being an easy way to describe them. All of the canon fruits, Smokenote , Firenote , Sandnote , Lightningnote , Icenote , Darknote , Lightnote , Magmanote , and Swampnote  are things that naturally occur in the world with Swamp pretty much being impossible to call an element. This is why almost-but-not-quite Paramecias like Wax and Poison don't get to go the extra step. If you can't see it being some kind of prominent thing in nature, then it isn't going to be a logia.
  • Confirmed. An reader asked Oda how much creative input he has over other One Piece media. Oda responded in the SBS column saying that the only input he has is rejecting Devil Fruits he intends to use later on. Thus, any Devil Fruit seen in a non-canon story will never appear in the manga.

We haven't seen the last of the flame-flame fruit
Someone is going to gain the fire power again and encounter Luffy, causing a moment of Heroic BSOD.
  • I hope it's Coby.
  • Confirmed. The fruit is back, and in the hands of Doflamingo. Time will tell who (if anyone) eats it.
  • The BSOD part is jossed since Sabo has it now

One of the future battles
Now that the Strawhats finally reached the new world I'm going to make a guess who they are going to fight against next: It's going to be a battle either against one of the old Supernovas,or Smoker and the G5 branch.Or both.But whatever is going to happen it will be AWESOME!!!.
  • Or maybe Big Mom.
    • Chapter 660 came out and my original WMG just became clarified! Their very first batlle in the New World will be against Smoker AND Trafalgar Law AND some shady organization that Law is allied with.
      • Actually, it looks like it's going to be the Strawhats,Law,Smoker,and Tashigi vs. Doflamingo/his subordinates and Caesar Clown. Since Virgo is technically part of G5, I'd say that the original post in entirely true.

"Absa" is Absalom, and was also the one to save Moriah
Together with Dr. Hogback, they mostly just try to survive these days. To do that, they need to earn money, to which they need to work. Absalom uses the talents of his invisibility power to learn scoops no one else possibly could.
  • If you look closely, in the panel where they mention "Absa" you can see the ship Hogback and Absalom escaped on from Thriller Bark. So this is pretty much confirmed.
  • Confirmed. In SBS volume 71 Oda confirms that Absalom was at Marineford during the war and that he is the reporter Absa.

Donquixote Doflamingo has eaten a string-themed devil fruit.
His abilities so far has been established to be People Puppets and dismembering people in a way that looks suspiciously similar to Razor Floss. Coincidence? This troper thinks not.
  • Confirmed. In Chapter 724, Law said that Doflamingo ate the 'Ito-Ito no Mi'.

Ricky is the old king.
He has a grudge against Doflamingo, seems to have a shared past with Rebecca, and is really old. What else needs to be said?
  • If he's the old king then Rebecca should've known him more. I don't know, maybe she just doesn't act that way? Plus Rebecca's grandpa was the old king and he's seem to be really despised by the audience somehow, judging by their reaction to Rebecca.
    • He wore a mask, and by all evidence it doesn't seem like she has seen him at all since her early childhood. The audience detests him, but we know nothing of their reasons for it or just how much of his evil deeds were even real.
  • Confirmed as of chapter 726.

Rebecca and the toy soldier were once related
It is very possible that they were married, father and daughter or even siblings.
  • Well he was her Parental Substitute, there's that. About his real self, though...
  • Confirmed in chapter 726; the toy soldier is Rebecca's father

Sanji and Doflamingo will fight
Just like how Zoro's destined to fight with Mihawk, Sanji will likewise fight with Doflamingo. No special reason for this, just a feeling. (N.B. This one was moved from the Silly WMG page because it may actually be less silly and more serious than originally intended.)
  • I could actually see this happening. If Sanji's passion is strong enough to make his leg spontaneously combust, he probably won't be as susceptible to Doflamingo's Devil Fruit power.
    • Plus, Doflamingo's been recently revealed to be a male Kick Chick during the Whitebeard War particularly in his fight with Crocodile. And he's a blond guy, and his eyes are always hidden by his sunglasses. So he could be an Evil Counterpart to Sanji in that way.
  • From the original poster, additional info that came to mind via Fridge Logic: Doflamingo's animal theme within the Shichibukai is a flamingo. Word of God says Sanji's personal animal theme is a duck. Flamingos are considered exquisite (in terms of appearance) while ducks are more common-looking. So, it could be a fight between an upperclassman and a commoner (plus Sanji is willing to feed even persons who can't afford to pay for food, due to his Back Story; on the other hand, Doflamingo was formerly in charge of the Saobody Archipelago slave ring, which catered to the upper-class Tenryuubito). Additionally, Doflamingo's People Puppets ability can be utilized as Razor Floss, and he moves rather gracefully while utilizing it in battle. Conversely, Sanji has been shown to be significantly skilled with knives, but refuses to use knives outside of a kitchen setting.
    • Additional update from the original poster, again with Fridge Logic: Sanji is the only member of the Straw Hat crew whose personal dream can't be verified off the bat. All the others have dreams and goals that have specific fulfillment conditions that can be tangibly achieved (Luffy to reach the end of the Grand Line and find One Piece, which Whitebeard declared really does exist; Zoro to beat Mihawk; Nami to sail over the whole world and draw her maps; Usopp to get Character Development and be a braver man; Chopper to gain experience as a doctor; Robin to find all the Poneglyphs; Franky to sail to the end of the Grand Line on the ship he built; and Brook to reunite with Laboon); but Sanji's dream of finding All Blue is the only one that there's no way for us to be certain whether it actually exists or not. It is that exact sort of dreaming that Doflamingo's philosophy looks down upon, though apparently he himself doesn't care one way or the other, whether dream-treasures are real or not. So, should Sanji and Doflamingo fight, it would be a true clash of opposing ideals as well as Doflamingo being the potential Evil Counterpart to Sanji.
  • Confirmed as of Chapter 723. Sanji intercepts Doflamingo when the latter is about to destroy the Thousand Sunny, but Doflamingo wins the fight by using his Ito Ito no Mi to hinder Sanji's movements.

Thunderous Soldier of Rage is really Kyros
He tried to kill Doflamingo but failed and was turned into a toy as punishment also explains why people can`t remember Kyros that well.
  • Seconded. There are new hints to support this. A spectator commented how Ricky’s fighting style (a gladiator fighting without a shield) seemed familiar but he had trouble remembering specifics. It seemed like a moment of Wistful Amnesia. In the latest chapter, when Rebecca steps into Colosseum arena, she throws away her shield. The non-lethal fighting style without a shield seems to connect Ricky and Rebecca for some reason. Considering that Thunder Soldier taught her how to fight, the fighting style originates from him. Rebecca’s moment of Wistful Amnesia in front of Kyros’ statue hints that she subconsciously remembers that Soldier is in fact the legendary gladiator.
  • I'd entertained this theory too, but doesn't the statue say that Kyros disappeared twenty years ago? That's ten years before Doflamingo arrived.
  • Confirmed.

Sabo is...
...a Revolutionary.
In Chapter 586, Sabo runs into Dragon and confesses that he no longer wants to be a noble. This is supported by a Revolutionary in Chapter 546 (on the cover page) that looks similar to Sabo.
  • But Sabo didn't leave with Dragon & Co., was recaptured by his parents, and is now on the verge of being blown up for getting in the way of the Nobles' visit.
  • BUT Chap 589 vaguely hints that Dragon picked someone who was heavily injured...Hm...I wonder...
  • I agree, sabo gets shot at way to early in the flash backs- he just cant have died! But if he is alive i hope he's eaten a devil fruit... wonder what he'll look like....
  • In Chapter 731, Luffy meets an as of yet unidentified individual who a. Luffy thought was dead, b. was apparently crying after he saw Luffy, c. has a vested interest in preserving Ace's will, and d. knows Koala, who is a revolutionary. So that's not a guarantee that Sabo is a revolutionary, but it is a damn strong hint he is.
  • Confirmed. Not only a revolutionary, but apparently Dragon's second in command.

    ...Trafalgar Law.
They look kindof alike, and it would explain why Law was so eager to save Luffy's life after the Marines-Whitebeard Pirates war and the death of Ace.
  • It was said Law was born in North Blue, isn't missing a tooth, and their facial structure is different.
    • He might have lied about his origins. He could be an Omnidisciplinary Doctor who is also his own dentist and plastic surgeon.

    ...Eustass Kid.
The goggles. Law is just a distraction; Sabo is a [illegitimate child] now. (Note; differant troper from above ^ ^)

Becoming one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and screwing around with the Nobels seems like something he'd do if he had the chance.
  • Interrelated theories: Stelly (Sabo's adopted brother) is Doflamingo: Stelly is a bit of a Manipulative[Illegitimate child] and is also the type to screw with the lower-class pirates.
    • Impossible. Word of God says Doflamingo is 39 years old, so Sabo and Stelly are far too young to be him.
  • Sabo did the old "I'm going to do something traitorous and not tell you so you won't get hurt" thing and returns to his Nobel heritage in order to manipulate things from within; Ace and Luffy didn't know about it and disowned him after the "betrayal".

    ...going to willingly become a noble.
Later on, there will be a meeting between Ace, Luffy and him later in life, in which one of two things happen: he pretends not to notice them so as to please his parents/other nobles, or he grows arrogant and comes to think of them as inferior, shown when Luffy and Ace are in a situation where a royal pardon would come in handy. Either way, it leads to Luffy's beliefs about how True Companions are the most precious things you can have and how betraying them is the worst thing you could do.
  • Alternatively, he will have realized that running away from his heritage was cowardice, and he should instead have embraced it and changed things from within, that not all the nobles are bad. He will use his money to help people, perhaps even buy and free slaves, and will generally be the nicest aristocrat you meet in this world.

...yet another victim of Death by Origin Story.
Not only is he an extremely important character in a flashback, but has anyone else noticed that Luffy's flashbacks are the only ones out of the strawhat crew to not inclued someone close to him dying? Zoro had Kuina, Nami had her adoptive mother, Ussop had his mom, Sanji had the crew of the ship he worked on, Chopper had the doctor, Robin had... basically everyone, but in particular Clover, Saul, and her mother, Franky had Tom, Brook had his entire crew, minus Laboon. So far the worst thing to happen so far to someone close to Luffy (in flashback) is the loss of an arm. A death in Luffy's past is long overdue, and we know without a doubt Ace survived the current flashback. Sabo is doomed.
  • Furthermore, Luffy says during the Marineford battle that Ace is "the only brother" he has. Since Sabo, Ace, and Luffy all became brothers during this flashback, we can definitely say that, at the very least, Luffy has reason to think that Sabo is dead.
  • The death of the crew from Sanji's ship was not portrayed as particularily tramatic. The main loss seemed to be Zeff's leg. Sanji's flashback death is way overdue too.

    ...the narrator.
He says he wants to see the world and write a book about it, thus the whole series is him reading the book.
  • I always assumed the series would end with Usopp telling it to a bunch of kids who immediately assume it was just another lie...

    ...a Celestial Dragon slave.
  • It would explain why he never made any effort to contact Luffy or Ace. He was in no position to. He's likely still there, since I think this flashback took place after Fisher Tiger's attack on Marie Jois. Also, after the events on Shabody, Boa Hancock's backstory, and now Luffy's, it's clear that a conflict between the Straw Hats and World Nobles is on the horizon. What better catalyst than for Luffy to learn, right after losing one brother, that the one he thought dead, the one who craved freedom above all else, has spent the last decade as a slave. A slave whose treatment Luffy got a glimpse of via the Boa sisters. Not to mention as of the last chapter in the present, Luffy is with Trafalgar Law's crew, which has among their number an ex-slave of the Celestial Dragons who partially owes Luffy his freedom, who could very easily be used to point Luffy in that direction if either of them connects the dots.

    ...Killer from Kid's crew.
Mysterious masked nihilist and bad-ass normal swordsman? The explosion caused laser-guided amnesia and scarred his face which would explain his inaction at Marineford and North Blue origin.

...the masked steampunk sniper in the Donquixote Pirates
In this page notice that the man who shot Baby 5 wears a top hat like Sabo, wears goggles, and his lower face is concealed (like how the adult Sabo in this cover page has his eyes covered). And if Sabo is a revolutionary, he could be undercover acting as a saboteur to Doflamingo's underground dealings, seeing that Dragon is against people who abuse power (like nobles) and Doflamingo is implied to have a connection to the World Nobles.

This may well just be imagery, but with Oda...he wouldn't just draw Sabo like that without it being a Chekov's something.
  • Either that, or it's a page of characters who'll be dead by the end of the series. SO LUFFY'S GONNA DIE.
    • Psssh, Oda wouldn't kill his main character...would he? ...OH DEAR GOD!
      • I think it's the end of the people hanging out and start of a What If? line of covers like Zoro with an adult Kuina, Nami and Usopp with their Mothers, etc. Of course, Oda does love to screw with us.
      • As awesome as the above would be, this still doesn't get rid of the suspicion surrounding adult!Sabo's hat-hidden face.
      • That's not possible. Sabo is way too young to be Doflamingo. Doflamingo was shown attending Roger's execution, while Sabo is about the same age as Ace, who wasn't born until after Roger's death.
      • ...good point...but if he's not Doflamingo...THEN HE'S BELLAMY!
      • No, he was born in the North Blue, and looks a bit older then 20.
      • Looks can be deceiving. *coughKurehacough*
      • Sweet bajeezuz! Then Luffy almost killed Sabo? Again?! And then he was killed by Doflamingo! It only gets worse!
      • If you think about it, Sabo would probably be at least SOMEWHAT traumatized by the whole near-death thing. So, over time, his resentment at his first attempt at piracy nearly being the death of him because he wanted to follow his dreams, he gave up on dreaming, dying his hair, going through a growth spurt, and changing his personality to reflect his mindset. Years later, when he saw Luffy, sure, he could've had the memories rush back to him, and he was actually trying to get Luffy to abandon his dreams in order to spare him the same fate he went through. Luffy realizes this, and who Bellamy is, and does NOT like what his friend's become, and shows him by force., I'm overthinking this.
  • Hey, maybe he's Kidd.
    • The goggles...Hmm...but the eyes don't match.
  • Meybe he's Killer.
  • Jossed : Word of God confirmed, through one of the Databooks, that Sabo really did die in that incident.
  • The majority of the databooks are not written by Oda. That includes series and character information, which is based on what has been seen and revealed in the source material. As far as source material goes, Sabo is alluded as dead.
  • That doesn't change the fact that Sabo has been confirmed dead. Even if the Databooks weren't written by Oda, he still oversees them as they reveal trivia facts and clarify plot points, and there's no way in hell he'd let such a huge mistake fly.
    • No way in hell he'd let such a twist be revealed in extra material? Authors lie on occasion, otherwise every twist in a series would be revealed in the first interview.
  • Confirmed. He was Lucy and is a revolutionary.

Not all carriers of the will of D have D in their name
Dr. H is a prime example.
  • Confirmed. Anyone can change (or hide) their name, you know. On the other hand, having a D in your name isn't necessarily mean you have the will of D. At least that's what Whitebeard said to Teach...

Akainu becomes the Fleet Admiral, but Vice Admiral Doberman succeds his post
From one dog to another. Perhaps the Dalmatian Zoan VA also is a candidate, if he has a name like that too.
  • First part confirmed, no word on the second.
  • Quite close. Strawberry has Admiral shoulderpads, though this is not proof he's an Admiral. Nevertheless, he was one of Doberman's comrades in the Enies Lobby Buster Call and if he is indeed an Admiral, that makes this an almost Confirmed with a slice of Jossed.

Doflamingo isn't considered a World Noble by the other Nobles anymore...
Because he's willing to breathe the same air as his subordinates. It would be perfectly in character for the World Nobles to remove his official standing as a World Noble for something like that.
  • Confirmed, though not for the said reason.

The guy causing Luffy's epic reaction face in chapter 731... Sabo.
  • Isn't this canon already?!

There will soon be a flashback to Law's backstory with Doflamingo.
Calling it right now, we are soon going to learn why Law hates Doffy so much.
  • Confirmed of course, did you expect any less?

The Thunder Soldier was able to convince Dressrosa of King Riku's innocence
Prior to becoming a toy, the Thunder Soldier (or someone like him) was able to convince the general population of Dressrosa of King Riku's innocence and Doflamingo's manipulation. Doffy couldn't have that. Just killing him wouldn't undo what had been done but giving him to Sugar would. Once he was a toy everyone forgot him, and everything he'd convinced them of. Once Sugar's powers are reversed, however, everyone in Dressrosa will remember the truth.
  • Confirmed for the last part.

The one in Lucy's battle gear is Sabo
.Considering the internal dialogue at the end of the newest chapter, I thought this might be a possibility. I don't know if mentioning that character is a spoiler in himself, but I did just to be safe.
  • Should we move this to the confirmed section? Considering it's blatantly obvious?
  • Only if and when we see who's under that helmet. Then both of us can say I Knew It!.
  • Sure. It was Mr. 2 Bon Clay

Trafalgar Law carries the Will of D.
Seriously, look at him without his hat on. He looks like a younger Dragon or a bit more rugged Ace.
  • Spot on dude! Confirmed in chapter 763 - his full name is Trafalgar D. Watel Law

The Heart Pirates aren't dead, they are each undertaking their own training
The reason why we haven't seen Law's cew is not that he killed them or Clown has them, he actually worked out what Kuma had done to the Straw Hats, and decided that he would follow suit, disbanding his crew so that they could each become stronger before entering the New World. Also as he planned to go to Punk Hazard, he told them not to come with him in case they got killed.
  • Dunno about them training, but they seem alive so far

Doflamingo is a Celestial Dragon.
Heavily implied in the latest chapter, and would answer a lot of things.
  • Or at least, related
  • Confirmed

'Mr. Prince' is Sanji's real personality when he is not being distracted by a member of the fairer sex or Zoro.
Think of what he does when he is separated from the rest of the crew. He pretends to be Mr. 3 over the den-den-mushi in order to find out more about Crocodile. He stages a rescue operation under the persona of 'Mr. Prince'. He decides to follow Robin and her captors from Water 7. He's one of the few crew members capable of being sneaky, along with Nami, Usopp and Robin. Sanji is always a badass; he just gets distracted around the crew.
  • Well, I mean, pretty much confirmed for the past 17 years. It's obvious that Sanji acts like "Mr.Prince" whenever he's not snarking or loving.

In the original draft, Enies Lobby and Thriller Bark were flipped
Thriller Bark seems a bit of an odd duck for One Piece. They go from the epic battle for Enies Lobby to what amounts to a random encounter. Sure, it's a Shichibukai, but it does nothing to further the metaplot and even the WG decides they are going to pretend it didn't happen. My theory: Originally, they would have landed in the Florian Triangle, found Brook, defeated Moriah, and run into Aokiji after instead of Kuma. Then they would have gone to Water 7 and things would have proceeded from there, except with Brook fighting Fukurou (Franky was a late addition due to Oda liking his voice actor), and Kuma's first attack would have happened during the Buster Call.
  • The reason it was reversed were because Oda liked Franky's voice actor and wanted his character in sooner, he wanted to speed up the reveal of Robin's backstory, and because he realized the damage to the Going Merry was too extensive and it needed replacement sooner than he originally planned.
    • Maybe. Or Oda could could have just decided to give us a quick break relieve some tension before moving on to a battle that's supposed to shake the foundations of the One Piece world.
  • Alternatively, I suspect the Thriller Bark arc was originally supposed to happen only after Fishman Island. This explains why Moriah's position as a Shichibukai wasn't revoked after his defeat; he was still supposed to partake in the earlier planned Whitebeard war arc. Moriah's backstory has him as the rival of a Yonkou, suggesting he should have been encountered in the new world instead. Moriah's special zombie was going to be Oars Jr., not Oars. Also, Brook does pretty much nothing during the Shaboady arc, suggesting he wasn't planned to be there. Oda probably decided to put Thriller Bark in early because he realised that he needed a Breather Arc between Enies Lobby and Shaboady, as well as wanting the crew to have an earlier encounter with Kuma.
  • The One Piece Green databook confirms that Oda originally had the idea of Brook joining the crew before Franky, but doesn't reveal why he changed it around.

Brook's Devil Fruit is not actually the Yomi Yomi no Mi.
It is actually the Yomi Yomi no Mi. In Japanese, Yomi can refer to the word "revive" (yomigaeru), as many official translations have used. However, it can also mean "underworld" (yomi no kuni). So, Brook's devil fruit could have bestowed upon him the powers of the underworld (as has been shown in the latest chapters) instead of just reviving him once (which, in all honesty, was a pretty good example of Blessed with Suck). Also gives new meaning to his praise as "Satan-sama" on Namakura Island...
  • Confirmed. Well, sort of. The fruit IS called the "Yomi Yomi no Mi", but the underworld powers part is spot on. Not only does it give him a second life, but it gives him the power to control the freezing cold of the underworld.

Vivre Cards can be used to navigate
Don't see why not. Lola said they always point toward their partner. Maybe that's how pirates, who don't have access to the massive quantities of Eternal Poses that the government has, can still go wherever they want.
  • Of course. You just follow where it moves, as the Straw Hats did. This was one of the first things explained about them, actually.

Gear Fourth is an advanced hybrid of Gear Second and Gear Third.
Just an idea that came up. Luffy can't beat Doflamingo with Gear Second because while he's fast enough to hit, he doesn't hit hard enough. He can't beat Doflamingo with Gear Third because while he'd hit hard enough to hurt Doflamingo, he has trouble hitting with it because it's relatively slow. Gear Fourth would solve this problem by hyper-compressing the air used in Gear Third, resulting in his limbs becoming even more hard and dense than in Gear Third, while the sheer amount of pressure that the air would exert on his body might be enough to pump Gear Second on its own.

The smaller surface area compared to Gear Third also means that between the speed of Gear Second and the impact mass of Gear Third, possibly with Armaments Haki stacked on top, Luffy's attacks will be inflicting wounds akin to being shot with something ridiculous, like, say, high-velocity depleted uranium howitzer shells. Pair that kind of wounding with something like Jet Gatling? Good luck trying to recover from that, Doflamingo.

That same density and mass that would give him striking power would also help him defensively, as Doflamingo's strings would have to pierce or cut a much, much denser material, and the extra mass might help him get chucked around less as well. His limbs also wouldn't be enormous like in Gear Third, preserving a good bit of his Gear Second mobility, so he's got the best of both worlds both offensively and defensively and then some.

Of course, it's even worse for his body than standard Gear Second because the pressure involved is even higher, but Luffy doesn't care about something trivial like his lifespan, right?

It's got a little bit of a precedence in Nightmare Luffy's Gigant Jet Shell, which used both Gear Second and Gear Third at the same time, and Nightmare Luffy in general was ridiculously strong for sheer physical power. Perhaps he learned from that experience?

  • Right on the money! Scarily right on the money, actually. It does indeed look like a combination of Gear Second and Third in both appearance and ability; and, yep, with hardening Haki stacked on top. You were right about the defensive ability too. And, again, it does look as though the pressure in his muscles activated the effects of Gear Second. Last but not least, there is indeed a homage to a howitzer shell in one of his attacks. You sure you're not Oda?
  • Worse for his body also confirmed since it disabled his haki and leaves him exhausted for 10 minutes

Doflamingo will be defeated in the June 18,2015 chapter

Proof in 10 steps.

1. We have Trafalgar D. Water Law.

2. Water Law might be a reference to the battle of Waterloo.

3. The battle of Waterloo was the decisive battle between Napoleon and the seventh coalition.

4. Then Doflamingo represents Napoleon and current alliance is the coalition.

5. The battle of Waterloo took place on June 18, 1815.

6. June 18 is Thursday this year.

7. One piece comes out on thursday.

8. Therefore Doflamingo will be defeated on the 200th anniversary of the battle of Waterloo.

9. Oda's power is beyond our understanding.

10. He is a magnificent bastard and I read his book.

  • Very plausible, I root for this theory too.
  • Might be the reason this arc has taken so long to begin with.
  • Given even more weight given this week's (6/4/15) announcement that there will be no chapter on 6/11/15.
  • CONFIRMED! Or, at the very least, the chapter ended with one final, massive attack from Luffy that very much so looks like the last blow.
  • Update: Undeniably confirmed now, as the next chapter indeed showed him lying defeated from the attack.

X Drake joined Kaidou
X Drake attacked the island in order to gain the attention of Kaido so he could become on of his allies and gain access to his vast resources but unknown to Kaido he is really working with Law and feeding info back to him as a double agent.
  • Confirmed for joining Kaidou, jury's out on whether or not he's working with Law in any form, though it's looking doubtful.

Luffy's going to reunite Kyros back with Rebecca.
And he's going to reveal the truth about the two. Bonus point if he's broadcasting it to entire Dressrosa, similar to what Vivi did at the end of Arabasta arc.
  • Half confirmed: He doesn't broadcast it to the whole country, but he does take Rebecca to go see him; she gives up her birthright to the throne to Viola and chooses to live with her father.
  • He didn't need to as a later chapter showed almost everyone in Dressrosa already knew about them and they didn't care.

We'll see Sengoku acting as a grandfather to Law.
Bonus point if he did something like Garp did in Water Seven, trying to capture the pirates but actually letting them go.
  • Alternatively, he already did, when Law was a Shichibukai.
  • They have a talk by the Heart chapter

Burgess is planning to steal Devil Fruit's powers from Sabo, Doflamingo or Law

All of these have pretty strong powers, and Teach may be interested in them. It also makes sense for why Burgess is heading into their direction right now and carries something on his back with an image on it which very closely resembles a devil fruit.

  • Close enough, you missed a certain person: Luffy
    • Sorta Confirmed.
    • Sabo ending up getting in the way so Burgess ended up going after him. He ended up getting burned badly after pressing his buttons too much.

Kaido will be a total villain
Given what he did to Moriah, I'd say it's a safe bet.
  • Judging by his intro, you're probably one more scene off from getting this moved to confirmed.
  • Seeing as what his crew did to Zou was presumably with his permission, along with the foul character of the people he employs, this is basically Confirmed.
    • Very much confirmed in a recent chapter when it is mentioned that he had a Daimyo of Wano one Kozuki Oden executed by being boiled alive.

Haki isn't all equal, and it's potency can change
Not even speaking about the three different colors, there's a variety of power within the same variety of Haki. That's how Vergo was able to be defeated by Law and Akainu could Logia-through Marco's kicks. Even though Vergo and Marco have trained Haki, their ambition is less than that of Law and Akainu, respectively. It's not just the increased abundance of Busoshaku Haki users in the New World that makes Logia's less than invincible, it's the fact that being Logia's makes them complacent and decreases their ambition and makes them vulnerable to people who have stronger Haki than their's (if they have it at all). Despite his many flaws, Akainu has incredible conviction and holds a worldview so different and alien to the madcap insanity of the One Piece world that he has greater ambition than Marco. Also, both men whose Haki was overwhelmed were subordinates, Marco to Whitebeard and Vergo to Doflamingo. Somebody content with working for another obviously possesses less Haki than somebody who works for themselves (and Akainu's crusade has shaped how the Navy works, not vice versa). That's how Whitebeard was able to hurt him where Marco wasn't, Whitebeard is at the top of the Haki ladder. That's also how Akainu was able to beat Aokiji, Akainu's Haki was stronger. But on the some corollary once you finally achieve your ambition your Haki rapidly disappears (hence why Mihawk can't hurt Buggy, he's already the best, there's nothing left for him to do). Gold Roger didn't just quit because he was sick, he turned himself in because he lost his Haki after he became Pirate King, but Whitebeard, whose goals weren't reachable (being a good parent is a job that never ends) was able to keep his Haki to the very end. What does this mean? Now that Akainu has become Fleet Admiral, his Haki has increased even more so, making the only people who could even think about hurting him Luffy and Shanks.
  • Whoa, Wall of Text. Keep it shorter for us in the future, ok? But yes! You're right. Some people's Haki can overwhelm others' due to their stronger spirit and mastery of the techniques, especially Armament Haki. However, note that there's probably plenty of people with strong enough Haki to fight Akainu, and word's out on whether or not your Haki can weaken over time.

Trebol is a slime-assimilation man
Because it is revealed that his fruit power is not Logia.

Much like Pica who is a stone-assimilation man, Trebol assimilates with sticky, explosive mucus - lots of it - to give him a "thicker" body. How he can evade attacks is explained not just by being so thin, but also actively "moving" inside the mucus. We also see how his mucus detaches from him after he got badly wounded by Law.

This made me come up with a theory: for element-assimilation fruits, their element are technically not part of their bodies; just that the fruit's users move the element along with their bodies. By contrast, logia's elemental bodies are part of their bodies; striking them is as good as striking their bodies even though they won't be hurt - unless if the attacker is using Armament Haki. That is why Monet made a point of dodging her entire snow body when Tashigi is trying to attack her with Haki.

Seriously, this element-assimilation power could make a common subtype of Paramecia on their own.

  • Well, he's not "assimilating" the slime from the environment the way Pica assimilates stone; he's producing it from his body/skin the same way Magellan's Paramecia produces poison. Still, that aside, this is basically Confirmed; his powers do indeed work exactly like that.

The Straw Hat Pirates will soon expand themselves into a fleet
The days of single new crew members joining have pretty much ended. As powerful one-man armies as they could be, challenging the New World, fighting the Emperors, becoming the Pirate King, requires something far more - and Luffy has already started up on it, even if he probably doesn't realize it himself. His power, disposition, Haki, and kindness and manner of helping people, are ripe for making entire nations ally with him and follow under his flag: the Fishman Island is by now almost entirely under him, tearing the place from Big Mom a mere formality at this point; Chinjao has placed the navy of his grandsons under Luffy's command, Bartolomeo will almost certainly swear allegiance, Law has a decently good chance of doing so, and depending how things go, the nation of Dressrosa very well might too. And considering how Luffy feels about the possibility of losing friends, he's likely to become the new Whitebeard of the seas.
  • I've been considering this myself for a while, look at the War of the strongest, even the strongest men in the world brought multiple ships into the conflict, and with how the overall myth arcs of the story have been taking place Luffy is going to need an army, since both Blackbeard and the world government have been built up as big bads, Blackbeard as Luffy's personal and the world government as a more evil threat, not trying to downplay Blackbeard here, just noting that Blackbeard as a villain has had two albeit major acts, the world government has had much more screentime, an ultimately the new fleet admiral was the one to kill Ace. This means that we have 3 major factions Luffy, Blackbeard, and the World Government that are possible contenders for the final victor. Obviously this will cause the push for Raftel to become a 3 way war, which provides an awesome moment, where the two guys from the east blue, whose names I do not recall at the moment show up having followed the exact path the Straw Hats took through the series and gathered up all the people Luffy and Co. helped along the way to give Luffy his fleet to match the other two. This incidentally also means that all 3 ancient weapons are used in the final battle.
  • Chapter 799 lends heavy support to this theory, and the following one is very likely to either confirm or debunk it.
  • Confirmed! ...After a fashion. Luffy didn't like the idea, but they pledged themselves to him anyway.

New wanted posters will be issued once Doflamingo is defeated.
The total defeat of Doflamingo and the new information obstained regarding his operations will be made public, as is what happened with Crocodile, resulting in the Marines acknowledging updated bounties and possibly photographs. Luffy and Zoro will get new ones, as would Franky. However, the most notable one will be that...

Usopp keeps his nickname and his Birdcage bounty in an updated wanted poster.
That is, he will get an updated wanted poster, this time as Usopp rather than Sogeking. His name will remain as Usopp "the God," and his bounty will be listed as 500,000,000 Berries. Luffy will be appalled that his bounty, while increased, did not reach as high as Usopp's. Consequently, pirate crews met in the future will mistake Usopp as the captain as he has the highest bounty, and Usopp will be recognized as a Worst Generation member, though not a Supernova as it has taken him more than a year to get a nine-digit bounty.
  • Alternatively his poster will have him down as "God Usoland" and will be based off of accounts from the people of Dressrossa, continuing the Running Gag of Kaya being the only person from his village who recognizes him.
    • Confirmed, except with a few differences. Usopp's bounty was increased to "just" 200,000,000 (Luffy's was the one that raised to 500,000,000, keeping his bounty the highest), Franky was the one appalled that Usopp's bounty exceeds his, he was listed as God Usopp (not Usoland), and everyone in his village (at least Kaya and the Usopp Pirates) recognized him.

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