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  • Exo Squad: Alec DeLeon more often than not was The Lancer to squad leader JT Marsh, though Marsala sometimes filled that role as well, depending on the mission at hand. Marsh himself could be considered the lancer to Admiral Winfield, who was the show's Big Good.
  • Ironically, although being the title character, Sonic was actually his team's Lancer in Sonic Sat AM. However, his deeds may also make him the Hero.
  • Brooklyn in Gargoyles, especially when Goliath promoted him to be his Number Two. He differs in that while Goliath is very physical and direct in his methods with a knack for inspiring his clan, Brooklyn is quieter and more calculating at work as a superb tactician who can organize assaults that seemingly can whup anybody. His only major weakness is that he hates Demona with a fury strong enough to attack her on sight, to the frustration of the clan. Brooklyn is the second type of lancer in that he holds Goliath in high esteem and has no desire to challenge his authority, much less replace him. Still, during the extended time that Goliath was absent, Brooklyn was in charge and old veteran Hudson deferred to his authority and there is no question that he is really good at the job.
    • The difference in their physiques is probably the driving factor in the differing methods: Goliath can usually get away with being very physical and direct in his methods because he happens to be the biggest, strongest gargoyle available, while Brooklyn is not even half his size and probably not half as strong, so he has to rely more on stealth and trickery as opposed to charging in like a battering ram as Goliath sometimes does.
  • Transformers:
    • The Primes of the original G1 had their lancers: Optimus had Ironhide and Rodimus had Ultra Magnus. Magnus then became Optimus Prime's lancer due to his previous lancer being sorta dead.
    • In Transformers: Beast Wars, when the Maximals find themselves short one Optimus Primal, it comes to a vote to determine which of the Lancers will lead in his absence - Dinobot, or Rattrap. Dinobot was the big, straightforward warrior type, and Rattrap was the small, underhanded saboteur type. On another occasion, Rhinox started to give the orders, as he was in a Very Bad Mood.
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    • In the followup Beast Machines, while Primal was absent Cheetor had stepped up to fill the leadership gap, causing him to become The Lancer when Primal returned. This time, it was more the "chafes under his authority, wants to usurp and lead" since he realized that Optimus was slowly but surely turning into a fanatic, and was concerned about the future.
    • The Optimus of Transformers Animated is younger and less experienced than the average version, so war veteran Ratchet and introverted ninja Prowl can both be seen as foils. Prowl doesn't need to overlap with The Smart Guy, however, and the creators saw him more and more as a second-in-command as his ninja skills developed.
    • Arcee in Transformers: Prime - more sarcastic and down-to-earth than Optimus (who is once again a towering war veteran voiced by Peter Cullen). You could argue Ultra Magnus for the exact opposite reason - Optimus looks Mildly Military next to him.
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  • Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Mostly in the Eastman and Laird version. Not so much in the Saturday morning cartoons.
  • In ThunderCats (1985), Tygra doubled as Lion-O's Lancer and The Smart Guy. The latter is relative since the team's Big Guy, Panthro, was a Genius Bruiser.
  • In the remake ThunderCats (2011), Tygra also gets a gun to contrast with Lion-o's Sword of Omens, and he overall plays The Lancer role much straighter than the original did.
  • Katara of Avatar: The Last Airbender merges the roles of The Lancer and The Chick, being both the romantic interest of The Hero and one of his most reliable combat partners.
    • Come the series finale, Zuko seems to fit this role more and more as he bonded with the group and became less of The Sixth Ranger. By this point Katara has taken on the aspect of Team Mom as well.
    • From the Sequel Series The Legend of Korra, Mako grows into this role.
    • Asami basically takes over the position in Book 3.
  • Kevin Levin of Ben 10: Alien Force.
  • From The Tick animated series we have Die Fledermaus. His live action counterpart Bat Manuel too.
  • Sparky from Beethoven: The Animated Series is the funny, sarcastic, energetic sidekick of Beethoven, the serious and clean cut The Hero.
  • Digeri Dingo from Taz-Mania could count as a lancer for Taz.
  • Duke L'Orange in The Mighty Ducks, a former Gentleman Thief turned freedom fighter, contrasts nicely to not only Wildwing but the rest of the team, especially since he's the only one who. regularly uses a melee weapon (a laser sword).
  • Shao Lin in Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys is both The Lancer and the Action Girl. She is as cautious as Charlie Simian is not; her The Stoic attitude balances his boisterous, cheerful personality.
  • Cyborg in Teen Titans fits the trope closest, laid back when Robin is serious, serious when Robin is obsessed, and takes command of the team the most often when Robin isn't there.
  • Rainbow Dash in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is this to Twilight Sparkle. She is widely regarded as the most powerful of all the ponies and is by far the most qualified to lead in Twilight's absence, but normally serves as a necessary foil to Twilight's careful, reflective nature.
  • Simon Belmont of Captain N: The Game Master is how not to do the Lancer.
  • In Titan Maximum, Gibbs is a Deconstruction of the type of lancer who has issues with the hero's authority. The stress of being the Only Sane Man to a Jerk Jock hero on the previous team as well as having to deal with Palmer's willingness to abandon others for his own petty purposes elevated his own, quieter Jerkass tendencies, causing him to massively Face–Heel Turn and making him the Big Bad in the present.
    • On the "modern" team (i.e., after Gibbs leaves) Jodi and Sasha switch off being the Lancer and The Chick. Sasha has the most traditionally Lancer-esque characteristics, but Jodi is polar opposite of The Hero and is the one who goes off on her own while Sasha stays with the group.
  • SilverHawks
    • Bluegrass. the wingless cowboy, fits this trope, as he uses the main controls of the Miraj spaceship.
    • Latter member Captain Flashback would fit this as well.
  • While Longarm of C.O.P.S., may have the many traits of the average American hero, he is no more then a lancer to team leader Bulletproof.
  • Evangelyne of Wakfu is The Lancer to Yugo. Apart from being several years older and one of the more competent fighters, she's a calm, snarky Tsundere, while he's a cheerful Kid Hero, but with a sense of maturity and responsibility.
  • Bionic Six has some sort of tossup between the wife (Helen), and the biological son (Eric).
  • Speaking of Eric from above, the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon has a cowardly caviler by that name.
  • Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers: Shane Gooseman, the genetically engineered Supertrooper of the is a rare inhuman example. Definitely a little more...questionable in his methods, especially when contrasted with The Hero Zachary Foxx. There's also the fact that Zach is Happily Married while Shane's a Chick Magnet, and that Zach is the eldest person on the team (late 30's to early 40's) while Shane is 19 - barely older than Zach's son.
  • In the Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Ahsoka and Obi Wan are Anakin's Lancers when they are on a mission together. Each Jedi knight has a clone officer as a lancer. Obi-Wan's is Commander Cody and Anakin's is Captain Rex.
  • In Futurama, in a case of The Hero (Fry) being an impulsive but good-natured idiot with occasional flashes of genius, his Lancer counterpart is the rational, intelligent but hot-tempered Leela.
  • Bloo from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.
  • Heloise on Jimmy Two-Shoes, when it suits her to side with Jimmy.
  • Buttercup in The Powerpuff Girls
  • Alice Nimbletoes, Angelina Ballerina's best friend, in the original and CGI series.
  • Vince LaSalle from Recess. While he was never at odds with T.J. (minus the one Feud Episode and "The AV Kid"), the earliest episodes showed him to be more reluctant to join the others' crazy schemes. He's also the "cooler" member of the gang, compared to T.J.'s more energetic tendencies.
  • Jake the dog is this to his best friend Finn in Adventure Time.
  • Numbuh 5 from Codename: Kids Next Door. She's also the show's main Breakout Character.
  • Soar Loser from Skysurfer Strike Force.
  • Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls towards Dipper.
  • In Phineas and Ferb, the quiet Ferb is lancer to his gregarious stepbrother Phineas.
  • Ever After High is a rare example where the protagonist is someone's lancer. Creative freethinker Raven helps Apple- a hidebound traditionalist- to think outside the box and deal with unprecedented situations.
  • The appropriately-named Lance in Voltron: Legendary Defender, Keith's opposite number, would-be rival and eventual right-hand man.
  • Marco Diaz can be considered this to Star Butterfly in Star vs. the Forces of Evil especially after becoming her squirel
  • Although they weren't part of a Five-Man Band, Donald Duck could be considered this to Mickey Mouse. He was the second most popular character in the Disney stable and something of an Anti-Hero compared to the family friendly Mickey. Also, depending on the story, Donald would either regard Mickey as his best friend or be jealous of his success and popularity.
  • In Ready Jet Go!, Sean serves this role in the Five-Man Band as he is a Foil towards The Leader Jet in every single way. While Jet always leaps before looking, is highly energetic, and unironically loves making mistakes, Sean is more cautious, intellectual, and nervous in general.


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