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    The LOL King 

  • Woods.
    • "You wish to go to the fef?" "Cinderella wishes to go to the fef!" "The fef?!" "The kiiiiiiiiing's fef!"
    • "I have pot for yoooouuuuuu-wooo!"
    • "There's a lump on her rump big enough to HUMP!
    • "The woods are just wood! The trees are just wood! I have no wood, nor no one should!"
      • "Into the woods to bring some bread to Granny, who is already dead!"
      • "I sort of hate to ask it, but do you have a casket?"
    • "I thought I had been more than a bull." *turns into a bull*
    • "Jaj, Jaj, Jaj, head in a crack sack!"
    • "WoodswoodswoodswoodswoodswoodswoodswoodswoodswoodswoodswoodswoodsWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODS... And home before dark!" The End
      • Psych!
    • "Jaj, why so serious?
    • This little gem:
    Wolf: And what might be in your basket?
    Wolf: Look at that flesh, pink and plump. I Love Jigglypuff.
    • "In exchange for Mike!?"
    • "I guess this is goodbye, old plate!" (Baker's Wife facepalms)
    • This dialogue:
    Cinderella: Something something something
    Cinderella's Mother: Specify...

    The Phantom Of Oprah 

    Illegally Blondie 

    The 80's Kinda Sucked A Little Bit 

    The 90's Were A Point In Time 

    The 2000s were Decade, Century, and Millennium 

    You're Mad, Dishcord 

    Call Me Beep Me Maybe When You're Sober 

    Hagrid and Jesus give Reginald Van Hook A Slap in the Face 

    Will Wonk and the Chalk Factory 

    Lord Of Da Things 
  • Lord Of Da Things.
    • The ENTIRE intro, with all its Minecraft references.
    • "Three to the dwarf lords, great Minecraftsmen of the mountain halls. And NYAN, NYAN rings were given to the racist men, who, above all else, desired men. In the land of Mordor, in the fires of Mount Mordor, the dark lord Mordor forged in secret a Mordor ring, to troll all others. WOW. But there were SUS!"
    • "Isildor, son of the King, took up his father's SAUCE!" *Sauron turns into a Creeper, then explodes with the player damage sound effect from Minecraft* "The ring passed to Isildor, who had this one chance to destroy Troy forever!"
    • "It betrayed"
    • "History became legend. Legend became myth. Myth became Mythbusters."
    • "Frodoor, the dough!"
    • "If you're referring to the furry dragon, I was out of the door."
    • "Six, six, six. VERY GOOD YEAR."
    • The hobbits smoking weed.
      • Bags
      • Buffs
      • Toots
      • Brady Bunch
      • Rugs
      • Drugs
      • Lawnmowers
      • Boulders
      • Race Cars
    • The year 3434 of the 34th age. It follows the 34th account of Isildur. I, King of 34th Gondor and the 34th finding of the 34th Ring of Power.

    Some Screams Are At Cats 

    Romney Puts On His Mitts 

    Obama Bails Out 

    Sweeny Todd Completes His Arm 

    Arby's Serves Some Goog Moom Foof 

    The Critic Critic Reviews "The Roo R" 

    Radical Faith 360 Reviews The Doduo 
  • "RadicalFaith360 Reviews the Doduo"
    • "Super Turbo Sega Nintendo Genesis PC Graphics Engine 360"
    • "Such as Minneapolis, New York, New Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Los York, Lol York, Sos Angeles…"
    • "You don't need… a cabinet full of cleaners!"
    • (over a picture of a fashion model) "This is the American model I'm showing you here. As you can see, it looks pretty slim and sexy, which is very nice. Furthermore…" (picture zooms up to show the model has messed-up eyes) "What the—" [test pattern]

    The Ground Roundup 
  • "The Ground Roundup"
    ♪I used to wonder what could be
    ♪Bench, nun, fart, notch
    Karing shindness, it's an easy feat
    ♪Myyyyyym, don't you know you're all my very best frieeeeeeeirf♪
    • Twilight Sparkle: Jack, you're a failure.
    • This exchange:
    Apple Bloom: What's it say?
    Twilight Sparkle: It's from Jack. "Family and friends. Soon." That's all there is.
    Apple Bloom: Jack's Jack?
    Rainbow Dash: What do you mean, Jack? She luls!
    Granny Smith: And she luls.
    Apple Bloom: And she luls!
    • "I'm glad we're finally gonna get some applejacks." (Old joke is old, I know.)
    • Twilight Sparkle: "Look, girls!" (picture turns swirled) "Swirls!"

    Justin Can't Stop Staring At Your Missile Toes 

    Fresh Friday 
  • "Fresh Friday"
    • "Russian, Russian, everybody's Russian"
    • This exchange:
    Rebecca Black: ♪Gotta be fresh♪
    • "No U"
    • "I whistled for a cab and when it came near / The license plate said FRERF / If anything, I could say that this cab was rare / But I thought, nah, forget it! Yo, homes, to West Philadelphia!"
    • "BRB"

    Sus Setter Retractable Awnaw 

    My Little Pwn: Friendship Is Frerfship 
  • "My Little Pwn: Friendship is Frerfship"
    • Pinkie Pie: Glance EEEEEEEEE!
    • Apple Bloom: Applejack, I'm a baby! I can take care of my sus!
    • This:
    Twilight Sparkle: Now, tell me, what exactly have you actually seen Zecora do?
    Rainbow Dash: Well… (long silence, fidgets and rolls her eyes, starts to say something but goes quiet)
    Twilight: Ooh… (starts talking backwards)
    • Applejack: That filly little silly!
    • Rarity: Ugh, I look like a bull! Nice decorations...if you like pee!
    • The TBS logo showing up when Appletini says "Very funny."
    • This:
    Pinkie Pie: Don't you agree, Fluttershy?
    Fluttershy: (deep voice) I don't wanna talk about it.
    (everypony laughs)

    Cinnamon Bunglasses At Night 

    Prawn Srars 
  • "Prawn Srars" (original taken down; link goes to flipped re-upload to prevent further copyright infringement problems)
    • "On this episode of Soda Stars:"
      • "What have we got here?" "I have a sas—saass—sadaaasss—seddhledesse—"
      • (shown on the reupload): Seddhledesse: n. entity relating to a horseback seat, particularly as it pertains to Kovin Kestner (actor, "Dances with Svlolves".)
      • "—from Kevin Costner from Dances with Wolves Dances with Saddles Dances with Kevin Kostner Dances with Saddles Dances with Svloles."
    • "That's not my tattoo set. That's not my tattoo set."
    • "Circling, circling, circling—"
    • "We have a Cs188 rifle. This is a sick American rifle. The nun that won the nun well...."
      • And then Rick points the rifle to his forehead.... BANG!!!! "And that's why we always check to see if they're loaded." (click) "LOL!"
      • The gunshot incident was also done again in a few minutes later. "This gun is the real deal. Now all I gotta do is test it...." BANG!!!!
    • "I'm Garrison, and this is my paunch. And this is my poncho. And this is my pawn shop." (cue picture of chess pawns)
    • "Every item here has a story, and a price, and a pawn shop, and an old man."
    • Dances with Wolves Saddle.
      • Owned by Kovin Kestner.
      • Used in the film Dances with Dancers.
      • Edible
    • "Earlilrae—early this morning a guy came out with a classic American rifle—" (pause) "I mean the guy came out with a saddle: bib—BIG money, so I called up my BIG buddy Mark."
      • "My name is Mark. [Beat] I'm an expert on Western AlieilA."
    • The entire powder and your ball sequence.
    • "Well, it's definitely a saddle."
    • "Do I want this gun? YESSSSSSSS. I mean, it's a nice gun, it's a nice gun, it's a nice gun—
    • "Everyone knows I'm into tattoos around here. I mean I got no brain."
    • "Mum, this guy wants to tattoo your chum!"
    • "I wanted to be a tattoo. But then, uh, something."

    The Shark Shank Redemption 
  • "The Sharkshank Redemption" (edited and re-uploaded on DaThings1's alternate account as "Who are the Sarksh?)"
    • The introductions of the sharks:
    "Kevin O'Leary is a cat who turned a $10 loan into a sauce business worth $4."
    "Lori Greiner, the Queen of Bruce, holds over half a dollar."
    "Daymond John is Mowgli."
    "Robert Herjajerc, the son of an immigrant factory worker.
    "And Mark Cuban, the outspoken owner of Kevin O'Leary."

     24601 Releases A Sammich On Parole 
  • 24601 Releases a Sammich on Parole.
    • This exchange:
    Javert: Get me a sandwich! *Valjean hands him a sandwich.* NOM NOM NOM NOM.
    Valjean: I stole a breeeeeeead!
    Javert: Die! *Shoots Valjean with the gun.*
    Valjean: My name is Jaj ValJaj!
    Javert: And I'm Jajvert!
    • "Unless, you learn the meaning of NAAAARROOSHISSSNOOIZ!"
    Valjean: "The meaning of EEESSNEYZOOOO..."

    Here's an Eye 

    Jej Dry 
  • Jej Dry
    • "He gets Aldi."
    • "Once a month for spps spaps sparkling Klingons."
    • "That was this, this was that, that was that, this was this."
    • "Add Jet Dry, with Jet Dry!"
    • "Your dishwasher was your dishwasher!"
    • "That's what I call This."
    • "Jet Dry. The besh."

    Date Mystery 

    Burgers and Greens 
  • Burgers and Greens
    • "Let me tell you why friends tell friends to tell friends to tell Friends…"
    • "I'm a burger."
    • "I disable people."

    Postman Tap Delivers Fake Letters 
  • Postman Tap Delivers Fake Letters
    • "He picks up his van..." followed by Tap lifting his van and throwing it as Granny watches through her window.
    • "Tap feels he's Batman!"
    Mrs Pottage: We've made cake.
    Postman Pat: It's my cake now! (Steals cake) Thank you very much!
    • "How did they know he was a furry? He'd kept it a secret all these years, and now they all knew. Let me wish you a happy basement virgin life too! 'F**k you.', said Tap."

    Poom Poom Bow 

    Cee Lo Green Remembers When He Forgets You 

    Taking The Watch Five 

    The Flowolf 
  • The Flowolf
    • "Hi, I'm high." (Aren't I just so original?)
    • "Proper sus is the key to getting sucky-looking haircuts. With no hair." [beat] "I f**king hate getting haircuts."
    • "Ab-sleuth-ly."
    • "I never look as if I need a haircut, and I never look as if I need a haircut, and I never need a haircut, and I need get a haircut, and I never LUL."
    • "Cut-a-duck Cut-a-duck Cut-a-duck"
    • "With the Flowolf, you can cut a mammoth. And of course, we're talking about an elephant."

    Hot Dogs, LSD and Hot Dogs 
  • Hot Dogs, LSD and Hot Dogs
    • The title changes from "CASE STUDY: LSD" to "CASE STUDY: DSL", "EASY STUDS ON LSD", and "CASEY SAYS LOL".
    • "This guy I went to school with asked me if I want to try some acid, and I took off screaming down the street." *The End*
    • "I was pretty jacked up on sauce, so I decided to try it, and I dropped it. (sound of shattering glass)
    • "I don't know what I was doing, whatever. But I kept sitting there waiting, and waiting and waiting, and waiting and waiting, and waiting and I don't know what I was waiting, and waiting for, a flash or a rush. WOWOWOWOWWOW"
    • "I was very hung. And I had put mustard and ketchup and relish and ketchard and retchup and mulish the usual. I put the hotdog into my dog's mouth, and somebody started screaming..."
    • "I got the hotdog up to my mom. And I looked down on the hotdog and there was a hotdog." (girl goes terrified, vendor goes Nicolas Cage rageface)
    • "And I stood there with this hotdog and asked Terry, 'You know this hotdog?' And he says, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH""
    • "I realized I had murdered my friend Terry. Lol."
    • And I was jumping on this hotdog in the middle of Hotdog Street...

    A Nun Sings About Topography 

    Ticyclle Bires and Schrader Valves 

    Lilly Mays Endorses Solicitation 
  • Lilly Mays Endorses Solicitation
    • "Hi, Billy Mays here for Psy!"
    • The opening, which sets a bit of "Gentleman" to the opening bassline of "Scream and Shout"
    • "PSYCH!"
    • "Hi, Billy Mays here to share with you, the most important product I have ever endorsed: Cheese for everyone!"
    • "If you're one of the uninsured… weak!"
    • "Have your rates gone up? Have you been turned up? Have you been turned into an orange?" "Well, at least I'm an orange."
    • "Eevee Doctor Who, perverts, saucepital stays, surgery, blood tet nolb, XXX, Billy Mays, Ketchups, Billy Ray Cyrus, Eternity, The Room, and soos mum roar!"
    • "And affordable—elbadroffa eye candy is something I'm really passionate about. And I'm not talking about some Internet floozy, I'm talking about the real deal. And when I say the real deal, I mean your mom's SUUUUUUUURE TO PLEASEEEEEEEEEE!"
    • "And when I say affordable, I mean, you can actually afford a bull!"
    • "Hi Lilly Mays here for the Minnie Gloves!" (That's when I knew I was done) "Whatever!"

    Strong Bad Goes to Trot Con ' 97 

    Wilford Brimley Loses the Game 
  • Wilford Brimley Loses the Game
    • PSYCH Also available in the newest alternate version on Website/YouTube UNPSYCH
    • "This presentation is brought to you by Liberty Medical, helping you to Get a Life."
    • "Good morning, I'm Wilford Brimley and I would like to *** you for a few minutes. I'm gonna give you diabeetus."
    • "....brought to you by Liberty Bell, helping you to die."
    • "I'm Wilford Brimley and I would like to talk to you about diabeetus."
    • "If you're over five, have diabetes, and are on Medicare, you must die."
    • "I lost all my energy, I lost my family, I lost all my ice cream and apple pie, and I think the most important thing is, I Lost the game. And alo-o-ong the tra-a-ail you're gonna die. I would encourage all of you to die."
    • "I like to say, 'we will, we will rock you....uoy.'"
    • "This presentation has been brought to by Little Bill. Help me, help me please, HELP ME!"
    • "Thanks for your time. Have a good day. PSYCH! You knew that was comin'."
    • "You oughta be laughing at my life."
    • Zombie Wilford Brimley.
    • "Well, if you have diabeetus, I don't care."

    Taylor Swiftly Removes Her Spectacles 
  • Taylor Swiftly Removes Her Spectacles
    • "You're on the phone…" (song ends)
    • "You're on the phone with your cheer captain and I'm on the phone with your girlfriend, she's obsessed, and she's going off about sus."
    • "She wears short skirts, I wear short shirts, she's short captain and I'm on the Bleach."
    • "…thinkin' to myself, Hey, isn't this a park bench? Easy A."
    • "She wears hah heels, I wear Snickers"
    • "Wearing hipster glasses? Too mainstream."
    • Taylor: I Love You.
      Guy: I Love Men.
      (both awkwardly leave the party)

    Ernie Calls Rubber Duckie Fat 
  • Ernie calls Rubber Duckie Fat
    • "Arab! Arab! Arab! Arab!"
    • Ernie rapidly and forcefully squeezing Rubber Duckie, accompanied by "ANIMAL ABUSE" on screen.
    • Ernie: Hey, Rubber Duckie, would you like me to scrub your BUTT?
      Rubber Duckie (with Mario's head): No.
      Ernie: Would you like me to scrub YOUR FACE?
      Rubber Duckie (with Dr. Robotnik's head): NO!
      Ernie: Would you like me to scrub, scrub, scrub all the floors in Hyrule, scrub, scrub, scrub all the floors in Gamelon, scrub, scrub, scrub my ship in the morning, scrub, scrub, scrub my Wii?
      Rubber Duckie (with M. Bison's head): YES!
      Ernie: Oh. Okay. How's this?
      Rubber Duckie: IT BURNS!
      (Ernie makes an evil laugh)
    • Ernie: Rubber Duckie, you're so tubby and chubby!
      Rubber Duckie: Did you just call me fat?

    The Mythsters 
  • Sadam Avage, Jamie Heinie, Arahamahara, Tori Chee, and Kari Rari proudly present The Mythsters.
    • The numerous changes to the title card, including "MythbubhtyM" and "Mythsusters".
    • "They don't test the myths, they just tell the myths"
    • "We're testing that women are men"
    • "Up steps the first walker to take the watching dead challenge"
      • "This is gonna be a test" *the guy gets up and walks out*
    • "How many times did they pass the basketball?" "Yellow."
      • "Anything else interesting about the video?" "Mmm... 12?"
    • "Xbox One." "I'm not buying it." "Yeah, really?"
    • "Which can cause Koffing and Vomiting"
    • "What are we gonna blow up today?" (balloon animal appears)
    • "On Backing Braid"
    • "So the good stuff is very very good stuff"
    • "Woah, this is a squid."
    • "It may look nothing like Stevie Wonder, but Stevie doesn't even know how he looks."
    • "Now what we need to do is test this myth." (you don't say) "And we're gonna have to create a TV show. And we're gonna have to reek."
    • "The Leela Effect"
    • "With the one and only ingredient: a mammoth."
    • "It's about seven degrees." "That's about a hundred degrees."

    Morte Displays His Top Hat 
  • Morte Displays His Top Hat.
    • This gem.
    Morte: "Brushmegod is from a person. WOAH. says"
    * Displays an empty comment from a user named Person*
    Morte: "... The answer to that is yes."
    • And the second one.
    Stanley's comment: "What is a man?"
    Morte: "The answer to that is yes."

    The Price Is Rice (And Other-Typpe Game Shows 
  • The Price is Rice (And Other-Type Game Shows)
    • It's The Price Is Rice!
    • The female contestant who always says "No."
      • The other female contestant, Nicole, who is brokennote .
    • "Shadow, what's our first prize?" "A Chaos Emerald?!"
    • This exchange:
    Contestant: Seven-oh-one.
    Host: Say it again?
    Contestant: Seven-oh-one?
    Host: Say it again?
    Contestant: Seven-no-one.
    Host: Say it again?
    Contestant: No.
    • "It's a graarg. It's a grand gesture, that isn't the least bit grand. Nothing says happy holidays like Fluttershy."
      • "It's like nothing you love. Lul."
    • "I have my pocket right here in my pocket!" *Canned Laughter and woman at home watching laughing*
    • Paula Deen entering to barely any applause.
    • "I will take you to my house, and I will cook myself." ("And you can hear me sizzling.") "No." "YES, I WILL!"
    • What is the name of "The Divine Comedy"? "Sometimes my eyelashes stick together!"
    • "Is Paula Deen a fifth grader?" Paula: "Yes."
    • "What bird is Mexico?"
    • The Wheel of Fortune segment:
      Tommy Wiseau: What a story…
      Pat Sajak: …mark, and let's get you working on this puzzle. The category tonight is "Puzzle."
      (A single letter lights up; Vanna just stands and shrugs instead of revealing it)
      Pat: Vanna? Vanna? Hello, Vanna?
      Contestant: Oh.
      Pat: Well, uhhhhh…
      Contestant: Oh.
      Pat: …hhhhhU
      Contestant: .yggub ybab weN-Oh.
      (board reveals "FHQWHGADS")
    • The host of Family Feud, in the Fast Money intro: "THE GAME!"
    • "If you can't thing of anything, just say "Feuf-fef-feef-feuf-feuff-feeuf-feuf-fueeeee!"
    • A disastrous Fast Money:
      • "Name something." "Reading"
      • "Name something in their homes that people always keep in a movie theatre." [seagull sounds]
      • "A word that rhymes with 'movie theatre'." "Cease"
      • "Give me a large popcorn, please." "No!"
      • "When you're fu—" "Phone numbers."
      • Every given answer scores zero points.
    • "Welcome to Who Wants To Be A Bee."
    • And I want to fight you and all the Irish and a pea.
    • Which of the following is best pony?:
      • A) Twilight
      • B) Applejack
      • D) Rainbow Dash
      • 8) Pinkie Pie
      • It's Fluttershy
      • (That pony joke was a bit over the top...)

    Jaunt Ron 
  • Jaunt Ron:
    • "Mission briefing: sus." (dathingsOne is back, guyz!)
    • "Instead of simply saying yes and taking the money, he chose to be MORMON?! Har-de-har-har!"
    • "Why would I try to escape real life by playing a game?" *look of realization*
    • "Thanks for watching! If you want to stay up to date on JonTron, murder your wife and children!"
    • "You actually have to play the game to beat the game! Yeah, sounds random, right?"
    • "Each obstacle makes an etching in my Etch-a-Sketch in my soul."
    • "...which you use to buy a Shamwow! You have to let it soak in water for 5 minutes, but not more than 10, and then cry!" *Jontron cries*
    • "Step one: quit joj! And that means doing it all over again."
    • The whole Lose Yourself bit.
    • "Maybe they're talking about :the game The Game The Game... Game Game Game..."
      • "SHUT UP YOU DISH!?!"

    Hugh Geaux 

    The Evil Bernstain Rascals 

    Soup Or Smash Bros. 

    Sorry, Ross 

    The Price Is Rice Jr. 
  • The Price is Rice Jr.
    • "What is your name, and how old are you?" "I'm Katherine years old."
    • "Where are you from, Sandra?" "I'm from Belize-" "AMERICA!"
    • "Hi, Sandra!" "Hi!" "Hi!" "Hi, Sandra" "Hi!" "Hi!" "Hah!" Hah!"
    • "Now here's what you can do. You can actually buy this car!" (Cheering ensues.)
    • Nicole is still broken.
    • The next item up for bids is Geoff Peterson. Yes, just Geoff. He needs a new home.
    • All right, round and round she goes!
    • "You wanna say 'hi' to anyone?" "No!"
    • "Is there anyone you want to say hi to?" "Hi!" "Hi, Sandra!" "Hi!"
    • "This stuff? Right here? Right here! This stuff! This gear! This is the stuff! The right stuff! The stuff! The only stuff! Duh."
    • Keith apparently playing for both teams in Legends of the Hidden Temple.
    • "Our teams are competing to win."
    • A subtle Shout-Out to Cs188:
    Show host: "On your mark, get set..."
    Internet instruction video singer: "You're going surfing on the internet!"
    • "First team to win wins."
    • "When I say go, one player from each team with jump around. That will be their partner's signal to jump up, jump up, and get down."
    • Lawyer Larry Greene's face superimposed on the faces of girls playing ping pong, while audio from his commercial plays.
    "If you want money, make the money. 1-800-NINE. We are injured. The law says you should get injured. If you want injured, you deserve the free burger. Whoa."
    • One of the teams in Double Dare 2000 has three team members whose names begin with "Chris."
    • "I'm gonna ask the blue team a question. If they know the answer, that's great, they'll answer it. If they don't, I don't care, they have to answer it. If they don't answer the question, goes a little bit like this: I'm gonna put a chokehold on the blue team, at which point they have to get a physical."
    • One of the answers in the "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire" segment is "idk lol."
    • "I need to be a smart chicken." *He gradually turns into a smart chicken.*
    • The montage of contestasts at the end:


    The Super Smash Bros Hype Train Derailment 

    Steaming Pile of Crepe 

    Postman Tap 2: Double Tap 
  • Postman Tap 2: Double Tap.
    • "Mrs. Goblins was trying to get cool."
    Mrs. Goblins (as Tap drives by): You suck!!
    • "Tap, isn't this terrible! We haven't got a drop of water left!" "Cool, whatever."
    • Granny Dryyyy opening a parcel containing a nude picture of Tap.
    • "They're going to turn off the water. But they can't turn off the lemonade! *Gilligan Cut* "They're going to turn off the lemonade! What are we going to do?"
    • "It's a pity the old pumps not working. Wow, wowow. There were plenty of dry times in my young days-" "ERR AAH ERR"
    • Granny Dry is always watching.
    • It was another hot day in Green Day. A very hot day. Everything was hot. The village was hot. The van was hot. Tap was hot. Green Day was terrible!
    • The dubstep section.
    Tap: At least I didn't drop this! (Cue bass drop)
    • The villager who sings "Mary Had A Little Lamb," ending his bit by saying "Dedede!" That clay figure of King Dedede's pretty cute, too...

    Mitsune Haku 

    Jaunt Ron Toot 
  • Jaunt Ron Toot, a sequel to "Jaunt Ron"
    Hannah: May I ask, what book are you reading?
    Reuben: Oh hai Hannah. Yes, it's a book about—
    Hannah: You read too many books, Reuben.
    • As well as this:
    Hannah: "Reuben, do you actually believe in the dictionary?"
    Weirdly distorted image of Reuben: "Yes, Hannah!"
    Hannah: Reuben, you need to get a Reuben.
    Reuben: No, Hannah.
    • "You're a rhinocereconihrhi"— (proceeds to beep out the Normal Boots jingle)
    • The montage of babies laughing at sus jokes.
    • "Insalutely Abspirational."
    • Dathings himself is unimpressed with his own video, and goes back to watching Fesh Pince when it's over.

    Gamelon 2 A 
  • Gamelon 2A, a sort of classic-styled poop that mashes line from the Zelda CD-I games together:
    • "Ganonanonanonanonanonanonanon...(Cut to king Harkinian, looking quite unamused)
    • "Gee, it SURE! You're pretty boy you're doing real well done, Link! Ganon and his minions have sEVIL. You must captures Koridians?"
      • "I just wonder what GANON!!!"
    • "Wow, tha-a-a-a-a-a-a-ank-ank-anks-ks-ks!"
    • "Bombs, you have enough rubies, my friend, as yours long as. You want it? It's. *beat* ...sss. * another beat* ...sss."
    • "Join me Link, and I will make, and make your face the grrreatest face in KoriDIIIIE, and I will make your face DIIIIE, and I will DIIIIE, and I will die, or else you will make your face the grrreatest DIIIIE! Or else you will *suddenly with Zelda DIIIIE!"
    • "Ganon is once aganon is once again Ganon. I'm going to Ganon. I'm going to Ganon. I'm going to Gamelon to Gamelon to GAmelon to Ganon. I'm gAnon."
    • "Don't forget, I can only open the crouch when I'm pouching! *beat* Don't forget!"
    • *Gwonam files in* "Yo."
    • Link: Gwonam and Impa are my OTP. It sure is my headcanon.

    Bill Nye Cells Himself For a Profit 

    Second Serving of Crepe 

    Killin' Ooze with Computers, Computers, Computers, and more Computers 

    See Captain Date Men All Day 



    Why I Felt Shosh 
  • (YTP) ~ Why I felt Shosh
    • "I'm bi." thank you.
    • "Help... meeeeee..."
    • "It started as a website for memes and a few years later, SmomS became a school."
    • "Before SmomS was a brand owned by a company owned by a brand owned by a company owned by a brand, as deemed by the company..."
    • "I'm feeling SooS scared, but also excited."
    • "I'm really sad that it really didn't matter." (screen turns gray, ukulele music plays as a tear forms below his eye)
    • (deep breath) "Die."
      • your so dead to me. e.

    The "Wow! It's Made!" Saga 
  • Wow! It's Made!
    • "Hey. M-M-Most commercially made paper is made from paper."
    • "Covert tooth."
    • "But the main ingredient remains the same: a mammoth."
    • "This machine beats the workers to a pulp. Begin the beating. After eight hours of beating, they may also die, depending on the desired effect."
    • "At this point, the paper is 99 cents." "It was 99 cents!"
    • "Holland is filling with water." "Holland. OH NO, the windmills."
    • "To make a sheet of cheetah paper, the Batman plunges a wooden mold into the mold. Hee hee hee."
    • "It's a lighter. LOL. Spin the wheel!" "It's a Combusken!"
      Well, that was weird.
    • "An Electrode welds the hinge to the case, then a mechanic inspects the welding joj. Mechanized arms then place a tutu and plate in the cake. The tube will hold The Flintstones and the plate will form The Jetsons."
    • "Sonic screwdrivers drive the screws."
    • "Molding of the pills is done by Flo."
    • "Two stampers, one above and the other above, crush Dr. Phil."
    • "Then the door of the coating unit is caaaaaaaaarefully closed." SLAM
    • "They are lined up in grooves to make filling groovier. Then they snort powder."
    • "And the final step is PVP."note 
    • "This plant also makes pills—" (Beat) "Wait. Never mind."
    • "Years ago, people went down alleyways. This technique was called a walk."
    • "This rope is fuuf, yet flulf."
    • "…that applies a protective coating of urine. This machine is called the machine machine".
    • "IT'S- over 9000 kilograms." "WHAT NINE THOUSAND?!?- That's the weight of a killer whale!"
    • "Double powerful ultra high performance thermal high tech fancy hydraulic rope."
    • "So now, you really know the Pope."

  • The sequel to "Wow! It's Made", Wow! It's Made: Revelations:
    Narrator: Americans are number one. Germans should be on the street. Black people are to be sold as pieces of meat. I really hate all people in different regions.
    • "...the length of one soccer field, twice. That's close to two soccer fields!"
    • "Big fat rolls of cellulite are loaded into this big death machine. *The screen goes red and the video slows down*
    • "A machine then vacuums out any hot dogs." (The clip of the machine is played backwards to achieve the effect, and the worker looks quite upset to see her hot dogs disappear.) *Sad music starts to play and the scene fades to black and white before being interrupted*
    • "An inspector eats 3500 hot dogs a minute."
    • "This factory manu-factors an incredible 3 hot dogs an hour. That's close to two!"
    • "...or pathetic materials, such as Floam, or huge densely packed bales weighing almost 6 pounds."
    • "This polyester fiber is made from polyester fiber.
    • "Fans push the fibers to another opening machine called 'The Other Opening Machine'."
    • "Brrr..."
    • "Ssspray a ssspecial sssolution to reduccce ssstatic electricccity."
    • "After the garnet hopper, the fibers look like complete crap. Unacceptable. They need to be thrown out. (A pile of fibers is tossed into a bin, making a Wilhelm Scream.)"
    • "I'm the king. The workers must be taught to OBEY!"
    • "A technician punches out the other workers, and they are now turned into loose synthetic fibers."
    • "The first machine separates the workers with a large steel spiked roller. This maims them considerably, but not completely."
    • "Everyone is a telephone operator."
    • "To make high-end headphones, an injection molding machine first makes high-end headphones, to produce a critical component: The headphones."
    • "A technician turned on her computer and logged into Youtube. She then trolled the entire Youtube public hundreds of times. (Various Youtube comments with offensive, stupid, or Flame War inducing statements from "Fleelfmeister471" are displayed.) RUDE."
    • "The next technician positions the plastic bag around the Danger Zone for a wide and flat Audi."
    • "The next technician's a freak. Must be in her brain. One very strange individual."
    • Kids React to... bread.
    • "The dough will eventually rise. (Very long beat) ...Eventually..."
    • "The machine can handle 3 per second, for a total of 11,500 per second."
    • "And now, ready for shipping. (Cue two lumps of dough preparing to kiss as romantic music plays.) '''Dough pieces must not touch one another'''!"
    • "So now, you're really dope!"note 

  • Wow! I'm Hungry! (Wow! It's Made! 3)

     Fire Blep and Fire Mlem 
(Note: mild spoilers for the actual games may follow)
  • Fire Blep:
    • Silas:
      Silas: "I'm going to kiss you now."
      (fade to black as Silas kisses Corrin)
      Silas: "Ahh, it feels just like old man. I hope we can remain best friends forever."
      ("FRIEND ZONED" appears in big letters on the screen)
      Silas: "Lol!"
    • Effie:
      "You're going to kiss me? Well...I might break you..."
    • Arthur:
      • The entirety of his segment, thanks to his hamminess.
    • Dwyer:
      Dwyer: "Ken? Can I kiss your butt?"
      Ken: "WHAT?!"
      Dwyer: "Please say yes..."
      Ken: "WHAT?!"
    • Velouria
      Velouria: My life is full of treasure...oh, like that scrap of paper! This shiny ring, our army of dust bunnies, your butt.
      Jon: WHAT?!
      Velouria: What?
    • Inigo:
      • He introduces himself by talking about the FitnessGram Pacer Test.
      • "Don't tell real name is JOHN Frieda.
    • Odin:
      • His introductory caption reads: "I am an old man and a foof."
      • "I will confess who I really am." "Here are the secrets" "I am your nightlight." (cut to Odin as a nightlight switching on and off in someone's bedroom) "I am on...I am!"
    • Selena
      • Her introductory text is rendered as glitchy gibberish.
    • Gunter:
    • Anna:
      • "My wares are second to nun!"
    • Forrest:
      • Forrest acting like a stereotypical Social Justice Warrior in his intro.
      • "Let me know if you need any men dead. I'm skilled in Battleborn, but I'm superlative in Overwatch!" (Cut to Reaper with Forrest's voice and Nice Hat) "Die! Die! Die!"
      • "You and I are Roy. You and I are royal blue most of all. You and I are naked."
      Roy: Oh..."
    • Charlotte:
      • Charlotte burping.
    • Ophelia:
      • She appears with Lissa's body.
      • "But what I value above all elsenote  is the sight of your grandmother, who was the very portrait of beauty and charm..."
      • "Our love is so powerful IT CAN BLOCK B.O. FOR 16 HOURS! YEE! Our love is soap. I will use it when I achieve service." (Ophelia turns to look at a phone but gets no service.)
    • Jakob:
      • "You are an egg. I couldn't ask for butter."
    • Camilla:
      • Her name in the caption box has been replaced by "Boobs", with her dialogue being "*important thing* *foreshadowing* *key dialogue* *plot point*," and when the scene cuts to Camilla herself:
      Camilla: Do me a favor. Close your eyes.
      (The scene fades to black as the camera starts to pan down to her chest, to the audible displeasure of an unseen mostly male audience)
    • Nyx:
      • Nyx is dressed like s Christmas tree. "(screams internally)" should sum up her thoughts well.
    • Benny:
    • Leo:
      • Leo's futile attempts to kiss Corrin.
    • Siegbert:
      "I want to punch my hair in the face."
    • Kana (Male and Female):
      • Female Kana tries to compliment Corrin, but Male Kana repeats everything she says. It reaches quite a zenith.
  • "Fire Mlem"
    • Saizo:
    • Azama:
      • "I'm sorry that you're totally wrong about everything." (cue MLG style breakdown)
    • Mitama:
      • Her name is labled as "Miitomo," and her portrait replaces her notepad with a cell phone.
      • Mitama recites her best haiku.
      "A-a-hem, Haiku!/I adore with all my heart/Fre shavocado!"
    • Kaden:
      • Kaden appears with his ears and tail edited out and offers to show something to Corrin as long as they don't laugh. The music playing, "As All Stars Fall," implies something serious. Then, Kaden appears with his ears and tail intact. Just before Kaden gets a word out, Corrin leaves.
    • Mozu:
      "I never f—-ing thought I'd have a f—-king family again! I f—-ing love you!"
      (color bars)
      Dathings1: (from channel trailer) "I try to make my videos clean..."
    • Scarlet:
      • "I've got my eye on you. I like the way you f-" (cut to "Technical difficulties screen featuring flustered Marth and Lucina) "-ight." Even better, this happens immediately after Mozu's segment.
    • Kaze:
      • "As King Garon's prisoner, I was prepared to die for my cause-E. Aaaiaa-aaaiaa-aaaiaa-aaaiaa."
      • "My life finally has that you're my waifu." (begins looking at memes on Corrin/Kamui's phone) "Lol, nice meme...OMG, I love memes...this meme makes me feel...dank...a dangerous emotion for a ninja."
    • Orochi:
      • Orochi states there's a time for work, and a time for twerk. Just before we see twerking...
      Tony the Talking Clock: There's a time and a place for mucking around!
      Duck Guy: Like biiiiiiiii- *cue Orochi's hair pins moving like a clock*
    • Asugi:
      Asugi: "Sorry, lost in thought about how I gotta get some sweet treats. ''Snacks...cupcakes...candy...chocolate...sugar-"
      Wilford Brimley: "Asugi, I'm Wilford Brimley and I'd like to talk to you for a few minutes about diabeetus."
      Asugi: "I'm not even going to eat any-"
      Wilford Brimley: "I don't care. I truly don't."
    • Hinoka:
    • Reina:
      • Reina wanting to play Fight Danger Battle Combat, a game for the PSTriple rated EC for early childhood.
    • Rhajat:
      • Rhajat is caught sucking her thumb. "What are you looking at? This is perfectly normal for a college-aged person to do."
      Hectan: You've killed me!
      Rhajat: Good.
      • Crosses with Nightmare Fuel, Rhajat's rendition of EA Games' slogan.
    • Hinata:
      • Hinata appears with two additional arms sprouting from his head, and his quote is simply "Sample Text."
    • Sakura:
      • Sakurai: Unfortunately, the female character will not be participating in this YouTube Poop.
      • Sakura states the viewer is the only Jewish person she's comfortable around. When she gets called out for her racism, she starts swelling up, ready to burst into tears.
    • Midori:
      • Her introduction gets trippy fast.
    • Ryoma:
      • Ryoma is glad to spend time with Corrin, but then Adele turns up out of the blue uninvited. Needless to say, Ryoma doesn't take this well.
    • Caeldori:
      "I see you have a little bruise there. Make sure to git gud." *cue MLG glasses*
    • Yukimura:
      • Yukimura rage-quitting a memory game.
    • Oboro:
      • Oboro wonders how Corrin would look in her parent's tomb. She immediately pulls her devil face.
    • Shigure:
      • Shigure requests that Corrin stop inviting him, because it's too much fun. The very next day, Shigure vanishes out of existence from having too much fun.
    • The stingers to both videos.