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Samuel di Curtisi di Salvadori (nee Samuel Curtis), Shinichian and Hirokian.note 

Born and lived most of his live in Hong Kong, but now studying genetics in the US. As expected for a Hong Konger, I'm of Chinese blood and speaks Cantonese— but I associated more with the English-speaking fandom than the Chinese.

I hardly consider myself otaku; my dosage of manga is well within normal limits for any urban teenager in East Asia, I read quite a bit of other books, and I don't fawn over anything fictional. This is marked by my interpretation of fictional works:

  • unless otherwise stated, everything is realistic, and
  • "this is a plot device" is only an explanation at the last resort.

Which is not surprising, given my Gateway Series is Detective Conan and my current portfolio, which also includes Lucky Star and Hidamari Sketch, are still realistic enough to sustain the above.

I am also examples of:

  • Angst Aversion
  • Asian and Nerdy— So Yeah.
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh Shiny!— Diagnosed in an age when ADHD was hardly a buzzword in my place. Which quite certainly led to...
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  • Book Dumb— people always commented that I am smarter than what my grades showed. As a matter of fact I barely got a B+ in undergraduate, the minimum to get into grad school—which left me wondering now: how did I get into the Ph D of this Top 100 school?
  • Brilliant, but Lazycertainly a consequence of ADHD as ADHD is mainly a consequence of impaired norepinephrine signalling— and norepinephrine also mediates alertness and wakefulness. I actually have that "unshruggable grogginess" that has been very prominent before going on psychostimulants which made me has the drive but not the energy to do things.
  • Eating Lunch Alone— Pretty evident after entering college.
  • Gentle Giant— which led to Huge Schoolboy tendencies, below.
  • Intelligence Equals Isolation— I won't call myself that intelligent; 128 isn't that high of score—but being clinically in the autistic spectrum, this is somehow inevitable. By the way, I interpret Shinichi Kudo to be between this and Insufferable Genius.
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  • Huge Schoolboy— I'm considered to be very tall at home, and suffered from the insecurities mentioned in that trope; I once compared myself to Sakaki. Which, strangely, led me to have a tendency to woobify Ill Boys. Will be on that later.
  • Angst? What Angst? Despite the above, don't think I'm so angsty. To be frank, I avoid angst, lest it would damage my sanity; I understand well that I can be into angst so much when I got to meet them.
  • Literal-Minded: To the level that I can calculate but not predict.

Editing Portfolio

I group my Watchlist into several classes. Works are grouped by chronological order of my knowing it.

Portfoilo Class I

Works that have more than 100 wicks, and personally selected for personal importance.

Portfolio Class II

Works that have more than 100 wicksnote , but not selected into Portfolio Class I.

Honourable Mentions

  • While I don't see every of them favourably, I usually handle works from Manga Time Kirara, having personally launched the magazine's article and have several works listed under P-II.

Other launches