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Froggy Fresh (on the right) and his homeboy Money Maker Mike (center-left) hanging out at the playground.

"I'm Froggy Fresh, and I ain't gonna rest!"
Froggy Fresh, Same Old Kid

Froggy Fresh (previously known as Krispy Kreme, real name Tyler Cassidy) is a rapper who grew up in Burton, Michigan. He rose to popularity after his first song, "The Baddest", became a viral video due to its childish, over-the-top Boastful Rap lyrics.

Cassidy released three albums under the Froggy Fresh persona: Money Maker (Reloaded)note , Dream Team, and Escape From Hood Mountain. Froggy Fresh originally called himself Krispy Kreme, but had to change his name due to legal issues with the donut company. Froggy Fresh's songs often have a goofy style with childish, Stylistic Suck lyrics, though some of them, such as "Same Old Kid", are more serious and showcase genuine rap talent.

In 2018, the Froggy Fresh character was retired and Tyler started releasing music under his real name. These songs are mostly much more serious, while the funny ones feature adult humor and Black Comedy (with titles such as "Every President Is Gay" and "Macklemore's Wife Is A Cunt"). Also unlike his work as Froggy Fresh, these songs are more R&B than rap. After many videos of him playing the piano while singing both covers and original songs, he released his first non-Froggy Fresh album, Renee, in 2019.

In 2022, Cassidy announced he was reviving the Froggy Fresh character and would be producing new content under the name. Much of this content is hosted on the Froggy Fresh Basement side channel, which features a more podcast-like format and focuses on songs either based around current events or viewer-submitted stories.

Froggy Fresh's songs provide examples of...

  • The Bad Guy Wins: James manages to get one over on Froggy Fresh and Money Make Mike a number of times throughout the songs, most notably in the first two Stolen Bikes songs, Reindeer Games, and The Fight 2. Street Rangers 2 zig-zags this, with James and Big Blue ultimately being defeated by Mike and Gator, though James' ultimate goal of blowing up Young Rob and the playground are successful because both of them forget to rescue him afterwards. Wholly averted in most of the other songs, with James losing to Froggy and Mike a fair amount of times as well.
  • Bamboo Technology: Froggy and Mike are often seen using inflatable life jackets as bulletproof vests.
  • Becoming the Mask: This happens to Money Maker Mike in Fun Trip, after he's forced to take some of the titular drug in order to avoid blowing his cover. Froggy manages to get him clean in Push Me.
  • Big Budget Beef-Up: Me and Daniel Tosh features a noticeably higher production value than most of the other videos, due to it being filmed as part of Krispy Kreme's appearance on Tosh.0. Despite this, the production team went out of their way to maintain several aspects of the lower-budget style of Krispy's YouTube videos.
  • Breast Attack: A male-on-male example of this trope occurs in Halloween III, where Froggy Fresh delivers a particularly devastating one to Farty Krueger.
    I said "Freddy, did you like that titty twister, mayne?"
    "That ain't no titty twister, that's a titty hurricane"
  • Brief Accent Imitation: Froggy sings in a Jamaican accent during the chorus of Halloween III.
  • Boastful Rap: Parodied with some of his songs, most notably The Baddest.
  • California Doubling: Froggy Fresh and Mike are portrayed in-universe as living in Birmingham, Alabama, most notably referenced in Me and Daniel Tosh, Halloween, and Good Guy Shoes. However, the videos are filmed in Burton, Michigan, where the duo actually lived at the time, as can be seen by some of the more easily recognizable filming locations as well as James' car having a Michigan license plate. Possibly subverted in Prank Calls, in which Froggy prank calls someone from Otisville, Michigan, a small town located near Burton.
  • Call-Back: The video for Stolen Bikes 3 has Froggy and Mike reclaiming all the stolen bikes from Mr. Kane's shed, immediately followed by them placing the Big Wheel and pink bike James gave them in Stolen Bikes 2 back into the shed before leaving.
  • Crapsack World: A lot of his (mis)adventures take place in a world where drug dealers and murderers run free. Possibly a case of Write What You Know, as Tyler Cassidy grew up in Burton, Michigan, a suburb of Flint, which is considered to be one of the most dangerous cities in the United States.
  • Dance Sensation: Froggy starts one of these in Fish Outta Water, creating the titular dance and causing a sensation that has the whole neighborhood lining up to learn it. The dance is referenced in a couple other songs, with Froggy performing it after knocking out James in Stolen Bikes 3, and Gator celebrating with it after scoring a touchdown in Beast Mode.
    Make your legs wobble, then you raise your hands
    Then you shake your head 'cause you know that you're the man
    Now you swim, now you swim
    'Cause you're back up in the water once again
  • Deadly Game: Michael, Jason, and Farty challenge Froggy and Mike to a driveway basketball game in Halloween III, with the condition that the villains will kill the duo if they lose. Fortunately, none of them are any good at basketball.
  • Desecrating the Dead: In Friday the 13th, after chasing after Froggy and Mike, Jason Voorhees suddenly collapses and becomes unresponsive. Froggy and Mike proceed to take a bunch of selfies posing with what they assume to be his corpse in order to prove the events of the song actually happened. Ultimately subverted, as it's revealed Jason wasn't actually dead.
  • Fighting in the Playground:
    • The Fight takes place on Froggy and Mike's local playground.
    • Street Rangers 2 takes place nearby, where James has kidnapped Young Rob and strapped a bomb to him in order to destroy the entire playground.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: Froggy Fresh and Mike.
  • G-Rated Drug: Fun Trip, which at first glance appears to be Fun Dip. Ultimately subverted, given that Fun Trip deals with drug addiction in a realistic way. It's later revealed to be made of melted-down children.
  • Genre Shift: The songs made after Froggy Fresh's return in 2022 have all been fairly different in style from his older videos, featuring more of an R&B sound like those on Cassidy's other channel, though the hip-hop influences are still present. The actual content and style of the videos is rather different as well; Cassidy states that this is due to the cast and crew of the original videos now being grown up and living their own lives in separate places, making it much harder to produce that style of content. Word of God says that this is the reason for the Froggy Fresh Basement channel existing separately from his main one, in order to differentiate the two styles of content among viewers. However, many hallmarks of the persona are still omnipresent, making it clear that while the videos are different, he's still the same old Froggy Fresh.
  • Go-Karting with Bowser:
    • The Mike's Mom/E.R. saga has James murder Mike's mom, then attempt to kill Mike himself. The next song released, Dunked On, has Froggy and Mike playing basketball with him.
    • Halloween III features Michael Myers, Farty Krueger, and Jason Voorhees playing against Froggy Fresh and Mike in a game of driveway basketball, after the three all separately attempted to kill or antagonize the duo in previous songs. Justified, as they threaten to kill Froggy and Mike if they lose.
  • Grand Finale:
    • Stolen Bikes 3 serves as this to the Froggy Fresh YouTube channel itself, featuring a climactic battle with James and ultimately resulting in Froggy and Mike finally recovering all of the bikes James had stolen. More videos were planned for the rest of the songs on the Escape From Hood Mountain album, but were never produced.
    • The album-only track The Last Shot serves as this to the Froggy Fresh character as a whole, additionally serving as the finale of a trilogy of songs featuring Froggy, Mike, and Gator facing off with James, Big Blue, and Giant Jimmy in one last game of driveway basketball. In the song's intro, Froggy comes to terms with growing up and moving away from his friends as they all go their separate ways after graduation. The lyrics depict Froggy recounting all the adventures he and Mike had been through in his previous songs, culminating in him scoring the winning shot of the game.
    • Both of the above examples eventually proved to not be the end, as Tyler Cassidy would bring the Froggy Fresh persona out of retirement in 2022, reuinting with Money Maker Mike and planning to start making new music and videos together once more. However, they still function as a finale to the original era of Froggy Fresh.
  • Halloween Cosplay: Used regularly in Froggy's Halloween-themed videos.
  • Highly-Visible Ninja: Atypically for a drug dealer and gang leader, James primarily uses ninjas as his guards.
  • Honey Trap: In the album-only song Go Kart Love, Froggy falls for one of these. After picking up an attractive girl at the arcade, he takes her back to her house only to get robbed and imprisoned by her and her boyfriend, alongside seven other people who presumably fell for the same thing. The song ends with Froggy dying of starvation and returning as a ghost who cooks toast for the other prisoners.
  • In the Back: Mike lodges an axe in James' back during their fight in Street Rangers 2.
  • Left Hanging: Mr. Kane recieved a lot of buildup throughout the songs, serving as the Mysterious Backer to James and gradually making more and more appearances, culminating in The Reveal in the intro to Stolen Bikes 3 that he makes the Fun Trip out of melted-down kidnapped children. While Stolen Bikes 3 was the last music video created for the Froggy Fresh channel before the character's retirement, further songs were created for the Escape From Hood Mountain album that was released afterwards, but none of them mention Kane or what happened to him after James' bike-stealing operation fell apart. It's unknown if there was ever more planned for the character, and while there's a possibility of a resolution with Froggy Fresh's return in 2022, there's no indication as to whether or not Cassidy plans to revisit the storyline, especially with his different approach to making content due to the old cast and crew off being busy with their own lives.
  • Magic Floppy Disk: Whenever anyone is shown using a cellphone in Froggy's videos, it's almost always a model that was a decade or more out of date at the time the video was uploaded.
  • Malicious Misnaming: Froggy begins referring to Michael Myers as "Michael Cryers" in Halloween III, after Myers complains that he and Mike were being too mean.
  • Mooks: James makes use of ninja henchmen in a few videos.
  • Music/Age Dissonance: Nightmare On My Street both plays this trope straight and subverts it in two separate examples. Farty Krueger is said to have a Jonas Brothers tattoo, which Froggy roundly mocks. Later in the song, Farty attempts to roast Froggy by bringing up the fact he owns an *NSYNC CD, but Froggy proudly embraces his enjoyment of the boy band.
    Farty said "You're gonna make fun of me?
    Homeboy, why you got that NSYNC CD?"
    I said "That's right, and I got it on tape
    How can anybody not like Justin Timberlake?"
  • Never Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight: Invoked in Reindeer Games, in which Froggy pulls out his katana to fight James after he steals all their Christmas presents. James proceeds to pull out a gun and basically says this, shooting Froggy and getting away, though the rapper is thankfully unharmed due to his "bulletproof vest" (an inflatable life jacket) taking the bullet.
    Then James said "Hey guys, how about this?
    I ain't keeping five or six, I'm keeping all your freaking gifts!"
    I pulled my sword out, I was all ready for war
    James pulled his magnum out and said "Gun beats sword."
  • Nightmare Fuel Coloring Book: The intro to Halloween II features Froggy Fresh drawing picture after picture of Michael Myers while being haunted by the memories of the events of the original Halloween. Partially played for laughs, as one of these pictures is a drawing of actor Mike Myers.
  • Nightmare Sequence:
    • Push Me opens with one of these, featuring Froggy having a Guilt-Induced Nightmare over not being able to save Mike from his addiction to Fun Trip. The dream features Mike dying from an overdose, with Froggy sitting and staring at his body. Mike then opens his eyes and asks Froggy why he didn't save him. Froggy then walks out of the room, overcome with grief, only for the dream to mysteriously pivot to a vision of Mr. Kane, who begins playing the piano before Froggy wakes up.
      I had a dream that my best friend died
      He was laying on the couch as he closed both of his eyes
      And I just sat and stared ahead trying not to cry
      And all that I could say was "I tried, Mama, I tried"
      And when I walked on over to him to pay my last respects
      He opened up his eyes like he had risen from the dead
      He said "Why didn't you save me? Why didn't you take me
      And bring me home and get me clean? Why didn't you make me?"
    • Most of Nightmare On My Street takes place inside of one of these induced by Farty Krueger.
    • Likewise, Nightmare Before Christmas takes place in another Farty-induced dream.
  • Nose Nuggets: Played for laughs in The Baddest, in which Froggy is shown with snot running out of his nose during the closeups of him rapping into the microphone.
  • Not Worth Killing: Invoked in Push Me, where Froggy temporarily puts James out of commission with a slash to the calf from his katana, stating "You're lucky I don't kill you right here, right now". He ends up sparing James in order to focus on rescuing Mike.
  • Only a Flesh Wound:
    • In The Fight, Froggy gets shot twice in the left arm, and Mike gets a switchblade stabbed into his thigh. They both seemingly shrug their injuries off after a few seconds.
    • Froggy ends up getting stabbed upwards of fifty times by Giant Jimmy in Good Guy Shoes, ending with an uppercut to the face that knocks him out of the titular shoes, breaking Doug's possession of his body. Froggy then proceeds to walk home and throw out the shoes despite his copious blood loss and numerous wounds.
  • Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping: A variant of this happens in Stolen Bikes 2, in which Froggy exclaims "Jeez-o-petes!", an interjection associated almost solely with Michigan, where Tyler Cassidy lived at the time, contrasting with Froggy Fresh's persona of being from Alabama.
  • Opening Narration: Present in a lot of his later, more narrative-based videos. Played with in Stolen Bikes 2, in which Froggy stops narrating in the middle of a sentence to yell at his producer about his illegible handwriting.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: In Fun Trip, an afro wig for Froggy Fresh, or "Jamal", and a fake mustache for Mike, or "Steve", with the both of them dressing up in "clothes like N.W.A used to wear".
  • Parrying Bullets: Froggy Fresh blocks all of James' bullets with his katana in Push Me, proceeding to slice James' gun in half afterwards.
  • Piss-Take Rap: He's basically all about this trope. Video content aside, most his humor in the songs themselves seems to revolve around bad, awkwardly written lyrics, as opposed to playing the exaggerated Pretty Fly for a White Guy angle.
    I had to fight my whole life
    I could beat you up, even if you had one thousand knives
    Even if you had infinity knives
    I would punch you up into the air like a kite
  • Potty Failure: Happens to Froggy in Nightmare On My Street. He threatens to share Mike's own embarrassing example of this if he tells anyone what happened.
    We walked into the kitchen, and then I peed my pants
    Sometimes I can hold it in, and other times I can't
    I told Mike "You better not tell nobody at school
    Or I'm gonna tell 'em how you pooped inside the pool"
  • Power-Up Food: Mike eats a can of spinach to power up during the fight with James in Stolen Bikes 2. It ultimately proves useless, as James runs and gets his own can right afterwards.
  • Practical Currency: In Stolen Bikes 2, it's mentioned that "around here, the only thing more valuable than bikes is candy", depicting James trading a stolen bike for a briefcase full of sweets.
  • Pretty Fly for a White Guy: Subverted. Despite being a white, dorky rapper who would usually be the poster boy for this trope he's never dressed in stereotypical urban clothes and avoids any sort of "gangsta" mannerisms. The sole exception to this is in Fun Trip, where he and Mike are supposed to be undercover while infiltrating James' gang.
  • Right Behind Me: Invoked in Nightmare On My Street, where Edward Scissorhands overhears Froggy insult Farty Krueger's appearance by comparing Farty to him.
    I said "Farty, you ain't nothing to admire
    Looking like Edward Scissorhands caught on fire"
    I didn't know Ed was standing right there
    He just kept on looking at me with this big mad stare
    I said "Relax, Eddie, we can talk about this later
    Why don't you head into the living room and cut yourself some paper?"
  • The Scream: Parodied in Nightmare On My Street, where Froggy and Mike repeat this numerous times throughout the video, culminating in four back-to-back uses of the trope at the end: Once after Edward Scissorhands starts screaming at them, a second time after they look back over at Farty Krueger, a third after they appear to wake up and suddenly see Farty in the reflection of the TV screen, and a final time after they wake up for real and see a Maxmoefoe video playing on the television.
  • Senior Year Struggles: The Last Shot focuses on Froggy coming to terms with growing up and parting ways with his friends, ultimately culminating in him scoring the winning shot against James' team in their last-ever game of driveway basketball.
  • Shout-Out:
    • The Fight features Froggy and Mike dressed up as John Cena and Rey Mysterio Jr., respectively.
    • Mike emulates Popeye in Stolen Bikes 2, busting out a can of spinach which he eats to increase his strength during the fight with James. His plan ends up not working since James has his own can.
    • Both Street Rangers songs are an obvious homage to Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Froggy and Mike face off against the Predator in the first one.
    • Friday the 13th is a parody of the film series of the same name, featuring Froggy and Mike exploring Jason Voorhees' house, only to get chased by the iconic killer.
    • Most of the Halloween-themed songs feature an iconic horror villain of some kind. Halloween and Halloween II both center around Froggy and Mike being chased by Michael Myers, and Nightmare On My Street and Nightmare Before Christmas center around a Captain Ersatz of Freddy Krueger known as "Farty Krueger". Edward Scissorhands makes an appearance in the first of the latter songs as well.
    • Good Guys Shoes parodies the Child's Play movies, featuring a pair of Chucky-themed shoes that get possessed by the spirit of a redheaded Irish thug who just happens to dress a lot like the iconic possessed doll. His backstory features him dying in a similar manner to Charles Lee Ray.
    • Stolen Bikes III features Froggy dressed in two of Bruce Lee's iconic looks, from Game of Death and Enter the Dragon, respectively.
    • Prank Calls features one to Sean Kingston's song Fire Burning, used by Froggy to prank call the 911 operator after being dared to do so by Mike.
      I had to do something real cool
      (Why?) To show Mike that I was hardcore
      So I said "Somebody call 911,
      'Cause shorty fire burning on that dance floor"
  • Signature Team Transport: In later videos, Froggy is frequently shown getting around via a child-size electric dirtbike, with Mike riding in a wagon attached to the back. ER features an early version of this arrangement, with Froggy riding his bicycle with the wagon tethered to the back. Stolen Bikes 2 features another early version of this, showing Mike riding a scooter with Froggy's skateboard tethered to the back.
  • Special Effects Evolution: While the music videos aren't particularly heavy on the special effects, they notably get more ambitious in scope over time and contain a lot more props, costumes, and more complex filming setups, especially compared to earlier videos like The Baddest which were mostly just filmed in a basement.
  • Stylistic Suck: His earlier songs were mostly Boastful Raps with incredibly childish lyrics that were Played for Laughs.
  • Subverted Rhyme Every Occasion: One of these shows up in Denzel Washington, in the verse talking about Washington's role in John Q.:
    He went up in the hospital and said: "Here's the deal,
    My name's Denzel, and I always keep it real
    My son needs a heart, so you better get one fast
    And if you do not hurry up, I will kick your freaking butt."
  • Take That!:
    • Played for laughs in The Baddest, where Froggy states that he has more money than Jay-Z, and that compared to him, "Jay-Z is lazy". He follows this up by claiming Beyoncé thinks that he's cute.
    • Stolen Bikes 2 features a mild one towards Rob Dyrdek, in the verse where Froggy Fresh laments about being forced to use a skateboard all year due to having his bike stolen. After Mike responds "no" to the question "Do I look like Rob Dyrdek?", Froggy follows up with "Thank God."
    • The intro to Stolen Bikes 3 has a good-natured one towards Bo Burnham, with radio talk-show host Marvin Hart offering the viewers tickets to one of Burnham's sold-out shows, prefacing it with a friendly jab that he was surprised how it managed to sell out and theorizing that Bo bought all of the tickets to his own show.
    • Taken By The Flash, the first upload to the Froggy Fresh Basement side channel, is a giant Take That towards Ezra Miller, mocking the at-the-time recent headlines about the actor's pattern of unstable behavior and alleged kidnapping charges.
  • Temporary Substitute: Several uploads on the Froggy Fresh Basement channel feature "Money Maker Lyle", a mannequin dressed up like Money Maker Mike who serves as a temporary stand-in until Froggy can manage to film something with him again, due to Mike and Froggy not living close enough to one another to film regularly.
  • That's What She Said: A variant of this is invoked in The Fight 2, after it's revealed James has been taunting Froggy by calling him gay.
    I called James and I said "You think that you're hard?
    Then meet us at three o'clock in Mike's front yard"
    Then James said "I bet you wish that I was hard"
    It was a gay joke, he got me again
  • Third Time's The Charm: Froggy and Mike finally manage to reclaim all of the neighborhood's bikes from James in Stolen Bikes 3, after failing in the last two songs in the series.
  • True Meaning of Christmas: Invoked in the intro to Nightmare Before Christmas, where Froggy's dad says Christmas is truly about family and friends after it's revealed his family can only afford a single present apiece for Froggy and Mike. Froggy thinks he's just saying that due to not having any money after getting laid off, though he doesn't seem too torn up about his lack of presents since he "already [has] enough crap anyways".
  • Unexpectedly Dark Episode: While most of Froggy Fresh's songs are comedic and light-hearted in tone, he occasionally releases a track that deviates in tone from this standard, faring into darker and more dramatic territory.
    • The first example of this is in Same Old Kid, which unlike most of his other songs up to this point, is a mostly serious rap song that lacks most of the Stylistic Suck most of his previous songs had. Word of God indicates that this is likely due to both Froggy and Mike's frustration at being forced to rebrand from the Krispy Kreme name, as Same Old Kid was the first song released after the name change.
    • The next two songs released, Mike's Mom and ER, maintain the more serious tone, going into even Darker and Edgier territory. The first song details Mike setting out to kill James in revenge for the death of his mother, who was shot by James during a burglary gone wrong. The song ends with Mike being nearly fatally wounded by James, and ER picks up in the hospital where he's fighting for his life. Both of these songs are played relatively straight, with a much more dramatic tone compared to previous tracks, though the entire thing is still rapped in Froggy Fresh's thick southern accent. Humorously, the next song released, Dunked On, returns to the comedic tone, featuring Froggy and Mike playing driveway basketball against James, with no mention of anything that happened to Mike's mother.
    • While it still has quite a bit of comedy in it, Fun Trip features some more dramatic elements as Froggy laments over Mike falling in with James as a result of an addiction to the titular drug, ending on a cliffhanger with Mike overdosing.
    • Push Me, the direct followup to Fun Trip, has little to no comedy in its lyrics and is a very dramatic and heavy song about Froggy attempting to rescue Mike from James and get him clean from his addiction. The video itself features only a few scant moments of humor, most notably in a scene of Froggy getting past James' ninja guards by distracting them via instruction on how to properly use their weapons. There's a bit of comedy in the sheer over-the-top goofiness of Froggy storming into James' house with a katana and deflecting all his bullets with the blade as well, though this is played completely straight.
  • The Unintelligible: The song Bad Guys features an Ensemble Cast of the horror villains featured in previous tracks lamenting about how they don't like being evil and just want to be loved. Michael Myers, Farty Krueger, and Jason Voorhees are all immediately recognizeable, but they're joined by an unidentified fourth villain who speaks in complete unintelligeable gibberish and gives no hints to his identity. Given the song never got a video, we can only guess as to who this was supposed to be.
  • Unreliable Voiceover: Invoked in Stolen Bikes 3 after Froggy Fresh accidentally knocks out Vinnie Velvet by hitting him in the head after letting go of his nunchucks. The following lines are played while Froggy is shown not having much regard for Vinnie, merely going over and stealing his chain, and then taking the time to enter James' car and change into a different outfit, wearing said chain around his neck:
    Then they nailed Vinnie Velvet in the head
    He fell over on the ground, I was scared that he was dead
    I didn't have no time to worry 'bout that
    I had to get them bikes out that shed, ASAP
  • Vanity License Plate: James has vanity plates reading "FUNTRIP" on his car, after the titular drug from the song of the same name.
  • Villainous Lament: Bad Guys is one of these for the trio of horror villains appearing throughout Froggy's Halloween-themed songs, with an unidentified fourth villain joining in as well.
  • "The Villain Sucks" Song: Giant Jimmy serves as one of these for the titular character, describing just how formidable and unstoppable he is.
    Giant Jimmy, Giant, Giant Jimmy
    Tall, white, skinny, and he's rolling through your city
    Giant Jimmy, Giant, Giant Jimmy
    "Compared to me, you're mini, all the women think I'm pretty"
  • What Is This, X?: Parodied in Stolen Bikes 2, where Froggy invokes this while complaining about having to rely on riding skateboards to get around. He then proceeds to invoke it two more times for comedic effect.
    Friggin' skateboard, I would rather walk
    Do I look like Tony Hawk? (No)
    That's what I thought
    Do I look like Rob Dyrdek? (No)
    Thank God
    Do I look like Brad Pitt? (No)
    Are you sure?
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: After Mike's Face–Heel Turn in Fun Trip, he and James are shown performing a drug deal with another gang, exchanging a large amount of the titular drug for a sizeable sum of money. After the deal is done, Mike and James proceed to draw their weapons and gun down all the members of the gang, taking both the money and the Fun Trip and leaving.
  • Zany Scheme: In The Fight 2, Froggy plans to fight James, but realizes he's outmatched due to James having a massive height advantage over him. He then concocts a plan involving Mike running in during the fight and throwing a trampoline under him to launch him into the air so he can hit James in the face. James pulls a gun on the both of them before they can even start to put the plan into action.