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"Like Phoenixmon, we'll return from our ashes!"

Digimon Forum RP is a roleplay forum dedicated to the Digimon franchise. It takes place in an alternate universe where the canon characters do not exist. However you are able to use your own Whatever character you deem fit to create. Your character can basically be whatever you wish, and can then interact with a million and a half other characters already created. There are four different character types to choose from.


Digimon Forum RP has examples of the following tropes:

  • Action Dad: Rei Ozuka already knew Karate, but was merged with his partner, a Stingmon, 8 years prior to the current plot, and later on he secretly joined his son's Xros team, going toe-to-toe with Digimon.

  • Action Girl: Every female Spirit Wielder. Every female Digimon too.
    • Salla is a Black Belt in karate. Good luck with trying to take her down unless you're a Digimon

  • Apron Matron: Combined with Stout Strength and Chef of Iron, this describes Lilly, a fat, pink Guilmon with red hair, wears a dress and apron, and runs a mobile full-fledged restaurant/home, which she pulls herself. Her dress and apron is worn only to cover most of the scars she had obtained from her past as a brawler. And despite her attitude and her boisterous nature, she's a fair bit older than she looks.

  • Ascended Extra: Lezard, Rippah's friend, is a minor example, going from a guy Rippah quoted on occasion to an actual character.
    • If you want to get technical, Jacob, who started as a one shot character and later became the second Vetina.
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    • A bit of a stretch, but Cuttah. She began as a non-canon counterpart to Rippah, but later introduced as his twin sister will few changes to her character.

  • Bad Ass Normal: Nova punched out a Lobomon, albeit a fake one, during Jimmy's Beast Spirit test.

  • Black Sheep: Beverly came from a family of bounty hunters and mercenaries. In her youth, she wanted to be a famous villain. This ended up causing friction between herself and her family, who, in varying degrees, found her to be nuts at the time. While not a villain anymore, though, Beverly still sees herself as the black sheep, and hasn't made amends with her family, aside from her older sister Sinclair

  • Body Snatcher: The Hylden Digimon.
    • Ghost, who is mostly Hylden, tends to possess others, although she tries to ask before doing so. Sometimes.

  • Call a Smeerp a "Rabbit": That Guilmon.

  • The Cameo: Subverted with two of the Kyupimons on Nova's Xros team, who are named Pit and Icarus respectively, referencing the Kid Icarus franchise.
    • Aneglo Sparkmon's battle theme is also the music that plays during the credits of Kid Icarus Uprising.
    • Geo Stelar's necklace makes an appearance as Nova's Crest of Will.
    • Played straight with face claims.
      • Lampshaded by Elec the Elecguilmon, who purposely has a holographic disguise (Holosuit) in the appearance of Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing. He *specifically* chose this because he likes the show and claims to always see other digimon dressed up as anime characters.

  • Card-Carrying Villain: Beverly was this in the past, although as of now she is no longer a villain.

  • Chef of Iron: Nova combines this with Bad Ass Normal as he is a red and white belt in judo, fighting as often as he can.

  • Combat Medic: Jimmy's Bucchiemon form has healing abilities, allowing him to heal.
    • Sparkmon's holy element forms also possess healing abilities.
    • Luke can heal allies in any of his Holy forms as they come with Healing Hands on top of their other healing abilities, and inflict just as much damage.
    • Artemis is almost as capable considering most of her Primary forms have healing abilities.

  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Vetina is a weird talking, ditzy, at times overeating Palmon who is also a romantic and is a self-proclaimed Ninja. And the last bit are not empty words, as she is more than capable of fighting or stealth.

  • Death Is Cheap: Being a Digimon RP, for the digimon dying is not always the end. Save for a few exceptions.
    • Absorbing the dead digimon's data is tantamount to perma-death
    • The Hylden Digimon's data are warped to the point where, upon death in the digital world, their data most likely will not be recycled. However the slim chances of a rebirth are better than in the actual Hylden area, where there is nowhere for *anyone's* data to go upon death.
    • Sanoske, being an illusion, is a lot more fearful of death.
      • Lampshaded by Early the Vilemon, who remembers his past 7 lives, most of them as cannon fodder. At this point he doesn't worry about dying and will throw his life away in an instant if it means his family survives.

  • Demoted to Extra: Karen the Chubbyrenamon, once a fully fledged character, this half human/half digimon woman is now merely a side character. The in-universe explanation, however, is that she retired from adventuring and wishes to spend more time with the family she abandoned for years, mending old emotional wounds and tending to her new baby daughter, Renee.

  • Do Not Call Me "Paul": Being the illusionary avatar of his comatose creator, Byakko, for all intents and purposes, Sanoske shares his name. But don't call him Byakko, as he has a distaste for his creator and even the mere act of referring to him by his creator's name (which has happened several times) is an act of, in his eyes, denying his self-awareness, his will, even his very being.
    • Vetina is a subversion. Given her unusual transformation from a male Black Gabumon X (named Jacob) into an odd female Gabu-Palmon, she needn't fear anyone using her old name. Only her friend Betty knows.
    • Betty's real name is Betilda, which Vetina jokingly uses on rare occasions, much to Betty's chagrin.

  • Dynamic Entry: Sparkmon made one when Nova, Yuu, Duffer, Yuuki, and Karen were attacked by Graedon via facekick.
    • Prior to that, a Metal Kabuterimon attacked Nova in the Valley of Dragons by firing off his Electron Cannon. Fortunately for the Gold General, he missed.

  • Elseworld: The MP Cs generally tends to fall under this, with rare examples going into [[For Want of a Nail}}.

  • Empowered Bad Ass Normal: Any Spirit user
    • Rei combines this with Action Dad, being merged with a Digimon and whatnot.

  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Even when she was evil, Beverly always cared deeply for Garm. She even went as far as to assault a group of Ice Devimon who kidnapped him (which ended up to be of her benefit. She gained an Armor Egg, saved Garm, and two of the other digimon she saved, Saibot and Fishy, later began working under her.)

  • Five-Man Band: Nova's Xros team currently includes a group of five Kyupimons.
    • The Leader: Angie leads her siblings into battle.
    • The Lancer: Pit takes this role as he is Angie's second in command.
    • The Smart Guy: Lucy is the most intelligent, but also the weakest amongst the Kyupimons
    • The Big Guy: Icarus has the most muscle in the group and is also a little chubby.
    • The Chick: Hope keeps her siblings together, often stopping any arguments that erupt between any of them.

  • Garden of Evil: Vetina I once had one. Vetina II could make one but chooses not to, partially because she is always on the move.

  • Gass Hole: Rippahgabumon (belching) and Cuttahpsychemon (farting). However Cuttah hates her emissions most of the time, unlike her brother who casually belches as he speaks. Their gas, especially Cuttah's, can go into Fartillery levels at times.

  • Gone Horribly Right: Karen's experiments to fuse humans with the digimon she once considered mere tools had gone as expected. And then she felt the pain and misery the digimon she merged with felt, as well as realizing this is what she put the other digimon she experimented on through.

  • Grand Theft Me: Happened to Josh Sparks. Twice, even, although the first time was not intentional for either of the swapped parties.

  • Handicapped Bad Ass: Sparkmon had part of his data stolen, causing him to lose immunity to electricity and only allowing him to hold a set amount of electricity safely. He then Took A Level In Bad Ass by taking his electrokinetic abilities Up to Eleven.
    • Kami is deaf, but that doesn't prevent him from kicking ass as well.

  • Hard Light: Sanoske is a sentient illusion who can interact with others.

  • Heroic BSoD: Jimmy had one when Ichigo made a Heroic Sacrifice just to save him from a Metal Kabuterimon's Electron Cannon.

  • It Is Pronounced Tro Pay: A slight adversion. Everyone but Saibot's wife pronounces his name as "Sai-bot". But the actual pronunciation of his name is "Se-ay-bo". However, he's used to people mispronouncing his name, so he doesn't bother correcting them.

  • Intentionally Awkward Title: Well, a name. And self-inflicted as well. That Guilmon purposely named himself that just so his name would be awkward to say in normal conversations. Not only that, he's not even a Guilmon, per se. He's a Blackguilmon. His name doesn't change in other forms, either. Like when he's That Guilmon the Blackwargrowlmon

  • Legacy Character: The currently active Vetina is actually the second. Kind of. Vetina II was originally a Blackgabumon X, and Vetina I was his girlfriend. How Jacob became Vetina II, however, is another story entirely.

  • Loads and Loads of Characters: Several users past and present have had enough characters active to make a small army if they ever got together.

  • Minored in Ass-Kicking: Karen can be considered a genius, with a number of years in engineering under her belt. She's also stronger than other digimon of her level; in champion, she can go toe to toe with ultimate leveled digimon easily.

  • Misplaced Accent: Vetina has never been to France. Chances are she may have only vaguely heard of a "France" on rare occasions. And yet Vetina has an unmistakenably French accent.

  • Oh, Crap!: Nova had this face when Sparks was smashed to the ground by a brainwashed Metal Tyrannomon.
    • Mana got one after said Metal Tyrannomon Digivolved to Rust Tyrannomon despite the odds still being in her favor along with everyone else that was fighting the aforementioned Mega.
    • Nova had another one when he saw that the nightmare from previous night was starting to come true when Sparks went wild for the first time while using his new Hunter Sparkmon form along with the two Sealsdramon mercs Sparks and Jimmy were facing, despite their expressionless faces.
      • If they didn't have that look then, they definitely got it when Nova threatened to sic Hunter Sparkmon on them again.
    • Nova got one in each of his following nightmares, but only one of those nightmares on screen so far.

  • Parental Abandonment: Karen actually literally abandoned her husband and child so she could go to Japan to experiment on digimon. Not a proud time for her to look back on nowadays.

  • Purple Prose: Zig-zagged with Vetina, who often alternates between this and Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness. Because of this, she is sometimes hard to understand (although she is incapable of speaking "normally"), especially to the few non-Japanese speaking characters. So much so that she is often seen with her Translator Buddy, Betty. However, on occasion they will meet someone who can understand Vetina.

  • Reformed Criminal: Burst the Mechaimpmon was a former criminal, but thanks to Karen the Chubbyrenamon he had changed his ways. He's now a mayor.
    • Tab is technically this, although it was less "deciding to do good" and more "no point in trying anymore so why not relax?"

  • Reluctant Warrior: Jimmy may be willing to fight, but he doesn't want to outright kill his enemies.
    • Sparks also subverts this. While he is willing to fight, he prefers not to kill his enemies, but has no problem with doing so should the need arise as long as they can be reborn.

  • Scarf Of Asskicking: Members of The Watch wore these.

  • Shock and Awe: Clearly Sparkmon, his primary element being electric.
    • Any Digimon with electric attacks

  • Sibling Team: Any Twin digimon.

  • Sibling Yin-Yang: Rippah and Cuttah. One belches, is rather cool headed, and has no issues with confidence. The other farts, is rather hot headed, and has self-esteem issues.

  • Transformation of the Possessed: The Hylden Digimon. However, the transformations occur when a Hylden overtly asserts their will on a digimon in most cases (not just controlling the body but actively subverting the will of the host), and the transformations are simply various mutations.

  • Universal-Adaptor Cast: Panzermanathod's characters Vetina, Terra Berkan, Elec, Rippah, Beverly, Sanoske, and the sisters La Fayette and Calista fit under this to varying degrees.

  • Un-person: Zig-zagged with Plasmadramon who is really Sparkmon with the only connection between the two being that the former disappeared the same day the latter lost his memories.

  • Verbal Tic: Early the Vilemon says -vile at the end of each of his sentences.

  • Voice Grunting: Subverted (and zig-zagged in some cases) with Sanoske as only animal like Digimon are capable of understanding what sounds like growls to humans and non-animal like Digimon (demon types like Early the Vilemon, for example, cannot understand him). The only exceptions are Ghost, due to her origins that were similar to his, and Sparkmon, who has a virus that causes him to become a feral version of himself.

  • Who Names Their Kid "Dude"?: Fishy the Dinobeemon. So nammed because in her youth she grew up in a Gomamon village where the names were usually fish names. However, her stronger forms don't match with a normal Gomamon line, so any ties to her more aquatic origins are not obvious aside from the fact that she still can perform the Gomamon attack Marching Fishes.
    • Averted with That and Tabernackle, who named themselves.

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