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  • Accidental Innuendo: The Pomegranate Priestesses want you to cleanse the taint... That is to say, the taint Pomegranate Cookie left in their homeland by cursing the lands.
  • Angst Aversion: The entirety of the saga is generally not considered so because it is still idealistic to its core like the previous Cookie Run games before it despite being a Darker and Edgier spin-off to a mostly light-hearted series, but the "darker" parts of the backstory, such as the Dark Flour War before the events of the game and the wraparound story of the Dark Mode event, can be a bit hard to swallow for some gamers.
  • Author's Saving Throw: Just about everything regarding Cookie Run: Kingdom has been agreed to be handled much better than the much more lukewarmly-received Wars, up to and including taking production levels Up to Eleven with voice acting, cinematics, much more engaging gameplay and original characters, as well as marketing the heck out of it.
  • Awesome Music:
    • 'I Promise' is often jokingly compared to an anime opening because of its catchy pop melody, No Seung Ho’s fantastic voice, and meaningful lyrics that will warm up your heart. They even go so far as to provide a sing-along version, and the voice actors of some cookiesnote  decided to join in the fun themselves.
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    • The Pomegranate Village’s OST is a traditional-sounding melody which is likely a result of using traditional instruments. It gives off a peaceful, serene feeling that differs from the usually cheerful or epic soundtracks seen in previous areas.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The coverage of the Dark Flour War where Cookies were effectively systematically killed, and had their corpses burned to the point of becoming nothing but ashes. It is never mentioned prior to its coverage, it has no impact on the game during its coverage, and it is never mentioned again.
  • Broken Base: The sudden two-day maintenance not long after its release wasn’t taken well by players. To say nothing of the issues that happened with the Android version after said maintenance (see Porting Disaster below).
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome:
    • Everybody stays at Kingdom Level 8 (out of 12), since anything after the Cotton Candy Farm is so incredibly inefficient that it gimps all resource production, and nothing at or after Level 9 is worth upgrading for anyways. By that point, the only reason anyone would upgrade above Kingdom Level 8 is if they can gain more territories to customize their Kingdom even further.
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    • In Kingdom PVP, Espresso and Licorice are the two de-facto offensive cookies, and Herb (and occasionally Custard) is the designated healer. Outside of PVP, Espresso also finds use simply for being busted in general.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • Espresso Cookie and Madeleine Cookie quickly gained attention from the fans and became two of the most popular Cookies from the game due to their attractive appearances and quest storyline in which their personalities develop. In return, they’re given a lot of spotlight from the developers: Espresso is the first Special Gacha character and appears in the Parfaedia Institute event that also introduces two new Cookies, which expands on his personality even further; Madeleine has the most Bonds out of all the Cookies note  and is given an OFFICIAL fanart event being hosted across Cookie Run: Kingdom socials named Madeleine Cookie’s Cake Crusade.
    • Latte Cookie also obtained fans due to her Hot Witch design, for being a sweet and kind mentor to Cream Puff Cookie, and for having coffee magic similar to Espresso to the point that fans theorize that they're siblings.
    • Upon being revealed, Almond Cookie wasted no time in becoming very popular for his maturely handsome appearance and deadpan personality.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Corrupted Sugar Swan has a very gorgeous and opulent design compared to their true self, which looks significantly more simple but elegant.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple:
    • The amount of Madeleine/Espresso fanworks on Twitter is overwhelming. And that is before the game’s official release, which shows how much their dynamic in promotional videos is enjoyed. It isn’t helped by the fact that they’re both the resident Ensemble Darkhorse and the game dedicates a whole quest featuring their interactions together. Cookie Run Kingdom's socials gave a nod to the ship when they posted a Valentine's Day message with the two of them together on a pink background.
    • Chili/Rye also gains quite a bit of attention thanks to their rivalry.
  • Fanon:
    • You can’t go through ten posts that feature Espresso and Latte Cookie together without one depicting them as siblings or cousins, even though in the canon (as for now) they’re only research partners.
    • Despite them not even being in the same game (as of this entry), Almond Cookie being Walnut Cookie's father is a very popular headcanon in the fandom. Nearly every piece of work that features the two interacting portrays them as a father and daughter.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Of the roster of Cookies since launch, Espresso Cookie takes the cake for being a Glass Cannon unit whose skill Grinding can not only dish out large amounts of enemies on all lanes, and damage up to 7 times at that. But also groups in said enemies, which makes him an excellent crowd control that can let other Cookies such as Purple Yam, Chili Pepper, and especially Dark Choco mop them up deal in one strike!
    • Speaking of Dark Choco, his high stats and ability to damage a great number of enemies at once as well as lower their defense makes him the best Charger unit at this point in the game. Whether you're doing story stages, arena, or fighting a guild boss, he'll always come in handy.
    • Despite what his portrayal as an Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain suggests otherwise, Licorice Cookie is also another Glass Cannon unit in the same vein as Espresso! However, where he differs from Espresso is that he is able to dish out more damage for the team via using his skill to summon Licorice Servants. This makes him a must in Story Mode and PvP to bring in additional manpower to the front lines and to help overwhelm opponents. Oh and a nice bonus is that he can also temporarily boost defense in the team.
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight: In the New Year's Greeting Event in Cookie Run: Ovenbreak on January 2021, Cream Puff Cookie's letter reads "I'm going to become a great wizard this year!". Nearing the end of February 2021, Cream Puff Cookie's reveal in Cookie Run Kingdom shows that she has gained a True Wizard form, complete with a Magical Girl transformation to boot! This also counts as a Moment of Awesome!
  • Memetic Mutation
    • Maintenance = Crystals Explanation 
  • Moral Event Horizon: Pomegranate Cookie might as well cross this in Dark Mode, where she psychologically tortured Dark Choco Cookie with his past trauma, guilt for failing his subjects’ expectations and being (ambiguously) responsible for his kingdom’s downfall, and the memory of the moment he slashed his father (the Strawberry Jam Sword may or may not to blame). Yes, Dark Choco, the ever-solemn and stoic swordsman, was brought to tears by this. Even Licorice Cookie was horrified.
  • Porting Disaster: THE ANDROID VERSION. On release, the game was subject to a disastrous launch build, but when the initial patch came in, Android users reported that the app store suddenly claimed the game was not compatible with their devices despite meeting all the system requirements and having been able to install the app prior. Even on devices where the app store allows the user to download it via some miracle, the game's optimization is so unbelievably poor that it has been reported that the phone can overheat and battery drainage rates go through the roof. Did we mention that the Android version requires 3 GB of RAM, despite the iOS version only needing 2 GB of RAM? On February 16th, 2021 (almost a month after release), the developers outright said they have no plans to fix these issues, leaving most Android players being forced to play the game via other means, the most popular of which was emulation... keyword, was, because as of the Guild Update, the most popular emulator, Bluestacks, cannot run the game because it too is incompatible with the app despite not even being a device and instead an emulator, leaving obscure emulators known for having errors in quality, redownloading the game and updating it via Qooapp, or downloading the .APK and installing it yourself (the latter of which is outright discouraged by the developers due to the general dubious nature of .APK sites).
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • Storage. Dear sweet heavens, Storage. Unlike most games of this kind where storage of resources is done on a resource-by-resource basis and every resource has its own designated storage, every item in the game shares a united storage capacity and takes up a slot in it. And yes, every item (with the bizarre exception of toppings). Since late-game requires a lot of mass-production and stockpiling of resources, what tends to result is that players rapidly run out of resources as either niche items tend to clog up slots that basic resources could be using, or basic resources are vastly in surplus and niche items aren't able to be stored. Made even worse is that items such as Star Candies, Powder, Rarities, and even some key items all count towards this storage cap, and if you don't have space, you simply cannot progress. Are you at one of Adventure's many roadblocks and need to level up cookies? Better hope you have enough storage for those Star Candies, or else you're going to be unable to stockpile them. Need to put one of the sacred branches into World 6's sacred spots? Better have an open slot, or you can't get the branch to begin with until you make room for it. Did we mention that after the fourth upgrade, it costs gems to upgrade the space in lieu of the craftable resources it takes prior? And by the third one of these, it costs as much as a 10-cookie pull (3,000 crystals) at once for only 14 slots?
    • The game has a global chat feature available to everyone, which irritatingly notifies you whenever someone maxes out a task (ex: upgrading a topping to max level, getting 5 stars on a cookie, upgrading a treasure to max level, etc.). This feature was even worse at launch, where there was no way to turn it off. Thankfully, a switch is now implemented into the settings to keep it off indefinitely.
    • If you're playing on mobile, chances are that you've accidentally picked up a cookie off the ground instead of scrolling around your kingdom. Even worse if you mistakenly drop them off in a workshop.
    • Star Candies used to have to be collected from each house one-by-one, meaning you could tap on a house and get zoomed into it unwillingly while just trying to collect, or tapping on a cookie that just so happens to be nearby. And if you have houses that are faraway from each other for aesthetic reasons, have fun with the scrolling problem above. A feature has now been implemented to collect all Star Candies at once by tapping on one house.
  • Ships That Pass in the Night: Yes, Clover Cookie/Licorice Cookie is a thing, despite not having a single canon interaction and similarity aside from being first released in Cookie Run: Kingdom.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Pure Vanilla Cookie’s decision to sacrifice himself caught other members of The Five off guard, but they could do nothing but to watch him slowly crumble before their very eyes. Hollyberry actually cried in helplessness, and even someone like Dark Cacao was visibly saddened but had to quickly toughen himself up for their world’s sake. War Is Hell, even for Cookies.
    • The Dark Mode shows off a lot of light behind Dark Choco Cookie's past, especially the fact that Dark Cacao Cookie - whose fate has grown ambiguous since the Dark Flour War - is actually his father. The story as to how he became a Fallen Hero is absolutely depressing, especially when Pomegrante Cookie forces him to remember his past... Let’s just say Choi Won-Hyeong nailed the voice acting.
  • That One Boss: Simply having Nightmare-ridden Librarian as a mini-boss in any stage will make those stages That One Level.
  • That One Level:
    • Stage 7-25 will be forever remembered by almost every single player as an absurdly painful miniboss fight that makes World 7’s actual boss, Nightmare Archivist, seem like a mere ice cream cone in return. The red background Nightmare-ridden Librarian gets more powerful as their HP decreases and in just one or two hits can deal out terrifyingly high damage. Unless you have some good strategy and/or very high-level Cookies, your party will be used to wipe the floor shining clean in a matter of seconds.
    • This literally nightmarish Librarian shows up again in later stages, including the stage right before World 7's boss. After that, you'll have to deal with him in three other stages in World 8, though his difficulty will depend on what team you have on hand as well as your cookies' levels.

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