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Matthew Santoro has used so many jabs at other works and people, that he has his own page of them.

  • In "Worldwide Internet Control!", Matt talks about Sarah Palin using her own made-up word "refudiate" in a Tweet, which was then recognized in the Oxford Dictionary. He says that Sarah Palin should be the last person to create a word, because she's so stupid.
  • In 20 Haunting Halloween Facts, Matt says, "Signs of a werewolf include a unibrow, hairy palms, and leaving the dead only in search of food. Coincidentally, these are the same characteristics used to describe people that play World of Warcraft."
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  • In 7 Things That Make a YouTuber, Matt says, "If you told me Rebecca Black was a good singer, I wouldn't be offended, and I would definitely laugh, because I know it's a joke!".
  • In Reasons to Celebrate!, Matt asks the audience to leave comments saying whether they use the iPhone or the Android. Then, the words "Or Blackberry" pop up on the screen, and Matt has a sarcastic smile on his face.
  • In The Weirdest Christmas Traditions Around the World, Matt talks about a weird Icelandic Christmas tradition known as "the Yule Lads", and says, "As if Björk wasn't enough to make you think that Iceland was a little weird, here's one more!"
  • In 20 Socially Unacceptable Things, Matt shows the audience the bottom of his soap bar to demonstrate how disgusting it is. It's a picture of Kim Kardashian.
  • In 10 People Famous for Really WEIRD Things!, Matt talks about Robert Coates, a man whose performances were so notoriously bad that people started coming just to see how bad they were. Matt says, "Good lord, the more stupid stuff this guy did, the more attention he got! Wait a minute - he was the original Kanye!".
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  • In 10 CRAZIEST Sports in the World, Matt talks about train surfing, a sport where participants ride on top of trains and hold on for dear life. He says, "All it takes it one good wind gust, and you're gonna disappear off that train faster than Miley Cyrus's dignity at the VMA's! And that was pretty fast!"
  • In Back to School-What NOT to Do!, Matt says that, while it's OK to be an individual at school when it comes to fashion, it's a bad idea to ignore the fashion trends so much that it makes Lady Gaga look normal.
  • In Do You Have a Short Attention Span?, Matt says that the death hoax of Miley Cyrus upset him because it wasn't true.
  • In Worldwide Internet Control!, Matt compares Steve Ballmer, the then-CEO of Microsoft, to Kim Jong-il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He then says that they always plagiarize other peoples' ideas, and the Apple logo flashes on the screen for a fraction of a second.
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  • Matt gives one to Michael Jackson in 20 Jolly Christmas Facts by referencing his alleged pedophilia. He says that, according to legend, St. Nicholas would arrive with gifts for good children, coal for bad children, and Michael Jackson for the really bad kids.
  • In 20 Lucky St. Patrick's Day Facts!, Matt says that one of the animals that needs to be banished is Charlie Sheen.
  • In 20 Lucky St. Patrick's Day Facts!, Matt names some popular Irish musicians and bands, such as U2. He then says that he's glad that Ireland gave the world good musicians and bands, unlike Iceland, which gave the world Björk.
  • Matt gives one to the Roman Catholic church in Text the Pope!. He talks about how the Vatican had recently launched a service where you could text message the Pope, and says that there will probably be some children asking him via text why he let a priest molest them.
  • In Space Turds, Matt shows the audience a clip of a man rapping, and Matt calls him a "tard", but he puts up a caption that says "Still Better Than Justin Bieber".
  • In THE GREATEST EVAR!, Matt says, "[Al Gore] was the guy that was supposed to be the 43rd president of the United States of America, until this jackass stole the election.", and then points to a picture of George W. Bush, who ran for president against Al Gore. Matt then adds, "And we all know what great things he did for America."
  • In Weird Phobias O_o, Matt does a weird dance while light radiates from his body. He then says that if you're afraid of that happening, you have Bieberphobia: "the fear of what might happen to you if you listen to a Justin Bieber song".
  • In Drake NYC Riot!, Matt talks about a Drake concert that had happened shortly before the video was published, and says that Drake's guest was Hanson. Matt then says, "You remember Hanson. They were that group that made you want to claw your eyes out every time you heard that 'Mmmbop' song."
  • In Psychic Octopus & Oil Spills, Matt insults the Netherlands's soccer team. He says that Spain having won the 2010 World Cup is a big deal, and explains why. He says, "The reason that it's such a big deal that Spain won is because it's the first time in history that that country has won The World Cup. [Beat] It also would've been the first time for the Netherlands too, but that just sucks, doesn't it?"
  • In "10 Scarily Plausible TV Show Theories!", Matt says that if George W. Bush never became president of the United States, the United States would be full of smiles, rainbows, and candy for all of the people who lived there.
  • In "Catching Up: With Matt! (#1)", Matt says that he'll take questions posted from his fans on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He then says that he was gonna take questions from Google +, the social network that is associated with YouTube, but since nobody uses Google +, he didn't bother.

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