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Characters / Froggy Fresh

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    Froggy Fresh 
Also known as Tyler Cassidy

The titular rapper and protagonist of the songs, whose career began in 2013. He is best friends with Mike, and tries to protect others from James. Whenever Mike is in trouble, he's at his side.

    Money Maker Mike
Froggy Fresh's best friend. No matter what Froggy Fresh goes through, Mike will be there for him.

Drug dealer. Gang leader. Murderer. Basketball player. This is James, the true Big Bad of the series.
  • The Aggressive Drug Dealer: In Fun Trip.
  • Big Bad: Oh, so many things can be said about him.
    • He steals Froggy Fresh and Mike's presents in Reindeer Games.
    • He murders Mike's mother in Mike's Mom.
      • He then nearly kills Mike while he was trying to avenge his mother.
    • He gets Mike addicted to Fun Trip in Fun Trip.
  • Jerkass Victim: In Reindeer Games, he steals Froggy Fresh and Mike's presents because he is living in poverty because bike season is over.