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  • The iCarly fanfic, iFight Crime With Victorious, has several characters with this power. Sam has a Muscles Are Meaningless version that she rotates with Carly and Freddie's powers, while Ricky Flame, the pathetic adult who tried to prove his strength in a junior league wrestling tournament, becomes a Smug Super after getting the World's Strongest Man version of this.
  • In The Bridge, due to their previously titanic nature requiring a solid constitution just to be stable, many of the kaiju who find themselves in Equestrian bodies have this trope to some degree. If they are in their true kaiju forms, they are of course much stronger. Godzilla Junior, now an alicorn sized unicorn, is strong enough to plow through a small crowd of royal guards.
    • It also seems to scale with how strong they were in their original body. Destroyah, now a large pegasus, was one of the physically most powerful kaiju. During a fight, she was powerful enough to grab an Earth pony Anguirus and Gryphon Rodan by the collar and ram through a portion of the palace.
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    • When Kaizer Ghidorah is turned into a human, he can still tear chunks out of a tree with his bare hands. When Enjin is turned into a "human", it can trade punches with Kaizer Ghidorah, hit ordinary people hard enough to kill them, and shatter a tree with a single punch.
    • When Irys is turned into a human, she can still tear apart a car door. In her true form's Super Mode, she is able to lift Kaizer Ghidorah, who weighs 100,000 tons.
    • On the pony side, King Sombra can crack the ground with stomps and trade punches with a unicorn form Xenilla. Princess Luna, Celestia, and Cadance displayed similar feats. Queen Chrysalis can shatter a stone pillar with an Offhand Backhand.
    • Aria Blaze started out at a human level of strength, but her strength rises every time she feeds on Monster X or Kaizer Ghidorah, copying some of their abilities. She's eventually able to shake a van just by punching it, and crack a tree by backhanding it. After unlocking her full power and gaining a Super Mode, she is able to curb-stomp Enjin... until Bagan revives Enjin and boosts its power back to kaiju levels, at which point Aria and human!Monster X were unable to break her free from Enjin's tentacles.
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    • The human Applejack eventually gains super strength as a power, making her strong enough to trade blows with a human form Monster X.
    • Similar to her pony counterpart, the human Maud Pie is incredibly strong. She can briefly restrain a human form Mothra Lea, until Lea decides to stop holding back and lifts her.
  • Paul in With Strings Attached. Two levels: “low,” where he can lift about 15,000 lbs., and “high,” whose upper limit is unknown, but greater than 90 tons. Both levels give him proportional Power Incontinence. He doesn't find a whole lot of use for his strength, since he's an Actual Pacifist.
    • In fact, in The Keys Stand Alone: The Soft World, he confesses that he actively hates his magic because it's so dangerous in everyday life, and he has nightmares about what he could do to someone (especially his family).
    • John is also fairly strong, able to knock someone out with one punch or break a door down with one kick.
  • Sarah Squall, aka Stratogale, from Rise of the Galeforces, practically rivals Mr. Incredible in terms of physical strength. Note that this power was one of her abilities in canon, at least according to her official NSA profile.
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  • In Renegade, Kaidan Alenko has superhuman strength thanks to being a Tiberium mutant in this timeline, to the point that he can chuck a two-ton Mini-Mecha with a bit of help from his biotics.
  • In The Wizard in the Shadows, Emrys develops this. To what level is hard to tell (so far), but he's seen easily killing Trolls and tearing an armoured Uruk in half with his bare hands without breaking a sweat.
  • In The Three Kings: Hunt Rex Raptor has this.
  • Krysta from My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic. The author said she can lift 3,000 times her own weight. Not that she uses this strength in any meaningful capacity.
  • Sailor Moon: Legends of Lightstorm: Every Justice Champion (including Sailor Scouts) had this during the Silver Millennium to some degree or another. As with all abilities, it gets stronger over time. At the time the story takes place, the strongest wielders of this ability are Sailor Jupiter and Venus. It is explained that this is because Sailor Jupiter regularly works out and has a lot of muscle mass. Sailor Venus doesn't work out as much, but she's been active for longer, meaning that her ability has had more time to develop.
  • While many characters in Soul Eater: Troubled Souls display a certain degree of high strength, two Original Characters—Noel Ricardsen and his daughter Rowena—explicitly have superhuman physical strength. For example, Noel can swat people through several walls and Rowena easily wields an extremely heavy sledgehammer about as tall as she is.
  • Last Child of Krypton: In this crossover, Shinji has Kryptonian DNA. He first demonstrates his superhuman strength when he defeats a massive eldritch monster with his bare hands.
    She forced her eye open and she saw, through the Eva's eyes, as the impossible happened. The Angel stopped in its tracks, great spindly arms flailing, as if it were confused. For a moment, she wondered how, why the creature would stop in its relentless advance, stop trying to murder her and reach its goal. Then she spotted the tiny blue figure pushing against it, pushing it back. She willed the Eva and Eva answered her, tightening her view. This was not possible.
    There was a person, and he was pushing the Angel back with his bare hands. She gasped, the pain momentarily forgotten, as the tiny figure wound up, drew a fist back, and punched the Angel full on in the face. To her shock, it moved, it actually moved, he was pushing it back.
  • Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton: In this story, Asuka is Supergirl and Kal-El's biological daughter. She is inhumanly strong. People were aware of this since she started out her hero career, but they never suspected that she could lift a skyscraper.
    Then the building on the screen moved, trembling like it was caught in a mild earthquake. Which wouldn't have been hard to believe—Japan often experienced seismic activity, after all—except it was the only building to move like that.
    She and the rest of the staff on the command center watched silently as the building trembled again, then began to rise up into the air. Bits of it fell off and struck the ground as it ascended, but an impressive amount of it remained intact. It had been designed to move after all, just not quite like this.
    "No way," Makoto breathed. "Can it really be her?"
    The faux skyscraper went higher and higher, slowly rising above all the other buildings in the area around it. As the dust and debris that had fallen from the structure as it had been brought upwards dispersed, one of the cameras NERV had around the city finally managed to capture the image. A blue and red blur was buzzing around the bottom of the structure, too quickly to ever see clearly.
    Not that there was any real question as to what it was, of course.
    "What in the world…?" Misato muttered.
    "The structure's not designed to have all of its weight resting on one spot," Aoba spoke up, sounding dazed. "It would collapse. She must be moving from place to place on the building, pushing it up… and doing it at such extreme speed it's like she's supporting its entire base."
    "I know Supergirl is fast and strong," Maya said quietly. "But this…?"
  • Thousand Shinji: Asuka eventually develops this due to the energies of the Warp mutating her body and transforming her into a Super Soldier.
  • In FREAKIN GENSOKYO, youkai have superhuman strength as in canon. They put it to use much more, though, mostly against overeager Human Village swordsmen.
    • A special mention must go to Orin, who can run over mud and rocks while pushing four people and a skull in her wheelbarrow.
    • Shikome can open Remilia's huge door without breaking a sweat.
  • In Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supergirl crossover The Vampire of Steel, Kara has this power. At one point she lifts two towers and an Eldritch Abomination clinging to them and flies them out of the planet... even though she is weakened.
    Kara went with her original plan and, flying to the top of the towers, put her hands on one of them, exerted her reduced strength, and, with a great wrenching of metal from ferroconcrete, tore it out of the roof.
    Then she did the same to the other tower. All over Chicago, TV screens would be going blank. Perhaps that would be a blessing.
    She glanced for an instant at Buffy. The Slayer girl was in the midst of the foe, slamming home stakes, brandishing her crucifix, kicking out, dodging bullets. What Kara was doing had to be done quickly, if she was to survive.
    Supergirl grasped the top of the left-hand tower and, flying upward, began to haul both towers and M’nagaleh into space.
  • In A Force of Four story Power Girl points out she isn't as massively strong as her Earth-One counterpart, but she still can punch villains through a mountain.
  • In Superman story Superman of 2499: The Great Confrontation, the main characters are of Kryptonian descent. And because they're based on Pre-Crisis Superman and Supergirl, they are massively strong.
    There was no thought involved in what she did. Before she could register it, Katherine de Ka’an was out of the cloudbank and into the open air, a barely-perceptible streak flying at hypersonic speed.
    The wall of the sky-high apartment from which the scream came was of the toughest building material available. Before her, it gave like paper.
    The force of her entry and the shock of her impact, as well as the hurtling material and air blast, knocked both the room’s occupants off their feet. Thankfully, the wall fragments shattered into gravel-size nodules and bounced off the two with little harm.
  • In The Flash (2014)/Supergirl (2015) crossover Call Me Kara, the eponymous heroine is the strongest hero around.
    "You have to be kidding me." she whispered. The blonde had hit with enough force to shatter three feet of concrete.
  • In Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!, Izuku is a teenaged Kal-El. By the time he's fourteen, he can kick a can hard enough to hit All Might in the head from across a city, effortlessly lift people by the oollar with one hand, and battle the Ultra-Humanite, who was using a superhumanly strong gorilla body. His classmates already expect him to be able to stop a fully moving train even before he starts preparing to take the U.A. Entrance Exam. Once he does start training, he manages to break a punching machine at the U.A. Culture Festival completely by accident and his love taps are stronger than punches from Kendo Rappa, who can smash through other defensive Quirks like glass.
  • Subverted in The Utonium Trials. Despite looking like they're abnormally strong he Powerpuff Girls don't technically have super-strength. It's actually related to an energy field:
    Bubbles knew that while she and her sisters were strong enough to lift over ten tons, they were only a little stronger than a normal human when bound, unable to move. Blossom explained it once, saying that they didn't actually have super strength, but some sort of energy field that magnified their momentum. If the girls were bound, whether in metal shackles or a monster's claws, they couldn't break free unless they had wiggle room.
  • In To Hell and Back (Arrowverse), one of the three leads learns about her superhuman strength when she shoves a thug away... and into a tree.
    Kara struggled in her captor’s hold, writhing as his arms tightened, until she screamed and, completely on instinct, hitched up her back, lifting the man up and throwing him over her body to one of the trees. His body had been thrown with such force that it broke through the tree trunk, ripping it in half. He continued to skid across the ground before his back hit another tree, and remained there motionless, either unconscious or dead.
  • Several characters in Hellsister Trilogy, including the main character, her evil duplicate -who displays this power when she smashes one moon out of orbit- and other Kryptonians or Daxamites, but it is told that Darkseid is strong enough to crush any of them.
    She pushed herself off of nothingness, and speeded towards one of those moons, quickly passing light velocity several times over. Satan Girl kept picking up speed, her arms crossed before her face. The white, crater-pocked surface loomed before her, filling her range of vision.
    She hit it.
    There would have been a tremendous boom, if the moon had had an atmosphere. But it did not, and there was only silence and an awesome impact of body with lunar matter.
    Satan Girl had struck the moon at an angle to spin it free of its orbit. She ricocheted away from it, unharmed.
  • Several characters in The Institute Saga, although Superman is the strongest of them all. Played for laughs when he takes Shadowcat's luggage away.
    Kitty nodded, then her already-wide eyes seemed to bulge even more as Clark walked past her, carrying her heavy suitcases as if they were empty.
    "Multiple powers." Clark smiled as he paused at the bottom of the ramp. "Super strength. You coming?"
  • In Pokémon Reset Bloodlines, Bloodliners are established to be physically stronger than normal average humans. At one point, Ash is able to catch the punch of a Kangaskhan with his bare hands and almost knocks it over, and this is before he actually starts training his body.
  • Carol Danvers from A Prize For Three Empires is usually super-strong. Depending on the time, it ranges from "somewhat stronger than Spider-Man" to nearly Hulk-level.
    Carol, not budging from her stand, ducked between them, swung her own fist up and across and tagged Rogue again with another blow. It had enough foot-pounds of force to cave in an elephant's skull.
  • In Superman and Man, a person of our world is trapped into the body of Superman and gets a taste of his incredible strength when he acidentally knocks Lex Luthor across the street.
    In between the triggering of that blast and Luthor's last word, the figure in blue and red gathered his strength, made a decision without realizing he had, and simply whacked Luthor in the chest with his arm.
    The master villain was sent flying ass-over-teakettle in the sky, impacting on the side of a building across the street, causing a gaggle of workers in the office nearest the dent he made in it to run for the elevator. A few hardy souls chose the stairs. Luthor took no notice of any of them.
    The actor was stunned. Not even that hard a blow, and it had knocked Luthor clear across the street. He had no idea what the real power of Superman was. No scale, at all.
  • In Amazing Fantasy, Izuku is bitten by a radioactive spider and gains the powers of Spider-Man, including enough strength to crush robots like tin cans, leave sizable craters in walls he punches, and knock someone all the way down a hallway with a light shove. He has to train himself to control his new strength to avoid snapping pencils and other fragile objects in half while handling them.
  • Son of the Sannin: Outside of canon examples, both Hinata and Karin learn Tsunade's technique of enhancing strength with chakra, though neither of them are as good at it as Sakura and tend to only use it in situations where their regular skill sets wouldn't be effective.


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