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  • Used on The Angry Video Game Nerd here at the expense of his special effects.
  • Another example ironically came about as the result of him deciding an insult was too severe. In one of his anti-AVGN videos, the Nostalgia Critic accuses him of having become his Irate Gamer. Boos are heard from the audience and the Nostalgia Critic admits that was going too far and apologizes.
  • He apparently doesn't like Jeff Dunham: In the Tank Girl review, he calls the heroine's jokes offensive and unfunny. "Like a female Jeff Dunham."
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  • On his hit list multiple times have been Denis Leary (he's a Bill Hicks fan), Star Trek Voyager (taking shots at Robert Picardo on a few occasions) and Jem (he's made more than a few jabs at the cartoon).
  • In the review of Conan The Barbarian he took a shot at Avatar:
    Conan: Oh no! I'm pulled into Avatar! The visuals will be stunning but the story will be absolute bullshit!
  • Subverted in the Old vs. New Debate for The Nutty Professor, in which the Nostalgia Critic talks about beating up Dave Chappelle...for leaving his show at the height of its success, and leaving the Critic wanting more.
  • He doesn't seem to like Chris Tucker, as in his Drop Dead Fred review he ranks him just below Jar Jar Binks on his scale of annoyance.
  • The Nostalgia Critic makes two attacks against Twilight in his The Care Bears Movie review, Edward Cullen was also on his scale on annoyance. This is by no means the only time he bashes Edward. In A Troll In Central Park, at one point the Critic says that Stanley is "as bland as Edward from Twilight".
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  • And then in Care Bears Movie II:
    Christy: Hey, this is a lot like those Twilight movies—
    Dark Heart: "No, it's not! We're BUTCH compared to that shit!"
  • In the Star Trek review, he calls it the franchise that's been setting women back hundreds of years.
  • A brief gag in the A Troll In Central Park review lists all the reasons why Stanley the Troll will never have his own dreams come true. One of them is "He's more annoying than the trolls at Encyclopedia Dramatica."
  • The Critic has made a lot of negative comparisons to the Star Wars prequels to varying degrees of subtlety.
  • Hulk Hogan fighting security guards in Mr. Nanny: "Calm down, dude, you're not on American Gladiators. And even if you were it'd probably get cancelled."
  • Ever since he was forced to take down his review of The Room, he takes any and all opportunities for a Take That! to Tommy Wiseau. He even puts on a show in his Tommy Wiseau impression at conventions!
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  • The Ferngully 2 review mocks Batty's non-joke about oysters with "Because if you can't be funny, be confusing! It works really well for the 'New Yorker'!"
  • In the Care Bears Movie II, Santa Christ pops up for a bit reading the paper, and at one point says "Fucking bears." At first, you might think he's just insulting the Care Bears, until you remember that not only are the Critic and Rob from Chicago, but the Chicago Bears had just lost the NFC Championship game.
  • In the Care Bears in Wonderland review, when the characters are falling down in a hole:
    Critic as White Rabbit: You might remember this from the much better Disney movie.
    Critic as Care Bear: Oh, you mean with Johnny Depp?
    Critic as White Rabbit: No, the much BETTER Disney movie!
  • Also in The Care Bears Movie, when Nicholas casts a spell in the magic show that turns the spectating children demonic and makes them attack each other:
    Nostalgia Critic: Oh no, he turned them into YouTube commenters!
  • In NickComs, he calls conservative author "Joe The Plumber" terrifying.
  • In the review of Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2, he takes a shot at 4Kids when Jon Voight unveils plans for a children's TV network.
  • In Paranoia, the sarcastic "come on, a spouse supporting a freelance writer, who would believe that?" works as a slam against both Doug and Donnie.note 
  • There was a controversy over the scene in To Boldly Flee where Mechakara turned the Chick into 7-Of-Eleven through a drill; Lewis thought the original scene looked rapey, Lindsay was fine with it but nobody listened to her, and Doug tried to make it better (Rob eventually turned it into the filmed scene because Doug was getting so upset) but his version of vanilla was much kinkier than anyone else's. So fast forward to Pearl Harbor and who "submissive woman blowing a guy with a working drill" is aimed at is clear.
  • In his cameo for the Son of the Mask review, CR blames Satan for Season 3 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. (He did NOT like that season, let's just leave it at that) Afterwards, Satan calls Son of the Mask an evil worse than Hasbro.
  • The entire "King and I sung by Russell Crowe" bit. With a bonus: "Gerard Butler Sings for Children".
  • In Turbo, Zordon and Critic agree - complete with Aside Glance to hammer it home - that child stars always go crazy, making it a twofer insult to Donnie DuPre and Mara Wilson.
  • Rachel and Malcolm's song in the Les Misérables review is all about how lazy, crazy and a little slutty both Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter are. In Alice in Wonderland (2010), Helena Bonham Carter gets mocked again along with Johnny Depp for “finding her niche and never doing anything else”. They both also die horribly at the hands of Malice, so one wonders if Doug likes her very much.
  • In the review of Bridge to Terabithia, he refers to Zooey Deschanel's series New Girl as "Filler after The Mindy Project".
  • The Sharknado Review has one to MythBusters, though it round up more as a Shallow Parody that makes it come off as a case of him mocking the show without actually having watched it.
  • To Renegade Cut in “Is The Big Lebowski A Masterpiece”, whose own analyzing gets cut off (no pun intended) for Critic's speechifying when he starts talking about castration.
  • One of the few things that Critic and Joe agree on in the Man of Steel review is that TMZ are “the scum of the earth”.
  • The Love Triangle sketch in the "Worst Christmas Special Ever" against the Homoerotic Subtext sex-positive-filled threesome of Donnie, Tacoma and Rebecca. Made more obvious by the Behind The Scenes video, as Doug wanted Malcolm to scream that Rachel was a hussy and everyone cackling at the thought of there being a scene with Doug and Malcolm together.
  • "Sexy" costumes get two. In the Ghost Dad review, when the Critic forces Tamara to dress as Sexy Dorothy, she responds "Why is there even a Sexy Dorothy costume? Who the fuck is turned on by Sexy Dorothy?" In his "Are You Sick of Let It Go" video, a brief moment comes with:
    Tamara!Elsa: Costumes from this kid's movie will meet our slutty extremes! (Sexy Elsa costume flashes on screen)
    Critic: Jesus Christ, it's DISNEY!"
  • "Are You Sick of Let It Go" also delivers one to bandwagon jumpers on YouTube who were only covering the song "Let It Go" because it was popular:
    Critic: I don't care if you sing it so well/you're not Idina Menzel!"
    I don't care 'cause I sing it so well/I'm like Idina Menzel!"
  • When he gets to the Straw Critic (who uses words like “retarded” and “faggot”) in the The Reviewers, he calls him the “The Amazing Steven Dorff”.
  • In Food Fight, he makes a Running Gag of how the other major animation studios were asked to contribute animation: Pixar's animators dashed it out and sent a note saying "fuck you"; DreamWorks Animation dashed it out and sent pictures of the founders mooning the camera; while Blue Sky Studios agreed to help them turn the movie into a terrible franchise (cue picture of Rio meets Ice Age meets Foodfight).
  • Subverted in The Swan Princess when he calls the “no fear” sports brand a dying 90s franchise, then reveals he's wearing one of their t-shirts (it's the one he wore in Disney Afternoon and Doug's worn in a few vlogs).
    Critic: Keep it alive, people.
    • When Derrick is shooting at Critic, Critic tells him he's like the NRA because he'll take any excuse to shoot things.
    • The last few minutes of the video are this towards Blue Sky Studios, calling them "Diet Dreamworks". The Critic points out he should stop making fun of them so much, if only they made anything good.
  • In The Purge, he sarcasm modes that “if gay or ethnic people sung Oh Beautiful that'd be a cause for outrage”, referencing all the people who got angry at the Superbowl ad for doing that.
  • In “The Best Avatar Episodes”, the Freeze-Frame Bonus book that Jason is reading spews a load of venom at Pick Up Artist books.
    Book: Of course the hardest part about getting bitches into your cab is not calling them bitches. Most of them think they have rights or something. But seeing how you're pathetic enough to buy this book, clearly you don't think that. You see them as a nice little piece of ass to put your stick shift into.
  • In his Forest Warrior review he and Film Brain mock Chuck Norris' homophobia by developing a new slogan for him: "Chuck Norris Wants to Put Himself In Every Man"
  • He pulls off a quick one in the To Be Concluded stinger at the end of his The Matrix Reloaded review. After remarking earlier in the review that the Matrix series was obviously intended to be a trilogy from the beginning, just like Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Highlander; given how the first movie had a concrete beginning, middle, and ending, there was no reasonable way to expect it to be anything BUT. Cue the end of the review, which ends with a Smash Cut to a black screen with text that reads: "To Be Concluded." This then changes to, "Which if this were always meant to be a trilogy we would've ended the first film saying that, too." Followed by, "Just Saying."
  • In the Nerd Movie review, when the Black Best Friend and Nerd 'find out' that Mandy was only pretending to be a nerd, Critic sarcasm modes “By God, there really are fake gamer girls! Every internet troll who has never had sex before was right!”
  • In TMNT, Tamara!April is completely not incapacitated by her ropes because the villains suck with bondage knowledge as much as E.L James does.
    • Along with all the usual call outs for Michael Bay being a sexist pervert, Critic also calls Frank Miller the same.
  • He gets in a dig at the stereotypical version of Tumblr in Demolition Man, saying that “everyone's over-sensitive, can't take a joke and is obsessed with the past? It's like a future run by tumblr.” Later on he has another crack at them saying “wow, sexual interaction is done without actually touching the person you're dating? This really is tumblr!" And Rule of Three, in the main woman's voice, “my white knighting hero who I never asked to be my white knight, this really is tumblr.”note 
  • In the Fantastic Four (2005) review, when Sue Storm for some reason has to strip in public, Critic dubs over “oh, I thought we were Marvel, not DC!” Marvel doesn't get off completely scot-free though, as later on he insults them for not having a Black Widow toyline. He also mocks Star Trek Into Darkness for the totally necessary Lingerie Scene.
  • In Jupiter Ascending, he calls the aliens inspecting Jupiter's friend like MRAs who are seeing a woman for the first time.
  • The in-universe reason (out-of-verse is a mix of that and getting on the film's publicity train) for reviewing Jurassic World is to crap on Hollywood execs who remove his reviews for copyright.
    • Another, more subtle one within the review itself. In the final battle scene between the Tyrannosaurus rex, the Indominus rex, and Blue the velociraptor, Blue and the T. rex are portrayed by products from the actual toy line (meaning those characters impressed Doug enough that Universal did make, like, three cents from this review), while the I. rex was played by a guy in a cheap dinosaur mask.
  • While mocking himself most of all, the Epic Rip at the start of Planet of the Apes still manages to complain at Hollywood supposedly being threatened by him enough to keep taking reviews down, and shows Snob, Linkara, Film Brain, Mike J and Lindsay as “entitled crybabies riding his coattails”. Of course noting that he did the same with James Rolfe.
  • In Mad Max: Fury Road, the meninists are the villains, and Critic, Curiosa and even Devil Boner all rip into them. They also get drafted into the military to replace women because they don't believe women can fight.
    • Subverted with the Hardy fangirls. While they're shallow, annoying and use feminism as an excuse to objectify pretty Tom Hardy, they're not harmful, Critic's complaints stem from the actual awful that Hyper's done to him, and when the meninists come in to call them feminazis, they're the ones who get trashed again.
  • In Event Horizon, he says the ship would have been called the The Sacajawea, but “even in the future nobody cares about Native Americans”.
  • Children of the Corn (1984):
    • The girl who is called out by the lead as only taking parts of the bible that she wants is referred to as Kim Davis by Critic.
    • The fake commercial for Isaac at the end is one to "extreme haunt" attractions.
  • In the Christmas With The Kranks behind the scenes, Doug and Rob mock the people who call Jessica Jones (2015) a rape metaphor like it's an “oh my god did you get it” thing to say when the show makes it pretty clear it's just straight up rape and trauma. (They're not mocking the show to clarify, just people who Rob believesnote  miss the obvious.)
  • In The Happening, he says “if there's anything we Americans like, it's racial profiling.”
  • Double meaning in Frozen vs Tangled, as he calls Hyper “not a person but a nuisance”, showing both Critic's hate for her and Doug lampshading that she's a Flat Character just existing to vent at women who have harassed him.
  • In Labyrinth, he mentions the disconnect between the girl porn of dancing with sexy David Bowie, but visuals like “what every girl sees after she accepted a drink from Bill Cosby”.
    • Earlier in the review, a metal knight not caring about anything is compared to Twitter Support's reaction to people getting abused.
    Critic: There's a threat on my life!
    Knight: [disinterested mumbling]
  • In a “You Gotta See This” promotion for TubiTV, he says the reason why the Oscars like The Greatest Story Ever Told is because it's a collection of white celebrities thinking they don't have a God complex, congratulating themselves for being out of their element, and inviting one black person (Chris Rock in that year's case) to join the party.
  • In Cats and Dogs, the Creepy Child (who is of course son of the resident abusive mother and father) who loves the sound of cats and dogs getting beaten, has a Monsters High doll and a Duck Dynasty cap. The end is also directed at the copyright issues (and how people who take Doug's stuff get no punishment) CA has been having, the abusive mother making it look like Critic negatively reviewed Deadpool so that Fox will kill his channel.
    • Also from Cats and Dogs is the scene where the Critic calls Alec Baldwin a bitch, then gets reprimanded for making such an obvious joke about, in their words, "an unlikable actor".
  • Doug says in the Cats and Dogs behind the scenes that “if anything doesn't make sense, it's either Trump or hipsters”.
  • The Adventures of Pluto Nash has a joke about Hillary Rodham Clinton being on the bank notes, and as the presidential election is still going on at the time of the review, he makes it a three choice joke: 1) if Bernie Sanders wins, she “felt the Bern”, 2) if she wins, she bought out Hollywood anyway, 3) if Trump wins, then America will have the next Hitler.
    • When he's “And This Is for...” dubbing over Eddy Murphy punching himself, he does a few bad films and then he insults him with “and this is for defending Bill Cosby when everyone knew what he did. Yeah, look it up, I did that”.
  • In Blade, after the leads don't get together, he tells tumblr to make them have twenty kids with twenty different sexual identies. He at least tells them they're good at "making that stuff up", makes a pretty accurate tumblr page and said in The Diary vlog that he likes communities that will validate newer identities, so it might be more of a complimentary poke.
  • In Spy Kids 3D, he scoffs that the film having male gamers willingly take orders from a female gamer is way too unrealistic. And when they suddenly want the guy to lead, he says "now it feels more realistic".
  • A good chunk of Mad Max: Fury Road commentary, much like the review, is mocking meninists/MRAs for acting like men have it worse than women (with Doug reiterating that there are problems men face but MRAs don't give a crap about those), acting shitty at cons and calling any man who doesn't hate women a traitor. Doug also points out that men who condescend about women and other minorities have never actually talked to those people and can't deal with them.
  • In Alvin and the Chipmunks, the "aww girls" start out as insulting (mostly women) who don't want to analyze story and character, just think something's cute,note  but they own it, are more defensive than mean, and get to insult boy Nostalgia Filter in the song at the end.
  • In The THIRD Animated Titanic Movie, he calls the mice plan to break away from the government as confusing as Brexit. America doesn't get off either, with him saying the USA's job is to try and ban minorities for existing.
  • He digs right into Trump for the sexual assault tapes in Freddy vs Jason, mocking his supporters also for denying recorded proof that's right there.
  • In The Exorcist, Tamara bitterly sarcasms that doctors know everything, and innocently asks "what?" afterwards.
  • Subverted in Tamara's make-up tutorial, where she says "if Kim Kardashian has taught us anything it's that true beauty isn't on the inside", but then goes "I shouldn't make fun of her, this video is about mocking me".
  • When Miss Piggy is sexually aggressive with an exec, he calls her out for being Weinstein-ish even though she's a woman and a pig. Then later on, when there's a ball-buster game, he bitterly mentions Kevin Spacey must have liked that one.
  • In "I'll Be Home For Christmas", he's happy with anyone pulling sexist/racist/homophobic jokes in the comment sections getting punched.
  • When the Alvin sequel includes a Trump reference, he can't even get a Take That! out before the punchline being Trump insulted him on Twitter.
  • When the leads get soda on them twice in Clockstoppers, he uses it to mock the pepsi ad with Kendall Jenner solving racism by giving drink to cops.
  • His review of Wonder Woman has this take on Ares inspiring Dr. Maru/Doctor Poison:
    Ares: Have you ever thought of a body-crushing gas for peaceful purposes?
    Doctor Poison: I'll create Nickelback!
    Ares: No! Don't do that! Even I'm not that evil!
  • His review of Norm of the North:
  • In the It (2017) review the Curry version of Pennywise agrees ratings are stupid because "They told us nobody watched Family Guy, but the fans brought it back so that years later, nobody will watch Family Guy."
  • He isn't a fan of Pokemon, he finds it annoying and confusing. In a few videos the critic revels in showing/seeing Pokemon suffering or dying in his reviews. One example showing Pikachu being decapitated by Ash Williams from Evil Dead, afterwards he shows a devastated Ash crying while holding the head of Pikachu as Ash insults him by saying "Pokemon go fuck yourself".
  • In the Christmas Story Live Midnight Screenings, Brad says the narrator should have been played by Kevin Spacey even though that wouldn't have gone over well, and Doug nervously laughs that he's good at being creepy to boys.


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