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  • The color pink is practically a staple of the Hart Wrestling Family. Bret "The Hitman" Hart is known as much for his distinctive pink-and-black singlets as he is for his incredible matches. This started when he was tagging with Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, one of his brothers-in-law and a more overt badass. Younger brother Owen Hart later got in on the act.
  • The Hart Dynasty, consisting of David Hart-Smith (son of "The British Bulldog" and Diana Hart), Tyson Kidd (one of the last graduates of the Hart Family Dungeon before it closed down) and Natalya (daughter of the aforementioned Jim) like Bret before them, also took to the color pink.
  • Konnan el Barbaro wore lots of bright colors, including pink and Konnan, even in one of his most gangsta phases during WCW, dressed up as Zorro, the Gay Blade.
  • The Wrestling Porn Star of FMW, Chocoball Mukai wrestled in pink and black like Hart.
  • On a more outlandish, character-based level, WWE, for a short time, played host to Vito, a six-feet-tall, bald, musclebound Italian badass — who liked to wear frilly dresses, and who was often referred to as "the toughest man to ever wear a dress". Debate still rages on whether this was Kayfabe, or a Real Life preference of Vito's, especially since, rumor has it, after he was released from WWE, he attempted to negotiate a contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship with the rider that he would be allowed to compete in a dress. Of course, the gimmick came about at the same time a mobster on The Sopranos was revealed to be gay, and WWE likes ripping off pop culture for character ideas. On the other other hand, it might have started as a gimmick but the wrestler who played him might have grown to like it.
    • An earlier WCW storyline saw Perry Saturn (a bald, heavily tattooed wrestler), lose a Loser Wears a Dress match and subsequently start wearing black latex-looking skirts. If the story from Chris Jericho's autobiography can be believed, Saturn wanted this change in character. Several years later, he was shot twice saving a woman from two men attempting to rape her. And barely even noticed until the officer on scene pointed out the wounds. The bullet wounds were discovered in his neck.
      • Saturn was a legitimate Army Ranger before he became a wrestler.
      • He's also legitimately crazy; the guy just disappeared from his life and was found years later working at a door factory.
    • In a similar case, Darren "Droz" Drozdov lost a match where the stipulation was that the losers had to wrestle their next match in drag. Droz discovered he liked it. The thing came to an end after Droz challenged anyone on the roster to a nightgown match, and Al Snow agreed - with the stipulation that the match had to take place under hardcore rules.
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  • In a more subdued, borderline case, when the 6'7", 300+-lb Batista wears his impeccably-tailored suits, the shirt or tie is often pink. And that works for him.
  • WWE also had the skirt-wearing The Headbangers. This was back when kilts were big among metalheads... but what The Headbangers wore could only be considered kilts if one were especially charitable. Their t-shirts even had a variation of the trope's name on it: "REAL MEN WEAR SKIRTS". The same can also be said of some of Raven's "kilts" in his WWE and earlier TNA runs.
  • And then there's the guy who started it all back in 1941: Gorgeous George. A delinquent turned YMCA wrestler, who also wore a dress!
  • Yutaka Yoshie. Big scary dude. Wears a neon pink singlet.
  • Diamond Dallas Page, three-time World Champion Wrestler, practices yoga daily, and has co-authored a book on the subject. He also tended to wear pink during his cigar-smoking midcarder days, as illustrated by the current page photo.
  • Rey Mysterio has several outfits in shades of pink and purple, and admitted in an interview to collecting perfumes and cologne. In the same interview, however, he also showed off his sword collection and vaguely implied having enough skill to be able to shave his beard with them.
  • A number wore feather boas, like Hulk Hogan and Jesse Ventura (both of whom were imitating "Superstar" Billy Graham)
  • Jeff Hardy has worn almost every color under the sun whether it's on his clothes, in his body paint, or dyed in his hair.
  • Ring of Honor and WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan Danielson is a vegan, a socialist, about 50 lbs lighter than the average pro-wrestler, and born in Nirvana's home city. Yet he's the greatest technical wrestler alive today, and can easily dominate men twice his size with submission moves.
  • John Morrison, master of Le Parkour (Hey it's manly), incredible high flier, possessor of epic abs, Jim Morrison impersonator, lover of fur lined, glittery coats that go down to his feet.
  • Mick Foley is known for his no holds barred style of wrestling and bloody traumatizing hardcore matches. He's also a devoted fan of Tori Amos and a volunteer counselor for RAINN, an organization that helps survivors of sexual assault. He also possesses an extensive collection of kitschy Christmas knick-knacks.
  • Who can forget Kaval and his pink polo shirt? (besides WWE?)
  • "Macho Man" Randy Savage wore pink tights for his match against Ricky Steamboat at Wrestlemania 3.
  • Not exactly pink, but Triple H's purple trunks from 2003 deserve a mention. A literal example of pink is in RAW, Aug. 13th, 2012 where we see him in a pink business shirt.
  • John Cena wore pink and black starting at WWE's Night of Champions pay-per-view, as part of their partnership with Susan B. Komen's Race for the Cure. Two weeks later, he says the trope by name (despite earlier deriding Dolph Ziggler for wearing it).
  • Some of Ric Flair's robes are pink. All of them, regardless of color, qualify for this trope, being covered in sequins and having a feathered collar.
  • Sting wore pink several times during his surfer gimmick.
  • Imagine what I could do to you. Basically "Exotic" Adrian Street's gimmick was talking as manly as possible while acting the exact opposite, to help his Ambiguously Gay image.
  • Two words: Dolph Ziggler. That motherfucker wears more pink than the Harts.
  • Randy Orton likes Barney.
  • While Randy McKenzie typically wears blue, his tights are also typically adorned with flowers. Yet he is a macho surfer dude, with no hints of being a gorgeous George nor an exotico.
  • One half of Defiant Pro and Pro Wrestling Guerilla tag team, 2 Pretty in Pink, Brendan Michael Thomas. He and "Portuguese Princess" Ariel wear pink and black (well, Ariel wears a lot of colors, often randomly)
  • Los Ben Dejos tag team have come to the with pink towels draped around their necks. Jay Cruz has even died his mohawk pink. Their Full Impact Puerto Ricans partner Lince Dorado has also worn a mask with hot pink outlines.
  • Pink is the color of World 1 International in Dragon Gate, so when we saw Rich Swann in pink and black trunks it was official, he was going places.
  • Perhaps it's due to being a Jimmy Jacobs group but all members of The Decade wear light pink. RD Evans meanwhile wrestles in a light pink jump suit.
  • The Young Bucks are one of the most respected tag teams around. And this, is their theme, MMMBop!
  • Ladybeard: Sing, dance, DESTROY! And yes, that lady is a dude.
  • The legendary Magnum TOKYO from Toryumon, Dragon Gate and Fighting Opera HUSTLE was a wrestling stripper. Nuff said.
  • Former CHIKARA wrestler Pinkie Sanchez has this in his name. Following the formation of Die Bruderschaft des Kreuzes, he sometimes wore a mask as "Pink Ant."note 
  • The late great CHIKARA wrestler/Ring Of Honor manager "Sweet N Sour" Larry Sweeney wore pink and various other colors. He and Pinkie in fact were the first two competitors in the Team CHIKARAnote -BDKnote  Torneo Cibernetico match at CHIKARA The Dark Ciberknetico, October 23, 2010. Commentator Gavin Loudspeaker said, "Larry Sweeney showing Pinkie Sanchez how to wear the color pink."
  • UltraMantis Black and Crossbones have worn pink masks.
  • Given that Still Life with Apricots and Pears' gimmick is a wrestling work of art, theynote  have worn pink paint, as well as many other colors.


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