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  • A Crown of Stars: Shinji and Asuka had finally got the help they needed, they were talking to each other and with the assistance of powerful friends they were ready to take down the Big Bad... when the dimensional gate through which they were transporting an army got blocked and they were cut off. Asuka got afraid all this was going to Hell again because their lives had been a long string of hope spots.
    • Described by Asuka in chapter 46:
      “I just know this is going to go to Hell somehow. It always does. Something good happens, and then the world shits all over us again. You and I meet, then spend years missing each other’s signals. We’re beating the Angels easily, coming together as a team, and then your asshole father springs the Dummy Plug system on us. We survive the Third Impact, then get a world of thugs, rapists, and warlords. And now we finally… talk to each other, and then this… I just know something more is going to go wrong here, because this world hates us,” Asuka said wearily into his chest.
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  • A Different Medius has a particularly cruel one. AU!Sam is swapped with her canon self, and among other things, she prevents a load of angst by defending Buwaro from an angel attack instead of Kieri, preventing the latter from angsting about betraying her own kind, and stops Buwaro and Kieri from playing the Archery Game, preventing Kieri from losing her grip when she would've seemingly missed a target. And, she even gets canon!Iratu to do a Heel–Face Turn and join canon!Rhea's party. Then Moonshade kills Iratu for betraying him, which wouldn't have happened had Sam not been present.
  • In Power Girl story A Force of Four, the world's heroes face the threat of three Kryptonian criminals. Power Girl manages to take U-Ban down after a tough battle... and then his brothers come along and surround her.
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  • A Man of Iron: Iron Man arrives just in time to save Ned from having his head cut off and it looks like all the Starks will escape... and then Joffrey uses Sansa as a human shield, causing her to slip and crack her head against the steps of Baelor, killing her.
  • Advice and Trust:
    • After getting together Shinji and Asuka's lives had gotten better: they were happier and more stable, they had kicked an Eldritch Abomination's posterior together, they were helping Rei to get in touch with her humanity and developing a strong bond with their teammate, their best friends were getting together... and then the Bardiel incident happened. Hikari got trapped inside Unit-03 and they got fired.
    • The whole fight against Zeruel was a sucession of Hope Spots. Several times Rei was apparently getting the upper hand or gaining an advantage or rising after getting stomped flat... right before getting pummelled by Zeruel again. And then Shinji and Asuka came along piloting Unit-03, saved Rei and started to beat Zeruel up... and then they ran out of power.
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  • Late into Carnage Necropolis, Misty discovers that the L-Ject she got has a chance of curing Ash of his infection. When she reaches him, though, he's too far gone to be healed, and the only thing she can do is kill him.
  • Childhood's End begins with Eileen the Crow finding the Gascoigne daughters early in the night, leading her to take them to Old Yharnam so they can come under the protection of Djura. Surprisingly, she actually get them there fairly quickly and the girls settle down on the relative safety of Djura's tower while Eileen leaves to do her job. Then the younger one realizes that their mother forgot the music box when going off to find their father, leading the trio back into the nightmare that is Central Yharnam in a futile attempt to help save the girls' parents.
  • Evangelion 303:
    • After several fights and disagreements Asuka and Shinji got together. They were still confused about their feelings and their relationship, and they still had arguments, but they were happy. Then in chapter 7 the plane Asuka was piloting crashed, killing her best friend. Asuka survived but she spent several months in a coma and when she woke up, she was a different, angrier person.
    • Later Shinji managed to stop her from committing suicide, and it looked like if he had finally reached her out and they could start to repair their relationship. The next day she ran away.
  • HERZ: When SEELE got most of GEIST members assassinated and deployed their Evas against HERZ they thought they were going to win. Then Rei seized the MP-Evas.
  • The One I Love Is: In chapter 7, Shinji has come back to the physical world after spending a month stuck inside his giant robot, Asuka and Rei have become friends, and the three of them and Misato are fine and are relatively happy. In the next chapters Kaji gets assassinated, Asuka gets mind-raped, Rei blows herself up, Shinji's remaining friends move out, Misato barely comes home, and he gets forced to kill another person who had showed him affection.
  • Thousand Shinji: When he arrived on Tokyo-3 Sinji was gradually getting what he always wished: a family (Misato, Rei), a girlfriend (Asuka), and friends. He seemed powerful and cunning enough to take down any enemy, and he and his fellow pilots worked together marvelously. Then Rei started to behave like a jealous Yandere and broke their teamwork, his best friend got crippled and his girlfriend's best friend got killed. He got stuck inside Unit 01 and after getting retrieved he was in a coma for a month. During that time Asuka, Rei and Misato fell utterly apart. Asuka got mind-raped by Arael and was in a coma since then, Rei hang herself and blew herself up to destroy Armisael and Misato got jailed. Needless to say, when Shinji woke up, he was... more than a little angry.
  • Winter War. After many of the cast have already been killed or suffered even worse fates, Grimmjow, Hanatarou, and Hisagi or rather, Kazeshini controlling his body discover the original Kurotsuchi Nemu alive in Mayuri's lab. She's in bad shape, but they hope Orihime can heal her. She explains otherwise: her zanpakutou has been severed and her soul is being drained into her clones... which would remain even if Orihime tried to reject the damage. She asks them to kill her, and after some hesitation, they do.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fan fic Discorded Ponies (the first part of the Pony POV Series), the Alternate Universe Bad Future epilogue has Twilight Tragedy turn back into Twilight Sparkle after Traitor Dash couldn't bring herself to kill her best friend. Twilight was then about to embark on fixing everything, but then Discord appears and turns her into Twilight Tragedy again. Turns out she only becomes herself again when and if he feels like it...
  • Game.bps has Mario escape the haunted house, only to die to a pit of munchers outside.
  • Inner Demons has several:
    • Rarity, Apple Bloom, and Spike are escaping from the castle and planning to go to Shining Armor and Cadence for help in the hope that the latter can use her powers to return Twilight to normal after being possessed by her Queen persona. Trixie intercepts them, and while Apple Bloom and Spike escape, Rarity is recaptured. Meanwhile, Queen!Twilight has learned of their plans; by the time the heroes are reunited, she's gotten to Cadence and stripped her of her powers.
    • After Scootaloo goads Rainbow Dash into a race for the title of fastest pegasus, Dash pulls off a Sonic Rainboom and it appears she's going to win. Then Scootaloo pulls off a firey equivalent of the Rainboom and not only wins but drives Dash into the ground.
    • Applejack and Rarity are fighting their way through Queen!Twilight's forces, and it looks like they're going to win and escape, only to be confronted by the brainwashed Princess Luna.
    • Spike confronts Queen!Twilight in Fillydelphia, and for a moment his heartfelt pleas seem to be getting through to the real Twilight — then she punches him across the room.
    • Applejack finally confronts Queen!Twilight and overpowers her; it appears as though she's going to kill her and, at worst, give the story a Bittersweet Ending. Unfortunately, she can't bring herself to kill her best friend, giving Queen!Twilight the opportunity to beat her, and place her under a spell that leaves her in a state of perpetual fear.
    • During the Final Battle, the Elements of Harmony are used on Queen!Twilight and, combined with her inner light and own Element of Magic, force the darkness out of her, both freeing Twilight and evolving her element to armor... but then the darkness takes on a life of its own, which proceeds to kidnap Twilight and flee.
  • Ace Combat: The Equestrian War has a few:
    • In chapter 14, the pegasi manage to retake Cloudsdale. Then Canterlot is attacked and besieged by the griffins.
    • In chapter 17, Canterlot is liberated and the griffins are driven out of Equestria. But by the end of the chapter Derpy reveals that Axe told her about Red Cyclone's new superweapon, Fortress Intimidation.
    • In chapter 19, Fortress Intimidation is destroyed, Red Cyclone dies and it seems the war is over. But as ponies and griffins alike celebrate, Firefly is struck down.
  • My Little Mages: The Nightmare's Return: When Nightmare Moon first emerges, Celestia very nearly manages to purify her. But since that would render the entire plot null and void, the Grand Master interferes and mortally wounds her.
    • After Nightmare Moon announces herself and that Celestia is dead, Twilight receives a letter via Spike, which implies she's still alive. However, it turns out the letter was only supposed to be sent if Celestia died, which kills the mood.
  • Friendship Is Magic: The Adventures of Spike: The Equestrian military manages to start winning against the changelings, and the Mane Six reach the Elements of Harmony. Then changeling reinforcements show up, and the Elements of Harmony refuse to activate. (It's implied to be due to the others not trusting Twilight earlier.)
  • The Chaos Verse has a couple during the Final Battle. First, Discord and Fluttercruel seemingly defeat Nightmare Phobia, only for her to absorb the Shadows of Oblivion and go One-Winged Angel. Shortly after that, they and the Princesses destroy her second OWA form, only for it to turn out to be a puppet of her true form.
  • From The Blessed Disaster : "I had had my fill of life. Then one day a child came to our lives and made me see the wonder that was still in the world... She's dead now."
  • Twilight Revised has one near the end when Twilight breaks free of Nightmare Moon's control and shoots her right through the chest with a magic laser. and then Nightmare Moon wins anyway.
  • Discussed in Stardust chapter 20: Shen reprimands Lana for making Twilight think that Matt's romantically interested in her, saying that this kind of false hope will only make things worse once the truth comes out. Lana insists in retort that false hope is better than no hope.
  • The first time Calvin reels in the canoe in Calvin and Hobbes: The Series, it appears to be going good until it gets stuck on a rock. It gets subverted when Calvin uses a Chekhov's Gun to get it back to shore.
  • Occurs twice in Vinyl and Octavia Duel Destiny:
    • The first time, Octavia is given evidence which proves who the real murderer is. She's ready to use it... only to be disbarred from practicing law since it's inadmissible evidence.
    • The second time, the courtroom doors burst open and it seems that somepony is about to come through and save the case... only for it to be revealed that Vinyl opened the door with her telekinesis in the hopes of invoking this.
  • In Asylum Twilight would sometimes get a sense of comfort from elements of the world she woke up in are more familiar to her world before it hits her with a cold reminder that she isn't in her world anymore. One example is when she sees Pinkie Pie the first time (since she first woke up in the hospital) and is relieved that she is the same pony (sans her now always straight hair) she knew from Ponyville. The one difference that killed it was a massive scar covering Pinkie's cutie mark.
  • Close Every Door has two. The first is when Russia realizes that America is insane and most likely is the one who kidnapped England. It's ruined when no one listens to him, thinking that he is just slandering America out of jealousy. The second is when a witness tells Canada that a man matching England's description was seen carried into a house in Virginia, leading the nations searching for him to scour the state. Unfortunately America realizes that they caught on, and moves England to another state.
  • In the Children of Time finale, Beth finally makes it into the heart of Moriarty's base to rescue Holmes. For a moment, he even seems pleased to see her. But just for a moment... because then he tells her That Man Is Dead. The scene rolls Broken Pedestal, Break the Cutie, Heroic Sacrifice, Driven to Suicide, and Family-Unfriendly Death all in one go.
  • Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race has this. In episode 11, chapter 7, everyone is geared up for a fight against Project G-2. There were heartwarming scenes before the battle, everyone is confident Mega will do his best, and he has the full support of the Robo-Commandos and the US army. And then everyone but Mega Man is killed.
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness Act VI has a brief moment of this during chapter 42. In an attempt to bond with Arial and win her approval, Mizore asks her how Dark was when she first met him. Arial softens toward her for a few brief moments to tell her the story... and then goes right back to her "Mizore isn't worthy of Dark" mentality as soon as she's done, much to Mizore's irritation.
  • Chapter 5 of Despair's Last Resort has a series of them. After going through four trials and witnessing the execution of Arata, the seven remaining students declare that they'll no longer play by Monokuma's rules and refuse to kill. The next day, he shows up with a new motive and reveals not only is there a thief who's identity is unknown but someone among them didn't lose their memories and is working for him. It seems like they're still going to work together and decide to look over all the strange items that have been appearing in their rooms. But then Takara and a few others realize even though they met in a location without cameras, the mole was still with them and could tell Monokuma everything.. The students start fighting with each other for a number of reasons, though after Miyako tells them they're being foolish it seems like everyone's going to settle their differences. Miyako even has a plan to make sure it all stops. Turns out that plan of hers involves committing suicide so the others can work together and letting the killing end.
  • It was sort of a Blink And You'll Miss It but at the end of Crippled - Body and Souls, by Kevin D. Hammel when Shampoo knocked Ranma out of the wheelchair he landed on his legs and felt pain. It was forgotten in an instant due to the situation but it could be a sign that Ranma is regaining feeling in his legs.
  • Soul Eater: Troubled Souls include quite a few. No surprise, considering the story revolves around the concept of hope.
    • The Cobra Island arc in particular has these by the bucket-load.
      • The first game the protagonists face requires beating hordes of endless, regenerating cobras in order to save their captains from cages gradually becoming alit with magic fire. As time runs short, Marcellus decides to exploit a loophole and tells Tsuji to shoot down the cages at the spot where the fire originates. Tsuji, who is more than capable of doing such a task, becomes the second person to lose his powers (his aim, specifically) right before he shoots, making him miss and the gang lose the game.
      • The second game involves a maze. Despite one notable setback, Maka and company literally have the end in sight with plenty of time to spare. Then, the Ouroboros curse forces the Pot Twins to separate from Kilik, and two giant snakes threaten to kidnap them. Everyone stops to save them, but it eats up their remaining time, making them lose yet again when they could’ve won.
      • In the third game, the heroes must complete a large puzzle filled with confusing pathways by pushing them two heavy boulders into specific spots to take down a series of walls within the puzzle so that they can continue to the end. Once Rowena and Black☆Star, the only two people who can move the boulders easily and at a rapid pace, are Brought Down to Normal, that’s pretty much game over for the group. This one is so bad that Kid doesn’t even decide to improvise with their remaining resources. He just waves the white flag (er, handkerchief) in surrender.
      • Despite the fourth game being the most dangerous, there is actually an epic aversion. Everyone must fight against shadows of the Meisters, which are not held back by loss of characteristics, abilities, or by morality – they even know moves that even the real deal do not. Some people make it out relatively fine, but Maka, Caius, Tsuji, and Rowena are left critically injured. Right when Kim is ready to heal them, Medusa uses Ouroboros to take her Regeneration Magic. She, however, thought ahead and made healing potions so that everyone can fight at max health. Take that, Medusa.
      • Turns out the arc’s climactic battle has the cruelest one of them all. While Kim keeps Medusa occupied and Kid deals with Free, Caius and Tsuji are assigned to retrieve the crystal ball containing everyone’s personality traits and powers. Tsuji manages to get the slip on Eruka and Mizune and surfs down a river carrying the crystal ball. At the mouth of it, which bears the waterfall Eruka was told to deposit it, Tsuji actually retrieves the crystal ball... only for Tadpole Jackson to knock him into the water and cause the crystal ball to wash down the waterfall. This reduces Tsuji to tears of sheer despair, right after his usual confidence was briefly restored.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines has a rather cruel one in the expanded universe's Whitney oneshot. A challenger manages to defeat her Miltank, and thinks he is finally in the clear. She then sends out a second one.
  • In Equestria Girls: Friendship Souls, this happens with the Dazzlings. After Aria and Sonata are saved from the Grand Fisher, it seems like Adagio may finally regain her body back and they'll actually get to go back to Equestria. Then Grogar shows up and forces Adagio to pull a Heroic Sacrifice, (right after her Heel Realization, no less) turning herself into a hollow to save Sunset and the others. And you know what the worst part is? It turns out Celestia was willing to give the Dazzlings a second chance, meaning that if that didn't happen, they would've gotten to go back to Equestria.
  • In This Bites!, Foxy invokes this when he gets a new crew member from a Davy Back Fight. The new crew member can cheat once during that Davy Back Fight, and that one only, to help their former crew.
    • Cross invokes one on Spandam after his To the Pain speech, where he tells Spandam he's not going to do any of that to him. Instead, he's going to do something far worse: let Robin and Franky do whatever they want to him.
  • A Brighter Dark: Despite being surrounded and outmatched, Subaki and Hana continue to hold their own against Nohrian soldiers, fighting with all there power to protect Sakura and Mozu from a Fate Worse than Death. They are more than successful, and it almost looks like they might just pull it off, when a mage zaps Hana with lighting, killing her instantly with one hit. Subaki shouts, and is axed in the back by Hans. Then Sakura and Mozu are knocked out and taken captive by the soldiers who were known practitioners of Rape, Pillage, and Burn and everything fades to black.
    • Later, when Corrin catches one of her soldiers forcing himself upon a woman during the battle at Cheve, she kills him and offers the woman a hand... only to run her through the heart with her sword, reminding the remaining soldiers that they're there to wipe out the town, and not to waste time raping and pillaging.
  • From the Nightmare Fuel-eriffic Wreck-It Ralph fanwork "Creeper-Pasta", we have the end of Creeper's "GALA NIGHT", in which he wreaks havoc in Pokémon X and Y. After Creeper has warped the entire landscape and either killed or corrupted everyone, human and Pokemon alike, we get one of his corrupted puppets getting blasted by an offscreen attacker—it's Diantha, alive and well, leading a small army of survivors against Creeper's forces and bellowing "FOR KALOS!" The rebellion is mighty impressive...for about five seconds. Then Creeper decides to throw Arceus (aka, GOD) into the mix. The look on Diantha's face says all...
  • In Total Undead Drama, Eva comes upon a now vampirized Sadie, Katie and Lindsay. She makes to run for it and, despite them being able to fly, looks like she'll outrun them. Then she turns a corner and runs right into their master, Storm. She soon finds herself surrounded, and though she remains Defiant to the End, Storm easily overpowers her, lifts her into the air and feeds on her. Adding her to his undead harem.
  • In the 22nd chapter of Kung Fu Panda fic The Vow, Lord Shen finally learns that his prisoner and former fiancée Lady Lianne didn't turn her back on him three decades ago but saved him from execution by asking him to be banished instead. This leads him to forgive her of any perceived wrongdoings and ask for her forgiveness. They have a sweet moment of reconciliation and rekindling their love to the point of copulation. After all the hostility between them, that moment makes it tempting to think that Shen's coming around and Lianne can have the man she loves. Unfortunately for her (and everyone else), Shen has merely stopped antagonizing her and hasn't given up his goal of conquering China.
  • The Tyrant And The Hero has a moment when Heinrich and Ellen hide from bandits among the roots of a tree. They hear the bandits say that they've lost their targets, and breathe a sigh of relief, only for the bandits to laugh and tell them to get out. It turns out that the two of them had left clear footprints leading to their hiding place, which the bandits noticed and then acted as if they hadn't.
  • In The Rival Prefects Trilogy, for a brief moment, it looks as if Malcolm might take pity on Thomas but he decides not to.
  • In Juxtapose, the day seems saved when All Might quickly defeats the Nomu designed to take him down with plenty of time to spare. That's when Shigaraki decides to reveal that he has three more just like it before siccing them all on All Might at once.
  • Last Light: There's a moment where it seems like Sunset Shimmer's taking a turn for the better and will recover from her suicide attempt, but she ends up bleeding internally and dies anyway.
  • In the Temeraire fanfic Black Wings, Black Sails, Temeraire rescues Laurence and his pirate boarding crew from arrest, and carries them back to their ships, moving Laurence to tears at finally being with Temeraire again. The two spend a few moments on one of Laurence's captured dragon-transports just saying hello to each other again, and Laurence marvels at how the dragonet he had to untangle from a hammock has grown into this beautiful glossy beast. But... he believes that if Temeraire joins him, Temeraire will almost certainly be executed alongside him, or at the very least have his potential as an intellectual, heavy-combat dragon wasted. So he urges Temeraire to return to Dayes, unable to watch the dragon leave his ship.
  • The War Is Far from Over Now: After seeing the videotape of the Starks' murders, Tony is silent for several seconds before eventually stepping out of his armor, causing Steve to hope things will end nonviolently. Then Tony reawakens Extremis and starts breathing fire.
  • Mastermind: Strategist for Hire: During the attack at the USJ, All Might defeats the Nomu sent to attack him by punching it through the roof, and starts monologuing to Shiragaki, believing himself victorious. Cue a sneak attack from Izuku and One For All's time limit running out, with fatal results.


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