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Tear Jerker / Lucky Star

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Lucky Star you're supposed to make me laugh not bawl my eyes out!
  • And even though it was a comedy series, the episode of Lucky Star that talks about Konata's mother brought out the Kleenex for quite a few people.
  • "Doesn't count as a leftover. 'Cause I bought one." * sniff, sniff*
  • "My people... are everywhere." Cue Manly Tears.
  • For Tsukasa fans, the volleyball scene in the OVA. Her sister smacks her in the face with the ball, she tries to give it her all for once, but she still loses the game. One could reasonably argue that it wouldn't really be Tsukasa if she won, but still. She says, "Next time...", but given the "grand finale" feel to the OVA, it doesn't seem like there will ever be a next time outside the realm of fanfiction.
  • In Episode 24, the last moments before the festival, with the girls looking with sadness at the preparations while a slow, sad version of the opening sounds.
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  • There's also the scene between Kagami and her older sister, Matsuri. When Kagami doesn't get a message about getting some supplies, Matsuri lays into the twins. Kagami storms off to get the supplies, and Inori Hiiragi pointedly tells Matsuri that she could have handled it better, and Matsuri agrees.
  • Sou's reminiscence of his final days with Kanata ranks as easily in the top five most sincerely heartwarming, not to mention heartbreaking, moments in 2000s anime.
  • Pictured above, before Kanata's scene there is a quick picture of Soujiro mourning her dead, alongside Konata, who was still a baby at the moment when her mom died.
  • The fact that I can no longer be there hurts a little.
  • Kanata's Image Song, "Shiawase Negau Kanata kara" ("Wishing for Your Happiness from Kanata/the Other Side") also qualifies.
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  • During the class trip, Kagami gets a note from a guy to meet her at a certain place at night. From the way she was acting, she was expecting it to be a love confession. But it turns out all the guy wanted to do was ask her if she would part with the keychain she'd bought earlier that day because he thought it was cute. You have to feel bad for her.