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Gemini Home Entertainment is a Web Video Analog Horror anthology series by Remy Abode, who also created Morley Grove. The videos are presented in the form of short guides, documentaries or adverts distributed by the (fictitious) Gemini Home Entertainment video company. They depict a world where things went wrong, although the exact details of which are unclear.

The videos include:

  • "World's Weirdest Animals" - a short documentary about some of the weirdest animals living in Rural Minnesota.
  • "Storm Safety Tips" - an instructional video on how to prepare for storms and what to do during and after one.
  • "The Deep Blue" - a short documentary on maritime wildlife as well as the exploration of a mysterious portion of the ocean. (This video became private owing to Remy Abode's own dissatisfaction with the video's pace, its relative disconnect with the rest of the series, and its retroactive redundancy following a later entry which follows a similar concept.)
  • "Artificial Computer Learning" - a demonstration guide by Regnad Computing on the development of the world's most advanced artificial intelligence.
  • "Our Solar System" - a documentary about our Solar System, presented with interesting facts.
  • "Camp Information Video" - a short information video showcasing the activities, accommodations, and mythos of the Moonlight Acres Family Camp.
  • "Lethal Omen Commercial" - an advert and short playthrough of a video game called Lethal Omen. The full game was later released online.
  • "Wilderness Survival Guide" - an instructional video by famous wildlife expert Jack Wylder on how to protect yourself in the wilderness.
  • "Sleep Image Visualizer" - a short guide how to use the Sleep Image Visualizer (SIV).
  • "Games for Kids" - an instructional video featuring four games for groups of kids to play.
  • "Advanced Mining Vehicle" - a short informational video showcasing a new advancement in mining technology.
  • "Deep Root Disease" - an educational video on what the Deep Root Disease is and how to recognize it.
  • "Monthly Progress Report" - an informational video on Regnad Computing's latest project progress.
  • "Christmas Eve Party" - a video showing the 1985 Christmas Eve Party at a familiar location.
  • "Home Invasion Help" - a video showing what to do in the event of a home invasion.
  • "Crusader Probe Mission" - a video showing the journey and progress of the space probe Crusader 5.
  • "WRETCHED HANDS" - an inquiry regarding a bear first sighted at Moonlight Acres Camp in the 1940s.
  • "SHIFTING TENDONS" - a detailed look into the symptoms and pathology of late stage Deep Root Disease.
  • "OLD BONES" - a look into the diary of Glenn A. Arthur, the administrator of Moonlight Acres Camp during the 1930s.

The series premiered on November 17, 2019, and is available for watching on its YouTube channel here.

The Tropes. They are with us now. Laughing at us:

  • Alien Invasion: Our Solar System hints that the creatures seen thus far came from beyond Earth, and it's further indicated by Camp Information Video and its Light in the Sky event.
  • Analog Horror: The videos look like they're from grainy, artefact-laden 80s VHS tape transfers.
  • Animalistic Abomination: Woodcrawlers, as well as the bear in Wilderness Survival Guide and WRETCHED HANDS, though by the time of the latter, it no longer particularly resembles a bear.
  • Artistic License – Geography: In "The Deep Blue," the Marianas Trench is represented by a photograph of a marine sinkhole surrounded by a coral reef. In reality, the Marianas Trench is completely underwater, without any surrounding reefs. The picture is actually from the Great Blue Hole in Belize... some 13,000 kilometers note  away. This is one of many indications that the video is deliberately stating blatant misinformation.
  • Artistic License – Marine Biology: The episode "The Deep Blue" is an in-universe documentary about the ocean, and nearly every stated fact about marine life (or the ocean itself) is wrong on some level. Specifically:
    • "These fish are often swallowed whole by mammoths like the Blue Whale." (really, blue whales feed exclusively on krill, and only sometimes swallow fish by accident).
    • The narrator talks about stingrays while showing footage of manta rays, and also mixes up "venom" and "poison" when talking about the stingray's sting.
    • "Nothing can live inside the Marianas Trench." (In reality, many expeditions to the Mariana Trench have observed life at the bottom, including unique species of snailfish, amphipods, and macroscopic single-celled organisms of the group Monothalamea.) It is likely that, due to the Ocean Resident, the creature living in the (non-existent) Demisia Tunnel, nothing can live in the Marianas Trench.
  • Artistic License – Space: Played with. Given how outdated the tape is (probably late 70s-early 80s), Our Solar System has some incorrect facts, like how Mercury is considered to be the hottest planet and Pluto is still considered a planet at the time of the tape's release.
    • Any hope that the Solar System of this universe is even remotely close to normal has been dashed as of "Crusader Probe Mission", with anomalies like:
      • Saturn's rings are shown to be much thinner than they are in real life. This could relate to the phrase "Mary sees the gateway die"; in Our Solar System, the rings were referred to as The Gateway. It could be that the Iris is actively destroying Saturn's rings?
      • Chiron and Themis considered as moons of Saturn, rather than objects in the Asteroid Belt. note 
      • Hestia and Ceto listed as moons of Jupiter. note 
      • Another minor planet named Kadlu being listed as a moon of Uranus and is seen fused with Hestia via some root-like structures.
      • Saturn listed as having 79 moons. Given the timeline of the video, only 18 moons should have been discovered by this time. note 
  • Arc Symbol: Neptune, as it is used as the company's logo.
  • Arc Words:
    • " with us now."
    • "[Has] become something else"
    • "The lights," usually as something to be avoided.
    • Later on, "shifting tendons" pops up a lot.
  • Artificial Human: Fake People.
  • Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick: Many videos begin with a number of more mundane topics before introducing the twist, accompanied by a sudden stop in the music.
    • In "World's Weirdest Animals", rural Minnesota is home to the Greater Prairie Chicken (found in Wilkin County), the Burrowing Owl (in Clay County), and Woodcrawlers (found everywhere).
    • "Wilderness Survival Guide" does it twice, the more striking of which is "Sounds to Avoid": Coyote howls, Cougar screams, and auditory hallucination (a man screaming desperately for help, later revealed to be a "fake human").
    • "Games for Kids" gives the rules for games that can be played by groups of kids: Hide and Go Seek, Freeze Tag, Sardines, and FEED THE WOODS.
  • Body Horror:
    • In "Lethal Omen," one of the enemies is fused with a Nature's Mockery.
    • In "Wilderness Survival Guide," Nature's Mockeries cause (among other things) body disfigurement and flesh decay (but explicitly not death, unlike some other hazards). A bear is also shown mutating into a creature with plant-like tendrils.
    • The Deep Root Disease, which describes the process of a person's body being taken over by a parasitic root-like organism. We finally see the end result in Home Invasion Help. The cameraman enters the house to find a human converted into root-like Meat Moss similar to that seen in Advanced Mining Vehicle. Who is still alive enough to look at the camera.
    • Shifting Tendons once again features Deep Root Disease, this time showing the fate of Barry Johnson as a late-stage sufferer of the disease, as well as the fact that something else is now literally inhabiting his body.
  • Botanical Abomination: Nature's Mockery is categorized as a plant, anyway, in Wilderness Survival Guide.
  • Chase Scene: "Home Invasion Help" features the cameraman being chased by the Woodcrawler he spotted.
  • Cliffhanger: At the end of Crusader Probe Mission, the titular probe is last shown heading back toward Earth after traveling through the Iris. However, since it was never shown leaving the Iris, it begs the question of whether the Crusader probe is moving under its own power, or if it means that the Iris is now approaching Earth.
    "Who knows what's in store for Earth next?"
  • Cosmic Horror Story: The premise of the series. Humanity is at the mercy of an extraterrestrial force that uses the planets of our Solar System against us, infecting and infesting Earth with unearthly creatures that cause serious injuries and death.
  • Covers Always Lie: The title card for "Deep Root Disease" shows flowers, indicating that this is a plant disease. It is revealed that the disease doesn't affect plants, but humans.
  • Deliberate VHS Quality: As to be expected from a company that distributes VHS tapes.
  • Don't Go in the Woods:
    • Both cameramen in "World's Weirdest Animals" and "Wilderness Survival Guide" are filming in rural forests. Neither reappears.
    • The Moonlight Acres Camp is located in the middle of a forest.
    • "Games for Kids" plays with this in its final game: "Feed the Woods" requires kids to sneak out at night, go into the woods and scream, thus attracting food for Woodcrawlers.
  • Dream Walker:
    • Implied in "Sleep Image Visualizer." The SIV takes images from a person's mind and visualizes them. They are sent to Harbinge Technologies and automatically becomes their property.
    • Thus far, the "Well-Dressed Men" have only seen in dreams. "Old Bones" implies that these dreams are how they contacted Glenn Arthur, suggesting they may not even have a physical form.
  • Dug Too Deep: The Remote-Operated Compact Tunneller (ROCT) in Advanced Mining Vehicle encounters a nest of creatures deep underground, then gets entangled in a set of veins before being dragged down into the depths of Earth's crust.
  • Eldritch Abomination: Oooh boy... Between the Woodcrawlers, the Wretch, the Iris, Nature's Mockery, and Gardeners, it is safe to say that GHE's bestiary is full of these.
  • Eldritch Location:
    • "The Deep Blue" reveals that something is alive in the Marianas Trench, implying that the world itself became one, as creatures like these now roam the Earth.
    • Something has happened to Neptune that left it with what appears to be either an eye or a mouth, and the planet itself is implied to have gained some level of sentience.
    • "Crusader Probe Mission" has the viewer travelling through the inside of the Iris. Whatever you actually CAN see is not pretty and resembles organic matter much more than the inert rock and ice you would expect from something located in outer space.
  • Eldritch Ocean Abyss: The Demisia Tunnel, located deep in the Marianas Trench, especially since it is the new home of the Ocean Residents.
  • Evil Is Visceral: Blood-red, fibrous Meat Moss grows deep inside Earth and spawns new Woodcrawlers in Advanced Mining Vehicle and has spread to at least one house (and one person in that house) by Home Invasion Help. When Crusader 5 is sucked into the Iris in Crusader Probe Mission, we see that the Eldritch Abomination is made of the same stuff on a gargantuan scale.
  • Fast Tunnelling: The ROCT in Advanced Mining Vehicle is presented as such, being the newest innovation in mining industry.
  • A Fête Worse than Death: "Christmas Eve Party" shows the titular party held at Moonlight Acres in 1985, where it is abruptly interrupted by Mary, leading to the death of a large portion of the attending guests, if not all of them.
  • Fooled by the Sound: One of the tapes warns you of being subjected to this trope, as Woodcrawlers are able to possess human bodies and then imitate sounds. Most of these being bone-chilling and desperate cries of help, they even refer to them as auditory hallucinations to further try and tell you that these possible desperate screams are just bait from fake humans.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: The series is full of them!
    • The presentation in "Artificial Computer Learning" says it will showcase its technology by showing the viewer three iterations of an AI-generated story. The video ends after five iterations.
    • "Our Solar System" actually has several:
      • If you pause the video when it shows all our planets lined up next to each other, you'll see the Iris was there all along.
      • Earth is described as one of the only planets that can support life.
      • If you pause the video as Jupiter's information card is interrupted by static, you can see the description of the Great Red Spot change and call it an "open wound".
      • During the cards for Mars and Saturn, Neptune can be seen slowly approaching both planets before disappearing in static.
      • After Neptune's mutation comes into view, a dark line quickly grows on it, opening up. If you pause at the right moment, you can see that it actually is an eye.
    • In "Games for Kids," the line "'it' wins" lingers after the rest of the text explaining the rules for freeze-tag fade out.
    • In "Sleep Image Visualizer," if you pause the video as the infographic showing the headset begins to fade to black, you can see the headset tightening around the mannequin head.
      • Each of the visualizations has a start and end time briefly listed. The first two are a handful of minutes. The third one (belonging to Jack Dean) lasted nearly three days. The last one has no end time at all.
    • In "Monthly Progress Report," if you pause the video when the last line of the "Moonlight" prompt is shown, you can see that it reads "The Hungry Eye is Coming Soon," even though the speaker reads "The Hungry Eye Is Welcome" You can also see as the Speaker is repeating the line "Jack is with us now", it ends by saying "Jack is us now," with no quotations like the rest of the verses.
    • In "Crusader Probe Mission," when the 'Conclusion' panel glitches, the slide showcasing the three planets the probe visited briefly flashes amidst the static. Neptune is now missing.
      • Also, just before the pictures of Neptune are shown, the video briefly glitches, showing more of the explanation from the start of the video. Not only does it say that Saturn has 79 moons (as listed above), it also says that only two were photographed.
    • Not even the channel trailers are safe! The first trailer is an advert for a full boxed set of VHS before glitching into a highlight reel of the videos' horrific moments. The second one features a few:
      • First, the complimentary poster showing the Solar System supposedly shipped with the boxset of "Our Solar System" does not contain the Iris, even though it was present in the associated infographic on the tape itself.
      • Jack Wylder's "In Memoriam" spot apparently incorporates footage from a tape entitled "Jack Wylder's Harshest Canadian Places," a tape which as of the video's upload has never been released.
  • Genius Loci: The Iris appears to be this, in that it is an invading planet (or planet-sized being) masterminding everything that takes place. Photographs taken by Crusader 5 seem to confirm the former, as the Iris has several moons (some more bizarrely-shaped than others) and a rocky, porous surface that evokes imagery of a rocky Super-Earth with vast caves inside it. Nevertheless, the odds of it being a planet-sized organism rather than 'just' a sentient planet remain, especially as areas of the planet's interior are described as serving functions similar to a digestive system and respiratory system, as well as a "Conscious Mind."
  • Giant Eye of Doom: The Iris, an Eldritch Abomination that resembles an eye the size of a gas giant planet, has "mutated" Neptune, and is in the process of doing the same to Earth.
  • Haunted Technology: Regnad's Artificial Intelligence. It is revealed in "Monthly Progress Report" that the iterations are from a mysterious "speaker" who's controlling the transmitter array of Regnad's control room.
  • Hell Is That Noise:
    • In "Storm Safety Tips," the chimes of the Warning System.
    • In "Our Solar System," both the sounds of Neptune from space and when the Iris awakens.
    • In "Camp Information Video," we hear what seems to be some animal screaming. It is actually the Wretch who's screaming. The same scream returns in "Lethal Omen" when the creature breaches the underground bunker.
    • In "Wilderness Survival Guide," the auditory hallucination is a person screaming for help.
    • In "Deep Root Disease," the sounds of the "Sprouting" phase of the Disease.
    • In "Monthly Progress Report," the voice of the thing underground, as well as the sound of transmissions to the eerily-warped antenna.
    • In "Crusader Probe Mission," most of the sounds accompanying the shots of Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune are usual white static. Then we get closer to the Iris and hear strange sounds whenever a picture of one of its' Moons or the interior body caves of the Iris itself are seen.
  • Hide-and-Seek Horror: In "Games For Kids", the first game the video discusses is a normal version of Hide and Go Seek, while the third game is the "Sardines" variant. The last game, however, is called "Feed the Woods". The video tells kids to sneak out of their homes at night, go deep into the woods, and then scream at the tops of their lungs. It then says that the game ends "when the woods are fed," represented by a police car with its lights on (presumably looking for the kids) suddenly getting attacked by a Woodcrawler.
  • Horror Doesn't Settle for Simple Tuesday: "Christmas Eve Party" happens on Christmas Eve 1985.
  • Jump Scare:
    • In "World's Weirdest Animals," when the Woodcrawler suddenly walks into the room the cameraman is filming. It's made even scarier by the fact that the creature doesn't make any sounds.
    • The second attack of Mary in "Christmas Eve Party."
  • Kill It with Fire: In "World's Weirdest Animals," we're told to do this to the bodies of the people killed by the Woodcrawlers/the bodies of the Woodcrawlers themselves.
    "Burn the bodies, lest they stand up again."
  • Leitmotif: With the exception of "Artificial Computer Learning," each video has relaxing music playing in the background.
  • Light Is Not Good:
    • In "Storm Safety Tips," strange lights appear in the field as the cameraman leaves the bunker.
    • It is revealed that several of the creatures throughout GHE's tapes have a light source as part of their bodies.
    • Whatever is inside the beam of light shot by the Iris in "Our Solar System" is definitely not good.
    • "Camp Information Video" mentions its famous Lights in the Sky event.
  • Meaningful Name: "Danger" backwards, Regnad Computing seems to be conversing with an eldritch demon, meanwhile Harbinge Technologies sells a number of commodities meant to protect humans from... well, whatever the hell the things walking the Earth are.
  • Mind Screw: In Crusader Probe Mission, as the Crusader travels through the Iris, it exits the entity and somehow ends up photographing someone's bedroom. The dates on these photos imply a connection with Jack Dean's dream in Sleep Image Visualizer.
  • Mythology Gag: Crusader Probe Mission has the eponymous probe visit two Saturnian moons which don't exist in real life - Themis and Chiron - which in reality are two actual names given to "moons" of Saturn whose existence was debunked following their supposed discoveries.
  • Nightmare Face:
    • The well-dressed men in "Sleep Image Visualizer" have no facial traits.
    • In Old Bones, we get to see a nasty-looking human face of a victim of the Wretch. That face's implied to be Glenn Arthur's. Sweet dreams.
  • Nothing Is Scarier:
    • Crusader Mission Probe finally provided an opportunity to view the so-called "mutated" planet of Neptune a close look. When it arrives, there is absolutely nothing there.
    • The "Feed The Woods" segment of Games For Kids displays several apparent still frames of the woods at night, with an arrow pointing at seemingly random spots in the darkness. The rather disconcerting sad face that appears afterwards to denote a wrong answer, coupled with fact that the camera does suddenly move in the penultimate frame, only makes this more unnerving.
  • Ominous Knocking: In "Camp Information Video," someone knocks on the cabin's door... and we're told not to answer it.
  • Ominous Mundanity: In "Advanced Mining Vehicle," the underground network of Meat Moss that entangles the titular vehicle and seems to create Woodcrawlers is simply referred to as "The Garden".
  • Ominous Visual Glitch: Everywhere, the main reason being that the videos are presented as VHS recordings.
  • Reality Has No Soundtrack:
    • Played straight in "Artificial Computer Learning." It is the only video that has no music playing throughout.
    • Once we reach Animal #3 in "World's Weirdest Animals," the music doesn't return until the end card.
    • In "Storm Safety Tips," the music stops when we're told to return to the bunker.
    • In "The Deep Blue," footage of the underwater exploration of the Marianas Trench is played without any music. Once we learn that the Demisia Tunnel has an unknown depth, the music doesn't come back.
    • In "Our Solar System," when the Iris is presented, there's no music playing.
    • In "Camp Information Video," the Mythos section of the video is devoid of music. Same goes for the footage inside the cabins.
    • The "Lethal Omen" video game has no soundtrack except for the main menu music.
    • When presented with sounds to avoid in "Wilderness Survival Guide," the music stops. When Jack Wylder tries to make a campfire, no music is playing.
    • In "Sleep Image Visualizer," every visualization is devoid of music.
    • In "Games for Kids," there is no music for the rules and demonstration of the final game.
    • In "Advanced Mining Vehicle," the music stops after the fourth exploration clip.
    • In "Deep Root Disease," the music cuts when we're shown the Sprouting stage of the Disease.
    • In "Monthly Progress Report," once we reach the ACL Communications segment, the music never comes back.
    • The Library videos ("Wretched Hands", "Shifting Tendons", and "Old Bones") are all very light on music, with most of them not having any at all.
  • Recurring Element: Several.
    • Jack Dean AKA Jack Wylder appears, or is mentioned, in nearly every video.
    • Moonlight Acres Camp seems to pop up quite often.
    • Whenever it shows up on video, the Moon is never full, only half.
    • Whenever the music cuts out, it's a good indication something is about to go wrong.
    • A literal element, aluminum tends to pop up a suspicious amount of times.
  • Rogue Planet: The Iris. It is with us now. And to a lesser extent Neptune, due to being "mutated" by the Iris.
  • Scenery Porn:
    • Eldritch Location aside, both "Our Solar System" and "Crusader Probe Mission" come under this, with beautiful photographs of the planets of the Solar System.
    • "The Deep Blue" has some very beautiful underwater footage.
    • "Camp Information Video" has gorgeous shots of natural scenery. Understandable, since the Moonlight Acres Camp is located in what looks to be the Rocky Mountains.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here: Subverted. Once the cameraman gets spotted by the fake human in "World's Weirdest Animals," the former bails as the latter starts chasing him. He doesn't get far.
  • Shout-Out: One of the subjects in Sleep Image Visualizer is named Adrian Gordon, likely as a reference to Adrian Shephard and Gordon Freeman. Another is named Joseph Allen.
  • Shown Their Work: In "Lethal Omen," the series creator made an actual game for this video. And it has been released in a playable build.
  • Significant Anagram: It seems deliberate that there are allusions to a "Garden" and creatures known as Gardeners as well as there being a company called "Regnad"...both of which are also formed of the same letters as "Danger."
  • Soundtrack Dissonance: The tapes' contents all begin with relaxing music.
  • Space Is Noisy:
    • Happens twice in "Our Solar System," when the Iris awakens in a cosmic-like groan and during the footage of Neptune light-beaming the rest of the Solar System.
    • Returns again in "Crusader Probe Mission" where each space photographs are accompanied with the sound of the vacuum of space, as well as the Iris' very own noises.
  • Stumbling in the New Form: "Fake People" result from the various Starfish Alien entities either infesting human bodies or infecting them with Deep Root Disease. They struggle to move around like normal humans; "World's Weirdest Animals" shows them either lurching about or gliding across the floor, with one "man" making a series of bizarre facial expressions as if his face doesn't fit right.
  • Sudden Soundtrack Stop: The soundtrack tends to cut out when things start to get eerie.
  • Theme Naming: Two of the Iris' moons (if that's even what they are) are named after parts of the eye; Macula and Vitreous. The other three moons aren't named after parts of the eye, but more or less fit the biological theme: Cyst, Umbilic (connected to Vitreous by an umbilical cord that also looks somewhat like an optical nerve, indirectly tying it into the ocular theme), and Yucous (which seems to be the Odd One Out as its name isn't a real word, let alone a medical one, but is presumably meant to invoke "mucous").
  • Too Dumb to Live: The staff of the Moonlight Acres Camp in "Camp Information Video" who answered the knocking on the door and became Vessels, although it could be downplayed. Either they didn't know that a harmless knocking was actually something far more sinister, or maybe it was actually the Wretch who opened the door.
  • Weird Moon: Crusader Probe Mission reveals that the Iris has several of them; Cyst looks more like a giant tumor, Macula is very small but brightly glowing and has massive vein-like strands growing from it that cause it to resemble a giant neuron, and Vitreous is an enormous, amorphous blob with its own "moon" called Umbilic. The Iris (or perhaps Neptune, which it infected) also appears to be messing with some of the moons and minor objects in the Solar System, as the main belt asteroid Hestia has been merged with the minor planet Kadlu and inserted in orbit around Neptune.
  • Wham Line:
    • In "World's Weirdest Animals," when it explains what Woodcrawlers do to people:
      "You will hear screaming. They stole their voices."
    • In "Our Solar System," when each planet is presented, it's followed by two facts about them. When we get to Neptune, the second fact tells us it has been mutated, and when the Iris is presented, we're told it's laughing at us.
    • In "The Deep Blue," immediately before showcasing the Ocean Resident inside the Demisia Tunnel:
    • In "Camp Video Information," when the Lights in the Sky event is presented, the upper line reads:
      ACTIVITIES: Harvest
    • In "Sleep Image Visualizer," instructions for how to operate the aforementioned machine are given. When the instructions are over, this is said:
    • "Games for Kids" starts with three common kids' party games. The music stops at the fourth, FEED THE WOODS.
    • "Deep Root Disease" has this line, indicating that it's not a disease for plants.
      "The Roots will continue forming until coming into contact with a bone."
    • "Monthly Progress Report" has a transmission that says this:
      "Jack is with us now. Jack is with us now. Jack is with us now. Jack is with us now. Jack is us now."
      • There's also this charming line:
      "We expect to meet our Client in-person in as little as 7 months."
    • "Home Invasion Help" has this line, revealing that not only is it a guide to invade homes, it's also a training video for Woodcrawlers.
      "Breaking a window can create easy access into the home. Note that this will cause noise that may alert prey."
    • In "Crusader Probe Mission":
    • In "Wretched Hands":
    • In "Shifting Tendons," an interview is conducted with an infected Barry Johnson:
      "Barry Johnson: We can hear you."
    • In "Old Bones":
  • Wham Shot:
    • The first glimpse of the Woodcrawler in "World's Weirdest Animals."
    • In "Storm Safety Tips," when the cameraman looks if there are lights in the field, one light appears. And then dozens.
    • "The Deep Blue" reveals that nothing can live in the Marianas Trench. Cue a very alive and completely unearthly creature.
    • In "Our Solar System," we get to see the Iris. And then it wakes up.
    • The door opens at the very end of "Camp Information Video."
    • At the end of the "Lethal Omen" trailer, the player decides to look at the sky, only to be greeted by the Iris.
    • In "Sleep Image Visualizer," we see the Iris rising above the horizon, eclipsing the early morning sun.
    • "Games for Kids" ends with a photo of the Earth, taken from space. "Found You!"
    • "Advanced Mining Vehicle" ends with the aforementioned vehicle being dragged down deeper and deeper into the earth and losing its signal.
    • "Monthly Progress Report" has computers and an antenna mixed in with the Meat Moss of the Woodcrawlers.
    • "Christmas Eve Party" finally introduces us to Mary Dean, Jack Dean's wife. She isn't human anymore.
    • Crusader 5's voyage once it passes Saturn in "Crusader Probe Mission."
      • When the probe takes a picture of Neptune as it approaches, the image shown is nothing but a starry background devoid of anything.
      • It then encounters two moons from two different planets fused together, then other bizarrely warped objects, before getting sucked into the Iris and photographing the horrifying inner landscape of what is essentially a living being.
      • The end clip showing a fake person next to someone in bed.
    • When the diagram of a human body mutating shown in "Old Bones" zooms into the head, revealing that the brain is unchanged and fully functional.
  • Womb Level: The latter half of Crusader Probe Mission after the titular space probe is sucked into the Iris.

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