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  • When Soujiro looks right at Kanata and says that he was sure that no one could love Kanata as much as he did. You could almost believe he saw her there...
  • Also, after the girls are done laughing about Minoru's ringtone, and Konata and Kagami look at each other. You realize here, if nowhere else, for all the teasing and snarking and stuff, just how good of friends they really are.
  • When Kagami's come back from a school trip, she's talking on the phone about the photo she and her friends had made and saying "no, no, of course I wouldn't keep a silly thing like that". But there it is behind her, stuck up on her corkboard, and we can see that the photo has the caption "We ♥ Kagamei!" Aww.
    • (wistfully) "Totally embarrassing..."
  • Yutaka's interaction with Minami's dog in the OVA qualifies.
    • Heck, anything involving Yutaka and Minami.
  • The scene at the concert, where Konata is stuck behind a huge guy, and Kagami swaps places with her. Konata goes starry-eyed when she's finally able to see the stage, and Kagami just smiles at seeing Konata enjoying herself.
  • "Doesn't count as a leftover."
  • When Matsuri, who's been kind of a jerk to Kagami over paella ingredients, tells their parents that Kagami was a big help. See Kagami's reaction afterward.
  • Early in the series, Kagami reviewing Tsukasa's finished homework while her sister sleeps, reflecting on the fact that no matter what anyone says of her, Tsukasa is a hard worker (even if her accuracy stinks).
  • Chapter 217 from the Manga. Thanks to encouragement from her friend Hiyori and Minami, frail girl Yutaka is able to run the entire length of a marathon race.
    • Even better, Minami's encouragement came in the form of her completing the race first — Yutaka had earlier gotten upset with her for sacrificing her own performance to help her — then coming back partway to cheer her on.
  • Episode 22. The scene where Kanata's (that's Konata's mom) spirit checks in on her family and Soujiro says "I knew I was the one man who loved Kanata the most in the whole world" (cue meaningful flashback). It's an unexpectedly touching and sentimental moment for the show, and remains one of its most memorable.
    • Which then later turns into a Funny Moment a few moments later when Sojiro insists on taking a family picture with his new camera and Kanata decides to be in it. They see a distorted ghost in the picture and completely freak out.
  • "We love Kagamei!"
  • During the Budokan concert, Yutaka's seiyuu, Shizuka Hasegawa broke down in tears while performing one of her image songs. The crowd proceeded to cheer her on to complete "Minimum Tempo".
  • In Volume 8 of the manga, Minami calling Miyuki "Onee-chan" (even though it was an accident).
    Miyuki: So I suggested that we do something on the making and history of Paulownia chests of drawers, but... I'm ashamed to say...
    Minami: (thinking about how Yutaka calls both Konata and Narumi "Onee-chan")
    Miyuki: (notices that Minami's mind is somewhere else) Is something the matter?
    Minami: Ah, no... It's nothing. Onee-chan... AH!
    Miyuki: Eh?
    Minami: AH! No, I mean... I'm sorry!
    Miyuki: (remembers Konata and Yutaka addressing each other as "Yu-chan" and "Onee-chan") There's certainly nothing to apologize for, Mi-chan!
    • After this, the next 4 panels has a conversation between Miyuki and Konata over the phone about the pressures of being an older sister and Miyuki silently complimenting Konata, Tsukasa, and Kagami:
    Konata: Really? Minami-chan called you "onee-chan", Miyuki-san?
    Miyuki: Yes. A long time ago, we were close... But this was the first time I ever heard her use such a family-like expression with me. It made me so happy... This was the first time I ever felt the pressure of being an onee-san, like you must feel everyday.
    Konata: Miyuki-san, you're just amazing, so there's no need for you to feel pressure! Unlike me...
    Miyuki: Thank you for the kind words but... I think the really amazing one is the friendship of Yutaka-san, who is causing changes in Minami every day.
    Konata: Wow! For such praise from Miyuki-san, Yu-chan must be really amazing, huh?
    Miyuki: Yes. I think I'm a little jealous.
    Miyuki: (silently, to herself) That's something that could be said of you and the entire group, you know? But it's so embarrassing to say that the words won't come out of my mouth.