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A Play-by-Post Game based on the Cash Cow Franchise of Digimon. It uses elements from all its series putting them into the same continuity.It takes place in the Digimon Adventure universe, only the second season is being adapted alongside Digimon Tamers. So alongside the Digimon Emperor causing trouble in the digital world, the Digidestined has to ally with a strange group of 'Tamers' who can modify their Digimon with cards as violent Digimon are popping up in the real world looking for data. Though the worst of their real world threats comes from the government, as HYPNOS is making plans to eliminate all Digimon.


Daemon has entered the fray to. He sent out a challenge to just the original group of Digidestined to meet him on Folder Continent with the threat that if they don't show up, he'll destroy a whole continent. They comply, and Tai's Agumon, who's been going through a glitch, becomes Zeromaru the Veedramon whenever he enters the Digital World which kicks off the plot of Digimon V-Tamer 01.

The action isn't just in Japan. Because of the events of the digital world in the sky and the online battle with Diaboromon, there are Digidestined around the world. In addition, characters from other Digimon media (such as Digimon World 3 and Digimon Next), and some of the Japanese Digidestined have entered the new video game sensation, Digimon Online. Most players just play the virtual MMORPG, but some are realizing there's more to the game than what it seems.


Digimon Data Squad is planned to be adapted later on, though background information has been mentioned (such as Keenan entering the digital world as a baby and Spencer leading a team looking for him). Also, members of the DATS Team are also in the RP, but much younger.

The RP can be found here


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