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  • Atop the Fourth Wall:
    • Linkara provides the below quote in his review of Neutro one when it is revealed that the two scientists that assembled Neutro are testing his capabilities by, among other things, demolishing entire cities. He is understandably appalled.
      Linkara: He's... They're... They're... They're testing Neutro by blowing up cities!?
    • In his review of Power Rangers Turbo:
      Linkara: After a filler episode where they get baked into a giant pizza... Excuse me for a moment. (walks away from the mic, lets out a loud scream of torment, then walks back) The story then continues in "The Phantom Phenomenon".
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    • In the Silent Hill Dead/Alive review, after finding out that the comic ripped off Evil Dead, he shouts in Angrish offscreen.
    • At the end of Marville issue number four. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUGGGGHHH! JUST AAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUGGGHHH WHYYYYYYYY? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGHHH!" He then hurls the comic away.
    • Earlier in the issue, we got "I...I don't...WHAT?!" at one of the more severe instances of biology fail.
  • The Nostalgia Critic:
    • The Critic has one of these when reviewing Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog during a scene in which the bumbling robot Grounder blows into his hand and makes a pumpkin:
      Nostalgia Critic: What!? Pumpkin? Buh? Pumpkin!? What!? What!? What!? Pumpkin?! What?
    • Also seen in his mute review (he'd yelled at it so much while watching that he lost his voice) of The Good Son, where he holds up a sign that reads "INAUDIBLE RAGE". Let's not forget the part where he starts yelling in sound clips of random violence.
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    • His reaction to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, where he seemingly goes mad.
    • Later, when co-reviewing Superman IV: The Quest for Peace with Linkara, and making a harsh criticism of the latter's special effects, Linkara merely has to say the three words "Bat Credit Card" to get revenge, by sending him off on a murderous gun-toting rampage.
    • Lampshaded in the AVGN and NC review of Ninja Turtles: Coming Out of Their Shells in which the Nerd points out that he's too angry to make a coherent description as to how ugly Splinter looks in the special.
    • None of these have anything on the Critic's reaction to the end of The Neverending Story 3. While laughing bemusedly, he gets up, goes to his car, drives to Home Depot, returns to his car with a crowbar, drives back, takes the DVD to his basement... and then proceeds to go absolutely apeshit on it for several minutes.
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    • Near the end of his review of The Room, he descends into incoherent gibberish and mimes shooting himself in the head when Lisa, upon seeing Johnny's corpse after he Ate His Gun asks the incredibly stupid question "Is he dead?"
    • And even THAT is eclipsed by his reaction to the plot twist of The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue. He actually loses the ability to speak and is at a complete and utter loss on how to react at the sheer idiocy of Timmy's brother being in charge of NIMH, having turned the scientists into dogs, and becoming pants-crappingly insane. He goes through so many bewildered expressions, Flat Whats, and just general speechlessness that you can practically see his brain shut down. Hell, at the end of the review he blows the film to hell with the Death Star.
    • The Magic Voyage It In-Universe annoyed the Critic so much that he begins his review of it by insanely squeaking out "it never stops", "it just keeps going", and some random gibberish before blowing fire out of his mouth. The scene cuts to a shot of the words "One Moment Please..." accompanied by a picture of the Critic gorging himself on meds.
    • From the SECOND Animated Titanic movie. "The Titanic wasn't destroyed by an iceberg, it was an eeeevil gang of underwater sharks that are in cahoots with the evil whaler!" *exactly that happens* *stunned silence, mouth wide open* "I'm sorry, I need to drop something." *fills glass with water, holds it out to the side and drops it all while maintaining his shocked look, then starts gasping and muttering incoherently*
    • Then there's A Troll in Central Park, the review of which opens with:
      Critic: [stomp stomp stomp] This movie...duuuuugh...[stomp stomp stomp] I mean it...daaaaagh!'s really...FUCKETY FUCK-FUCK!
    • In Doug Walker's retrospective of the eleven worst movies he'd reviewed as the Critic, the remake of The Haunting causes him to dissolve into shouting random vulgarities. That was only at #10 on a list of 11.
  • Also on Channel Awesome:
    • Angry Joe freaking out during a D&D game (with some contextual animation).
      Angry Joe: What?! Did you—?! You just—! You killed—! What the fuck did you do that for?!
    • In Kickassia, this is what Film Brain spouts as he holds the Cinema Snob at gunpoint inside the hotel room. Lampshaded by the Snob himself.
      Snob: Is that even English?!
    • It happens to The Nostalgia Chick in her "Dreamworks vs. Disney: Dualing" review. She descends into crying gibberish when faced with Shark Tale.
    • Then there was this, a takedown to someone making, from Lindsay's point of view, poorly thought out complaints about Frozen, which gave us the line "WHAT EVEN THE FUCK how did this person movie?"
    • Todd in the Shadows:
      • He gets his turn during his review of Chris Brown's "Turn Up the Music", spouting furious gibberish multiple times, followed by wrapping up the review with an endless chain of censor bleeps.
      • In his review of "Break Up" (which was made before he even reached Channel Awesome), he made a noise that can probably best be rendered as "GHRRRRLRRRUUUUUUGHHHH".
      • On the redesigned Channel Awesome site, the caption for his Feel This Moment review is "hey everyone let's look at another Pitbull singlakjdgfahjfdh blugh".
    • Nash will sometimes lapse into this on What the Fuck Is Wrong with You?. Considering the stories he's covering, it's usually deserved.
    • Suffice to say, it's a pretty safe bet to assume every single Channel Awesome producer has dissolved into inexpressible rage at some point in their careers.
  • In Boring Trousers podcast Minisode on the L33tStr33t Boys, Adam suffers from this after reading some of their meme-filled song lyrics.
  • In his review of Eiken, The Necro Critic gets so fed up with the "awkward groping" running gag, that near the end of the video, he completely loses it and starts yelling insane gibberish before repeatedly screaming the word "PAIN" and having to be sedated off-screen.
  • The eragon-sporkings lapsed into this after a particularly bad piece of Moral Dissonance from Eragon — specifically, after he left two people to be eaten by the Raz'ac so that he'd know whether they were in the area, then after they were eaten assuaged his guilt by saying that they couldn't defend everyone. Then regained speech long enough for a rant including "MY HATRED FOR YOU SEETHES LIKE THE ROTTEN UNDERBELLY OF A BLOATED ZOMBIE CORPSE" before lapsing back into Angrish.
  • here.
  • Mark Reads Twilight:
    • Mark uses the head-smacked-on-the-keyboard kind of Angrish, especially in the first book's later chapters.
      Book: "Bella." Edward's voice was very soft. Alice and Emmett looked out their windows. "If you let anything happen to yourself—anything at all—I'm holding you personally responsible. Do you understand that?"
    • His handwritten notes later devolve into a form of graphical Angrish.
  • This Facebook entry devolves into Angrish.
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd tends to fall into this whenever a game does something particularly bad.
  • From Pointless Waste Of Time:
    A hypothetical Andy Wachowski, having just been informed by Joel Silver that Warner has greenlighted The Matrix 7: "KILL YOU. BULLETS IN YOU AND KILL. SO MUCH ANGRY. JUST."
  • In The Agony Booth forums, one poster during a discussion of Southland Tales alternated between sensible statements and "Who the which now?"
  • mpn1990's review of Action 52. "Don't tell me this game just fucking crashed on me! OH MY GOD! (unintelligible bloodcurdling screams) DAMN YOU ACTION 52! GOD DAMN YOU TO FUCKING HELL! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!"
  • Arkada from the DesuDesBrigade speaks in this at the end of his Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex review after he praises Mary Elizabeth McGlynn by saying that any anime she is involved is is gold. His captor the fanboy informs him that she also worked on Naruto and that, by extension, Arkada just praised it. Cue meltdown.
  • Red vs. Blue: Sarge occasionally lapses into this.
    Sarge: Gary, you mean to tell me you could have turned off the bomb this whole time, and you didn't say so?! And don't say it's because I didn't—
    Gary: You didn't ask.
    Sarge: Brg frkin' drdlrs!
  • In another Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter show, Rage Quit, Michael Jones alternates between this and Cluster F-Bomb constantly as he plays difficult/frustrating video games.
    • In the one where he plays The Impossible Game Level Pack: "These spikes will turn your ass into... *hits a spike* SWISS FUCKING CHEESE GODDAMNIT!!!
    • In the one for Balloon Guard: *after losing the balloon* GAVIN DICKIE BITCH FREE!!! (Gavin Free is a coworker at Rooster Teeth and one of the co-presenters of The Slow Mo Guys; he had recently defeated Micheal and most of the Achievement Hunter crew in a few multiplayer matchups)
    • In the Dark Souls video, he eventually goes off on some semi-coherent tangent about sunshine and sprinkles.
  • Speaking of Gavin Free, he tends to go into this a lot. They've been nicknamed "Gavin Noises".
  • MSF High Forum: The Librarian also got the border of this, but it was instead represented by Shatner speech.
    • There was also one incident where a player was talking with Mitch, and his internet connection failed. It didn't return until several minutes later, at which time he proceeded to let loose with several pages worth of this. His furious typing actually damaged the keyboard. Mitch found it to be epic.
      • And then it cut out again a moment later.
  • True Capitalist: Ghost has a big problem with this (comes with having a Deep South accent, fondness for drinking on the job and a Hair-Trigger Temper combined), although he tends to hide it under storms of cans. When he doesn't, however, not even single words get pronounced, in one case getting so bad the resulting noise could only be described as "squawking".
    • The Engineer also qualifies; he's almost always unintelligible; the most intelligible things he says are insults, profanities, and cries of dismay, and they're still gibberish.
  • The Spoony Experiment: Spoony lapses into this during his review of Ultima IX, specifically when he discovers that the Avatar doesn't know what the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom is—even though it was mentioned and referred to throughout the previous games and was even a central plot device in both Ultima IV and Ultima VI. For added frustration points, bear in mind that in the first of the two games, the Avatar had to retrieve the Codex and claim it for the religion he'd become The Chosen One of, and in the second, the same event resulted in a holy war that the Avatar spent the entire game trying to end.
    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGH! The Avatar has to ask what the fucking Codex- No! NO! No, it's- it's... do I even have explain in how many- I can't, I can't explain how i... it's the thesis of the whole... I can't. This is what I'm dealing with. THIS IS LIKE THE POPE ASKING WHAT THE FUCKING BIBLE IS!
  • In Dragon Ball Abridged, Vegeta's speech frequently lapses into this whenever his plans go awry or whenever he's confronted by the stupidity of his allies/enemies. (He'll also suffer frequent aneurysms). Once, he got so angry that he uttered a scream so loud it traveled through time and was picked up by his not-yet-born adult son.
  • In Sequelitis, Ego plays this strait when explaining what a game did wrong, but he inverts this when explaining what a game did right.
  • The Game Grumps lapse into this frequently. Jon tends to use it more often than Arin.
    • Jon has been known to slip into it on occasion in his own videos as well - one particularly memorable moment coming from his Star Fox Adventures review.
  • Have you ever seen Tobuscus play Happy Wheels? Half the show is that. Especialy in the earlier episodes, where half of his speech was just him shouting "GOD DANGIT!" at various volumes and a "FPFFFF" sound in place of where curse words should go.
  • In Reviewing is Magic 4, it's implied that AnthonyC devolved into this during the "Technical Difficulties" scene during "Reviewing is Magic 4", when Luna, after having been absent for the entire conflict, casually asks "Did I miss anything?"
    "WHAT!? Di- did you miss anything!? How about EVERYTHING!!! Where have you been you RECALCITRANT BANA-
    technical difficulties
    • And considering what some bronies use the term "plot" for...
    • Saberspark does this during Brony 101: Alicorns.
  • Used almost whenever a comment read on Jacks Films' "Your Grammar Sucks" is in all caps, which is quite often. Oftentimes hilariously so.
  • Used so very much by the sporkers of Das Sporking. Some use it with more frequency than others, though the really undecipherable rants show that things just got very serious.
  • The Posse (medibot, pokecapn, My Name Is Kaz, and Kung-Fu Jesus) all have had moments were they were so overcome with anger that they lost the capacity for words.
    medibot: *gasping over Carrie's refusal to land in the correct spot during Kirby's Epic Yarn*: "My bones have turned into air!"
  • Markiplier gets a lot of these when a game causes him frustration instead of terror. Perhaps his best one was in the course of playing Slender: The Arrival, when Ol' Slendy comes out of nowhere just as he's about to get to a checkpoint, undoing all his hard work again. He devolves into semi-coherent rage and hilarious angry Kermit-style flailing, and at one point starts unintentionally dancing on the face-cam.
    "I'm so mad I'm doing the robot!"
    • His playthrough of Octodad features some particularly epic examples of this - to the point that almost half of the highlights compilation featured Markiplier's enraged reactions to some of the trickier puzzles. These range from screamed chains of expletives, to heavily garbled versions of what might be actual words, interspersed with the occasional Big "NO!". At the very worst levels, it's literally just wordless screaming at the top of his voice. And then, there's this:
    (Between gritted teeth) "I'm gonna lose... my... BWAAAAAARGH! Did I wanna go over there? Did I wanna go over there? How about no?
  • SF Debris: during "These Are The Voyages", Chuck is so astounded to learn that Tucker learned his engineering from boats that he babbles incoherent nonsense interspersed with repeated use of one coherent word, specifically, "what?!"
  • This phenomenon is actually lampshaded in one Zero Punctuation video, where Yahtzee says that the combat made him yell things that were meant to be vulgarities but didn't quite get there, such as "Fugbar!" and "Daygunt!"
  • The Cynical Brit: "Why Do I Own...Bad Rats?" Presumably, due to a desire to invent new profanities. I Wanna Be The Guy Gaiden produced even more sounds which resembled swear words but were not, but then of course it did.
  • Extremely Angry Shepard.
  • During Sips' playthrough of Murder!, Ross from Hat Films usually has a habit of screaming "EAT SHIT" coherently whenever he's the murderer. Towards the end of the episode "Borderline RDM" however, he runs in and panics while trying to kill the gunman, screaming something along the lines of "Hello, OH YOUR SHIT FUCK GJOR DOHSHAVOR!"
    Ross: (after being killed, with everyone laughing heavily) So much of a rush, I didn't... words...
    Ross: (mimics himself)
    Smith: He was jumping around and then... bang!
    Ross: Shit!
  • xCloud8745x: This video, which basically consists of nothing more than him giving Konami a "The Reason You Suck" Speech, varying from Tranquil Fury to pure incoherent rage.
  • In various GoAnimate videos, thanks to the text-to-speech programming it uses, many phrases devolve into angrish, including "OH-OH-OH-OH-OH-OH-OH-OH-OH-OH-OH-OH!" (most likely originally "Oooooooooh!") and "GEE-AR-AR-AR-AR-AR-AR-AR-AR-AR-AR-AR-AR!" ("Grrrrrrr!")
  • Cat Muto slips into this when gobsmacked by something. A noticeable example occurs in her final Let's Play video of don't take it personally babe, it just ain't your story, after Isabella's suicide is revealed by Akira to have been made up as a prank to cause John Rook to lighten up, beginning with Tranquil Fury before devolving into this.
    Cat Muto: Excuse me? You guys. Are. Idiots. What... ethae... eh, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?! That is just.. that, urgh... just... sha...
  • Vinny has a habit of literally making Donald Duck type noises when his game goes especially southward.
  • If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device: Can happen often, as the more serious or short-tempered characters in the series snap at each others' antics. Due to the series' subtitling tendencies, these are always labeled as well. Examples include Kitten's [Presumable Cat Noises], Karamazov's [Inquisitorial Angry] , the Emperor's occasional maddened mashing of his keyboard and a more terrified than angry version with Magnus and Kitten's [Panicked Babbling].
  • SCP Foundation: In one of their joke SCP entries regarding titanium (and the misconception that it's the strongest metal on Earth when it's actually fairly weak), the researcher in charge of writing the entry gets so enraged at people buying into the misconception (security personnel asking him for titanium containment devices, etc.), that he bites his pencil in half, rips the keyboard out of the computer, and starts beating a security guard with it while screaming swears and disconnected threats of violence. Bits of angrish seep into the article before that point to foreshadow the impending meltdown.
  • Outside Xbox: During the "Mind Your Manors" Dungeons & Dragons game, a surfer ghost warns them that he died by going into the basement.
    Luke/Dob: The best defence is a good offence; let's go into the basement.
    Ellen/Merilwen: [incoherent noises of anger and bewilderment]
  • Jeff Compass: pretty much the basis of his Mr. Shovelware character, happens at least once per episode.


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