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Konata has some of her mother's memories.
There aren't many hints of this, but the most blatant one was the Timotei commercial reference. That can be explained by Konata having seen the commercial, but there is a scene where Konata gets hit on the head by Nanako where there's a brief flash of Kanata, as if the hit to the head accessed a random memory. Also during Episode 22 when Kanata's ghost comes to visit, her and Konata's reactions to Soujiro saying something pervy are identical.

Konata is an otakin of Haruhi Suzumiya.
She feels right at home cosplaying Haruhi, has perfected her voice, and is in character at work. In her regular life, she categorizes her friends in terms of Anime Character Types, finds it perfectly acceptable to do things that only outrageous comedy characters can get away with, and is treated as a "legendary girl" of immense power by the bookstore owner in the same way the SOS-dan fears Haruhi. Also, look at her Haruhi ringtone — it's not "God Knows" or "Bouken Deshou Deshou?", the usual songs. Haruhi was embarrassed about her performance of "God Knows" and obviously wouldn't know her own theme song. Instead, Konata's ringtone is "Koi no Mikuru Densetsu", from the student film that Haruhi was immensely proud of and no one else liked. The reason that Konata/Haruhi is so obsessed with Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu is because she has found her true self in the series and wants to immerse herself in the life she's supposed to lead as much as she can.

Relatedly, Konata is Haruhi from Haruhi Suzumiya.
She has de-created her universe and remade it on a more humble (and cheaper to animate) scale.
  • Possibly, this is after a falling-out with Kyon; she remade him as the butt-of-all-jokes Shiraishi Minoru.
    • However, as we see Kyon in the series, what other possibility is there? Maybe Shiraishi is someone Haruhi never had anything but disdain for in the first place. One candidate is Taniguchi, backed up by the fact that Shiraishi sings his song in one episode.
  • The calendar in Lucky Star creates problems. Much of Lucky Star is set before 07/07/07, when Haruhi encountered "John Smith", so Lucky Star should be what existed before Haruhi first remade the world.
    • Unless Haruhi decided to reset the calendar as well.
  • Taking it further, Haruhi is what Konata would have been, if her mother had not died.
    • ... You suck.
      • It's interesting, actually. The possibility that Konata turned to games and anime after her mother died, instead of becoming God. It's actually quite common for people to turn inward when someone close to them dies.

Konata will write or produce a hit Japanese TV Show.
  • Her pitch, "its a show about nothing."

Konata will take on the pen name of Larry David and create Seinfeld.

Konata is a distant relative of Jerry Seinfeld.
  • It could happen.

Konata is an otakin of Itsuki Koizumi.
Konata Izumi ... Ko Izumi ... Ko-Izumi ... Koizumi!

Konata is an otakin of Jun'ichirō Koizumi.
Same reasoning.

Kagami is an otakin of Kyon
She is more sensible than Konata is and is often seen reacting to or commenting on what Konata says or does. She's also often annoyed by Konata, though she still sticks by her. She and Konata are practically the show's Official Couple, judging from official art!

The shrine at which Tsukasa and Kagami work contains some evil spirit.
Hey, twins are magic, right? Miko twins must be doubly so. They (or possibly just Kagami - Tsukasa's a bit too ditzy) have been sworn to secrecy about this evil spirit and must one day defeat it if it gets out, in which case this is the world's only hope.
  • Sorry dude, I like the idea of this WMG and all, but that link leads to a terminated video.
  • It must be Oyashiro-sama, then. >_>
  • Or they're the next Twin Shrine Maidens that will go to The Hellish Abyss. Meaning one twin will kill the other soon. Say, which twin is older?
    • Tsukasa refers to Kagami as Onee-chan, which is Japanese for Elder Sister.
    • And it comes up explicitly a few times. Tsukasa is even initially glad that she gets to be the younger sister because she feels it'd be pathetic if the older sister needed homework help from the younger.
      • So we should hear someday that Tsukasa has strangled Kagami to death to keep the Repentance from happening. Dandy.

Kagami and Konata are the Official Couple
Arguments pro:
  • Konata is an otakin/future self of Haruhi.
  • Kagami is an otakin of Kyon.
  • Konata may also be an otakin of Itsuki. Yay.
  • There are tons of Kagami/Konata art out there.
  • They've got a Portmanteau Couple Name.
    • ...Konami?
      • We also refer to them as "Contra Code."
    • Kanata?
  • ...
  • The fans demand it.
  • "I want to &%@* with Konata!" in the OVA.(or is this a Ship Tease?)
    • I've been told that Kagami actually probably said "I want to cosplay" and that the fan sub is wrong.
      • Well, Tsukasa's reaction to that does not seem like something she would have if all Kagami really meant was cosplay, I mean she saw Konata and Patty work and didn't really have anything to say about it.
      • It would be a bit of a surprise for Kagami of all people to start showing interest in cosplay, whether or not she's in love with Konata.
      • Far be it from me to support Les Yay, but... do you think, after the entire main series, that the word "cosplay" would be censored? On the other hand, saying whatever she said was the "only" way she could put things back to normal... only it was All Just a Dream, so it it has roots in her subconscious...
      • Nah. Don't make them the 'official couple.' It's more interesting if they have other SOs and just enjoy each other on the side.
      • Dunno about Konata, but for me, that would be major Character Derailment of Kagami.
      • I am a bit of a Comedic Sociopath, and likes to view the romantic situation this way: Kagami has a crush on Konata, who can't decide between Kagami and Miyuki...who's the only Straight Girl here (ha freakin' ha.) Don't know where Tsukasa fits in, though she might have a slight siscon for Kagami (see further below).
    • This seems to be the truth in a way. Kagami apparently likes Konata, but Konata is straight.
  • In my theory, being a supporter of Konata X Miyuki and all, it could be all of the girls are secretly going for Miyuki (e.x. Konata always touching her, also the infamous Kagami and Miyuki conversation from a later episode).
    • Also being a Pixiv user myself there's TONS of art of Konata and Tsukasa rather than Konami.
  • In one of manga vol. 5's fourth-wall-breaking Kadokawa Hot Line strips, Konata says that Lucky Star needs romance, and...
    Kagami: There's hardly been a sign of any men yet, so there's no way we can suddenly introduce a love interest.
    Konata: No, it's cool! We don't need to have us fall in love with guys! Nowadays... It's what the people want!
    Kagami: Now I'm even more against it! What do you mean, "It's cool!"

Minoru Shiraishi is gay, or at the very least bisexual.
  • Episode 13; the Valentines Day segment. He gives chocolates to a male student. Shiraishi bears a Luminescent Blush. Next scene they are in, Shiraishi says "It's my first time," to which the male student says "First time's the best." Both are blushing. Finally, there is a short part where Konata is asking who her friends gave chocolate to. Shiraishi and the male are seen in the background, both with faces red and nervousness. The funny thing was, after that episode, it was never brought up again.
  • Episode 9 also brought it up in the Lucky Channel segment. Toward the end, when they close the set, Akira is talking to Shiraishi about a photo shoot they had where he crossdressed. So...yeah.
    • Crossdressing has nothing to do with sexuality. Plenty of straight men do it too.

Miyuki is only part-Japanese.
Think about it. She's taller and bustier than anyone else in the main cast, and she has violet eyes. Who else is like this? Patty, the exchange student. Also, Miyuki is described as the most "western" of the cast. She lives in a western-style house and generally lives a more western lifestyle.

Also, she has travelled overseas more then once; clearly she was visiting relatives.

Since Miyuki looks so much like her mother, we can assume that her foreign side comes from that part of the family. One of her grandparents on her mother's side is not Japanese, while her father's side of the family is a more traditional Japanese family.

  • Or her mother is just a Europhile.
    • So much of a Europhile that Miyuki came out with Western-ish genes? That takes a Determinator!
  • Miyuki's eyes are purplish. Kagami and Tsukasa also have blue eyes, and they're definitely Japanese.
    • They also have naturally lavender hair. Konata has blue hair and green eyes.

Miyuki is the fusion of Yuki Nagato and Mikuru Asahina.
He can explain it better.

Miyuki is really a computer based program.
How else could she be that smart and know a lot? She must be wired to the Internet when she's sleeping (or charging her batteries, if you would say).
  • That is COMPLETELY—........ kinda sexy...
  • DITE's gotten better at giving their units emotions.

Konata and Kanata are the same person.
They look so alike.
  • Maybe, she geassed herself...
  • Hrm... though she has her father's mole and skin tone... and an ahoge from apparently nowhere...

Konata has the same disease that her mother had and knows about it.
This is why they're so alike - flat-chested and Older Than They Look could be symptoms - and why Konata never cares about the future and spends her days doing whatever she likes.
  • I suppose Yutaka doesn't know it yet, then.
  • This theory is advanced by the doujinshi "Lucky Point: Summer", which is largely about Kagami finding out about it.
    • Actually a number of, coincidental or not, Konata/Kagami doujinshi have Konata saying she has the same illness as her mother.
  • At least I won't reject this hypothesis. It certainly explains why she wasn't a single bit annoyed with her 4'8", flat-chested body (compare with Yutaka who is rather self-conscious about that). Only a person who is coping well with some disease can treat it it has been happened.
    • She's been shown as being bothered by it, though maybe this discovery shoved that concern aside. Perhaps in order to keep her friends from worrying about her impending death and bringing everybody down, she lies and says that "a line from a game" made her feel better about her body... thus shifting their worries to something more lighthearted.
  • There is one flaw in that theory, though. Short height and flat chest aside, Konata is quite healthy and athletic, this despite her sedentary lifestyle, and notably lacks Yutaka's vulnerability to illnesses. Then again, Yutaka may simply have a more severe case of it.
    • Or it could be that her athleticism has actually staved off the vulnerability to illness. People who are more active are generally healthier and get sick less often.
    • Not likely, as they are paternal cousins. Yutaka's mother Yuki is Soujirou's sister.
  • That could explain a scene in which Konata nonchalantly expresses her peace with the thought of untimely death, followed by her humorous, yet depressed, father telling her that she can't talk that way and must live.
    • While Soujiro's sentiment is undoubtedly because of Kanata, I, who concurred this WMG based on Konata's view on her body (see above), would leave doubts on whether Konata said the above line because she knew she's dying.
    • I like to see it as something else. While Konata, DOES have the same disease, it can only become deadly if she were to become pregnant, about the time the effects really hit Kanata. However, should Konata not get pregnant, she would just stay small and flat. This also serves as a good plot point for yuri stories, since pregnancy is impossible with two girls...
  • Perhaps, but maybe Soujiro knows about it and not Konata. Soujiro's always going on about Konata not dying in his lifetime, and Konata's seemingly oblivious.

Konata's dad wasn't always a lolicon.
He was a fairly normal guy until he met Kanata & fell in love with her. After the health problems that stunted her growth took her life, he began to lust after underage girls because they remind him of her.
  • Konata mentions that her mother was her dad's childhood friend or something along those lines.
    • Even if they were childhood friends, by the time they fell in love, they should've hit puberty. More or less.
      • He did say in the manga that he wasn't always that way, but liked kids in an innocuous way.

Lucky Star is the world's first commercially made Abridged Series.
It has no true plot and little continuity between scenes, it's full of random pop culture references no one could get, there's constant Breaking the Fourth Wall and meta discussions, the characters are purposely Flanderized, the supporting cast have intentionally unfitting voices, and it uses inappropriate (and copyrighted) music in every episode.

Tsukasa is a closet yandere.
Hey, if one twin is a tsundere, then wouldn't it make sense that the other is the polar opposite? Some of the signs are there; she gets pushed around a lot, people tend to look down on her as an idiot, she never gets really angry or frustrated (meaning more steam is building up)...and she's good in the kitchen (meaning good with knives...). She's also rather clingy with Kagami, so Konata's relationship with her sister might just be what pushes her over the edge...
  • I have two ways to look at that:
    • As I have implied in the character sheet, being pushed over implied rape—so the poor girl was implied to have been raped for a few times in the anime. Break the Cutie certainly, but yandere, I don't know.
      • According to the Yandere page: "Some have long histories of mental instability and in some cases have always been a little 'off', perhaps the product of Break The Cutie".
    • Well, following OP's logic though, Kona-chan would be in danger: not only she's suspected to be with Kagami, she also "cast" Tsukasa as The Ditz in the Dating Sim that's her life. (Manga volume 4: Konata found it disappointing when she saw Tsukasa being able to type quickly on the cell phone, saying that went against how she characterized Tsukasa.)

Misao is the daughter of Taniguchi and Tsuruya.
If you think about it, she has her father's short hair and her mom's Cute Little Fang. She's the popular one of the Those Two Guys from Lucky Star, like her daddy is. She has inherited her mom's genkiness. And most importantly she inherited their Ensemble Dark Horse genes. If not, she's a fusion of the two.
  • The only hindrance would be her hair color though...
  • While on the subject, Ayano is the daughter/fusion of Kimidori and Kunikida. In fact, her brownish-gold hair can come from mixing pale green and chestnut brown hair.

The guys are kinda scared of Kagami.
The main reason the four seniors don't get much male attention is because Kagami's tsundere nature kinda scares them off. After all, one guy wrote her a note just to get a little trinket from her. Also, in Episode 3, Konata tells Kagami that she kinda "protects" Tsukasa, so perhaps guys are afraid to approach her entire group. That's not a fault of Kagami's; just that the guys aren't willing to see her her "dere-dere" side.

We've only seen caricatures of the characters so far.
Haruhi-chan was drawn in a similar Puni Plush style, and that show obviously featured caricatures of the cast. So up till now we've only seen the gals in chibi caricatures, not their real forms. Feel free to add whatever weird theories you wish, dear fellow tropers.
  • Isn't this true of all fiction to one degree or another?
    • In this case, it's actually true. The manga has more 'real' sketches of the characters every so often, including a few where Konata looks like a highschooler.

Ayano has no boyfriend.
We never see him, and he's barely mentioned. Ayano's always around Misao. She has no boyfriend, and is making this up for one reason or another.
  • How about if it's first mentioned by Misao?
    • Or alternately, Misao herself. They are very close, even by Lucky Star's standards.
    • It's been implied that Ayano's boyfriend is Misao's brother. Perhaps he's dead, and both are in denial, similar to the Azumanga Daioh theory about Chiyo's parents.
      • Check the omake on manga volume 4.
    • Manga volume 7 confirms that Ayano's boyfriend is Misao's brother. But Hiyori's stalkerish character notes in manga vol. 4 list Misao as an only child...
      • As clarification: Hiyori's notes list the (living?) members of a subject's family, sometimes including grandparents, and put a star by the position the relative occupies. Misao is listed as "Eldest Daughter". There is no son or other daughter. Now, this might mean that they're in denial... on the other hand, Miyuki said that she gave giri chocolate to her "brother", but she, too, is an only child. In the anime, she says "male relative". It is quite possible that Ayano's boyfriend is Misao's cousin or something, and would be called a "brother" in contexts of Japanese culture where we'd give the actual relationship.

Patty is a Magnificent Bastard in her own right
Let's take the last episode for example. Who's idea was it to put on the cheer routine? Patty's. Problem is, she needed a large enough group to participate. After canvasing the group, she quickly goes after Yutaka, knowing if she can rope her in, she could get Minami and probably Hiyori too. She was counting on Yutaka to sway Konata but just in case, she had an ace in the form of those tickets. Once she got Konata hooked with a chance to meet Aya, she could count on Konata to do her part to rope her group in. Kagami, who would come with Konata, knew Misao and Ayano would be stuck doing crappy jobs and would probably jump at doing something in their spare time. Thus, all the pieces were in place and everything went just as planned.
  • Then there's her treatment of Minami's dog in the omake...
    • "...Tuna?"
  • And in manga vol. 7, she apparently erased everyone's memories of her so that she could move into the Izumis' house as a "new" exchange student.

Nanako Kuroi is a seventh child.
It's in her name. Probably also why she's so immature; She was always the baby of the family, and was used to having her every whim indulged.
  • Seven is also a lucky number (at least in the West).
  • Nanako's an only child. That's probably why she's so immature, no siblings to compete with.

The Lucky Star world is an Alternate Universe to the world of Haruhi Suzumiya
It got created by Haruhi... somehow. Haruhi is Konata, Kyon is Kagami, Yuki is Tsukasa, and Mikuru is Miyuki. Itsuki and the other people are either nonexistent or other people. It helps that bits of personalities and so many damn voice actors.
  • Hmm, Tsukasa's not quite smart enough to be Yuki. She certainly could cosplay as her though.
    • Personality wise, Tsukasa is probably a better fit for Mikuru.
      • But Konata never tries to rape Tsukasa...
    • Tsukasa could also be Kyon's sister. This works especially well with the Kagami/Kyon comparisons.
      • Actually, it's better if Nagato is Minami, because they're both quiet. And Koizumi might as well be Miyuki, if we're going personality wise.
      • The Nagato-Minami thing is not new, due to having the same seiyuu. Not to say Minami was said to be having the most book smarts in her circle.
    • How about this? Konata is Haruhi, Kagami is Kyon (Haruhi-verse is Can't Stand Them, Can't Live Without Them while Lucky Star universe is Vitriolic Best Buds), Tsukasa is Mikuru (good cook, good maid?), Miyuki is Yuki/Mikuru (see above). For the secondary cast, Minami is Yuki for being quiet and smart; Misao is Tsuruya (EnsembleDarkhorses with Cute Little Fangs); Yutaka is Kyon's little sister; Ayano Minegishi is Kunikida (the one who's just there out of Those Two Guys); and Hiyori is Taniguchi (Covert Pervert versus Casanova Wannabe?) Can't find a good parallel for Patricia.

Brian and Stewie are Multiverse versions of Konata and Kagami.
The former also make a good Boke And Tsukkomi Team, not to mention all the Ho Yay. I wouldn't be surprised if Haruhi were involved somehow... But if the above Konata/Haruhi theories are true... Well, remember that Stewie built a machine that can travel between universes. He may not be able to actually warp universes like Haruhi, but it isn't known if Konata/Haruhi can navigate the Multiverse. But what if the Family Guy universe is just a warped version of the Haruhi/Lucky Star universe? Is Stewie another "version" of Konata/Haruhi? I have a headache now...
  • A 2011 Family Guy episode revealed that Stewie was blasted out of the space-time continuum and created a dimension-warping explosion to get back to his universe. This explosion turned out to be the Big Bang. Ergo, Stewie Griffin is God. Revealed in a rather Haruhi-like turn of events, too. Grand Unifying Guess, anyone?

The girls are products of THE VOID.
Get the fruit balsamic vinegar!

I've seen it discussed repeatedly, so here's my version: the transition between universes isn't perfect, there is some overlap or even transfer of some character's traits (for example, Tomo's Genki Girl and Jerkass traits are split between Konata and Akira. Here goes:

The Azugirls might be EvilCounterparts of the Lucky Star girls, since they do seem a lot jerkier at times (remember when Yomi gave Osaka a super-spicy croquette just for the lulz?). The Azumanga WMG's are also a lot more sinister at times; I have some difficulty picturing Tsukasa as going on a killing spree (unless you believe the Yandere theory above).

  • Does Instrumentality fit into this in any way? Remember the Haruhi theories above; and there's at least one Azumanga/Evangelion WMG...

And whaddaya know, the internet agrees with me.

Lucky Star is a post-Instrumentality rewrite of Azumanga Daioh
The Azugirls got turned into Tang, but decided, along with most of humanity, to return to their individual lives. But they decided it should be a kinder, gentler world, so they all agreed to be somewhat more pleasant to each other (like Tomo/Konata toward Yomi/Kagami), and less deranged and murderous (Osaka/Tsukasa). And Sakaki wanted smaller, umm, assets (but when she returned as Minami, well, she found she had too much of a good thing. But because the new existence would cost money, they agreed to do frequent Product Placement to pay for it. And speaking of a Reset Button...

Tsukasa is Existentialist.
Especially considering her image song is about every new day being a reset.

Miyuki doesn't have a father.
She's a clone of her mom. That's why their so damn alike.
  • But she's mentioned her dad a few times. Of course, she may just be referring to the scientist who cloned her... Maybe Miyuki's mom is infertile but really wanted a daughter, so she answered an ad in the paper for her Very Own Clone. Hey, this is anime; weirder things have happened...

Miyuki's father is The Other Wiki.
She inherited her mother's looks and ditziness, and her father's encyclopedic knowledge of everything ever. This would also explain why her father is never shown. He doesn't have a physical form outside the Internet.

Ayano is related to Janice from The Muppet Show in some way.
Just look at her! Perhaps her dad was a roadie for Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem during a tour of Japan, and they had a drunken one-night stand. Janice didn't want an abortion but was too wrapped up in music raise their daughter (and wanted to Give Her a Normal Life too), so Ayano's father agreed to raise her on his own.

This, of course, left Ayano with major mommy issues, as she still feels somehow that she just wasn't "worthy" of her mother, and continually told herself that no matter what, she would never let anyone feel inadequate. Enter Misao in grade school, whose parents were going through an ugly divorce, and needed a mother figure of sorts...

Lucky Star takes place during short lived Instrumentality
The nightmare like ending of the OVA in Lucky Star, reflects the point when Shinji decides to screw eternal happiness and returns humanity to its normal state. Thus MindScrewing ensues.

It's a Bandai-Wide Conspiracy.
There is a fifteen year string of shout outs and similarities between the personalities of multiple characters, in MULTIPLE anime and even non-anime.
  • Konata is Haruhi, and T.K. from Digimon through Wendee Lee.
  • Kagami is a dead reference, and easily replaceable with Kyon as others have mentioned.
  • Thanks to Lara Jill Miller, Misao is Kari (obviously) but if you stop and look Misao could be an alternate look, and the personalities aren't that far off.
    • Patricia Martin and Sojiro Izumi are both connected to Power Rangers by voice actors, which is connected to Kari in a shout out in Digimon: The Movie, which is connected... you guessed it, back to Lucky Star with Misao.
    • The Nagato-Minami thing is not new, due to having the same seiyuu. Not to say Minami was said to be having the most book smarts in her circle.
  • Both Tsukasa and Minami can be Yuki Nagato; based on voice-actors, looks and personality Minami is a better fit, especially since they're both quiet. Tsukasa's not quite smart enough to be Yuki. She certainly could cosplay as her though.
    • Tsukasa has many Mikuru aspects though, like the cooking/cleaning trait, and the pushover personality.
  • Miyuki of Lucky Star is a dead reference; it's Akira Kogami and Mikuru from Haruhi who share voice actors.
    • Miyuki and Akira have the same personalities. This is trivia in one episode where Miyuki's personality is shown by blood type, and in every episode by Akira as she fluctuates through her moods. Mikuru has traits of both Akira and Miyuki; if she's ever snapped in Haruhi it would be a definite giveaway.
    • Miyuki could be Koizumi as well, if we're going personality wise.
  • Shiraishi of Lucky Star and Taniguchi of Haruhi have the theorized connections.
  • Yutaka of Lucky Star is a loose connection to Emeri Kimidori of Haruhi.
  • Minegashi of Lucky Star and Yoshimi of Haruhi - Loosely connected.
  • Tamara of Lucky Star and Mimi of Digimon Adventure - Loosely connected.
The clues are out there.

Sgt. Frog is the hidden mascot of a huge conspiracy in the world of Lucky Star.
It's the aliens. They're mind-control devices! That's why it's on the cell phone strap, and the backpack clip, and a bunch of stuffed animals! The cell phone increases the power while holding it to the side of your head, the backpack clip/purse deco clip is within a couple feet of your head for a couple hours or several hours each day, and the stuffed animals broadcast subliminal messages to your dreams as you sleep! It's got to be stopped!
  • The La-Li-Lu-Ke-Ro?
  • This show may not be directly produced by Bandai, but its references to Gundam are.
    • Which reminds me, Episode 19 of Lucky Star is all about the Gundam Series. Yet another connection to the above.
  • So the ending of the OVA was the start of phase 2?
  • Oh, please. Keroro isn't smart enough to keep the scheme SOOOO hidden for so long. And what of Natsumi? She's smart enough to notice strange things going on, like the sudden appearance of Keronian merch. She'd find out and stop it dead...if Keroro's own stupidity or Fuyuki's diplomacy don't stop it first.

Lucky Star is Haruhi Suzumiya's favorite anime
We already know that The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is Konata's favorite anime- i.e, the world of Haruhi is fictional in the world of Lucky Star. Aya Hirano exists in the world of Lucky Star. More importantly, both Haruhi and Konata are voiced by the same VA's, in both languages. In order for everything to truly balance out, Haruhi would have to be a huge fan of Lucky Star- If A, then B.
  • Additionally, Haruhi is a fan of Aya Hirano, and decided to rewrite reality so that her voice sounded like her favorite VA's.
  • How the hell does Haruhi find the time to watch TV anyway?
  • Haruhi is Haruhi, if she wants to see a show then she has the time to watch it.

The class trip to Kyoto takes place on the same days as the Yui's class trip from K-On! They just never crossed paths!
Well, if you believe one of the K-On! WMG's (that the K-On! girls were recreated from the Lucky Star girls just as Haruhi/Konata "recycled" them from the Haruhi cast, and Haruhi/Konata recreates herself as Ritsu) and you remember Back to the Future, it's perhaps a good thing that they didn't meet up.

Konata has autism or Asperger's syndrome.
  • I would disagree, she's one of the fictional otaku with the least autistic traits. It's clear that she can think neurotypically, but she just chose not to.
    • Not every autistic person acts like Rain Man. She may have high-functioning Asperger's syndrome.
      • I did not even define autism that way. I usually define ASD as an inability to perceive abstract information and/or think in an abstract way— and Konata didn't come to me as such.

Konata watches her dad's old videotapes.
Soujirou must have taped a lot of TV shows in the early 80s which Konata watched. This is the only way she could have picked up her habit of referencing commercials that aired before she was born, such as Timotei and Mandom.

Misao is her own big brother
.In one manga story Misao is having a dream about her and Ayano doing something "naughty", aka she's either his girlfriend or she likes him. From the way Ayano reacts either she is embarrassed about her dream (he can exist or Misao thinking and saying that embarrassed her) or Misao does have a brother. There can be a few WMG's for this. Misao and Ayano made up her big brother for one reason or another (Ayano doesn't want a relationship for some reason, they're dating, etc.). Misao has a brother but she either is using him as an excuse or she plays his role.
  • Hiyori's stalkerish character notes in manga vol. 4 list Misao as an only child. Make of this what you will.

Sojiro Izumi is an AU version of Gendo Ikari.
Uncanny resemblance between deceased wife and daughter? Possible... relationship with daughter? Not to mention his favorite genre is mecha.
  • Objection! A 'verse in which any version of Gendo Ikari lacks auto-reflective glasses is both impossible and not worth living in!
  • Hold it! Consider for a moment his proffession...Nothing related to Gendo? He's a simple photographer (well, perhaps simple's not the word) with a normal camera...with a normal glass lense..
  • Sojiro is Gendo if he just moved on and didn't choose the path of the Dick.
  • I could actually theorize that in the Eva-verse, Gendo used to be like Sojiro, but since this is Evangelion, he was treated very badly for it. To the point of near-suicide. The reason he's very obsessed with Yui is because she was the only one who saw some worth in him, understood him and made life worth living. Bonus points if Yui has a bit of Moe in her that appealed to Gendo's desparation, just like that other Yui. Unfortunately, for both of the father figures, their wives died. Again, this is Evangelion, so instead of trying to move on with his life through his kids like how Sojiro does with Konata, Gendo instead tries to intervene with the very fabric of creation itself to bring back his wife Yui, alienating his own son Shinji.

Kagami is in love with Konata but Konata does not like her back, in that way
She did say she wasn't interested in girls. So it's an Incompatible Orientation type case.
  • Talk about Comedic Sociopathy...Perfect.
  • Not interested in girls? When did she say that?
    • The first strip on the omake on manga's second volume. This is also the first strip where Patty appeared.
    • She also said she wasn't yet.

Kagami and Tsukasa are Len and Rin, respectively.
My evidence:
  1. . Tsukasa bears a striking resemblance to Rin.
  2. . The fact that Kagami means "mirror", and is one character off from "Kagamine"
    • Interesting you should say that. The cutesy "n" ending? Puts it even closer. It's not the same character as "ne", but it could be considered the same consonant set.
  3. . Both sets of twins have blue eyes.
  4. . Kagami is very much sane when compared to Tsukasa, much like Len when compared to Rin.
  5. . Both sets of twins are generally seen in sailor outfits.

The series takes place 20 Minutes into the Future.
In a few decades or so, genetic mutations will cause people's hair to turn colors. Like how red hair is a mutation of blonde.
  • But only certain people; most still have normal colors. Just not that many of the main and supporting cast.
    • Not all mutation are bengin, of course. Konata's mother died of a genetic disease, hers won't kill her, but will let her look too young for her age.

Konata gained eternal life in sixth grade.
When she was about twelve years old, Konata somehow found the secret to living forever, and so since then she hasn't aged. Even in a series where the art style causes everyone to look young, other characters comment on how short and childish Konata looks. And not to mention she hasn't hit puberty even at the age of eighteen.

Tsukasa is an angel.
Admittedly, since I am madly in love with her, this is probably just me fantasizing, but I think I may be on to something. Since Tsukasa's family runs a shrine, her mother had plenty of chances to come into contact with the divine. The developing soul of one of her unborn daughters was blessed so that the resulting child could serve as a messenger from the gods. However, Tsukasa herself does not realize her true purpose yet, but her beauty and caring personality allow her soul to stay as free from sin and corruption as reasonably possible until the time comes for that purpose to be fulfilled.
  • Let's add more. Remember the ending credits for the last episode, when Minoru sings in English, "She's an angel, she's a devil." During the live-action ending credits he interacted with Kaori Fukuhara (Tsukasa's seiyuu) and Hiromi Konno, Akira's seiyuu. There may have been some UST between him and Akira during Lucky Channel, at least until the last few episodes. That is, until he started falling for Tsukasa. And there's also a possibility that Akira could be a demon, or even an avatar of Satan himself. Ergo, that song, though sung by Minoru, is actually from Akira's point of view, about Minoru having trouble deciding between Akira and Tsukasa.

Konata is an Angel, Tsukasa is Rei Ayanami, and Kagami is Asuka Langley.
And Minoru is Shinji. The "purpose" mentioned in the above WMG is that Tsukasa will serve as the vessel for Lilith and bring on the Third Impact.
  • How does Miyuki fit into this?
  • Alternatively, Konata is Tabris, who is trying to study Human culture (for Kaworu, it's classical music, for Konata, it's modern anime) and is also pursuing a homosexual relationship with the real protagonist, which would make Kagami the actual Shinji, with a thin shell of Asuka's personality. Tsukasa will still be Rei though, and if Kagami has also Shinji's role the incest themes with Tsukasa/Rei would come in handy. How the Hiiragi twins' occupation involves religion also fits a lot).

Konata was in fact an EVA pilot, but she was mindraped by Arael so badly, she refused to re-enter the real world, and descended into a world of comedy madness.
Alternatively, she accepted Instrumentality and created a world for herself, much like Shinji, the difference being, she stayed there, forever.

Artist Kagami Yoshimizu really is a limbless cat...thing.
Have you ever seen a picture of him? Well, there was that convention trip to Taiwan he talked about in manga Volume 6, but Kadokawa could've just sent an ordinary guy in his place. Guests might be somewhat freaked out by his appearance.

Now there's just the question of whether he has a skeleton, or whether his physiology is like that of, say, an octopus.

In the manga, Patricia Martin was in a situation similar to Fuko's.
This is why no one remembers her (or vice versa) when she's introduced as a "new" character in volume 7.
  • So is Patricia actually in a coma and projecting her spirit into the country where she was most happy...or perhaps even dead with Unfinished Business? Konata did actually say "she's got nowhere to go". Nowhere in the living world, that is.

The cast of Lucky Star are taking over the Sgt. Frog universe.
To go with the theory of the reverse happening.

Konata bothers Kagami so much because she knows Kagami has a crush on her.
Kagami is attracted to Konata, but is heavily in denial about it. Konata may or may not have any romantic interest in Kagami, but she does see right through the denial and so bugs Kagami for the lulz of teasing her about the Transparent Closet she doesn't realize she's in.
Lucky Star is actually what goes on in between scenes or seasons in a Magical girl show.
  • Magical girl because they're still in school.
  • This could also explain the weird hair colors since most slice of Life animes don't have those.
  • Also why Konata is the only one who is interested in videogames and manga, they get enough of that in real life.
    • Hopefully it's not Madoka's school...
      • Well, they're too old to go to middle school...
      • Ahem.
    • But what about Minoru Shiraishi and Akira Kogami? Would they even be involved?
That bowling team Hiyori thought were otaku aren't.
  • They're actually just a bunch of normal high school kids who're tired of hearing about Haruhi Suzumiya and are steadily becoming intolerant of any otaku traits.
If we were to see Konata in real life, her hair would still be blue.
  • She dyed it and that's why, even in the show, it looks so unnatural.
Kagami and Tsukasa are both adopted.
  • Think about it; why are both of their hair colors so different to that of the rest of the Hiiragi family? When one takes into consideration the seen parents that are Kanata, Soujirou, Yukari and Honka, who have very similar hair coloring to their children, this makes even more sense. Perhaps Kagami and Tsukasa's original mother only intended to have one child but ended up having twins and was forced to give them to the nice Hiiragi couple, who went on to name both girls what with Kagami mentioning that she was given her name by her parents so she'd receive the Gods' favor. Tsukasa on the other hand...
    • Tsukasa's name actually means "priest."
      • But their mom looks a lot like both twins, and has almost the same hair color (albeit a bit darker). Of course, she could be Mr. Hiiragi's second wife.
      • Or Mr. Hiiragi could be their mom's second wife, and the other siblings are the ones he had with his earlier one.
      • Problem with that is that the eldest sister Inori has purple hair like her mother and the 2 youngest siblings(Kagami and Tsukasa) which makes Matsuri the odd one out.
      • As I have written on the main article years ago, all the Hiiragi girls have a Religious And Mythology Theme Naming going on— on a Christian analogy, their names would be "prayer," "mass," "grail," and "priest." There's at least nothing to speculate on the name alone.
      • Just as Kagami and Tsukasa have a lighter version of their mother's hair it would seem that Matsuri has a lighter version of her father's hair and Inori combines the two hair colors to get a different shade of purple.

Meito is actually a man who accidentally left the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann universe.
Because this guy is Hot-Blooded enough to make the page image.

Akira is a representation of the structure of Lucky Star.
She's sometimes cheerful and sometimes cynical. Lucky Star is sometimes cheerful and sometimes cynical.

Misao is related to Kagura, at least distantly.
Compare their appearances; they're pretty similar.

Lucky Star is Azumanga Daioh after being sucked into Kriemhild Gretchen's Witch barrier.
Or Homucifer's, especially given its Crapsaccharine World nature of maintain the façade of a happier world.

Lucky Star is technically the anime of anime.
Because of all the anime references. And they are actualy animes in the LS universe.

Lucky Channel is not canon.
Its just there for shitz and giggles.

Kagami and Tsukasa are telepathic.
In episode 14, Tsukasa guesses in her mind that the show is about to end so she must have gotten the answer wrong. Kagami calls her out on it.

Yutaka has HIV.
HIV does weaken the immune system, so this is the probable cause of Yutaka's frequent illnesses. Fortunately, it's just a rare mild case of the disease, meaning her immune system isn't THAT weak, and she won't get AIDS.

Hiyori's glasses aren't just for correcting her vision, they are Shipping Goggles that are specifically tuned to homosexual pairings.
That's why she keeps interpreting Minami and Yutaka's interactions as being romantic in nature. If someone else were to wear her glasses, they would start seeing Ho Yay in everything too. And the reason Hiyori still thinks that way when she doesn't have her glasses on is because she's worn them for so long, they've affected her brain even when she's not wearing them.

Konata has a crush on Minoru (the voice actor)
After seeing her flirting at him from the bus it may mean Konata has a crush on the real Minoru Shiraishi after voicing Taniguchi in "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya".

Minami suffers from estrogen deficiencies.
This explains her flat-chestedness. She has a condition that causes her body to not produce enough estrogen. Perhaps hormone therapy could help her.

The reason Konata has lazy eyes.
Konata's eyes have two positions: half-closed, or completely closed. This is because it's actually painful to open her eyes, even halfway. She often has to close her eyes to give herself some relief. This is why her eyes never open completely, because it would be unbearably painful.

This is one of the unfortunate effects of her mother's illness, the other being her cat smile. It's not naturally like that, it just really hurts to put her mouth in a more normal position. Konata lives in alot of pain each day, using anime, manga, and games to distract herself from what she feels is an empty, hopeless existence. She has never told any of her friends because she doesn't want to feel like a burden to them.

If she were to tell her friends, they wouldn't see her as a burden, but a helpless soul in dire need of assistance. Kagami would be the most affected, since this would be a wake-up call. All the times Konata was acting immature and lazy weren't because she was immature and lazy, it was a facade to hide her pain, and that all the times Kagami got angry at her were hardly warranted. Thus, Kagami changes, going from Tsundere to a supportive friend who feels the need to help and protect Konata.

Yui doesn't spend much time with other teenage girls aside from Konata and Yutaka.
In Episode 5 she assumed the other girls were older than Konata. I'ts possible that she made this mistake because the only teens that she hangs out with are Yutaka and Konata, who both look younger than their real ages, so she doesn't really know what other teens are like.

Kagami and Tsukasa are actually identical twins.
Although Kagami states that she and Tsukasa are fraternal twins, it seems very odd that they have exactly the same hair and eye colours and have the same height and build. In comparison to their other sisters, whom both have different hair colours and such, it seems very odd that considering how varied the daughters' appearances are from their parents that Kagami and Tsukasa look so alike. The main differences are their hair lengths (a stylistic choice), their voices (but identical twins can have different sounding voices) and their eye shapes. Aside from this, everything else is spot-on the same.

Lucky Channel is secretly Viewer Mail Time in Japan.
And they will interrupt the story at the most suspenseful part.

Kontata will become either a streamer or a V-tuber.
Don't tell me those jobs don't suit her
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