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"I'm Froggy Fresh, and I ain't gonna rest!"
Froggy Fresh, Same Old Kid
Froggy Fresh (on the right) and his homeboy Money Maker Mike (center-left) hanging out at the playground.

Froggy Fresh (previously known as Krispy Kreme) is a rapper best known for his music's goofy style. He is played by Tyler Cassidy, who grew up in Flint, Michigan. He has a website, where he sells his (to this date) only album, Money Maker Reloaded.

With Froggy Fresh being a rapper, it is somewhat surprising to note that all of his music is incredibly Safe For Work.

Froggy Fresh's songs provide examples of...

  • Boastful Rap: Parodied with some of his songs, most notably The Baddest.
  • Crapsack World: A lot of his (mis)adventures take place in a world where drug dealers and murderers run free.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: Froggy Fresh and Mike.
  • G-Rated Drug: Fun Trip, which at first glance appears to be Fun Dip. Ultimately subverted, given that Fun Trip deals with drug addiction in a realistic way.
  • Go-Karting with Bowser: The Mike's Mom/E.R. saga has James murder Mike's mom, then attempt to kill Mike himself. The next song released, Dunked On, has Froggy and Mike playing basketball with him.
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  • Paper-Thin Disguise: In Fun Trip, an afro for Froggy Fresh and a fake mustache for Mike, or "Steve."
  • Piss Take Rap: He's basically all about this trope. Video content aside, most his humor in the songs themselves seems to revolve around bad, awkwardly written lyrics, as opposed to playing the exaggerated Pretty Fly for a White Guy angle.
    I had to fight my whole life
    I could beat you up, even if you had one thousand knives
    Even if you had infinity knives!
    I would punch you up into the air like a kite
  • Pretty Fly for a White Guy: Subverted. Despite being a white, dorky rapper who would usually be the poster boy for this trope he's never dressed in stereotypical urban clothes and avoids any sort of "gangsta" mannerisms.
  • Stylistic Suck: His earlier songs were mostly Boastful Raps with incredibly childish lyrics that were Played for Laughs.