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A roleplay based on the Digimon Cash Cow Franchise, adapting the Digimon Tamers series but as if it continued from the Digimon Adventure series, later on, Digimon Frontier was added to the mix. Digimon Savers is planned to be adapted once the Tamers season has been completed, though a few characters and ideas did made it to the RP before then. Not only the anime is playable in the RP, but so are the video games and manga. Most distinct of all is 'Digimon V-Tamer', from which came many an idea for the side-plot.


The storyline begins with that it is four years after the events of the 'World Tour' in Digimon Adventure 02 and 'Diaboromon Strikes Back'. This has opened the doors for more Chosen Children (otherwise known as Digidestined) to come into existence. By this time, Digimon has become a card game, and the mentioned events are now believed to be nothing more than a Publicity Stunt for the upcoming card game. The exceptions are the Digidestined (or Tamers as the 'new kids' call themselves) and the newly formed Anti-Digimon organization, Hypnos, created by The Government, who are out to delete all digital life. So the Digidestined have to deal with random Digimon who coming into the real world, and the Digimon The Men in Black. Sounds easy, right?

NOPE! It gets worse!

For them that is.

The remains of the Daemon Corps from Digimon Adventure 02 are also in the fry, led by the Demon Lord of Lust, Lilithmon. One of their plans involve freeing Daemon from the Dark Ocean. The said Demon Lord Digimon who gave the Digidestined a Curb-Stomp Battle. And how she going to do this? With her own corrupted Digidestined and Tamers, basically from Digimon V-Tamer. This includes Neo Saiba, who acts as an Evil Counterpart to Taichi, paralleling the plot of Digimon V-Tamer somewhat.


Not to mention Knight Templar, Victory Greymon. A variation of WarGreymon equipped with a different armor and a BFS, he is out to sever the bond between the Human and the Digital Worlds, not to mention the Digidestined!

The events of Digimon Frontier were originally omitted and weren't added to the storyline until the end of the first year of the RP's when a Dark Action Girl, Brainwashed and Crazy to serve the Daemon Corps obtained the Spirits of Water, in part due to Parallelmon inadvertently bringing the ten elements from Another Dimension. In a Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!, this allowed for ENIAC to place another Call to Adventure to bring the Warriors back into the loop. On a hunt to retrieve their spirits, Takuya and the gang (along with Yutaka, Tommy's older brother) explored File Island and ran into trouble with Mad Scientist Analogman (from Digimon World). Later, it is revealed that the events from Frontier are actually events that have taken place in the ancient past of the Digital World with the Frontier gang being labelled as the first Digidestined due to Time Travel.


As of late, the RP has entered the Deva Saga of Digimon Tamers so Zhuqiaomon is now in the mix. The RP has also added a West Coast Team in America, where the American Digidestined (and a few Japanese Chosen transferred there) have to confront an Alien Invasion-theme Digimon armada.

The site can be found here. The Digimon RP has also brought forth a Crossover Spin-Off, Pokémon and Digimon RP at here.

This RP contain examples of:

Keith: Dammit, dammit, I have no idea how to get home, who to contact, or, for that matter, how to contact them. I'd say this day can't get any worse, but I'm pretty sure it will.


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