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This is a list of Wild Mass Guesses which are still possibly true. Just for Fun and silly guesses go on the silly page. If a WMG is Jossed, please move it to the jossed page, if it is Confirmed, please move it to the confirmed page.

Please add new entries to the bottom of the page.

Pedro will get his stolen years back
Specifically, Big Mom will actually be briefly knocked unconscious when the "Tamatebako box" (or whatever it's called) from Fishman Island explodes in her face and everything she's affected with her soul powers will deactivate; all of the stolen soul fragments in the Homies and in Big Mom herself will return to their rightful owners (or just disappear if their owner is dead, like Zepo or Moscato), meaning Pedro gets his life back.
  • This has become more unlikely (but not impossible), as the box has fallen off the cliff where the wedding takes place.
  • This has now become even more unlikely (and probably impossible) because Pedro would appear to be dead. At least for now.

Jewelry Bonney's true identiy
Jewelry Bonney is a supernova who has a hate for the Straw Hats and Blackbeard. She was captured by the latter and was face to face with Akainu. After the timeskip, she was realesed for unknowns reasons. We have noted that she shares similarities with the Yonko Big Mom like Glutonny, hot-blooded, a hate with the Straw Hats, pink haired...After all, she has a cake ship and Big Mom has many children who carry names of sweet food (indeed, Bonney may be allused to Honney Bonbon).We are concluded that this girl is the daughter of Big Mom.But if I say you that with her strange power of age changement,she may be not the daughter but the mother of Big Mom and also of Nami. Indeed, these two girls have a common point:she has a power linked with the weather, they are hot blooded and greedy. What’s more, nami has found in a twon with a tempest (like a power of Big Mom). Bonney may be a factor in Big Mom’s behavior (again unknown) but Nami may be a linked with her unknown father (Whitebeard has highlighted Bonney's sad reaction to his death).

Almost all of the Straw Hats and allies on Whole Cake Island will get massive bounty increases.
Once word gets out that Luffy and co. defeated several of Big Mom's underlings and made a copy of her Road Poneglyph, their bounties are gonna skyrocket. Luffy might actually be worth close to a billion, and Carrot will also get her first bounty. The only one who may not get an increase is Chopper, because as you know, the World Government may not recognize him. Sanji's bounty also rises higher than Zoro's for the first time and he gets to celebrate that.
  • Possible, but I doubt the Wano side of the Straw Hats will get a "massive" bounty upgrade since they weren't involved with the events on Whole Cake Island. The only other Straw Hat I do expect to get a massive bounty upgrade is Robin, for her ability to read poneglyphs; now that the Straw Hats have Big Mom's poneglyphs, the Marines might just shit their pants at the thought of Robin deciphering them.
    • That's why I said "the Straw Hats on Whole Cake Island will get bounty increases, not anybody else.
  • Now very likely; Luffy wants to fight and defeat Katakuri at full strength, so that he (Luffy) becomes stronger and develops his Haki, so unless their fight is somehow interrupted, the possibility that Luffy's bounty will double and reach a billion is quite likely. I also suspect Brook's will get the second biggest increase, since he was behind the actual copying of the Poneglyphs.
  • So far, CONFIRMED for Luffy and Sanji. Luffy's in particular rises by a billion while Sanji jumps to 330,000,000; also, this means that Sanji's bounty did in fact go higher than Zoro (and he DID celebrate it). So far, it's yet to be seen if the rest of the crew will follow suit though.

The true reasons of sanji's sibling behavior.
We have sawn that the sanji's brothers are true douchbag motherfucker and that sanji and reiju inherited the kindess of Sora.This is because their mother used a drug which altered their gene pool but which has succeded with sanji and reiju only.But there's mismatch because Niji,Yonji and Ichiji has been programmed to be mean but they feel digust against the library of Big Mom and are falled in love with nami (who looks like to sanji's mother).What's more, this woman called Sora (like propaganda comic) and even if she was a great genius like Vegapunk she would have been unable to create this drug without his husband learn about.So,maybe like pudding, she isn't the sweet and adorable mother that Oda shows her.Thus , she maybe an agent of Cp O who had for missions to kil Judge but also his true son.Unfortunately,she had taken by her husband and Judge punished her by his experiments.What's more, in using this drug and maybe psychick power, she is reincarnated in reiju body and has digust against Niji Ichiji and Yonji because this drug hasn't functionnde and brothers became mean and sour

Sanji will fight Niji over Nami
There's a WMG around here saying that he'll fight Yonji over Nami... but I think he'll actually end up fighting Niji instead. Even if Sanji now doesn't want to let his brothers die, Niji will more than likely- really more than likely- try to get all... touchy-feely with Nami and Sanji won't stand for it.
  • Jossed, Niji and Sanji actually end up working together vs. Big Mom.

Sanji's mother was a descendant of the legendary Sora
In the One Piece world, it'd be too much of a coincidence for a character to share the name of a (presumed) fictional character that was discussed earlier. In truth, the ancestors of Judge and Sora fought each other for some time, but due to mutual respect, common interest in science, and possibily the original Sora discovering something about the past of Germa (like why they're a reign without a land) that put them in a more sympathethic light, ended up becoming friends. The friendship was passed on to following generations, finally leading to the two families becoming one.

Judge and his other sons will be too proud to allow themselves to be saved by Sanji.
When they find out the truth about Big Mom's plans, they'll still refuse help from a "dud" like Sanji, leading to a fight between some of them and the Straw Hats. Alternatively, Reiju may or may not calm some of her brothers down enough for them to make a temporary Enemy Mine situation, but I heavily doubt that'll work with Judge.
  • Jossed: When Sanji frees them from Perospero's candy, the entire Vinsmoke family immediately comes to the aid of the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies. The sons may be irredeemable jerkwads, but they will swallow their pride and work with those they disagree with to defeat an immediate threat to their lives.

We will meet an character that was given eternal youth by a previous user of the op-op fruit.
How else would people know that it was capable of that? And naturally, that person could definitely still be around today. They might even know about the void century.

Big Mom is the weakest of the four emperors
Not sure if I actually believe this but just throwing it out there. I can see the idea of after her defeat, Linlin taunting Luffy that she's nothing compared to Kaido, Blackbeard, and Shanks. And considering how the Strawhats spent the first half of the arc played for complete and utter fools,and her DF being one of the strongest paramecias seen, that's terrifying.
  • After learning more about her, I'm not so sure. Big Mom's invulnerability seems to be right up there with Kaido's (as long as her Weaksauce Weakness isn't triggered at least). It seems more likely that Blackbeard or Shanks is the weakest, but even then there's no way to tell just yet.
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  • You're probably right, like I said I wasn't completely convinced when I suggested it, I was just thinking it was possible because she is the first of the yonko, Luffy is facing and I couldn't help but think, Oda is just going to make it harder from here on out.

Judge does NOT have swirly eyebrows
That's why Oda keeps his eyebrows shadowed- the swirly brows probably aren't genetic, but a result of the modifications he made to his kids. Sanji's brows pointing in the opposite direction of the others is also a sign of the drug Sora took reversing most of it's effects in utero. I think Reiju was modified after birth so I don't know how she fits in this theory, but we'll see.
  • Makes even more sense if you consider where else we usually see similar swirly pattern: on Devil Fruits. Remember, Judge and Vegapunk (person who actually found out what Devil Fruits are) researched Lineage Factor together. If you think about it, modified humans and Devil Fruit users aren't that much different: in both cases their powers come from altering their Lineage Factor. And now Oda's joke on SBS that Oda himself "wonder if Sanji himself is a Devil Fruit" sounds too much like foreshadowing.

Mama Caramel's identity
Mama Caramel was Big Mom's first created homie and mother figure, her leaving is why Lin Lin doesn't want anyone else to leave her totland or else they will die trying.
  • Expanding on this theory, Mama Caramel contains a massive chunk of Big Mom's soul, including almost all of her capacity for love and compassion. When Mama Caramel left Big Mom, she took her part of her soul with and rendered Big Mom almost entirely incapable of empathy.
  • Jossed, Carmel wasn't a homie.

Pudding will be the one ruining the wedding plan.
On the sole courtesy of not being able to stand Sanji's more perverted traits while on the altar, finding the mere thought intolerable and become incapable of saying the words of acceptance when asked, ending up with her saying "No" and her trying to shoot him ahead of schedule as a result while the rest of the guests sits stunned over her refusal, resulting in a massive train-wreck when the disaster dominoes starts falling over afterwards...
  • She does ruin the wedding plan but not like that When she lifts the veil to show him her third eye, he touches her like he did Violet by sincerely calling it beautiful. Turns out she was roundly mocked for it, even Big Mom found it creepy and couldn't bear to look at her. She developed her cruel and twisted personality as a defense mechanism. Hearing someone compliment it causes her to breakdown in tears and miss the deadline prompting Big Mom to order the priest to do it, Katakuri sees Sanji will dodge it, so does it himself. Sanji dodges that, that's when Luffy makes his grand entrance.
  • Yeah, even though the details are off, this is basically Confirmed. She messes up pretty badly.

Judge and Linlin will kill one another.
One will die first, and the other will die of injuries sustained in the fight.
  • I doubt it, Oda doesn't usually do deaths in the present with the exceptions of the paramount war that killed Ace and Whitebeard and the Punk Hazard event that killed Monet and Vergo.
  • Looking doubtful. Big Mom just one-shotted Judge in their first confrontation without getting a scratch.
  • Jossed.

One of Big Mom's sons is alive...
And he could throw the wedding in the sky because of a revelation (like all sons and daughters of Big Mom are a piece of soul of this last).This son maybe Muscat,the 10th son who is dead in first chapters of this arc.
  • What?
  • .... Believe, it or not, it's Confirmed that Muscato is alive. He doesn't do anything of note though. He just kind of shows up again.

Pudding will end up following Sanji's footsteps and cut her familial ties.
Thanks to Sanji being the first person in her life to call her Third Eye beautiful, she will end up falling in love with him for real, and will somehow escape Totto Land for her own good. Given the bad memories of her childhood, and Big Mom's general treatment of her children (for Pudding herself, she refused to look at her until she grew Blinding Bangs, and she wanted to exploit her ability to read Poneglyphs as soon as it develops), she will regret how she turned out and set out to redefine herself as an act of redemption. She could even use her own memory-manipulation powers on herself (if it works to that extent) to make it easier to move on from her horrible family.

As for her life outside of Totto Land, she could join the Baratie's Sister Anko ship to continue her career as a chocolatier.

Big Mom will turn out to have a truly tragic backstory though it won't eclipse her evil of course
Oda doesn't do anything without reason, he introduces to a picture of Mother Caramel, an important figure in Big Mom's life who she refuses to talk about, even to her children. There's a story there. Not to mention Chiffon implies that Big Mom's troubles with giants started long before the Lola incident. Then there are the parallels to Doflamingo, both being a Psychopathic Man Child professing the idea of "family" provided they don't get in the way of their own plans.
  • Confirmed, sort of. Her backstory wasn't tragic in the traditional sense, as she didn't really have anybody do anything horrible to her... Instead, it's tragic because she was an otherwise innocent little girl who was just a natural born killer with a deadly eating disorder (as in deadly for others, not herself) and was basically doomed from the start.

Pudding will be blacklisted from the Charlotte Family like Lola
Pudding is going to be the next Charlotte Family outcast. Considering how much Big Mom hates Lola for messing up her plans, it's not hard to see her doing the same to Pudding now. Of course, her being a three-eye and Big Mom's key to Raftel still makes her valuable, but Big Mom's proven before that her rage can easily overshadow her reason.
  • Jossed, the Big Mom Pirates end the arc believing that Pudding and Chiffon alone baked the cake; none of them know Pudding helped the Straw Hats.

Reiju's poison sucking ability will be a Chekhov's Skill.
Capone Bege's assassination plan involves Caesar Clown shooting Big Mom with poison. That kind of scene demands Reiju to get involved, if you ask me.

Capone Bege's plan will be derailed in the most surprising and delightful ways
The moment I read what he's going to do, I thought that's unlikely to happen, whenever Luffy is involved in a plan he will find a way to screw it up, even when it's unintentional. Oda generally doesn't do deaths in the present with a couple exceptions. And finally Big Mom is a literal and figurative human juggernaut, killing a yonko is nigh-impossible (look at how much punishment Whitebeard took before he finally stopped moving). Just doesn't seem likely.
  • Hm, well, so far, everything's going according to plan. We'll see soon enough though.
  • Well, it was indeed derailed. I'm not sure if you would call it surprising though.... I think just about everybody figured Big Mom herself would stop the missiles in one way or another. Delightful though, I agree. The looks on their faces when she blew the missiles up were pretty hilarious.

Pudding will use her Memory powers on Big Mom
Come on, her power is like tailor-made for this kind of scenario. And by doing so, unravel the truth behind Mother Caramel for all present to see. Whatever this truth is, it will be something so shocking that it will turn the vast majority, if not all, of Big Mom's children against her in disgust, effectively turning it into a Hoist by Their Own Petard to her for having them in the first place. Also, additionaly, whatever this truth is, will also cost her her place as a Yonko as well, as if all her children abandons her, she will lose all of the crews she married them off into as well, effectively reducing her war potential down to zero. (And with Big News right there in the room, whatever happens in the cermony hall will go global, no matter what are news after all, especially scoops.) No matter what, Pudding might become the catalyst that bring down Big Mom for good once this ends.
  • Jossed for now, the arc ends with Big Mom fully aware of what happened around her.

Mother Caramel basically raised Big Mom/made her into what she is today
I think Big Mom was likely raised in like a Catholic orphanage type of place and Caramel was one of the head nuns there. Whatever she taught Big Mom, it had a profound effect on her and made her into who she is today. That's why she's so important to her. As for how it happened, I think it's one of two things. One, Caramel was a terrible Jerkass who instilled those bad values into a young Big Mom in the first place, or Two, Caramel was a good lady who's death/disappearance spurred Big Mom to become the lunatic she is today.
  • Confirmed. Ironically, Carmel was a nasty, evil woman, yet she raised Big Mom to be kind while she was in her "Mother Carmel" ruse.... but then Big Mom turned out evil anyway.

Judge will be revealed to have a shitty past that made him who he is.
I used to think he was simply an asshole from the get go, but after his Villainous Breakdown that intentionally made him look pathetic, I can't help but think there may be good reasons that made him such an asshole. Of course, this won't be enough to redeem him, but it'll bring his actions and motivations under another light.
  • Well of course. Is there any major character in One Piece without a shitty past?

What Dogtooth is seeing in the imminent future is...
A complete massacre, caused by Big Mom utterly snapping and starting to rip the souls and killing everyone present at the ceremony, not just the enemy. And the odds are high that she won't just settle for the people at the ceremony, but destroy and devour the life-force out the rest of Totland as well. Dogtooth, with his clairvoyance, have every reason to be pale as a sheet, as he's seeing this happening already and if he fails to stop the trigger to this from being pushed, he will immediately make a Heel–Face Turn and temporarily ally with the straw hats in order to stop Big Mom from devouring the life out of their kingdom. Bonus points if he takes command and rallies the rest of the family in order to do so, as they will be forced to choose between their mother or their lives alongside with the rest of the kingdom as she goes out craving for wedding cake in her mindless rage. By doing so, he will gamble on Benge's words being right and the future he sees can be changed, for all of their sake as if it doesn't everyone will die, him included.
  • Jossed.

Big Mom's "eating disorder" will flare up again
Somehow instead of fixating on the photo she will instead focus on the cake, forcing Sanji, Pudding and all the other top chefs and bakers of Totland to work together to make a new cake.
  • Yup. It's also just Chiffon plus Sanji and Pudding, not anybody else, but this is Confirmed either way.

Big Mom broke Elbaf's warrior code somehow
Considering her flashback starts in Elbaf, she is a giantess and it is mentioned the other giants hate her for some reason.
  • Jossed. She's not a giantess and she wasn't one of Elbaf's warriors. You could say that she "broke their code" in a technical sense though, seeing as how she broke their ceremonial fast and slaughtered a whole village of them.

The Assassination plan will go off without a hitch...
But the moment Big Mom dies, her devil fruit powers will hit the off-switch, meaning that the life-force of all of her homies will return to their rightful original owners...including Prometheus, Zeus and Napoleon, which have been specifically mentioned to be parts of her soul beforehand. So take three guesses on who just came back from the river styx once this happens?
  • She might even return much worse than she was before, effectively become a "zombie-homie" without any restrains on her eating disorder, starting to feast and devour everything within reach the moment she returns from the dead, forcing everyone to cooperate in order to bring this undead gluttonous monster down, before it devours Whole Cake Island and everyone on it.
    • Jossed: It failed at the last and worst possible moment instead.

Raftel is the great kingdom.
Whoever made the Poneglyphs would have no reason to unless Raftel was the great kingdom. On top of that, Silvers D. Rayleigh said that visiting Raftel let him know the truth behind everything. Why would a place that has nothing to do with the great kingdom be written about in the Poneglyphs? (Keep in mind the poneglyphs were written before the One Piece was on Raftel). Simple, it must be that Raftel and the great kingdom are one and the same! Not only that but the people on Zou island are descended from the people who made the road Poneglyphs. Zou happens to be very close to Raftel as far as i can tell.
  • If it is Raftel was the capital but not the name of the kingdom, they wouldn't have shot Clover to prevent him from mentioning the name if it was the same as Raftel.
  • Not necessarily. The Great Kingdom is supposedly long gone. If Clover named it as Raftel, that would be something the WG really doesn't want known... That at the end of the Grand Line, The Great Kingdom still exists!

Sanji's mom had orange hair
  • Jossed, she had the same shade of blonde hair as Sanji.

Big Mom ate Mother Caramel during one of her earliest hunger fits.
And the event snapped her back to her senses, but the trauma made her forget about it, leaving her puzzled on where Mother Caramel "vanished" off to. Once she realizes what really happened, all hell will break loose...
  • Alternatively, she may have just killed her rather than eating her. And alternatively alternatively, maybe Carmel Took The Bullet from that giant trying to kill Linlin.
  • Since now we know Soul power was originally Carmel's, the implication is that is how Big Mom got it from her in the first place, chilling thought isn't it...... I wonder if Teach had done the same to get Whitebeard's power......
  • Because eating someone is obviously the only way one can "steal" a Devil Fruit from someone else. Just ask Sabo. Seriously though, while Carmel's sudden disappearance and former power is cause for alarm, these alone are too weak on their own to claim Big Mom ate Carmel. The possibility is there, but it's not the only one.
    • Oh please, why so hostile? Did I ever say it is the only way to steal a power from someone else? It is hard to discuss with someone who refuses to get off their high horses, much less one with a misunderstanding with what a Wild Mass Guessing is, hint: it is supposed to be "wild" guesses made with insufficient information at the time of the writing. Also if you think what Blackbeard did with Whitebeard is that he just pull out a fruit from his ass and eat it inside the curtain, I must say it is kind of disappointing.
      • My apologies for the earlier entry, it wasn't my intention to sound harsh or agressive; I didn't think what I typed through. However, while I realize the implication is stronger than I thought, as well as the most likely explanation at the moment, (save from Linlin getting her powers from eating Carmel directly; I believe she gained them later), I do believe there is another explanation: Carmel set it up in order to break Linlin, cooperating with some Cipher Pol agents. She could run away with the kids while leaving shreds of their clothes behind, and have a disguised agent enroll a mentally broken Linlin under Cipher Pol or the Marines, with the false promise they'll help her see Carmel again.
      • I apologize as well, I didn't clearly explain my believe that WM Gs are not supposed to be argued with, but only Confirmed or Jossed after the fact. Your suggestion is very interesting, and if true would require further flashbacks to show the aftermath, like how and when Carmel die (she has to be since her power went to Big Mom), how Big Mom got her hands on the Soul power, how the government lost the plot and got a Yonko instead of a Fleet Admiral out of the deal. I like it very much.
  • Unfortunately, since the flashback is over, I have a feeling this is one of those things that's merely implied and never going to be directly confirmed. But, at the very least, we can say that it's highly probable going based off of the information we got. I mean, what other explanation could there be? Like, honestly.
  • Confirmed: She did eat Mother Caramel, and the rest of her friends in the orphanage in the middle of one of her hunger fits.

Big Mom is going to catch Bege's poison missiles
If her flashback proved anything, it's that Big Mom is basically like a wild animal. Even in her shocked state, I bet she's just gonna instinctively do an Arrow Catch with Bege's missiles and crush them in her hand. She's practically unstoppable.
  • Jossed: Her voice shattered them in midair instead.

Now that Chikao Ohtsuka has unfortunately passed away, Toei Animation has to figure out a way to incorporate future scenes of Gold Roger if he ever appears in future chapters. The best option would be to find a VA that can sound exactly like him.
  • Confirmed. He is now voiced by Masane Tsukayama.

Pudding will use her memory powers on Streusen.
And from there, the truth of that day will finally come to light to Big Mom after sixty-two years of wondering about Mother Carmel's disappearance. What Big Mom does after that is up for debate though.
  • Jossed.

Big Mom's hair was originally white
It later turned pink after drinking the blood of her enemies.
  • Why?
  • I read shomewhere flamingoes feathers turn pink after eating shrimp

Streusen has much more "useful" purposes for his cook-cook fruit than just preparing meals...
He can turn anything he cuts, or does an action resembling cooking apparently, into fresh food. An Unscrupulous man like Streusen who LAUGHED at Big Mom EATING HER FRIENDS AND MOTHER FIGURE, could find a creative use for his devil fruit power... like disposing of evidence...Eaguh

Pudding will try to kill Nami
So in chapter 869, we get a glimpse of Pudding gasping at Sanji catching Nami in his arms, and...seeing as how he's the only person to compliment her Third Eye, doesn't it just make the most sense in the world that Sanji paying attention to a beautiful, normal, 2 eyed girl will make Pudding suddenly feel massively insecure? And seeing as how she's, you know, crazy, her natural reaction to her conflicted feelings will probably be to kill whatever's causing her distress. Also, Nami vs. Pudding makes sense thematically too. Sanji defeated Nami's fake groom (Absalom), so now she gets to repay the favor by defeating Pudding.
  • Jossed.

Jewelry Bonney is really an age-shifted Charlotte Snack on the lam
Her nickname is "Big Eater", and she has been known to change her age as a disguise. What if she is actually juggling two identities and her Charlotte Snack persona was bested by Urogue? Or perhaps she let him win?
  • Very unlikely, especially with those details. Unless she's discarded her entire family due to a feud in the past and wants nothing more to do with them, she would have participated in the tea party were she one of Big Mom's daughters.
  • Jossed. I know we shouldn't necessarily rely on anime only scenes, but we've seen a glimpse of Snack in the anime (a huge, hulking man) and I'm sure Oda wouldn't have let them show him like that if he was actually a slim woman.
    • Further jossed by the fact that Snack has since appeared in the manga, and he looks nothing like Bonney.

Streusen was responsible for Totland's appearance.
That is, Whole Cake Island and the surrounding islands being made of food, even the surrounding oceans being made of juice and such, goes hand-in-hand with someone living there with the ability to turn things into food. We've only really seen him chopping up a log to turn it into steaks (or something similar), but theoretically, there's nothing stopping him from turning an entire island into some edible material. Perhaps Whole Cake Island and the other islands were once normal islands, but Streusen came by and, for one reason or another (possibly a contingency plan to feed Linlin if she gets a hunger craving), converted them all into food, with each island having a different theme so he can easily remember where to go if he needs something specific.
  • Confirmed. Wasn't this already all but stated in that chapter though?

Big Mom will destroy the entire city
Specifically, her crew is going to have to leave her alone while they work to recreate the wedding cake so they can stop her craving illness. In the meantime, they have no choice but to let her rampage around freely until they get back. By the time they can actually feed her the cake and calm her down, she'll have destroyed all of Sweet City.

Sanji and Pudding will be the ones who defeat Big Mom
But not in combat, but through their culinary skills instead.And everyone else will help out to buy them time to complete the plan in the meantime.
  • Confirmed... sort of. The cake's biggest benefit was that her eating it stalled her long enough for the crew to escape, though Big Mom herself was fine afterward.

What will be done about the live-action TV series

Now that a live-action series is in development in the United States, they will have to figure out a way to adapt the series faithfully without turning it into Dragonball Evolution 2.0, and to find a decent cast and directors that can pull it off. I think one of the things would be to use an All-Star Cast that fit the characters' designs and emotions.

  • Or it will simply end up like Dragonball Evolution.
    • If the One Piece adaptation doesn't work out, it would also end up like Speed Racer or Ghost in the Shell, given how the film's Box Office Bomb and negative reception had an impact on the franchise.
  • They could end up releasing it on Netflix or premiere it on a broadcasting network if it's necessary.
  • Given the expensive cost of the series' production, it may end up being turned into a Troubled Production or stuck in Development Hell like some films in the Star Wars series and the Marvel Cinematic Universe were.
  • If it ends up becoming a success, it could be a case of It Will Never Catch On for the fans and critics and might become a Sleeper Hit.
  • They might do a Take That! to 4Kids similar to what Funimation's dub of the anime is doing if the series is successful.
  • They could use cameo appearances from the English voice actors and its staff members (both from the dub and the staff of the live-action series), similar to Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Pudding has been lying about her culinary skills.
This is the real reason why she needs Chiffon's help in making a chocolate chiffon cake for Big Mom. That chocolate house recipe that she boasted to have been an original creation? It's stolen from somebody else. If she were truly an exceptionally skilled chocolatier, why wouldn't she just make the cake on her own instead of relying on a collaboration? Thanks to memory manipulation powers, the secret that she is a fraud has not seriously gotten out thus far. Hey, practically everybody has lied in some way during this arc. If she lied about being a warm and caring person who loves Sanji, what else is she hiding?
  • Absolutely not. The wedding cake was repeatedly stated (Including in chapter 873) to be made from lots of great ingredients, not just chocolate, and took a long time to build so it would be exactly the way Big Mom likes it. One person, not even Sanji, can't just magically make a cake this big and this delicious on their own, they need help. Besides, why would she lie about her culinary skills in the first place? Not only would there be no point, but it would also put her at a disadvantage; she's the daughter of Big Mom, the same woman who slaughtered countless people because of her food-craving syndrome. Lastly, she was the one who offered to make the new cake, helped motivate her siblings to find ingredients, and directly sought Chiffon's help to make it. If she were lying about her skills, she wouldn't have done that, not with Totland as a whole and the Straw Hats' lives on the line (Assuming her tears in 874 are genuine, which the ending caption implies they are); her lying would put them all, including herself, in danger.
  • I'm gonna say this is definitely Jossed. Chiffon would know better if Pudding didn't know how to cook.

Sanji and Pudding will get married.
Why?Because the theme Big Mom has set has been specifically established as "wedding cake". And one of Big Mom's quirks is sadly Exact Words so if there is no wedding, then it is just a cake...and that won't cut it for her.So in order to make the cake a real "wedding cake", Sanji and Pudding has to get married first before Big Mom can accept it as a "wedding cake". (Or at least Sani and Pudding has to get through the ceremony of a wedding, considering what was originally planned with the last cake involved...)So even if Pudding and Chiffon makes the cake, it's no wedding cake unless Pudding gets married first.And since she has her eyes set for Sanji...
  • For sure. In the same way that Usopp has Kaya waiting for him back home for after the series ends, Sanji now has Pudding.

Pudding's "fond memory" of Lola was genuine
A Previous WMG suggested that Pudding attacked Lola when she found out she was leaving, but after finding out what her childhood was like, that became unlikely, and from the way it seemed in the recent chapter I'm going to suggest something else. Lola and Chiffon were the only siblings who treated Pudding kindly and she was genuinely saddened when Lola left.
  • Confirmed.

Visual Effects companies for live-action TV series

Given how much the production of the Live-Action Adaptation would cost per episode, which is at least $9-10 million, it would potentially include quite a few visual effects such as explosions, miniature effects, computer-generated ships and locations, rotoscoping, water and snow effects, digital compositing, matte paintings, and motion capture for some characters. As such, I'm including a list of possible studios that might take up the task for it:

Pudding's expression in the final panel of 875 indicates she's turning into a yandere for Sanji
She looks pretty psycho there, but the heart symbols in her dialogue about Sanji refute the idea that she's back to hating him.
  • Ehhh... she's more like a Tsundere. She's crazy like a yandere for sure, but she's not acting violently or dangerously. So for now, Jossed.

Purin will join the Straw Hats (or the Grand Fleet)
She'll fall in love with Sanji, but realize that there's no way to convince Sanji to stay with her. So she'll take another option; if she can't convince Sanji to stay, she will either go with him so they can remain together, or join the Grand Fleet so they can leave on good terms but still see each other again from time to time.
  • Completely and entirely Jossed: As of chapter 850, Pudding has revealed herself to be just as sadistic as her mother, if not more than her, by harming Reiju and declaring her intentions to murder her, Sanji, the rest of the Vinsmokes, and the Straw Hats..
  • Actually, with her Heel–Face Turn (and Big Mom noticing she's helping the Straw Hats), this is once again plausible. She also indeed falls in love with Sanji, so this should go back to the Open section for now.
  • Jossed for now, the arc ends with her staying in Tottoland.

Luffy will get a Love Interest through deceit
At the end of the manga when Luffy finally becomes "King of the Pirates" a female character (The more obscure, the better) asks if she can be his "Queen" Luffy (being a celibate idiot) says "Sure, why not?"
  • Pretty unlikely. Luffy's stupid, but he's not totally oblivious; he actually does know what marriage is, and his comments about Sanji and Pudding's wedding proves that he knows what kissing is, love and etc. And he also straight up told Hancock to her face already that he wouldn't marry her. So I think he would have to have a pretty big change of heart to be ok with something like that.

Characters that originated from Wano or Kano Country

Roronoa Zoro-Follows Bushido, plus Oda once stated he would be Japanese in the Real World

Shiliew/Shiryu-Resembles Yasumpri Kato

Izu-Geisha crossdresser

Koshiro- His attitude toward woman

Kaido-a has Mongolian features compete with a Fu Manchu mustache, His name can translate into "Church" or "Temple", and wears a Shimenawa for a belt

Mihawk- its possible that The World’s Strongest Swordsman was trained by Wano Samurai, since they’re to be stronger than the Marines.

Kumadori-Kabuki theatrics

Jabra- martial artist clothes, Fu Manchu mustache

Caesar Clown- basically 'Orochimaru with Mayuri Kurotsuchi powers

Shiki-His appearance resembles a Shogun

Jimbei-Oni facial features and sumo fighting style

Kuina- excellent swordsmanship

Oars/Oars Jr.- Oni Giants

This guy- Has a ponytail, carries a sword.

Boa Hancock-wears a qipao and lives in a Ancient Chinese Palace


Akainu-Modeled after the late Bunta Sugawa famous for playing Yakuza gangsters

Fujitora-Modeled after Shiintaro Katsu,famous for potraying Zatoichi the Blind Swordsman

Ryokugyu- Although Green Bull is likely to on a based a Japanese actor like the other Admirals, I feel that the yet-to-seen character will have a more Chinese flavor to him/her

  • I don't mean to sound rude, but if such flimsy, farfetched and completely unrelated reasons were enough for one to hail from Wano, we might as well say that Wano Country is actually the entire world. All those entries are next to impossible, and based on very minor and unrelated things.

How Luffy will defeat Katakuri
It's been shown that Katakuri is Luffy's superior in Haki and fighting power. How can Luffy prevail over such a foe without it seeming to be a deus ex machina? Consider three things:

  • During Skypeia, Luffy found a way to defend against Eneru's Mantra/Observation Haki by shutting down his mind and moving on subconscious reflex.

  • After Enies Lobby, Luffy's shown that he's trained himself to be able to eat while sleeping, so as not to miss meals.

Katakuri's power is mochi. Is it too outlandish to assume that this might end up like the fight against Cracker, with Luffy eating his opponent's Devil Fruit creations to hold his ground? And doing it with his conscious turned off to keep Katakuri from anticipating it?

  • Possible, but I doubt it will be the way to defeat him. Maybe he'll pull that off to weaken him, but having him defeated this way would made him too similar to Cracker. Plus, I doubt it would count as "deus ex machina"; Luffy fought and defeated several opponents way above him in power before, like Crocodile or Lucci.

  • You have to remember that Katakuri sees the FUTURE, that's what makes him different from all other Kenbun users, as they base their "sensations" off the feelings of their opponents. Regardless if Luffy shuts off his brain, Katakuri will still foresee the future.
  • Jossed. He just beats him straight up with Good Ol Fisticuffs.

How the Straw Hats will escape Big Mom's tsunami
I can only think of two ways out at that point:

A) Jimbei breaks the wave or slows it down before it can crash on the Sunny; he can manipulate water after all, and this huge tsunami would be a way for him to show his strength either way.

B) Luffy says "Fuck it" and escapes the Mirror World, abandoning his fight with Katakuri in favor of punching Big Mom; this won't faze her but it will distract her long enough for the Straw Hats to get away. This would still leave Katakuri's threat level intact, but at least the bigger threat at the moment would be removed.

  • Or C) The Sun Pirates shows up and disarms the giant wave by manipulating the sea currents needed to form it beneath the surface, effectively pulling the rug for its foundation without having to do a Mihawk on the actual wave like back in Marineford Arc.

  • Or the Straw Hats could use the Sunny's Gaon Cannon.
    • No they couldn't; the cannon runs on cola, and they're not done refueling it since they used the Coup de Burst earlier.

  • Jossed. Jimbei surfs inside the wave to escape.

Jimbei won’t get his backstory flashback this arc
Or at least not the whole flashback. We’ll probably learn his dream but not entirely the tragedy of his life. That will be revealed in the arc when Luffy is “fated” to destroy Fishman Island.
  • We technically already DID get his backstory flashback, in the Fishman Island arc itself. But other than that, it's indeed likely that if he gets a second flashback explaining what happened at another point of his life, it won't be in the Whole Cake Island/Totto Land arc, which is already in its final stage. It's far more likely to wait until a later arc.
    • That flashback was more about Otohime and Fisher Tiger than Jimbei, nothing in the flashback made him seem to be The Woobie to me personally, I don’t know about you, and as I said we don’t know what his dream is.
  • Confirmed, although didn't we already get a thorough flashback of his life in Fishman Island?
    • Not of his childhood or his dream. And the flashback was more about Fisher Tiger and Otohime, he wasn’t the central character to it.

Katakuri's father is Gol D. Roger
His scarf hides a big smile.
  • EXTREMELY unlikely. There is no way such a thing could have remained a secret, and the World Government would have hunted down the Big Mom Pirates if an offspring of the King of Pirates was among them. Considering how they acted when they suspected the conception of Ace, they probably made absolutely certain they knew if Roger had any other children running free.
    • Jossed, the scarf hides a mouth full of fangs, something neither Roger nor Big Mom have.

Reiju has a crush on Nami
  • All her brothers(even though they have no emotion) have a crush for Nami, so why not have Reiju join in on the fun.
    • Eh, if anything, I would expect her to be more taken up with Luffy after that "poison sucking" episode.
      • Why Luffy of all things considering Reiju had just said she found the poison to be a delicacy. At any rate Reiju could still have a thing for women, nothing has been shown either way yet.

Sora's sacrifice didn't affect just Sanji
When Sora took the drug that would reverse genetic enhancements to save her unborn-quadruplet sons, the only child who was visibly affected was Sanji who retained all his emotions and was strong as a normal boy. Because of this, Sora was convinced that Sanji was her only success... unaware that another son, Niji was affected, too. While he still turned out as bad as his brothers, Niji has a slightly larger emotional range than his brothers because of the drug, as Ichiji became an utter stoic while Yonji's childhood brattiness stayed with him. Niji can feel anger, if his temper is to go by; was more freaked out by Big Mom's "library collection" than his siblings; and was more excited and affectionate with Sanji (even though it might be interpreted as Condescending Compassion) than the rest of his brothers. He even screamed for Reiju in concern when Big Mom pounded her into the ground, while Ichiji coldly told him to ignore their sister and focus on buying time for the Straw Hats. The irony here is that Sora saw emotions as part of being human and something to celebrate; thanks to Judge who psychologically altered his sons in utero, the (little) emotion Niji was able to have because of Sora's sacrifice turned him into an even worse person because of the teachings he grew up with and even if he did have emotion, his literal lack of emotional understanding left him unable to comprehend them.

Blackbeard is the reason Whole Cake Island toppled
Blackbeard and at least some of his crew are waiting in the woodworks like they did two years ago, letting the chaos of Big Mom and Luffy's conflict play out and waiting for Big Mom and her forces to be significantly weakened before he makes his move at killing her and stealing her Devil Fruit power. He used his Tremor-Tremor Fruit powers to topple Whole Cake Island, which nearly dealt a huge blow to Big Mom and her crew, and his agents are the reason why the sea slug transmitters are on the fritz.

Sanji knowing how to use a sword will come to play in the future
This Sanji's skill is just way to noticable to be a just a piece of his characterization:
  • It's not just "you can use a weapon", Judge specificly say "sword".
  • After Sanji's training with a sword was mentioned in chapter 833 it's actually showed up in a flashback in chapter 840, so it's definetly not just throwaway line.
  • Weirdest part about this particular skill is that none of the Vinsmokes actually use swords. Vinsmoke siblings are geneticly enchanted supersoldiers who didn't need any weapon to begin with and Judge himself use a spear.
So it's seems reasonable to suspect that it was actually foreshadowing and at one point of the story Sanji will have to use a sword, probably to protect his deadly wounded and unable to fight nakama from way too powerfull opponent, whom Sanji can't fight with only his kicks. Bonus points if that wounded nakama will be Zoro and extra bonus points if Sanji will use Zoro's sword(s).

Luffy has mastered the Life Return ability
There's nothing else explaining how he could near-instantly burn off all the fat from eating his way out of the mountain of mochi that Katakuri buried him in. The chefs witnessing it even lampshade that this isn't how human metabolism works. Luffy is obviously using a technique to rapidly bring himself back into fighting shape after he eats too much, this is one of the known applications of Life Return, as demonstrated by Kumadori.Also, Luffy's Gears are based heavily on observation of CP 9's Rokushiki techniques. While Life Return is distinct from Rokushiki, it's also something he witnessed Rob Lucci using. It's possible that copying Life Return is part of what makes Gear Fourth work.
  • There actually is a much simpler explanation to all of that: Rule of Funny. While there's no doubt Luffy is very good at incorporating his enemies' techniques into his own fighting style, I heavily doubt something as mundane as losing fat is due to a technique; Life Return is used for a lot more than that, so if Luffy really did master it, it would have been clearly revealed.
  • There is nothing mundane about losing huge amount of mass in a near instant (hell it breaks the law of the conservation of mass for one, but lets not bring hard science into this), it is also quite reasonable that Life Return is not a CP exclusive technique (Kumadori mentioned that he got it during his travels, while the man has a tendency to dramatize I still think he will not lie out right, Lucci might have gotten it from Kumadori or even figure it out himself, since its a technique that is similar to a natural function of the living beings in the One Piece world namely Bio Feedback it comes to reason that it too can be obtained naturally) , from Luffy himself we have multiple examples: one is at Whisky Peak right after waking up from the party he immediately got into a fight with Zoro while still looking like a balloon but instantly loses all the mass after knocking out Mr. 5 and than kept on fighting Zoro after; The other and more disturbing example is at Impel Down right after beating the poisons inside his body, Luffy consumed an staggering amount of food in order to recover, turning him initially into a monstrosity with a emaciated upper body and a gigantic balloon belly, then he digested all the food in an instant and change all that into muscle mass in a more detailed and slower depiction changing his shriveled body into a healthy and muscular one in a matter of four panels. While you can argue the first example is play for laughs (which I don't see how fighting your friend is supposed to be funny), the Impel Down example is too gruesome for that in my opinion. I personally don't think Luffy got this technique from CP 9, since he has shown to be able to do before even knowing what CP 9 is, but that he learned to do that on his own in a almost instinctual level, he knows he can do it, as he sometimes try to do it intentionally, but I don't think he knows how or care, he might even figured it is part of the power of gum gum fruit (which may or may not be true). Life Return would also explain some strange powers employed by Gear Fourth, for example the Culverin's tracking and momentum defying versatility, and the strong yet still elastic Gear Fourth musculature (which gave Mingo quite a surprise, implying that he didn't think it was possible in normal circumstances), giving its user complete control of one's body will make all of the above possible (in the one piece world anyway).

Katakuri’s weak point is...
His jaw. That is where Luffy manages to land his first real hit on him, and if you look at the final panel he seems to be aiming right at the scarf. Katakuri doesn’t just where his scarf to hide his scary teeth and undignified feeding times and look cool. He also does it to hide the weak point on his body.
  • Jossed, he doesn't seem to have any particular weakness in his jaw. In fact, Luffy ultimately defeats him with a body blow.

Katakuri’s ability to avoid armament haki charged attacks
is the secret of all high level Logia user's seeming invulnerability even against haki users.It has always been a mystery about how some top class Logia users like Aokiji and Akainu can survive seemingly fatal (as in visibly deformed, impaled) haki charged attacks in the past, even though they remarked it makes fighting haki users troublesome, then in chapter 884 Luffy figured out that the reason he cannot damage Katakuri even with haki is because his attacks never did connect in the first place, Katakuri uses his superior Observation Haki to transform partially to move out of the way of incoming attacks making his attacks fail for seemingly no reason. If high class shapeshifters (special Paramicia and Logia users) in the highest echelons of power all uses the same technique, it means that Observation Haki is much more important in high level combat than what was previously shown as the victor must match and surpasses both Armament and Observation haki along with combat ability in order to come out on top, Luffy has much further to go yet still but this fight is definitely an eye opener (and catalyst) for Luffy (whose power is still stuck on time skip levels seeing that Gear Forth was created to fight beasts on Rusukaina), shown him how to get even stronger than ever before. Gear Fifth is beckoning...

Katakuri will come out from his hedonist closet at the end of the arc.
Once he's defeated and everyone sees him on the ground, he will no longer be a Slave to PR and allow himself to eat together with the others, once all the hype around him weakened somewhat. He might even be happier about it as well.

Just a small thing that we might see play out in a cover story format, probably with him snacking with the others at least in some dignified manner, in sharp contrast to closing himself off completely like before.

Sanji's cake will cure Big Mom's "Eating Disorder".
It will taste so good that all of her cravings would vanish in the aftermath and perhaps even make her do a Heel–Face Turn as a person, turning her into Linlin once again before Streusen corrupted her. As a result, she would call off the hunt on the Strawhats and everyone get to share the table and the cake in the victory feast afterwards.

Linlin finally might understand what it means to "see each other face to face" after all...

  • Jossed.

The experiments to suppress Niji's emotions will eventually break.
As Niji is the one who shows concern for Reiju when she's attacked by Big Mom while Ichiji states that it's fine for her to die "if she's so weak" I think that’s a clue that the emotional suppression on Niji will break at some point.

Chopper will get his first serious bounty after the Whole Cake Island Arc.
It will coincide with Carrot getting her first bounty. The World Government will compare his feats to those of Carrot, and they will finally come to the realization that he is not merely a Team Pet.
  • Jossed; his bounty remained unchanged, and Carrot didn't get a bounty. Only Luffy's and Sanji's were raised.

Chopper and Carrot will become the Straw Hats' Official Couple.
Look at Chapter 888. See Chopper's reaction to Carrot's Sulong form? That is the look of someone experiencing lust.

Sure, Oda-sensei has said the Straw Hat crew is, first and foremost, "in love with adventure". That doesn't mean things can't change. Or at bare minimum, the two youngest members of the crew (assuming Carrot joins the nakama, as many are predicting) won't give in to their hormones.

  • Five words from Chopper from 889: "she's like my little sister".

There will be another arc or couple of arcs between Whole Cake Island and Wano.
If the "Wano is one to two years off to come as of November 2017" part was really stated by Oda as well as not mistranslated, I heavily doubt an arc with so comparatively "little" left to do will take that long to finish, climactic encounter with Big Mom or not. I suspect another cooldown arc will come between Whole Cake and Wano, possibly involving the Germa.
  • Confirmed, although the Reverie Arc was mentioned to be coming before Wano for quite some time.

The anime series will have an ending credit scroll in the Grand Finale.

As in Dragon Ball GT, we may end up getting an entire credit scroll with actors and their major characters, as well as main staff members such as screenwriters, directors and producers.

There will be a dedication at the end of the anime.

In the Grand Finale of the anime, there will also be an In Memoriam section with the voice actors who have passed away throughout the series' run.

The secret of Mariejois (not sure where this would go)
Disregarding the possible connotations with Roger's - and by extension, Luffy's - straw hat, the fact that the deep-buried secret of the World Nobles is, of all things, a giant straw hat beneath Mariejois says a few things about its importance. The Nobles have unchecked depravity and an almost illogical level of power; the mere act of touching one is enough to be arrested and harming one is crime punishable by the hands of an Admiral. Shown time and time again, the only things they care about are themselves. A straw hat is fragile and easily-damaged (admittedly, Luffy's is resilient), so if the matter was simply getting rid of it, it would be simple. Yet not only was Doflamingo simply knowing of its existence and threatening to reveal it to the public something completely unthinkable, the idea of simply destroying it to invalidate his claim was so much worse that they would happily kowtow to his demands without incident, allow their high-and-mighty selves to answer to someone lower than them, and even provide him a comparable level of power himself. That means that they have to have a level of reverence for this hat that surpasses their own self-preservation. Whatever is in store for the mind-incinerating revelations of this hat are going to be cataclysmic.

Katakuri's Mochi Mochi no Mi isn't the only "special" Paramecia Devil Fruit.

Gasparde's Ame-Ame no Mi in movie 4 was one too; it was just mistakenly classified as Logia at the time.

Awakened Devil Fruit Powers have something to do with Conquerer's Haki
Using awakened powers involves 'commanding' material outside yourself with Conquerer's Haki.

When / If Luffy's powers Awaken, he will upgrade the Thousand Sunny by turning it into rubber
Because an entirely rubber ship would be AWESOME.
  • I don't believe it works or would work that way, considering all the work which went into crafting it in the first place, but I could see him temporarily turn parts of it into rubber, to bounce an especially brutal attack right off.
  • I'm really hoping this has just happened, as of the end of Chapter 900

Pudding will use her memory powers to restore Big Mama's lost memories
And the horror of them will at least disable her temporarily. Not permanently, though. She doesn't seem the type to ultimately care she ate her friends.
  • Jossed; Pudding did no such thing in the Whole Cake Island arc, and doesn't seem to be involved with Big Mom's business in the Wano Country arc.

The majority of the remaining Supernovas will have their Devil Fruits revealed in the Wano Country arc.

Of the original eleven Supernovas, nine have Devil Fruits; three of those have been identified. Of the remaining six, at least half are confirmed to be involved in the coming arc, and are all but guaranteed to have their Devil Fruits identified:

  • Apoo and X. Drake are currently working for Kaido and will most likely come up against the Straw Hats.
  • Kid fought Kaido but lost; he is being held as the Yonko's prisoner and will undoubtably want revenge, breaking out while the Straw Hats are in Wano and aiding them in retaliation for Kaido's actions.

Of the other three:

  • Hawkins' current status is unknown, but he witnessed Kaido's arrival on their island; he may or may not involve himself in the coming battle for Wano. If he does, his Fruit will probably be identified.
  • Urouge also spoke with Kaido briefly; he may or may not get involved in the battle for Wano.
  • Jewelry Bonney is the only one who hasn't encountered Kaido; she is unlikely to be involved in the Wano arc, and will probably be the last to have her Fruit revealed, sometime after Kaido's defeat.

    • Possible, but considering how many Supernovas still need proper introductions for their powers, I don't believe all of them will be revealed in a single arc. I instead suspect only Apoo and /or Drake's fruits will be revealed there, and the others will either be revealed after Wano or in a hypothetical post-Whole Cake cooldown arc.

      • With chapter 911's reveal that Hawkins is working for Kaido, that brings us to four who are either in Wano as a prisoner (Kid) or directly working for Kaido (Drake, Apoo and Hawkins), and thus likely to have their fruits revealed during this arc. Urouge and Bonney are still up in the air.

      • As of chapter 913, Hawkins' fruit has been officially named.
      • As of chapter 929, X. Drake's fruit has been officially named.

Devil Fruits and other abilities are almost never brought up by the newspaper
While certain characters like Ace or Crocodile have well known Devil Fruit abilities, nobody seems to know that Luffy has eaten the Gomu Gomu no Mi. It seems that most of the journalists never bother to write anything about Devil Fruits or which person has eaten which fruit. Otherwise characters would have been aware that certain characters have certain powers. This would also explain why so many people in the East Blue aren't aware of Devil Fruits being real.

We are due for an extended flashback to Bege.
This will be a short-lived WMG, as it will either be confirmed or Jossed a few chapters from when I type this, but once Bege is able to get the cake to Liqueur Island and Big Mom starts eating it, the series will then begin a flashback for Bege, as his part in the Totto Land story will be mostly complete and we probably won't be seeing much of Bege for a long time once the Straw Hat and Firetank Pirates part ways.
  • Jossed.

Katakuri's Glasgow Grin hides the painful origin of his personality and world view.
Given that we know his mouth was born born that way and thus its deformation not related to the scars, his old wounds could have chilling implications to his mysterious past: the first possibility is that he received those during his long life of piracy, but given his invincible reputation this had to happen quite a long time ago (before he was famous so that not many people know about them and thus tarnish his perfect image); the second possibility is quite darker, he inflict this on himself trying to correct his deformity either by his own hands or through surgery which would imply that he killed the surgeon for failing to fix his condition or just for knowing his real face beneath the scarf; the third possibility, and by far the darkest, is that the scars was inflicted by Big Mom herself... Big Mom is a selfish tyrant of the worst caliber, she proved time and again that she is willing to bend the world around her to fit her own vision regardless of who she harms. It is not impossible that she sees Katakuri's deformity as a blemish of her world and would seek to correct it with force if necessary just like she did to those fishman and long arm/leg tribe from her orphanage, and unlike Pudding's third eye (which has special abilities when awaken) his jaw of fangs have no seeming advantage to her rule, and therefore had nothing to discourage her from correcting this "mistake" with her own two hands. Imagine this: a dying Katakuri bleeding profusely from his broken jaw look up only to see his mother's demonic image though his teary eyes, this would break any man into the insecure stoic who is afraid to show a single speck of imperfection in fear of losing what little love she has left for him. Maybe the one who is Slave to PR is not Katakuri himself, but the insane Yonko above him after all, hell she maybe the one who mandated him to always wear that scarf in front of other people just like when she told Pudding to hide her third eye beneath her bang so she would look "normal".

Katakuri will Heel–Face Turn before the series is over.
His Villain Respect for Luffy, who couldn't care less about his looks and refuses to blame him for another's actions in interfering in their fight, will lead to his changing sides at some point, possibly taking some of his siblings with him if he knocks some sense into them.

If the manga does end with Luffy's son going on an adventure we will not see his mother.
Because Mother is the antonym for Adventure and to spite the shippers.
  • Heck, maybe Luffy adopted his kid and raised them by himself, or with the assistance of some very frustrated crew members.

Urouge and the Fallen Monk Pirates will ally with Luffy.

With the public reveal that Luffy defeated Cracker (the Sweet Commander who beat Urouge) and Katakuri, Urouge will desire to meet him. During this eventual meeting, it will come out that Urouge is a Bilkan/Birkan, or had ties to Skypeia (and thus has reason to dislike Enel), and that the Straw Hats visited Skypeia before and beat Enel. Urouge, already impressed by his feats in Totto Land, will thus develop even more respect for Luffy and choose to ally with him.

  • Not jossed yet, but the detail about Urouge being impressed by Luffy having defeated Cracker and Katakuri isn't looking likely, since none of the Supernovas' reactions to Luffy's feats were shown. Still, it's not impossible.

The Raftel Arc, or whatever the hell the last arc is...

... will feature a MacGuffin that allows instant transportation to any place on the planet (possibly the whole universe). It may be One Piece (perhaps Roger's first and last use of it was turning himself in?), it may be Blueno's Door-Door fruit in "awakened" form (can Paramythia's awaken?). Story-wise, this will allow every single ally - maybe even every single enemy - the Strawhats have ever met to take part, in the greatest Continuity Cavalcade fiction has ever known.

One Piece's sequel will revolve around a rookie Marine's quest to capture Luffy, the legendary Pirate King.

How Buggy would (theoretically) react to a swordsman using Haki.
There's been a lot of fan debate on this (for theory purposes we're assuming Mihawk didn't bother to use a Haki slash back on Marineford), ranging from "he'd die instantly" to "he'd laugh it off without lifting a finger". Personally, I'd like to split the difference: a Haki-imbued slash would hurt and make him bleed, but as long as it didn't kill him in one hit he'd still be able to instantly reattach and heal the damage (if not the mental trauma).

A future arc (less likely, a Filler Arc or movie) will feature a Curse of Babel plot.
The world of One Piece is wide and vast. Technology levels fluctuate wildly but most islands seem pretty damn isolated, and the World Government controls the only thing resembling mass media. Logically speaking, there's no real reason for everyone to be speaking a Common Tongue (it's especially blatant for the inhabitants of Skypiea, who really shouldn't be so easily intelligible to the Strawhats considering half of them came from the freaking moon and never went down to the Blue Sea).

We could, of course, just chalk this up to Artistic License and call it a day. But knowing Oda's worldbuilding, he could well pull an explanation for this 200 or 300 chapters in the future. Perhaps someone from the Void Century (or even earlier!) used his Devil Fruit/Haki/whatever to grant the world a Blessing of Babel, and the World Government has just now figured out a way to reverse it?

In the final arc, every character that has ever appeared will join in the final fight.
Some will align with Blackbeard, some with the Marines while most will fight with the Straw Hats

Kuma will come back and become a future benevolent figure in the story in a brand new body.
We all know that Kuma is supposedly converted completely to machine and thus died, but what we don't know is what happened to his brain after removal, was it destroyed? Or did Vegapunk has some other plans in mind for it? My bet is that he is too important to be reduced to a flashback only character, and will certainly come back into main focus sometime later.
  • Neither confirmed nor jossed so far, but the Reverie Arc will answer this one. So far, Kuma's body is being used by the Celestial Dragons as "the indestructible slave" that they take turns using. Kuma's mind's whereabouts are unknown, if it even exists anymore, but the Revolutionaries are moving to attack the Celestial Dragons directly to retrieve Kuma. In addition, Kuma is the former king of Sorbet Kingdom and the father of Jewelry Bonney.
    • Still neither confirmed nor jossed, but the Reverie arc having ended, answers might be given at the end of the Wano Country arc. Also, the bit about Kuma and Bonney being father and daughter is pure speculation and extrapolation; the only thing we do know is that these characters have some connection.

Both the Redline and the Grandline were man made 800 years ago.
The Gorousei noted that the Nefertari family choose to stay behind in the lower realms 800 years ago implied that the Celestial Dragons were all from the lower realms before then, this begs the question: who lives in the upper realms of the Redline? One possibility is that there were no upper realms before then, the Redline was referred to as indestructible in the past yet we have seen a number of island destroying devil fruit abilities and examples of super human strength that should made this impossible, so its durability might be a indication of extraordinary origin than a natural geographic feature, and as the Grandline was similarly extraordinary and closely connected with the Redline it follows that they share a similar origin. They might have been the result of planetary scale terraforming using scientific means or devil fruits, they separate the world into six manageable sections and prevent large scale uprising over the separate regions and since the world government monopolized world scale transportation they will maintain a upper hand against any and all powers within it. The Grandline itself was probably engineered specifically to funnel their opposition into the dangerous region so that they will either eliminate each other or fell to the extreme weather conditions and hostile flora and fauna inside, a meat grinder before the vault holding the truth of the world.

Mihawk lost interest in dueling Shanks is not because of concern over his power loss due to losing an arm
Since the common stance of Shanks' condition after losing his dominant arm was that he wasn't weaken by it over all, Mihawk's lost of interest over dueling the Yonko mush be due to a different factor than power loss. My guess is that Mihawk no longer regards Shanks as a fellow swordsman and thus a valid target of his challenge. If all Mihawk cares about were combat strength, any of the Yonko would have been valid targets including Shanks who must have supplemented his combat style with either a greater use of different haki (using conqueror shock wave) or maybe even martial arts into his combat style (kicking for example) after the loss of his left arm, yet he did not challenge Yonkos (other than that one slash against Whitebeard) tells me that he only interested in fighting pure swordsman which non of them are (anymore in Shanks' case), he did not even seem to want to fight people who uses devil fruit powers to supplement their swordsmanship, otherwise Kisaru would have been a valid target as well. My conclusion is that Mihawk only challenges pure swordsmen, and will only tolerate the use of haki in their competition.
  • Except Shanks is still a pure swordsman with Haki, no fruit powers seen since then.
    • Please read my points on Shanks before putting your objection up, it is really not that long.

The Straw Hat represents an ancient power/threat to the World Government
That only Im knows about (Maybe before the World Government, there was an ancient world power whose troops wore straw hats)

Im's true identity is a version of Luffy from the future that originally was to be.
After some unclear incident that caused Luffy to turn his back on the pirate lifestyle, possibly the death of his crew, he uses some power, possibly the One Piece depending on what that turns out to be, to travel back and found the World Government himself, causing pretty much every WG obstacle and situation his present self has encountered in the series. The Straw Hat that's kept as a treasure is the same one iconic to the series.

This could be a gambit to, knowing the Government exists in the world the people he knew and cared about lived in, ensure things take the correct course until time reaches where the Straw Hats would've normally perished, before suddenly flipping the script. If this is the case, he's kept his Straw Hat as a reminder not to let things go the way he remembered them going.

Alternatively, Future Luffy went off the deep end, coming back in time and developing a god complex in his grief. Though his original intentions may have been pure, he's created the very world that swallowed his friends up in death, no longer caring about how things began. If this is the case, the Straw Hat is being kept out of the last remaining shred of sentimentality Luffy has left.

The reason why Hawkins is a Headliner for Kaido
One of Hawkins's abilities is to make strawmen, which allow someone else to take damage in place of Hawkins. What better subject for that than the unkillable Kaido, which, if Hawkins could get a strawman of Kaido, would render Hawkins unkillable too? This is why Hawkins has joined up with Kaido as a Headliner: He's trying to get close enough to Kaido to generate a strawman of him.

Hawkins was sent to do recon to see what kind of force and manpower Kaido needed to allocate to dealing with the Straw Hats.
He's powerful, but there is absolutely no way that he is on either Luffy or Zoro's level, and even the weakest Straw Hats could likely survive a fight with him. That's not the point. The point is that now that the Straw Hats as a whole and especially Luffy have gone from being on Kaido's radar to actively being targeted by him, he's going to try and get a sense of what they're capable of before he goes all-out on them. Hawkins is incapable of winning a fight with any of the Straw Hats who are currently in the Wano Country, and both he and Kaido know this. He is, however, extremely capable of surviving a fight with them, and it stands to reason that Kaido sent him because even if he does get his ass kicked, he's going to leave alive and is going to be able to give Kaido a better idea of what he's dealing with.

The reason Kuma was replaced piece by piece was for researching Devil Fruits
I can see two reasons to do this to a Devil Fruit user, both will answer some hanging questions about Devil Fruits themselves:

First possibility is that the World Government is trying to test the limits of Devil Fruit ability retention for a living being, for example if you replace the limbs of a Devil Fruit user whose primary power is limb based (i.e. Kuma's Nikyu Nikyu no Mi) will they retain the power of the fruit through their prosthetics? Or will the power be lost and return to a suitable fruit nearby? Kuma's situation seems to indicate the former. Taking it further, when will a user loses their power? When they lost 50% of their original body? 70%? When you remove the brain? What if you keep the brain in a jar? Will the power still be retained by the brain itself as long as it is alive? What if you put the brain in a new body, cybernetic or organic, will the power manifest in the new body or stay with the old? All these questions maybe answered by what was done to Kuma, and sickening as they are I wouldn't put it past the World Government to try just to make use of the knowledge.

Second possibility is that these has to do with the new Pacifistas, super weapons that if completed will be powerful enough to completely replace the Shichibukai system, my answer to that is the technology to clone Devil Fruit power. It was said the Devil Fruit works by affecting the lineage factor of the user, and we knew that Vegapunk and Vinsmoke Judge used to study lineage factor together in the past, with Judge successfully manage to create a clone army and four super soldier children with psudo Devil Fruit powers using this tech, we also knew that the World Government has an army of Kuma lookalikes in their labs, it is very possible Vegapunk has been trying to clone Devil Fruit powers by using Kuma's lineage factor (which was modified by the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi inside him). By studying the method by which Devil Fruit powers were inherited the World Government may have successfully created an army of Nikyu Nikyu no Mi using Pacifistas in their control, or better yet the tech to do this with any Devil Fruit they can get their hands on (which means any Devil Fruit abilities from the past to the future of One Piece can return as the power of the World Government). Remember how some Devil Fruit abilities seems to be wasted on weak or uncreative users in the past? They may come back in their fully realized form one day under the guiding light of Im sama.

These possibilities are not mutually exclusive, and either way (or some other ways that I can't think of), this is going to get the WG to unseen heights of power.

Speed will undergo a sincere Heel–Face Turn
She's become an ally due to Tama's power but, as she spends more time with the little girl, she may get to know better of the condition of the people she helped oppress and also get sincerely attached to Tama, who wouldn't even realize the effect of the mochi on Speed has waned. At some point, Speed's former allies will attack her with no consideration for their past comradery, leading her to cast aside any doubt on whose side to take.

Kurozumi Orochi (Wano's current Shogun) is married to Momonosuke's sister (Hiyori)
I'm just calling it now, due to the recent revelation that Momo had a (younger?) sister 20 years ago that she survived the fire and Orochi either married her or keeps her captive to legitimize his rule over Wano.
  • Jossed; plot twists notwithstanding, Hiyori is all but directly stated to be Komurasaki, Wano's most beautiful oiran, and a woman Orochi is anything but married to.

The Wano arc will briefly pause Wano-related stuff and cut back to the Reverie.
After all, the Straw Hats and their allies prepare to invade Kaido's island in two weeks' time, while the Reverie, which has already started, ends in one week's time. It's definitely not impossible that we'll get a brief moment showing us how they're doing, even if for one chapter only.
  • Possible since 924 states the end of Act One of the Wano arc.

Jinbei will manage to catch up to the crew in the two-week interim.
Two weeks would give him plenty of time to escape Big Mom, recover if he was injured, and meet up with the rest of the Straw Hats on Wano. And although it's a bit of a stretch, maybe he'd also carry a bit of extra news with him, since Wano is isolated from the rest of the world.

Kaido will not be fought in the Wano arc.
The Straw Hats will prepare to fight him, sure, but I find it hard to believe the Straw Hats and allies, strong though they may be, can survive a full-on assault on the strongest creature in the world without powering up and/or weakening his army at least one last time. Plus, Zoro wandering off again is bound to stir some shit up; it's much more likely IMO that Orochi will be the villain in Wano, and Kaido will be fought later. Plus, it'll give the series time to focus fully on the Reverie in the interim between Wano and Onigashima, or whatever other island will be next.
  • Possibly Jossed as of Ch.922, with Luffy sucker-punching him.
    • 923 Confirms Kaido is fought but not for the final time as he easily beats and captures Luffy.

The Straw Hat Pirates will meet someone with skill that surpasses Lucci.
  • This person will have ventriloquism skills that are even better that Lucci's ventriloquism.

A future arc will feature the Straw Hats exploring/being trapped in Real Life, possibly via dimensional portal or something.
  • Or, at least, Oda's Crazy Awesome approximation thereof. It may be the plot of a zillion and one fanfics already, but who's to say Oda wouldn't at least consider it if he's feeling a little tired of building fantasy islands and cultures from near-scratch?

All Ds can handle two devil fruits.
  • Blackbeard's unusual biology isn't just his own, any D can gain a second power, building on this, Luffy might gain a second power at some point, maybe right before his final battle with Blackbeard.

At the end of the manga, Oda will canonize ALL the fillers
  • And I do mean all of them. Everything from Warship Island to G-8 to the movies and specials. Not as part of the main plot, of course, but as bits and pieces of a huge montage showing all the places on the Grand Line our heroes may or may not have seen... and may yet see. There are, after all, six other routes to Raftel; who's to say you won't find Thousand Dragons, or a memory-stealing seahorse, or a resort island with a deep, dark secret on one of them?

The Straw Hat Pirates will reach Raftel without finding the fourth road poneglyph.
  • Bear with me. We know it has been lost for centuries. We also know the Roger Pirates got there somehow. Voice of All things, perhaps? Luffy has this as well, but that needn't be the answer for how they'll reach it. Because Luffy has been set up to meet Shanks before reaching Raftel, my theory is that he and Shanks will clash to show how they've grown over the years, and then Shanks, who sailed with Roger, will tell Luffy and crew what he remembers of how to get there, which Nami will combine with the information on the three Road poneglyphs to open the way!
    • As a counter, Shanks has since secretly acquired the last Road Poneglyph and will willingly share it with them once they prove themselves.

The last Straw Hat will be one of the series Starter Villains.
  • In a direct homage to the first version of Romance Dawn, which depicted Crescent-Moon Galley as part of Luffy's crew in the Distant Finale. Leading candidate is probably Buggy, with Alvida running a respectable second, but Oda could really throw a curveball and make it Morgan or even a Back from the Dead Higuma...

Kurozumi ate the Ryu Ryu/Hebi Hebi no Mi: Model Yamata no Orochi
  • Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Yamata no Orochi confirmed.

The Straw Hat Grand Fleet will aid the Straw Hat Pirates in facing the Emperors.
  • It was confirmed that the fleet will play a key role in a pivotal event in the future, and with the Straw Hats gearing up to face one of the Four Emperors, this may be that pivotal event.

O-Kiku is a man disguised as a woman.
  • This one was a long standing suspicion in parts of the fandom that O-Kiku might have been a "trap" when she was first introduced, but died down after a while. I was firmly on the woman camp, until chapter 939 with the reveal of his full name Kikunojo 菊之丞 by Hiyori, which the nojo 之丞 part has always been traditionally a male name, combine with the Kin'emon's initial attitude towards women when he first meet Nami, and the fact that O-Tsuru didn't recognize him even though they should have been old acquaintances since they both connected to Kin'emon and Kiku should have never aged a day for 20 years. The truth might be that Kikunojo was undercover after time traveling as a women to spy on Wano and wait for Kin'emon's return after gathering reinforcements, looking and acting differently while doing that.

Assuming Kaido is defeated in this arc, he will be brought down by a team effort a la Oars.
The narration stated that "If it's one-on-one, Kaido will win." is a popular saying, but what about a more-than-ten-on-one situation? Since Kaido is too damn powerful to be taken solo, the Straw Hats will need to combine their forces with their allies to slowly chip away at his health, until a final team attack causes him to fall. Not only would it make his defeat potentially doable, it'd also be awesome.

The Straw Hat Grand Fleet will be called upon to take on Kaido's forces.
Related to a WMG above, this could be the case. Even if they haven't become powerful enough to take on the stronger members, the Grand Fleet could nonetheless handle the "weaker" members, thus leaving the main crew and allies more strength and time to focus on the stronger commanders and Kaido himself. Plus, it'll have the added benefit of bringing info and/or more stuff from the Reverie thanks to Sai and Leo being in Mary Geoise.

Something terrible will happen at the Reverie, and the Revolutionaries will be framed for it.
What better scapegoats than them to justify the "cleansing" that the Five Elders want to carry out, after all?


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