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Ryan George (born June 21, 1989 in Montreal, Quebec) is an actor and web video producer, known for his work with Screen Rant and his personal YouTube channel, where he regularly releases comedy sketch videos, usually a deconstruction of society that ends with a joke.

With Screen Rant, he does voiceovers for videos, and also produced the hit Screen Rant Pitch Meetings.

Oh, these tropes are tight!

  • Accentuate the Negative: Very common in his content. He makes fun of things society takes for granted and points out the flaws in popular movies.
  • Affably Evil: Even the criminals are polite and understanding in the Ryanverse, since most of them are the first people to ever actually do any crime and aren't completely sure about what they're doing.
  • Affectionate Parody: Of Real Life pitch meetings.
  • All Men Are Perverts: The only way he got people to buy his "Sandwich with a Really Big Pickle in It" was to say that "if you buy it, women will want to sleep with you." Everyone at the network office immediately ordered multiple sandwiches.
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  • All of Them: In "The First Guy To Ever Be King," when the other guy asks the king what he's in charge of, the king says "Just, you know, just all of it."
  • Anachronism Stew: Big part of humor of "The First Guy to Ever..." series is that titular character do something in vaguely modern era, but without some of obvious for us things.
  • Bait-and-Switch: "The Guy who Invented Sarcasm" begins with a guy responding to news of an office meeting in a sarcastic tone. Then his coworker Roger comes over and declares that he (Roger) just invented sarcasm, with Roger's coworkers telling him to go away. It's implied that the guy speaking in a sarcastic tone wasn't even doing it on purpose.
  • Birthday Episode: The First Guy to Ever Celebrate a Birthday is about somebody celebrating the day he came out of his mom's "parts" and awkwardly listening to someone singing "Happy Birthday To You" to him while a bunch of fiery candles are in his face.
  • Brick Joke:
    • In "The First Guy to Ever Open a Restaraunt," the owner tells the potential customer that he's going to walk into the building and that it's going to be very unclear if the owner wants the customer to follow him. At the end of the video, that's exactly what happens.
    • In "The First Guy to Ever Get Ripped," the muscly guy tells the construction worker Jim building his weightlifting room to work on that fourth wall. At the end of the video, when the skinny guy points out that the muscly guy's buff body is just a Photoshopped image, the wall collapses around them and the construction worker remarks that "the fourth wall just shattered."
  • Call-Back: The names and descriptions of things in the series as characters describe them tend to remain consistent in later videos, such as being arrested/going to prison being "getting put in a room" or water being called "the drinking stuff".
  • Call to Agriculture: This Video Will Age Terribly predicts that Donald Trump would become a farmer, read stoic philosophy, and swear off all social media.
  • Cannot Convey Sarcasm: Subverted in "The Guy Who Invented Sarcasm." Despite the guy responding to his coworker's news about a meeting with a clearly sarcastic and disinterested tone, the coworker keeps talking about it as if the first guy is being earnest. It seems he really was excited about the meeting, however, and his sarcastic tone was accidental, since the actual guy who invented sarcasm was their coworker Roger.
  • Catchphrase: In addition to the many that make up Pitch Meetings, his characters always greet each other by saying "Hi there, hello, it's me" and have a tendency to end sentences with "I/we decided".
  • Cats Are Mean: At least, the one in "If Cats Were Able to Talk" is. He seems to be actively trying to ruin his owner's love life with noises, and when he does finally speak, he's racist.
  • Cheating with the Milkman: In How Tools Got Their Names, Steve admits to his office that he caught his wife having an affair with his chauffeur and his mailman, hence he named the bitterly names one tool Screwdriver in her "honor".
    Steve: "I put some vodka in some orange juice. I don't even care anymore! And you know what, I'm calling it a screwdriver too does that make you happy?!"
  • Covers Always Lie: The thumbnail for "Showing Off Our Cool Stuff To Other Dimensions" has a character talking about wasps. This does happen in the video, but only for the first minute; the next three or so minutes consist of an Author Tract about the dangers of social media algorithms, and the wasp bit only comes back briefly at the end.
  • Creepy Child: In The First Guy To Ever Celebrate Christmas, the titular guy's son has Ryan George's face edited be longer, to have larger eyes, only two teeth, and to still have a beard and mustache. This child appears again in The First Guy To Ever Be King as the King's designated successor and he's already showing signs of becoming The Caligula.
    Kid Ryan: "Blood!"
  • Dada Ad: The second commercial in "The First Guy To Ever Make A Commercial" is a parody of meaningless commercials, showing a bunch of black-and-white natural vignettes that have nothing to do with the product.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: The "The Guys Who Named the Dongle" sketch is subtly alluding to the similarity between a dongle and a dong.
  • Drive-Thru Antics: "The First Guy to Ever Order Drive-Thru" has a guy drive up to a restaurant and demand the food be brought to his car so he doesn't gave to get out of his warm seat, inventing drive-thru.
  • False Reassurance:
    • How Is The Ocean A Real Thing has the boss misunderstand his employee asking if anyone's ever died in the ocean and assumes he's talking about the break room he'd just mentioned.
      Employee: Has anyone died in there?
      Boss: In the break room? Not very many, no.
    • When "The First Guy to Ever Climb a Mountain" casually alludes to two of his cousins dying while helping him test out methods of climbing the "triangle", the guy he's talking to asks exactly how many cousins were lost in this venture. The climber-guy assures him it was "less than twenty."
  • Formally Named Pet: The cat in "If Cats Were Able to Talk" is named Mr. Marbles.
  • Gilligan Cut:
    • In "The First Guy to Ever Break an Arm," the guy in a plaid shirt tells the guy with a broken arm that the doctor can snap his arm back into place. The guy with a broken arm says, "Well, that sounds a little intense. I don't think he's gonna want to snap it back into place." Cut to the doctor's office:
    Doctor: I think we should snap it back into place.
    Guy with broken arm: Oh my god!
    • Subverted in "The First Guy To Ever Climb a Mountain," when the mountain climber assures that he's confident he won't freeze to death, then it cuts to an image of the mountain climber frozen to death... then cuts to the mountain climber holding the image of him frozen to death, explaining that he photoshopped it to show what it'd look like if he did freeze.
  • Heel Realization: "The First Guy to Ever Go To Prison" doesn't agree with most of the reasons they decided to keep him in a small room for a long time, but agrees that cutting off someone's face and wearing it like a mask was messed up and he deserves to be punished for it.
  • Home Nudist: He explains to a ghost that they need to leave his house because he walks around naked.
  • I Never Said It Was Poison: In The First Guy to Ever Open A Hotel, a guy whose house burned down tells the prospective hotel owner that he thinks the idea will really catch on. The hotel owner's response gets the other guy suspicious that he's not just a prospective hotel owner, but an arsonist.
    Hotel Owner: You're dang right it's gonna catch on! Like a fire in a basement, eh?
    Hotel Guest: Eh!... Wait, I didn't tell you the fire started in the basement.
    Hotel Owner: (Beat) Listen, I had to get the word out somehow.
  • I Have No Son!: How The Last Jedi Trailer But Every Lightsaber Sound Replaced With Owen Wilson Saying Wow ends with the person making the titular video - Jason - being told this word-for-word by his father.
  • The Illegible: The doctor (implied to be the first doctor ever) in "The First Guy to Ever Break an Arm" has handwriting that's impossible to read, but insists he's always going to write like that going forward.
  • Injured Limb Episode: "The First Guy to Ever Break an Arm" is about, well, the first guy to break his arm, who goes to a doctor to get it put in an "arm shell," though he doesn't like the idea of being unable to move his arm while his friends draw penises on the shell.
  • It Will Never Catch On: Many of his "The First Guy To Ever" videos have the character talking to the first guy do ever do something saying it doesn't seem like a good idea.
  • Lampshade Hanging: In Guys Who Wear Expensive T-Shirts the characters seem to be aware that they all look the same.
  • Least Rhymable Word: In "How Fruits Got Their Names," the guy who names the orange struggles to find a rhyme to explain his decision, and just shrugs it off.
  • Line-of-Sight Name: In "How Tools Got Their Names," the employee in charge of naming the hammer got the idea for the name because he was eating a ham sandwich when the boss called on him. The jackhammer comes from another employee seeing the hammer employee still eating that ham sandwich (jack- coming in when the employee in charge of naming it gets told he can't name it the same as the hammer and appends his name to it to solve that).
  • Literal Genie: The genie in "If Cats Were Able to Talk" grants a wish for Ryan's cat to the sense that the cat can make infantile human babbling noises, because Ryan never wished for the cat to know how to speak English.
  • Mad Scientist: Subverted in The First Guy To Ever Eat Dessert, where the titular first guy introduces the scientist who developed pure sugar as a wacky science guy. Then the science guy actually speaks and he reveals he's being held as a hostage.
  • Metaphorgotten: In "The First Guy to Ever Order Drive-Thru," the driver tries and fails to explain why he can't leave his car when his butt is so warm in his seat:
    Driver: If I got out of this car, that'd be like taking two perfectly toasted buns... and making them leave the car.
    Restaurant Guy: That— You lost track of the analogy right away.
  • Nepotism: In "How They Wrote Classic Christmas Songs," this turns out to be the reason for some of Walking in a Winter Wonderland's lyrics. When the team isn't buying the one guy's insistence that his suggested lyrics about pretending a snowman is "Parson Brown" and "a circus clown" are in any way relatable winter activities:
    Guy 1: Listen, fellas, we could always run these ideas by my father, see what he thinks.
    Guy 2: (reluctantly adds in the lyrics) Alright, alright... You're lucky your dad's the CEO of this vague company that writes all Christmas music for some reason.
  • One Dialogue, Two Conversations: In "The First Guy to Ever Play Tag" One guy describes how to play tag by "touching each other." Of course, The other guy thinks of something else dirty.
  • One Steve Limit: Discussed in "The First Guy to Ever Have a Name" when Ryan's two friends decide their new "sound" is going to be Bob, so Ryan comes up with the idea of last names to distinguish them. However, when Ryan comes up with the idea of last names based on your profession, they both end up with the name Bob Unemployed.
  • Pinocchio Nose: The guy in "If Cats Were Able to Talk" wished for Pinocchio nipples. He claims everybody loves them (which causes them to grow).
  • Pokémon Speak: One of the employees who name tools, Alex, can only say his own name in a strange voice. This is how the axe got its name, as Alex's name kind of sounded like "axe."
  • Prophetic Name: Jonathan Lawyer - Lawyer at Law, Michael Pickleseller & Frederick Noisemaker all fit into this, unless you buy into the theory that all his videos take place in the same world, in which case "The First Guy Ever To Have A Name" explains this.
  • Science Is Bad: Expressed by a scientist of all people when talking about how he developed pure sugar. Justified given that he did this under duress.
    Science Guy: "He made me process and refine these plants until there were nothing but crystals of sweetness. It's not right it's not natural!" (later) "He threatened my family! You gotta help me!"
  • Self-Deprecation:
  • Severely Specialized Store: The recurring “Sandwich with a Pretty Big Pickle in it” fast food chain, which sells moderately large pickles in hot dog buns. They also offer a kid’s meal, which is the same sandwich cut in half.
  • Shame If Something Happened: The First Guy Ever To Sell Insurance video outright starts the Insurance Guy's pitch off saying "something awful could happen" before telling his potential customer the solution is to give him money. It makes the pitch come off more like paying a Protection Racket.
  • Shaped Like Itself: In "The First Guy to Ever Climb a Mountain":
    Guy 1: Right, but why do you want to be up there, exactly?
    Guy 2: Ah, well see, once I'm up there... I'll be up there.
    Guy 1: ...Yeah.
    Guy 2: So.
    Guy 1: So... what will that accomplish?
    Guy 2: Well, I'll have accomplished it.
  • Shout-Out: "The First Guy To Ever Shoplift" has a semi-random scene where the store owner and the shoplifter talk about how good Jurassic Park is and watch a clip of it (re-enacted by Ryan, naturally).
  • Snake Oil Salesman: Media Guy in "The First Guy to Ever Get Ripped" insists that his weight loss tea, cologne, and a magazine can help somebody get muscles, despite the guy who actually has muscles saying he didn't use any of that and got ripped from a healthy diet and exercise.
  • So What Do We Do Now?: In "The First Guy to Ever Reach a Million Subscribers," someone asks the titular guy what he's going to do now that he's reached his goal. The guy doesn't know, and this causes Ryan to walk away from editing the video and contemplate how to proceed with his channel. Subverted when he decides to aim for two million subscribers...or just not let numbers dictate his life.
  • Straw Fan: As the title suggests, "The First Guy to Ever Be a Toxic Fan" is a parody of creepy fans. A guy aimlessly makes some "Bah-bah-bah" sounds with his mouth, and gets hassled by someone who begs him to do more sounds even when he doesn't really want to, gets overly critical as soon as he makes a new sound before quickly insisting he do more of that sound, and accuses someone who becomes a fan of the same guy of being a "phony" for not knowing him as long as the first fan. Then when the sound-making guy expresses that it's at least nice to bring them joy with how "things are in the world right now," the fans lash out at him to "stay out of politics."
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome: In "If Cats Were Able to Talk", Ryan asks a Genie to make his cat able to talk. As the genie points out, it takes humans about a year to learn to talk, so the cat just makes random, creepy vocalizations rather than speaking English.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial:
    • In "The First Guy to Ever Open a Restaraunt," the customer is extremely suspicious about the fact that the owner won't allow him into the kitchen where the chef is making the food after the owner brings up the possibility of the chef "having an itchy a**hole" while he prepares the food.
    • “When Fast Food Restaurants Give Out Toys” introduces a mascot named Pickles, “The Pickle who Doesn’t Bite.”
    • In "The First Guy to Ever Climb a Mountain", said guy explains that you can't just drive up the "triangle" because the car would flip backwards, explode, and "your cousin Ron'll die but you'll make it out on time."
      Guy 1: That seems extremely specific, did that happen to you?
      Guy 2: Ehh, I'll never tell.
      Guy 1: I feel like you just did.
      Guy 2: Anyway, since I can't drive up there, rest in peace, Ron...
  • Take That!: A lot.
    • Guys Who Wear Expensive T-Shirts is this to people who buy expensive clothing to show off.
    • Frightened TikTok Star Finds A New Home (WHOLESOME) is a parody of wholesome animal adoption stories which features a Tik Toker as said animal. It makes fun of a lot of weird TikTok trends, including their weird dances, poses, and lip syncing.
    • "The First Guy to Ever Get Ripped" ends with a "Media Guy" coming in to pressure the skinny guy to get as buff as the muscley guy, or else nobody will ever love him, then pushes weight loss tea, cologne, and a magazine subscription to help him get buff (or a sports car to compensate for his body) despite the actual buff guy saying that's not how he got muscles. This is clearly making fun of unrealistic media standards and marketing that exploits the viewers' insecurities with their body.
    • The First Guy To Ever Sell Insurance is one to the insurance companies. People are expected to continuously pay for insurance for various aspects of their lives so that if one day something bad happens, the insurance provider will maybe pay for some of the costs, as opposed to the person in question just saving the money and putting it aside for such needs themselves. Insurance Guy even outright says his business model is "monetizing your anxiety".
  • Time Travel: In his "Time Traveler Discovers" series, a time traveler from the 1990's travels to modern times and reports back on how everything has changed, naturally resulting in a lot of Comically Missing the Point moments, as well as a Take That! to modern society.
  • Too Incompetent to Operate a Blanket: Parodied in "The First Guy To Ever Make A Commercial," where the Sandwich with a Pretty Big Pickle In It infomercial starts off with a guy who has no idea how to make a sandwich.
  • Unfortunate Names: The First Guy To Ever Have A Name ends with this happening. While the person who created names makes a normal name (Ryan Baker) his two roommates both choose a name that's this trope (Bob Unemployed).
  • You Say Tomato: In "How Fruit Got Their Names," the guy in charge of fruits pronounces one newly-named fruit as "to-mah-to" despite the one who named it insisting it's pronounced "to-may-to."


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