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     Fire Blep and Fire Mlem 
(Note: mild spoilers for the actual games may follow)
  • Fire Blep:
    • Silas:
      Silas: "I'm going to kiss you now."
      (fade to black as Silas kisses Corrin)
      Silas: "Ahh, it feels just like old man. I hope we can remain best friends forever."
      ("FRIEND ZONED" appears in big letters on the screen)
      Silas: "Lol!"
    • Effie:
      "You're going to kiss me? Well...I might break you..."
    • Arthur:
      • The entirety of his segment, thanks to his hamminess.
    • Dwyer:
      Dwyer: "Ken? Can I kiss your butt?"
      Ken: "WHAT?!"
      Dwyer: "Please say yes..."
      Ken: "WHAT?!"
    • Velouria
      Velouria: My life is full of treasure...oh, like that scrap of paper! This shiny ring, our army of dust bunnies, your butt.
      Jon: WHAT?!
      Velouria: What?
    • Inigo:
      • He introduces himself by talking about the FitnessGram Pacer Test.
      • "Don't tell real name is JOHN Frieda.
    • Odin:
      • His introductory caption reads: "I am an old man and a foof."
      • "I will confess who I really am." "Here are the secrets" "I am your nightlight." (cut to Odin as a nightlight switching on and off in someone's bedroom) "I am on...I am!"
    • Selena
      • Her introductory text is rendered as glitchy gibberish.
    • Gunter:
    • Anna:
      • "My wares are second to nun!"
    • Forrest:
      • Forrest acting like a stereotypical Social Justice Warrior in his intro.
      • "Let me know if you need any men dead. I'm skilled in Battleborn, but I'm superlative in Overwatch!" (Cut to Reaper with Forrest's voice and Nice Hat) "Die! Die! Die!"
      • "You and I are Roy. You and I are royal blue most of all. You and I are naked."
      Roy: Oh..."
    • Charlotte:
      • Charlotte burping.
    • Ophelia:
      • She appears with Lissa's body.
      • "But what I value above all elsenote  is the sight of your grandmother, who was the very portrait of beauty and charm..."
      • "Our love is so powerful IT CAN BLOCK B.O. FOR 16 HOURS! YEE! Our love is soap. I will use it when I achieve service." (Ophelia turns to look at a phone but gets no service.)
    • Jakob:
      • "You are an egg. I couldn't ask for butter."
    • Camilla:
      • Her name in the caption box has been replaced by "Boobs", with her dialogue being "*important thing* *foreshadowing* *key dialogue* *plot point*," and when the scene cuts to Camilla herself:
      Camilla: Do me a favor. Close your eyes.
      (The scene fades to black as the camera starts to pan down to her chest, to the audible displeasure of an unseen mostly male audience)
    • Nyx:
      • Nyx is dressed like s Christmas tree. "(screams internally)" should sum up her thoughts well.
    • Benny:
    • Leo:
      • Leo's futile attempts to kiss Corrin.
    • Siegbert:
      "I want to punch my hair in the face."
    • Kana (Male and Female):
      • Female Kana tries to compliment Corrin, but Male Kana repeats everything she says. It reaches quite a zenith.
  • "Fire Mlem"
    • Saizo:
    • Azama:
      • "I'm sorry that you're totally wrong about everything." (cue MLG style breakdown)
    • Mitama:
      • Her name is labled as "Miitomo," and her portrait replaces her notepad with a cell phone.
      • Mitama recites her best haiku.
      "A-a-hem, Haiku!/I adore with all my heart/Fre shavocado!"
    • Kaden:
      • Kaden appears with his ears and tail edited out and offers to show something to Corrin as long as they don't laugh. The music playing, "As All Stars Fall," implies something serious. Then, Kaden appears with his ears and tail intact. Just before Kaden gets a word out, Corrin leaves.
    • Mozu:
      "I never f—-ing thought I'd have a f—-king family again! I f—-ing love you!"
      (color bars)
      Dathings1: (from channel trailer) "I try to make my videos clean..."
    • Scarlet:
      • "I've got my eye on you. I like the way you f-" (cut to "Technical difficulties screen featuring flustered Marth and Lucina) "-ight." Even better, this happens immediately after Mozu's segment.
    • Kaze:
      • "As King Garon's prisoner, I was prepared to die for my cause-E. Aaaiaa-aaaiaa-aaaiaa-aaaiaa."
      • "My life finally has that you're my waifu." (begins looking at memes on Corrin/Kamui's phone) "Lol, nice meme...OMG, I love memes...this meme makes me feel...dank...a dangerous emotion for a ninja."
    • Orochi:
      • Orochi states there's a time for work, and a time for twerk. Just before we see twerking...
      Tony the Talking Clock: There's a time and a place for mucking around!
      Duck Guy: Like biiiiiiiii- *cue Orochi's hair pins moving like a clock*
    • Asugi:
      Asugi: "Sorry, lost in thought about how I gotta get some sweet treats. ''Snacks...cupcakes...candy...chocolate...sugar-"
      Wilford Brimley: "Asugi, I'm Wilford Brimley and I'd like to talk to you for a few minutes about diabeetus."
      Asugi: "I'm not even going to eat any-"
      Wilford Brimley: "I don't care. I truly don't."
    • Hinoka:
    • Reina:
      • Reina wanting to play Fight Danger Battle Combat, a game for the PSTriple rated EC for early childhood.
    • Rhajat:
      • Rhajat is caught sucking her thumb. "What are you looking at? This is perfectly normal for a college-aged person to do."
      Hectan: You've killed me!
      Rhajat: Good.
      • Crosses with Nightmare Fuel, Rhajat's rendition of EA Games' slogan.
    • Hinata:
      • Hinata appears with two additional arms sprouting from his head, and his quote is simply "Sample Text."
    • Sakura:
      • Sakurai: Unfortunately, the female character will not be participating in this YouTube Poop.
      • Sakura states the viewer is the only Jewish person she's comfortable around. When she gets called out for her racism, she starts swelling up, ready to burst into tears.
    • Midori:
      • Her introduction gets trippy fast.
    • Ryoma:
      • Ryoma is glad to spend time with Corrin, but then Adele turns up out of the blue uninvited. Needless to say, Ryoma doesn't take this well.
    • Caeldori:
      "I see you have a little bruise there. Make sure to git gud." *cue MLG glasses*
    • Yukimura:
      • Yukimura rage-quitting a memory game.
    • Oboro:
      • Oboro wonders how Corrin would look in her parent's tomb. She immediately pulls her devil face.
    • Shigure:
      • Shigure requests that Corrin stop inviting him, because it's too much fun. The very next day, Shigure vanishes out of existence from having too much fun.
    • The stingers to both videos.