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As Archibald Peck
As RD Evans

Robert Evans (born October 19, 1983) is a Canadian Professional Wrestler, manager and producer known for his work for a variety of promotions as R.D. Evans and for CHIKARA as Archibald Peck/Mixed Martial Archie/The Mysterious And Handsome Stranger/The Latvian Proud Oak. He was trained by General Skandor Akbar and Slam Shady and debuted on February 10, 2001 for a Super Stars of Wrestling (SSOW) show in Texas. He arrived in CHIKARA in 2011 as part of March Madness with his majorette Veronica Ticklefeather, (yes, Archie and Veronica). During his run, he was involved in a big storyline where he claimed that Eddie Kingston hitting him with the Backfist to the Future sent him to the year 2015 where he found a sports almanac that predicted his future victories. (See Stable Time Loop below).

Among his in-ring achievements, he is a former ACW (Texas) Heavyweight Champion, a former 3x ACW U-30 Young Guns Champion, a former NWA Texas Junior Heavyweight Champion, a former 3x PCW (Arlington, Texas) Cruiserweight Champion and a 2x PCW Tag Team Champion


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"Marching Tropes":

  • Aborted Arc: Seemingly, anything that could have resulted from his 2015 appearance (see Stable Time Loop below), as he was signed by WWE for a producer position.
  • Arch-Enemy: Formerly Mr. Touchdown.
  • Band Geek: "Big Magic" Shane Matthews called him this in the Ashes video "Thwarted".
  • Beary Funny: He was the "Bear" that Tracy Smothers faced in Olde Wrestling.
  • Big "NO!": After finding Veronica laid out on the floor and carrying her back to the locker room following his loss to Sara Del Rey at A Death Worse Than Fate, February 25, 2012.
  • The Cameo: Two on WWE TV.
    • Ryback slapped him during a backstage segment on the September 13, 20103 ''WWESmackDown, which was taped at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa.
    • He had a confrontation with The Riott Squad on the June 11, 2018 WWE Raw in which Ruby Riott (formerly CHIKARA alumna Heidi Lovelace) cut off his tie.
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  • Canada, Eh?: He's from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Averted as Archibald Peck.
  • Charlie Brown from Outta Town: Some time after CHIKARAsaurus Rex, he returned as the Mysterious and Handsome Stranger, a take on Dusty Rhodes' Midnight Rider, to get his revenge upon Veronica and Angelosetti. At Under The Hood, he voluntarily unmasked, slopping Veronica. Except this was not the Archibald Peck that walked through North America, but a time displaced version of him. See the Season 11 epilogue below for Barrister R.D. Evans' explanation, and Stable Time Loop below for a quick summary.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: During his match with UltraMantis Black at Small But Mighty, October 7, 2011, Leonard F. Chikarason said, "I don't want to cover Archibald Peck's psychiatrist bills. There's a lot going on there."
    • Dirty Coward: During the match with Mantis, the action spilled out to the floor. Mantis grabbed a chair, but Peck threw his entourage of Colt Cabunny and Veronica Ticklefeather in Mantis' path but Mantis did not hit her.
  • Foreign Wrestling Heel: As "Imperial" Robert Evans in Olde Wrestling.
  • Harmless Villain: And then he became Mixed Martial Archie.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Put himself between Gavin Loudspeaker and Deucalion during Moonraker, taking the execution in Gavin's stead.
  • I Was Beaten by a Girl: Sara Del Rey.
    • The opening match on JoshiMania Night I was the JWP team of Tsubasa Kuragaki, Kaori Yoneyama and Hanako Nakamori vs. Archibald Peck and Los Ice Creams, which the JWP team won via Kuragaki forcing both Peck AND El Hijo del Ice Cream to submit to a Torture Rack at the same time! Kuragaki is only 5'4", and Peck and Hijo are each over 6 feet tall, thus qualifying her for Pint-Sized Powerhouse.
  • Kick Dude: Mixed Martial Archie's entrance theme was titled "Kicking Attack."
  • Killed Off for Real: Executed by Deucalion during Moonraker. Or so everyone thought. See Stable Time Loop below.
  • Large Ham: He's a Cloudcuckoolander Laughing Mad wrestling marching band leader, what else would you expect?
  • Musical Theme Naming: His Finishing Moves as Archibald Peck have such names as "B-Flat," "Cranial Crescendo" and "Unchained Melody."
  • Parts Unknown: Walked all the way there after his Loser Leaves Town match, then resided there, making a few trips out into the world along the way, until found by 3.0.
  • Perky Female Minion: Veronica Ticklefeather, until she turned on him for being a loser/Cloudcuckoolander.
    • Veda Scott in Ring of Honor. Especially see her YMMV page.
  • Put on a Bus: Apparently forced out of CHIKARA after losing a Loser Leaves Town match at CHIKARAsaurus Rex: How to Hatch a Dinosaur. To add insult to injury, he was then officially dumped by Veronica.
  • Power Stable: He was a manager in the third incarnation of The Embassy, led by Prince Nana, in ROH.
  • Product Placement: While doing his Mixed Martial Archie gimmick, he took a sip of Rockstar Energy in his promo before his "MMA Exhibition" match with Darkness Crabtree at Aniversario: A Horse of Another Color, May 19, 2012. He started the promo by plugging Oral B.
  • Purple Is Powerful: In his band uniform as Archibald Peck.
  • Red Baron: "The Winnipeg Wonder", "The Essence Of Excellence"
  • Running Gag: He would tell Veronica Ticklefeather to cover her ears during promos so she wouldn't think he was crazy when he talked about time travel.
  • Shout Out: All of his time travel antics are basically a love letter to Back to the Future.
  • Take That!: On May 21, 2015, he wrote the following on his Twitter:
    "There's no better sign you're doing everything right than Vince Russo claiming you're doing everything wrong."
  • Time Travel: And it tends to be triggered by being backfisted. This has happened more than once, most recently being named as the cause for the complication listed above, and is further addressed by Archie himself in his March 7th, 2013 blog.
    • Stable Time Loop: To explain, Archie (as Mixed Martial Archie) was backfisted to the past in a backstage argument with Eddie Kingston during his Loser Leaves Town match listed above, becoming the Mysterious and Handsome Stranger. Meanwhile, a second Archie (as Archibald Peck) returned to finish that match and was exiled from CHIKARA after being pinned. Stranger!Archie (backfisted back to the present by Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen) appeared a while after Exiled!Archie started his walk, unmasked after slopping Veronica at the Season 11 finale, and was allowed to compete in CHIKARA by reasoning that he was not Exiled!Archie. Stranger!Archie, well aware that he was on borrowed time, still chose to compete against Kingston at the 2nd Stage of the 2013 Tag World Grand Prix, and was backfisted back to that Loser Leaves Town match, becoming Exiled!Archie and presumably closing the loop...
      • ...except there was more to the loop than once thought. The Ashes video "When?" confirmed that the "doppelgänger" Stranger!Archie saw before the aforementioned backfist was Exiled!Archie, and that he was indeed present at Never Compromise (quite possibly in more than one form, as two Archies were spotted during the aftermath).
      • The first time loop resulting from being backfisted took Archie to 2015, and due to both the future he went to changing (as evidenced by him being beaten by Tadasuke, an event that he claimed was in direct contradiction with the information he'd received) and CHIKARA's 2015 yearbook being postponed, may never be resolved...
      • ...or so everyone thought. Archie appeared at Top Banana, took the sole copy of the 2015 yearbook, learned that he would perish at the hands of Deucalion, and fled the building. Hasn't appeared since, and is still at large. Doubled as The Cuckoolander Was Right.
    • Later deliberately invoked in Archie's grand return at National Pro Wrestling Day 2014, as he returned from Parts Unknown (where he had claimed that time flowed differently) in a DeLorean with 3.0 in tow.
  • Tag Team:
    • The Best Friends Forever, with Aaron Eagle in PCW
    • Perevans with Portia Perez in ACW
    • Marshall Law, with Q.T. Marshall in ROH
    • 3Peck0, with 3.0 ("Big Magic" Shane Matthews and Scott Jagged Parker) in CHIKARA
    • (as The Latvian Proud Oak in Wrestling Is Fun! and CHIKARA) The Baltic Siege, with The Estonian Thunderfrog and The Lithuanian Snow Troll. See the Trivia page.
  • Unrelated Father and Son: Canonically, Archibald Peck is supposed to be the "son" of Walter Peck, the evil EPA official in Ghostbusters (1984).
  • Who's Laughing Now?: After beating up Mr. Touchdown so bad he was disqualified for excessive violence.
  • Wrestling Doesn't Pay: Archibald Peck is a wrestling marching band leader and RD Evans is a wrestling lawyer.


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