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gmcfosho, also known as Gil McRipley, is a YouTube rapper who parodies Swag Rap and other kinds of Boastful Rap music. Everything he makes has a Stylistic Suck quality to it, that combines legitimately clever wordplay with terrible special effects and Rouge Angles of Satin lyrics.

All of his tracks are part of the ever-expanding multi-part album Gil Killed Hip Hop, which its creator claims will indeed be the end of hip-hop because nobody could ever top that.


No non-swag tropes @ da page:

  • Affectionate Parody: "GTFO" is one of PaRappa the Rapper, with Gil as PaRappa's teacher.
  • Awesomeness Is a Force: Swag, in Gil's case. In "Ally Carr", he says it's his life force.
  • Beyond the Impossible: A regular feature of his lyrics.
    • In "#swag", for example:
    So hot that I'm cold
    And it's snowing
    • In "werldstarr":
    I filmed this video with a book
    • In "The Real Ryan Goslin":
    I don't even need words to rap.
  • Black Sheep Hit: "Miss My Nigga" is R&B instead of Gil's usual rap, and it exploded in popularity in early 2017.
  • Comics Rule Everything Around Me: Despite his tough-guy image, his lyrics are full of nerdy references.
    Fresh up out the water
    Like I beat the worst dungeon
    • In the shots of his basement you can see that he has a Sephiroth poster.
  • Continuity Nod: In "SWAGGIN DRAGON", Zech is still dead from the events of "Miss My Nigga".
    • The first few lines of "Happy Bursday" reference several of Gil's previous songs.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: In "Rifle Burs":
    Yeah I'm shootin' babies
    'Cause they ain't got no voice
    I'm a pro.
    I call this pro-choice.
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!: Gil swears all he wants, but in "GTFO" PaRappa self-censors all the lines he repeats from Gil. Until the ending, when PaRappa finally takes Gil's advice and shuts "Get the FUCK out!" at all the partygoers who still won't leave.
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  • Men Don't Cry: In "Ally Car", Gil sings the second half of the song while in the shower, since the shower has to cry for him because he's "too swag to cry".
  • N-Word Privileges: Discussed and lampshaded in "Miss My Nigga".
    White people, you can sing it too
    Just change that N to a W
    Miss my Wigga...
    • When a (white) nurse says the word in the song's music video, her mouth is covered with the words "im not racist".
  • Pretty in Mink: Exaggerated in "IM GROWN".
    Protest if you want
    Imma wear twenty-five dead animals
    Look so different call me stranger
    Clothes so stupid what I'm gon' wear is a no-brainer
  • Rhyming with Itself: In "#swag":
    Punch you in your eye
    You need a frozen steak
    And if you Dracula
    I kill you with a stake
    So gangsta everything I do is high stakes
  • Rouge Angles of Satin: All of his onscreen lyrics are an example of this. He occasionally completely butchers a word, such as how in "IMDABES" he spells "arthritis" as "araseddfasdfis".
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  • Shameless Self-Promoter: His videos are full of pictures of fans wearing his T-shirts. In "GTFO", not only are most of the party's guests wearing his clothes, but there are several TVs in the background playing some of Gil's older videos.
  • Stuffy Old Songs About the Buttocks: He has two of them: "DEM PANTS" and "boombadoom".
  • Word of God: "SWAGGIN DRAGON" ends with a shot of someone holding two of the Dragon Balls. Apparently, Gil collected the rest of the Dragon Balls after the video so he could finally resurrect Zech.

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